Chapter 1 – Home Sweet Home

10-17-17_9-47-08 PMBen and Nick walked into the furnished two bedroom apartment that was to be their home for the next four years. Ben looked around and groaned. It reminded him too much of the shabby apartments he lived in for those two horrible years of his childhood.

10-17-17_10-10-02 PMNick walked in grinning from ear to ear and flopped on the stained yellow couch. “Home sweet home!” he sighed.

Ben sat down next to Nick. “This place is a dump, Nick. How can you be happy about living here?” he asked.

“It’s our dump Benny. Ours! No parents or little sisters tagging along. It’s freedom man!”

10-17-17_10-00-39 PM“Freedom? I thought you wanted to ask Val to get married. What happened to ‘I’m gonna miss her Ben’? Guess you got your going away present and now you’re ready for some new?” suggested Ben with a smirk.

10-17-17_10-05-56 PM“Just because I’m happy to be here doesn’t mean I won’t miss her – asshole,” he said still smiling.

“Whatever dude,” said Ben and picked up a pillow off the couch and threw it at Nick. “I get first pick of a bedroom!” he said over his shoulder and ran off to check out the rooms.

10-17-17_10-22-52 PM“Asshole!” called out Nick as he got up to answer the knock on the door.

10-17-17_10-25-57 PMBen walked back in and Nick was talking to two girls.  Two smokin’ hot girls.

“Hey Ben,” called out Nick motioning  him over, “time to meet the neighbors.”  Nick nodded towards the short haired girl, “Emma and Rachael, this is my asshole roommate Ben Murdock. Ben meet Emma Rapp and Rachael Palumbo.”

10-17-17_10-38-01 PMBen flashed a smile at the two girls and poked Nick in the arm. “This dump just got a helluva lot better!”

Ben reached out and shook hands with each girl. “Nice to meet you Emma and Rachael. You lived here long?”

10-17-17_10-46-10 PM“About a month,” said Emma with a thick southern drawl, “we all just moved in durin’ the summer.” Ben could swear she was blushing. It was so damn cute. She was cute.

“Well, Nick,” said Ben smirking, “looks like we have our tour guides for San Myshuno.” Then he addressed Emma and Rachael, “And for the record ladies, I’m not really an asshole, Nick’s just mad because I got the biggest bedroom – the one with a balcony.”

Emma just giggled. It was the cutest thing he had ever heard. Ben wanted to see more of this girl.

10-17-17_10-56-01 PMRachael smiled up at Nick and said, “Hey, there’s a party this weekend before classes start at Johnny’s. He lives right next door. If you want to come you can meet a few of the other students.”

10-17-17_11-10-32 PMBoth Nick and Ben replied in unison, “Sure!”

Rachael grinned at Nick. “Awesome! Johnny is in number 302 and we are across the hall in 301. It starts at at nine. See you Saturday!”

10-17-17_11-28-38 PMEmma turned to Ben. “We’ll meet you boys here so they won’t think you’re crashin’,” she said and grinned at Ben, “Bye ya’ll.”

“Wait,” called out Ben, “Let me see your phones.”

10-17-17_11-05-09 PMEmma blushed and handed him her phone. Rachael gave hers to Nick. They quickly sent messages to each other’s phones and handed them back.

10-17-17_11-38-26 PMAfter the door closed Ben said, “Like I said, this place just got a lot better! I rescind my earlier assessment of this dump. Oh, and you get the room closest to the bathroom so don’t bitch about getting the smallest room. Let’s get unpacked. We have been here all of an hour and we have a party to go to this weekend. And Nick, I think Rachael likes you.”

10-17-17_11-41-20 PM“Not interested Ben,” said Nick frowning.

“I’m calling bullshit,” said Ben laughing and clapped him on the back. He grabbed a box and started unpacking feeling much better than he did an hour ago.

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – Home Sweet Home

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  2. Maddie has joined the partay! I’m excited to see how all of this will play out! Already, I can see one direction the story could take. Hopefully Ben and Gemma used protection!


    • Welcome to the partay! That’s definitely what Ben would say for sure! Life’s just one big party as far as he is concerned!!!

      I hope they used protection too! I’m not ready for any little Bens or Gemmas for that matter running around! Lol. 😂


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  4. Hum…Let’s see how this thing goes, I’m not so sure this ”Lady’s man” thing… might be a big city, but, sometimes, people run into each other, and, before we know, everyone thinks that Ben is a…not so ”romantic” person. Stay like that,Nick!


  5. I hadn’t planned on taking such a huge break in between reading chapters to catch up, but here I am, haha. Time flies XD I’m planning on full on binging now though so just a heads up for your notifications! Wow, it didn’t take long for some romantic interests to come into play 😂 I kind of got a feel for the ladies man Ben is, but I expected Nick to be a bit better. But I guess all the excitement of being in a new place sometimes gets to one’s head so we shall see how it goes~

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow Ben, save some for the next 4 years…or at least arm wrestle your buddy for the room selection, like a sir!

    10/10 this boy is going to catch something genital related 😱

    Liked by 1 person

  7. So Nick is a dedicated one…
    still. He’s gonna discover a lot of new things (incl. girls! xD) so hopefully he won’t regret being so dedicated.
    Or lie.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. This is going to be a very entertaining four years. With everything going on, I bet it is going to be hard for Nick to be faithful to his girlfriend back at home. And a party already! I have a feeling things are going to get messy.

    Liked by 1 person

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