Chapter 48 – Jesse

01-26-18_3-42-42 PMBen leaned over Sofia’s should to look at what she was pointing to. The scent of her lavender shampoo and soft perfume assaulted his senses making it hard for him to concentrate on what she was saying.  “Look,” she said, pointing to the drawing, “right here we can place the memorial. It will be inside the hall. We can have her picture on the plaque. This would be great for Cole to remember his mother.”

Being this close to Sofia was doing things to his body he hadn’t felt in a long time. Even talking about Grace didn’t temper his reaction to her. She smelled so good. He wanted to touch her hair and kiss her neck. “Sofia?” he said, his voice husky with lust.

01-26-18_3-57-36 PM.pngShe turned and looked at him, her face, her lips, just inches from his. “Ben?” she asked, her voice betraying her as well.

He couldn’t hide the desire in his eyes so he swallowed hard and tried to look away, “That’s a good place,” he said, his voice not much more than a whisper.

Sofia turned to face him and his resistance was gone. But he couldn’t make the first move. It was up to her. She reached up and put her hand behind his neck, gently stroking his cheek with her thumb.

01-26-18_4-03-48 PM.pngAt her touch, his breath started coming in short pants. She bit her lip and he was instantly hard for her – he almost groaned. But she was thinking – she looked so sexy when she did that. She released her lip and her tongue snaked out to quickly swipe at her lips. At the same time she began to gently pull him towards her. Ben groaned out loud this time in anticipation. Her eyes were focused on his mouth and his heart was racing. She’s going to kiss me, he thought, she made up her mind. He had too. He desperately wanted to feel her soft lips on his.

The door banged open and they jumped apart. Jesse! Fuck. What is he doing here?  wondered Ben.

01-26-18_4-21-38 PM.png“You goddamned womanizer!” yelled Jesse before either of them could say a word. “Get your filthy hands off of her. Get over here Sofia, you little tramp.  When I saw you two in the coffee shop, I did a little checking.”

01-26-18_4-33-41 PM.png“You were following me?” asked Sofia, sounding like a little mouse, glued to her spot.

Ben was incensed. He wasn’t going to let this prick talk to Sofia like that.

01-26-18_4-36-34 PM.pngJesse ignored Sofia and continued ranting to Ben. “When I found out you worked here too, I knew you would be trying to get in her pants and I wasn’t wrong.  She’s mine – asshole. Sofia! I said go – get your ass in the ca…..”

01-26-18_5-06-46 PMBen punched him before he could say another word.

sofia.png“Ben!!! No!” screamed Sofia, and ran over to where Jesse lay in the floor. “Oh God. Are you okay Jesse? There’s nothing going on. I promise! We were only talking, looking over the plans. We went to the coffee shop for coffee!”

Ben didn’t understand why Sofia was going to Jesse’s aid. He had been awful to her. Did he always treat her like that. Is that why she lied to him? He didn’t understand the hold he had over her.

Leroy walked in while Sofia was helping Jesse off the floor. “What the hell?” barked out Leroy.

01-26-18_6-53-54 PM.png“Your employee just decked me!” said Jesse, his face turning almost as red as his eye where Ben hit him. “I’m suing your company for damages! Come on Sofia, let’s get the hell out of here.”

Ben shook out his injured hand. “Pia….you can’t let him talk to you like that. He’s crazy.”

01-26-18_7-09-49 PM.png“I’m crazy?” asked Jesse, making a show of dusting off his pants. “You fucking sucker punched me after making moves on my girlfriend.”

Sofia looked at Ben with frightened eyes. “It’s okay Ben,” she said softly, “Let me get him home. Leroy…?”

“Take the day,” said Leroy, “We can talk tomorrow.”

01-26-18_7-21-06 PM.pngSofia put her arm around Jesse and Ben watched in horror as she walked out with him.

01-26-18_7-23-32 PMAfter they left Leroy turned on Ben. “I trusted you! And you hit him! This is what I was worried about when I hired her. What gives Ben? Am I going to have to fire you?”

01-26-18_7-24-31 PMLeroy was taking Jesse’s side too! What the hell. “Fuck Leroy. No! He was talking trash to Sophia. He called her a tramp. And accused me of trying to seduce her. We weren’t doing anything.” Yet. Five minutes later and it may have been a different story. He knew Sophia wanted to kiss him as much as he had wanted to kiss her so why did she leave with Jesse?

01-26-18_7-27-55 PM.png“A tramp? Sophia?” asked Leroy incredulous.

01-26-18_7-27-00 PM.png“He went into in a jealous rage and I just couldn’t stand there and let him verbally abuse her.” He shuddered when he said the word abuse. It brought back painful memories. “He hates me and I get it. But he can’t talk to her like that. It’s wrong. I don’t get him, or why she left with him after he talked to her that way.”

Leroy took a deep breath. “Okay. I believe you. But Ben, if he sues…I’m not sure what I can do.”

“It’s his word against mine. Sofia won’t go against me.”

01-26-18_7-29-51 PM.png“You sure about that?”

“We’ve been friends our whole life and…”

“You like her don’t you?”

Yes. I more than just like her, thought Ben, but she had made her choice and it wasn’t him. “Yes…I mean, she’s a really good friend. That’s all.”

01-26-18_7-32-38 PM.png“Ben, Come on. I see how you look at her and how she looks at you when you aren’t looking. It’s been almost 2 years. It’s okay to have feelings for someone else. But right now, I’m more concerned about Jesse’s behavior. You of all people should see the red flags. If he’s this controlling now, it will only get worse. Maybe you can talk to Nick about it and he can talk to her.”

01-26-18_7-37-17 PM.pngThat’s what it was, thought Ben, he was controlling her somehow. He prayed he wasn’t physically abusing her. He didn’t think so, but then, she rarely spoke about Jesse. “I don’t want to bring Nick into this, not yet anyway. Sofia wouldn’t appreciate it. But, you are right, he is sending up red flags. More like missiles. Let me talk to Sofia tomorrow. Maybe she will open up and I can get her to walk away from him before it’s too late, if she’s not pissed at me for hitting her boyfriend.”

Ben needed to go home and think. He also needed to ice down his hand. It hurt like hell. He only hoped Jesse’s face hurt worse.

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59 thoughts on “Chapter 48 – Jesse

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  2. Oh my gosh!!!! It’s happening!! Ben got the hots for Sofia and she did too and aaah I couldn’t be more excited! 💕
    I knew Jesse was *that* kind of jerk – one of the worst kinds actually! I really hope he’s not physically abusing her, but he does at least emotionally and that’s more than enough 😡 I hope Ben helps her to remove him from her life, she doesn’t deserve that kind of treatment!
    I’m sure if Jesse was decent to her, she wouldn’t lay her eyes on anyone else!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Jesse is a dickhead….I hope he can find out what the deal is between them. He never pushed it before now. But Ben saw the way he talked to her. I’m sure Jesse was mad…he watched her kiss Ben on the cheek and he hates Ben…and then found out Sofia was lying to him. But still, he’s not handling it right.


  3. OMG! This was so sweet in the beginning! I can’t believe this! That dickhead, I told you he was a bad apple! I could see it! I can’t believe he called her a tramp! I’m soooo mad at him right now! And what is Sofia doing going back to him after he did that!? Has she lost her mind?! I mean seriously can she not see what is going on here and she has feelings for Ben! Get some friends involved! Anyone who will get through to her! Ugh….. ok i’m done ranting…

    Come on Sofia, take control and leave that jerk….

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I wonder if she will even come back to work the next day. If he is that emotionally controlling her, it wouldn’t take much for him to get her to quit. However, she must be having doubts, or she wouldn’t have dared to go with Ben to see Miss Lily. So perhaps Jesse’s claws aren’t all the way in like he thinks. Like others have said, I think this is the right time to pull in other people. Ben just stated his intentions quite clearly before they were broken up by Jesse. Sofia, may not listen. But to a brother maybe….. Of course I wouldn’t want to see the state of Jesse after Nick finds out what he is doing to his sister!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I can assure you Jesse will not want her to keep working there. I don’t know if she was having doubts about Jesse, but she certainly was enjoying spending time with Ben, so maybe she was. However, Ben seems unavailable to her so maybe she felt it was truly only friends and completely innocent, but she knows how Jesse feels about Ben so she hid that from him.

      If Nick realized the true nature of her relationship with Jesse, well you are right, I wouldn’t want to be Jesse when Nick finished with him.

      Ben was pretty clear what he wanted before Jesse broke them apart. Maybe if they had managed to complete the kiss, she would have had the courage to leave Jesse.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Things got so hot in the beginning. I was rooting for one of them to kiss another. So bad that Jesse had to mess it up! I feel like Sofia may be a victim of the Stockholm syndrome. I hope not…But then Jesse seems like a pretty abusive type. And Ben, unfortunately, knows too much about abuse, so I’m sure he could feel it in him, even if he wasn’t trying to kiss his girlfriend. I mean…I am worried about Sofia. I mean, we’ve not see much of their relationship, but his actions so far have been more than enough to ensure me it’s pretty toxic. I hope Ben can help her get the hell out of this.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Pretty hot for sure! I wanted them to kiss so bad! ❤️ Dang it. Jesse just messed it all up. She may well be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. We don’t really know much about their relationship, but it doesn’t feel right.

      Sadly Ben is no stranger to abuse and the effect it can have on people. His radar was piqued the first time he met Jesse but Nick talked him down. I’m sure Nick has never seen Jesse as anything more than an attentive although somewhat possessive boyfriend. And seeing Sofia and Ben together and knowing she lied to him, yeah, that doesn’t set well with someone like Jesse, or really anyone, but his reaction, not really what you would expect. I would think he would say they were through instead of calling her names and ordering her to come with him.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That almost-kiss was so hot! If only Ben hadn’t hurt his hand… I could imagine him thinking about that moment a lot when he gets home that evening… 😉 HEHEHEE

    Okay seriously though. GAH. Jesse definitely seems like bad news. I still don’t think Ben should have punched him… There were definitely better ways he could have dealt with that situation.I 100% understand why he did though! I’m really worried for Sofia now, and I hope Ben is able to rescue her from this controlling jerk! 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • OMG! He has two hands…. 🤣

      Ben probably shouldn’t have punched him but he was so angry. At least Leroy believed him. It didn’t help his situation and most definitely not Sofia’s. I don’t think he expected her to go with him. But he didn’t think that far ahead. He is a bit of a hot head. I hope Jesse cools off by the time they get back to his house.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh Ben!! You poor guy, but I’m really hoping that Jesse has something really good on Sofia to allow him to treat her that way. Good on Leroy for believing our gentle Ben! I do hope Jesse doesn’t hurt Sofia when they get home.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We all hope Sofia is safe. Of course Jesse was angry for her lying to him and kissing Ben on the cheek. But was that an appropriate way to react? We will find out more in Saturday’s chapter. And yes. Yay for Leroy believing Ben!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. YES!!! I hope Jesse has a black eye and is missing a few teeth!!!
    Even if Ben didn’t want to be with Sofia, and even if Ben didn’t mess with Jesse’s sister. None of that is any excuse for Jesse to speak that way to Sofia. If Ben hadn’t of hit him, then I would have!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I’m glad Ben stuck up for Sophia and realizes the implications of Jesse’s hold on her, but violence never helps. I hope Sophia understands that she deserves better treatment. Now, dang, I’m all caught up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The kiss, if it happened, may well have swayed Sofia to not go with Jesse, or not. She does seem to have made her choice. Jessie had every reason to be angry with Sofia. She lied to him and kissed Ben on the cheek at the coffe shop which he saw. Tomorrow we will find out what happened between Sofia and Jesse.


  10. Okay, I’m commenting without having read the other comments, so I’m sure this has all been said already…

    Run, Sofia! I’m really shipping Sofia and Ben right now. I figured they would get together because of their chemistry and working situation. And I knew Jesse was basically stalking them, too, but what a brutal confrontation. Sofia is probably scared not to go home with Jesse. She will try to smooth this over with him, I’m sure, but he will make her pay. I’m so sad about that.

    I hope she figures out how she can leave Jesse and I hope Ben doesn’t kill him in the meantime.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right in your assumptions that she was afraid not to go home with Jesse and try to smooth things over. I hope it doesn’t turn into a murder though! He’s certainly going to insist she quit her job so we will see if she does. Tomorrow we will begin to see what happened.

      Liked by 1 person

        • Big time piece of work! He is so arrogant. I am glad Sofia didn’t leave and stayed with Ben. She was really scared so I don’t think he ever went that far with her before to forcibly make have sex with him. He probably made her feel obligated and so she complied when maybe she didn’t want to, but never with the violence he exhibited that time. But he made her feel guilty and it wasn’t hard. He controls her easily. She lied to him and she most certainly would have been making out with Ben had Jesse arrived 10 minutes later. Or perhaps Leroy would have interrupted them. Regardless, she wanted to kiss him as badly as he wanted to kiss her.

          Liked by 1 person

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  12. Hot dawg, I really hope she isn’t in the same place such as Katilin os, or even worse, an abusive relationship in which she is still emotionally attracted to her abusivive pair, in this case, Cole. I meant, i could not have been that, and he could be an actual really nice, but I still got the feeling that this isn’t that much of healthy realtionship. I’m going to be really sad if not only Jesse is messed up, bu he messed up Sofia, such as, she’s a hardcore masochist now. The ”kiss your sister” ship is going passing through some hard times, but surely will leave in one pice! ( i hope)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Omg. I am disappoint in ALL Y’ALL right now (I’m told that is legit American slang).
    1. Ben; losing your temper and going right for punchy time. NO.
    2. Sofia; trying to kiss a guy when you have a possibly psychotic current partner. NO.
    3. Jesse; being a possibly psychotic current partner and slut shaming errybody. NO.

    Leroy and me going to go have a coffee and shake our heads while you guys think about what you did.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. So Jesse shows his true face. No trust in their relationship. In one short chapter you have crafted that Jesse is having her shadowed. Jesse calls her uncalled for names. Etc Etc. Yes it is an abusive relationship emotionally when you call the other names and labels like that..
    Oh yes, Ben still has his own hot headed temper and fists. It could also lead to abuse but we are going to have to see….
    does more nailbiting and spine tingling thrills await us in the next few chapters?

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Well, hellooo drama. I’m so confused. Sofia is definitely feeling things for Ben (and vice versa) BUT she still rushes to Jesse’s side when he talks down to her like that? I’m with Ben on this, maybe the punch was a little much considering their location, but there’s something fishy going on. That is not a healthy relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. My goodness… Can’t say I blame Jesse for being angry when seeing someone making advances on your girlfriend and *succeeding*… But of course it is non-acceptable to call her those names. I don’t think anyone acted correctly in that situation – except Sofia, tbh, at least after they were busted. Calming Jesse down by leaving with him voluntarily was the best and only thing she could do and I hope Ben will understand that when he comes to his mind.
    And, well. Leroy must of course worry for his business. He’d be a terrible businessman if he wouldn’t but I do think behind his words, there also lies some worry for Ben.


  17. Ohhh yes! That attraction is definitely there, and both of them were feeling it. I think they would be good together, and Grace would want him to be happy. It’s just… Well… I miss Grace so much. 😩

    Haaaaaaaa!!!! I knew Ben would deck Jesse, and I was so looking forward to that! It’s just too bad that Sofia can’t see Jesse for what he truly is, a controlling bastard of an abuser. I hope Ben can get her away from him before it’s too late and he really hurts her. I know it would destroy Ben if something awful happened to her. And I wouldn’t put it past Jesse to actually kill her one day. It’s terrible to say, but he gives me the absolute whim-whams.

    I hate to see Leroy in such a tough position and hopefully Jesse’s threats go no further.

    Liked by 1 person

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