Chapter 2.24 – The Locker Rat Mystery – Part 3

06-02-18_2-24-58 PM.pngWhen Cole got home from seeing Kolby, he called Nicky.  She was surprised to hear from him, but she agreed to meet him at their spot by the stream.

06-02-18_2-56-50 PM.pngNicky was already there when Cole walked up with Duke. He stopped and looked at her. She looked as cute as ever, although maybe a little sad or nervous. This would be the first time they has really spoken since they broke up. He might be driving a nail in their friendship coffin. He hoped not.

06-02-18_3-00-35 PM.pngHe cleared his throat and she jumped. She had been deep in thought, no doubt probably worried about the ensuing conversation. “Uh sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

06-02-18_3-03-05 PM.png“It’s okay,” she said. When she saw Duke she jumped up and squealed,  “Oh, you brought Duke!” She began to affectionately pet the big dog who ate up the attention.

“Yeah,” said Cole uncomfortably, “I figured he needed some exercise.”

06-02-18_3-05-31 PM.png“How’s work?” she asked when they sat down.

“It’s good,” he said and went on to tell her about his test and interning.

“I always knew you would do well. I’m – uh – sorry about you and Laney,” she said, looking genuinely distressed.

06-02-18_3-14-44 PM.pngCole’s brow wrinkled in confusion. That’s not what he expected.  “You are? Why?”

“I know that you cared a lot about each other,” she explained, “Now, I understand why you weren’t at Prom with her, but still…”

“You saw them?” asked Cole softly.

“Yeah,” she said, her tone apologetic. “I fully intended to tell you, but I decided to go to her first – to give her a piece of my mind.”

06-02-18_3-28-37 PM.png“But, why didn’t you ever tell me?”

06-02-18_3-30-18 PMNicky winced a little before replying. “She made some good points about you and me. She also said she was in love with you, and that you loved her too. I did threaten her though.” She let out a small chuff. “I told her if she even so much looked at Ryker – I would tell you. But she didn’t. She was all over you. I guess she did feel bad.”

Cole was shocked that she had confronted Laney. “You took up for me?” he asked.

06-02-18_3-46-39 PM.pngNicky got quiet for a second. “Cole…of course I did,” she said finally, “I care about you, very much. I always will.” She looked down and continued, her voice soft, “I’m really sorry about what happened between us. Things were just moving too fast – and it scared me. I wasn’t ready. I should have been honest with you, but I thought you would hate me.”

“What? What are you talking about Nicky?”

06-02-18_4-03-20 PM.pngNicky looked up, then quickly looked back down. Cole could swear she had tears in her eyes. “I was afraid to have sex,” she whispered, “I wasn’t ready. But, it didn’t mean I didn’t like you – like a boyfriend,” her last words barely audible.

06-02-18_3-35-17 PM.pngCole’s head was spinning. “Wait, you mean, the whole brother thing – was a lie?” he said slowly trying to wrap his head around her words.

“Yes,” she said so softly he almost didn’t hear her.

Cole didn’t know how he felt about what she just revealed. She should have told him then, he would have understood. No wonder she confronted Laney. Now he was pretty sure she did put the pictures on his locker. Damn! 

“Nicky, you should have told me then,” said Cole. He shook his head slowly before continuing.  “But now, I don’t think we . . .”

06-02-18_3-36-48 PM.pngHer head shot up and she interrupted him. “No! Cole….I didn’t mean that I wanted to … I’m dating Mason now,” she added as if that explained everything.

Cole breathed a sigh of relief. Now it seemed maybe she didn’t do it at all. “You don’t want…?” he said, unable to say the rest.

She looked at him with tears in her eyes. “No,” she said softly, shaking her head, “You like Laney. She gave you what you wanted – what I wasn’t ready for.”

06-02-18_6-17-29 PM.pngCole felt like an ass. “Nicky…no…” he said, frantically trying to find the right words to make it okay.

“Stop it!” she said, interrupting him. “I’m over it. I am, was, happy for you. Laney really does care about you and I’m really sorry you guys broke up.”

Yep. Wrong again, he thought. He tried to smile. “So, you and Mason, huh? I wondered when I saw him hitting on you.”

Nicky relaxed. “Well we have been dating. I went to the prom with him, and he’s really sweet, but not sure how much we have in common.”

06-02-18_6-22-41 PM.pngCole sighed gathering courage. It was time to let her know what was really on his mind, since it seemed like they were doing true confessions. “So Nicky, someone taped pictures of Laney and Ryker kissing on my locker with a note inside. Do you have any idea who might have done that?”

06-02-18_4-17-06 PM.png“Wait…” she said and cocked her head, “you called me here to ask me about pictures?  I thought…ohhh…..”

Cole could tell the minute she figured it out, as her expression changed. Her shoulder’s slumped and her face crumpled, and he thought she was going to cry. But she didn’t.”You thought I did it!”

06-03-18_3-22-18 PM.pngNicky took a deep breath and continued. “I guess I can see why you thought that, Cole. I was going to tell you,” she said in earnest, “just like I said, because when I saw you two together, and it was like nothing had happened,  it made me so angry. But I left it alone after my conversation with Laney.” She took a deep breath and blew it out. “So someone really put pictures on your locker? That’s awful.”

06-03-18_3-25-18 PM.pngShe honestly felt bad for him. He was surprised he had any friends left. He felt so bad he couldn’t even look at her when he spoke. “I’m sorry I thought it might have been you. I thought it had to be you, Kolby and Nemo or even Dannie.  If it helps, I asked them first.  But now, I have no idea who would have done that or why. It doesn’t make any sense. Especially three weeks after prom.”

“They waited three weeks?” she said and sat back on the bench thinking.

“Yes. I had no idea. Nobody said anything and Laney certainly wasn’t going to tell me.”

06-03-18_3-28-46 PM.png“Wait,” said Nicky, “are Ryker and Laney dating now? Maybe he did it.”

“The pictures were of them. He couldn’t have taken them. Well, unless someone gave them to him. But he and Laney aren’t seeing each other, from what I can tell anyway. None of us are seeing anyone else.”

“Who would know that she hadn’t told you, and would want to be sure you knew? Who would Laney confide in?”

06-03-18_3-45-44 PM.pngThey both looked at each other with big smiles as the realization hit them both at the same time. “Mia,” they both said in unison.

Cole dug his phone out of his pocket and called Dannie.

“Who are you calling?”

06-03-18_3-48-55 PM.png“Dannie,” he said and put the phone on speaker so they both could hear.

“Hi Cole,” said Dannie sweetly and Nicky looked at him with raised eyebrows.

“What?” he mouthed back to her.

06-02-18_4-38-48 PM.pngNicky just shook her head.

“Hi Dannie,” he said, “I’m sitting here with Nicky. We have you on speaker. We think we know who the Locker Rat is.”

Dannie’s tinkly laugh sounded over the speaker. “Ohhh….do tell. Who is our Locker Rat?”

06-03-18_3-51-19 PMIt was Nicky’s turn to mouth something to Cole. “Locker Rat?” she mouthed grinning.

Cole just shrugged and Nicky rolled her eyes.  “We think it’s Mia,” said Cole.  “She was there taking pictures. She was also dateless. She was probably jealous of Laney getting attention from Ryker and upset because of Berto being there with Zahara.  She and Laney are friends so she wouldn’t want Laney to know she told me. And, ummm, shit, now that I think about it, she’s been coming on to me, a lot. I think she figured someone else, probably Nicky, would tell me. When that didn’t happen, she put the pictures there to ensure I knew and break us up. I’m sure I would have eventually found out. But, shit.”

“I’m sorry Cole,” said both girls in stereo, making him laugh.

06-03-18_3-53-23 PM“Okay guys,” said Nicky, “Laney needs to know her supposed BFF is no friend, much less a BFF. So someone needs to tell her.”

“I used to date Ryker, so she wouldn’t believe me,” said Dannie softly.

06-03-18_4-05-23 PM.png“She won’t believe me either, I sorta threatened her,” said Nicky sheepishly.

Dannie’s laugh sounded over the speaker again. “I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that. So Cole, you know what this means right? You have to tell Laney. I know you have unresolved feelings for her, but her best friend broke you guys up so she could go after you. I think she deserves to know. And maybe it will give you two a chance to talk.”

06-03-18_4-04-11 PM.pngCole cringed and groaned out loud. How did things get so screwed up? “Shouldn’t we know for sure? I have already wrongly accused three people. How can we find out for sure?” Cole groaned while waiting on answer. “Crap, I have a dinner date with Mia that I need to cancel.”

“You what?” sounded in stereo. This time Nicky and Dannie laughed. Cole didn’t know what was so funny.

06-03-18_3-58-43 PM.png“That can work in our favor,” said Nicky, “Cole can tell her he invited me and Mason to go with them on their ‘date’ and I will manage to get her phone and look at her pictures. You know she will want to take a selfie with Cole and show it to all of us. And if she doesn’t, Cole can suggest it.”

06-03-18_4-03-05 PM.pngCole’s eyes got wide. “Uh – girls – I’m…” they totally ignored him.

“Crap,” said Dannie, cutting off Cole, “I want to go too!  Ohhh, I know…when you find the evidence on her phone, make a big deal and show Cole so you have witnesses. I have to figure out how to be there. Dang.”

“Yes,” said Nicky excitedly, “you totally have to be there. It’s gonna be so awesome.”

Cole felt like he wasn’t even there. He should have just handed Nicky the phone and asked them what to do when they were through.

“Okay guys….how am I going to be there?” asked Dannie.

06-03-18_4-16-00 PM.png“Can you go with Zahara?” asked Nicky and giggled before continuing, “That would piss Mia off royally since she’s dating Berto. You two can go together and just be at the next table.”  Nicky’s shoulders slumped. “Oh wait! I can’t go with Cole and Mia. I am supposedly the one that did it. She will be suspicious. No. I will just go with you and Zahara. Girls night out!

Cole put his head in his hand and groaned inwardly.

“Yessssss!” squealed Dannie, “Okay it’s a plan!”

06-03-18_3-57-13 PM.pngWhat just happened? thought Cole as he disconnected the call.

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61 thoughts on “Chapter 2.24 – The Locker Rat Mystery – Part 3

  1. Yeah, I can believe Mia did this. So shady. Love how Dannie and Nicky grabbed hold of the idea and now Cole is just like…’what just happened?’

    Assuming they are both sincere, Cole is lucky to have these two caring about him.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He is very lucky. Cole is just a sweet unassuming guy so he is easy for the girls to like. He and Dannie have bonded over all of the Ryker Laney stuff and of course he and Nicky have been friends since childhood. I think this whole thing will renew that friendship…at least I hope so.


  2. At the risk of counting all my chickens before they’ve hatched…yeah, Mia.
    Or maybe… BERTO (NO ONE WOULD SEE IT COMING) I mean PLOT TWIST: it WAS Noah and Berto in the maze that day, he thought he could satisfy himself with their secret romance, but it’s Cole he’s wanted all along (that innocent animal-loving boy with the sweet smile and the big blue eyes)… dun dun dunnn!

    Just go with it, Cole; this is good practice for later in life anyhow… it’s like a wedding, man, all you need to do is show up in something nice, and the women will have it all sorted out for you 😉

    Liked by 7 people

    • The Berto-Noah romance has me rolling! 😱 Plot twist for sure. But yeah, Mia…it wasn’t a surprise to anyone except poor Cole.

      This is definitely good practice for later in life. A wedding is the perfect example…just show up…and don’t question anything. 🤣🤣🤣

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes…. he got way more than he thought. Haha….but new friendships are forming and old ones are repairing which is good, well except for Mia…..

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Since he brought Duke, Cole is basically forming his own Scooby Doo-style mystery gang. Load up on those Scooby snacks! 😈

    Of course it is the girl with the most intense Cole thirst. Who had the nerve to trick him with her ankle afterwards!

    Liked by 6 people

  4. Maybe Nicky and Danni should start dating each other? Obviously neither of them is super successful with boys, so I say let them come out. That will clear the scene for the rest of the spouse candidates from the banner and ship wars get easier too. Win win?

    Liked by 4 people

  5. Woah, I am by no means as creative as the commenters before me. But I have to say I love the shippings most of the readers wouldn’t think of. It’s like that remake of “I don’t care, I love it” to “I don’t care, I ship it”! And poor Cole, the girls planned it all out for him! Hopefully, everything goes according to the plan. I just know it’ll be epic!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I still believe it’s Mia – she’s slimy that one lol! But I still feel like you have a surprise for us in the next chapter… hmmm…!
    Whatever the outcome, I agree with Jowita that it’s going to be EPIC!
    Oh, and I’m super glad that Cole and Bicky are in better terms now 🙂 And the call with Dannie was hilarious to read!
    Can’t wait for the next chapter!! 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • You don’t think it’s Mr. Jenkins? lmao I had fun with the Dannie call and poor Cole just getting completely shut down… Wednesday…just a few more days to go. 🙂

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  7. Mia…lol…you were so blatant! Too bad you’re going to lose your bff over this. I hate “friends” who try to grab other friends guys.

    You are going to be left in your own misery.

    Looking forward to this “date”. It will be ENJOYABLE! 😈😈😈😈

    Liked by 2 people

  8. OMG THIS IS FREAKING HILARIOUS!! I am rolling. Can’t wait to see Mia get exposed, but also a little nervous, the bitch be crazy, lol and there is no telling how she is going to react.


  9. I knew it was Mia (I think most people did too). Operation Find the Locker Ray is complete. Now on to Operation Trap the Rat!
    I am so happy to see Dannie & Nicky are teaming up on this one. The girls have a plan, Cole just go with it. 🙂
    Up until this chapter I sort of forgot about Laney and her feelings in all of this. She is just a pawn in this twisted game. Being used by her supposed best friend.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes. I wasn’t trying to be super mysterious with this one…most everyone knew it was Mia! Now the fun part. Trap the Rat is great because that’s what they plan to do. Danny will be a good friend for Nicky. She needed a female coconspirator. Nothing like a common goal to bring you together.

      Liked by 1 person

      • And I wasn’t finished…lol…I was going to say,you are right. Everyone sorta forgot about Laney’s feelings. It was such a mean thing to do. On Wednesday, we will see both the “date” with Mia and Laney will reappear.


      • I think the only person who didn’t suspect Mia was Cole. 🙂
        Danny & Nicky have more in common than they think. I hope they become good friends. I can’t wait to see what happens when they try and take down Mia.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Haha….yes. He is so trusting….won’t he ever learn teenage girls are NOT to be trusted? Lol…. And I loved seeing Nicky and Dannie bond, I think I she needed a girlfriend to hang with without it being attached to guy friends. Dannie will maybe help her blossom. She definitely came out of her shell a little around her.

          Liked by 1 person

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  11. The end of this one totally cracked me up! The girls making their crazy plan and poor Cole sitting there like “…” 😂

    I’m pumped for them to take Mia down! I knew that crazy beeyotch could not be trusted!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Take down on Wednesday! Haha.. we will see if it goes as planned. I mean they have a great plan! Poor guy. A lesson in women for sure. A good learning experience. 😂😂😂. He needs to remember for the future.

      Liked by 1 person

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  13. F-I-N-A-L-L-Y! It was hurting me the fact that one was seing the obvious…Cole should be thankful to those girls, they did some reaaaly nice plan in some short amount of time. ( But, then, again who woudn’t be excited about this whole ”reveal the mastermind”’ thing?) I hope we can get a little bit on Mia’s side, to see exactly why she did all of this..( I know, because she likes Cole, but this is some whole-other level.)

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Finally the penny drops for Cole that Mia has been coming onto him like crazy. Of course it was her. She’s as subtle as a brick to the face! Oh my sweet, clueless boy 😛 And yasss for Nicky and Dannie hitting it off. Good things those two can be sharp and scheme when Cole is such a clueless little marshmallow 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Yes, Cole, what in the world just happened?! Considering the fact that they’ve all been suspects and majorly pissed/disappointed, they are astoundingly fast to blame others. Can you guys even imagine what will happen if it was not Mia and you have planned a whole revelation? 😲 I am truly speechless

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