Chapter 11 – Little Closet of Horrors

Ben was sitting at the table trying to study but couldn’t stop thinking about Emma and Casey. Emma seemed really happy. She had been seeing Casey for over a month, ever since their New Year’s date. Sadly, he didn’t even remember the name of the girl he went with.

“Morning,” said Nick jarring Ben from his thoughts as he grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down with him, “How’s the science project going?”

“You ask me that every damn day!” said Ben grinning. He actually enjoyed tending the plants. “They may be ready for the next stage of the project. They are already starting to bud. Those little buggers grow so damn fast. Soon we can do our first harvest. We still have to cure it. We need to be careful not to take too much and stress it. It should produce for a few weeks. The tips from Sofia really did work. She suggested that…..”

Nick’s eyes glazed over. “Spare me the gory details please. That’s why you are growing them, not me.”

Ben couldn’t believe how different Sofia and Nick were. She would have entered into a discussion about techniques and he was more interested in business. So when they had to declare their majors at the ending of the last term, it was no surprise when Nick chose Business and Ben decided on Horticulture.

Nick had laughed at him that afternoon and said, “I thought you wanted to buy a fishing boat!”

Ben told him, “I’m kinda having fun growing the plants. Maybe I can open a garden center. Chicks dig that shit too. Working in the yard, planting flowers, landscaping the yards. I can still do a fishing boat on the weekends. Fish make great fertilizer.”

“If our place starts smelling like fish I’m going to kick someone’s ass!” threatened Nick.

“Nope. No worries about fish smells, more like manure,” said Ben with an evil grin.

“Oh god, I have created a monster. No stinky shit Ben!”

“Uh, there is no such kind that I am aware of,” replied Ben, “except maybe my perfect brother’s, but I got news for him, it does stink!” he added, his voice filled with sarcasm.

Nick groaned. “Geez Murdock. Give it a rest. Reese is okay. He has a new baby. Did you even bother to call and congratulate him?”

Coming back to the present and not wanting to think about Reese and his baby and the fact that he indeed hadn’t called, Ben closed his book and jumped up. “Come on, let’s go check out the science project. You know, I hate calling them that. Maybe we should give them names.”

“You mean like Audrey II from that stupid movie?” asked Nick, “Hell no. If you name them, I don’t even want to know. You go check on them. Oh, and are you and Cat – it is Catalina this week right? Are you going with us tonight?” asked Nick.

“Yes, it’s Catalina smartass and she is getting off early so we can all go. I can’t believe Rachael and Emma are actually making us go bowling. That is the most unromantic thing I could imagine,” groaned Ben, “how does bowling get a chick in your arms?”

Nick started ticking off suggestions on his fingers. “First, they do have a bar and two, who says you can’t ‘help’ Cat with her technique?”

Ben grinned at his friend. “Hmmm…You may have a point.”

Satisfied, Ben went to check on the plants. Audrey II & III sounded good because it definitely felt like his Little Closet of Horrors. He laughed to himself and was pleased to see some of the buds were indeed ready to be harvested. “Okay ladies, show me what you got!” he said as he gently began to pluck the buds from the plants.

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40 thoughts on “Chapter 11 – Little Closet of Horrors

  1. ~ A night of Bowling, after first checking the “science Project” & thinking about Emma,while trying to study, I wounder why he is having trouble concentrating?
    ~ Bemma it is then, good ship I like it!LOL! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. LOL Loved the Little Shop of Horrors reference! I felt so sad when I read that he didn’t even call Reese to congratulate him (or go meet his new nephew!) That’s cold, Ben. I know he’s hurting from the past, but it’s sad to see him pushing his family away!


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    • Hopefully he will. He’s still channeling his teenage bitterness towards his parents. Maybe as he matures a bit he will realize that. And we will hear in a future chapter how he feels about Ben’s oldest son.

      Audrey II & III. The best plant names ever!


  5. Now I gotta see that movie too! Loved the names, although I guess I didn’t fully catch the reference 😁
    Ben has some serious girl issues! “Is it Catalina this month”… this had me cracking up! I still hope there’s future with him and Emma though..!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Alright, so I love the chapter title and references in this chapter! I did a quick look at your ‘about me’ to double check if you’ve mentioned this already, and as far as I can tell you haven’t – but is your username a reference to the Audrey from little shop of horrors then? I was literally listening to a rendition of suddenly seymour a few days ago and I never would’ve guessed that’s where it’d be from if it is XD I think it’s cool Ben is going to pursue horticulture as an actual career path/focus of study – he certainly has a knack for it already XD

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Okay I wonder what Ben has actually learned about women so far, even having so many of them in a row.
    First, I hate everything that has to do with plants although I admit that is at least slightly different with most of my friends.
    Second, bowling is fun and also a very relaxed activity during which he can demonstrate his superior bowling skills and boast impressively, that is of course, IF he has said skills

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Little Closet of Horrors! LOLOLOL!!!!! I love it. Too freaking hilarious. Now see what you did! You make me so want to watch this movie again. Darn you. 😄😄😄

    I hope those plants don’t get them into trouble down the line. This could get ugly very fast.

    Well, maybe, just maybe there may be a sliver of hope for Bemma…or Benema…ROTFPMSL!!!! I remember seeing that name on someone else’s comment in an earlier chapter, and it totally cracked me up I was dying. That is just way too effing hysterical. 😀😀😀 But yeah, I think it is going to take a lot for Ben to actually change his ways.

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