Chapter 2.06 – First Kiss

04-21-18_11-44-09 AM.pngAfter the dance, they all went to Noah’s house. The first thing Noah did was open the fridge and started handing out beers.  He also made a few ‘fufu’ drinks for the girls.  

04-21-18_12-26-41 PM.pngCole and Nicky each took a beer, along with everyone else. Nicky took one drink and nearly spit it out.

Cole couldn’t help but laugh at the face she made. “You didn’t have to drink it,” he said still laughing.

“I wanted to try it. And now that I have, I think I will stick with one of the mixed drinks,” she said and handed Cole her beer.

04-21-18_2-44-00 PM.pngShe turned and picked up one of the ‘frou-frou’ drinks and took a long drink, apparently trying to wash away the taste of the beer.

04-21-18_2-47-16 PM.png“Mmm. Much better,” she said with a smile. 

It wasn’t Cole’s first beer. Noah’s uncle always let them have beer when Cole spent the night. But he knew better than to drink more than one since he was driving, even though they could have just walked home since he lived down the street and Nicky lived just around the corner.

04-21-18_1-26-06 PM.pngThey grabbed their drinks and took the seats at the bar that Kolby and Nemo just vacated, probably to turn on the music that was now blaring loudly in the other room.  They talked about the dance for a minute, commenting on some of the couples that were there, while Cole quickly downed his beer. He felt his body relax, as the the warm feeling of liquid courage enveloped him.

04-21-18_1-20-11 PM.pngCole noticed it had gotten quiet, as quiet as it could be with the music blaring. The occasional sound of laughter had long since died out.  He looked around and realized they were alone in the kitchen. “Let’s go find the others,” suggested Cole, figuring they had gone downstairs to the basement to hang out. 

04-21-18_3-19-30 PMThey didn’t have to go that far to find the rest of the group. Cole groaned as he discovered the reason for the relative quiet. 

04-21-18_3-10-13 PMThey had all paired up and were  beginning to make out. No wonder no one was laughing.  They were kissing and whispering to each other. 

Nicky giggled softly. She pulled him close. “Wanna sit outside on the porch?” she whispered.

04-21-18_3-21-42 PM.pngCole was grateful for her suggestion. “Yes. Please, lead the way.”  

They settled onto one of the lounge chairs on Noah’s back porch. “It’s nice out here,” said Nicky. 

04-21-18_3-32-04 PMNoah’s house really was nice. The backyard had a pool and a hot tub. In the basement there was a gym with a steam room and a bar. Noah said that the life insurance from his parent’s death paid for the house. Since his Uncle was Noah’s custodian, he got a check each month to help pay for their living expenses.  There was also money set aside for his college.

Cole smiled at the pretty girl sitting next to him. “It is. I had fun tonight,” he said.

04-21-18_3-40-37 PM.pngNicky looked at him with a relaxed smile. “So did I, but the night’s not over yet,” she said softly.

She scooted over next to him and leaned her head on his shoulder. “The stars are pretty aren’t they?”

04-21-18_3-45-27 PM.pngHe automatically put his arm around her. It felt nice having her close, like they were when they slow danced. “Yes. They are.” he said. Then he felt Nicky shiver. “Are you cold?”

“Just a little,” she replied and scooted closer.

04-21-18_3-47-23 PM.pngCole let her snuggle next to him and rubbed his hand up and down her arm and her back to help warm her. “Thanks,” she said softly and relaxed into him. 

04-21-18_3-53-37 PM.pngAs they sat holding each other, all kinds of thoughts swirled in his head. Should he kiss her? Or was this just friend snuggles? He thought it was more. How did Mom and Dad go from being friends to being in love? He remembered his dad telling him not to mess up. Now he wished he would have asked more questions. So he did nothing more than hold her for fear of doing something wrong.  They sat in silence for several minutes with his arm around her and her head on his shoulder.

04-21-18_3-56-14 PM.pngThen they heard a small splash and giggles.

04-21-18_5-05-08 PMThey looked around in time to see Noah’s naked ass slide into the hot tub and scoop up Tahani, who also appeared to be naked, and begin to kiss her.

They both groaned at the same time. “Really Noah,” said Cole mostly to himself. He let out a frustrated sigh at the same time Nicky giggled.

“Come on Nicky. I’ll take you home,” he said quietly, figuring the naked couple had no idea he and Nicky were sitting outside. 

04-21-18_5-24-01 PM.pngCole took Nickey’s hand and they tiptoed out of the back around to the car, stifling giggles along they way.  Holding her hand was nice, thought Cole. She had let him do that at the dance too.

04-21-18_5-34-19 PM.pngWhen they got to the car, Nicky stopped and looked at Cole, a sad smile on her face. She pointed to herself. “Thank you for taking pity on the geeky girl. I had a really good time.”

It may have started out that way, a little, but no more. He wanted to hold her again and he really wanted to kiss her. Still holding her hand, he tugged her closer and reached out to her. “Nicky, can I kiss you?” 

04-21-18_7-45-35 PM.png“Kiss me?” she asked as if that was the strangest thing she ever heard.

Shit. “I’m sorry…”

She smiled that same smile she did when he asked her to go with him to the dance and his heart skipped a beat. Then she simply said, “Yes.”

04-21-18_5-39-24 PM.pngHe was instantly nervous. “I’ve never…”

“Me either…”

04-21-18_5-56-34 PM.pngCole kissed her chastely on the lips and groaned.

04-21-18_7-44-29 PM.png“That was lame,” he said.

04-21-18_7-40-54 PMShe just giggled. He was beginning to love her giggles. Then she put her hands on his face. “Let’s try again,” she said softly.

04-21-18_7-48-39 PMRelieved he didn’t blow it, this time he made his lips soft and kissed her gently. She responded in kind.

04-21-18_8-10-24 PM.pngEverything ceased to exist except the two of them and the feeling of his lips on hers. He wanted more and gently pulled her closer. He snaked out his tongue and ran it across the seam of her lips. She opened her mouth slightly and their tongues and lips began to work together. Clumsily at first, but quickly, they developed their own personal rhythm. His body was responding to her so he broke their kiss before he lost control and did something stupid.

04-21-18_7-57-34 PM.pngShe put her head on his chest breathing hard. “Damn,” she muttered into his chest.

He stroked her hair. “What does this mean Nicky?”

04-21-18_7-47-13 PM.pngShe looked up him smiling shyly. “I’m not sure, but I really want to do that again.”

04-21-18_7-46-12 PM.pngCole couldn’t help the laugh that escaped. He really did love Nicky. They had been friends for so long. Would they be like his mom and dad and fall into a romantic love? He felt like maybe that was already happening. “Me too. But we need to get you home now before we both get into trouble.”


04-21-18_9-29-48 PM.pngCole lay in his bed after her took Nicky home, thinking about their kiss. He groaned. There was no way he was getting to sleep.

04-21-18_9-32-59 PM.pngHe got up and got in the shower. He needed relief.

04-21-18_9-36-28 PM.pngAfter his shower, he felt better, but still couldn’t get Nicky out of his head. Eventually, he fell asleep thinking about her.


The next morning, he walked downstairs to breakfast, Duke hot on his heels. After breakfast he needed to go to the clinic to walk and feed the boarded dogs.

04-21-18_9-56-20 PM.pngHis dad was standing behind his mother while she was preparing breakfast, kissing her neck while she giggled.

Now that he had kissed Nicky, watching his parents, he knew that was what he wanted someday. He would graduate in two years. Maybe he and Nicky would be like them. They could get married and go to the same college.  It would be so nice to see her everyday. He knew he would miss her terribly if they went to separate schools. Then he laughed to himself. They had shared one kiss and he had them married. He didn’t even know how she felt, other than she said she wanted to kiss him again.

Cole sat down at the counter and cleared his throat, which did nothing to stop his dad from kissing his mother’s neck.

04-21-18_9-57-56 PM“I’m right here…” said Cole.

04-22-18_12-09-20 PM.png“I’m here too!” announced Ami as she sat down next to Cole.

04-21-18_10-18-43 PM.pngFinally, his dad moved away from their mother and grinned. “How was your date?” he asked.

04-21-18_10-19-11 PM.png“It wasn’t a date,” said Cole. He could feel the heat rise up his neck at the obvious lie.

“Uh, you took a girl to a dance and then to an after party. I think that qualifies.”

The party was a secret. “How did you know?” asked Cole.

04-21-18_10-32-56 PM.pngHis sister giggled and his mom looked incredulous when his dad answered. “Cole, Noah lives three doors down. There were cars lined up and down the street, our truck included.”

Busted. “Oh…um, well, I only had one beer and Nicky didn’t drink anything. We only stayed about an hour.”

“Was Jim there?” asked Ben.

“No sir,” said Cole looking at the ground, fully expecting to get grounded.

04-21-18_10-23-49 PM.png“Well, I’m glad you used good judgement and didn’t stay long,” said his Dad, “those kind of parties can lead to trouble without adult supervision, and you are only 16. I will have a talk with Jim.”

He didn’t want his Dad talking to Noah’s Uncle. He would rather have been grounded. Noah would be really mad at him for telling and would probably get in trouble. “No Dad. Please don’t. I promise, he already knows. He bought the beer.”

04-22-18_12-15-13 PM.png“And didn’t stay?” asked his mother.

“Next time, I will call and if he isn’t there,” said his dad, “I will be. So think twice about going to a party with alcohol and no parental supervision.”

That made Cole mad. He was being honest and still getting in trouble. “Dad! You can’t do that! Everyone would be mad at me. They already think I’m weird, that would make it worse!”

04-21-18_10-24-31 PM.png“Look Cole, I know what happens at those parties. I was your age once. I am glad you didn’t stay.  And you never answered my question. How was your date?” asked his dad.

“It was fine. I gotta go get dressed. I’m going to be late to Doc’s,” said Cole and got up to leave without breakfast in order to avoid further cross examination.

04-22-18_12-17-10 PM.png“Did you at least get pictures?” asked his mother.

04-22-18_12-27-37 PM.pngCole sighed, thankful she no longer sounded mad. “Yes Mom, we did.” He pulled out his phone and thumbed through them before running upstairs to get ready for work.

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55 thoughts on “Chapter 2.06 – First Kiss

  1. I am so relieved that Cole didn’t choose a path of his friends. He and Nicky had a cute moment together and no more than that. It’s so funny how Ben was punishing him, too, even though he was honest. Oh, these parents.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, Ben… you remember but you also forget. *sigh*
    I’m glad Cole had a great time with Nicky (which lead to just a kiss and a much needed shower after, lmao), but we all know things will not go as he has them planned in his head..! I wonder what adventures await for him at college! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Seeing Ben stroll into a party where everyone is making out or skinny dipping would be hysterical. If the girls didn’t know Ben was Cole’s dad, they would probably come on to him with their raging hormones! He’s still very hot! He’s only 36.

      But yes, a very sweet moment between Cole and Nicky. ❤️ We will see in the next chapter where this goes.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. This chapter brought back memories xD Playing by the book and still getting an earful from your parent…LOL
    But the hormones…I wonder how much time they will resist the fire within (lame I know xP )…
    And good luck for Cole with his plans for the future. For some reason, things tend to go in a completely different direction… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • No kidding! 😂 I had the very same experience! Did nothing wrong and still got in trouble! And they were coming from the same place Ben was with his promiscuous high school and college years. I was born to a teenage mother….sigh…..

      And the hormones will likely get the best of them now that they have taken the first step and shared a sweet kiss. Doesn’t they always?

      I hope Cole’s plans for the future happen, but yeah, things always happen that throw a wrench into the best thought out plans. We will see what happens with Cole and whether he can have the relationship he now envies that his parents have. And if he will make his dream of becoming a Ver. This boys has lots of pipe dreams…gotta love that about him.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Come on, Cole, real Man never asks and goes for the kiss. 😉
    Just you wait, Ben, until Amy is a teen. I can already tell she’s going to be a bombshell. Watching Cole will be a piece of cake compared to that. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ami will be gorgeous- that is confirmed! ❤️ And a force to be reckoned with! Haha. He will figure it out though. He just got a late start.


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  6. Cole really is a good kid and I think Nicky is, too. Their moments together were so sweet. I’m glad they’re taking the time to experience the little things instead of just jumping to the serious stuff. I like that Cole is beginning to think about his future. I hope he and Nicky can go to the same school. ❤

    Ami is so pretty! I can't wait to see her grown up!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ami is a doll. ❤️ They are taking it slow because they are both very inexperienced. We will see more about how their relationship is developing in Monday’s Chapter. Cole is totally focused on becoming a Vet. That’s all he has ever wanted to do since he met Doc Lewis and got his dog. And now he wants Nicky to share that with him…so sweet pie in the sky dreams.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Cole and Nicky, sitting in a tree…

    Omg, Cole…SLOW DOWN! My God, you must be one in a million kind of guys who think about that after a first kiss…totally different from his father, huh?

    Well…he’s going to get his heartbroken…just sayin’…💔

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yep, slow down! Haha. He did realize he was getting a little ahead of himself, but he just hasn’t looked at any other girls seriously before now. There could be some heartbreaking in his future…poor guy. 💔 He’s the polar opposite of his dad. How that happened is probably mostly Sofia’s doings.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Lovely Chapter, I look forward to seeing how this will develop, I am not holding out to much hope for anything long term with Nicky, but I really do like her. Maybe one day….:P

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly – maybe one day…you never know who he will end up with. Like I said before, the first love might not be the only love but it might wind up being his last love!


    • Cole Nicky are precious together.❤️ And Ben, well he’s just trying to keep Cole from making his mistakes. But I don’t think that’s even possible. Cole isn’t like Ben on any level. Cole thinks he wants to be like him though! At least how he is now, after years of angst, heartbreak and tons of therapy! Cole is an anomaly, a pretty well adjusted teen up to this point. Lol..but now that he has really discovered girls, anything could happen.


  9. I am glad Cole did not need the condons at that night…Now, althought Nicky is a really nice gal, I do hope that Cole slow things down, as he might take things too fast and scare nicky…Also, Loved Ben low key asking if Cole did “something” with Nicky..

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m happy Cole didn’t give into the peer pressure, and even made sure Nicky didn’t get too crazy either. And he is such a gentleman, asking to kiss her.
    But there is something that I need to address: when did Ben become uncool?!?!?! Nobody likes having a nark for a parent.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ben – UNCOOL! Aughhhhh….. Ben would die if he thought he was uncool, except where Cole is concerned! lol. In Ben’s defense, he DID back down! Noah’s Uncle is known for being an absentee parent so naturally they worry. 😛

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  12. They are sooooo sweet together! I love that Cole is so innocent and taking things slow while all his buddies are busy hooking up with their dates hehe He’s such a sweetheart!

    It was kind of interesting to see Ben be all dad-like 😂 I’m still so used to seeing him as that kid back in gen 1! And now here he is threatening to break up future parties *shakes head sadly* 😛 Hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yikes…when did Ben become a dad? Lol… I think he really is afraid of becoming a grandfather! 😂😂😂

      Cole is certainly being a gentleman. We will see how long he can last! Lol. But they are adorable. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  13. LOL, when I’m like, damn, who’s side do I even take here? Understand how Cole feels, understand how parents feel… going with parents for safety here, but it was a anear thing!


    Liked by 1 person

  14. Finally Ben did the right thing. i think one of the problems here was varying standards. First the wink and passing the condoms to I am going to call Jim and give him a piece of my mind for allowing likker in a teen party AND not supervising. Teens need the stability of the same follow through. Honest. Although they may grouse and gripe about it. My kids know what happens when they lie about going to parties afterwards without letting me know. They know ol fuddy duddy will contact the parents of the teen party place to make sure its ok etc. I think it gives them security among other things.
    Liguor to teens is illegal. For many good reasons.
    Again I feel Cole is pressured by peers. Most of his peer group does not have high standards and can easily pressure and pull down. I also liked that he treated Nicky with respect.
    Thanks for the crafting of the story so far and really making us think of what is right and what is wrong…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole is definitely feeling peer pressure… I am not sure my goal was to go deep but mostly to be inside of Cole’s head and understand how he would react to each situation.


  15. Haha Noah knows how to have a good time at his party! xD

    and Cole and Nicky are so cute! maybe it was awkward, but still better asking than assuming if you’re unsure haha.

    and ye, Ben in parent mode is uncool xd
    sorry Ben! c: he should know that his son is more responsable than he was, tho

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Cole is so different from Ben when it comes to girls 😛 Loved how cute he was when asking for a kiss – Cole’s a good kid 🙂 I also love that his thoughts after kissing Nicky was being married and doing cute couple stuff together. What a wholesome boy! Don’t think Ben needs to worry that he ends up like his dad pre Grace 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole and Ben are polar opposites! Cole was surrounded by loving couples, his parents and grandparents. He didn’t grow up like Ben who struggled so much with his mom and Leroy being a couple and feeling neglected and unwanted. Of course it wasn’t true, but his mom had her own issues and she tried, but Ben needed her and resented Leroy taking her time away from him. But she needed Leroy badly. I was glad when he finally came to terms with Leroy and began to respect him. ❤️. Sorry, a Cole chapter! And I’m talking about Ben!

      Cole is a sweet boy and wholesome is a good way to describe him.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Awww, these 2 make a very cute couple! And Cole is so respectful and kind. Nicky is a very classy and elegant young lady, I think they would be perfect together.

    I have to admit, I laughed when I saw Noah and his girlfriend just skinny dipping without a care! 😄 Um, isn’t this supposed to be a party? So just go and do the deed in the hot tub and let everybody watch! Lol.

    Liked by 1 person

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