Chapter 58 – Deal with the Devil

02-16-18_5-01-19 PM.pngBen picked up his phone while he and Sofia were still sitting together in the banquet room, their uneaten lunches sitting between them, and called his father.  He was shocked when Newt picked up right away.  Ben figured he wouldn’t want to talk to him.  He hadn’t spoken to his father since had been back in Willow Creek, although he suspected his mom had kept him up to date.

02-16-18_5-25-39 PM.pngHe closed his eyes and prepared for the lecture when Newt’s deep voice sounded over the phone’s speaker. “Ben! What a surprise. How are you? And how’s my grandson?”

His father was making this too easy.  Why did he always think the worst of people?  “Hi Dad. I’m okay. Well not really, I owe you an apology for how I acted the last time we spoke. I’m really sorry.”

“Ben. It’s okay. I understand why you were so angry.  You inherited my quick temper, so who am I to judge? I’m just glad you’re doing better. So was that really all you wanted, or did you need something else?”

02-16-18_4-59-38 PM“No. That’s not all. I need a favor, but I did need to apologize too.” Ben blew out a breath, “So, I have an issue and I need you and Mom to maybe help me with it.  But…well…can you come to Willow Creek right away?”

“Ben, what’s going on? Is someone sick?”

“No Dad.  I really can’t talk about it over the phone. I just need you here. Then I will explain everything.”

“A mystery. Hmmm. Interesting. I can leave tomorrow morning. How long am I going to need to be there?” 

02-16-18_5-42-31 PMHe looked up and Sofia was watching him intently, her big brown eyes full of hope.  “He’s coming,” Ben mouthed to her before answering his father. “Hopefully only a couple of days.”

He was shocked his dad was being so accommodating. Then he thought about his own son. If Cole had called and said he needed him, he would do exactly the same thing. Drop everything and go help him. Even so he felt guilty. Undeserving.

“Okay. Do you have room or should I get a hotel?”

02-16-18_5-48-41 PM“I’m sorry Dad, my house is tiny.”

“Hotel. No worries. I will call you when my plane gets in. And Ben, whatever it is, we’ll work it out.”

02-16-18_5-49-53 PMBen’s voice was thick with emotion when he replied. “Thanks Dad. See you tomorrow.” He disconnected the call. That was easier than he thought. Now to tell his mom and Leroy. That wouldn’t be easy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-16-18_6-26-08 PM.pngBen went back to work alone and told Leroy that he and Sofia needed to talk to him and his mother the next day. He let Leroy know it was serious and his father was coming for the conversation. He could tell Leroy wasn’t happy.  Well, neither was he.  He was not looking forward to the next day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-16-18_7-23-39 PMThey had decided to meet at the trailer so they would have privacy.  Ben was nervous, so  he made coffee to give himself something to do while they waited for his father to arrive.

02-16-18_7-42-43 PM.pngHe gave Sofia a cup and sat down with her. Having Sofia by his side helped. It gave him the strength to be civil and take whatever they threw at him.

02-16-18_7-59-03 PMLeroy and Kaitlin talked quietly to each other on the couch. Leroy doing his best to keep Kaitlin calm.

02-16-18_8-03-59 PM.pngEveryone looked up when the door opened and Ben’s father made his entrance. It was hard not to notice his father. He was bigger than life. Not physically, like Leroy, but in the way he carried himself.  He was a natural athlete and his looks were striking. You couldn’t help but notice him when he walked in a room. Women stared and men wanted to be his friend, to be on his good side. That had help make him a very successful business man.

02-16-18_8-38-00 PM.pngHe walked over to Kaitlin and Leroy.  He kissed his ex-wife on the cheek and shook Leroy’s hand.

Ben and Sofia walked over from the breakfast nook and joined them.  Newt hugged his son. “It’s so good to see you again Ben. You’re looking good.” He then turned and looked at Sofia appreciatively. “This must be Sofia. Nick’s little sister?”

02-16-18_9-10-34 PMSofia turned scarlet and Ben answered for her. “Yes. Sofia, you already know my Dad right? Newt Murdock.”

02-16-18_9-01-48 PMNewt took her hand. “Very nice to meet you again Sofia,” he said and kissed her hand while Ben looked on uncomfortably.

02-16-18_9-26-54 PM.pngNewt abruptly turned back to Ben. “Okay Ben. I’m here. We’re here,” he said motioning towards everyone in the room. “What’s this cloak and dagger shit all about?”

Ben took a deep breath and gestured towards the chairs. “Why don’t we all have a seat.”

02-17-18_1-01-17 PM.pngOnce everyone was settled, his father couldn’t help himself. “Okay Ben. We’re waiting.”

02-17-18_1-27-08 PM.pngBen felt so small with everyone looking expectantly at him. He took a deep breath and held it for second before letting it out. He gave a quick glance in Sofia’s direction and it broke his heart. She looked miserable. He wiped his hands on his the front of his jeans and looked at his father.

02-17-18_1-56-12 PM.pngUnable to wait any longer he began. “I’m sorry for being so secretive. I got involved in something a few years ago that I shouldn’t have and it’s escalated out of control.” He paused before continuing, his heart racing. “And it’s illegal. I want out, but I don’t know how, so I brought you here to ask for your help and guidance.”

02-17-18_3-14-33 PM.png“Oh God Ben, are you on drugs?” asked his mother.

Ben could feel the anger rising at his mother’s words. She always jumped to the wrong conclusion.

02-17-18_3-58-56 PM.pngSofia spoke up for him, effectively diffusing his anger. “No, Mrs. Chapman,” she said softly, “Ben isn’t an addict.  You know how I feel about Ben. I want to support him through this but the situation is dangerous. It has to get worked out – or Cole will be at risk.”

02-17-18_3-15-25 PM.pngNewt cut his eyes towards Ben. “Oh, I like her Ben,” he said appearing more amused than upset at the whole situation. “Someone that will call you out on your shit. So – what exactly are you doing son? Gambling? What?”

02-17-18_1-40-02 PM.pngBen swallowed hard and looked at his father.  “I have a grow room in my house. I supply marijuana to the dealers around here. I told them I was going to quit when I moved from San Myshuno, but they threatened to harm Cole if I didn’t continue when I got to Willow Creek. They came to my apartment and trashed it when I was late with a delivery after Grace died. They threatened me with a gun to make me sell to them.” He couldn’t bring himself to tell them the most recent issue with Cole and the dog.

02-17-18_4-02-53 PM.pngHe heard Sofia give a soft gasp at hearing the things she hadn’t wanted to hear. He was glad he hadn’t told her the ugly details before.

His Dad let out low whistle but didn’t say anything. He seemed to be deep in thought.

02-17-18_4-12-29 PM.pngLeroy was watching his mother for her reaction, his teeth clenched. She was the one that finally broke the silence. “Ben….why didn’t you come to us before now?” she asked softly.

“Mom, we weren’t exactly on speaking terms.”

“I’m so sorry Ben,” replied his mother.

02-17-18_1-39-46 PM“Don’t even…. it was my fault. It’s just that Grace’s medical bills were so high and it was an easy…”

02-17-18_4-19-28 PM.png“Ben!” said Newt, his deep voice startling Ben out of his rambling and commanding his attention, “do you know any names or how we can contact them?”

02-17-18_4-58-24 PMBen slowly shook his head in defeat. “No sir,” he said quietly, “I just show up at the same spot every two weeks and they pay me.”

02-17-18_5-07-09 PM.png“Damn. Okay,” he said, then got up and walked over to where Leroy was sitting. “Leroy, is there somewhere we can go for some privacy? I need to make a couple of phone calls.”

02-17-18_5-15-07 PMLeroy and Newt walked into Leroy’s office and closed the door.  While they were gone Kaitlin spoke up. “Ben, there is something you should know. Your grandfather, Papa, he knows people. He used to help traffic stolen goods and drugs through his import and export company. If I had to guess, that’s who you father is calling.”

02-17-18_5-18-11 PMWhat the hell?” asked Ben, incredulous. Then he blurted the next thing that came to his mind, “Does Dad do that too?  Traffic stolen goods and drugs?”  Sofia would leave him for sure now.  It didn’t matter anymore.

“No. Papa wanted him to, but he wouldn’t,” she replied, sadness lacing her words, “It’s a long story, but his bar, it’s 100% legal.”

Ben let out the breath he was holding. “Thank God. I thought I might have been working for my own father and not even know it.” He looked at Sofia regretfully. “I told you my family was a mess. If you still leave me after this, I won’t blame you.”

02-17-18_5-19-22 PM“It’s okay Ben. Maybe your father can help you out of this,” offered his mother.

02-17-18_6-14-46 PM.pngBefore Sofia could respond, Newt stuck his head out of Leroy’s office. “Ben!” he boomed out, causing Ben to jump again,Get your ass in here. We need to ask you some questions.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-17-18_6-40-02 PMWhen Ben went to join the men in the office, Kaitlin took the vacated seat next to Sofia. She looked so lost and sad. Kaitlin’s heart ached for her.  Sofia and Ben had both already been through so much, and now this. She knew this kind of thing could tear even the strongest couples apart.

02-17-18_6-40-31 PMKaitlin felt the need to explain, to plead her son’s case. “Sofia,” she said softly, “I’m sorry you are seeing the ugly side of our family. We have truly tried to make our lives better. But somehow, Ben got caught in the crossfire and has had a really hard time. I’m ashamed that I wasn’t there for him when he needed me the most. None of us were. He was such a quiet child and kept to himself, until the day he wasn’t. None of us understood how much pain he was in. Then, losing Grace almost destroyed him. You brought him back to life. He loves you so much. He needs you, or we wouldn’t be here tonight.”

02-17-18_6-47-21 PM“Mrs. Chapman, he is here because I gave him no choice. I did it for Cole. But, Ben, he is a good man and a good father. He obviously got in over his head and felt trapped. I don’t know how he did it all this time alone. I am sure he only got involved to help somebody. Sadly it was probably my brother, but he won’t say that. He’s lucky to have the three of you here to help him.”

02-17-18_6-50-27 PM.pngKaitlin managed a small smile. “Newt was right about you. You are strong and level headed. You won’t let Ben get away with being irrational no matter how good his intentions are. You are good for him, in more ways than one.”

02-19-18_9-28-37 AM.png“It goes both ways, Mrs. Chapman. Ben was there for me when I needed him. No questions and no pressure. Just there. I love him very much. I didn’t do this right. We should have discussed it. I gave him no choice. I was so stupid.”

Sofia put her head down and continued quietly. “But I couldn’t stand by and watch Cole potentially get badly hurt. I did this for him, not Ben. I’m terrified this will end badly for Ben and it will be my fault.” Sofia’s voice broke at the end and a single tear ran down her cheek.

02-19-18_9-45-16 AMKaitlin reached over to her. “It’s okay,” she said, her voice comforting, “You did what was right, you put Cole’s safety and well being above everything. You think Ben doesn’t know that? Sofia, he loves you so very much. Nothing has happened yet. It will be okay.”

02-19-18_10-15-33 AM.png“I’m so sorry,” she whispered.

02-19-18_10-44-22 AMNewt walked out of the office, flanked by Leroy and Ben. His loud voice startled Kaitlin and caused Sofia to jump. “Okay, we have things worked out!” he said, obviously pumped and fully in charge of whatever it was they had ‘worked out’.

02-19-18_10-55-16 AM.pngThey jumped up and Kaitlin grabbed Sofia’s hand to help calm both of them.  She noticed how bright Newt’s eyes were in comparison to Leroy’s scowl and Ben’s obvious nervousness. “How?” she asked.

02-19-18_11-03-35 AMNewt answered for them, leaving no doubt that he was indeed the man in charge. “The underground works on favors Kaitlin. Dad and I just called in a couple. Ben is going to put his little ‘garden’ in one of Leroy’s trailers and we will tow it to a drop point. Once they empty the trailer, we will bring it back. We need to have it there tonight by 10:30.”

No wonder Leroy was upset and Ben was terrified. She figured Leroy didn’t want his trailer to be traced back and poor Ben was just plain scared. “We aren’t calling the cops?” asked Kaitlin.

02-19-18_11-05-52 AMNewt looked at Kaitlin like she had three eyes. “No! Good God Kaitlin! Do you want Ben to go to jail and be on someone’s damn hit list? We take care of our own sweetheart. As long as Ben never grows again, he’s good.”

“Who’s going to drop off the trailer?” asked Sofia quietly.

02-19-18_11-09-26 AMNewts tone was softer when he answered Sofia’s question. “Don’t worry your pretty little head. Once Ben loads it up, I will drop it off and wait until it’s unloaded. We will keep Leroy and Ben out of it. They know not to mess with me. Dad and I have a long reach. Come on Chapman, let’s go get the trailer ready.”

02-19-18_11-35-58 AM.pngSofia was crying silently. Kaitlin put her arm around her again. “It’s going to be okay. After tonight, it will be over,” she whispered, thankful no police were involved.

02-19-18_11-38-52 AM.pngInstead of following the men outside, Ben walked stoically over to Sofia and his Mother. He reached out to touch her face, “Go home Sofia. I will call you when it’s all over.” He turned his attention to his mother. “Mom, can you keep Cole until this is done? I’m so sorry.”

“I don’t want to be alone,” said Sofia, her words barely audible. She was still clinging to Kaitlin.

Kaitlin’s heart was breaking for the two of them. They needed each other but couldn’t comfort each other until this mess was over. “Come home with me,” offered Kaitlin, “Cole would like that. You can sleep in Ben’s old room.”

02-19-18_11-54-12 AM.pngBen visibly relaxed, “Thanks Mom,” he said.

02-19-18_11-56-34 AM.png“I can’t leave you,” said Sofia in tears, “You are risking your life because of me. I should have just gone to the police.”

02-19-18_12-00-34 PM.png“No!” said Ben, his inner Newt coming out, “You will NOT blame yourself for my mistakes. I should have come to my parents when things escalated but I was too damn proud and wrapped up in my own anger and self loathing to do it. This is safer anyway. Dad was right. No cops.” He took a breath and when he spoke again his tone was much softer. “Go with Mom and try to relax. I will come and get you once it’s over – if you will still have me.”

02-19-18_12-20-56 PMNewt walked back in. “Benjamin!” he called out startling all of them again, “Let’s get going. Leroy’s got the trailer.”

“Be careful,” said Sofia and Kaitlin simultaneously.

02-19-18_12-26-25 PM.pngBen turned and jogged over to where his father stood waiting. Newt clapped him on the back and they left.

02-19-18_12-31-43 PM.pngWhen the door closed, Sofia began to sob uncontrollably. Kaitlin held her and cried silent tears of her own. All of the men in her life just walked out the door to make a deal with the devil and selfishly, she was okay with that, as long as they all came home safe.

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59 thoughts on “Chapter 58 – Deal with the Devil

  1. Ben looks so much like his dad! :O
    I chuckled when Newt told Kaitlin “don’t worry your pretty little head” lmao!! He’s still such a macho man, lol!
    I’m so glad Ben is on good terms with his dad now, that he agreed to help and he has a plan, but I’m so worried that something will go wrong..! I hope *I’m* wrong and that everyone will go home safe! 😥

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I hope it all goes well! They are right not to call the police, it would put Ben in trouble. Wow, Ben’s dad is so handsome, and they look so much alike. I’m in love with the dazzling blue eyes! If everything goes according to the plan, it will be very good for Ben. He will finally be out of this!

    Liked by 3 people

    • 😂😂 Sexy Daddy to the rescue. ❤️ Ben does favor him a lot. Blue eyes and black hair is a striking combination. And he gets some of his temperament from him too. When Kaitlin asked if the cops were involved, she hoping they weren’t not hoping they were. He totally misinterpreted her question.

      I hope this is the end of it for Ben and he can finally move forward with Sofia with nothing weighing them down. Hoping it all goes as planned.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Super interesting! At first, I was like “Go, Newt!” But the mood kind of shifted after the phone call to Newt’s dad, so I’m a little on edge with it now! I loved the screenshots , I found myself examining their expressions to try to get a read on them! Nice work !

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for the kind words! ❤️ Yes go Newt! 🙂 But yes, the phone call to Newt’s father was concerning. Leroy’s not happy, but I think he knows this is the best way, for Ben to just wash his hands of everything without involving the authorities. Without Newt and his father’s connections, they would have had no other choice and it could have meant so many bad outcomes for everyone.


  4. Ha! Newt is such a character! 😂 I loved the way you wrote him in this. It helped ease some of the tension for sure! Hopefully all goes according to plan and Ben can finally be free of those dealers! He needs to be able to move on and settle down with Sophia ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…he is a bit over the top! Not someone they are used to dealing with for sure. Crossing fingers for a quiet exchange. Plants for freedom and a favor repaid. Hopefully Ben and Sofia can move on…❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Newt is a cutie~

    And I am glad they weren’t so hard on him and willing to help get him out of it. I hope they don’t have to go to the police and they all come back safe from this mission they are going on.

    I feel bad for Sofia for being in this too, she’s so worried and concerned for everyone.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Newt was a hottie….lol….if not for Newt, it would have been a whole different outcome…and maybe not so good. Hopefully this will be over soon.


  6. Another excellent chapter, I kinda had a feeling that the Murdock families ties to the underworld would play a part in getting Ben out of this mess. Hopefully things go according to plan, then Ben an move on from this craziness, and then all that they need to worry about is getting Nick’s blessings (not that that makes a huge difference, but it would make the Ben-Sophia relationship easier.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for kind words! ❤️ Yes if Ben had on,y know….We will see how it goes in the next chapter. If only Ben had known the truth he could have gone to granddaddy a long time ago. But then there was a time he wasn’t wanting to quit…so there’s that. But yes, if this works out hopefully Nick will come around.


      • Yeah, when I saw the title Deal with the Devil for the first time I was half expecting it to be revealed Newt had become some sort of crime lord lol like his father. But alas he just has the connections. It will be nice to have this behind Ben, but I doubt we have seen the last of the Murdock Family connections to the underworld, If not in this generations than in a future one.

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        • Hah! You were disappointed that Newt stayed out of it. He was trying to turn his life around…and did a pretty good job of it. But that feeling of control runs deep and he certainly got a high dealing with it for Ben.


          • Ha. I noticed he was a bit over eager to take control of the situation, and seemed to be enjoying it a bit too much. Yeah even in your first story, I felt for Kaitlin and wasn’t very happy with Newt, but I never hated him, and find him an interesting character. Flaws and all. So was glad he found some redemption, but I had hoped he would keep some of his bad boy persona, and you kinda saw that here, he just swooped in, made it clear he was taking charge and did it, deal with it. Can’t wait to see how the plan goes off, and see Newt and Ben working together.

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  7. ~ Well the clock is ticking, & dear Dad to the rescue…………..I just hope everything goes according to plan, & it will only work & have no back lash if the Grandfather is a bigger fish than the one lording it over Ben, lets hope this is so,as that means no more problems,as no-one would want to mess with the big fish,it is just not done!LOL!(unless you want to be eaten whole!LOL)
    ~ Love it & the suspense & the tender moments!♥♥♥♥♥♥

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad you are enjoying it! ❤️❤️ And yes, his grandfather is a very big fish. He controls the borders so…yes. No one wants to be eaten. 😬 Newt not so much anymore since he moved on. But I’m sure Ben’s grandfather wanted to help. And who knows, maybe he really was working for his grandfather and not his father…😂😂😂


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    Very lucky to have such a powerful grandfather. Thank God for favors!

    Now! Let’s get married!! 😍😍😍😍

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  10. Ohh nooooo! 😦 This is such a delicate situation! Even thought I still don’t like Newt that much, is good to have someone…let’s say…that is sure of what he is doing,I hope everything goes well in this situation, because it would be too much of a disgrace if Katilin and Sofia ( and Cole) ended up by themselfs…

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  12. In many countries businesses operate on favors whether legal or illegal. This should not come as a surprise especially for small businesses the backbone of many countries econony.
    in the scriptures as well as tradition, when you are in trouble, you should go to your family first. When that avenue is exhausted then to your church. The world has added another solution to go to your government.
    the problem with joining or getting involved with gangs, is that it is very very hard to get out of one. We see how Nick involved Ben in something illlegal in San Myshuno, and the gang wanted their cut and forced him to grow for them. So dont even think of borrowing from loan sharks or gambling with them let alone buy drugs or alcolhol.
    Am curious about how this end, and reading on after a good night sleep. Thanks for the engrossing story so far. We will have to see if this solution works…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. It is very hard to get out of. Ben’s grandfather, unbeknownst to him, was involved in illegal activities as was his father. His father is using that influence to get Ben out of it. Hopefully this will be the end of it…but like you said that is often difficult if not impossible.


  13. If I wouldn’t know that Newt was abusive once, I might have liked him.
    He seems to be fun.
    But no forgiveness for abuse, not even if he’s redeemed.

    Liked by 1 person

  14. There’s no next chapter link on this page. Not sure if that’s intentional or not. I’m done for the night anyway. Thanks for the entertainment!

    I kinda like Newt! He makes me laugh. And he has such stunning looks! It’s not that I think he’s gorgeous, but his face is so striking like you said. You can’t help but look at him. I love how when I look into both of their faces, I can see Ben.

    This meeting went much better than I imagined. Maybe after it’s all over people’s real feelings will come out. Or maybe not. They seem to have the forgiveness thing down. Although, I don’t think Leroy will exhibit the same level of trust in Ben after this. Speaking of Leroy, he’s so cool. I love him! I remember seeing your TS3 version of him, and MAN you did a great job! He looks just like him!

    I trust that the next time I’m kidnapped by this story, this will all be behind them like a dream you can’t quite recall lol.

    I also love how every thought Sofia had concerning this situation was of Cole. That girl is a mother without children. 🙂 Not that Ben needs convincing that she is the one, but I hope he realizes that soon because he’s still being a bit selfish.

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  15. Oh wow! I really hope things work out with the ganja business and Ben doesn’t have to deal with that anymore. I’m not against it in real life, but it’s tough with you have a tiny place and a tiny child. Good luck, Ben!

    PS Newt is a damn good looking silver fox! Hehe. 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  16. “I thought I might have been working for my own father and not even know it” 😂 This is POETRY!
    I hope they’re all gonna be fine. Especially Leroy who is giving away his trailer. But honestly, if this doesn’t drive them apart nothing can. This messed up family will stick together closer than ever after that, every single one of them 😂

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