Chapter 57 – Ultimatum

02-16-18_11-17-08 AM.pngSofia got to the office just before lunch. When she walked through the door, she saw Ben sitting at his desk, engrossed in his whatever he was working on. He looked so happy. It broke her heart.

02-16-18_11-23-33 AM.pngWhen Ben saw her walking in, he lit up like a Christmas Tree. Another arrow straight through her heart.  It nearly destroyed her resolve. Her heart was beating out of her chest, but she managed to return his smile with a forced one of her own.

02-16-18_11-27-52 AM.pngBen jumped up to kiss her and she gave him her cheek. “I didn’t expect you until after lunch.” He sounded so happy to see her. She was dying inside. Then, he noticed her somber mood. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

02-16-18_11-37-17 AM.pngSofia bit her lip to calm herself before addressing Ben’s statement, ignoring his question. “I thought we could go out for a bite to eat. I brought us a picnic lunch. We need to talk…privately.”

02-16-18_11-47-20 AMBen’s smile faded and it crushed her. “I thought your doubts were laid to rest.  Sofia, I don’t know what else to say or do.”

02-16-18_11-41-22 AM.png“No,” she said trying to keep the sadness out of her voice. “I believe you. It’s something else. Are you ready?”

“Sure. Let’s go to the Park. We’ll have some privacy there,” said Ben, sounding resigned.

He let Leroy know they were leaving and two of them left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-16-18_12-57-44 PMWhen they arrived at the Park, they headed inside the community building. On the walk through the park, Ben noticed things that had been done. It was closer than he thought to being finished, but he was too upset to even think about that. Sofia hadn’t said a word to him on the two minute drive to the other side of the subdivision.

02-16-18_1-09-08 PM.pngBen’s mind was working overtime. He loved Sofia and he was sure she felt the same. He figured he probably rushed her too much and had overwhelmed her. He would give her whatever space she needed.

They sat down at one of the tables in the banquet room. Without a single word, Sofia placed their lunches in front of them.  He couldn’t take the silence any longer. “What’s wrong Pia. You look so sad. If you need more time, it’s okay. We can slow down.”

02-16-18_1-28-38 PM.pngShe looked like she was going to cry.  “I spoke to Nick this morning.”

02-16-18_1-26-58 PM.pngBen felt the stress drain from his body and he could breathe again.  She was upset about Nick’s reaction. “Ohhh. I take it he wasn’t happy. I will talk to him. Reassure him that I would never hurt you. He will come around.”

“He said you have a grow room,” said Sofia, her tone flat.

02-16-18_1-18-05 PM.pngShe just knocked the breath out of him as assuredly as if she had punched him in the stomach. Ben couldn’t look at Sofia. Fuck fuck fuck. He should have known Nick would tell her. Ben knew he would eventually have had to tell her, but he wanted to wait for the right time. And the day after he had finally told her how he felt wasn’t it.

02-16-18_1-23-31 PM“So it’s true. He wasn’t making it up just to steer me away from you.”

She had worried about disappointing him. He had just disappointed her in the worst possible way. She may never forgive him. He was sick. “I can explain.”

02-16-18_2-12-00 PM.pngHe jumped when she interrupted him angrily. “No! You can’t. I don’t want reasons or explanations or rationalizations. I want no part of it. If you don’t get rid of it, I’m going to your parents so they can take Cole away from you. As long as that’s there, he is in danger. It’s for his protection.”

02-16-18_1-20-13 PMBen’s heart was hammering in his chest. Cole was his reason for living and then he found Sofia. His life looked like it could finally be normal and now everything was screwed up. He began to panic. He would die without them. He desperately needed her to hear him out.

He looked back down at her, “You don’t understand. I tried to stop. But I couldn’t…”

02-16-18_2-58-58 PM.pngSofia stopped him again. “You didn’t hear me. No. Excuses. You said you would never hurt me. Well you just did. Lying by omission is still a lie. When were you going to tell me? Or were you just going to wait until Cole got into your supplies and wound up in the ER? No. We are done unless this gets fixed – pronto.”

02-16-18_1-18-26 PM.png“No Sofia,” whispered Ben, trying to control his breathing, “I love you. And Cole.” He stopped and swallowed trying to find the words to make her listen. “He is my world. You don’t know what you are asking me to do.”  He was begging and very near tears.

02-16-18_1-19-07 PMWhen she spoke, Ben could hear the pain in her voice, no longer angry, just sad. “Fix it or forget about me and Cole. Ben, I won’t allow that sweet child to live under those conditions.” Sofia paused before struggling to continue. “He needs to form a bond with someone else before he’s old enough to really understand your loss. If you got arrested or worse, wound up dead, it would destroy him. And me.” Her voice hitched on the last words. “One week Ben. I’m sorry.”

02-16-18_1-25-43 PM.pngBen couldn’t believe what was happening. His world was being torn apart. He felt his chest tighten so much he could barely breathe. It felt like Grace all over again. She was giving him an ultimatum. Her and Cole or the weed. He was terrified. He could feel the barrel of the gun in his side like it was yesterday. He remembered the feeling of helplessness when they lured Cole away with the dog, his trashed apartment. He didn’t know how he could stop. Sofia was taking everything he loved away. He couldn’t lose them.  “I need more time. It’s complicated and dangerous,” he said on a whisper.

“My point exactly,” she said. Incredible sadness coated every word and ripped his heart open.

02-16-18_1-20-58 PMThis was going to happen and he couldn’t stop it. “Please” he begged, “let me tell my parents. I need to be the one to tell them.” He put his head down on the table and began to openly weep as the realization that the day he knew in his heart would come was here. He was going to have to face the consequences of his actions. “Oh God, I am going to lose everything and everyone. They’ll take Cole from me.”

Sofia was fighting back tears.  “Ben, don’t you understand?” she said, her voice no longer sad, but soft and loving, “I’m doing this because I love you and Cole.” She reached across the table to take his hand before continuing. “And I want a life with you more than anything. But not under these circumstances. If you go to your parents, maybe they can help. You can go to the police. Leroy knows lots of people in town. I’m sure together, they can help you figure this out.”

She was being comforting in spite of how much of a fuck up he was. He started to breathe again. “You still love me?”

02-16-18_1-26-21 PM.pngShe gave him a ghost of a smile. “I do. Do you want me to go with you to talk to your parents?”

02-16-18_2-56-05 PM.pngFor the first time since they sat down Ben became hopeful that he hadn’t lost Sofia. He sniffed and wiped his face with his hands trying to calm down. “You would do that?”

“I love you,” she said. She stopped and swallowed hard before she could speak again, the sadness back in her voice. “But I can’t be with you as long as you are growing weed in your house and selling to dealers. If you want me to go with you, of course I will. But Ben, it has to happen tonight.”

Ben closed his eyes as more tears threatened to escape. “I am terrified. But I’m not sure who I’m more afraid of. The dealers, you, my folks or the cops.”

02-16-18_3-02-23 PM.pngSofia huffed. “You don’t have to be afraid of me Ben, or your parents. As long as you do what’s right, I’ll be here for you. For you and for Cole.”

Ben looked away. “I don’t deserve you. You are perfect and I am a fuckup.”

02-16-18_1-27-32 PM.png“Look at me Ben. No, you aren’t. Please, don’t ever say that again. I’m not perfect either. You were there for me when I made some really bad decisions. You helped me heal. You stayed by my side and quietly loved me without expecting anything in return. You didn’t push me. And last night, you showed me what making love was. We didn’t have sex, you made love to me and it was beautiful. I never thought I would want to be with a man again and you changed that. No Ben, you aren’t a fuckup.”

Sofia took a deep breath and continued, “Look, I don’t know how you managed to get into the weed growing business, nor do I want to. However, I think I helped you out that Christmas when you asked me about your ‘project’. So I suspect it’s been going on awhile. But, it’s time to stop.”

Ben was overwhelmed at her selflessness and determination to protect Cole. Something he rationalized he was doing. But he was wrong. He needed to explain. “It started as a joke almost…”

“Ben…I don’t care how. Let’s just end it – tonight.”

02-16-18_3-20-11 PM.pngBen swallowed hard to get control of his emotions. “Dad’s in Twinbrook, he may not be able to get here tonight. I have to make a delivery tonight anyway. Let me see if Dad can be here tomorrow. That will give us a couple of weeks to figure out a plan.”

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57 thoughts on “Chapter 57 – Ultimatum

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    • I was happy she said she would be there with him when he tells his parents. They are really good for each other. When one needs to be lifted up the other finds the strength to be the rock. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sofia obviously doesn’t understand how dangerous the situation is for Ben if he wants to end it. Of course he tried to get done with it, but, as we know, to no avail. I hope that when he has support coming from Sofia and his family, he can somehow end it.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. At this point, I don’t even have a clue what’s safest for Ben and Cole: to stay in the business or get the hell out..! 😦 I really hope their eventual plan will be successful (and I’m curious to see what they’ll come up with)!
    But I was relieved that Sofia was actually sweet and supportive and not cruel..! (she scared me for a moment!) She must really love him ❤ Let's hope everything works out for them! 😥

    Liked by 2 people

    • She scared me too! Then at the end she knew she needed to be there for him. ❤️ When he said he would talk to his parents, she knew he needed her strength just like he was her rock when she needed him. Let’s just hope there is a solution. Next chapter will be Saturday and we will see how the conversation with his family goes. 😬

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  4. This was an excellent chapter, I just finished a drug story, a really short one on my series Blue Heart. This is a dangerous situation either way, it could turn ugly, dealers and “their boss” are not people to trifle with. It will be interesting to see what happens. Let me know if Randy needs to step in 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lol! I will let you know if a good cop is needed! 😂 You are so right, I think up to this point, Ben has done what he could to keep his little boy safe the only way he knew how. We will see what happens when he let’s others in on his secret. He is pretty much scared shitless right now. I think, in the end, having Sofia tell him she will stand by him as long as he does the right thing really helped him. Doesn’t mean he isn’t still freaked out about it all.


    • The part about his real Dad? Or making the delivery? He can’t not make it. It would be disastrous. Getting his dad to come in for the meeting, that will be interesting. Those that didn’t read Starting Over don’t know about Ben’s Grandfather’s criminal connections….of course, Ben doesn’t know either.


  5. I’m late to this amazing and beautiful party! This chapter was rough, really rough on Ben. I can totally understand where Pia is coming from and wanting it gone as soon as possible. Ben is so lucky to have her and Cole is too! I wanted him to be able to explain but I’m also glad she didn’t let him explain. I love this chapter and I hope everything goes well with his parents when the next one comes out! Wonderful job, dear, wonderful.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your kind words as always. ❤️ Sofia was tough in this chapter. She wants a life with Ben and Cole more than anything, but not under those conditions. She just escaped a really bad relationship and wants this done so they can have live without fear. 😕 Ben is indeed lucky they found each other. ❤️ She will find out some of what happened a little later. Next chapter is on Saturday.


  6. Great chapter, as always. I do hope he gets to tell ALL of what’s going on. I get that Sophia didn’t want to hear excuses, but I think it will be necessary to know as much backstory as possible on these dealers if he’s going to truly be able to back out… plus it would let everyone know that he has tried to leave before, that he’s not just completely disregarded what’s best for Cole (and himself.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much! ❤️. I agree, he needs to be able to tell what has been happening and for her to understand he isn’t doing this because he wants to. He is doing what he feels like he has to do in order to protect Cole. So yes, he is pretty shaken up. Next chapter she will hear a little more of his story. On Saturday. 🙂

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  7. Ahhh I hope his dad can help! Loved this chapter. Sofia is such a wonderful woman. Once they overcome this last hurdle, I sense a very happy future for these two ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Daddy to the rescue huh? Maybe with his “connections” they can figure something out. 😈. I hope this is the last hurdle for them. I don’t know if their relationship can take much more if it survives this! 😢

      Liked by 1 person

    • She figured out after he agreed to contact his folks, he needed her moral support. It was breaking her apart too. Plus, I think she had a sneaking suspicion her brother had something to do with it. If he had pushed back and tried to argue with her more, she wouldn’t have been quite so understanding. Of course, she didn’t give him much choice. She was ready to lose Ben over Cole’s safety.

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  8. I wonder if they charge him at the police. He’s been growing and selling the weed, so he’s far from innocent no matter the situation he’s in. Also Sophia might be in danger, the dealers could assault her to send a message to Ben. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out in the end.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. So many issues with going to the police. I am sure Ben will beg for them not to go to the police. I don’t think she sees that it could affect her. She is very naive and didn’t let Ben tell her anything. I truly think Ben is afraid he will wind up in jail and lose Cole no matter what.


  9. I really hope they can work this out. Ben better not go to jail…he’s been through so much and to have him in jail after all of that…:(.

    Sofia is so lovely. Always looking out for others. And I absolutely love how they both lift each other up so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope so too. It would devastate everyone for him to go to jail. 💔 Sofia is most definitely a very caring person. She has waited a long time for Ben and she won’t let him go that easily. She going to fight for them.


  10. We knew the day of reckoning was coming but I sure didn’t know how it would be resolved. Those thugs are so dangerous – I don’t think Pia understands that part. Regardless, I’m glad she is strong and she is drawing the line. I just hope it doesn’t end up getting someone killed or hurt. Maybe Ben’s parents will know what to do.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are exactly right in your characterization of what she wants. She really, really wants this to work out. Ben is her world now as much as she is his. She’s waited a very long time for him. Hopefully, with his parents help, they can figure it out a solution.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Am I the only one who thinks Sophia acted like a total bitch here? After he practically saved her existence, she just goes and instead of asking questions and trying to understand why Ben is doing something like that, she just gives him a blow to the guts and threatens him to take away his purpose of life while not giving a shit about his story. That’s what you call sweet and supportive? That’s what I call a back stab. Wanting to save Cole or not wanting to get involved certainly doesn’t call for this kind of attitude. And to think I was feeling sorry for her when she was with Jesse… Maybe she should have stayed with him. Like if Ben hasn’t been through enough already.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, she may have overreacted just a tad. 🙁 She was only thinking about the baby. She really didn’t take time to think things through she just reacted. At the end she did soften, but she still didn’t want excuses. She was hurt because he didn’t tell her, but saw how bad her ultimatum was destroying him. It was a backstab in some was for sure. Not sweet and supportive like he was with Jesse. She loves him…she wants it to work out and will support him. ❤️ But really, Jesse was an ass. She needed away. Ben has definitely been through a lot and this was going to break him. She didn’t want that.


    • I agree that Sofia acts like a bitch here. She has absolutley no clue how complicated it is to get out, and doesn’t even want to hear how he got into it. I think she owes him at least to listen.

      I wouldn’t call it back stabbing tho, that would be if she would tell on his parents or the police without him knowing.

      Liked by 2 people

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  13. I’m glad Sofia got the courage to give Ben his ultimatum, I’ve gotta say that Sofia seems lie a very brave person, I mean, to do all that with the person you love, but doing while thinking on how it would affect their child…Not many people would do that. I hope Ben is able to get out of this mess in one piece ( and the others continue to be in one piece, too.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is so hurt right now. She was brave. But it came from a place of not trusting her instincts as much as she could. They should probably have talked it out and decided together how to do it. But their love is still fairly new even though they have known each other a long time. She is protecting herself as much as she is protecting Cole. 💔

      Liked by 1 person

  14. to be continued……
    So he is going to tell his parents including his dad. That’s a big step and can hardly wait to see how you craft this. Apparently Cole has survived as you have continued his story in the next generation of your legacy storys.
    Looking forward to the next chapter as you said, to be continued.
    Thanks for your time and masterful development of the story.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Sofia’s right. She really did the best for both Cole and Ben and also for herself. In secret, Ben knows it too otherwise he wouldn’t have given in quite so easily. It’s amazing how much strength she already emenates again

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is strong. She loves Ben and Cole – that’s why she’s putting her foot down. It took a lot to do it, but she went though a lot with Jesse. They need a clean start.


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