Chapter 56 – Loser

NSFW Warning  – In the beginning…..

02-14-18_11-29-30 PMWhen Ben dropped Sofia off at her house, he told her to take the morning off and come in after lunch. She laughed. I guess sleeping with the boss had its perks. She took a shower and picked up a book to read. But she couldn’t concentrate. All she could do was think about the last 24 hours. It was far better than the romance novel she was trying to read.

men1.pngHer life had changed with three little words from Ben. I love you. Sofia had never been happier.  She was still reeling from this morning’s love making session that started in Ben’s ‘gourmet’ kitchen.

KitmemIt had been urgent and needy, sexy and hot.  She smiled again, thinking of him calling her a sexy, hot nerd.

Then her thoughts drifted to their first time together the night before. Ben had been sweet, gentle and so very loving.

meme2.pngHe locked eyes with her when they made love the first time. It made everything so much more intimate. So real. Right and perfect. Then when she cried her eyes out afterwards, he held her and told her how much he loved her.

02-14-18_10-11-55 PMSince she couldn’t read or relax, she figured now was as good of a time as any to tell her brother she was in love with his best friend. How upset could he really be? They were best friends after all. She picked up her phone and dialed Nick. She hoped he would be happy for her.

02-15-18_9-12-09 PM.pngHe answered on the first ring. “Hey little sis, what’s up?”

02-14-18_10-22-58 PM“Hi Nick!” she said brightly, “Well, I’ve been really busy working with Ben and Leroy. We will have the park completed in another month. Did Ben tell you? We are naming the park after Grace and will dedicate it to her. Her grandmother is coming up for the dedication. I hope you and Rachael can make it.” She knew she was stalling.

Nick took a second to reply. She forgot he had known Grace really well.  “So I heard. That’s really nice. How is Ben? I haven’t heard from him for a couple of months.”

02-14-18_11-10-44 PM.png“He’s doing really well and Cole is getting so big. He’s a regular chatterbox. He’s such a sweet little boy. Ben has done a really good job with him.”

“Sounds like you have been spending a lot of time with Ben. How’s Jesse feel about that?”

“We broke up four months ago,” she said, her voice devoid of any emotion.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I’m sorry Sis. You guys have been together a long time. Are you okay? What happened?”

02-14-18_11-14-54 PM.pngSofia tried to tiptoe around her answer. “I finally realized that he is an absolute ass so I broke up with him. He moved out of town and is living in Roaring Heights.”

“Moved out of town?” asked Nick and let out a low whistle. “Damn. You must have had the granddaddy of all falling outs for him to leave you and move out of town. What happened?”

“I’d rather not rehash it.”

“Are you okay?”

She took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. “Actually. I am better than okay. That’s what I really called to tell you….Ben and I…we are dating.”

02-15-18_9-11-20 PM.png“Ben? Ben Murdock? NO! He’s bad news, Sofia.  You can do better than either of those two losers. You jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. You need to stay away from him. Do I make myself clear?”

“What the hell Nick? I thought you two were friends.”

“Are you sleeping with him? Hell, it’s Ben. Of course you are.”

“That’s none of your business. But if you must know, yes. I am. And it wasn’t like that. I love him and he loves me.”

“Shit. Sofia, he’s got so many problems, not to mention Cole. You have to get away from him.”

02-14-18_11-13-29 PM.png“No Nick, I don’t. God, I hoped you’d be happy for me.  Ben and I have talked at length about Grace. I am not just a rebound hookup. We’ve been seeing each other for months and I believe him when he says he loves me. He was there for for me when I needed him. He’s good Nick. And what does Cole have to do with it anyway?”

“Sofia, he’s naming the park after his dead wife. He has a child. And his past. God, there are so many things you don’t know.”

“No there isn’t. I know about his past. About his father. How he came to live in Twinbrook. And it was my idea to name the Park after Grace, not his.”

“He told you about the weed?”

“Weed? As in marijuana weed? He doesn’t smoke pot. He hardly drinks.”

“He doesn’t smoke it Sofia, he grows it and sells it – to dealers.”

02-14-18_11-17-15 PM“You are crazy. I’ve been to his house. There is no pot.”

“He probably has it hidden in his closet. That’s where it was in San Myshuno. I’m so sorry Sofia. You’re my sister, I’m only telling you this to protect you. I can’t have you getting in the middle of his illegal activities.”

02-14-18_11-15-43 PM.pngShe remembered his closet was locked. She assumed it was to keep Cole out. Sofia’s heart was pounding in her chest. She was starting to believe her brother.  “Your lying to me! Please tell me your lying. Why would you do that. Just because I’m sleeping with him?”

“Ask him Sofia. Do it for me, for yourself.” Nicks voice was calm and controlled.

“You’re serious aren’t you?” she whispered into the phone, her hands now shaking.

02-15-18_9-09-32 PM.png“I love you Sofia. I would never lie to you….Are you okay?”

Sofia had gone from hurt to angry in the space of five minutes. “No Nick. I’m not. He has Cole living there with him. Oh God. That baby could be in danger. I gotta go.”

“Sofia…I’m sorry.”

“Bye Nicolas.”

02-15-18_9-49-19 PM.pngShe disconnected the call with shaking hands. She felt hot tears rolling down her cheeks. She was so angry and hurt that Ben hadn’t told her about the weed.

She collapsed onto the couch to think. If it was true, she had to figure out what to do for Cole’s sake. Not for her and not for Ben. Cole was almost three-years-old. Toddlers are so, so curious. Cole could climb on the counter and get into his supplies. And what happens if Ben gets caught. They would take Cole away from him. Or the dealers could use Cole to get to Ben. It would destroy her if anything happened to Cole and she could have prevented it. The more she thought about it the more she knew she had to do something.

02-15-18_9-38-51 PM.pngThe fact that she might lose Ben in the process made her physically sick. But right now she didn’t know if she could go back to him anyway. She didn’t understand how he could do this. He had to know the risks. Did he need money that bad? She was sure Leroy paid him enough to get by. Her salary was good and she worked for Ben.

02-15-18_10-01-28 PM.pngOnly one way to find out. Do what Nick had suggested and ask him. Sofia forced herself to get up. She prayed Ben would tell her he had stopped a long time ago and that there was nothing sinister about his locked closet.

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53 thoughts on “Chapter 56 – Loser

  1. Ahhhhhh noooooooo! Okay, I guess I’m kind of glad the cat’s out of the bag. That was overdue! Haha BUT… damn Nick, why’d you have to open your big mouth and ruin it? 😛

    Hoping this will finally be the end of Ben’s illegal dealings… once he finds a way to get out, at least! Do it for Cole and Sofia!

    Liked by 3 people

    • No way Nick was going to let his little sister get in the middle of that. I’m surprised Ben didn’t think about him bringing it up. He was thinking with the wrong head I guess…

      Looks like Benis going to have to make some tough decisions. I hope he makes the right one. 😬

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Tfw your best friend dragged you into selling pot first and now sells you out for being forced to continue by thugs

    Low blow, Nick 😔
    Also Nick, it’s not just ‘weed,’ they’re all named Audrey!!

    At least Sofia is going to ask him instead of whipping out a crowbar and smashing the closet door open lol

    But the question is… Will Ben tell her the truth that he has no choice but to sell because they’re threatening him, or will he continue to lie about it 🤔
    I’m hoping he’ll be open with her and they’ll find a solution–he’s been doing well with Sofia and getting along with his family too.

    Liked by 5 people

    • Yes….what’s up with that Nick! Leave Audrey out of this! 😂 Sad thing is Ben could have stopped before it got out of control…but he liked the easy money. 🙄 Now he’s between a rock and a hard place….🙁

      Yes…I might have opted for the crowbar….😂😂😂. She’s giving him the benefit of the doubt.

      I hope he comes clean and doesn’t try to continue to lie about it. Any hope he may have had of her getting on board that little money maker is gone…this could mess up everything…let’s hope their fairly new found Love is strong enough to withstand whatever happens.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yeah Nick, you weren’t complaining about Audrey when she got you all that $$$ DOUGH after y’all sold her BABIES 😂

        And yeah, that’s true about Ben– he’s paying the price for his dumb decisions pre-Grace & Cole now.

        Who wouldn’t go for the crowbar
        I’d suspect something worse than a buncha plants. Like
        Like a collection of people’s skins or something

        That example takes it a bit too far, but still lolol 😂😂😂

        I’m sure that if he’s honest, Sofia would help figure out a way…

        Or maybe her infatuation with Ben will crumble 😨

        Liked by 1 person

        • OMG – Your mind goes weird places….people’s skins…uh no…😂😂😂

          But yeah…a crow bar and sitting there waiting for him to get home with them all piled up ready for a big bonfire….oh…wait if they did that the whole neighborhood would get high! But yeah…

          Hopefully he has learned that honesty is the best policy. But still, how do you do you get out of it? Hmmm. And yes, she may well leave Ben over it. She has already indicated that Cole is her top priority.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow, Sofia and Nick do have a great relationship. I think I’d feel weird talking with my brother about who I sleep with 😛 Maybe it’s just because my brother is… well… my brother.
    But anyway, I know Nick ruined Sofia’s happiness, yet it’s good that it’s out there and she knows. Oh, if she only knew how much Ben wanted to end this… I hope she can help him get out of this filthy business with filthy dealers! Maybe call the police when they are next having an arrangement? If only it was that simple, I feel scared for Ben.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes….Nick and Sofia are close, but I think he wouldn’t necessarily ask her that except it was Ben and he knows first hand how Ben is (was) when it came to women.

      Nick did ruin her brief moment of happiness. 💔 Maybe she can help him, but it probably wouldn’t be as easy as just setting up a bust. That could have long term effects. We will see what she decides to do in the next chapter when she confronts Ben. She is so worried about Cole right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Seriously Nick?! I mean, I know Sofia is his little sister and all, but what a little tattle tale!
    Well, at least the secret is out there, but I hope it doesn’t mess *too* much with their relationship… now that things were finally looking up!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know! As soon as things were finally in a good place for both of them, Nick blows the ship out of the water! But it’s good all of the cards are on the table. Now it’s, just how will Ben react. Is he committed enough to Sofia to do what has to be done and will she forgive him?

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Well… I’m kinda shocked that Nick would react like that… He saw how Ben was with Grace and that he did change. So why he is so against it? I get the whole protective brother thing but that was a little much, and now he is trying to sink Befia.

    Hopefully this doesn’t sink them, they have been so good so far. I hope Ben uses this to end the drug dealing and start fresh with Sofia. He tried to get out once, he can do it again. He has more incentive this time, not that Cole wasn’t incentive enough.

    I’m also upset with Nick for talking about someone who is friend like that. I mean SERIOUSLY?!

    Liked by 2 people

    • He’s totally trying to sin Befia! Blood is thicker than water. 😕 Nick knows Ben well and has seen how he treated other women. He hasn’t seen him with Sofia though somhe doesn’t have the full picture. He does know that he was different with Grace…but this is his little sister. He already thinks she makes bad choices with men. He didn’t particularly like Jesse but she had seemed happy with him so he stayed out of it. He didn’t know Jesse very well either. He was away at school when they started dating. Nick was probably glad to know they broke up, but was worried about her. Then she tells him she is with Ben and he blows a gasket.

      Sorry…I was just trying to show where Nick was coming from…if it was anyone else but his sister he wouldn’t have said anything…just maybe ‘good luck with that’…lol..

      We will see how Ben reacts in the next chapter! It won’t be until Thursday though… sorry. I’m traveling for work and will be out of town Mon-Wed.


        • No doubt it was more than a little harsh! He was plain mean and not understanding.

          He made her believe him which was his goal. Had she not tried to open the closet, I think she may have hung up on him actually. I would have!

          Nick probably feels bad but he would feel worse if anything happened because of the dealers. He saw the trashed apartment. But Ben never told him about the gun. But he didn’t have to. The apartment was enough for Nick to try and protect his sister.


    • I hope he is open and frank with her as well. If he really loves her like he says he does, he will do the right thing. Going to Leroy for help is a great idea. We will see what happens in the next chapter on Thursday…. 😮

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh Nick, you dick hay-ud!!! I know that you are being a protective older brother, but you had no right to tell Sofia about Audrey and her babies. Especially since you are the one who first got Ben into all of this!!
    I am totally impressed with Sophia though. It shows how truly selfless she is. When she first heard the news her first thoughts went to Cole and how Ben’s drug deals affect Cole. She didn’t think about her new relationship, she thought about that sweet blue eyed boy!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh yeah. I was waiting when it comes to the weed… On the other hand, if Nick knew what a piece of real s*** Jesse was, he might rethink his words. And it was him who got Ben into the drug business in the first place, so he shouldn’t throw stones.

    Liked by 3 people

  9. How did I miss this??? I approve of Sofia’s reading choices. I disapprove of Nick’s reaction. I mean…WHAAA??? How could you say that about your best friend anyway? It really doesn’t make sense. Why would he call his friend a loser when he saw how sweet he was to Grace and a good dad. He dealt drugs but that was Nick’s fault. If he’s pointing fingers, there’s three pointing back at him. Just…Idk…Nick is a big fat jerk!

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. I knew that the weed would cause some trouble in the future! Way to go, Nick! Even thought I do see that he is trying to protect his sister from all this activity, I think part of the reason he did that was because…well…because it’s his sister sleeping with his best friend! I’m sad she discoverd things like that, but, it’s better to know things before bad things happen, such a something involving Cole. I hope she confronts Ben, and dosen’t just internalize everything, thinking about what to do….

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Omg, Nick, you fake bitch! 😱
    “Lulz, I’m just pretending to B his fren, ok gurl? Totes don’t date that luzr 4 real!”

    Seriously tho, maybe the threat of losing Sofia will be the kick in the pants Been needs to get rid of the weed! Or, you know, TRY 😬

    Liked by 2 people

  13. So it is more drama time and the final consequence of Bens cannibus. Gotta see what will happen next in the chapter. BTW I wonder if growing weed in Willow Creek is legal? I know it was illegal In San Myshuno from your earlier chapters….

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Well shit! Way to go Nick, opening your big, fat mouth and blowing the whistle. It wasn’t your place, asshole, and you were the one who got Ben into this in the first place. I’m really angry with him right now.

    But I guess the cat was going to come out of the bag sooner or later. It should have been Ben to tell her instead of Nick although I can understand him being scared to. He didn’t want her leaving him because of it but her finding out this way is much, much worse. Oh, this is not good! 😩

    Ben does need to get out though. This has needed to happen for quite some time, and I hope there can be an opportunity for that now. If he wants to keep Sofia in his life as well as keeping Cole safe, he really needs to end those activities. It would be better for everyone in the long run.

    Liked by 1 person

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