Chapter 2.27 – One Day at a Time

06-19-18_8-27-28 PM.pngSchool had been in session for three months. Cole received credit at school for  interning in lieu of taking a class.  He got out early to go to Doc’s, and worked until 5:00 each day.  He didn’t mind the long day because it was good experience.

06-17-18_1-02-21 PM.pngA whole new crew had formed since they busted Mia for being the Locker Rat. It consisted of Dannie, Nicky, Zahara and Laney.  They readily accepted Laney into their group because the other three felt sorry for her.

Cole and Nicky had resumed their close friendship as well. Their talk be the stream opened the door that had closed them off from each other.  Now he had two really close girl friends. Nicky and Dannie.

06-17-18_1-40-20 PM.pngThe one girl that he wanted to be with though, was Laney.  They were almost back together. But he found himself putting on the brakes again and again, shying away from being intimate with her, even though he wanted to. The most he had done was hold her hand and kiss her on the cheek.  He was afraid of getting hurt again, but it was hurting not being with her, and he could tell, it was hurting her too.

06-16-18_8-54-17 PM.pngDanny and Ryker, on the other hand, were back together, like nothing ever happened. It pained him a little to see them. It almost felt like a betrayal for some reason. Maybe it was because he and Laney hadn’t made it “all they way” back, and Dannie had easily gone back with Ryker.


06-16-18_9-03-29 PM.pngCole was on the way to work after his last class when he heard Nicky call his name in the crowded hallway.  He stopped walking so she could catch up. “You ask Laney out on a real date yet?” she asked.

“Huh?” he said, surprised at the directness of her question. Not waiting for an answer to his non-question, he continued, feeling compelled to explain himself. “Well, we are talking – a lot. I went to her recital last week. She got a standing ovation for her solos”

“Kiss her yet?” she asked with a knowing smirk.

06-16-18_8-58-27 PM“Nicky!” scolded Cole. He didn’t know why she was suddenly so interested in his love life.

Nicky leaned in and spoke quietly,  “A little birdie told me if you didn’t kiss her soon, Miss Standing O is going to lock you in a room until you do. She’s just about done, Cole.”

“Really? She told you that?” asked Cole a little weirded out that Laney and Nickey would discuss their intimacy, or lack thereof.

06-16-18_9-01-01 PM.png“Yes,” said Nicky rolling her eyes at him. “Cole, you are so dense for someone so sweet.”

“We are having a hard time talking about that – or maybe – it’s just me,” he admitted.

“Definitely you,” said Nicky shaking her head.

Since she was sharing, Cole pressed for more. “What else did she tell you?”

06-16-18_9-04-20 PM.png“Noth-ing….” she said singing out the word indicating she wasn’t going to say more.

Cole sighed. Girls together are dangerous. Time for a subject change. “Hey, before I forget, my folks are throwing me a party for my 18th birthday. It’s in two weeks.”

“Where? The bowling alley?” said Nicky and laughed.  Dannie’s lack of bowling skills had become a joke among them.

“Almost as bad. No. The clubhouse game room – and they will be there.”

“Aww. I love your parents.  But, Cole – it’s the perfect opportunity!”

06-16-18_9-30-12 PM.png“For what?”

Nicky rolled her eyes again. “To ask out Laney. Ask her to be your date for your party. And then afterwards….” she said, and waggled her eyebrows.

Nicky had definitely become less introverted hanging out with her new crew. “Nicky, those girls have corrupted you. I was trying to go slow.”

“Cole….if you went slower you would go backwards. I’m actually surprised she’s waited this long. Don’t you think you’ve punished her enough?”

“I’m not punishing her. God, is that what she thinks?”

06-16-18_9-34-20 PM.png“Why don’t you ask her out then?”

Cole ignored her last comment and tried again to change the subject. “What about you? Are you coming with Mason?”

“Nope” she said, popping the ‘P’.  “Mason and I, we just weren’t working out. I may come alone. Have you talked to Noah today?”

“No. Why?”

“Do you remember Mickey Blake? Our friend in elementary school that moved away.”

“Oh, yeah. Little rich kid that tried to put a frog down your shirt.”  And always gave me shit, he thought but didn’t say out loud.

06-16-18_9-38-03 PM.pngWhat-ever,” she replied, rolling her eyes yet again, “Yes. Him.  Well, he called Noah and said he was coming here for the summer. He wants to get together before we all head off to college. I can’t wait to see him again.”

06-16-18_9-43-35 PM.pngCole was the one rolling his eyes now. He always thought Nicky and Noah liked him best and was actually glad when he moved away. “Sounds fun,” said Cole. “I hope he at least leaves his frogs at home. Gotta run. Later Nicky.”

“Ask Laney!” called out Nicky as they went in opposite directions.

“Ask Laney what?” came a sultry voice behind him.

Cole’s heart rate sped up at the sound of Laney’s voice. Nicky was right. He needed to ask her to his party.  He had to take the next step. She had been patient for way too long.  Well, no time like the present, he thought.

06-16-18_9-51-18 PM.png“Laney. Hi,” he said. Smiling back at her, he put his arm around her tiny waist and pulled her next to him as they walked.

“Ask me what?” she asked again, as she fell into step beside him.

06-16-18_10-00-31 PM.png“I want you to be my date for my birthday party in two weeks,” he said. The smile that lit up Laney’s face was worth it. Now he wondered why he had waited so long.

“Of course I will,” she replied, and put her arm around him too.

06-16-18_10-07-12 PM.png“Good,” he said and pulled her closer. He reached over and sipped her lips.  Their first real kiss since they broke up nearly six months prior.  A simple kiss – a kiss that held the promise of more to come. She felt it too. He could tell.

06-16-18_10-20-21 PM.pngHe turned and faced her walking backwards.  “Look, I’m sorry, but I really gotta run. I’ll call you later tonight, after work.” Laney’s smile warmed him, because it was just for him. He wasn’t over her by a long shot. He knew then, they would be okay.


06-17-18_2-54-59 PM.pngCole followed Doc Lewis into the exam room, the conversation with both Nicky and Laney still on his mind.

He looked up when Doc began to address the pet owner. He immediately recognized her from his father’s office.  “Hello, Ms. Coulter. What is Harley here for today?” asked Doc Lewis.

06-17-18_3-16-11 PM.png“Just . . . oh. Hi!” said Ms. Coulter when she noticed him standing there. “Cole Murdock, right?” she asked.

He couldn’t remember her name.  An ‘A’ name…. “Yes, um, Abby?” he said wincing a little.

06-17-18_3-17-37 PM.png“Avery,” she corrected without missing a beat, “Hey, I got the job. I figured your friend Noah told you. Although, he lied. You don’t follow him around like a puppy at all. I haven’t seen you since.”

06-17-18_3-21-07 PM.pngCole was so embarrassed and tried to cover it up with a laugh. “Uh, Doc here, he – uh, kept me busy all summer. Didn’t leave much time to hang out with Noah.”

06-17-18_3-22-57 PM.png“You are Ben’s son, right? I saw family pictures and sorta already put it together.  It took me a minute to work it out because you look so much like your mother and not your father.  But it all fits now. I’m so sorry about your mother, but you must be proud. The park is absolutely beautiful.  I didn’t know you worked here. But why here, instead of for your father?”

06-17-18_3-26-50 PM.pngYes. He remembered clearly. She was curious and observant. “Yes. Ben is my dad and Grace Ramsay was his wife and my birth mother,” he said, then stuck out his hand. “Cole Murdock. Nice to formally meet you, Avery.”

06-17-18_3-29-17 PM.png“Okay,” interrupted Doc, smiling amicably. “Social hour’s over. Ms. Coulter, what can we do for Harley here?”

“Oh, Dr. Lewis,” said Avery, and gave him an apologetic smile, “I didn’t mean to take up your valuable time. Harley is just in for his annual checkup.”

“Okay. Then, do you mind if your ‘new’ old friend here checks him out? He’s been interning for a good while now and really is very good. I am lucky he works here instead of for his Dad, although Ben is a good man. He has done a lot for Willow Creek with the Newcrest Development. Maybe one day we will need to put a clinic there.”

06-17-18_3-40-49 PM.png“In that case, I don’t mind at all,” said Avery and flashed Cole a coy smile.

Cole groaned inwardly. He knew Doc was testing him, but doing it in front of someone that works for his dad was a bit unnerving.  He wanted to make a good impression. Hopefully she would tell his dad he did a good job. He took a deep breath and let it out before beginning.

06-17-18_2-38-21 PM.png“Okay. Hey there Harley boy,” he said in a soothing voice while he began to pet the big dog.  Once Harley was calm and trusted him, he went to work on the exam. He fell comfortably into the routine he had seen Doc do over and over for the past few years, and in fact, had already done himself, more than few times, under Doc’s watchful eye.


06-17-18_7-36-27 PMIt was the day of his party and Cole picked up Laney for their ‘date’.  On the way over, he thought about Dannie and Ryker.  They would be there too.  He and Dannie hadn’t talked as often since she got back with her boyfriend, but they were still really good friends – with lots of pinky promises between them. That thought made him smile.

“What’s so funny?” asked Laney.

Cole glanced over at her. “Just thinking how pretty you look and how lucky I am.” She was pretty. And glowing? She looked happy. And that made him happy.

“Liar, but I’ll take it,” she replied with a laugh, “I am looking forward to tonight. I never thought I would see the day Nicky and I would be friends and she would be an advocate for me. She really is a good friend to have.”

06-17-18_7-00-36 PM.png“Yes. She is,” said Cole. He reached over and took Laney’s hand. He gave it a little squeeze, then brought the back of her hand to his lips and kissed it. “I’m looking forward to tonight too. I guess I just needed a little push. ”

06-17-18_7-24-49 PM.pngLaney gave him a warm smile. “Yeah. More like a swift kick in the ass,” she said and giggled. “So I figure I have seven months, or approximately 210 days to convince you that I’m in love with you, and to make you realize that you love me too – one day at a time.”

Cole felt himself blush. “Why, what happens in 210 days?”

“The rest of our lives.”

06-17-18_7-30-42 PMSuddenly it clicked – it was the same thing that Dannie said. They graduated in just over 5 months and then a couple of months later they would all go their separate ways.

College,” he said, mostly to himself.  He would be going far away. Maybe Laney could go there too, instead of San Myshuno. But he would save that conversation for later, once he was sure they were all the way back.

“Yep,” she said, “I gotta make you admit you are madly in love with me before then. But today is your day,” she added brightly, “So let’s enjoy.”


06-17-18_8-48-25 PM
06-17-18_8-52-02 PM
06-17-18_8-55-14 PM
06-17-18_9-00-36 PM
06-17-18_9-01-24 PM
06-17-18_9-03-10 PM
06-17-18_9-43-09 PM
06-17-18_9-42-48 PM
06-17-18_9-56-30 PM
06-17-18_9-58-56 PM
06-17-18_10-55-12 PM
06-17-18_10-56-31 PM


06-19-18_7-31-27 PM

Cole pulled up in front of Laney’s house and parked the car. He reached over and pulled her next to him. The couple began to make out hungrily, an attempt to make up for the past few months of being apart.  “One day at a time…okay?” whispered Cole, between kisses.

06-19-18_7-42-28 PM“Okay,” agreed Laney breathlessly when they finally broke apart.

As Cole watched her go inside her house, he didn’t think it would take very many days at all before they were “all the way” back.

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66 thoughts on “Chapter 2.27 – One Day at a Time

    • Immature? Laney? 😮😂😮 To her credit, she did wait for him before she decide to sic Nicky on him. But he was taking forever! She would have taken ‘matters’ into her own hands if he hadn’t come around after Nicky had her little chat. I hope she doesn’t hurt him again, it would mess with his head a big time I think.


  1. I suppose Laney can have him until Aubrie is done baking.
    NICKY; she seems like she’s in a much healthier place now! ❤
    Nice to see all those girls getting along! (Even if it's at Mia's expense, doh!)

    Aww, Dannie and Ryker; they will make many chubby blonde childrens (I mean, maybe, because let's face it; all these are still basically KIDS who will change and grow and blossom and shit etc).

    I wish my crew had been coordinated enough to dance in unison like that; we were all too busy laying on couches in a cloud of smoke giggling about south park tho… so in hindsight, I see why it didn't happen for us.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Nicky is in a much better place now. ❤️. Love her to pieces…and the new crew was certainly an unlikely one…but taking down a mean girl…well it sorta bonds you I guess. 😂

      Sorry about the dancing spam…it cracked me up when I watched them. I should have figured out how to put it on there as a gif, it would have been much more entertaining.

      And Dannie and Ryker could definitely make some cute blonde babies….maybe….ready for some blossoming….😁

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Cole and Laney are sorta back together! Amazing that all the girls bonded now. Laney and Nicky used to hate each other so much and just look at them now!
    Woah, can’t believe you’re not bothered with setting up scenes for the whole crew! Love all these photos.
    I was at a vet camp once and we were shown how animals are being examined. You should have seen the poor bunny’s expression when that woman put a thermometer in its butt hole! 😂
    Well, I’m definitely glad that things seem to be looking up after The Locker Rat has been revealed. I can see that Cole and Laney will not be able to hold their horses for too long as well. A lot can happen in 210 days. Who knows…

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ole and Laney are back together. And the girls totally bonded over the Locker Rat. It was good for Nicky and Cole to clear the air between them. And she has moved on.

      As for setting up those group scenes. Ugh.. it takes sooo long. Just dressing everyone is nuts! I am so anal about them wearing different clothes and maybe even styling the girls hair different. I make my own hell 😂.

      And a bunny with a thermometer up his rear….🐰 ….poor bunny. 😱

      Now that they had a heated make-out session in the car, things will undoubtedly heat up quickly. And yes, a whole lot can happen in 210 day! But the good thing is after that we are in college with young adults instead of teens! Yay! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      • My Sims sometimes have 5 outfits per one chapter if the scenes/days are different and I am just too obsessive not to change their clothes. So yeah, I can definitely appreciate hard setting up work when I see it. I was actually going to have a party in the last chapter, but I was too worn out after the wedding and lazily settled on a simple chatter instead.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Weddings are painful and CAS in TS3 can sometimes be painful as well. I know NRAAS mods helps load a ton faster. So I don’t blame you for taking a break from the crowds, lol…

          My next chapter will have like two scenes that are going to take me forever to set up. I found the perfect venue though…and it’s gorgeous. I just hope my screen shots do it justice. Going to tackle it tonight before Seasons breaks more stuff….lol.

          Liked by 1 person

  3. Awwww it was so sweet to see Cole and Laney get back together – in a way! ❤ I can see why Cole wants to take things slow but we're talking about Laney so it shouldn't be too slow, Nicky was right! 😉
    And speaking of Nicky, I loved watching the girls form a new friendship – I'd never guess that, judging from previous chapters *aka a little before the pictures were sent to Cole*!
    Buuuut I have to be honest and to say that I'm still rooting for Cole and Dannie 💕 Maybe after college starts? *crosses fingers*


    • Yes, Laney was done with slow – that’s not her style! 😂😂😂 I’m sure Laney totally put Nicky up to talking to Cole!

      Nicky and the girl’s friendship was great and such an unlikely set of friends. Nicky has certainly come out of her shell which is good I think. A lot more self confidence.

      So you are hoping for a Laney fail and a Cole and Dannie hook up…after college and they all have a better sense of themselves and what they want out of life… we shall see if it happens or not… Cole only has eyes for Laney right now. But we all know college can change relationships in a hurry. 🤷‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes! That’s exactly what Nicky did – she came out of her shell and it’s so refreshing to see her like that! 😀
        I’ll never stop rooting for them… maybe until they get married! Maybe not even then – I still remember what happened with Ben, although I wouldn’t wish the same fate for Cole of course! 😇
        (At this point I’ll shamelessly add that you missed my latest chapter! Sorry! Sorry, there I said it – now I’ll go hide in a hole or something, haha 😛)

        Liked by 1 person

        • Don’t! How did I miss it? I thought you had posted one and then I didn’t see it….I obviously didn’t look hard enough. I am going back in! 😱 Thank you for telling me! No hiding – please! I love your story. ❤️

          So, Nicky until they get married….haha…it would be horrible for Cole to have to go through what his dad went through.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Ooops! That’s probably my bad, cause I deleted it and then published it again..! 😕 Sorry about that! ❤
            I really hope Cole will not have to go through such pain..! But for now, I really enjoy reading about his shenanigans with the ladies! 😉 He's such a heartbreaker (albeit a very, very sweet one)! 💕

            Liked by 1 person

  4. So much happened but I forgot it once we saw Avery’s BIG BOY. ❤

    Please tell me he got many belly rubs and people burying their faces into his giant neck mane afterwards, I'm begging you.

    Going away to college sucks. If only Laney was an equestrian instead. Horses are so delicate that Cole would not get a chance to be away.

    Liked by 4 people

  5. I like Nicky much more now. Finding some true friends did her really well.

    And I’m happy Cole & Laney are back together. Still it feels very fragile.
    I’m kinda convinced they definitely won’t survive college.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Holding my breath for college for those two. Competing priorities may get in the way – we will see. And Nicky is so much more confident now that she has some true friends. And not a bunch of boys that don’t get girls! Especially teenaged ones. ❤️. I adore Nicky.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dannie back with Ryker?! Cole back with Laney?!



    I’ll comment more later when I’m less mad about what you’re doing to my ship 😭

    Liked by 2 people

    • You aren’t alone in your grumbling….some want Dannie, others are holding out for Nicky…..😮 And some are happy but afraid for Cole and Laney….🤷‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So many mixed feelings. I think that Cole finally giving Laney a chance will be good for them. At least now he can sort out his feelings. But thinking about Dannie just after you picked up Laney is not a good sign. I just hope Laney is not stupid enough to screw things up again.
    I don’t know about Dannie & Ryker being back together. I am just as upset as Cole. Hopefully she didn’t let him off the hook that easily.
    Seeing Avery again was not just a coincidence. I can see a tiny bit of a spark there.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha…It will,be good for them to sort out their feelings. Thinking about Dannie being with Ryker is a bit weird but he probably still harbors some I’ll will towards Ryker and because he is with Dannie, well he doesn’t have any choice except to tolerate him if he wants to stay friends… but yes, he should have been focusing on Laney. I think Laney has learned how Cole operates.

      Dannie and Ryker went back together easier, I think, because she did break up with him before the kiss happened. It hurt her too to see what happened but she took some responsibility for it.

      And of course we need to try and get to know Avery. Cole was flustered because the pretty older woman was paying attention to him.

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  8. This is a calm before storm. Those 210 days actually sound ominous. What are you up to? Will you break them up again before Cole leaves for college? Because the way it sounds I’m assuming Laney is going to try to persuade him to go with her? Tell me I’m wrong, please. You showed us Avery again and I keep wondering how she fits into all this. I’m guessing the last girl shows up while Cole is at the college.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Haha….the calm before the storm is a good description for what’s coming. There will definitely be a conversation between Cole and Laney about college and living arrangements. You can see he is already considering asking her to try and find an opportunity where he is going.

      Avery will be around and a friend at some point….this obviously wasn’t the last time we will see her since she works for Ben.

      It’s no surprise girl number 5 will show up at college. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Love your snapshots of the dancing. So Cole is feeling pressure to go back to Laney. At least he is aware that after HS. He and Laney will part ways due to their different careers, Laney in dancing. Cole in continueing to be a vet. Again I love how the characters are developing and the storyline too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. The dancing was so cute to watch…He is realizing he might lose her again no sooner than he gets her back. I am glad you are enjoying it.


  10. Excellent chapter, I am still shipping Cole and Nicky, but I have t admit Laney has grown on me. I hope Cole can work things out and the relationship with Laney can be something that will either last the long haul. or that he can look back on in the years to come and remember the good times.

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. “Cole….if you went slower you would go backwards.” That line cracked me up! I’m still on team Nicky but he does seem to be totally besotted with Laney and they both look happy so I’m happy for them. Who doesn’t love a bit of romance right?


  13. “Cole, you are so dense for someone so sweet.” LOLOLOL I love that. Cole is so adorkable. 🙂 The party looked like a lot of fun, I really enjoyed your pics of that. And it’s also really cool to see Cole working with the animals. In a way, I’m glad he’s back with Laney, but I’m still holding out for Nickey. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think he and Laney needed to reconnect if for nothing more than a little closure…but they are working things out… We will see who he ends up with in the end.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Hum-Hummmm. Everything seems to be going very smotlhy…maybe even *too* smootly…I’m glad Cole is back with Laney, but I *still* think something is up… and I agree with Nicky, Cole is reaaallly dense.

    Liked by 1 person

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  16. Wow. Way to lay your cards on the table, Laney. Ugh. Talk about a schemer. Run, Cole!

    Dannie’s way better. Not sure aboit little Miss Vet. She seems too old. But I bet she gives Laney a run…lol!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Ooooh the devil! Don’t do it Cole. Laney is baaaaad news! I said it a million times and I will say it a million and one. Once a cheater always a cheater. Get rid of her this minute.

    I’m really starting to like Dannie more and more as time goes on. She’s very pretty, and I think they would make a good couple instead! They’ve been friends for a while now. Once that arrogant dope Ryker is out of the picture, times will be great! 🤟😉

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