Chapter 45 – Assistant

01-21-18_2-17-16 PM.pngBen was working on his plans when Leroy called him to come into his office.

01-21-18_2-20-58 PMBen walked in and and was surprised to see Sofia sitting across from the desk, talking to Leroy. He hadn’t seen or spoken to her since the uncomfortable birthday party incident almost a year ago.

01-21-18_2-28-24 PMWhen she saw him, a huge smile split her face and she jumped up. “Ben!” she gushed and threw her arms around him.

01-21-18_2-33-37 PM.png“Hi Sofia!” he said with a laugh when she released him. “It’s good to see you. What are you doing in Willow Creek? Are you, uh, here alone?”

Sofia’s smile faltered for a minute. “Yes. You are safe. I am so sorry about how Jesse acted last time I saw you. I had no idea you had a history.”

Leroy looked between them, totally confused. “Safe?”

Sofia shrugged apologetically. “Ben and Jesse, my boyfriend, they don’t get along so well. Something about dating his sister.”

“Oookaay,” said Leroy, drawing out the word, understanding Sofia’s deeper meaning. “Is that going to be a problem for you taking a job here?”

01-21-18_2-37-16 PM.png“No. Of course not,” she said.

“You’re sure? I don’t need trouble,” said Leroy.

“Yes, I’m sure,” replied Sofia with a convincing smile.

01-21-18_2-39-45 PM.png“All right,” said Leroy and turned to Ben, “You can talk to Sofia about what her responsibilities would be. If you two agree, she can start tomorrow.”

Ben was confused and began to stammer. “Sofia is who…I thought you were just….”

“Oh…is there a problem?” asked Sofia.

01-21-18_2-43-52 PM.pngBen felt his ears start to burn. “No…I just wasn’t expecting…never mind.”

01-21-18_2-40-22 PM“Perfect,” said Leroy grinning, “I will leave you two alone and you can discuss the job duties and let me know your decision.”

01-21-18_2-48-50 PM.pngLeroy walked out, closing the door behind him, leaving Ben and Sofia alone. “Uh, why don’t we sit down,” he said, and motioned to the couch. “Um, so Sofia, I thought you lived in Twinbrook. Are you moving to Willow Creek?”

01-21-18_2-51-22 PM.png“Jesse is got a promotion at work and is being transferred here to the headquarters. He is going to be in charge of some product development thingie. I really don’t know exactly what he does,” she said and laughed, “It’s all so corporate. He doesn’t want a long distance relationship, so I was hoping I could find a job.”

“So you moving in with him?”

01-21-18_2-57-17 PMA blush spread up Sofia’s chest and to her cheeks. She avoided his gaze and chewed her lip like she was carefully considering her answer. He studied her while she wasn’t looking at him. He remembered thinking how beautiful she was at his party but was so pissed at Jesse he didn’t have time to really look at her. Now that he did, he noticed that she had a certain exotic beauty that he didn’t think she was even aware of. His little fishing buddy had grown up.

01-21-18_2-54-09 PM.png“Never mind,” said Ben quickly. She was probably embarrassed to tell him she was living with Jesse. He felt like he crossed a line somehow and shouldn’t have been watching her so intently. “That’s none of my business. I’m sorry. So that sounds good. How much did Leroy tell you about the job?”

01-21-18_3-10-10 PM.pngShe quickly fell back into her bubbly, happy demeanor. Her smile was infectious. “To be honest, I called him to ask if he had anything. Landscaping is my specialty. I was actually surprised to hear from him yesterday. When I called earlier he said he didn’t have anything. Anyway, I was so excited when he called back, that I drove in last night. I came here first thing this morning. So, he really didn’t tell me much at all – including that I would be working for you.”

01-21-18_3-05-56 PM.pngBen proceeded to tell her about his plans for the park. Sofia’s enthusiasm for the project got Ben fired up again. She started throwing out ideas and Ben began to make notes. Suddenly he stopped and started laughing.

01-21-18_3-09-18 PM.png“What’s so funny?” she asked sticking out her bottom lip, “You think a lighted trail is a silly idea?”

01-21-18_3-13-44 PM.pngBen had an almost irresistible urge to take his finger and push her bottom lip back so she would smile again. He grinned at her instead. “No, I love the idea. It’s just I haven’t even hired you, yet we are working on this together so easily.  Pia, the job is yours if you want it. We make a great team. We always have, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. I will let you and Leroy work out the pay, but I will put in a good word.”

01-21-18_3-16-54 PM.pngSofia jumped up and threw her arms around Ben. “Thank you! Thank you sooo much! This so awesome. So, I can start tomorrow?”

Ben adored Sofia. It felt good to be in her company again. He stepped back and looked at the notes he had made with her suggestions. He laughed and pointed to them. “Looks like you started already. Got plans for the rest of the day?”

01-21-18_3-21-44 PM.pngHer face lit up. “Not anymore!”

Ben started going over the map of the subdivision with her, discussing how things would be laid out. They were so engrossed in their discussion they didn’t hear Leroy walk in.

01-21-18_3-36-29 PM.png“Well, looks like you have made a decision!” he said laughing, “I whole heartedly approve.”

They both jumped. “Oh. Mr. Chapman, yes, thank you,” said Sofia, “I absolutely love what you are doing with the park.”

“It’s all Ben,” he said, “When can you start?”

01-21-18_3-44-58 PM.pngBen laughed, “Can you start her today? I want to drive her out and show her the property.”

“Sounds good,” said Leroy, “Sofia, when you two get back, stop by my office and we can make it official. Congratulations.”

01-21-18_3-41-50 PM.png“Thank you again, Mr. Chapman,” replied Sofia.

01-21-18_3-48-03 PM.png“Leroy, please.”

“Leroy,” repeated Sofia. She kissed her new employer on the cheek and ran out the door with Ben.

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 45 – Assistant

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  2. Aaaaaaah, this is so awesome!! I wanted it to be Sofia, but I wasn’t sure how this would be possible, since she was living in Twinbrook! But it happened! 🎉
    They look so sweet together 😍 I can abandon my Bemma ship for Sofia! ❤
    Oh, and Leroy is such an amazing dude. Ben should know that he is lucky to have him around!

    Liked by 2 people

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  4. I never left the Sofia ship!! Ha ha…yay!

    I can’t wait to see Ben console her when Jesse acts like a first class dick-hayed. I know it’s gonna happen. Oh…and is a butt whipping in his future? BY BEN!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  5. Is is just me or are there some serious sparks between these two?
    To be honest I totally forgot about Sophia (it is really Emma & Grace’s fault) until the last chapter. She just has to pass the Cole Test. If she and Cole get along (and let’s face it who wouldn’t fall for those blue eyes) then I will be 100% on board the Befia Ship!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Emma and Grace certainly did derail any thoughts of what is now known as SS Bofia…. You are right about Cole. ❤️ Who wouldn’t fall in love with that kid! But then, Ben and Sofia are just good childhood friends. Ben isn’t looking for love and Sofia has already found hers. 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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  7. YAY, welcome back Sofia (for longer than just one chapter this time, I hope 😛 ) I love seeing these two reunited… Do I sense some ship’s sails rising here? 😛

    I love seeing how adorably enthusiastic she is about this new job. But I am unsure how to feel about her still being with that Jesse guy… I mean, he did have a good excuse to get pissed at Ben last time haha But I’m wary.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. “Wouldn’t it be fun if Jesse was in the drug business?” omg, I was just going to say; IS JESSE IN THE DRUG BUSINESS?!
    Aww, Sofia and Ben get me right in the feels (she’s SO pretty!)

    I hope that this work/Jesse business doesn’t have dire consequences for her though!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Sofia is pretty…much prettier than her teen self… haha….so I wish I would have thought of that and Jesse was in the drug business! That would have been wild….

      Liked by 1 person

  9. yay. you know before Grace came into the picture, i wa kinda hoping that Sofia wouldbe the one until Grace won me over with her winning ways. Glad the author kept her in the picture. I will repeat what i earlier said a good fisherwoman is worth her weight in gold, in diamonds in platinum…. Especially since Ben can fish….
    Thanks for the engrossing storyline. Still think that sofias current boyfriend is a controlling possible abuser. It is crafted so well into the story controlling sofias life…..
    little bylittle…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha…Sofia is worth her weight in gold. Her boyfriend could be an issue…Ben didn’t deserve Sofia back then….now…he’s grown. Maybe.


  10. Sofia looks like she gained a lot more confidence since she was a teen c:
    I like her.
    I’d prefer a “normal” break up with Jesse, but I guess not gonna happen, haha.

    Also I love the maps of the park. Did you ‘shop them or is it cc?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Them map is cc I created. Just a poster recolored. It makes me happy when that stuff gets noticed… Sofia has gained more confidence. And she adores Ben so that helps too. But as for a breakup with Jesse, yep drama.


  11. Even though they were excitedly talking about work (love the map they were looking at btw!) there were definitely some sparks flying between those two 😏 I was about to hop back on the Bemma ship a few chapters back when she was helping him with Cole, but I wasn’t super committed, and therefore have no issues now boarding the Befia one instead 😆 I’m surprised to hear she’s still with Jesse though, he doesn’t appear to have the best attitude, but since they’ve been together for so long, I guess it’s going to take something big *cough* Ben *cough* to pull them apart. I’m excited to see where this goes 😀

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  13. Aaaaw, Sofia is so cute and somehow I’m more on board with her and Ben together 🙂 And look how much Ben has grown! He realises how inappropriate it is to be staring at her. Dunno if I’m just making believe but I feel like that’s a sign of maturity. I’m proud of him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Aw, man. Ben has the best work buddy now! I just hope he won’t cave seeing her beauty every day… Unless it goes well. Or it could very well ruin a great friendship

    Liked by 1 person

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