Chapter 59 – Yes

02-19-18_2-36-49 PM.pngAfter Newt left Ben’s house with a trailer loaded down with Ben’s plants and paraphernalia, Leroy and Ben went back to Leroy’s office to await his return with said truck and trailer, empty of the cannabis plants. Ben grabbed them a soft drink and they sat down together at the break table, each lost in their own thoughts.

The silence was deafening. Ben knew Leroy was not happy about what they were doing. Finally, he couldn’t take it any longer. “Leroy? Or should I call you Daddy Roy? I always hated when Maddy called you that.”

02-19-18_2-56-30 PM.pngLeroy obviously didn’t appreciate his remark and smirked at Ben. “She only did it because that’s what Dakota called me and it was easier for a three-year-old to say than Mr. Leroy. You know I didn’t tell her to say that. But it did make me happy. I love her like she’s mine.”

“I know. I’m sorry. Maddy adores you. It was my jealousy rearing it’s ugly head. It was a lame joke. Guess I’m still a pain in the ass. Listen, I promise to make up for any lost production over this. I will work weekends and evenings if I need to.”

02-19-18_2-40-53 PM.png“Ben we are ahead of schedule. It’s okay. And for the record, yes, you were a pain in the ass, but you have to understand what your mother was dealing with. We just missed the signs and wrote it off as growing pains.”

02-21-18_9-20-55 PM.pngBen didn’t want to talk about his childhood anymore. He was over it. “What I wanted to ask was, how do you do it? Work together with my dad? Sometimes I still want to beat the shit out of him. I didn’t know about his ‘underworld’ background and it pisses me off even more when I think about it. But, then, he’s helping me because of it. So I don’t know how I feel. Leroy, I think he’s enjoying this shit. The control he has over them to make them do what he wanted. He had this crazed look in his eye.”

02-21-18_9-24-20 PM.pngLeroy leaned back in his chair. “Ben, it’s all about the control he has. Abuse is all about lack of control or perceived lack thereof and the need to assert control over someone. At the time he was with your mother, he was being totally controlled by his own father, so he needed to exert control over the only thing he could, his own family.  I guess, being in control of these guys is giving him a bit of a buzz.

“You and I are not alone, I wanted to beat the hell out of him too when I found out the pain he had caused your mother. Give him a taste of his own medicine. But I didn’t. Janet actually turned me around. She is so good for him. Do you know they have a safe word in case he losses it?”

“No shit? Are Connor and Janet safe? I mean, when I lived with them, I never felt threatened.” Ben’s shoulders slumped. “Just ignored,” he said and rolled his eyes.

02-21-18_9-27-59 PM.png“Yes. I think so. She reminds me of you and Sofia. She calls him on his shit and holds him accountable. Connor and Janet were his second chance. And Ben, your mother loves him. Just remember that. Not romantic love, but like you love a sibling or Uncle. Maybe like how you care about Reid. She has forgiven him. She had to in order to move forward. Carrying all of the bitterness about what happened, especially when you have no control over it, is destructive.”

02-19-18_2-55-48 PM.png“So I have come to learn. Grace,” he said closing his eyes as the memories washed over him, “it still hurts sometimes to think of her. She helped me learn to love and let people in. You know what she told me? That if you share your pain, it only hurts half as much. Miss Lillie used to tell her that.” Ben’s voice got wistful. “I wish you could have met Grace. But, Sofia and I have talked a lot about her. She was afraid I would compare her to Grace and she could never fill her shoes. But what I realized is, even when I was with Grace, I was unconsciously comparing her to Sofia.”

02-21-18_9-39-00 PM.pngNewt walked in interrupting them. His eyes sparkling with excitement. “Mission accomplished gentlemen. Trailer’s out back waiting to be cleaned out. Truck’s out front.  Let’s go get a beer and celebrate.”

02-21-18_9-32-07 PM.png“No thanks,” said both Ben and Leroy in unison.

Newt looked like he wasn’t taking no for an answer so Leroy changed his mind. “Okay. Sure. But just one. I need to get home.”

02-21-18_9-39-25 PM.png“Ben?” asked Newt, “Make your old man happy. I just bailed you out. No cops were involved. You record is clean. Just don’t pull any shit like this again. I’m all out of favors for now.”

02-21-18_9-35-05 PM.pngLeroy gave Ben a sad smile. “Come on Ben. If you go, I won’t get in trouble.”

02-21-18_9-34-31 PM.pngBen huffed out a laugh. “No, we both will. Whatever. Let’s go,” said Ben, and smiled for the first time since Sofia confronted him four days ago.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-21-18_9-59-34 PM.png

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

02-22-18_6-57-11 PM.pngAn hour later, Ben and Leroy walked into his parent’s house. Kaitlin ran to greet them followed by Sofia. “Is it done?” asked Kaitlin.

“Yes. All done,” said Leroy, “We dropped Newt off at the hotel and came here. He’s leaving in the morning.”

02-22-18_7-08-27 PM.pngKaitlin hugged Ben. “Oh, thank God! I’m so glad you came to us Ben. Don’t ever be afraid to ask us for help.”

“I won’t Mom,” he said. Then he looked over at the smiling bear of a man standing next to them.

02-22-18_7-16-10 PMHe released his mother and walked over to Leroy and hugged him. “Thanks for everything. The job, helping me now and being here for Mom. I love you man.” He released Leroy and clapped him on the back and added, “Daddy Roy.” Both men laughed.

02-22-18_7-38-40 PM.pngThe next person Ben looked at was sweet Sofia. Hi stomach flipped because he couldn’t read her expression. “Pia…?” he said hesitantly and opened his arms to her.

“Oh Ben…” she said and launched herself into his open arms. He lifted her as she planted her lips on his. It was the sweetest kiss he had ever had.

02-22-18_7-46-26 PM.pngKaitlin tugged on Leroy’s arm. “I think that’s our queue to leave,” she whispered. Leroy nodded and they quietly slipped out of the room leaving Ben and Sofia alone.

“Does this mean we are okay?” asked Ben.

02-22-18_8-03-19 PM“More than okay,” she purred. She touched his face gently. “You risked everything for Cole. Your family stood by you, even came together to help you. They love you so much. I do too Ben.”

02-22-18_8-14-23 PM.pngBen was overwhelmed by her tender words. He pulled back to look at her. “No Pia, you did it,” he said and then pointed at himself. “I’m his father, I should have figured out how to get out of that mess a long time ago. But it was you that forced my hand. I need you in my life. Always. You obviously love Cole like your own. He’s still young. If we get married now, he will grow to think of you as his mother.”

02-22-18_8-30-24 PM.png“Ben…did you just ask me to marry you?”

He did, didn’t he? He laughed and hugged her to him. “I guess I did. I’ve been thinking about it for so long that I just….said it. I’m sorry Sofia, that was the most unromantic proposal ever. You deserve better. You don’t have to answer now.”

02-22-18_8-27-29 PM.pngShe looked up at him. “No, it wasn’t perfect Ben, but it was from the heart,” she said, her voice quiet and serious, “But that’s us, we aren’t perfect. But together, I think we make a really good team. Whether it’s creating a park or helping fix each other’s boneheaded decisions, we work together and for each other.” She stopped and the corners of her mouth raised slightly before she continued. “But there is one thing that you do that is perfect.”

“Oh yeah? What?” he asked.

“You make love to me perfectly.  So, if I say yes, will you make love to me again?”

02-22-18_8-25-05 PM.pngShe was killing him. He lifted his hand and ran his thumb lightly over her beautiful face. “Sofia, I will make love to you even if you say no. No conditions whatsoever. Yes. No. Or – I don’t know. And if you say no, I ….”

02-22-18_8-34-17 PM“Shhh! Yes, Ben,” she said. She jumped up and threw her arms around his neck. “Yes, I will marry you even if you make me wait until our wedding night to make love to me again! But it would have to be a quickie wedding! Oh damn…”

02-22-18_9-16-21 PM“What?” said Ben panicked, “You already changed your mind?”

02-22-18_9-19-23 PMSofia giggled. “No silly. I just thought about my brother. He’s going to kill me for sure this time. Not only am I dating his best friend with baggage, I’m going to marry him.”

“Oh shit is right,” said Ben, “So, sweetheart, do you have any deep dark secrets that Nick is going to spring on me? Because I get the honors this time.”

02-22-18_9-20-07 PM.png“No. I’m a nerd, remember.”

02-22-18_9-22-29 PMBen grinned. “Good because I don’t think I can go through this again.”

“Kiss me you fool!” replied Sofia with a soft giggle.

02-22-18_8-23-27 PM.pngBen laughed and shook his head. “That’s sooo lame, nerd,” he replied, and proceeded to do exactly that. He kissed her until her giggles became moans. Then he led her towards his old bedroom, praying that Cole wasn’t sleeping in there. He badly wanted to make love to the woman that had just given him his life back. His future looked bright with her in it. He knew he now could look forward to every single new day.

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68 thoughts on “Chapter 59 – Yes

  1. YES!!! 😄😄😄 Ben got free from the drug dealers and he’s good with Sofia and they’re gonna get married!!! *screams* ❤ ❤
    I really hope this is the last we'll hear from those darn goons… right??
    Newt is awesome – at least now – lol, and so damn good looking! (Ben is still the No 1 hottie though)
    This was such a sweet chapter! I can't wait to see their wedding ❤ Let's hope it's only smooth sailing from now on… but there's the Nick issue now that I think of it. Uh oh… 😕

    Liked by 1 person

    • Newt is a hottie too. Freedom from the marijuana was awesome. He’s totally conflicted about his Dad now. But they did have a beer together. All of his relationships with his family are healing as he begins to understand all of the dynamics.

      But Sofia! ❤️❤️❤️ What a lame proposal. He just blurted it out without thinking. He really did. I didn’t plan it. You know characters talk when you get in their head! He almost took it back. But Sofia was having none of that. ❤️❤️❤️

      And yes, there is still Nick. 😳

      Liked by 1 person

      • It was so nice to finally see them all make amends ❤ I really hope it will only get better from now on!
        And I totally understand what you mean by characters taking a life of their own… it's like magic (I love that)!
        Ok, I'll ask lol: will we see Nick's reaction in the next chapter? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Totally! 😂 The next chapter is mostly about Nick and Ben’s phone call. 😈😇. Yes… we will see how it goes.

          OMG – it is magic when characters take over! ❤️ I love when that happens.

          Liked by 2 people

    • Yes…❤️❤️❤️…lots of love in this chapter, for a change! Ben’s life has been so full of hurt and anger that I’m am so happy to see him relieved of most of that. And only Ben could blurt put a proposal like that. Totally unplanned.


  2. Okay I am a little unsure of him being 100% out of it, I’m afraid they will show up down the road and people will get hurt. It almost seemed too easy to think that it’s done and over with.

    And we know someone’s horny! *cough* Sofia *cough*

    That proposal could have been better, much better. I think he should ask her again with a huge romantic gesture and a ring so that way everything is sweet and lovey.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sofia has discovered really, really good sex… 😳 No doubt Ben is an experienced lover. 😂😂😂 But she doesn’t think about that because he makes sure she feels loved and not used which was a new experience for her. ❤️❤️❤️

      I think the ease at which Newt was able to ‘take care of business’ says volumes. Kaitlin, as always, has her head buried in the sand when it comes to him. She would prefer not to see the ugly. But we will see if anything happens as far as Ben is concerned.

      And you just might get your wish….❤️….he does need to get her a ring and make it perfect.


  3. I’m eager to see who he will look more like and his cute little smile. (I’m also eager to make him some friends, but no preasure.) I wonder how Ben and Sofia will tell him about Grace, or if that will hinder his relationship with Sofia. Also any Befia babies? Yes? Yes? Definetly yes?

    Liked by 1 person

    • All in good time! All of what you said will impact his story as he gets older. His real mother, Sofia, potential children they may have and his friends…❤️


  4. Congrats on another fantastic chapter.
    I saw a former comment about characters taking a life of their own. That kinda happened with my own story, One of the big events in Chapter Four did that, lol..adding a unique twist to what was starting out as a bit of a slow story, anyway, this is your page…
    This was an awesome chapter, I see Ben picked up on my exact feelings concerning Newt. I see a real bond forming with Leroy and Ben, which is awesome, Leroy was my favorite character in Escape to Nowhere, and it is awesome to see he is playing a whole new part in this story. I want to see more of Newt though. He is an interesting character, asshole he is sometimes. I look forward to the talk with Ben and Nick, it’s good to see Ben taking charge there. And the marriage proposal….maybe unromantic, but it was so natural and so much Ben lol..I hope to see a romantic evening where he presents her with a ring , to make it official though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you once again. I love that others are enjoying this as much as I am!❤️

      Ben was a little wary of how easily that all went down! And yes, Ben and Leroy are totally bonding. He was my favorite too in Starting Over. I fell in love with him the minute Kaitlin walked into that bar for a job and he was bartending. ❤️

      There are lots of sides to Newt. He is interesting and devoted to his current wife and child. He loves Ben too but they never bonded like Ben had hoped. This may have opened the door at least for a better relationship between them. I doubt they will ever be close like he is with Leroy and his mother.

      I totally love when the characters take over the narrative…it can change the whole story line! Next chapter will be Ben’s convo with Nick. What kind of hole will he dig himself into? And you may just get your wish for a romantic proposal. ❤️


      • Nick is going to remain skeptic, I can’t imagine how he will just accept things, I think that will take time. And for good reason. Nick loves Ben like a brother, but this is his baby sister Sophia he is talking about, so Nick it’s going to take him time, and I think he will come around. But I see Nick fighting the happy couple at least for awhile.

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  5. Let’s say it again – YES!
    When I saw the title for this chapter, I thought that it couldn’t have been what I thought it would be, I thought it was too early for a proposal. But it WAS a proposal! Totally unexpected, totally unplanned, but still a proposal ♥
    I am relieved that the weed case is closed for now, but I fear it won’t be that easy to cut it off with the dealers. Newt is awesome, though, and an interesting character. I would love to see more of him. Sofia got a taste of Ben’s love-making (aka sex, a word she refuses to say out loud, lol), good for her! I remember Grace had a similar reaction.
    And I shall chime in about the thing with characters taking over. I know the feeling all too well and I’m afraid that when you write in first person it happens even more, because you have to see everything in the make-believe (or game-believe) world like from the glasses of a character you choose to be. And so what you write can turn out so different to how you would describe things. But dialogues, oh my. I sometimes face palm so much at what my characters have to say and that I can’t really adjust it, because they argue with my own POV in my head. Oh well.
    Anyway, a sweet chapter and a huge relief for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. I wondered if the title would give it away! It was indeed totally unexpected. Ben hadn’t planned to propose….it just sort of happened. And of course Sofia was all over it! They have known each other for a long time so know each other very well. And they have been through so much together that for them, I don’t think it felt too soon. ❤️

      Haha, Ben and Grace had sex at first. But that last time when she conceived, he did make love to,her. It was different for them both. For him and Sofia, I think that next morning, after their first night together, they had some hot, serious sex. I think maybe most couples would have done that first, but it couldn’t have been like that with her. Love had to be first and Ben knew that. He took his time and showed her how much he loved her. Later the carnal pleasures of sex could take over now and then. Keeps it interesting. ❤️

      Glad you enjoyed Newt. He was fun to write. I enjoyed getting in his head again. I’be never tried first person. A lot of folks like it!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Goodness, it’s all turning out so nicely! I’m so glad Ben is on such good terms with his parents now and also out of this drug trouble (I hope!). lol Life seems to really be turning around for him at last. ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m so glad. ❤️ I was really worried no one would accept her. But they clicked so easily. Long standing friendship can make a really strong marriage.


  7. I really hope this is the last we see of the horrible drug dealers (and of Newt!!)
    Ben has grown so much, I am so proud of him. I have seen him start out as an angry, rebellious kid to a womanizing adult now finally as a loving father and partner. I think the last person Ben needs to make amends to is his older brother. Hopefully the wedding will give them the chance to do just that.
    The wedding is going to be so cute, I can’t wait. I don’t know what I am excited more to see; Sofia in her wedding dress or Cole in a little tux!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh. You didn’t forget about Reese. ❤️ I remember when they first ran and Reese told his mom that he was worried about Ben. But she was in survival mode just trying to house and feed them. Then when he got into his own troubles he sort of forgot about a Ben too. Poor guy. Yes, he needs to reconcile with him too. The wedding may lend to that. His little girl is very close to the same age as Cole. Just a few months older. They would be in the same class in school.

      Ben has certainly turned his life around. I am proud if him too. ❤️ Cole in that little tux. Cuteness forever and Sofia will be gorgeous no doubt. With on,y six chapters left you won’t have to wait too much longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. RIP hope for more appearances of Uncle Glasses and Mr. Hat 😭

    Low key hoping he’s not totally out of the water just so I could see them lmao 😭😂

    I hope Nick will suck it up and show up at the wedding… So Ben could also use it as revenge for selling him out about the Audreys too LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Our names sakes are gone….😭😭😭. No more Uncle glasses and Mr. Hat…maybe…I think. Lol.

      Maybe he and Nick will work it out. I hope so for Sofia’s sake. Next chapter…. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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  10. Oooof! Things turned out okay! Thought I *do* worry about that possible forshadowing that I received in the last coment…Well, for now things are good, so, let’s leave at that, also, one more thing: GAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! They are getting married! Ha! On your face, Nick! I hope he get’s invited to the ending, and that he is extra salty about it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. “Daddy Roy” LMAO that was cute! I loved seeing Ben get some closure with Leroy in this one… and of course, him and Sofia at the end! How sweet! Now to see how Nick takes this news… eek!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha. Daddy Roy. Dakota and Maddy’s name for Leroy. ❤️ It was good to see Ben and Leroy really deal with their history. They sort of talked around it. And a Ben proposal! lol

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I’m going to need some Nick closure… like, even a flaming bag of dog poopie on his doorstep.

    Nick: you are a Bad Bro 🙁

    Glad it’s all sorted, shame about Cole’s first beanie and sunglasses tho 😭
    I hope the Herd of Audreys are going to a nice home!


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  14. So glad that it’s all sorted and that Sofia is willing to move past it. It warms my heart with the family reunion as well. It’s especially heartwarming to see the relationship that’s forming between Ben and Leroy.
    But dangit, Ben, that was a pretty bad proposal, ha, ha 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  15. “Sofia, I will make love to you even if you say no.” Ummm, dude, ways to ruin a perfectly imperfect but working relationship in a single sentence 😂 Good Sofia didn’t jump up on that train!
    It was so nice to see the men actually hang out together! It seems we’re nearing the end, at least hopefully. I wouldn’t put any of them through even more tough stuff 😔

    Liked by 1 person

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