Chapter 50 – My Rock

01-27-18_7-51-59 PMAfter Ben told Sofia his mother’s story, she agreed to talk to her. He needed to call his mother but he didn’t want Sofia to necessarily hear the conversation. “I’m going to go into the outer office and call Mom for you. Lock the door behind me,” he instructed. He wanted her to feel safe. “I will only be a minute.”

01-27-18_8-00-40 PM.pngAs soon as he heard the click of the lock, he pulled out his phone and started to call his mother.

01-27-18_8-07-11 PM.pngThe door opened and Jesse came barging in before he could complete his call. “Where is she!?!” he demanded. “Her car is still outside. I know she is here!” He looked half crazed, especially sporting the black eye Ben had given him. Ben knew Sofia could probably hear him yelling through the locked door. Shit!

01-27-18_8-12-30 PM.pngBen never knew what it was like to want to kill someone before that moment. The only thing stopping him from attacking Jesse was Sofia’s current state of mind. He had to take slow deep breaths to calm himself before saying anything. “She doesn’t want to see you,” he said through clenched teeth. No sooner had the words come out of his mouth than the door opened and Leroy walked in. Ben was never happier to see someone in his life.

Leroy looked between the two of them a knowing look on his face. “Jesse,” he said with obvious controlled anger, “I don’t know why you are here, but you need to get the hell out. I don’t need anymore trouble from you.”

01-27-18_8-16-04 PM“I came to collect what’s mine. Where is she?” he growled.

01-27-18_8-17-29 PMBen had never seen Leroy lose his cool before today. It sent a shiver down his spine. He looked like an angry bear. “Yours?” he said glaring at Jesse. “She is not yours, and if she doesn’t want to go with you, then she can stay right where she is. As for you, asshole, you can leave now or I’m calling the cops and having you arrested for attacking my employees.”

01-27-18_8-21-08 PM.png“That’s bullshit and you know it Chapman. I’m the one that has a black eye. Now where is she?”

01-27-18_8-23-01 PM.pngLeroy flashed him a devilish grin. Ben didn’t know which was worse, the growl or the grin. They both scared him shitless. “The way I saw it,” said Leroy, “you came in here threatening my employees and Ben hit you in self defense. I witnessed the whole thing. Isn’t that right Ben?”

01-27-18_8-20-19 PM.png“You fucking liars. WHERE IS SHE!?!

Sofia unlocked the door and Ben’s heart sunk, she had heard it all. “Sofia, go back inside,” he urged.

01-27-18_8-45-16 PM.pngSofia grabbed Ben’s arm. “It’s okay Ben,” she said, her voice quiet and shaky. “The cops are on the way and your mother too. I will go to the hospital but it might be too late. I took a really long bath this morning.”

01-27-18_8-36-02 PM.pngThen she began to sob uncontrollably. She would have slid to the floor if Ben hadn’t caught her. He held her tight trying to take away her pain.

“What is she talking about?” demanded Jesse, his eyes wild.

01-27-18_8-52-32 PM.pngThe next thing Ben knew Leroy rared back and punched Jesse square in the nose. Jesse went to floor, out cold, blood flowing from his nose.  Leroy stood over him until he started groaning, then he sat down.

01-27-18_9-05-12 PM.pngLeroy had put him out with one punch. Sofia screamed when Jesse hit the ground so Ben led her back into Leroy’s office and closed the door to wait for the police and his mother. Apparently Leroy had things under control.

01-27-18_9-13-37 PMThe paramedics had Jesse loaded in the ambulance by the time Kaitlin arrived at the trailer.

They had just finished bandaging Leroy’s hand when she walked inside. “Oh my God! Leroy!” said Kaitlin and grabbed her husband’s hands to check on them. “What happened?”

01-27-18_9-15-40 PM“I’m fine. It’s Sophia that needs you,” said Leroy, motioning with his bandaged hand towards his office. The paramedic nodded her confirmation that Leroy was telling the truth. She looked at the officer sitting on the couch. “Can I go sit with her?”

“Yes Mrs. Chapman. I still need to take Mr. Chapman’s statement. Then I have to talk to Ms. Hamlin and Mr. Murdock. You can sit with her until then,” said the officer.

Kaitlin left Leroy and knocked the office door.

02-03-18_5-45-44 PM.png“Who is it?” said Ben.

“It’s me Ben. Mom. Sofia called and said you needed me here.”

Ben got up and unlocked the door and let her in.

02-03-18_5-55-46 PM.pngWhen Kaitlin saw the state Sofia was in, she inhaled sharply.  “Oh, Sofia, honey, are you okay?” she asked.

Ben looked at his mother and shook his head, effectively answering for Sofia.

01-27-18_9-50-43 PM.pngKaitlin sat down next to her. “Do you want to tell me what happened?” she asked gently.

Ben didn’t wait for Sofia to answer. “I will leave you two so you can talk.”

02-03-18_6-30-08 PMSofia looked at Ben. “Don’t leave me,” she said softly, tears still staining her cheeks.

01-27-18_9-53-36 PM.png“Sweetheart, I’ll be right outside with Leroy,” he assured her. “They have already taken Jesse to the hospital. You’re safe. But this way, you two can have some privacy. I won’t leave. I promise. I will be right outside the door.”

Sofia nodded her understanding. It pained Ben to leave her but he felt like she would be more comfortable alone with his mother. He left and went into the outer office where Leroy was sitting looking grim. The policewoman was gone.  “Where did the cops go? I thought they were going to talk to Sofia.”

“She went out to the cruiser to do some paperwork. She will be back in a few minutes.”

01-27-18_9-59-17 PM.png“Damn Leroy, where’d you learn to punch like that?” asked Ben.

“Long story. I haven’t wanted to punch someone since, well, not for a long time.”

“Since my Dad and Uncle Reid?” guessed Ben with a smirk.

01-27-18_10-00-55 PM.pngLeroy snorted and smirked. “Yeah. How’d you guess,” he said, sarcasm dripping from his words.

“Judging by the way you hit him, he must have hit a nerve. Mom will be a good person for Sofia to talk to.”

01-27-18_10-02-51 PM.pngLeroy looked at Ben like he used to when he was a teenager – like he had done something wrong. A feeling of dread went to the pit of his stomach. “Jesse hit her didn’t he?” asked Leroy, “God, I hope this doesn’t cause her to have nightmares again, stirring up all of those old memories.”  He sounded really upset.

“Who? Mom? She had nightmares?” asked Ben.

02-03-18_6-03-44 PM“Ben!” said Leroy incensed at Ben’s question, “look at how messed up Sofia is after just experiencing, what I hope, was one incident with that asshole. You mother put up with it for a several years and was miserable long before that. Ben, she has PTSD. You’re telling me you didn’t know that?”

02-03-18_6-13-17 PMHe shook his head furiously. “No. I had no idea. Why didn’t anyone tell me?  Fuck! I just sent her in there to talk to Sofia about the same damn thing, only that asshole raped Sofia. He may have hit her too, I don’t know. So of course she’s messed up. Dad didn’t rape Mom though, he just hit her.” Ben winced at his own words, “God that sounded fucked up. I don’t mean it wasn’t any less horrible, but, he didn’t, did he? Leroy. If he did…

02-03-18_6-03-23 PMOh hell. That poor girl. Ben I’m so sorry.  I know first hand how bad you must be feeling. But please, try to calm down. You need to ask your mother about her and your father. She never said that. But he was controlling and it messed with her head.”

01-27-18_10-15-20 PM.pngBen couldn’t barely stomach Leroy’s words. “I hate them both,” he spat out.

01-27-18_10-02-21 PM“Ben, look, Kate has forgiven Newt. He got help and has changed his life. Very few are able to do that. She needs calm. So please, don’t go off half cocked again.”

Ben knew he was talking about the way he had cut off his mom when he told her about Grace being pregnant. He felt sick to his stomach. It must have hurt her badly. And he never really apologized to her.

02-03-18_6-48-40 PMHe jumped when the door opened. His Mom walked over to him. It was obvious she had been crying. “Ben,” she said softly, “Sofia needs you.”

“I’m sorry Mom. Leroy needs you too,” said Ben clamping his back teeth together to keep in control.

02-03-18_6-51-52 PMHis mother tried to smile. “No, I need him right now, in a bad way.” Leroy was at her side before she could get the words out.

02-03-18_6-51-23 PMHe pulled her into his big arms and Ben could see her relax.

02-03-18_6-54-23 PMThe love and trust they shared between them was evident. That was what he had been so jealous of.  Instead of being happy his mother had someone that loved her, cherished her, he had been jealous of their love for each other.

02-03-18_6-50-14 PMThey both looked at Ben indicating for him to go to Sofia.

When Ben walked in the office, his heart broke again. Sofia was sitting alone on the couch, curled up, hugging her legs. She looked so sad. His happy, bubbly Sofia was gone and in her place was a broken shell of herself. He hoped Leroy broke Jesse’s nose. He quietly closed the door behind him.

02-03-18_7-20-58 PM.png“I told him I was going to leave him,” said Sofia quietly, not looking up.

Ben sat down next to her. He didn’t know what to say to make it better.  “That doesn’t give him the right to do what he did,” he said gently.

02-03-18_8-19-45 PM“Will you go with me to the hospital?” she asked, still not moving.

“Of course. I will do anything for you. Just say the word.”

She lifter her head to look up at him. “Hold me?” she whispered.

02-03-18_8-17-51 PMBen drew her next to him. He could feel her relax, just like his mom had when Leroy held her. He didn’t say anything, he just stroked her hair.

02-03-18_8-24-06 PMShe began to fall asleep in his arms, the adrenaline leaving her system. When her breathing was soft and even, only then did he let himself cry. How are people so cruel? But he was one of them, wasn’t he? He told his mother to go to hell. Never again.

He would apologize and beg forgiveness for all the stupid things he had ever done and said to her and Leroy. He wasn’t so sure about his father. The thought that he ever wanted that man’s love and attention now irked him beyond belief.

Kaitlin quietly opened the door and peaked her head in.  When she saw Sofia was asleep she started to leave.

02-03-18_8-23-46 PM“Mom,” he whispered, “Please, sit down. She crashed. I doubt she slept much last night.”

Kaitlin pulled the chair next to the sofa. She sat down and looked at her son. “You know Ben. She loves you. And not in a big brother way. I don’t think she she even realizes how much you mean to her. Look at her, she feels safe in your arms.”

02-03-18_8-58-53 PMShe loves me? Lillie May, Leroy and now my mother, all saying the same thing. How had he not seen it? Or had he just chosen not to? He prayed they were right, that it was true, because he loved her too. “Mom…I love her too.” His whispered confession seemed loud in the quiet room. “Maybe I have for awhile, but seeing her like this, brought it home.” Ben shook his head slowly, “I never thought I would be able to fall in love with anyone else again, didn’t want to even.”

“You loved Grace very much. I could see that. And she loved you too. Your wedding pictures…”

Ben’s heart sank at his mother’s words. All she had to go by were pictures. She never got to meet Grace. He’d pushed everyone away until it was too late. “Mom, I’m sorry,” he said in one soft breath, struggling to maintain his composure. “You should have been there…for my wedding, for Cole’s birth…I was such an ass. Then when Grace…” Ben had to stop again. He took several quick deep breaths and swallowed back his tears. “You were there for me, never asking questions, just doing…and still, I sent you on your way with barely a thank you.” He looked at his mother and a few tears managed to escape. “And here you are again. Helping me, and not expecting anything in return. I don’t deserve it.”

02-03-18_8-49-48 PM“Ben, you are a father now. You would do the same, I know it.” Kaitlin’s voice was quiet and soothing. A mother’s voice. One he had needed for so long. “You have been hurting for a very long time. But you are here now. That’s all that matters. That and the sweet girl in your arms. We find love when we aren’t looking for it. Funny how that works. It might take her awhile. Yes, she loves you, but she has been hurt, so be patient and gentle.”

“Mom, are you okay? I mean Leroy was worried this would trigger bad memories. He said you had PTSD. I’m so sorry, I didn’t know.”

02-03-18_8-56-22 PM.png“Yes. I’m okay now,” she said unable to keep the sadness out of her voice. Then she smiled, “Leroy is my rock. I wasn’t kidding when I said I needed him. He grounds me and helps me when things get weird for me, which doesn’t happen very often anymore. Especially since you came back. I missed you.”


02-03-18_8-48-40 PM“Let me finish Ben. You are her rock,” she said, nodding her head towards Sofia, “She will need you to help her get herself back. With you by her side, she will come out of this even stronger than she was before. She may need therapy and may want you to go with her. Or maybe just talking to me will be enough. But let her admit her feelings for you in her own time. Don’t push her. I know you will want to, but you have to let things progress at her pace. I can speak from experience.”

02-03-18_9-12-12 PMThere was a knock on the door and a female officer put her head through the opening. “We are finished up out here. We just need to get her statement. And take her to the hospital.”

02-03-18_9-15-06 PMHadn’t she already been through enough? “Please, can we wait until she wakes up?” asked Ben, “Let her have a few minutes of peace? I will drive her. Tell me where.”

02-03-18_9-11-08 PM“No, I’m sorry sir. You don’t want her to go to the station. It’s better if I can get her statement now. You can go with her to the hospital when we are done. The longer we wait, the less possibility of getting evidence. And she will need to do a pregnancy test in two weeks if needed.”

Ben hadn’t even considered she might be pregnant. The thought that she would have to carry that bastard’s child made him ache for her. He hoped she wasn’t, but if she was, he would still be there for her. He would always be there for her.

02-03-18_8-30-40 PMHe took a deep breath and gently shook her awake.

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58 thoughts on “Chapter 50 – My Rock

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  2. Awww poor Sofia, he was such a dick to her and I hope the two of them can come out of this closer and stronger. I love how kaitlyn was so consoling with them both. Good chapter, very good chapter!

    (I especially like the part where Leroy knocked Jesse out cold)

    Liked by 2 people

    • A lot of bonding going on in this chapter. Sometimes it’s tragedies that can bring you closer or split you apart. It looks like this one is bringing Ben closer to his family, and maybe even Sofia. I hope so.

      And I admit I got a lot of satisfaction watching Leroy punch Jesse! 😈


  3. Oh my… such drama in this chapter!! :O But despite all the bad stuff that happened, I can’t help but be happy about Ben and Sofia realizing their love for each other, Ben and his mom making amends (at last), and best of all: that epic punch from Leroy to Jesse! That prick deserved this and more!
    I kinda hope Sofia is not pregnant… especially now that she got raped…😦 But at least Ben will be there for her no matter what.
    Great chapter! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • A lot going on for sure. Ben has come to terms with his feelings for Sofia, but has she? Especially with what happened to her. She is definitely clinging to Ben for support. ❤️ So I think that says volumes, however once she is over the initial shock, will she still feel the same? I hope so. I ship these two so much…

      And kudos to Leroy for punching him. 😃😃😃 When he saw Sofia and heard what she said, he knew Jessie had done something to her….and he couldn’t hold back, he never got to take out his frustrations on Kaitlin’s abusive ex-husband and had to learn to deal with it. All that anger bubbled up and Jesse didn’t have a chance!

      I hope she isn’t pregnant either. 😢 We will find out in the next chapter on Wednesday. So we don’t have to wait long!

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  4. This was very sweet. And it’s great that Ben and his mom finally made amends, only sad that in such circumstances. Grace would be very happy to know that Ben finally reunited with his mom, she always wanted him to do that. It’s indeed incredibly sad how she and Grace never met 😦
    I hope Sofia is not pregnant, but if she is, there might still be good sides to this situation, such as siblings to Cole. And Ben would be a wonderful father to the child even if it’s not his.
    I wish Sofia all the best!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. What a powerful chapter! Amazing job ❤️

    It was so good to see Ben apologize to his mom and admit his feelings for Sofia out loud. (But the best thing to see what obviously Jesse getting punched 😉 hehe) Sofia had better not be pregnant though! Omg 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your very sweet words❤️❤️

      A lot did happen – Ben apologized, but Kaitlin was so reassuring and loving. But Leroy wins the prize! Knocked him out with one blow! 😂 Let’s hope Sofia isn’t pregnant. She’s already been through enough although Ben will be able to give her all kinds of pointers!

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  6. Once again your chapter has me in crying. At least this time it is tears of joy! ❤ ❤
    I am so happy that Ben finally admitted that he is in love with Sofia. But more than that he finally sees what his mother went through. He has a better understanding with Leroy as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am glad it’s joyful tears instead of sad ones! ❤️❤️ Yes. Ben has admitted his love. Saying it out loud was a huge deal. He has a real hard time getting past feeling like he is betraying Graces memory. Which is understandable.

      So many good things amongst the bad. Leroy and Ben have really bonded, he is getting his relationship with his mother back on track. Now we just have to hope for the best for Sofia. I’m glad Ben called his mom. That was a smart thing to do. ❤️

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  8. I’m so, so glad Ben’s eyes were opened – in more than one way. What happened to Sofia is reprehensible and never should have happened to her but because of it, Ben was able to see his mother in a new light. What I hope is that Sofia will find the strength to find healing and move on. I’m glad she has Ben and that he loves her because she will need to lean on him since she feels safe with him.

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  9. Finally Ben is starting to re-connect with his family! I’m glad that they have Kate, that had a similiar situation, to give some tips in how to survive throught this, as Katek herself had to figure all of this on her own. I’m not sure hoe I feel about the potencial of Jesse’s baby, mostly because that would mean they wold have to see Jesse more often…or not, he could ho to jail ( I like this last alternative better.)



    I’m so happy Ben’s growing up and understanding what Kate went through too. Unfortunately, it had to be Sofia to show him the outcomes through Jesse’s actions. Hopefully she’ll be able to heal as Kate had ❤️

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  11. Yup. LEROY FOR KING.
    That is all.

    Ooo, not wait, also: yay for Ben still moving forward, and sorting things out with his momma! ❤


  12. Just a few things that came into my mind. You say PTSD. You need to develop that more so your readers have a better idea of what it is. Not have to stop reading and google it for the defination. LOL. You may have, in the next few chapters.
    It reminds me of another poor woman that got raped by a burglar at night (a relative) she had to report to the police in the morning. and they made her go to the hospital right away. She got a morning after pill as they collected the evidence. the rape messed her up she was worried about being pregnant as her cycles stopped for over 7 months. It was also hard on her family too we felt like we wanted to kill the burglar. It is not her fault that is the important thing you can do and also be supportive in her moodswings etc.
    going to continue to read the next chapter….
    BTW you could say my relative developed PTSD big time due to her rape. PTSD is also very very common with Army Veterans in areas of armed conflict. nightmares and reliving the incidents over and over in your mind plus……

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ahhhh. I never thought about that. So Ben’s story was actually the continuation of his mother’s story where we did explore what PTSD was with links. I didn’t even consider that it needed to be explained here again, but I have a bunch of readers such as yourself that didn’t read his Mother’s story. So….yes, it should have been explained more. Good point. Her PTSD was a huge part of that story.


    • And I meant to say I’m sorry your friend had to deal with that. It must have been heart wrenching to see her go through it. ❤️.


    • Yes…Ben has finally come to terms with his mother and understands better what she went through when he was a child. Having a child of your own can open your eyes.


    • Hard things but good things too for sure. I really liked bringing Ben’s mom in and talking to her. And her and Ben beginning to really bond. Even though it was over something so bad. Isn’t that how it always goes….it takes a trauma to open our eyes sometimes.

      Reid was in Starting Over which was Kaitlin’s story. So the only reference to him would likely have been in the Prologue where Ben was thinking about how much he wanted to get away from his screwed up family… lol. Sorry… My bad…

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  13. Ha! Popped square in the nose! 😁🤘GO LEROY! That jerkoff had was was coming to him, being i hate Jesse with a passion. I’m happy to see Ben and Sofia are getting closer. It’s awesome he made amends with his mom too. Hope everything goes well with Sofia and she kicks that asshole to the curb for good.

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  14. I was already happy seeing Jesse with the black eye, but the sucker punch made me extra happy. Well deserved. This was a heart-wrenching chapter :/ Kaitlin and Leroy’s love is so sweet. It’s nice that Ben and his mother are finally on good terms with him realizing the error of his ways. I’m hoping Sofia isn’t pregnant, but it’s nice that Ben is ready to remain by her side and support her no matter what ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jesse deserves it. He’s sick. Kaitlin and Leroy❤️❤️❤️for sure. I’m glad Ben and his mom are getting close again. She loves him. I hope she’s not pregnant too. That would be terrible but Ben is devoted to her now. ❤️. I love Ben. He will love her hard.

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