Chapter 66 – Intervention

03-30-18_6-36-59 PMSofia was concerned about Ben’s strange behavior since she told him she was pregnant. His panic attack was only the beginning.  For the last two months, nearly every night, she had to wake him up from nightmares.

03-30-18_6-17-32 PMMost times he woke up calling out her name but sometimes it was Grace’s.  It became painfully obvious he hadn’t fully recovered from Grace’s death and he was taking the pregnancy a lot harder than she thought he would. She didn’t know if they could take five more months of this.

On top of that, Ben barely let her out of his sight. At her exams, he gave the doctors a hard time about ensuring she was safe, asking for needless tests, even though they assured him she was having a model pregnancy. She almost dreaded her check ups.

03-30-18_11-36-56 PM.pngShe needed to talk to someone and knew his mother was the right person.  She dropped Ben off at work and instead of going in with him, she said she had to go to the store. She went to see Kate instead.

Sofia adored Kate and knew that she would give her good advice, just like she had after Jessie had attacked her. She hated not telling Ben where she was going, but he wasn’t well.

03-30-18_7-40-34 PMKaitlin wrapped Sofia in a warm hug when she walked in. “You are getting a little pooch there! You look adorable,” she said sweetly.

03-30-18_7-44-49 PMSofia smiled weakly at her mother-in-law. “Thanks. She’s kicking me like crazy today. I am surprised though, Ben doesn’t let us get much sleep these days.”

“Oh…” said Kaitlin with raised eyebrows.

03-30-18_7-47-22 PMSofia laughed at her assumption that they were having a lot of sex and followed her into the living room. “No. That’s not why. Kate, I came over to talk to you because I’m worried about Ben. He started having nightmares. He never did before I was pregnant.  It’s been six years since Grace died.  I thought he would be okay with this,” she said gesturing towards her expanding middle. “But he’s not. I don’t know how to reassure him. What should I do?”

03-30-18_7-53-17 PM“He’s worried about you sweetheart,” said Kaitlin.

03-30-18_8-01-18 PM.pngSofia frowned. “I know, but it’s not a healthy worry. And there’s more. When I told him I was pregnant, he lost it.  I think he had a flashback maybe. He called me Emma. It’s like he didn’t know where he was, or who I was for a minute. I guess Emma was with him when they took Grace to the hospital.  I don’t know. I didn’t ask him. He won’t talk about it.”

03-30-18_8-10-05 PM.pngKaitlin’s face fell. “Oh. I had no idea,” she said and let out a soft sigh. “Ben tends to pretend everything’s okay until it’s not – and then he explodes. Do you want me to try and talk to him? He went through a traumatic experience and your pregnancy is triggering him. He really needs to talk to someone. Maybe I can get his Aunt Shea to recommend someone here.”

“You mean a therapist?” asked Sofia. She knew Ben wouldn’t go for that. He insists he’s okay, just being cautious.

03-30-18_8-30-46 PM.png“Yes. It might help,” said Kaitlin confidently, “It helped me a lot. And Leroy went with me a few times. Why don’t I go with you back to the office. Maybe I can get him to listen to me.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

03-30-18_9-02-20 PM.pngBen could barely focus. He was terrified and excited at the same time. His life with Sofia and Cole was very full. He tried to be calm with her pregnancy, but he couldn’t help the anxiety that constantly clawed at his gut. Especially when she wasn’t with him. He needed to see her to know that she was okay.

mem1He woke up nearly every night in a cold sweat worried about her and the baby. He invariably woke her up because he would call out in his sleep. His nightmares were taking a toll on both of them. He could see the worry on her face and hear it in her voice.

03-30-18_9-03-33 PM.pngHe sat at his desk trying to wade through contractor bids but kept looking at his watch every few minutes.  He needed to work, which was not happening because the longer she was gone, the more anxious he became. He knew it was ridiculous but he couldn’t help it. He was glad she worked in the same office with him because he wouldn’t have been able to stand having her out of his sight all day, every day.

Leroy must have noticed because he walked over to him. “You okay Ben? You don’t look so good.”

03-30-18_10-22-45 PM.png“I’m okay,” he said automatically.  Leroy gave him a look that said he knew he was lying.  “Okay, I’m worried about Sofia.”

03-30-18_10-21-40 PM.pngLeroy’s demeanor abruptly changed to concern. “Is there a problem with the baby?”

Ben looked down. “No,” he said sheepishly running his hand through his hair.

“Is she sick?”

03-30-18_10-20-03 PMBen sighed and just shook his head.

Leroy must have figured out he was obsessing because he asked him to come sit down in his office.

03-30-18_10-29-16 PM.pngOnce seated, Leroy looked at him for a minute, like he was trying to figure out what to say.  Finally he spoke. “It’s bad memories isn’t it?”

03-30-18_10-32-53 PMBen sighed. “I get anxious when she is away from me. I need to see that she is okay.” He shook his head slowly, “She didn’t need to go to the store, she needed to get away from me. I’m driving her crazy. It took everything I had to let her leave without me.”

“Ben, do you think you need to talk to somebody?”

03-30-18_10-33-51 PM“You mean a shrink?” asked Ben incredulous.

“Just a thought. You went through a lot with Grace and really didn’t have time to process it or heal properly. You were there alone with a newborn.”

03-30-18_10-38-25 PM“Sofia would say yes,” said Ben and laughed, “But I don’t know….I’m okay.”

“Well, I also wanted to ask if you made any headway on the contractors.”

03-30-18_10-37-12 PMShit…no, he hadn’t been able to focus. “Not too much. It’s so hard to know without interviewing them.”

“I have an idea which will help us both out. The house you guys are buying – instead of just remodeling it, why don’t we level it and hire some of these guys to build from the ground up.  Baby’s due in five months. If they can build it four months, then they are hired to build our houses in Newcrest.”

03-30-18_10-44-05 PM.pngBen was glad the conversation shifted away from him. “That sounds scary as hell, but it is a good idea. Let me run it by Sofia first before I say okay. Worst case, we can hire them for the remodel.”

A soft knock sounded on Leroy’s door.  “It’s me,” said the voice on the other side and Ben felt a little of the tension leave his body.

03-30-18_10-51-21 PM.pngHe immediately got up to greet his wife – and mother?  Leroy kissed Kaitlin on the cheek and Ben hugged Sofia. “What do I owe the honor of this visit?” asked Leroy.

03-30-18_10-48-46 PM.png“I wanted to see if I could steal Ben for a minute,” said Kaitlin.

Ben whipped his head around and looked at his mother, then he looked at Sofia. The expression on her face said it all.  They were up to something. Even Leroy raised an eyebrow.

“What’s going on?” asked Ben nervously.

“Can we talk privately?” asked Kaitlin.

03-30-18_11-20-50 PM.png“This is a fucking intervention, isn’t it?” He looked at Sofia, “You told Mom I was having nightmares! And Leroy is suggesting I need to see a shrink! Who’s idea was this? I am fine. It’s just nerves.”

03-30-18_11-19-36 PM“Ben,” said his mother quietly, “Look at you. You are wound so tight. It’s not healthy. And honestly, we didn’t plan to gang up on you. Leroy didn’t know I was coming. I was just going to talk to you and see how you were doing. But since Leroy suggested it too, I think maybe it’s a good idea. It’s not so bad. Really. I should know.”

“Ben, I will go with you if you want,” offered Sofia.

03-30-18_11-29-01 PM.pngBen knew he was cornered and outnumbered. He looked at the three faces in the room waiting for an answer and he knew there was only one he could give no matter what he thought. “Fine, I’ll try it – once,” he said, unwilling to commit to more.

03-30-18_11-32-02 PMThe next thing he knew, Sofia had flung her arms around his neck. “Thank you Ben, I love you,” she whispered into his ear.

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40 thoughts on “Chapter 66 – Intervention

  1. Funny, I just went from reading about Kaitlin and Leroy’s struggles to Sofia and Ben’s struggles. I’ve been catching up on Escape to Nowhere and enjoying it a lot. I’ve just read chapter 31 and I’ve been leaving short comments to remember where I am, lol. Kaitlin looked so much prettier in TS3!
    Well, back to present.
    Poor Ben, everyone wants the best for him and he definitely does need help. I hope he arranges a meeting with a good psychiatrist who will be able to help him. He really is in need of help from a professional. He needs to believe that everything is alright with Sofia. She’d be blossoming if she didn’t have to worry about him. I hope everything goes alright!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! Kaitlin was prettier in TS3! I tried so hard to make her in 4. But she IS much older now…so her youthful good looks are starting to give way to a more mature sort of beauty! Or at least that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! ❤️. She is actually 51 in the story now. I am trying to gradually age them as much as you can in TS4. And yes, Ben has lots of support and he has not really learned how to accept it. He definitely needs some help and as you continue through Kaitlin’s story you will see that she knows what she’s talking about. Sofia would be blossoming except she is so worried about Ben. We will see next chapter how things turned out. Last chapter before we move on to Cole.

      Liked by 1 person

        • I had no idea too, so I did some research -coughs- Google -coughs- and found out the word started being used around the 60s.
          Quoting some of it:
          “Shrink” is a shortened form of “headshrinker,” and was originally meant as a mildly derisive term for psychotherapists.
          If “headshrinker” seems a bit exotic for an insulting metaphor, it may help to note that magazine cartoons of the 1950’s and 1960’s were awash in cannibalistic natives, witch doctors and the like, so the imagery of “shrink” is not all that surprising.
          Very interesting xD

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  3. I`m happy that they convinced Ben. Having a panic attack because of Pia being pregnant is very far from being ok!
    And we are near the ending of this generation arc right…I’m curious to learn about how Cole grew up and what awaits for his gen! Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ben should definitely go see a shrink, he’s not well at all..! Poor Sofia (and poor Ben)!
    I bet he would be forced to aknowledge the fact that not all pregnancies are dangerous after Sofia gave birth and all was well, but the whole Grace situation has left its scar too deep! 😦
    And Sofia is in a state that she needs Ben to take care of her, not the other way around..!
    I really hope they’ll get through this! 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  5. It’s a girl? Woot woot! 😀

    Back to more serious subjects… I’m so glad Ben has agreed to see the shrink. And I hope it helps. It’s terrible but understandable what he’s going through.


  6. Glad to see Ben is willing to at least go to a single session, speaking from personal experience I don’t think people realize how beneficial counseling can be. but you have to go in with something of an open mind for it to be beneficial, let’s hope Ben’s mind is open enough for it to do him some good. Looking forward to Cole’s generation and the Benfia baby, although I will be a bit sad to see Ben’s saga end. I have followed him for so long…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I hope he goes in with an open mind. 😬. It is Ben, but he has grown so maybe. All he needs to do is talk to his mom or dad and they can give him first hand experience about how much good counseling can do.

      And a grown up Cole and Befia baby! Yay! ❤️ Hope to have that chapter in the morning or at least by Wednesday morning. I’m traveling for work Wednesday and Thursday so if not it won’t be put until Saturday. Cross your fingers.

      I’m gonna miss Ben too! As I start working on Cole’s gen, in my head and on paper I keep thinking Ben instead of Cole….😢 Ben and Sofia won’t disappear completely. We will see the. And their ongoing love affair in the first few chapters while Cole is a child, but then as he becomes a teen and the story focuses on him. I have to say it was the same when I had to leave Kaitlin and Leroy behind when I started on Ben’s gen! But then Ben turned out to be so much fun!😂😂😂


    • He is totally excited, but scared and so very anxious. His anxiety is taking the joy out of this time for them. It’s so sad. But hopefully therapy will help him deal with it better and enjoy this special time in their lives. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Ben is a little proud. I think he was embarrassed & ashamed at having broken down in spite of being in therapy. He should have taken the meds to help him cope and he didn’t. Foolish man.


  8. Ohh…Yeah, I think its a good idea for Ben to talk with someone about this, not only to calm himself about this pregnancy, bu,t to finally and totally, let everything related to Grace go. ( Even thought that most likely *will* take sometime.. as, such it was in Kate“s case, it was traumatic experience for him.) I“m glad he has someone that understand what situation he is in.( Kate)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Who knew Kaitlin’s trauma would be what helped Ben get the help he needed. She had been a counselor of sorts for both Ben and Sofia, I am very glad he’s getting help about Grace and really with all of his struggles with his family.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Secret, I always want a happy ever after for my stories! But yes. His mother loves him very much and feels very responsible for his issues. And Leroy…such a big hearted man. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I’ve never been in a position to need therapy, but I’ve always wondered why it gets such a bad rep. Like, it’s taboo. I know it’s a pride thing, but what’s so bad about talking out your problems with someone? We do it with friends all the time.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Poor Ben! I really do feel for him. It can be so hard to admit you need help, but he truly does before he totally explodes and really spirals out of control. If he doesn’t do something now, it’s only going to get much worse with a lot of collateral damage done. I hope he will be open to continuing after the first session. If he finds someone he has a good rapport with, that will help a lot. Plus, Sofia needs to remain as stress-free as possible for herself and the baby. At least Ben didn’t blow up. In the past, he would have rented, raved, and yelled. Then he’d have stomped away. He has really grown up so much.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sure he was trying hard to control his temper, cause yes, he has one. Lol. But at least he agreed. It definitely shows growth on his part. And Sofia needs to be free of stress for sure. And knowing how he reacted, he might be worse as she gets farther along.

      Liked by 1 person

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