Chapter 2.19 – Oh Baby!

05-22-18_10-50-59 PM.pngCole was getting ready to pick up Dannie for their ‘friend date’. He didn’t know why he was so nervous. They had talked on the phone and texted a few times this week. He supposed he just wanted to make a good impression on her. Not seem like a loser. She was nice and he was lonely. They were each other’s distraction. No strings. Except the pinky swear. He smiled remembering it.

05-22-18_10-29-38 PM.pngHis dad had let him take his convertible since it was warm enough to ride with the top down. Dannie turned the radio up and sang along  – off key.  “Keep on writing Dannie, ’cause you will never make it as a singer,” teased Cole and she burst out laughing. They both sang the rest of the way to the park.

05-22-18_6-13-49 PM.pngThe movie didn’t start until dusk, so they sat down at an empty picnic table to kill time. “So, Double D, what are your plans for the summer?” asked Cole.

05-22-18_6-12-54 PM.pngDannie turned bright red and put her hands over her chest.

05-22-18_6-29-25 PMCole turned redder than she did….  “No! That’s not what I meant. Dannie the Distractor. Double D, get it. Ugh. Maybe I should have said D.D.”

05-22-18_6-27-47 PM.pngDannie started laughing. “No problem, C.D.,” she said, and laughed again before answering his question. “So, other than having fun with my new friend, I plan to spend some time writing. I know I can’t get a book finished, but I really want to start on a serious project. Something tame, just to get practice before I turn to a more steamy romance novel. I probably need to get a bit more experienced before I do that anyway.”

Cole was bright red again. “Um, Dannie, if you are hinting for research help, well, you will need to look elsewhere.”

05-22-18_6-19-25 PM“Oh, nooo! I just meant…Oh God….experience writing a book, not that kind of experience! I totally wasn’t hinting. This conversation has gone downhill fast.”

05-22-18_7-32-29 PMDannie looked at her hands. “Maybe I shouldn’t have told you my dream.”

05-22-18_7-35-15 PM.pngCole reached across the table and placed his hand on hers. “I’m sorry. Of course you should have.”  He smiled at her and added, “And I promise, my lips are sealed by virtue of the pinky swear. Look, they are about to start the movie. Come on.”

05-22-18_7-47-59 PM.pngThey went over and found a seat. He saw Noah and Azure sitting across from them. Kolby and Nemo were there as were Zahara and Berto.  Cole heard a voice say ‘Hi Cole,’ and he looked up to see Mia had just walked in – with Laney.

Mia shot him a sweet smile as she and Laney made their way to a seat. It was all Cole could do not to roll his eyes. But then he realized, Mia probably knew who sent the pictures. She was always in everyone’s business. He turned to Dannie. “I need to talk to Mia, be right back.”

05-22-18_8-05-27 PM.pngHe walked over to the girls. Laney looked up at him with sad eyes. It pained him to see her. He tried not to be rude, but it was hard when all he could see was her kissing Ryker. He was a long way from forgiving her, yet he still had feelings for her. He swallowed hard to maintain his composure. “Mia, can I talk to you a second?” he asked, doing his best not to look at Laney.

She gave him a sympathetic smile. “Of course Cole. Excuse us Laney,” she said, saccharine dripping from her words. Mia at her best, he thought.

05-22-18_8-09-03 PMWhen they were out of earshot, she put her hand on his arm. “What did you want Cole?” she asked sweetly.

Cole sighed. “Did you happen to see anyone taking pictures at the dance, particularly of Laney and Ryker?”

“I don’t know. Why?”

“Someone put pictures of them on my locker. I’m sure it was to break us up. I guess it worked. Anyway, I thought maybe Nicky might have done it or even Kolby.”

05-22-18_8-12-04 PM“Oh Cole, I’m so sorry,” said Mia sympathetically, “That’s terrible. Laney didn’t say…”

“She doesn’t know. Please don’t tell her. Whatever, I don’t care if you do. It doesn’t matter anyway. I just want to know who did it.”

Mia sighed. “Okay,  well…Dannie wasn’t dancing since she and Ryker broke up. So maybe she could have. She WAS watching them. I did notice that.”

Dannie? Crap. He really didn’t think she would have done it. “Do you really think Dannie did it?”

05-22-18_8-25-12 PM.png“Well, I didn’t say she did. Just that she was watching them. And why, exactly, are you with her tonight?”

05-22-18_8-20-40 PM“We’re just friends Mia.”

“Ah, well let’s see, I think Nicky had her phone out while she and Mason were dancing.”

“Anyone else Mia? What about Kolby or Berto?”

05-22-18_8-24-59 PM.png“No,” she said with a sad sigh, “Zahara was wrapped around Berto. So he couldn’t have. Couldn’t help but see them too. Not sure about Kolby. But he and Nemo were on the dance floor? Why? Does it really matter?”

“I guess it doesn’t. I just wonder why, whoever did it, didn’t just tell me. Thanks Mia. Sorry to bother you. Enjoy the movie,” he said, and turned around to leave. Mia’s hand on his arm stopped him.

“Cole, if you ever want to talk, you know you can call me,” she said, giving him a warm smile.

05-22-18_8-20-00 PMCole looked at her curiously. She was being really sweet. Maybe she really wasn’t as bad as he thought. “Okay. Thanks Mia. I really do appreciate it,” he said and walked back over to Dannie.

05-22-18_8-34-43 PM.pngHe sat back down next to Dannie and stole glances at her while she watched the movie, wondering if she could have tried to break them up. Well, Laney did that by herself, but since nobody said anything, maybe she did it to try and get back at Ryker somehow. She was conveniently right there when he turned the corner and plowed into her that day.

05-22-18_8-39-50 PM.pngThen he thought about Nicky.  She doesn’t like confrontation, so she may have slipped them to him so he would know that Laney cheated. But then, Kolby could have done exactly the same thing. The only ones he really cared about, were whether or not it had been Dannie or Nicky.

05-22-18_8-42-02 PM.png“Earth to Cole,” said Dannie’s sweet voice in his ear as she shook his arm.

“I’m sorry, what?” he asked. He knew Dannie had said his name more than once by the sound of her voice.

05-22-18_8-42-56 PM.pngShe whispered her words trying not to be too loud. “You aren’t proving to be a very attentive distractor. You missed the funniest part. I guess Laney being here has you upset. Do you want to go talk to her? Or do you just want to leave?”

05-22-18_8-51-11 PM“Oh. No. Neither. I was just thinking about some stuff.”

05-22-18_8-45-30 PM.png“You sure?” she said gently, “It’s okay. I understand.”

“Shhhhh…” said the person in front of them.

05-22-18_8-55-22 PM.pngDannie sighed and stood up. She grabbed his arm and pulled him out of his seat.  She nodded towards the maze. “Come on,” she commanded.

They walked in and found a bench to sit on. Cole hadn’t been here since he and Nicky used to come in for make out sessions. It made him really sad. He missed Nicky’s friendship.

05-22-18_9-07-11 PM.png“I know it’s still painful to see Laney,” said Dannie, “It hurts to see Ryker. I miss him more than I thought. So, if it isn’t Laney, then what? Spill.”

05-22-18_9-05-08 PM.pngHe couldn’t tell her the complete truth. “I guess it probably was Laney. Sorry I ruined the movie.”

“Nah, it was a lame movie anyway. I’m here if you need to talk, C.D.”

Cole laughed. “I will never get used to that.”

05-22-18_9-12-22 PM.png“Me either. Every time I hear you say D.D., I will think of my boobs. Dannie, then.”

05-22-18_9-14-47 PM.png“Okay, Dannie. Cole then, too. Thanks for making me leave Dannie. I never thought everyone would be here.”

“Shhh,” said Dannie and whispered, “Listen. Someone’s on the other side.”

They both got quiet and could hear muffled voices in the distance, punctuated by little giggles. “It sounds like Noah and Azure,” whispered Cole. He would recognize the timber of his best friend’s voice anywhere.

05-22-18_9-20-10 PM.pngSuddenly their words were clearer as they stopped on the other side of the hedges. He had no doubt now that it was indeed Noah and Azzy.  Then it got quiet for a minute. He figured they were making out.

Soon they heard Noah’s voice again, this time husky and whispered. “Ahhhh. Azzy, god… baby. That’s so good….”

05-22-18_9-24-19 PM.pngCole’s eyes got big and he put his finger to his lips in the universal sign to be quiet.

Dannie put her hands over her mouth to keep any sound from escaping. From the noises they were making, Azure wasn’t kissing Noah, her mouth was much farther south.

05-22-18_9-27-59 PM.pngAs they progressed, Dannie put her fingers in her ears and squeezed her eyes shut.

05-22-18_9-29-27 PM.pngWhen they were finally finished, and Cole saw Noah and Azzy leave, he nudged Dannie. “They’re gone,” he whispered.

05-22-18_9-33-59 PM“Oh my god! I will never be able to unhear that!”

05-22-18_9-37-05 PM.pngCole laughed. “Hey, chalk it up to an experience for your book – Head in the Hedges or Blown in the Bushes.”

Dannie fanned herself. “Oh my god! Stop! Cole – I’m dying here.  I will never be able to look at Noah or Azure again without imaging them in the bushes.”

“Well at least you didn’t have to see his naked ass.”

05-22-18_9-38-15 PM.png“You watched?!?” she said in shock.

05-22-18_9-45-11 PM.pngCole laughed. “God no. I saw him jump naked in the hot tub once. So, okay. I have a question for you? Do pinky swears have an expiration date?”

05-22-18_9-48-12 PM.png“Okay – subject change. Good. So, hmmmm…mine is only a secret until I’m a famous romance writer. So it would expire then I suppose. Why?”

“I want to tell you a secret that I pinky swore on when I was 10. And I think it hasn’t expired yet. But you really need to hear it. So, I will tell you if you pinky swear to keep it a secret.”

05-22-18_9-49-11 PM.png“A pinky swear on a pinky swear. Where did you come from?” She shook her head and giggled. “With a lead in like that, I have no choice. I have to know. So, okay, I guess I will pinky swear on a pinky swear.”

05-22-18_9-54-39 PM.png“Okay…so when Noah and I were like 10 years old, we went camping with my parents. Noah and I snuck out of the tent after dark and went into the woods. This old hermit walked up on us and literally scared the piss out of Noah. He peed his pants right then and there.”

Dannie looked at him like he was crazy. “Noah? ‘oh baby…that’s so good’ Noah?”

“Yes,” said Cole and started laughing. “He was so embarrassed. He made me pinky swear not to tell anyone.”

05-22-18_9-58-11 PM.png“Wait, Noah, made you pinky swear? Oh. My. God! That’s even better than him wetting himself!”

“I’m pretty sure my mom knew but she never said anything. To this day, you are the only one I ever told. Maybe that will get what just happened out of your head.”

05-22-18_10-02-32 PM.png“I don’t know, but it sure does help!”

“Okay, now you promised. You gotta pinky swear,” said Cole and stuck out his little finger.

05-22-18_10-10-54 PM.pngThey put their pinkies together. “Pinky Swear,” said Dannie and looked at him tenderly.

“Ready to call it a night?” asked Cole. He had temporarily forgotten all about the pictures, but suddenly remembered them again when he looked at Dannie. Crap. What if she was the one? He needed to figure out how to find out. If she had done that, he just trusted his best friend’s secret to the most manipulative person he had ever met. But he just couldn’t see it. She seemed so sweet.

05-22-18_10-13-02 PM.png“Sure,” said Dannie and smiled warmly, “I had fun, in spite of…well…everything.”

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65 thoughts on “Chapter 2.19 – Oh Baby!

  1. Omg Cole noooo 😭😭😭 you aren’t supposed to break pinky promises!
    If she’s the snake then Noah’s rep would be ruined, along with his trust with Cole. Aaah 😭😭😭

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh my god, I’m dying here!! First you give us “double D” and then those steamy novel titles! 😂😂😂 That was so awsome!
    But Cole! Don’t you know it’s a big no-no to break pinky promises and most of all, spill you best friend’s secrets to the person you’re still figuring out if they’re trustworthy or not?
    I bet this will come later to bite Cole in the butt! 😕 And I bet “ooh baby” Noah won’t be happy (perhaps kick Cole’s actual butt?)! 😓

    Liked by 2 people

    • We shall see if Dannie is trustworthy. Cole’s kind of a mess right now. He almost told her before. I think he’s been dying to tell someone since he was 10. Lol. He deserves to have Noah kick his butt if he finds out. Pinky Swears are sacred.

      And what. You didn’t like the novel titles! 😂😂😂. Edit to say – or rather glad you enjoyed the novel titles! 😂😂😂

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I think in the end those pictures might have been taken by someone not related to Cole. Just a guess! I don’t really think any of his close friends would do it. Not even Dannie (not sure why I trust her lol).
    Also…ackward hedge situation. Bahahah. Nice novel material though.
    Cole could not resist the gossip, but well, he kept the secret for so many years! Kudos to him xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • After that hedge performance, Cole had no choice but to tell Dannie Noah’s secret. We will find out if she is trustworthy…

      So it’s entirely possible that it’s someone just trying to stir the pot that gave Cole the pictures. All will be revealed in the next several chapters! Lol…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Cole is still so clueless. He doesn’t get the references, and then he spills something like double D’s and it’s too late.
    My goodness, that was super awkward. I feel sorry for Cole and Dannie (btw, referencing what you said on FB, sorry if I misspelled her name before, guess I was just too lazy to check).

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  6. I’m still pretty sure it’s DD who is behind the picture mix-up – but we’ll see. I can see her being a person trying to act out romance novel tropes, not understanding that real life works just a bit differently than in the books.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, I’m going to live for the day when we find out who it was. I’d love if it’s some sort of twist, like it’s his dad who didn’t want him dating Laney or something (I know that’s not true, but I like letting my mind run wild)

        Liked by 1 person

        • I should have had everyone submit who they thought it would be and why and then went from there! You guys come up with such fun things that I wish I had thought of!

          Liked by 1 person

  7. “Blown in the Bushes” & “Head in the Hedges” those titles are hilarious. 🙂 🙂
    I really hope it wasn’t Danny who sent Cole those pictures. I am starting to like her. Maybe Ryker had a friend of his take the pictures so he could break them up and then he start dating Laney. Oh the drama.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I am so hooked on this story. I was even thinking about it last night when I went to bed. I can’t wait to find out who put those pictures on Coles locker. Also, when I read your title for this one, I thought someone had gotten themselves pregnant. I wasn’t expecting that kind of “Oh baby” from the bushes LMAO I love it!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am laughing so hard at your comment. An unplanned pregnancy is usually the norm so I’m not surprised you expected that! 😂😂😂. At least I’m not the only one Cole and his friends are keeping up at night! ❤️❤️❤️


    • A Dannie and a Cole shipper! ❤️❤️❤️ I think this is a first. Nobody trusts her! Lol… So that would be Dole? Connie, Cannie? Donnie? Hmmm. Need a good ship name for them! We shall see. She might be the Locker Rat! Yikes…

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  9. So. I’ve had this page opened in my browser for the whole night ready to comment. Then the chat with my friends which I won’t name here (but you know who you are) happened and turned me into a giggling mess (my face still hurts) and the only thing I can comment on right now is the hedge scene. And I want to read Head in the Hedges or/and Blown in the Bushes novels written by Danni now. Yes. Totes. I feel robbed beause we didn’t get to see Noah’s naked butt. You know it’s criminal only speak about it and not show.
    Oh and Cole should have asked Mia straight away if it was her who planted those pictures. She seems to be into him = clear motive.
    That’s all, I guess. Still not a fan of Danni.
    I’m probably going to regret this weird comment later.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Sorry. A total missed opportunity! Ugh…hindsight and all….pun totally intended! We will get to see shirtless Noah soon. Maybe that will make up for the lack of naked butt Noah.

      I would totally read those books too! And Noah should be on the cover. OMG. I totally have to do a CC novel now like Pammiechick did for August!

      As for Mia, yes she is without a boyfriend and Cole is available. But Laney is her BFF. That’s totally against BFF code.

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  10. I love that Noah moment 😂😂😂 Also. Because I’m always on my girls team, I’m busy hating Dannie. 🤬 I think she’s a good choice to have taken the pictures, but maybe Mia? No one is that nice 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Now I’m more convinced than ever that Dannie is the culprit. But what will Cole do with this info? It’s kind of snakey but it’s not like they’re romantic. They’re friends…hmm…

    But I don’t know how he’s going to find out unless someone saw her do it. Which there could be witnesses. I think he should drop it unless he wants to date Dannie.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Lol, that “double D” incident remainds me of something similar that happened to me a long time ago. I was something like 15 and said something about holding someone’s sausage xD I only realized my mistake after it came out of my mouth lol. So embarassing 😀


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  14. Omg the bushes… I hope Dannie really does write those books one day 😂 And bad Cole for breaking that pinky promise… though I get that he was caught in the moment haha

    I am biased toward Dannie of course, but I’m still not entirely sure we can trust her… Mia is also on my list though… ahh! I feel all paranoid 😂 No one can be trusted!

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  15. So much happened in this chapter, the D.D thing, Noah in the bushes…XD Anyway, I think it’s good that Cole is getting his detective skills at work, but, really, now one, at least for know, seems like they could have done it. Sooo…my guess is that someone is pretending to be one thing that they aren’t. Either Dannie or Mia, as Dannie *is* his friend right now, and Cole always says how *too* sweetly Mia acts. I hope he and Dannie continue to be friends, because, if things end in a…not-so-good way, she might tell everyone in their school what Noah did.( Althought, does it really matter that someone peeded their pants when they were a kid? I did worse things than that..)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha….now I’m dying to know the worse things you did…or not! Haha. Yes. Peeing his pants might not be the worst thing. But someone isn’t telling the truth….whom could it be? Hmmmm…..

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  16. The title to this chapter kind of had me worried about a different kind of Oh Baby, lol. Glad Cole’s life wasn’t complicated in that way.

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  17. Well, what do we have here? I thought for sure it must’ve been Dannie who shared the pics. Now I don’t know because you made me like her. I was determined not to. LOL

    Great chapter as always.

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  18. Okay, I think it was Mia who planted the pics.

    ALSO, omg… for a moment I thought that was Noah and Berto in the bushes and I was like “oh SNAP, this shit’s about to get REAL”

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  19. OMG Cole you freakin asshat D:
    I’m really disappointed, you don’t let your bestie down like that :c
    Esp. not to a person you barely know…

    (Also Cole and Dannie *could* have sneaked out the bushes and give them some privacy instead of listening to the full concerto… haha)

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