Chapter 2.34 – College Life

07-18-18_9-19-25 PM.pngIn the three months since Cole’s parents left, they had settled into a routine, which is the way he liked things. He wasn’t a big fly-by-the-seat of your pants kind of guy. The fact that the “routine” involved two very cute and sassy neighbors wasn’t half bad either.

07-15-18_9-54-08 PM.pngHe and Landon had been studying for mid-terms all morning when his phone buzzed like clockwork. Dannie was texting and he welcomed the break. Her messages always brightened his day. She cheered him up so much, especially the first few weeks when he didn’t know anyone. True to her pinky promise she was staying in touch.

Evidently, Ryker wasn’t around a lot and she was filling her days writing. She said the writing classes were really helping her and she was loving that part. Sometimes she would text him some of the steamier passages she was writing for a “reality” check. Some of it was damn hot, and made him wonder what being with her might have been like and then he quickly put that thought out of his head.

07-15-18_10-29-22 PM.pngHe was sitting there reading her most current ‘scene’ and burst out laughing when it involved getting ‘blown in the bushes’.

Landon looked up curiously. “What’s so funny? Wanna share?” he asked.

07-16-18_7-39-01 PM.png“Just Dannie texting me some of her writing,” replied Cole still chuckling.

“Share dude. I could use a laugh.”

Cole was embarrassed. “Nah, you had to be there.”

Thankfully, Landon let it go.

07-16-18_7-46-05 PM.pngSince he had stopped to read Dannie’s texts, he realized he was hungry and wanted to get something to eat.  He stood up and opened the fridge. Three day-old dried out macaroni and cheese wasn’t appealing.  “Let’s go grab a burger and take a break,” he said to Landon.

07-16-18_8-08-08 PM.pngLandon turned off the computer and turned around. “Great idea Murdock. Let’s go.”


07-16-18_10-03-12 PMLandon and Cole got in line and ordered burgers.  It was pretty busy even though it was cold out.  But this place was always busy.

07-16-18_10-16-18 PM.pngAfter they got their food, they found a table and sat down to eat.  Landon patted his midsection. “Man I need to start working out. It’s just been so busy, I barely have time to do anything except study. Can’t have love handles when I finally break down little miss Blake.”

07-16-18_10-13-21 PM.png“I know what you mean,” said Cole, “I was working out when I was dating Laney.  She had a the cutest little hard body and I didn’t want to be squishy.”

07-16-18_10-14-58 PM.pngLandon burst out laughing almost chocking on his burger. “Yes, maybe we should invest in a weight bench so we won’t be squishy vets. We can be the Hot Bay Vets and create a calendar like Firemen do. Only we should be on horses and have dogs, instead of hanging on a fire truck. Chicks dig that.

07-16-18_10-13-16 PM.pngCole chuckled as  his thoughts went to Mickey and what his dad said about not being able to take him. He was right and it embarrassed him. Maybe they should get a bench. “Sounds like a good idea,” said Cole, “We can stick it in the front room – move shit around.”

“Hey, isn’t that your friend over there? The sexy red-head?” asked Landon.

07-16-18_11-13-15 PM.pngNicky? Cole turned around and looked. It was indeed Nicky. And Mickey was wrapped around her.

“Yeah. It’s Nicky,” said Cole flatly.

“Hey Nicky!” called out Landon before Cole could stop him.

07-16-18_11-55-03 PM.pngWhen Nicky saw them she ran over and wrapped Cole in a warm hug. “Hi! I was just telling Mickey we should call you and see how things were going.”

“They’re good,” said Cole, “you remember Landon, my roommate.”

07-17-18_6-51-17 PM.png“Oh, yes. We met briefly,” replied Nicky.

“Yes, we did. You are not as hard to forget as I am,” he said and winked at her.

07-17-18_7-01-51 PM.png“Watch out. She’s taken. No hitting on the prettiest girl on campus,” said Mickey as he sidled up behind her and snaked his arm around her possessively.

Nicky laughed. “Landon, this is Mickey Blake,” she said introducing him.

07-17-18_7-23-11 PM.png“Her boyfriend. In case you were wondering.” Mickey lifted his hat and smiled. “Nice to meet you Landon.”

“Why don’t you two join us,” said Landon, “We were just taking a break from studying. Damn midterms.”

07-17-18_7-32-54 PMNicky snuck a quick look at Cole before answering. “Sorry, we are getting ours to go, then heading back to Mickey’s to do the same. Thanks anyway. It was good to see you Cole. Don’t be such a stranger.”

Cole avoided acknowledging Mickey. “Looks like you don’t need any extra company,” he grumbled. He knew he sounded like a jackass but he didn’t appreciate Mickey feeling the need to lay claim on Nicky.

Nicky blushed. “I always welcome your company Cole, you know that.”

“Looks like ours is ready Red, after you,” said Mickey.

07-17-18_8-04-47 PM.pngThey all said goodbye and Nicky and Mickey left with a bag of food.

07-17-18_9-31-55 PM.pngLandon looked at Cole curiously, and he knew what was coming next. “Cole…you have a problem with Mickey? He seems nice enough, wish I could pull off a cowboy hat like that. I would look ridiculous.”

07-17-18_9-20-50 PMCole laughed in spite of himself, imaging Landon in a cowboy hat. “Please, do us both a favor and don’t try.  But, Landon, didn’t he seem a like an arrogant prick to you? And that damn hat.”

“Confident I suppose. But to pull off that hat, you would have to be I guess,” suggested Landon.

“No. Arrogant. Privileged. Asshole.  He’s making Nicky think he gives a fuck about her. He’s going to hurt Nicky, I just know it. She’s not like other girls,” grumbled Cole.

“What does that even mean?” asked Landon with a confused look on his face.

07-17-18_9-38-51 PM.png“She’s not, well, experienced and he will make her think he is ‘the one’ and….I mean, dude, she was wearing COWBOY boots.  Nicky doesn’t wear cowboy boots. He fucking bought them for her. I know he did. She is doing whatever he tells her to. And he’s taking her back to his house to ‘study’.”

07-17-18_9-31-44 PM“Calm down Murdock. She’s a big girl and she has apparently made her choice. So, dude, if you’re pining for her, you are wasting your time. You do know that Yasmine would be happy to spend a little quality time with you, squishy or not.”

Cole liked Yasmin, a lot, but not like that. “Uh – yeah.  So she has insinuated at least a dozen times. And I have told her, at least a dozen times, I’m not looking for a girlfriend. And I’m not pining for Nicky either.  She’s just a childhood friend.”

“Bad breakup? You mentioned a hard-bodied ex.” said Landon.

07-17-18_9-20-50 PM.pngCole really didn’t want to discuss Laney.  “I just don’t want a relationship. Not now anyway. Relationships are messy.”

07-17-18_9-23-54 PM.png“Suit yourself.  I think Blake is just about ready to succumb to my charm and good looks. AND hard body, once we get that workout bench.”

07-17-18_9-54-35 PM.png“I like Blake. And for what it’s worth, I think she’s into you, maybe playing hard-to-get. She certainly isn’t like Yasmine.  Yasmine knows everyone and has never met a stranger. She could go anywhere and in five minutes, she knows everyone there and all about them. Come on. Let’s get outta here.”


07-17-18_10-02-44 PM.pngCole and Landon went back to their duplex with full bellies and got right back to their studies.  No sooner than they settled back into studying, a knock came on the door and in came the two girls they had just discussed. Keys had been shared before the end of the second week of the semester.

07-17-18_10-11-25 PM.pngBlake made a beeline for Landon while Yasmine carried in a bag of groceries and sat them out on the bar. She flashed Cole a warm smile. “We brought snacks. Thought we could all take a break and then finish studying together.”

“Awww.  We already ate,” said Cole, which earned a glare from Landon.

“What you got ladies? I could use a snack,” said Landon.

07-17-18_10-13-19 PM.pngCole sat down at the bar, a little perturbed that his studying appeared to be done for the day.   Yasmine sat out two wine glasses and a bottle of wine. “Wine or beer boys?” she asked cheerfully, “I have either.”

“Beer,”  came the simultaneous reply from the guys. Yep, no more studying today, thought Cole.

The four of them sat around the table and ate snacks and drank beer. Cole knew he really was going to have to get a weight bench if they kept eating like they were.

07-18-18_8-01-29 PM.pngTwo hours later Blake brought up a problem with her closet door. “Landon, can you come over to our apartment and see if you can fix it. It’s stuck and it doesn’t open or close right,” said Blake.

Cole and Yasmine exchanged a knowing glance.

“Sure. I can do it now,” said Landon, rising out of his chair so quickly, he nearly knocked it over.

Cole looked at Yasmine and she was holding back a laugh.

07-17-18_10-26-37 PM“Oh…thanks,” replied Blake, and the two of them headed out the door.

As soon as the door closed, the laughter both Yasmine and Cole had been holding in bubbled over.

07-18-18_8-07-31 PM.pngOh Landon, could you please help lil ‘ol me?” said Yasmine, and they both laughed some more.

“So, Cole? Wanna watch a movie? I somehow figure it’s gonna take the rest of the night to fix that door,” suggested Yasmine once they stopped laughing.

“No doubt. He’s crazy about her. I am surprised they took this long,” said Cole. “And sure, a movie’s fine, but no chick flicks….please….”

07-18-18_8-10-20 PM.pngYasmine laughed. “Okay. You choose, just no war movies?”

07-18-18_8-18-48 PM.pngCole cleaned up the mess while Yasmine poured another wine and popped some popcorn.

Cole sat down and turned on the television and began to hunt for something to watch while they waited for the popcorn.  When it was done Yasmine turned out the lights and sat down on the couch.

07-18-18_8-35-12 PM.pngShe promptly plopped her feet in Cole’s lap to watch the movie.

“Hey,” said Cole when her feel landed in his lap.

“Move then,” she said unfazed.

“Yasimine, No. This is the best TV spot, you can sit up.”

“Nope,” she said with a pop at the end. “Move or deal. Here, have some popcorn.”

“Fine, you can have the popcorn,” replied Cole resigned to have her feet in his lap. It doesn’t mean anything, he thought and looked over at her.  She was frigging smirking at him.

07-18-18_8-38-01 PM.png“Watch the movie, Cole. Unless you maybe have a closet door that needs repair.” She curled her lip as if it were distasteful before going on. “You know, that one’s pretty lame. You can only use it once, maybe twice and then everyone’s on to you.  You folks have it figured out.  Tiramisu.  That’s awesome.  Do you think they have it copyrighted, because I really do want to steal it!”

“Oh my god, Yas…” scolded Cole, “I don’t have a broken door or any Tiramisu!”

“Such a shame too. Look the movie’s coming on.”

07-18-18_8-40-45 PM.pngAs they watched the movie, Cole realized he had been absently rubbing her feet and abruptly stopped.

07-18-18_8-47-55 PM.png“Ohhhh. Why’d you stop? That felt sooo good.”

Landon came back through the door keeping Cole from having to answer.  “Man, we need a door between our apartments like they have in hotel rooms.  It’s gets damn cold outside after it gets dark,” he said, with his hands tucked under his arms to keep them warm.

07-18-18_8-52-57 PM.pngWhen he noticed how Cole and Yasmin were situated on the couch he said, “Ohh…maybe I should come back later?”

“No Landon, that’s fine,” said Yasmin as she swung her feet around to the floor. “I gotta go to bed. How’s the door? Still broken?”

“I never kiss and tell,” said Landon smirking at Yasmin.

07-18-18_8-56-29 PM.png“I didn’t mention kissing. See you boys later,” said Yasmine, and left.

“Well, is the door still broken?” asked Cole laughing.

07-18-18_8-59-23 PM.png“It might need a little more work, but it’s almost there,” said Landon taking Yasmine’s spot on the couch next to Cole.

“Sorry dude,” said Cole laughing.

“Looked like you two were cozy…” replied Landon.

“Nah, she just wouldn’t sit up.  She’s a couch hog.”

“We suck,” said Landon shaking his head.

07-18-18_9-05-18 PM“No. YOU suck. I coulda fixed the damn door, I just don’t have all the instructions yet, and I didn’t want to screw it up. I’m done. Let’s get to bed.”

07-18-18_9-11-49 PM.pngLandon laughed all the way up the stairs to their rooms.

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 2.34 – College Life

  1. Ooh so much great stuff in this one!

    Cole still freaking out about the SS Icky has me shaking my head a little… though I do think Mickey seems a little… possessive? So I can kinda see where he’s coming from too…

    Yasmine sure liked getting cozy with our boy, huh? I have a feeling it won’t be too long before she’s asking him to fix HER closet door too… (poor Landon lmao hopefully he at least got through a few steps of the repair process? 😂)

    Loved the texting with Dannie at the start! 😍 Maybe someday he will experience some of those hot scenes himself? (Let me dream 😭 #Connie4Lyf)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yasmine was probably right. The closet door won’t last long. He probably at least, maybe, got it oiled a little so next time, maybe it will open up a little easier. That was soooo bad! 😊

      Of course I knew you would like Dannie texting! 😂 The girl keeps her pinky promises. What can I say.

      Yasmine just took over. And Cole didn’t mind toooo bad….and she won’t want her closet door fixed. She will definitely a Tiramisu gal.

      And Cole so needs to lighten up about SSI Icky. It’s beginning to get more than just a little ridiculous. 🙄

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  2. Ooh, Ryker is not around much, huh? Maybe not all is lost for Cole and Dannie. Hot scenes…
    The famous tiramisu and now the door. I prefer tiramisu, much more creative!
    Poor Landon, he needs to work on his repair skills 😂
    It probably won’t take long for Yasmin and Cole to get it on. She’s a pretty girl and he might use some fun.
    I noticed the cowboy boots, too! Mickey is really affecting Nicky. But he’s not a fuckboy like Cole thinks.

    Liked by 2 people

      • Oh….so true! I hadn’t thought of that. Yes. Her name is actually Blakely but because all my characters seem to have the long e sound at the end of their name I shortened it to Blake. Never even thought about Mickey’s last name being her first name! 🙄.

        Liked by 1 person

          • I hit send before I was done! I had several scenes shot before I realized they were twinsies! I was too pressed for time to go back and redo it. I was wondering if anyone would notice. We can pretend it’s a vet thing okay. 😂😂😂

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            • Yup, I did! Kym says I notice everything. But apparently not, because I stayed up ’till 1am to finish poses and I spelled my own name “Iowita”, then I was wondering why the heck my poses didn’t work when I typed Jowita in the code. I’m a hot mess, I tell ya, been trying to make them work since Sunday to no avail (I mean, they work, but have mistakes I can’t stand). I also wanted to say your poses are lovely, as another thing I noticed is new element about your menu.

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              • Ahhhh. Thank you so much for the pose love! ❤️❤️❤️ Now that I know Jowita has an eagle eye, I will definitely go back and reshoot next time! 😂😂😂. I feel you about mistakes. I have a bunch more poses but I didn’t think they were share worthy. I’m also working on a 6 sim pose for a new header and siggy. I need to get in and finish it before Cole’s gen is over!

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                • I have exactly 14 poses I continuously tweak – 6 breastfeeding poses, 2 knife poses, 6 counter poses. But part of why it takes so long is I always end up with Blender turning its back on me because I push some keyboard shortcuts I can’t quite comprehend. 😂 That’s so awesome. Although I guess Cole’s gen is nowhere near being over yet, so you have plenty of time. Hailey’s should be complete by the end of August.

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                  • Hailey is further along than Cole, she has already has her children. That won’t happen for awhile. Cole has a lot of story left. OMG. I have done that in blender and can’t find my way back. I feel your pain!

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    • Haha. Ryker is super busy with school and practice and games. It doesn’t leave a lot of down time. Dannie doesn’t seem to mind I guess, more time for writing. Don’t we all know how that works! 😂 I wonder if she thinks about Cole or Ryker when writing those steamy scenes.

      I agree, Tiramisu is so much better! And Landon is working hard on his skills no doubt…I would suspect we might see a weight bench soon so they won’t become squishy Vets.

      You think Cole’s gonna give in to her pushing? We shall see. She certainly throws not so subtle hints his way. And he throws a big no right back at her. But then, it’s no secret she is girl number 5. 😈 We will see how long it takes for her to wear him down and if she gets bored with him.

      And you noticed the boots! Mickey is having an effect on Nicky and it’s not necessarily a bad one. Cole just doesn’t understand it, and they don’t see each other enough, because she always with Mickey, to really discuss it so he just imagines. That and the fact he just doesn’t like Mickey. 🙄. We shall see if things continue to escalate or he does what everyone else tells him to do and gets over it.

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  3. Poor Cole still can’t make up his mind which piece of candy he wants Lanny, Dannie, Nikki, or will it be the new flavor, Yasmine. So many guys would kill to be in his shoes and he is oblivious to the fact that Yasmine has the hots for him. Landon even sees it and tells him while there at the restaurant.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He doesn’t know which flavor he likes best. He has to eventually sample them all! 😂 Then maybe he can figure it out. But really right now, he doesn’t think he has any candy that he wants to sample. He’s given up sweets. But we all know how long that usually lasts!

      He knows Yasmine’s been coming on to him and he is shutting her down. So far. We will see….But she does like him.

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  4. I like the relationship between him and Landon – it’s good that they get along and can pretty much just talk trash about each other the entire time. Now, just as long as Landon doesn’t fall for one of the five…

    Nick/Mick just makes me feel squicky, and I’m not sure if it’s because we’re primarily seeing them from Cole’s point of view. I don’t think that wearing cowboy boots is a bad thing (I’m not reading the companion series so I don’t know if Mickey is on the up and up or not) but the way that Mickey keeps calling Nicky his girlfriend is a bit too “Curly’s Wife” for me.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Glad you like the Landon-Cole dynamic. They certainly do get along and love to trash talk each other. But aren’t those the best of friends when you can say whatever and they don’t get mad. I hope he doesn’t fall one of the five! He’s still working on Blakely’s door. If he can get it open he will certainly not look elsewhere for awhile anyway.

      Mick & Nick have been dubbed SS Icky by CitizenErased. She is probably feeling the same way and I’m sure it’s mostly because of Cole’s view of things. We will see a little more of it as time goes on. He was a bit possessive, but probably because of how Cole acts.

      Liked by 1 person

      • SS Icky? I’ll roll with it. Good point about how Mickey’s behavior might be influenced by Cole’s behavior, I hadn’t thought of that (but it does make sense).

        I like how the neighbors’ “thing” is to make up all different pseudonyms for sex. I hope in 50 years they show up and just randomly start shouting “Tiramisu! Broken door! Antiques Roadshow! Mercedes Benz! Horse calendar!” and everybody thinks they’re having an epileptic fit but they’re really just rattling off what they’ve been up to since they last saw each other.

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  5. Another great Chapter…Yas is not going to take no for an answer with Cole, how long can Cole resist, I know if it was me in college I wouldn’t have made it past the first suggestive signal. Okay I am a little biased her since Mickey is my boy, but Cole needs to get over himself, every time Mickey pops around he starts acting like a jerk, I can see why Mickey might start getting irritated and maybe start acting possessive. At least around Cole. Of course there is something else going on there lol…Landon is awesome,

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    • Landon was a great roommate. Cole definitely lucked out. He is a bit more aggressive than Cole so it balances out pretty well. Cole’s used to being in the background a little, although he did blossom some with Laney and Dannie.

      As far as Mickey goes, everyone is telling him to lighten up, he’s just not willing to listen. I think it’s more jealousy than anything at this point. And Mickey is definitely sick of it. And even Nicky is now wary of them being together.

      Yep, how long can he hold out. He might weaken at some point…probably, maybe. We shall see.


  6. Ohh, Mickey is territorial. I like it. I think it suits his character. I’m enjoying how his alpha-male ways grind Cole’s gears. 🙂 Cole may be right, though, about him not being the man Nicky needs. Mickey’s lifestyle might be too much for her, but who knows, she might grow into the role of his perfect wife.
    I’m still undecided how I’m feeling about Yasmine. The way she’s practically offering herself to Cole doesn’t makes her cheap in my books. But maybe she just wants fun and nothing long term, which is the only thing I can see Cole having with her. I’m still team Laney and possibly moving to team Avery in the future.
    10/10 would buy the Hot Bay Vets calendar.

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    • In some respects I think Mickey is your typical Type A, but I think part of it too is he is getting a little tired of Cole’s attitude, plus there is more going on in that scene then meets the eye lol….

      Liked by 2 people

    • Mickey is defiantly a bit territorial especially around Cole. And it totally gets him going. And yes, Nicky may well,have a hard time accepting Mickey’s lifestyle in the end. Or not….

      Yasmine is mostly out for a good time. And I knew you meant does seem cheap! And they may well get to the ‘fun’ she’s looking for. Probably, Maybe..and maybe more? Cole’s not really the type for a casual hookup.

      He and Laney definitely had a connection. She could get hurt and move back. But now cougarish Avery, hmmmm. That’s a thought. She could defiantly be good for Cole. If she’s not hooked up with someone else by the time he graduates. 😈. Or even if she is.

      Hot Bay Vets….I am going to have to have to spend some on a photo shoot for that, but only after they become not so squishy! Definitely getting those boys a weight bench. Lol.

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  7. I am proud of Cole, and then at times I want to smack him in the head.
    I am proud that he is choosing to focus on his studies, and not on tiramisu. 🙂 And those boys need a weight bench, we don’t want them to fall trap to the Freshman 15!! When he is ready, I would love to see the Hot Bay Vets calendar.
    I want to smack him in the head because he needs to let Nicky be Nicky. I agree that Mickey did seem a bit possessive, but it is not Cole’s place to say anything. Acting like a baby isn’t going to do anything for her!!

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  8. Mickey made my skin crawl here. Now I understand Cole’s aversion to him. Yuck. That possessive male crap infuriates me.

    I really like Yassie now. 😥 And I know you’re going to break my heart. She’s too underdeveloped to be the end love interest. But I’ll enjoy the playtime. Cole, you need Yassie’s playfulness because you have a stick up your…well…anyway. RELAX!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Yassie! I love the name. ❤️ Yasmine’s definitely going to get a lot more screen time. So . . .he does need her playfulness! He needs to loosen up.

      I think he’s right that Mickey seems a bit arrogant. But then he’s tired of Cole’s attitude too, and is definitely reacting to it. Nicky is responding to it as well. So….more to come on this.

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  9. Oooh I loved this chapter! There’s something about new beginnings (pun intended – although that’s not even a pun haha 😛) that always makes for really enjoyable chapters! 😀
    I’m so happy that Cole and Dannie still stay in touch (I ship them so bad)! but this new girl seems interesting… very determined that one! I bet she won’t take no for an answer very easily! 😉
    By the way, I hope that bit Dannie sent to Cole gets published… and that Noah gets to read it! 😂
    Poor Landon… at least there was a start! That door might seem easy but I bet it will require a whole lotta more work! 😉
    I admit, Mickey does sound possessive af, but I think Cole is being juuust a tad irrational there… Nicky can make her own decisions and it’s not like dhe asked for his opinion! Plus, as long as she’s still with Mickey, there’s no chance she’s getting back together with Cole and I’m good with that! 😂
    Loved this chapter! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so happy you liked this new beginning! 😂😂

      Maybe Dannie will publish it and dedicate it to Noah! That would be awesome. Hmmm…. 😮

      That door might require just a little more work, but I bet it gets fixed!

      The whole Mickey – Cole thing is probably mostly Cole’s fault at this point. Mickey wasn’t nice to him as kids, sorta bullied him a little. And Cole was probably a little jealous of Mickey and Noah. Now that he’s back and Nicky is dating him, well, that’s another hard pill to swallow since she broke up with him. And they were just getting their friendship back on solid ground. And now he feels distanced from her. So, yes, Cole’s reaction may be unfounded and Mickey is certainly reacting to his attitude, and even Nicky is sensing it too. I don’t think he wants Nicky back, but maybe he is pining for her.

      And Yasmine is a piece of work. We will get to know her a bit better as time goes on. Cole better watch out.

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  10. Okay, I’m FULLY aware I’m shipping incorrectly when I say this, but; Cole x Landon OTP!! (If Aubrie doesn’t work out that is 😜)
    It’s not my fault, ok; that last pic of them looking all intense as they climb the stairs together got me all “woo bby”

    These girls are just getting in the way of THEIR LOVE. Probably not.

    Nicky, you look cute in your boots, and Yassie in her flirty socks ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • The queen of incorrect shippers! Lol…I wondered how long it would take for someone to ship Cole and Landon. They did look like they could be a couple walking up the stairs. Cole was smirking and Landon just had this hungry look in his eye! ❤️❤️❤️

      Nicky rocks her boots and Yassie’s flirty socks, yeah! ❤️

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  11. Cole can deny it until the cows come home, but he is attracted to Dannie. LOL I think writing suits her. 😀 I’m still on the Nicky/Cole ship but I don’t dislike Mickey at all. I do think Cole doth protest too much. haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • He will deny it all day long. . . She has never really been accessible as anything other than a friend. I think the first he really let himself go there was when he wondered what it would be like to be with her. They are already great friends. But alas… Nicky and Cole isn’t out of the realm of possibility, but that ship and a whole lotta water…. and I agree he doth protest too much. He’ll learn.

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  14. I’m glad Dannie is keeping in touch, and I won’t deny I’m still a bit amazed that Dannie and Cole never became a thing..Anyway, I bet he’s going to end up with Yasmine, at least date. She seems…nice enought, and is clearly wanting some of Cole ( At least she’s not using cartoon technics, like our Minsane (Mia) ).
    I hope we either learn something shady about Mickey, confirming he’s ineed evil, or Cole just drop off.I mean this whole ”ohhh his evil” is starting to get weird…I can just imagine Mickey and Nicky getting married after years of dating, and Cole like ”Oh,but he’s mean, Nicky, is just that you haven’t noticed yet, even thought *you* are dating him.”
    Reminds me of a book, all written in first pespective, in wich a guy is in doubt if his wife did, or didn’t, cheat on him. Sometimes, he shows you some proof that could mean she did that, but other times, he show’s how much neurotic an insane he is with this whole situation, making his ”proof” questionable.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…Cole needs to get over this ridiculous speculation and talk to Nicky or just let it go. Although at this point I don’t see him letting it go.

      We shall see if Yasmine finally charms him enough for a real date. And she is upfront about it for sure. Gotta love that. No hidden agendas.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. The glasses of the burger guy!! OMG 😀

    Okay, I love Yassie and Landon! They are so relaxed, it’s refreshing contrary to Cole’s little stick in his butt c:
    Cole really wants too many flavours of tiramisu. If he wouldn’t be such an upright moralist, I could imagine him being quite a bed hopper, and probably having troubles being faithful xD He did inherit something from his dad too!

    Mickey gives me itches. I hate possessive men. But Cole’s aversion towards him is fueled by the wrong reasons too. such a mess :c

    Liked by 1 person

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