Chapter 2.04 – Date for the Dance

Five years later……    Ages:  Cole – 16,  Amelia – 9, Ben – 36, Sofia – 35, Doc – 58

04-15-18_3-17-29 PM“Hi Doc!” said Cole as he arrived for his after school job at the veterinary clinic.

04-15-18_3-12-03 PMDoc Lewis walked around the corner to greet his young protege.  “Hey Cole!” he said with his usual smile, “The dogs still need to be taken out for some exercise and their cages cleaned. After your done I have a few patients coming in. You can sit in and observe.”

04-15-18_3-18-29 PMCole loved watching Doc with the animals. He was so gentle and had a way with them. Doc told him he had the gift too, and would one day make an excellent Veterinarian. So, anytime Cole got the chance to observe Doc, he did. He was looking forward to the summer when he could work there full time instead of just after school. “Cool! Thanks Doc! See you in a few,” said Cole, and took off to do his job before joining his mentor in the exam room. 

04-15-18_2-28-31 PM.pngWhen he was done he walked into the exam room and sat quietly in the chair.  He watched intently as Doc managed to get the sick cat to let him look in it’s mouth. Doc was amazing. He only hoped that one day, he could be just as good.

04-15-18_3-58-25 PMAfter he finished, Doc’s wife walked in. “Well, that was the last one. Looks like we are done early today,” she said. “Cole you can go too since you are finished with the dogs.”

04-15-18_4-09-16 PM.png“Cool,” said Cole, “I still have time to meet my friends at the ice cream parlor before going home. See you tomorrow.”

*  *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *  

04-15-18_6-44-40 PM.pngCole walked into the ice cream parlor and everyone was already there, sitting at the big outdoor table they always tried to grab. When he saw they still had menus in hand, he knew he was in time to order something cool to drink.

“Hi Cole!” called out Nicky, “You got off early!” He nodded. She pointed to the remaining chair at the end of the table and smiled warmly. “Saved you a seat.”

04-15-18_6-53-38 PM.pngCole sat down and looked around at his friends. Noah, the unofficial leader of their group of misfits, was sitting at the opposite end talking to his girlfriend, Tahani. She and Noah were both rebellious and picky about their friends so they hit it off quite well. 

04-15-18_7-23-31 PMNext to Noah, was Kolby’s boyfriend, Nemo Valentine. Nemo was so into music that Cole was surprised his signature headphones were missing from around his neck. He and Kolby had been a couple for almost a year. They suited each other perfectly and it had helped Kolby’s self esteem tremendously.

04-15-18_7-20-48 PMSeated next to Cole were two new friends. Alberto McNeal aka ‘Berto’ and his girl du jour, Mia Franco. Berto had moved in from the West Coast this year. His long, sun-bleached hair and tan good looks had most of the girls flocking to him. But he didn’t really care, they were more of a distraction for not being able to ‘catch a wave’ after school every day.  He didn’t fit in with anyone else, so he wound up with Noah and the gang.

04-15-18_7-49-19 PM.pngWhen Cole sat down, Noah glanced around the table before landing his gaze on Cole and Nicky sitting together. “Do you guys have a date for the spring dance?” he asked smirking.

04-15-18_8-20-23 PM.pngCole’s shoulders slumped. Noah knew full well he didn’t. Of course, everyone at the table turned towards him to hear his answer. He didn’t have a girlfriend, so it didn’t matter. “I forgot about it. When is it?” asked Cole.

04-15-18_9-41-34 PM.png“This weekend,” said Kolby, “guess that means you aren’t going.”  He sounded disappointed.

“I forgot about it,” said Cole, I’ve been so busy with….”

04-15-18_9-44-55 PM.png“With Dooooc…” said Alberto, rolling his eyes. “We know doood. Doc this, Doc that…Oh! I know! You should ask Doooc to the daaance dude!”

04-15-18_9-47-57 PM.pngEveryone laughed – except Nicky. “Shut up Berto!” she said, “At least he has a job and knows what he wants to do with his life. Unlike you, who thinks it’s just one big party.”  

04-15-18_9-53-07 PMAlberto looked confused. “It’s high school Nick. It is parrrtyyy time. Loosen up girl. Catch a wave and riiiide like the wind….” He closed his eyes and held out his arms like he was surfing.  

04-15-18_10-03-21 PM.pngCole looked at Nicky defending him. She was fired up. It gave him a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach. Nicky had been defending him since first grade. He adored that about her.

“Nicky, you’re just jealous ‘cause no one asked you,” said Noah and winked at Tahani for emphasis.

04-15-18_10-06-49 PM.pngNicky whipped her head around and squinted her eyes at Noah. “How do you know I don’t have a date.”

04-15-18_7-52-25 PM.png“Do you?” he asked, cocking an eyebrow.

“Leave her alone Noah,” said Cole. He hated that they were teasing her.  It was his turn to defend Nicky for a change.

04-15-18_10-29-48 PM.png“Hey, Cole, why don’t you take her?” suggested Mia, taking him by surprise. His mouth opened to reply, but nothing came out.

04-15-18_10-26-04 PMHe hadn’t thought about it. Actually, he hadn’t thought about the dance at all. He looked at Nicky to see what she thought and she wasn’t smiling. He felt so bad for her. That’s when he realized she really was pretty. And she obviously didn’t have a date. He knew if she did she would have told him.

04-15-18_8-05-29 PM.png“Uhhh. Sure. Nicky, want to go with me?” he heard himself saying. Everyone got quite waiting for her answer. When she raised her eyes and looked around the table, Cole thought maybe he messed up. “Sorry, you don’t have…”  he started saying, but stopped mid sentence when she smiled at him. It was the sweetest thing he had ever seen and it made his heart do flip flops, among other things.

04-15-18_7-27-13 PM.png“Yes,” she said, filling the silence, “I will go with you.”

04-15-18_10-40-23 PM.png“It’s about damn time! Good one Mia! ” exclaimed Noah with a satisfied grin.

“What?” asked Cole, still stunned at Noah’s reaction. No one answered. 

04-15-18_10-44-33 PM.png“Cool Nicky!” squealed Mia, “We can go dress shopping together!”

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A/N -We introduced four more Casting Call sims in today’s Chapter!  Thanks for submitting them to me!  


Mia by: Minez


Nemo by: Damaro


Berto by: Lisabee


Tahani by: MedusaSimz

53 thoughts on “Chapter 2.04 – Date for the Dance

  1. Cole…you doofus! There’s a pretty girl right next to you!

    “Uh…what?” says Cole…I think his friends are going to have to help the poor guy out all his life. He’s kind of clueless. But at least he loves animals! That’s very sweet!

    Love all the cute couples here! ❤ Awesome start of the teen years! A dance! How fun!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! So he realized. His best friend is also a girl! Lol…yes, he is a bit clueless. You would think with Ben as a father he wouldn’t be clueless. But he has Sofia as a mom and she sort of sets the tone, even though they are very affectionate. His obsession with animals has sort of ruled him so far, and will continue to do so as he goes through school and beyond. That is his dream. Can’t wait for the dance!

      Liked by 1 person

      • You might regret having to set up the dance. I know I did way too many in Jackson’s years. (Prom and the Winter Ball). Have you noticed I haven’t done anymore dances? (even in August’s gen where half of it was in the teen years.) BUT maybe you’re the master at it (since you pulled off an amazing wedding!!!)

        I LOVE reading about them and seeing the screenies so I’m PUMPED!!! ❤

        Liked by 1 person

        • The dance was a challenge but not nearly like the wedding! Plus my venue isn’t nearly as awesome or as Jackson’s. I do have a few of these lined up sadly!

          I am pumped too! ❤️ I am excited to get to Cole’s teen years. Drama and lots of romance to come. 😊

          Liked by 1 person

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  3. How sweet that everyone in the squad is in a relationship. And we have another ship in the making with Cole and Nicky! Also, I’m happy for Kolby and very relieved that Noah didn’t listen to his uncle!
    Aww, Nicky and Cole. Cole is very clueless, but he has a big heart and definitely loves animals. Not many people his age have it figured out what they want to do with their life, so good for him!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! The squad is now all partnered up. And yes, the Nicholy is starting to come together. I laughed because is could be the NiCole and that is her name! Poor Cole is clueless, but he’s gonna be ready to and willing to learn very soon. He does have a big heart. He gets that from Ben, but thank goodness that’s all he got from Ben except maybe his eyes. 😂😂😂

      He has known what he wanted to be since he started hanging out with Doc Lewis. And he is totally driven.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Somehow I knew in earlier stories that this was gonna happen, when better “first love” than your childhood friend. Hell my sister married hers. Looking forward to seeing the dance and how this relationship plays out. Hard to believe Nicky doesn’t have the guys flocking around her, she is a cutie.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oooh teen Cole!! He looks so much like Ben, but with his mom’s stunningly blue eyes! So cute!! ❤ Hmmm I see a little love affair growing there with Nicky (who is a cutie by the way)… I can't wait to see how everything will unfold!
    And Kolby is seriously gorgeous, oh my! 😍 I already love all of the characters tbh!
    Looking forward to reading all about the dance! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • He is good mix of both of his parents. I’m glad he had Grace’s hair color or he might have looked like a Ben mini-me. And his sister…oh my….she is going to be gorgeous. You will see her soon.

      Kolby is a sweetie too. As for a love affair….we shall see. I think all of his friends knew he and Nicky would be good together and should hookup. They hoped he would take the hint on his own. He was totally set up. But when he didn’t, Mia just said it. And besides, she needed someone to go dress shopping with. Lol.

      Dance chapter is scheduled for tomorrow so,you won’t have to wait long! 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Cole grew up so good lookin’! 😀 I knew he would, but still. lol Anyway, I love this squad! And I like how they’ve paired up, too. The new characters are terrific! Can’t wait to see where this goes with Nicky and Cole!

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. The moment the surfer dude ( Aka Berto) began talking like that, I was like ” Oh, lord..” And I sense some ship coming right in…could it be…? Could be the reborn of the kiss your sister ship….KISS YOUR SISTER 2.0!?

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Cole is such a cutie! I love seeing that he’s still so passionate about animals. And how fun to see his friends all grown up too (and meet some new ones!) He and Nicky would be cute together. Can’t wait to see what happens at the dance!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Aww, he’s got himself a little posse! ❤️

    Head to full of dogs to notice the little ginger sitting next to you Cole, tsk tsk

    Whoa, Noah… somebody done growed up 😮

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Dances: we took our kids to chaperoned church dances at the age 14. They got interviewed by the Bishop for a dance card to go. No single dating allowed until 16 and no steady dating until they were 18. They loved the dances, especially the swing dances. We parents took turns chaperoning these dances..
    Coles group and pairing show their individualism as well as their looks. Beautifully crafted and developed story. Thanks. Am reading on.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, very strict. But at 14, you would want to be. Fortunately my middle boy went with his friends in ‘packs’ or group dates until he graduated and on,y went on very few individual dates in school unlike my oldest who wanted to have a girlfriend from the time he was 15. They never lasted long and he was broken up so bad every time it went south. They were so very different. Still are today.


  12. Oh, look at that little boy growing up! Cole is looking great! I hope he has a nice time at the dance with Nicky. Oh, and Noah is that little boy he went camping with, right? He’s looking cute too as a teen also! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

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