Chapter 2.15 – After the Prom

05-11-18_7-14-16 PM.pngNicky was furious. Cole and Laney had been inseparable for the last five months, ever since that horrible night at Berto’s party during winter break.  And just two days ago, she cheated on him at prom with Ryker.  And now, here she is, laughing and hanging on Cole like nothing happened.

05-11-18_7-29-39 PM.pngNicky could feel her blood boil watching that two-timing bitch. Enjoy it now, she thought, because this ends today. She was going to tell Cole, but first she was going to let Laney have a piece of her mind and watch her squirm.

As soon as Cole left the school to go to work, she strode purposely up to Laney.  Her palms were sweating and her heart was hammering in her chest.  Outside of letting Cole go, this was the scariest thing she had ever done.

05-11-18_7-36-35 PM.png“Hi Nichole,” said Laney, as if nothing was wrong when she walked up to her.

05-11-18_7-35-43 PM.pngNicky hated when she called her Nichole and it only served to spur her anger. “Nicky, the name’s Nicky,” she growled out and took a deep breath. She reminded herself this was for Cole, not herself so she had to finish it.

“I just wanted to let you know, I saw you on the dance floor with Ryker. And then you left with him. Now you are hanging on Cole like nothing happened. How could you do that to him! He adores you. You disgust me!”  Hot tears were forming behind her eyes. She couldn’t let them fall and took several quick deep breaths to hold them back.

05-11-18_7-54-18 PM.pngNo! No, it’s not like that,” she said sweetly, “I mean, I did dance with Ryker, but I was upset because Cole stood me up. But that was all that happened Nicky. Please, don’t tell Cole.”

05-11-18_7-56-37 PM.pngNicky’s voice was shaking when she replied. “You kissed him and left with him!”

05-11-18_7-58-38 PM.pngLaney crossed her arms defiantly. “He took me home Nicho… Nicky,” she said, her tone now condescending, “Neither of us wanted to be there. He and Dannie just broke up. I was feeling sorry for myself because I was alone. So we – comforted each other. I’m not proud of what I did, but I promise, nothing happened after we left the dance floor. We both just went home.”  When she finished, she was looking down her nose at Nicky.

05-11-18_8-09-49 PM.pngLiar! thought Nicky.  “I don’t believe you. I’m telling Cole.” As soon as she said it she realized how childish it sounded and cringed inwardly.

05-11-18_8-22-05 PM.pngLaney glared at Nicky. She lowered her voice and cocked her eyebrow maliciously. “Look, you little bitch. You had your chance with Cole and you dumped him, so this is really none of your business.” She gritted her teeth and continued. “Don’t screw this up for us….” She paused, as if deciding if she wanted to say more.  She continued with just as much vitriol as before.  “I think I’m in love with him. And I’m pretty sure he feels the same way about me. Do you want to hurt him? Is that what you want? If you care about him half as much as you pretend to, you won’t say anything!

05-11-18_8-31-58 PM.pngNicky was deflated and studied her feet while she thought over what Laney said. She knew Laney was right. It wasn’t her business and it would hurt Cole. Especially if he really did love Laney. And the way Laney was talking, Nicky had no doubt there was more to their relationship than a few kisses.

memShe figured Laney gave Cole what she hadn’t been ready to give. Saving herself for marriage was so stupid. Nobody did that anymore.

Laney was wrong though. She didn’t pretend to care about Cole. She cared deeply for him, maybe loved him even.  And the last thing she wanted to do was hurt Cole – again. She had already done enough of that with her stupid brother story.

mem2Just because she wanted to wait.  She knew she would have given in to him with just another kiss. But he would never want her now, not after what she told him.

mem3The way he had looked at Laney that night had helped her make up her mind. She had to let him go or lose him completely. When she tried to explain to Kolby that she loved Cole, but she couldn’t do more, he asked her if maybe she loved him like a brother. She knew the answer was no, but she glommed onto it anyway, thinking she could justify her behavior and let him down easy.  But she was wrong.  She hurt him plenty and pushed him straight into Laney’s arms and out of her life. But wasn’t that what she meant to do?

05-11-18_8-30-12 PM.png“Fine,” said Nicky after she thought it over, “But if I ever see you so much as look at Ryker again, or anyone else for that matter, I will tell him. He deserves so much better!”

Laney was visibly relieved. “Thanks Nichole, Nicky. I owe you.”

05-11-18_8-52-43 PM.pngNicky turned and ran out before Laney could see the tears running down her face.


Three weeks later……

05-11-18_9-22-28 PM.pngThe last bell rang and Cole was headed to his locker to grab his books before going to Doc’s when he got a text from his mom. His test scores had come in the mail!  It had been the longest three weeks of his life.

The waiting had been excruciating, but Laney had made it so much easier. She had been especially sweet and had apologized profusely for giving him a hard time about not going to the prom. They had even planned an outing to San Myshuno when school was out for the summer, so he could make it up to her.  It was just two more weeks and he couldn’t wait. Now they would have even more to celebrate. He hoped anyway.

05-11-18_9-24-34 PM1.pngCole ran to his locker to grab his books and go.  There was an envelope taped to it with his name on it. He smiled, it was just like Laney to leave him a little love note.

05-11-18_9-47-11 PM.pngHe pulled it off and opened it. A few pictures and a note were inside. He read the note before looking at the pictures: Thought you might like to know what your girlfriend does when you’re not around’.

picturesInside were four pictures of Laney with Ryker. They were were all over each other, even kissing. Practically having having sex on the dance floor, and then one of them leaving together.

05-11-18_9-42-48 PM.pngCole was stunned. His mouth was dry and his heart was racing. He was trying to figure out when they were taken. Surely it was before they started dating. Then he recognized the dress. Her PROM dress. He knew because she had texted him pictures of her in her dress with her hair up and a sad emoji the night of the Prom. She had also sent it to him when they were arguing on the phone. He had memorized that dress on her. He could barely breathe and his eyes were stinging with tears. Why?

05-11-18_10-29-43 PM.png“Hi Cole, can I get a ride home?” asked the sultry voice that usually warmed his heart and put a smile on his face. This time it ripped his heart out.

05-11-18_10-36-43 PM.pngHe turned around to face the cheater. “How could you?” he spat out the words at her.

05-11-18_10-38-34 PM.pngShe visibly paled. “How could I what?” she asked slowly, unsuccessfully keeping her voice steady. Her face, just like her words, said she knew exactly what he was talking about.

05-11-18_10-43-19 PM.pngCole, just stared at her, his heart was literally breaking apart. He was barely able to breathe much less form any words.

05-11-18_10-41-42 PM.png“Cole….you’re scaring me. What?”

Tears were forming in her eyes. Were they fear, concern or sadness? He honestly didn’t know. She seemed genuinely upset. But this was Laney, master at getting what she wanted.  And evidently it was Ryker she wanted now.

He took a deep breath. “We’re done Laney,” he said with a calmness he didn’t feel, “You are free to see Ryker, or anyone else you want for that matter.”

05-11-18_10-55-36 PM“I don’t want to see anyone else. Why would you say that?” she whispered.

Cole wasn’t going to be able to keep it together much longer. “I know about you and Ryker, so you can stop pretending. It’s over. Were you just using me until someone better come along? I thought we really had something good Laney and you threw it away.”

05-11-18_11-01-57 PM.png“Cole! I – I love you. I don’t care about anyone else. You can’t leave me,” she said, the tears escaping her eyes and running down her cheeks.

05-11-18_11-06-35 PM.pngI love you? She says that now, after six months of dating and sleeping together. He wanted so bad to forgive her and believe it, because he was pretty sure he had fallen in love with her too. But you don’t cheat on people you love. “Laney, you wouldn’t have kissed Ryker and practically fucked him on the dance floor if you really loved me,” he spat the words out like they were poison.

05-11-18_11-01-08 PM.png“I do Cole! Did Nicky…?”

05-11-18_11-10-35 PM.pngNicky? What the fuck? “Keep Nicky out of this! Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Stay away. I don’t want to talk to you anymore. You’re just…never mind.”

05-12-18_6-19-46 PM.pngHe turned and walked away before he said something really awful.

05-12-18_6-27-50 PM.pngHe rounded the corner and nearly ran over Dannie, knocking her books on the floor. “Damn, I’m sorry Dannie, I wasn’t paying attention. Here, let me help you.”

“Where’s the fire?” she said, laughing that tinkley little laugh she had. He remembered that she used to date Ryker, the asshole that Laney cheated with. He wondered if that’s why they broke up and he was just late to the party.

He handed her the books and gave her a sad smile. “Anywhere but here,” he said sadly. “I’m really sorry.”

05-12-18_6-30-36 PM.png“Cole, are you okay?” she asked, and her concern rang true.

He looked at her and sighed. “I guess you’ll find out soon enough. Laney and I just broke up.”

“Ohhhhhh. You foun……. I mean, I’m so sorry Cole,” she said, her expression pained.

05-12-18_6-46-00 PM.pngCole grimaced at her words. “You knew? Did everyone know but me? I walked around like a fool for three fucking weeks?  Is that why you and Ryker broke up?”

05-12-18_6-49-55 PM.png“No…I broke up with him a week before. But, I think everyone thought you two had broken up since you weren’t there and then maybe had made up since. Why weren’t you there? Oh, sorry, it’s none of my business. Maybe I can buy you a coffee and we can lick our wounds together?” she asked shyly.

“I nearly flattened you. I should be buying.”

05-12-18_6-33-44 PM.png“Date then?” she asked.

Date? Hell no. “Rain check? I gotta run home before I head to work.”

“Oh, okay,” she said as a blush tinged her cheeks. “And you coulda just said no. I would’ve understood.”

05-12-18_6-34-25 PM.pngCrap, he didn’t mean to be rude but he felt like shit right now and couldn’t think straight. “No, I mean it. But a friend date, if that’s okay. I could use one right now. A friend I mean, not a date. How about this weekend. It will be a good distraction.”

05-12-18_6-42-59 PM.pngDannie gave him an understanding grin. “So I’m a distraction now. Okay, sure. Actually I could use one too – a friend – that is.  We can be each other’s distraction from our failed relationships.”

05-12-18_6-57-56 PM.pngCole managed a half smile. “How about lunch this Saturday. I have to work at Doc Lewis’s in the morning and the coffee shop is right next door, if you don’t mind meeting me there.”

“Sure, noon Saturday,” she said and walked out.

05-12-18_7-02-44 PM.pngHe looked up and saw that Laney had been watching, tears streaming down her face. He had an overwhelming urge to go to her, but at the same time she, had hurt him so much, he couldn’t do it. This wasn’t his fault. He didn’t cheat, she did. They had been so good together. Why?

05-12-18_7-09-50 PM.pngHe quickly turned and walked out of the building and got into his car. He put his head down on the steering wheel and cried.

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57 thoughts on “Chapter 2.15 – After the Prom

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  2. I’m sure it wasn’t Nicky who left him the pictures. I thought Noah, but he would tell him face to face, why be so sneaky about it? Ryker? No. He and Laney parted on good terms on the prom night and he didn’t seem to be a schemer. Could have been Danni, she was so conveniently nearby. Or Mia, she was eyeing Laney too intently, when she danced with Ryker. It was a girl’s work most likely.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Who on earth gave Cole those photo’s and why wait three whole weeks? I don’t think it would have been Nicky. And I knew she still loved him and not like a brother, if only she had told him why she wanted to wait, I’m pretty sure our Cole would have understood!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. I think he 100% would have understood. But then this was both of their first relationships and she felt like that is what is sort of expected and had herself convinced he wouldn’t and that she would give in. So she just walked away. 😕


  4. DANG this one was intense! I loved the showdown with Laney and Nicky.

    And poor Cole! 😭 I really wanna know who took those pictures… I feel like there are so many options! Though I’m ruling out Nicky. I don’t think she would have done it, after the confrontation with Laney.

    Also, if was very interesting to get that insight into Nicky’s real reasons for rejecting Cole. She should have been honest with him 😦

    Rooting for Dannie now though, of course 😉 But I’m biased! 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! We will see if Dannie and Cole make luvvvv connection. 😂 Right now he’s ripped up about Laney. So who knows.

      Already ruling out Nicky? She could have had a change of heart….maybe. She totally should have been honest with Cole.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. We finally know the true reason to Nicky breaking up with Cole! She should have just told him and he would decide for himself whether he wanted to try to work it out with her. She shouldn’t have lied about the brother thing.
    I agree that Dannie was conveniently nearby. I wonder if she wanted Cole for herself. Also, Cole moves on super quickly again! It’s funny because he doesn’t even try and the girls go get him themselves.
    PS Think you missed the chapter again. I thought you might want to know.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I don’t know that he’s moved on this time. We shall see. With Laney he totally did, but Nicky hadn’t shown him much affection for awhile. Not the same thing with Laney. She gave him plenty of love and attention. This came out of the nowhere. So we will see if he does move on – or not.

      Cole’s just polite…even when he’s hurt. ❤️

      Missed the chapter? Where?

      Liked by 1 person

    • When we find out, you can pretty much be assured that his friendship, if it was a friend, would be done. Even if they thought they were doing him a favor.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dang, Cole! He sure moves on pretty fast! I wonder if Dannie had something to do with those pictures, considering she obviously wants Cole for herself *and* Laney was practically dry humping her ex boyfriend during prom! But then again, it’s never the most obvious one, is it? 😉
    About Nicky… ah, I can’t even. She should have told Cole and not play with his emotions like that. Right now, even she doesn’t deserve him.
    I’m very curious to see how Dannie will be like! Cole definitely has all the girls swarming towards him and he doesn’t even lift a finger! 😁

    Liked by 2 people

    • He’s just so cute and sweet! Lol… Cole hasn’t moved on, I assure you. Like I said earlier, he’s just being nice.

      Dannie was convieniently standing there…and Laney was going at it with her ex boyfriend. So yes, she could be trying to get back at Laney and get Cole for herself. We will see how their new relationship goes. But Cole is devastated right now. 😢💔 He definitely not thinking of dating anyone.

      I think Nicky realizes she screwed up and should have told him. 😢

      Liked by 1 person

    • Cole does have a good point, If she cared enough, she wouldn’t have done it. But she was very disappointed and feeling a bit sorry for herself and when Ryker came up to her, it was like, she was saying, fine, I’ll have fun anyway. Then it got out of control with the alcohol mixed in. Not saying that’s okay, but just trying to figure out, if she DID care for Cole, why she would do that. A bit vindictive and immature for sure, but they are teens and these feelings are new…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh yeah, been there… We were very much in love with my first boyfriend, making out on every corner, but just as he was eager to move it to next level, I told him no sex before marriage. Well, it went downhill very quicky. I got a few weeks of awkward cold treatment (something like Nicky did to Cole, just from the other side) and then he found someone more willing and broke up with me. It made me think a lot and I realized I’m most likely gonna stay alone with this attitude.
    My second relationship went much better and yeah, we did have sex. And I have no regrets. 10 years together now and it’s awesome 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love hearing this story. Thank you for sharing! 🙂 And congratulations for waiting for the right one! It makes it so much more special. ❤


  8. Well, we all know who gave him those pics. And Dannie doesn’t waste any time. Of course if that friend date turns into friends with benefits, we’ll all know who Dannie’s real target is: Ryker.

    You get what you deserve, Laney. I’m glad Nicky didn’t tattle. She wouldn’t have come out very well by it. I’m shocked his friends didn’t tell him, though. They were kissing right next to Laney and Ryker.

    Liked by 2 people

    • We will find out why no one said anything a bit later on. They might not have noticed since they were too caught up in each other! 🙂


  9. Nicky should have been honest with Cole about waiting.
    Laney shouldn’t have done what she did, but Cole, shouldn’t have ended it before hearing her side of the story.
    I feel like Dannie put the note there and then was waiting for Cole and Laney to fight.
    I don’t trust Dannie. I know Laney wanted Cole from the beginning but she didn’t show Cole pictures of Nicky with another guy.
    Also Laney looks so much like his stepmom

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Paige! Thanks for reading… So yes, Nicky should absolutely have been honest with Cole in the beginning. They may have been able to work it out, however she didn’t think they could so she choose to try to remain friends. Probably regrets that decision now for sure. But the damage has been done. 😦 And Laney did mess up. And you are the first to say that he should have heard her out first. Maybe they will get a chance to talk later. I hope so. Dannie may have put the note there. A lot of you think it’s her. We will find out in a few more chapters. But first we gotta find out how Cole did on the test that started all of this in motion! 🙂 On Tuesday! 🙂 Laney wanted Cole but she certainly didn’t stoop so low and she didn’t cause the problems with Cole and Nicky either. Laney does look a LOT like his stepmother. That was totally unintentional… 🙂 I really try not to have too many similar sims because it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart in pictures. 🙂 But then maybe that’s why Cole likes her so much! Maybe…. 🙂


  10. Dang I caught up!!

    With Nicky’s perspective, it makes it pretty clear that what she wanted to say was miscommunicated 🤔 she seems like she’s not very good at being confident as she chose to keep her thoughts to herself when it came to Cole. If she told him she wanted to wait, Cole probably would, seeing how much he cares.
    Her executions are also pretty bad, seeing her try to make some fake confidence work by threatening Laney. She practically crumbled!

    I wonder who left those pictures. My guess is Dannie since she’s been hanging around. That seems like shiesty behavior lolol

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have Nicky pegged perfectly. She doesn’t have a lot of self confidence especially around someone like Laney. And even Cole, who she should totally have trusted. It’s too bad she didn’t.

      Dannie might be the mean girl! We will find out. Poor Cole…💔😢

      Liked by 1 person

  11. So, we finally know the reason why Nicky ended things with Cole. I think if she had been honest with him things would have ended much differently. Or things might not have ended at all.
    I wonder who left those pictures on Cole’s locker. I don’t suspect Nicky, but maybe Dannie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. I wish Nicky would have been honest with Cole about her reservations. You are right, they might still be together. And that is the million dollar question…who left him the pics? Dannie seems to be in the lead on this questions! 🙂


  12. Daaaaamn! Okay, that doesn’t seem like something my girl would do. I’m not…I mean SHE isn’t manipulative and mean like that! 😂 It was probably a girl though. Girls can be sooooo horrible. Poor Cole. Dannie seemed conviently placed. Maybe it was her! That wench! Don’t hurt my boy! Laney definitely should have talked to him though. Honesty is seriously the best. ESPECIALLY SINCE SHE KISSED HIM AT SCHOOL! How embarrassing for my Cole. 😭

    Liked by 1 person

  13. ~ Can not wait to see the test results,I am sure it is a sure thing that he passed or did he have Laney on his mind while he took the test & felt he had let her down & this made him fail???
    ~ Every one has suggested Dannie as the teller of tales (the one that spilt the beans)
    ~ But if that is so,why wait three weeks? or whom ever it was was waiting for it to be told *A- By one of his friends or *B- By anyone else whom saw it at prom, or maybe they were the centre of attention, & they got sick & tired of waiting for Laney,or it took Ryker that long to find someone with pictures of them two together!
    ~PS- I read the forums, & I did not see Duke at the prom, so ruling him out!LOL! (Psst! I do not think dogs are aloud to go to prom,unless of course they are a Carer Dog!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am laughing so much. 😂I think we can safely rule out Duke! The doggy is innocent. Although if she would have come over he would have smelled Ryker on her he would have probably chased her away…

      You make a lot of good points about it maybe being Ryker…he got tired of waiting hoping someone else would spill the beans. Or whoever did it, was tired of waiting and figured it wasn’t going to happen. He wanted Laney. So I think Dannie is in the lead followed by Ryker, Duke and Nicky. 🙂

      We will see as this arc unfolds.


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    • Nicky should have been honest. A confused teenager afraid to admit she wants to wait. 😕 And now she has to live with that bad decision. We will eventually find out if she did it. I think a lot of folks are with you and think not.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. So, who left those pictures in there, I wonder…? It surely was not Nicky, Laney talked with her about that ( in a agressive way, that made me think Laney had some other side to her.) I think Cole is not going on a good path right now, I thnk he is going to have a relationship with Dannie, and then broke up with her ( or she with him) In the end, I bet, because of al this thing going on right now, he is going to be afraid to be in a relationship, much like his Father, but for a totally diferent reason…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think he may be a little afraid of relationships right now. We will see if he and Dannie have one or just stay friends. They are both lamenting lost loves.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. When sex enters the picture, reason goes out the door. Cole has been steady dating Laney going all the way for a long time. So the break up is always messy and cheating even worst. Laney was the second girl he dated… I feel that he should have dated around and get to know others.
    So Nicky lied about her feelings for Cole were like a brother. What she really should have done was tell Cole she is saving herself for marriage. And put limits. If she did this in the first place they would have stayed close friends and dated once in a while as friends.
    Great crafted and developed story, cant wait to see what happens next…. .

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right. Sex makes things completely different and it’s even more difficult to move on. Nicky lied because she wasn’t ready and she was embarrassed to say it. Peer pressure at its best. She should have been honest. Cole would have understood.


  17. Ouch, I feel so sorry for both, Laney and Cole :/
    And Nicky… “saving” herself. I guess she felt like being with Cole would be too much a tease to keep her decision. But she’s sooo missing out :/
    So this is how the infamous locker story started? xD

    Liked by 1 person

  18. My girl Nicky! Nice, you’ve got Laney by the balls. I love it! How does it feel, silly little tramp? I’m so happy that Cole kicked that little piece of work to the curb.

    Liked by 1 person

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