Chapter 2.11 – Bad Dancer

04-28-18_6-36-47 PMCole found Kolby and Nemo. He flopped down in the empty chair at their table with a defeated sigh and told them Nicky wanted them to take her home.

“Hashtag kiss your brother?” asked Kolby and Nemo sniggered. Cole shot Nemo a go-to-hell look and he stopped.

04-28-18_6-34-48 PM“She told you?” Cole was incredulous. “Fuck Kolby, why didn’t you tell me? You let me go on like….”

Kolby held up his hand to stop Cole’s tirade. “Tonight dude. She told me tonight while you and Laney were going all goo-goo eyed over each other. So, I told her it wasn’t fair to you. She had to tell you, so you and Laney might have a chance. That’s why she walked over to you guys.”

04-28-18_6-42-15 PMCole felt raw and mentally drained. “I wasn’t making eyes at Laney. Anyway, Nicky’s waiting in the bathroom for you to take her home. She won’t let me take her and she’s really upset.”

04-28-18_6-45-44 PM.pngNemo looked at Cole sympathetically. “Yes. You were,” he said, “Goo-goo eyes.  And Nicky’ll be okay, as long as you are. She feels bad for hurting you man. She knows she did the right thing by cutting you loose. But, what about you man? How are you?”

“Honestly, I feel like I just got kicked in the stomach. But I also feel like a heel for getting mad at her. But mostly hurt,” admitted Cole.

04-28-18_6-54-28 PM.png“She doesn’t blame you for anything,” said Kolby.

04-28-18_7-04-45 PM.png“Shhh. . . don’t look now, but here comes Goo-goo eyes Laney,” whispered Nemo, “Cole, go talk to her, let her make you feel better.”

No sooner had Nemo stopped talking than Laney was at their table. “Hi Cole,” she said, “Did Nichole leave?”

04-28-18_7-57-53 PM.png“We’re taking her home,” said Kolby before Cole could answer, “She’s not feeling well.”

04-28-18_7-54-57 PM.png“Oh, I hope she’s starts feeling better,” said Laney. She cocked her head and looked at Cole. “Why aren’t you taking her?”

“Long story,” said Cole miserably.

“That’s our queue Kolby,” said Nemo, getting up as Laney sat down.

04-28-18_8-10-13 PM.png“Bye,” she said, and waived to Kolby and Nemo as they left, arm in arm. “Aren’t they are just adorable?” she asked Cole.

Cole looked at the two guys leaving. Adorable? Nemo and Kolby? Nah…he didn’t see it and shook his head.

04-28-18_8-22-33 PM.pngLaney laughed at Cole’s confused expression.  Just her laughing made him feel better and he relaxed. “C’mon,” she said and took his hand, “Lets go dance. You look like you could use some fun.”

04-28-18_8-27-08 PM.pngCole let her lead him to where a few others were dancing. He started to move and Laney just stood there laughing at him. “What?” he asked.

04-28-18_8-38-55 PM.pngShe sidled up next to him and began to dance more suggestively. “Follow my lead,” she said and put his hands on her hips. She moved like she knew what she was doing.  Cole was captivated by her. Her hair smelled nice. Her body was tiny, but solid. Nemo was right, she was definitely making him feel better.

A slow song started and she pulled him to her. She made Cole feel wanted, and that was he what he desperately needed right now.  She pressed her body close to his and smirked up at him. Then she started leading them around the dance floor. Cole found it easy to dance with her and didn’t feel clumsy like he did with Nicky.

04-28-18_8-46-44 PM.png“Is your girlfriend okay?” she asked, “I would be insanely jealous if I were her.”

Might as well get it out there, thought Cole. He took a deep breath before responding. “We aren’t together anymore. In fact, she suggested that I find you, but you found me instead. I’m glad you did, I’m having a great time.”

“I’m sorry. It hope it wasn’t my fault.”

Cole shook his head while she maneuvered him around another couple. “No. You just helped make it official.”

04-28-18_8-50-58 PM“Do it like this,” she said, and showed Cole how to hold her hand, “Are you okay?” she asked as they continued to glide around the makeshift dance floor.

“Honestly? I wasn’t at first,” he said, “I was angry and hurt, but we talked and I think we’re still friends.”

“Oh? How can that be?”

04-28-18_8-51-16 PM“We both mutually agreed it wasn’t working between us.” He couldn’t tell her she thought of him as a brother.  That was just too weird.

04-28-18_8-59-41 PM.pngThe song ended before she could say anything more. They went back and found an empty table and sat down together with fresh drinks. “So, tell me about you,” said Cole, “I don’t know anything about you, except that one, you are very pretty; two, you hang out with the ‘cool’ crowd and three, you’re a damn good dancer.”

04-28-18_9-02-18 PM.pngLaney laughed. “Well, let me see. I am the baby in my family. I have an older brother that graduated from college a couple of years ago. College is my backup plan, but not sure exactly what I want to study yet. I guess I still have a year to decide.”

“What do you like to do for fun?”

04-28-18_9-00-31 PM.pngHer expression got serious. “Dancing for sure. I am a good dancer for a reason. I am in a local dance troupe. I do ballet, jazz and interpretive dance. That’s what I hope I can do for a living, but I need a backup just in case I can’t find work as a dancer. I hope to get a job with some of the musicals in San Myshuno. I have a couple of leads already through my dance instructor.”

“Wow,” said Cole. He was truly impressed. “That’s awesome. Can you teach me some dance moves? I really don’t have a clue. I just sort of sway.”

04-28-18_9-00-05 PM.pngLaney giggled. “I know…who do you think was leading in that slow dance just now? I’d love to teach you how to lead. We can start now if you like.”

04-28-18_9-20-08 PM.png“Wait, someone has to lead?” asked Cole, genuinely confused.

04-29-18_2-42-46 PM.pngLaney dissolved into laughter. “I’m so sorry Cole,” she said when she recovered, “But you do have a lot to learn about dancing.”

04-29-18_2-50-02 PM.pngNoah walked over to the table. “I was looking for you guys. Berto told me you were over here. We are leaving. You guys want to come?”

Cole looked a Laney, “We always go to Noah’s for an after-party. Want to go with me? Berto and Mia are coming too, after everyone leaves here. And the adorable Kolby and Nemo will be there.”

04-29-18_2-53-26 PM.png“Wait, an after-party, after the party….with Kolby and Nemo? Sure! Let’s go.”


04-29-18_3-38-09 PM.pngIt felt weird to be going to Noah’s without Nicky. No matter how upset Cole was with her, or how much she had insisted she was okay, he was still worried about her. He just couldn’t get her off his mind. He wouldn’t be able to focus on Laney until he knew she was okay.

“Laney, I need to talk to Kolby for a second. Why don’t you and Nemo find some good dance music and then we can start with my lessons.”04-29-18_3-24-40 PM.pngHer smile faded for a split second before it was back at 1000 watts. “It’s Nichole isn’t it?”

04-29-18_3-28-46 PM“I’m sorry. We really aren’t together, but I’m worried about her. I just want to see how she was when Kolby took her home. I’m not calling her or anything, I promise.”

04-29-18_3-30-40 PM.png“You are too honest for your own good Cole Murdock. You are so sweet. I’m really glad you invited me along. Go, talk to Kolby, and come back. I’m gonna teach you a few moves.”

The smirk she gave him caused some noticeable stirrings below the belt.  Cole mumbled an okay and turned quickly.  He could feel the blush run all the way up his neck to his face and didn’t want her to see his embarrassment.

04-29-18_3-56-46 PM.pngAfter Kolby assured him that Nicky was fine, he went back to find Nemo and Laney practicing a couple of dance moves. He watched her for a minute. She was hot, and she wanted to hang out with him – he hoped. Not Nemo and Kolby.

He took a deep breath and walked in the room. “Hey Laney, ready?” he asked.

04-29-18_4-01-33 PMLaney stopped and looked up at him giving him that smile that made him feel like he was the only person in the room. How did she do that? “Yes. I think Nemo here has an awesome selection picked out. He knows his music. Ready for me to show you how to lead a lady.”

04-29-18_9-39-18 PM.pngThe music started and they began to dance. His friends laughed at first, but quickly became more interested in their own partners. Mia and Berto were whispering and snickering, Nemo and Kolby needed to get a room and Noah and Tahani were arguing, again.

04-29-18_9-40-13 PMCole didn’t care. He had the prize. Laney was in arms, smiling at him. Not Nemo and not Kolby.

04-29-18_9-43-51 PMSoon he didn’t hear the laughter or the voices anymore.

04-29-18_9-45-23 PMCole looked around,  The silence wasn’t completely in his head. Everyone had left them to their private dance, although he didn’t remember them leaving, he was so laser focused on the hot girl in the hot pink dress.

When they had enough, they sank down onto the couch laughing and Laney easily snuggled into his arms. Cole was grateful to have this time to be alone with her, to get to know her, before being with the others.

04-29-18_10-22-53 PM“Can I see you dance sometime?” asked Cole, “Do you like, do shows, or something?” He bet she looked amazing in a ballerina outfit.

“We do. That’s why Mia and I are such good friends. We dance together.”

“Oh. I didn’t know that,” said Cole.

04-29-18_10-24-06 PM.png“Wanna know a secret….?” she asked, not waiting for an answer. “I’ve been asking Mia to introduce us since the back to school party last summer at the clubhouse, but she said you were taken. When I saw you sitting alone tonight, I asked again and she finally agreed. I’m very glad she did.”

Cole sighed. “Me too. When Nicky saw us talking, it forced us to have a much needed discussion about our relationship, or lack of relationship,” said Cole.

04-29-18_10-06-25 PM“I’m sorry, do you want to join the others?” asked Laney.

04-29-18_10-28-481 PM“No…not just yet,” he said. And then, he kissed her. Laney eagerly kissed him back.

04-29-18_10-26-40 PM.pngAfter a minute, she broke their kiss and climbed into his lap. “For a really bad dancer, you sure can kiss,” she whispered and leaned into him for more.

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 2.11 – Bad Dancer

  1. Whoa! Ben sure did not waste any time! 😛 From the awkward girl straight to the sexy dancer girl… nice 😉
    I’m very curious to see how their relationship will go, although judging from your head picture I can tell it will not be Ben’s last one..!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I am laughing so hard at your comment because you did what I almost do every single time I’m thinking or even writing about Cole – unless you did it on purpose – which would be very appropriate. Cole was very Ben like in some ways in this chapter, but instead of chasing her, she was chasing him.

      So no, Cole was feeling very unloved. He had been for awhile, so the attention that Laney gave him certainly stroked his ego and made it easy to go with her advances right after Nicky told him she didn’t have romantic feelings for him.

      He isn’t used to someone being so dominate in a relationship so he more or less sat back and let things happen and enjoyed every second of it.

      Haha…and it may well not be his last….we will see. 😊. All of these girls will come and go, in and out of Cole’s life. We only just got started. The boy is barely 17.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Lol, I can see why Cole didn’t find Kolby and Nemo adorable. Usually gay guys and the straight ones don’t get along that well, mainly because it’s hard to understand one another. How is it that he gets a guy when there are so many pretty girls around … like Laney… isn’t it like that, Cole? 😉
    And as Sempreviva said, Ben… just kidding, Cole… did not waste any time. He’s only just ended things with Nicky and here he is, with another girl. It seems like she’s been planning to go after him for a long time. As I said, it’s not a very good signal, because he used to be in a relationship and what she did was rather stalkerish. But that’s exactly how some teen girls behave. A little creepy from the guy’s perspective, isn’t it? Plus she may be the type who wants everyone, a sort of a heartbreaker. Who knows really…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes. He has grown used to seeing Kolby with a guy, but that doesn’t mean he gets it. 😂 Girls seem to love gay men maybe because they are non-threatening and can become a really good friend without fear of misunderstanding each other’s intentions. But, yes, Cole/Ben was very Ben like this chapter falling into the arms of Laney right off his break up with Nicky. But he and Nicky hadn’t been intimate for a couple of months. So when Laney came onto him, he was ripe for the picking. And she was such a stalker. Lol. But you’re right, that’s very teenagerish thing to do. Trying to get a guy to notice them.

      Next chapter we will see if Cole has any lingering remorse for getting with Laney so quickly.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I see Laney’s words started a bit of a discussion in the comments here. I just wanted to say that if I ever tell guy gays are cute or whatever, it’s never meant to be an offense, and also l am perfectly capable of saying that for every couple, not necessarily gay. I just find it suits some shippings, that’s all. Generally, it’s a discussion about calling a girl/guy cute and whether that means objectifying. It definitely is when it turns into an obsession over gay guys that some, mainly straight teenage, girls develop (yaoi and stuff). It depends on the person how he/she would take it. Some people are more vulnerable to it than the others.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes…totally agree. I have said that about heterosexual couples plenty of times…. 🙂 It’s the context, as you said…not sure what Laney’s was, but I don’t think it was meant to be condescending. It’s her over the top way of viewing the world. She could have easily said the same thing about a girl/guy couple.

          Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! I thought that might stir up some folks. I know what you mean though. 😕. It feels condescending, though I don’t think it’s necessarily meant that way. Just open mouth, insert foot kinda thing. I didn’t think a lot of people would like her. She’s way too aggressive for Cole. He’s a take it slow kinda guy. Not even sure Ben would have taken her on, but Cole is a lamb and she is a wolf. He doesn’t have a chance. She has him in her sights and she isn’t letting go.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The fact that Cole was able to move on so fast shows that deep down he knew his relationship with Nicky was over long before tonight. And the fact that he still cares for her means that there is hope for saving their friendship.
    I still don’t know how I feel about Laney. I want to like her, but there is something about her that just gets to me. Just know that I have my eye on her.
    And what is it with teenage girls and thinking every gay couple is “adorable”?!?!

    Liked by 3 people

    • We will see next chapter how Cole is feeling about what happened between him and Laney…you are right. He still cares for her very much but deep down probably knew things were over. Laney is a hot mess to be sure. But Cole is totally smitten….she already has him panting over her….

      I have no idea why teenage girls do that. I think they think everything cute is adorable when they are trying too hard for cool. A couple of others had thoughts on that too. Cole was like – huh?

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Damn, Cole moves fast, huh? LOL But he’s a teenage boy, so… it makes total sense that he’d already have sights on another pretty face! Especially one so eager to teach him, uh, “dance” moves. Yes. Yes I’m sure that those are the only types of moves she is interested in showing him… 😉 Hehehehehehe

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha..I think she encouraged that fast moving on…she came onto him like a locomotive and he had to hold on or get run over and it was way more fun to hold on…

      And yes, a teenage boy…and an eager teacher…he is ready to learn.

      But you guys underestimate Cole. He would not have kissed her had she not been all over him all evening. We will see if he has buyers remorse in the next chapter. 🤭

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hello, girl #2! I am already trying to figure out how this relationship is going to end. From what you hinted, she’ll probably be too much to handle for Cole. Or maybe she’ll find him too boring for her taste in a couple of months, which is very likely. Maybe some fellow dancer will catch her eye. I like her, though. She’s so bubbly.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I like her too. But she is a handful! I love your guesses on how it might or might not end! 😂 All of them very possible, even a combination maybe. And who says it’s over forever…just a little hiccup maybe. She has lots of self confidence. That’s for sure.


  6. Well if nothing else happens at least Cole will learn how to dance lol. Despite myself I like Laney, she is cute, and has her charm. She was right, he is too honest for his own good, luckily, Laney was understanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep. You don’t tell the girl you are with you’re thinking about another one. Haha. She’s fiesty. The polar opposite of Nicky.


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  8. “Aren’t they are just adorable?” I guess she is into yaoi, them…Jokes aside, like someone has said before, Cole sure moved on fast, huh? I mean, one time he was with his girlfriend, and the next time ( barely 30 minutes after he broke up with her) he was with another girl, like, really boi… buuuuutt, I guess he has been ”waiting” for something, that did not happen, since that incident with Nicky, and is now desperate to get that ”something”…Surprised that Laney is a-okay, with the fact he has just ( literaly!) broke up with his girlfriend, and now is with her…Still not sure if she is thot or not thot…This whole thing is going waaaay to fast, I hope he has his dad’s condons.( That did NOT sound right…)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha…you crack me up. Laney moved in on him. He didn’t go looking for her even though Nicky and Nemo him to. I think Cole wasn’t super surprised that Nicky broke up. It had been coming for a couple of months. But yes…it was still fast. 😮

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Laney is really cute when she laughs; it made me smile wide. 🙂 She really comes on strong and I think there is no hope for Cole. hahaha I don’t dislike her but I don’t see her as a long time partner either for some reason.

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. I’m playing catch up, great chapter, poor Nicky, at least she finally got what was on her mind out in the open!!

    And wow, that was some steamy dancing, Laney seems like a nice girl, but I still worry about Cole’s feelings for Nicky…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Laney is definitely doing her dead level best to make Cole forget all about Nicky. And yes, some steamy dancing to help it along.


  12. So for a first “date” they are finding out about each other Laney and Cole.
    Opposites attract? They are going to find out if thats what they want.
    This is the second girl that Cole has dated, and obviously not for Laney.
    Nicely crafted and developed storyline and am reading on….

    Liked by 1 person

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