Chapter 35 – Promises

12-31-17_1-56-01 PMTwo days later, Ben was busy packing up the next batch of marijuana to sell.

Grace walked in, went straight to the coffee pot and grabbed a cup. She slowly lowered herself into the chair next to him. She picked up her cup and took a drink and frowned. “How much longer do you think you will have to do this?” she asked, eyeing the pots of cured marijuana.

12-31-17_1-55-39 PMBen thought she looked even more tired than the day before. She was so pale, but he figured it was because she was still recovering. She had even stayed in her pajamas and it was nearly noon. Not that he minded that she hadn’t changed, but he worried about her nonetheless.  “Babe – are you okay?”

12-31-17_2-21-09 PMGrace managed a small smile. “I’m fine. Just tired,” she said weakly, “It’s all just so depressing. Not being able to do anything. I’ve had to sit around for months and it’s really difficult. I have no energy.  It’s probably just the ‘Baby Blues‘.  I’m sure I will feel be better as soon as this incision heals and I can start helping. Plus – this – stuff,” she said motioning to the canisters, “it worries me. So, how much longer with this Ben?”

12-31-17_2-14-57 PMBen took a deep breath. He knew she hated it. He sort of did too, but it was providing a better income than he could earn. And selling to the dealers had actually made it easier. He always knew when and how much he would get. He tried to justify it for her. “We have the hospital bills to take care of which were much more than we thought. We haven’t even received them all yet. I can’t leave you alone to start looking for a job for at least another month. So I need to keep this up, at least until then and maybe a little longer.

12-31-17_2-15-52 PM“Then, once the hospital is taken care of, I would like to save enough for a down payment on a decent apartment or even a house.  I know you hate it. And I certainly wish it were something else I was growing. Or that I was selling to a pharmaceutical company instead of dealers.”

12-31-17_2-32-38 PMGrace looked like she might cry and Ben’s heart ached for her.  “As long as you promise that as soon as I am released by the doctors, you will stop this nonsense and get a real job,” she said.

Ben was deflated. He really wanted to get out of the apartment. “I promise,” he said. There was no way he would argue with her while she was feeling so down. Maybe later they could discuss it again.

12-31-17_2-34-13 PM.pngGrace sighed softly and gave him a sad little smile. “You have one more promise to keep. Your folks…”

12-31-17_2-29-43 PMFuck. Fine,” said Ben.

12-31-17_2-33-52 PM.png“Language!” said Grace. She let out a little laugh and grabbed her middle. “Ouch…remind me not to laugh. Seriously, you need to clean up your language. You don’t want Cole’s first word to be fuck!”

12-31-17_2-16-40 PMBen rolled his eyes and smirked at her. “You are so cute when you say fuck. Say it again,” he dared.

12-31-17_2-13-32 PM“Ben!” she said giving him the evil eye.

12-31-17_2-14-50 PM“Okay, I will call my mom and dad as soon as I get this delivery done. I have to be there in 10 minutes. Cole’s asleep. Do you want me to see if Emma or Rachael can come stay with you in case he wakes up?”

“No. You won’t be gone long. I can rock the crib if he wakes.”

12-31-17_3-19-45 PM.pngBen leaned over and kissed her. “I won’t be long. I love you. Both of you. Call me If anything happens.”

12-31-17_3-28-52 PM.pngHe picked up his satchel of goods and walked out the door. “Be careful,” she called out as he left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

12-31-17_3-47-30 PMBen walked back into the apartment almost exactly 30 minutes later. Grace was holding Cole. Shit! he thought.  “Grace! What are you doing?” he said as he rushed over to check on her.

“I’m okay Ben. Stop worrying,” she said.

“But Grace… you are not…”

12-31-17_3-49-20 PMGrace interrupted Ben, her words tumbling over each other. “Ben! He was crying and I couldn’t get him to stop and I started leaking and he needed to nurse and I needed to nurse him and so I picked him up and he was better and it didn’t hurt much to lift him up…” she stopped to take a breath and continued, “and I sat down right away. I’m okay.”

Ben wanted to breathe for her but was furious that she ignored the doctor’s orders. “I am not leaving you alone again!” he snapped, much harder than he intended. He took a deep breath to calm himself before continuing, “You heard the doctor,” he said softly.

12-31-17_4-01-24 PM“I’m sorry Ben. Really, I promise, I’m okay. Why don’t you go ahead and call your folks.”

That again? Ben sighed. Satisfied she was alright he took out his phone and dialed his mother. Here we go, he thought.

12-31-17_4-12-24 PM“Hi Mom,” said Ben.

“Ben! It’s so good to hear from you! I have been so worried. How is the baby and Grace?  I wanted to talk to you so badly. But, well, I called Nick so I wouldn’t bother you. He sent me pictures from your wedding. Grace is beautiful and you looked so handsome.”

Ben suddenly felt guilty for not calling, but was simultaneously mad at Nick for not telling him that she called him. “Nick didn’t tell me. I didn’t know you knew.”

12-31-17_4-14-50 PM“I told him not to tell you. You had enough on your plate. I’m sorry for before Ben. I didn’t know how you felt about Grace….I just assumed, I mean you never…”

12-31-17_4-15-35 PMThe more she talked the madder he got. “Mom…just stop. Look, Grace is the only reason I am calling now. She had a rough pregnancy, but you fucking already know that if you spoke to Nick, but she’s doing fine.”

“Ben!” scolded Grace.

12-31-17_4-14-44 PMOkay,” he mouthed to Grace. He inhaled deeply and continued in a lighter tone.  “I’m sorry Mom. I called to tell you that Cole is doing well. Hold on, Grace just finished feeding him. How about I snap a picture and send it?”

“I would love that!”

Ben quickly took a picture with his phone and texted it to his mother.  “I just sent it.”

12-31-17_4-36-49 PM“I got it. Oh Ben, that baby….I want…to hold him.” He heard her sniff before she continued. “Sorry. I’m all emotional now. Grace looks so happy.”

We are very happy. I can’t believe I’m about to ask, but would you like to come and spend a weekend with us? Get to know Grace and your grandson?”

It was silent for a minute before Kaitlin could respond. She sniffed again and said, “Of course. Um, who is invited?”

12-31-17_4-52-35 PM“You can bring whomever. But more than you and Leroy, someone will need to get a hotel. I gotta call Dad too. And Uncle Reid.”



“Ben!” said both his mother and Grace simultaneously.

Ben rolled his eyes. “Sorry. Yeah, I’ll call his highness too.”

“I don’t understand why you and Reese don’t get along.”

12-31-17_4-52-58 PM“No, you wouldn’t…sorry, my wife says I’m supposed to be making nice. I’ll call him.”

“Next weekend too soon?”

“No. That’s fine. Let me know how many.”

“Okay. Ben, thank you for calling. I miss you.”

“Bye mom.”

Ben hung up. His good mood not so good anymore.

“That wasn’t so bad. Now, was it?” asked Grace.

12-31-17_5-16-36 PM“They are all going to be here. It will be a fucking circus. They just want to coo over Cole and find out what kind of fool would want to be with a fuck up like me.”

12-31-17_5-37-04 PMGrace was visibly upset at his harsh words and began to cry.

12-31-17_5-30-35 PM“Oh shit baby. I’m sorry. See what they do to me. Please don’t cry.”

12-31-17_5-41-09 PMGrace stood up to put Cole back in the crib and gasped. “Ouch! Dammit!” she said and looked at Ben, now frightened instead of upset.

12-31-17_5-46-21 PMBen jumped up and grabbed the baby from her. “Hey little guy,” he cooed, “time for bed. Mommy needs some rest.” Then he put the baby in his crib.

12-31-17_6-06-05 PMHe sat down next to Grace and pulled her gently into his arms. She was full on sobbing now and his heart was breaking for her. He didn’t know how to fix her, so he just held her and let her cry,  rocking her back and forth like he did with Cole, trying his best to soothe her.

12-31-17_6-00-24 PMFinally her sobs subsided and she looked up at him with tear-stained cheeks. “I’m sorry Ben. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I don’t usually cry all the time. I hate this. I can’t do anything for Cole. Most new mothers are up all night taking care of their baby and you are doing that instead. I want to do it. I need to do it.”

Grace took a shaky breath and continued. “And you most certainly are not a fuck up! You have been awesome.  The only other family I have is Gran, but you have this huge family that wants to see you. That’s so sweet. But you push them away.  Gran isn’t doing very well or you know she would already be here. Ben, I’m scared she won’t be around to see Cole grow up. Can we please take him to her as soon as I can get around better?”

12-31-17_6-13-25 PMBen turned her to face him. “Of course we will, and as often as you want. As for you, my sweet angel, you have a lifetime to take care of Cole. You just need to be patient and not push yourself or it will be even longer before you get started.

“You are right too, you know. About my family. I mean, my mom was crying when she saw the picture. Maybe she does love me in her own messed up way.”

“Of course she does you big oaf,” said Grace smiling through her tears. She punched his arm and then winced in pain.

Ben laughed, “You shouldn’t punch steel!”

“No, Superman, it hurt my incision!”

12-31-17_6-25-47 PM.pngShe was joking with him which made Ben feel a little better.  He kissed her sweetly. “Does this help?” he whispered.

“Always,” she said weakly.

He was so worried about her. She always tried to be strong.  “You ready to lay down and rest?” he asked.

“Yes,” she conceded, “I don’t know why I’m so tired. Help me up, Superman,” she teased.

Ben smiled and reached out to help her up.

Grace groaned in pain. “Wait…my stomach is cramping,” she said and took a couple of deep breaths.

01-01-18_2-10-10 PM“Okay,” she said. Then she looked up at Ben with love in her eyes. “Take me to bed or lose me forever,” she quipped.

“You didn’t just quote Top Gun?” asked Ben laughing.

Grace giggled. “Classic movie. I wish you were going to take me to bed instead of just helping me into it.”

01-01-18_2-43-37 PM“Damn, I love you! Soon Sweetheart. Soon. Come on, go slow,” he said as he helped her back to the bedroom so she could rest with the lights out.

01-01-18_3-04-54 PMBen looked at his wife lying on the bed, worn out, in pain and so sad. It killed him to see her like this instead of feeling the same joy he did at their newborn son. He wanted to cuddle up with her on the bed. Well, why not? he thought.

Just as he decided to do that, baby Cole began to cry.  His little boy needed his father’s attention more than his tired wife. Ben sighed, turned out the bedside lamp, and walked out of the room to take care of the other half of his new family.

01-01-18_3-50-46 PMBen sat on the couch talking to the wiggly baby.  “Cole, maybe if Mommy is feeling better tomorrow, we can take you to meet your Great Grandmother Lillie. You are named after her you know. She is a very special lady.  And guess what else? Your Grandma Kate and Grandpa Leroy are coming this weekend. Maybe Grandpa Newt and Grandma Janet will come too.  You have so many aunts, uncles and cousins to meet someday.  And Mommy will charm them all. Then they will love us, because Coleman Ramsay, your mother is an angel and everyone loves angels.”

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61 thoughts on “Chapter 35 – Promises

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  2. Oh, no… I hope the word “angel” does not imply that something bad will happen to her… seeing Grace like that is really worrying! 😥
    It was high time Ben called his family, I hope they won’t make him regret it. And about the weed hmm, I bet as soon as he’s done with the hospital bills he’ll want to keep on selling to cover other needs. It’s a neverending cycle Ben, you gotta break it somehow! I bet the dealers won’t make it easy for him either.
    I have a feeling things are about to get pretty dramatic soon!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I will say there is some drama coming. Ben’s worried about her too. He is used to her being strong and full of life, not sad and depressed. Ben has always thought of her as his angel even from the first day he met her.
      I hope his family doesn’t make him regret calling them and instead opens the door for reconciliation. The weed saga continues. Ben will probably always have an excuse for the easy money. He’s already planning to do more and Grace blew it off but he just set it aside for a later conversation. Not good Ben.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I sense some foreboding and it makes me uneasy. I hope Grace will be all right. 😥 I really love this little family so much.

    I’m glad Ben finally called his family and I’m also glad to see Grace supporting that (and making it happen). lol I hope the weekend visit goes better than Ben expects.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. Ok, I finally have time to comment haha 😂

    Like everyone already said, I really hope you’re not trying to hint at something tragic that’d happen to Grace!
    I’m sure she’ll win everybody’s heart when she meets the fam.
    It was really cute to see Ben telling Cole about his side of the family with him on the couch despite him being reluctant to talk about them with anyone else ❤
    Here’s to hoping the meeting with the family will go smoothly 😊

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ben wants to do good for Grace and Cole. He thinks his family doesn’t care about him and that if they love Grace then by default they will love him. He’s sort of punishing them now for how he felt betrayed when he was a kid although I don’t think he sees it that way. It is time for him to grow up where his family is concerned, but it’s a deep wound. Hopefully he will one day understand and realize that they indeed love him very much – maybe with Grace’s help. I hope the meeting goes well too. 😉

      You think there is some foreshadowing where Grace is concerned? 😇

      Liked by 1 person

      • He doesn’t think his family cares? Typical angsty Ben to still think that way 😂 Still love the dude, haha!

        As for foreshadowing… I definitely think so! Gotta keep my mind open for all the possible terrible things that’ll happen 😂

        Liked by 1 person

        • He wants to believe they don’t care because that justifies his actions. Hopefully they will begin the road to healing soon. 🙂

          What terrible things? 😳 They just had an absolutely beautiful son (I know because I aged him up in CAS to see. 😂) They need to have a dozen more because their kids turn out gorgeous!

          Liked by 1 person

          • Like, I don’t know, maybe an unexpected development happens where Grace either dies or begins to change into someone bitter and resentful, causing Ben to blame himself for everything that happened… 😈 With the stress of money issues and Ben continuing to be a supplier on the down low, his lies to Grace that he stopped fiddling with the druggo biz will crack and that’d affect their relationship even more 😈😈😈

            …But yeah dude they need to have like, a billion kids before something tragic happens. If something tragic happens. Can’t let those quality genes go to waste 😂

            Liked by 2 people

  5. This was so sad! You can tell that Grace is hurting (and bravo for going there with post partum depression, I have friends who went through serious bouts of that when they had their kids). And you can tell that Ben still carries all of his scars from childhood and I can tell he doesn’t want anything to do with his family… which is depressing. It’ll be interesting to see how he deals with them, but I’m assuming not well (if only because he’s still going to feel left out due to the fact that he’ll feel as if he’s being treated like a kid again).

    Plus, you can see a lot of his anger… shadows from his father?

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • His anger is shadows of his father. I don’t think you read my story where Ben grew up, but he did have a lot of anger as a kid and lashed out a bit. And he totally still carries that hurt around. I hope he doesn’t act bad but we will see soon. 😇

      Grace not being able to do anything and feeling bad just lent itself so easily to postpartum depression. It made sense. However, a lot of women suffer from it even if they had an uneventful pregnancy and birth. So I don’t want to make light of it.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am worried about Grace too! UGH! At least Ben is on the way to maturity BUT stillnot fast enough. I wanted to knock him in his bean when he said something to the effect of look how they make me act .. really Ben you are not a puppet.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I hope Grace’s baby blue’s dosen’t trun into postpartum depression, or she dies because of outcomes of the sugery and he health, she seems to be the one person Ben trusts and tinks it want’s is best, AKA only that ( most likely) can make him change. I really think Grace will like Ben’s family, and he ( may) start seeing his family with diferents eyes….or be jelous because he can’t treat his family nice because of what happened in the past.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope not too! Any of those things would be really hard on Ben. You are right – she is the one person that he trusts enough to take those steps he needs to take to fix his relationship with his family because he knows she will be there with him to help him through it. You’re thoughts are always so insightful! Grace most probably would like Ben’s family. His little convo with his son sort of lets you know that deep down he wants that relationship to work. He just is too proud to do it on his own. We will see soon how it goes. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Seeing Grace look so sick and pale has me very worried.
    At least Ben finally manned up and called his family. It will be exciting to see everyone together. And Ben is right. I too have a big family and whenever we get together it is always drama!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I can totally relate to large family drama. I live it almost daily! Lol…. Can’t wait to see Kaitlin and the gang!

      Everyone is worried about Grace. Especially Ben.❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Wow, I just binge read everything and this all is so beautifully written! It made me almost cry a couple of times which rarely happens with Sims stories! You manage to give your Sims a lot of personality and depth. Follow!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much. ❤️ That was so sweet. I am so happy you are enjoying my story and are caught up. Ben’s generation still has a bit more to go with a few more tears and hopefully some joy before he finally gets his life straightened out. Grace and his little boy Cole have definitely started him down that path. I will smile the rest of the the day!


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  11. So I figured Grace would be in the clear now that she had baby Cole, but things aren’t always that simple it appears. She makes me anxious 😕 I really hope she manages to pull through as she looks like she’s experiencing some PPD as well… I’m glad Ben is going to try with his family again and that he wasn’t too mad that Nick was supplying info behind his back. Speaking of supplying, he’s definitely going to keep finding reasons to prolong his dealing with those shady dudes which will only make things worse if he gets around to saying he wants out.
    side note: I love the attention to detail you put in all the medical terminology/explanations you provide and sim details – like a paler Grace here and Ben shaving the facial hair he’d been growing out 😊


  12. Well I’m glad he called his mom… that… went pretty well? I think so.
    Why do I feel like DOOM is looming.
    I am very excited about the family coming that sounds EXCELLENT.
    (ebil cackles)
    I mean, err… I’m sure it’ll be smooth and painless! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Uh Grace cannot let it be.
    I mean, I guess Ben has to somehow process his family. Idk about his mother, but I would fully understand if he never forgives his father though.
    Even if his father recovered or whatever.
    But I think Ben has every right to not forgive him ever, no matter the family ties.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. So Ben finally makes the right decision in letting his extended family know. Drama still continues with the cannibus and the aftermath of the pregnancy.
    Need to say one thing though due to the comments. We are all required to forgive others, we DONT need the baggage that comes with not forgiving. to endlessly rehash it over and over. It is divine to forgive and brings us peace of heart and lets the spirit in. This is about Ben forgiving his father and his brother Reese. But even though we are required to forgive and should. Trust is the big thing here. It has to be earned. His Father and Reese have to show and do the things to earn trust.
    Great story as always and a little riveting. Had to go through a few more chapters before I could post another comment. Thank you for the story so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your kind words and insight. It’s so very true that forgiving others frees us. Trust is indeed separate from forgiving. Very true. I’m so glad you are enjoying it so far. 🙂


  15. My heart! Pls give me a moment to happy-cry over how cute Cole is all of a sudden with Grace and Cole. The change really did him good and that he was forced to take on some responsibility. He’s so caring for both of them!
    But if he doesn’t stop soon with the mariuana, he will not stop at all. It’s like New Year’s resolutions: either you get into them right away or you will be too used to the situation to ever even start for real.

    Liked by 1 person

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