Chapter 65 – Two Years Later…

WARNING:   NSFW scenes in the beginning…..

Two years later…. Ages:  Ben 26, Sofia 25 and Cole 5-1/2

mem3Through the course of working together over the past four years, Leroy and Ben had become good friends. Leroy shared bits and pieces of his past with him over beers and inspection rides around the subdivision. During those discussions, Ben had come to understand why he was so protective over his mother.  His mom was going through a really hard time emotionally when Leroy came into her life. Ben knew he loved his mother very much, the same way Ben loved Sofia. He was truly a good man. Someone Ben wanted to model himself after. Leroy had given him some good news today and he couldn’t wait to share it with Sofia.

03-26-18_10-33-49 PMOn the way home that evening, Ben thought about the past two years since he and Sofia got married. He couldn’t help but smile thinking back on their honeymoon.

mem2.pngHe carried her into the suite they had booked for the next four nights. They almost didn’t leave the hotel room.

mem1mem7mem6mem8mem5mem9When they finally did go home, he was ready. As much as he loved being alone with Sofia, he had missed his little boy.

03-27-18_6-45-08 PMThings continued to go well for the first six months of their marriage. Sofia had finished redecorating his and Cole’s bachelor pad making it into a home for the three of them, albeit a very small one.

mem10That was when the cops showed up on his doorstep.

mem11mem13Ben had answered the door expecting one of his sisters. Instead, it was Detectives Randy Wyatt and Martin Stratton from the San Myshuno police department. They asked to come inside.

mem14They were investigating a drug trafficking ring in San Myshuno and Ben’s name came up in connection with it. They took him in for questioning. Ben truly thought he was going to be arrested.

mem15.pngSofia was softly crying and hugging Cole when he left. He had been terrified he wouldn’t see them again anytime soon, that in spite of his Dad’s help, his past had caught up with him.

Fortunately, he returned home several hours later. He was shaken, but they had released him, convinced he didn’t have any additional information on the crime ring they were investigating. However, the cops seemed surprised they had let him walk away. He didn’t dare mention it was his Dad that fixed it.

mem16.pngWhen he got home, he hugged his wife, then called his dad. Newt reassured him all was well and he didn’t have anything to worry about. Regardless, Ben had felt the need to look over his should for a full year before he finally began to feel safe again.

Today, a year and half after that awful scare, Ben was anxious to share some really good news with his little family. 

mem4Leroy had surprised him by making him a full partner in his business.  Leroy said it was his succession plan, that no one knew the business like he and Sofia did. He could easily have sold it and divided the proceeds between Hailey and Dakota, his two daughters. But the Chapman name was on it and he wanted to protect his name.  He was humbled that Leroy trusted him with something he had worked so hard his entire life to attain.  He only hoped one day that he would be able to pass it on to Cole.

03-27-18_7-17-23 PM.pngSofia had stayed home from work that day not feeling well. So instead of going straight home, he stopped and picked up takeout, a bottle of wine and some flowers. When he walked in the door, he realized his mistake. The smell of spaghetti assaulted him. He was glad Sofia was feeling better. At least he had flowers and wine to go with the spaghetti.

“Pia? Feeling better?” he called out as he walked to the kitchen to deposit his groceries.

03-27-18_7-25-50 PM.png“Hi you,” she said, as she walked over and kissed him on the cheek. “I’m much better.”

She looked radiant. Definitely feeling better.  “Guess I should have called first,” he said sheepishly.

Sofia burst out laughing, “Wine, flowers and takeout? That was supposed to make me feel better?”

“I have some good news and you weren’t feeling well, so…”

03-27-18_7-28-38 PM.png“You do?” she said, her eyes bright. “Must be good to warrant wine and flowers. Since I was feeling better, I made Italian. Plus, we really do have tiramisu for desert. Cole ate already. He’s in his room playing. I figured that would give us some quiet time to enjoy our meal.”

Sofia put the flowers on the table and they sat down. “So what are we celebrating?” she asked.

03-27-18_7-37-44 PMBen puffed out his chest. “I am now half owner of Chapman Construction.”

03-27-18_7-42-20 PM.pngSofia’s face fell. “What?” she asked incredulous, “You bought out half? How?  I mean……Ben, our savings was for the house.  This is a really bad time to spend our money and without even asking me first.”

03-27-18_7-56-26 PM“No, no. I didn’t put out any cash,” said Ben quickly to assuage her fears. “But even if I did, it would have been a smart move. The business is doing well. But, no, Leroy just made me part owner. He literally gave me half of his company, we are partners now. But why would it be a bad time?”

03-27-18_8-00-52 PM.pngHer face softened and he thought she was going to cry.  “Oh.  I have news too. Ben…I went to the doctor today…..”

Ben interrupted her, concern lacing his voice. “I thought you were feeling better. I would have gone with you.”

03-27-18_8-08-47 PM.png“Ben, I’m not sick…..I’m pregnant.”

03-27-18_8-10-32 PM.pngAt those last two words, Ben could feel the blood drain from his face. He could barely breathe. “Pia……” was all he could manage to get out.

03-27-18_8-39-07 PMSofia got up and went and sat in Ben’s lap. “Look at me baby. It’s okay. I had a long talk with the doctor today. He examined me thoroughly. There is no reason to worry.”

Ben thought he was going to get sick.  He felt wetness on his cheeks and the walls started closing in.

stretcher.pngThen he saw Grace, no it was Sofia, on the stretcher, the doctors talking to him. “No. She can’t be….we did everything they said…” he mumbled.

Sofia touched his face. “Ben, breathe. Shhh. Listen. It’s going to be fine. Be happy for us. Don’t be afraid. I’m not.”

emma.pngBen looked up and Emma was talking sweetly to him. Her hands were so warm. He slowly shook his head. “Emma, there is so much blood….” he said, tears streaming down his face.

03-27-18_9-42-39 PM.pngSofia was crying now. “Oh baby, I know,” she said her voice filled with tenderness, “Please listen to me. It’s me, Sofia, not Emma. Ben….It’s Sofia. Look at me baby. Please.”

Sofia?  Why is Sofia here instead of Emma? thought Ben.  “Sofia?” he chocked out, “Where’s Emma? Why?”

“Emma’s not here,” said the sweet voice.

ben.pngSoft warm hands were on his face. “Ben look at me!” Her voice was different. He focused on her voice and her face and the fog began to slowly clear.  He didn’t understand what had just happened to him. But, what he did know was his wife had just said she was pregnant and the gravity of her words hit him hard. Sofia was pregnant. Just the thought made it hard to breathe again.

03-27-18_10-04-26 PM.pngHe couldn’t lose her too. Why did she do this to them? As he focused on his wife standing in front of him, anger quickly replaced his fear. He felt like he had been punched. “How could you? I can’t do this! Fuck Sofia, I thought Cole was enough …”

03-27-18_10-16-10 PM.pngSofia’s face contorted with anger. “I cannot believe you just said that to me. How dare you? You know damn well I love Cole as if he were my own. In fact I couldn’t love him more if had given birth to him. So don’t you dare say that crap and try to blame me for your fears. For your information, I didn’t get pregnant on purpose, but when I found out, I was thrilled…..” she stopped and swallowed hard before going on, her voice thick with emotion. Her face crumpled with her next words. “And I hoped you would be too! I guess I was wrong!” She turned to leave the room, tears streaming down her face.

Ben was confused. He was feeling so many emotions at one time he couldn’t process them all. He was stunned, angry, frightened, nervous.  But he couldn’t let her leave him. He needed her.

03-27-18_10-20-03 PM.png“Sofia!” he called out as he reached out and grabbed her arm to stop her from walking away.  He gently pulled her to him. He needed to keep her calm even though his own hands were shaking. “Oh God, I’m so sorry Pia. When you said you were pregnant, I saw the gurney in my head. And it was you on that table, not Grace and I panicked.” He swallowed a few times before he could continue. “Forgive me, please,” he begged. His voice was soft and low as he continued. “I love you. And honestly, I wouldn’t have cared if you did get pregnant on purpose. Not really. But, you should have told me this was what you wanted.”

Sofia stood still through his whole speech without saying a word. He was afraid she was going to continue walking off.  Finally, she turned around and spoke, her voice soft and low. “I was afraid you would say no and I would have been brokenhearted.”

03-27-18_10-31-23 PMThen she looked at him with a look that meant business, her voice thick with emotion. “And let’s be clear, it’s not because I wanted my ‘own’ child. It’s because I wanted us to have another child. I wanted to give you a child so badly and let Cole have a brother or sister. Nick was everything to me growing up. I want that for Cole. I knew you would be scared. So I didn’t bring it up. I kept hoping you would when you were ready. Cole’s almost six years old and I’d almost given up on that dream.” She paused, having run out of steam. “I’m sorry Ben, I had myself convinced that this conversation would have gone a whole lot differently.”

He felt terrible. She was afraid to ask him. But would the conversation have gone differently if she had asked?  He wasn’t sure of the answer. Then suddenly it hit him….not that his wife’s life could be at risk, but that she was going to have a baby. Their baby. As that new reality took hold, he looked into those beautiful chocolate eyes and a huge smile split his face.

03-27-18_10-49-44 PMBen reached up and brushed Sofia’s hair back from her face.  “We’re having a baby….” he stated as if he just figured that out.

The corner’s of Sofia’s mouth slowly turned up to match Ben’s and her eyes sparkled with tears. She slowly nodded once. “Yeah.”

03-27-18_10-46-06 PM.pngBen pulled her into his arms and kissed her gently. “Sofia, don’t ever be afraid to tell me what you want or how you feel. You know I would do anything for you. If you want ten more I’m good. Well, maybe not ten. But you know what I mean. And just for clarification, I would never make a decision that would affect us, like buying a business without discussing it with you first.”

Sofia looked up at Ben. “Wait, you really are half owner of Chapman Construction?”

“Yeah. Leroy has good timing.  The extra income will come in handy,” said Ben. Then, with a devilish grin, he scooped Sofia into his arms. “Come on little mama, we are going to celebrate properly.”

“Ben! Put me down. Your son is in the other room playing. We should at least wait until he’s asleep. Let’s have desert. I’m eating for two.”

03-27-18_11-02-58 PM.pngAs if on queue, Cole walked in. “Hi Daddy! he said brightly, “Why are you carrying Mommy?”  Cole had began to call Sofia ‘Mommy’ not long after they married. Ben told him she was now his mother and he could call her that instead of Pia. Cole had easily adapted to the new moniker.

Ben and Sofia both started laughing and he put her down. They looked at each other and silently agreed to tell him.

03-27-18_11-14-28 PM.png“Cole. Sit down. We have some good news,” said Ben.

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A/N: Thank you to Lonestar2330 for sharing Randy Wyatt with me from his story Blue Hearts. Newt and Ben make guest appearances in his story as well.  Reading his story, you will find out how Newt got Ben out of growing marijuana for the dealers. You will also eventually see who Ben was working for. Very nasty people!  I encourage you to give it a read.  It promises to be full of mystery and intrigue. ♥

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    • Yes, a little therapy for him would be in order. He has never had any and tried to push things down. Talking to Leroy has helped come to terms with some things, but Grace was hard and he has just buried those feelings and not really dealt with them. But I don’t know if any of Uptown’s therapists would be so great. Lol. Maybe some from A2A would be better! 😂😀😀

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  2. A Befia baby, isn’t that so exciting? 😀 I hope Sofia will be okay. Ben can’t lose her, too. And we can’t lose her. Don’t do that, okay? I hope we’re past that bad time in Ben’s story. And well, Cole will have a sibling! 😀

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    • Yes. It is truly uncommon for someone to die from childbirth. There is no expectation that Sofia will have anything but a model pregnancy…We must have a Befia baby! Ben would not survive losing her. He totally freaked out when he heard she was pregnant.

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  3. I was so scared when the cops showed up! But fortunately Ben’s dad saved the day once more, what a relief!
    As soon as Sofia announced her pregnancy (yay!! 🎉💓), I knew Ben was going to freak out. He definitely needs some therapy asap! I’m sure both Sofia and the baby are going to be okay this time… right??.. 😉
    I can’t wait to see the nooboo! ❤ ❤

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    • Nooboo coming soon! Yes, he isn’t as over Graces death as he would like to pretend. We’ll see how he fares through Sofia’s pregnancy. At least it finally hit him he was going to be a Daddy again! I can’t wait to see it either! I haven’t seen it yet.

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  4. Omg! Omg! We are going to get Befia babies! Yes yes yes!

    And another thought… I felt really bad for Ben when he was having those flashbacks and he might need therapy as Infragreen already said. This was such a cute chapter and little Cole is amazing and adorable!

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    • Yay for Befia babies! Lol…. Ben might just be forced into therapy trying to deal with her pregnancy. Hers going to drive her nuts otherwise! Cole, he has his Daddy’s smirk for sure.


  5. Ahhhhh I’m so happy about the baby! But worried about Ben. I feel like he has some really deep issues that never got worked out. I hope he can get some help dealing with them before the baby comes! 😦

    I loved seeing Cole as a child! Looking forward to his gen!!!!

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    • Baby!!!! ❤️ I fear for Sofia for the next nine months! Well, probably more like seven but…still. I hope they realize he does need to talk to someone… But….Baby!!! ❤️

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  6. Is it terrible that my first reaction is why she was still wearing her tiara in the after scenes of their honeymoon?

    I’m glad for the little baby… especially if Ben is going to freak out all the time like he just did now.

    Either way – fun stuff! Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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    • Haha, they got down to business! At least she took it off in the bathtub! 😂😂😂 Yes, I hope he doesn’t constantly freak out while she is pregnant. He needs some help. This was a really big trigger for him that he hadn’t experienced since Grace died. 😢

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      • Yeah, I was happy to see that she eventually took it off… but when they were getting intimate I definitely could really focus on that… which probably reveals a lot more about me than I might prefer!

        I’m glad he’ll do okay – he’s definitely a lot better about talking things out now, and Pia isn’t a shrinking violet; plus, he’s got other people on his side now, which will be good for him.

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        • I am laughing so much at the tiara comment! 🙂 He is much better about talking things out. And for sure, Pia is not going to back down. She holds him accountable. He does have a good support system now too.

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    • Yes – he does need to get it together and get straightened out for her. I think once he sees that, he will do what is necessary. And a beautiful nooboo! Coming soon. 🙂

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  7. Thanks for the plug!!!! 🙂 It was awesome the Leroy made Ben a partner in the business, I have been very happy seeing him in New Beginnings, he was my favorite character in Escape to Nowhere. I freaked a bit when Ben started having those flashbacks. he might need to get some therapy concerning Graces’s death. Sophia was awesome the way she talked him back to reality. Another great read. I look forward to Benfia baby!!!


  8. I was holding my breath during the whole cop thing. I’m so glad it all worked out and I really like how you brought that storyline full circle. It’s great, too, seeing their lives coming together. Hopefully, Pia’s pregnancy will go well and in turn, Ben’s fears will subside.

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    • Thank you! ❤ The cops…ugh. But hopefully that was the end of that. They are doing so well. Her pregnancy should go fine. Most have little to no complications. Poor Grace was the exception. But yes – if it goes smoothly it may help him calm down. 🙂

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  9. 😭😭😭😭 omg… I cried so hard! I’m so happy for them, but wow Ben needs counseling! Flashbacks are a horrible thing to deal with, and you never know what will set them off. I hope everything goes well for them all

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    • Ohh…I am glad it touched you. ❤️ I cried too. But I cry over everything! And yes, flashbacks are bad. We will see more of how he is dealing with her pregnancy in the next chapter. 😕. But a baby! I’m glad she got pregnant because if they had discussed it, my bet is Ben would have not been able to say okay.


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  11. YAaasss! Baby time! However, I do not belive everything will be flowers and such with this pregnancy…Ben has already showed us that he has some scars from the last pregnancy he had to deal with, and if things do not get any better from this point, he might have to go to theraphy…( Also, I hope that part with pia was just him being delusional, and not a really not good forshadowing.)

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  12. Awww this was a great chapter! And the ‘NSFW’ were so hot and erotic! 😏😊 Honestly, I love sex pics… just being honest. 😊😊

    I’m happy Ben and his beautiful wife are doing well and they are expecting another little one! 😁 And Cole is his mom’s clone. Heh heh. He’s so cute. Great job again, Audrey… look forward to the next.

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  13. Aaaaah, Cole is so tall! I feel old 🥺
    It was clear Ben would have throwbacks at such a revelation. Sofia had to go through that as soon as she wanted to be with Ben – Ben’s trauma was waiting only a corner away. With another pregnancy. I’m glad they already got it worked out

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