Chapter 2.25 – The Locker Rat Mystery Part 4

06-04-18_8-38-32 PMWhen Cole and Mia got to the restaurant, Cole was very uncomfortable. He didn’t know how he got rooked into this. But two of his most favorite girls in the whole wide world had his back, so he figured he could get through it.

06-04-18_8-22-47 PM.pngThey sat down at the table and Mia was laying it on thick. She kept touching him, making his skin crawl. It was all he could do not to pull away. He was relieved when the waiter handed them menus.

06-04-18_8-58-30 PM.pngRight after they ordered drinks, he heard female voices behind him. When Mia’s expression changed from flirty to irritated, he knew. The Calvary had arrived. He felt his body relax slightly when he saw them begin to walk by the table.

But then Dannie stopped walking…and turned towards them. He almost stopped breathing.   NO DANNIE!  he screamed in his head.

06-04-18_9-00-08 PM.png“Hi Cole! Mia,” she said, only giving Mia a cursory glance. “We are here for a girl’s night out. Hmmm? Cole, you are like one of the girls, why don’t you two join us?”

What the fuck? That wasn’t part of the plan. One of the girl’s? Damn Dannie.   Cole began to perspire.

06-04-18_9-03-10 PM.png“That’s okay,” came Mia’s sugared reply, “We are having a private discussion. Aren’t we Cole?”

Cole quickly nodded his affirmation.

06-04-18_9-01-46 PM“Okay then.  Well, if you change your mind, looks like we are right over there,” said Dannie, and motioned to where Zahara and Nicky were seated two tables over.  Dannie turned and winked at Cole as she walked off.  He quickly looked away.

06-04-18_9-13-52 PM.pngAfter they got their drinks, he risked a glance up and saw them sitting there, giggling.  They are enjoying this way too much! he thought.

06-04-18_9-20-09 PM“The nerve of her,” said Mia.

“Huh? What?” asked Cole not really hearing what she said.

06-04-18_9-19-09 PM“That was just so rude of them to interrupt our date,” she explained. She looked at Cole and cocked her head, “You and Dannie really are just friends, aren’t you?” It was more a statement of fact than a question.

06-04-18_9-44-32 PM.pngCole offered her the best smile he could summon. “Yes. I told you that before when you asked. Why do you care?”

Mia smiled at him through her lashes. “Because, I like you,” she said.

selfie 2Nicky gave Cole a look and held up her phone. Then the trio of girls started taking selfies of each other, giggling loudly so Mia would look around. She finally turned to see what they were laughing about.

Cole cleared his throat. “Um, Mia. You want to do one too?”

06-04-18_9-43-18 PM.pngHer face lit up. “Yes!” she squealed, “Let me come over there.”

06-05-18_7-53-42 PM.pngMia got up and walked over to him, smirking at the girls at the other end of the room. She threw her arm around Cole, pulling him towards her, and took a picture.

backseflie.pngCole started to move away and Mia pulled him back over, “Wait! Let’s get another one. You weren’t smiling.”

06-05-18_10-08-02 PMAs soon as Mia took the second picture, Dannie got up and came over to them. “Oh. You two look so cute, let me see!” she gushed.  Cole hid behind the dinner menu while Mia readily handed her phone to Dannie, a smug grin on her face.

06-05-18_10-48-28 PM.pngAs Dannie started walking over to her table with Mia’s phone, she called out to the other two girls. “Look how sweet they look!” she said. When she got to them, they all pretended to be looking at the pictures of Mia and Cole. Mia listened to them oohing and aahing over their picture and rolled her eyes.

After they all had a turn looking, Dannie walked back over with Mia’s phone. She scrolled through the pictures as she walked, sing-songing her commentary on each one. “Oh loooook, here are pictures of the proooom… and here’s me in my purple dreeessss.”

Awww damn…here we go, thought Cole and took a deep breath.

“And Noah and Azzyyyy.  Ohhh, she’s gorgeous.  But, geez, they needed to get a room!” said Dannie, then laughed. “Actually, I think they finally did.”

06-05-18_11-05-42 PM.png“We gotta go, don’t we Cole. Let me have my phone Dannie, so we can leave,” said Mia, trying not to sound upset.

06-05-18_10-56-27 PM.pngDannie completely ignored her. “Oh snap, Ryker and Laney. Ugh . . . Screw ’em both!” said Dannie vehemently.

“Let me see that!” said Cole, really mad now that he maybe had proof. He wasn’t pretending anymore.

“No Cole,” said Mia sweetly. She shook her head gently back and forth. “You don’t want to see that.”

06-08-18_8-44-49 PM.png“I DO want to see it Mia!” he ground out.

Mia sat there, helpless to stop what she knew was coming.

“Here you go,” said Dannie. She walked over to where Cole was sitting and handed him the phone while Mia glared at her.

06-08-18_9-30-50 PM.pngMia started rambling. “The bitch was acting like nothing happened! She cheated on you and then pretended to be sweet and innocent. I would never do that. She always gets what she wants. She didn’t deserve someone like you Cole. She woulda just dumped you anyway when she got bored with you.  I’m much better than her. I would treat you right, make you happy.”

Cole almost felt sorry for her, almost, but not quite.  “No Mia. You couldn’t,” he said much calmer than he felt.

06-08-18_9-44-54 PM.pngCole laid down her phone with shaking hands and got up. “Let’s go,” he said to the girls who had assembled protectively around him like guard dogs.

06-08-18_10-08-58 PM.pngWhen they got outside, Cole stood back and watched while Nicky and Dannie high-fived each other.  He hadn’t seen Nicky that happy since before they broke up. Dannie was ecstatic too.

06-08-18_10-42-51 PMThen they hugged each other. Sadly he felt like a fool and an outsider.

06-08-18_10-07-36 PM“That was the coolest!” squealed Zahara, “Nicky, thanks for inviting me to be a part of that. It was epic! Wait until I tell Berto! He will be sad he missed it! It will go down in history as the biggest take down ever! And I got to witness it. Props to ya’ll!”

06-10-18_1-21-52 PM.pngThey all high-fived again, dissolving into fits of giggles, making Cole even more uncomfortable.

Dannie looked over at Cole and walked over. He tried to give her a smile but couldn’t quite do it. He was glad he figured out Mia’s game before he fell into her trap, but now, he needed to get to Laney before Mia did.

06-10-18_1-26-19 PM.pngDannie walked over to him.  “Hey,” she said softly, “You Okay?”

“No. Not really, but thanks for doing this. I needed to know. I was such an idiot.”

Dannie put her hand on Cole’s shoulder in an effort to comfort him. “No, Cole. She had me fooled too. She’s evil. I seriously think she has a problem.”

06-10-18_1-33-02 PMCole sighed. “You girls go on,” said Cole, “I need to go see Laney.”

06-10-18_1-36-03 PM.png“Cole,” said Nicky wincing, “I texted a pic from Mia’s phone to Laney – evidence. You better hurry.”

06-10-18_1-42-45 PM.pngAwww fuck, thought Cole as his shoulders slumped. He waved to the girls as they left, still giddy and giggling from the high of getting to Mia. Cole dug out his phone and found Laney in his favorites. He touched her name as his heart pounded in his chest. She agreed to meet him at the coffee bar in 20 minutes.


06-10-18_2-00-39 PM.pngCole walked up and Laney was already there, sitting at an outdoor table. She looked so sad staring into her coffee. His Tiny Dancer – but no longer his. He desperately wanted to take her in his arms and make it okay. But knew it was a bad idea.

“Hey Laney,” he said softly, as he lowered himself into the seat next to her.

She barely glanced up. “Hi,” she said, her voice devoid of emotion.

06-10-18_3-27-38 PM.png“You look nice,” said Cole, and knew instantly that was dumb. It’s just he had no idea how to even begin.

06-10-18_3-31-52 PM.pngLaney looked up at him, confusion on her face. “What is going on? I thought you couldn’t stand me,” she said, tears sparkling in her eyes.

Cole shook his head. “No. That’s not true. It just that, it hurts Laney. I saw pictures….and I can’t just unsee them and pretend nothing happened.”

“Is that why you had Mia text me the picture? To torture me? I know I fucked up, okay. And Cole, I’m truly sorry.”

06-10-18_3-38-54 PM.png“No Laney, I didn’t ask Mia to do that,” said Cole gently, “I would never do something so mean. Actually, Nicky sent that picture from the pictures in Mia’s phone. Mia doesn’t know that she did it.  Well, she might by now.  But the point is, Mia is the one that told me what happened between you and Ryker. Well, she didn’t exactly tell me. She taped an envelope on my locker with that picture and three others. There was a note inside that said, ‘Thought you might like to know what your girlfriend does while your not around’.”

06-10-18_3-42-39 PM.pngLaney leaned in and looked at Cole, “That’s not true. Mia wouldn’t have told you.  She’s my friend.”

“She did it, Laney. She even admitted it was her. She’s jealous and maybe a little nuts.”

06-10-18_3-46-55 PM.pngCole could see in her face when she accepted what he said as the truth. “We thought it had blown over,” said Laney quietly.  She put her head down and squeezed her eyes shut for a minute. A fat tear escaped out of the corner of her eye, and rolled down her cheek.  “I told her I had been worried for nothing – that you weren’t going to find out and everything was going to be okay. I was so happy. And then two days later, you found out, and broke up – without even giving me a chance to explain.” Laney wrapped her arms around herself.

“I’m sorry Laney.  I had just seen the pictures when you walked up and I couldn’t think straight. I just reacted.”

“Nicky didn’t tell you? Or Dannie?” she asked.

06-10-18_3-49-10 PMCole felt terrible. He shook his head slowly and said simply, “No.”

06-10-18_4-03-46 PM.png“So why did you come here then? To rub it in my face? To tell me that not only did I lose you, but also my best friend?”  More silent tears rolled down Laney’s face.

06-10-18_4-08-58 PM.png“No. Of course not,” said Cole wincing.  He had to resist the urge to reach out and take her hand. He felt terrible. She was right. He didn’t give her a chance to explain. “I wanted you to know, before Mia had a chance to try and twist it all around. Laney, you need a new friend.”

She looked at him and he could see the hurt in her eyes that matched his own.  “No, what I need is you….Cole. Please,” she begged, still hugging herself and slowly rocking back and forth. “Can we try again? I miss you so much.”

06-10-18_3-50-45 PM.pngCole sighed and scrubbed his hands over his face. “I miss you too Laney. More than you know. But I need a little more time. It’s still too – raw.”

06-10-18_4-13-00 PM.png“Cole, you need to know. We didn’t do anything. After that stupid kiss, I realized I shouldn’t even have been there. I asked him to take me home. We both knew we messed up. He still likes Dannie. And Cole, I do love you.”

06-10-18_4-08-28 PM.pngCole closed his eyes for a moment before he could respond. “Don’t Laney. Don’t say that.” He had to get out of there before he grabbed her and kissed her tears away. Being this close to her was not good. He needed to put space between them. “Look, I gotta go,” he said, then stood up to leave.


He stopped at her words but didn’t look back.

06-10-18_4-17-50 PM.png“How much time?” she asked softly.

06-10-18_4-35-03 PM.pngCole closed his eyes again and took a cleansing breath. He hazarded a glance back. “I’ll call you,” he said, and kept walking.

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64 thoughts on “Chapter 2.25 – The Locker Rat Mystery Part 4

  1. Never underestimate the power of vindictive teenage girls! 😉

    I also wanna scoop up little Laney into a hug. She goofed up but Mia played with her far worse than she played with Cole.

    Liked by 4 people

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  3. I glad Cole didn’t wind up in the claws wicked witch of the west, Mia.
    I beginning to feel sorry for Laney, even though she brought it on herself. I just worry if he takes her back and things get rough that she may do the same thing. Maybe she has learn her lesson.
    I still think Nikki has feelings for Cole and like to see Cole with Dannie.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes…he might had…she was workin it hard. I’m feeling bad for Laney too. Maybe there is a chance for them to get back together. But will she do it again…that is what he’s worried about. As for Nicky, hmmm, I think she totally has feelings for Cole, but they may well be brotherly feelings now as opposed to bf/gf feelings she had for awhile. But anything could happen. At least they are friendly again. And she has a new girlfriend in Dannie.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Awww Laney my heart actually aches for you. I can see how much you really do care for Cole, but you’re right, you messed up and there’s no taking that back. At least now you know what your supposed “friend” is like and you know you can’t trust her!

    On another note…how did you get the photo of Cole and Mia onto the phone?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Laney did mess up and knows it was her fault. I think Cole sorta wants to work through it, but right now it’s tough for him. But this was the first time they have talked really at all. And it hit him how much he wants to make it work.

      And Mia…ugh…so sad for Laney.

      I photoshopped it onto the phone. Maybe not in the most eloquent way, but it worked! Lol. So I’m glad someone noticed my effort! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Maybe that chat was what they both needed to start to move on…whichever direction that might be. I wonder if Cole will ever be able to trust Laney again though?

        Aaah I wondered if you might’ve done that. You did well….I’m super impressed!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I know we’re supposed root for the take down of Mia the Betrayer… but I feel like a Mean Girl when I do; let that be a lesson to you Mia, do better please.

    Laney, you messed up doll! Rally your ovaries and do better too next time; there’s a great human out there for you somewhere ❤️

    Dannie is all “I be messin’ with you, boi boi” kekekekeke

    Liked by 5 people

    • Dannie was allll into it…she was great. Cole felt bad too about the Mia takedown. She is just so desperate that you sorta feel sorry for her.

      Laney is convinced ole is her human! Maybe she can convince him.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Excellent story! I feel bad for Laney and have no sympathy for Mia. Dannie was great and I was glad to see her and Dannie getting along so well. As much as I have come to like Dannue and Laney though, I am still shipping NiCole. You can get no better lover than a close friend. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • A NiCole shipper to the end… lol… Laney messed up and knows it so she’s willing to give Cole time. But how much? And Dannie and Nicky have totally bonded over ‘saving’ Cole from Mia. Lol.


  7. I realize she’s sorry and I realize she feels bad she screwed up but they’re not married. And if she’s going to think about cheating now, she’ll definitely cheat once they’re married and things get harder.

    RUN, COLE! Don’t look back. She’s too spoiled for you.

    New theory: He gets back together with her and they do marry. In the end, they divorce and then he gets together with Nicky. His one true love. I think I predicted this earlier, but now it just looks more like that. Those other two girls he hasn’t even met yet don’t have a chance. 😉 Just notches in his girl headboard.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love your theory….and yes, once a cheater….or maybe not. She did realize she had gone too far. I agree, once your married, and things get hard, it’s waaaay easier to cheat. We will see if she is the one or just a notch…. She is a bit too spoiled for him. Mia had that part right. 😁

      Liked by 1 person

    • Everyone is getting feels for Laney. 💔 But he did say he would call, so there is hope. The genius plan went flawlessly except for some not so good feelings from Cole.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. “She’s jealous and maybe a little nuts.” That about sums it up. LOL I’m glad Cole knows the truth now. I still ship him with Nicky, but I like Laney, too. It would be great if he got back together with her.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Girl, you don’t hand out your phone like that to other girls if your conscience is not clear. Rookie mistake. Cole’s presence must have clouded your judgement.
    Nicky and Danni enjoyed the scheming a little too much. That kinda brings them down to Mia’s level in my eyes. Sorry.
    I still like Laney. I’m going to hope she will be the endgame. Looking forward to meeting the last girl and get to know the fourth one.

    Liked by 3 people

  10. Now that the Locker Rat Mystery is over, Cole can finally move on, sort out his feelings and see what he wants to do about Laney.
    At least one good thing came from all of this, Dannie and Nickey are now the best of friends.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Yaaaas! Haha I loved this takedown. But I almost feel weirdly sorry for Mia. She’s so pathetic. It’s sad, almost…

    Still though, this was a fun one! And it’s nice to finally have some closure on the mystery!

    Now we can all focus on what really matters… shipping 😈😂 Lolol kidding, mostly! 😛


  12. Wow, Mia is seriously disturbed. (And I just now realized that Mia in my story was equally disturbed and obsessed with her object of affection – aka Jared 😂 – what’s with that name, lmao)!
    And while I’m glad Dannie and Nicky enjoyed themselves and bonded, I feel so bad about Laney 🙁 She not only lost Cole over a stupid thing she did, she also realized her best friend was actually a frenemy. Poor thing! I kinda hope Cole will be able to forgive her – although I believe he will cycle through all the other girls first and maaaaybe then, when they’ve both grown up… maybe..!
    Can’t wait to see what’s next! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • We will see soon how Cole works things out with Laney. I also feel bad about her. She did one of those stupid teenage and immature things and realized it but it was too late. If she had maybe told Cole instead of trying to hide it, it would have been hard but I think they would have worked through it.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Love him!! Such a true gent!!

    It was great to see Mia get her comeuppance, but poor Laney, I am pretty sure that they will get back together at some point, but, I have no idea when??

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Poor Laney, but at least now she knows Mia’s true colors.
    Cole is being wise in wainting things to cool down before deciding if he still wants to date Laney. Despites what she thinks, what she did still was cheating.
    Poor Cole…it will be hard to trust Laney again. Will he be able to do it? 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  15. So the mystery is revealed. Mia. the chapters were so well crafted like a mystery novel to the very end. I still dont know who it is going to be Avery, Nicky, Dannie, Laney but not Mia. for Cole.
    Thank you for the mystery and the storyline. Looking forward to the next chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! Congrats. That might be a record to get through it all so quickly! And with such thoughtful and insightful comments on most chapters! ❤️. Thank you so much for reading.


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  17. COLE IS ONE OF DEM GURRLS ofc he is ❤

    Glad Mia is down finally. She is a little bit obsessed, too much.

    And I still feel so sad for Laney. She messed up, but noticed in time, and she learned from it. I hope she'll find her happiness, may it be Cole or anyone else. I hope you'll show her again!
    (Did you notice she looks very similar to Sofia in some of the screenshots??)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. She does look somewhat like Sofia in the screenshots. Someone else mentioned that too. Black hair and brown eyes. Mia is done. We will most likely see her some more.


  18. ”maybe a little nuts” Maybe? That girl is nuttier than a fruit cake! I wonder if we will se her come back at sometime, with a eviillll plan to have Cole, once again…This dynamic between Cole and Laney feels so…real, I guess? It’s messy, and you quite don’t understand it, but you do at the same time…? I dunno, I just know that I hope Laney is still okay, after all this. She lost her boyfriend and her friend, she could end up in a dark place…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…Laney really took the brunt of the whole thing. She made a mistake, not unlike a lot of teenagers with out of control hormones… maybe they will figure it out….

      Liked by 1 person

  19. I feel bad for Laney, being betrayed by her friend like that, but at the same time… she did cheat. If she really wanted to make up for it, she should have told Cole right away and asked for forgiveness. That would at least have shown some maturity…

    Liked by 1 person

  20. (((Cole, you are like one of the girls, why don’t you two join us?” What the fuck? That wasn’t part of the plan. One of the girl’s? Damn Dannie)))) 😂😂😂

    ^^^^Those lines had me laughing my butt off! ☝️

    Damn it Mia. Well you have issues, young lady. Don’t you have something better to do than start drama? I’m glad the locker culprit was finally caught though. Mia, maybe you will learn a lesson next time. Keep your nose out of people’s business. 😳😳

    As for Laney (my NEMESIS 😈) , while some people here are leaving comments saying they are “feeling sorry for Laney” and they should “get back together”. I’m still over here with a hard head of stone wanting to punch her in the nose. Lol. No Laney, I still hate you my dear. You cheated. 😠

    I think I just have a strong resentment to cheaters. It’s just the worst thing you could do to somebody and there’s no justifying it. Props to Cole for just walking away out of the restaurant and not getting sucked into her pathetic begging. Your loss Laney. 👎👎👎

    Liked by 1 person

    • Mia is delusional! Lol. Dannie! WTF. Really! There are two camps on Laney, love her or hate her. Cheating is low. She knew it when she did it and she did it because she was mad….and feeling sorry for herself. Isn’t that usually hows happens. Not that she lost interest which would be understandable to an extent. They need to break up. But….we shall see. Totally her loss.


  21. Whoa, whoa. Poor Laney. Poor Cole. They’ve both been tricked (apparently) and yes, Laney made a mistake and it was a huge one. No arguing that.
    I can understand Laney telling Cole she loves him but she should have known it was too soon. I hope they will have a long, deep talk about what happened with Ryker on that evening and about everything both of them want in a relationship and what they’re ready to give. Otherwise, even if they love each other, I can’t see them working out

    Liked by 1 person

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