Chapter 2.38 – Yasmine

07-29-18_9-20-17 PM.pngAs Cole lifted the weights with his legs, the events of the past week were on his mind. Meeting Nicky and talking had been a good idea. He was very grateful to Yasmine for insisting he reach out to her. Talking to her about their failed relationship had helped him get closure too. It was almost like he had been carrying around a weight and didn’t realize it until was lifted from his shoulders.

07-29-18_9-24-15 PM.pngAs Cole switched to arm presses, he realized how good it felt to work up a sweat and burn his muscles. He was quickly becoming addicted to the endorphins released in his body from a strenuous workout.  He planned to come home from class, work out, eat and study. In that order, then do it all again the next day. He was more than ready for classes to start again on Monday, and happy that Nicky was no longer at the forefront of his thoughts.  If anyone was it was Dannie and Yasmine.  Not necessarily in that order.

Yas1His ‘date’ with his not-girlfriend hadn’t changed anything with their relationship. They were still just friends. He was relieved. He wasn’t ready for more, and now he could focus on school with no distractions. He really liked Yasmine – like – a lot. But she could be intimidating, even though she could also be very sweet. She confused him.

He realized he knew very little about Yasmine other than she easily slipped into a leadership role, no matter what the circumstance. Whether it was leading a conversation among people that felt awkward with each other or helping him work through his own issues.  

Yas.pngHe remembered how she was so kind to Ami when they first met. He couldn’t see Laney doing that. She only did things with him. He and Laney had created their own little universe which imploded when she got her dream job – and then in just a few short months found someone to replace him. Was what they had even real? After seeing how Nicky and Mickey were so in tune to each other, he wondered, but it certainly felt real.

07-29-18_9-25-58 PM.pngAs he reached up and pulled the overhead bar to start the last of his workout, Dannie came to mind. She had asked him not to send her anymore texts after he sent her the picture of his black eye.  She said she would text him when she could, that it wasn’t worth getting Ryker upset. That was the last time he had heard from her. He could understand why Ryker wouldn’t like it, he probably wouldn’t either. But still, he missed her friendly and sometimes sexy banter.  He hoped, when classes started again and their schedules were settled, that she would have a day they could make work so they could talk.

07-29-18_9-26-24 PM.pngHe didn’t dare reach out to Nicky either. He did what she wanted and made nice with her asshole lover.  Giving them space would be good. He had come to terms with their relationship, and had already interfered more than enough. She would hate him if he started bugging her. When she was ready, she would reach out. Maybe in a few weeks, they could all go see her sing.

07-29-18_9-25-16 PM.pngYasmine walked in, bringing his thoughts back to the present. “Oh, I can come back later when you are done,” she said, and turned to leave.

Cole didn’t want her to go. He was suddenly feeling lonely, and he was almost finished anyway. He slowly let the bar go to the top and released it, the weights making a soft clink as they settled against each other. “I was just finishing up,” he said and smiled at her, “In fact I am grateful for a reason to stop. I am going to be sore in the morning if I don’t, and that won’t be a good way to begin class.”

“You sure?” she asked.

07-29-18_9-28-38 PM.png“One hundred percent. Just give me a minute to shower and change clothes. You can come up if you want. I won’t be long.”  

Yasmine followed Cole into his bedroom. He grabbed some clean clothes out of his drawer and went to take a quick shower.

Yasmine was looking at the picture of his family when he came back in, 5 minutes later, drying his hair with the towel. “You have a lovely family,” she said not turning around, “They are all so sweet.”

07-29-18_9-36-37 PM.png“My family?” he asked as he pulled a t-shirt over his head.

She turned to face him. “Well… Wow….Hot damn Cole. You’re looking good, I approve,” she said as she gave him an appreciative once over with her eyes.

07-30-18_8-41-08 PM.png“Oh…” he stammered, a little uncomfortable, “It helps with the stress, you know.  That’s really the only reason I am …. I mean, I don’t plan on trying to pay Mickey back or anything, even though I still don’t fully trust him. But they seem to be the real deal so…”  He knew he wasn’t making any sense and just stopped talking.

07-30-18_8-47-28 PM.png“I’m usually a pretty good judge of character. And on the surface, well he seems nice enough, but you’re right, there is something just underneath that smooth exterior. Too smooth if you ask me. You are also right about the two of them.  I can tell by the way those two look at each other that they are knee deep into each other.”

“Please, don’t get me started on his arrogance. I promised to play nice in the sandbox. But the less I can share my sand with him, the better.”

07-30-18_8-47-15 PM.pngYasmine laughed and eyed Cole’s body again. “Well, before your new hot bod distracted me, as I was saying, you have a lovely family.  Love just oozes out of that picture. You are lucky. I didn’t meet your parents, but I did meet your sister. She’s a little firecracker, but she worships you. I could tell that night we met. It was sweet. And I felt so sorry for her, but she handled herself well. She will go far.”

07-29-18_9-40-06 PM.pngCole looked fondly at the picture. “She’s a spoiled princess, is what she is,” he said and laughed, “Even so, I do miss her. We had a long talk that night. But she isn’t like me at all.” 

Yasmine laughed again, “You don’t say? Cole you two are day and night different! And it’s funny because you have the same parents.”

07-30-18_8-57-01 PM.png“Well, sort of. My real mother died from complications due to childbirth.”

“Oh Cole, I’m so sorry.”

“Nah. It’s okay. I was a week old. It’s hard for my dad sometimes though, because my birthday is a huge reminder of that time,”  Cole pointed to the picture on his dresser. “That’s her. I used to look at her picture a lot when I was little and try to imagine her.”

07-30-18_9-05-06 PM.pngYasmine walked over to the dresser and looked at the picture. Then she looked at Cole’s reflection in the mirror. “Oh, you look so much like her,” she said softly, “that must be hard.”  

Cole smiled. “It used to bother me. But I always thought of my adoptive mother as my real mother. She and Dad got married when I was four, so she was sorta always there. I don’t really remember her not being around.”

“They love each other very much don’t they,” said Yasmine and something in the way she spoke, made her sound sad.

07-31-18_7-52-30 PM.png“Yes,” he said rolling his eyes, “They do. You remember the Tiramisu…I need to ask them how that came to be, but I’m too embarrassed. I just remember figuring it out when I was around 15 and I was mortified to realize that my parents had sex – a lot.”

Yasmine burst out laughing. “That’s sweet. My family isn’t so affectionate. In fact, I have no brothers or sisters. Just my folks. I was raised by my nanny until I was 12. Some might say I’m a spoiled princess too.  But I think Ami and I were spoiled much differently.”

“Well, it’s probably better than having a little sister always wanting to tag along or parents that totally embarrass you.”

07-31-18_7-55-56 PM.png“I guess,” she said and shrugged, “I had lots of ‘fake friends’ though. Everyone wanted to be my friend because my house was the ‘fun’ house.  We aren’t super wealthy, but we did well. My parents own a successful car dealership in Windenburg and made a fair amount of money in spite of themselves. They still run the day-to-day operations themselves. I think that is why they didn’t have any more kids. The business is their baby.

“I’m pretty sure I was an oopsie baby, probably conceived in the back seat of one of the cars on the lot. They took care of me, but their priority was always the business. I think they could do so much better if they would learn how to market it. You know. Get advertising and… well you don’t care about all of that. I’m rambling.”

07-30-18_9-10-33 PM.png“I do care. It’s interesting,” said Cole.

“Well, I hope after I graduate, to get a job with an advertising agency, to create marketing for companies. I like to think I could do really well, at least it would be fun.”

“I’n sure you will do well. It’s good to have a vision. Although, I guess mine seems pretty boring in comparison. I will probably go back to Willow Creek and, hopefully, work in the clinic with Doc Lewis. After Laney, I never thought of going anywhere else. I mean, it’s home.”

07-30-18_9-12-53 PM.png“That’s nice. At least you have somewhere that feels like home. I wouldn’t mind living anywhere really. Not sure I want to go back to Windenburg ever. There really is nothing for me there. Just my folks and they don’t care if I’m there or not.  And my fake friends are scattered. Maybe a big city like San Myshuno or even all the way to Bridgeport would be exciting.”

07-30-18_9-11-14 PM.png“Can I ask you a question?”

“Sure…I guess.”

“Have you ever been in love?” The words were impulsive and he immediately wished he could swallow them back.

07-30-18_9-15-16 PMA look of genuine surprise crossed her face. “Wow. That’s a deep question. Where did that come from?” she asked.

“Never mind,” he said, now very uncomfortable, “I was just curious. Trying to understand you. You give so much of yourself, but seem to keep parts locked away. I’m not as good as you at figuring people out. You don’t have to answer. Just forget it.”

07-30-18_9-36-08 PM.png“True confessions huh?” she asked as she sat down on the bed and considered his question. She looked up at him. “I guess, since you poured out your heart to me, turnabout is fair play.”

07-30-18_9-58-39 PM.pngShe paused as a look of sadness fluttered across her face. “Yes,” she said finally and somewhat flippantly,  “At least I thought I was. I was just 17 and he hung the moon for me. It was … well … let’s just say, it ended a thousand times worse than you and Laney.”  

07-30-18_10-12-03 PM.png“I’m so sorry Yasmine,” said Cole feeling really bad about asking.

07-30-18_9-58-16 PM.png“It’s okay really,” she said sweetly, “I learned from it. Not happening again. No love. Just fun. That way nobody gets hurt. Right?”

07-30-18_9-44-25 PM.png“Maybe you are right…I just don’t know,” said Cole, considering her words. Maybe one day she would share more, but perhaps she had a point. Loving Laney had hurt. 

07-30-18_9-53-01 PMSuddenly she smiled, apparently shaking off the past memories.  “I forgot! Look outside! That’s why I came to find you. It’s snowing! Let’s go build a snowwoman. I bet Blandon has already finished theirs. We have to go make a better one!”

“Did you say snowwoman,” asked Cole.

“Yes! Equal opportunity snow creatures.”

07-30-18_10-17-54 PM.pngCole flexed his biceps.  “I am NOT building a snowwoman. Nope. No way. Not with these guns! It will definitely be a big ass snowMAN,” he said.

07-31-18_8-29-39 PM.png
07-31-18_8-34-21 PM
07-31-18_8-49-12 PM.png
07-31-18_8-49-30 PM.png

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45 thoughts on “Chapter 2.38 – Yasmine

  1. Wow, Cole has been working out. He looks great! If only he knew what happened to Nicky… That’s better that he doesn’t, though.
    Hm… So it’s just Nicky that didn’t see anything off about Mickey. Interesting. She must have been blinded by love.
    It seems there’s more to Yasmine that meets the eye. She wouldn’t mind living anywhere. It immediately made me think of her living with Cole.
    Yasmine is so wrong, though. If she keeps caring for him as she does, it will be an easy “trap” to fall in love. She can’t escape it forever.

    Liked by 1 person

    • If Cole knew what was going on with Nicky….well it’s better he doesn’t. We will see if he ever finds out. Nicky has known Mickey for a long time and liked him back when. He proved to be better for her than Cole. She needed someone strong and confident to allow her to blossom and give her the courage to speak up. Well, except for his dark secrets. 😱 Nobody’s perfect…

      As for Yasmine, she has a story too that has shaped her. And I think Cole hit close to it with their little heart to heart. I think you are right, she needs to stop caring about him or she might begin to have deeper feelings than she seems to want. I don’t think she opens up to many people. He’s just so squishy…well, not so squishy anymore since he’s been working out. But really, I think Cole is a mystery to her. He’s not like the guys she has been with in the past that just want one thing and then move on. And his family, so different from hers. So yes, I think she’s a little curious and maybe even envious of him? And right now, he needs a friend….and Landon is more interested in Blake, but we will see them bond a little more.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I approve of Cole’s new manly look. 😀
    It was nice to learn more about Yasmine.
    By the sound of it Ryker is too controlling. It’s only a matter of time until he and Danni break up, and since Cole seems to be rather fixated on his girl friends and can’t have Nicky right now, he’ll probably jump the opportunity to be with Danni. The question is where does Avery fit in that. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Haha! Avery…seems everyone has forgotten about her. She’s still around. 😜

      Yasmine has a few layers to her. There are reasons she’s so against having a relationship and Cole poked at it a little.

      Ryker is a little controlling…I don’t know that he is violent, but still, that could be considered emotional abuse. I think sometimes that feels like love to women in the beginning…we will see if he really is controlling or just plain old jealous and insecure.

      Cole definitely needs a bud, and Landon hasn’t been exactly available in his pursuit of Blake. But now that they are a thing, then maybe he will give Cole some needed guy time so he can stop relying on his girl friends so much. He needs Noah.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh I liked getting to know Yasmine a little better in this one! She seems so skeptical when it comes to love or family or even friendship… but it seems understandable, given her past experiences. I’m intrigued to learn more about what happened between her and her boyfriend 🤔

    See Cole? This is why FWB would be just fine! 😉 (Nah, they’re still getting too close. Nooooo! Also Dannie is still such a sneak and also Ryker seems maybe a touch controlling. OBVIOUSLY NOT A GOOD MATCH. Go get her, Cole 😛 )

    Also, the ending was so funny with their cute little snowwoman LOL Guess Yas won that battle 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha. Glad you liked the snowwoman. This was time when the game read my mind. I had already written the chapter and then did the screen shots. When it tuned out like that I just died. These were literally the first two snowmen that I made since I got seasons.. I didn’t even know a snowwoman was a thing…. really, I didn’t care how it turned out, but it was perfect, because Yasmine goes into every endeavor with the intention of winning.

      Yasmine is complicated. Maybe she will eventually open up to Cole more, but that would be dangerous for her. I think she told him way more than she intended. At this point I fear their relationship is evolving too much for FWB to work. Right now, Cole is opposed to it. Maybe because he knows he would fall hard again. He hadn’t been intimate with anyone except Laney. He and Yas shoulda done it when they didn’t know each other so well, and maybe it would have been easier to do FWB. But I fear if anything happens, Cole not gonna be able to stop himself from wanting more.

      Dannie is just a good GIRL friend. Nothing more. 😂😂😂 Ryker is a touch controlling, but Dannie is a cutie and he’s probably jealous, which isn’t good for any relationship, unless he can get over it.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I didn’t realize Yas was from Windenburg lol….it’s surprising she doesn’t know Mickey and his crew, at least know of him, seeing as that’s where he grew up from the age of ten. Windenburg is a not that large of a town lol.

    These two are getting close, and it is so hard fro me not to ship him. I was on the NiCole ship for a long time but once Nicky got with my boy, I had to jump ship and I am on the Dannie ship, but I can see jumping to Yas. I am curious as to how Avery fits into all this…we don’t know much about her either. I look forward to getting to know Yas better though, I really like her.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, you stole Nicky from Cole. Shame on you! Yasmine probably just didn’t make the connection or hung with a different crowd. She is getting closer to Cole, in spite of her better judgement. We will see if she keeps him at arm’s length or not. She’s got some baggage she is dealing with. But she is likable for the most part.

      Dannie is still firmly with Ryker, to the point she is risking her friendship with Cole. So don’t know how that’s going to pan out or what Avery has to do with anything! Lol.


  5. Wow, you developed this story realistically and tugged at your readers heartstrings. My impression of Ryker and Danni. She is not as into him as he is to her. So he is very insecure and doing things that are controlling making it even worst. It is a matter of time and drama when you decide to develop that further.
    My impression of Cole and Yasmine. There is a lot of trust in their relationship on both sides and you can see it growing. It is not just hormones raging due to the sex they had.
    Sounds like there may be family issues and ex boyfriend issues that will bring drama into their relationship. Cant wait to see how you handle this.
    As for Nicky and Mickey, I have been also reading the hourglass about them. Sadly my impression is that their relationship is doomed in the upcoming gang war. Not sure if any of them will even survive. It might even spill over and involve the Murdocks due to their ties with Mickeys gang. The author mentioned he is going to wrap up the story soon and develop a new story. You both have done a wonderful job of collaborating and I feel that both of you did great with characters you can root for.
    Love the snowman and snowwoman snapshots. Great visual addition to the story.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are so right about Ryker and Dannie. He is not as secure with their relationship as she is. She was the one that initially broke up with him and I’m sure that has a lot to do with it. He was wanting to move faster than she was willing. So he backed off and now here they are. Hopefully she is happy. She never says she isn’t.

      Cole and Yasmine are indeed building a relationship. But they have never had sex, although they came very close one time and Yasmine agreed to back off, and did. So there could be some pent up desires influencing things a bit. She does have some issues that are a result of her not wanting to get close to anyone. And it may be scaring her a little to be getting close to Cole.

      Nicky and Mickey definitely have some new issues to work through, if they get out of the mess they are in. I am glad you have enjoyed the collab so far. Thank you again for reading and your thoughtful comments. 😊


    Yassie sure is 😉

    Heart to heart always a good thing, nice to know more about our Yasinator!
    Little worried about Dannie’s situation; even if it’s not violent, controlling realtionships are so toxic 😬

    So Cole and Mr. Bangs not sudden BFF’s eh? Aw, and here I had a montage of them in my head doing fun manly things together 😭
    Oh wells.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep, Yassie is looking! The Yasinator! Great description! And heart to,hearts bring people closer together which not so sure that was her intention. Lol…

      Dannie and Ryker’s situation may not be as bad as it seems. He’s just wants her all to himself is all. No sharing. But, yes, controlling relationships are bad news.

      Bangs and Cole won’t be doing any manly things anytime soon…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I’m loving Yasmine even more now just because of her back story of being an oopsie baby. My sweet Colleen was an oopsie baby (result of broken condom). I am glad that Yasmine had a much better life though.

    I am slowly floating my dingy between two ships now. Not quiet sure yet which one I will board.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. When Coles muscles overwhelm his small face! 😂 But Yassie sure doesn’t mind! 😏😏😏

    I think she wants some of dat Cole…muscles and ALL!

    Oh! I haven’t experienced winter in my game yet! It looks fun! I’m just getting loads of thunderstorms! 😭

    Says a lot that Ryker won’t allow Dannie to be friends with Cole. What’s he worried about? They don’t even live near each other. 🙄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole looks like Popeye! And I even toned it down! Guess it wasn’t enough. Probably need to do it more! Lol… TS4’s over exaggerated everything. 🙄

      Yassie wants dat Cole! And the feeling is probably mutual.

      Dannie and Ryker is a bit of a mystery. Speaks probably to his insecurities and maybe her willingness to alleviate them? Maybe….I hope that’s all it is. 😳


  9. I think Blandon won that round of the person-of-snow contest… but otherwise I’m glad Yasmine opened up to him. I’m glad he’s concentrating on school (not like that’ll last!) but I look forward to seeing what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed the snowman contest and clearly, team Blandon won! And Yassie got her way! Lol… I think she surprised herself opening up so much. Hopefully he will keep focused on school. That would be terrible if he didn’t do well.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Whoa, Cole is looking hawt! 😍 With the beard and those muscles – he’s a totally new man compared to the boy who had just left teenage years behind 😉
    Oh man, why are you doing this to me? Just when I thought I had settled on the Dannie ship, you go and throw us that Yasmine has actually been hurt and/or ignored in the past – thus her aversion for rrlationships and anything serious. You know I’m a sucker for heart breaking pasts! ❤ I hope we get to know hers soon.
    And speaking of Dannie, I think Ryker is overdoing it with the jealousy. Now he's forbiding her to actually talk to her friend?! I hope she dumps his controlling @ss soon! (sorry, I got a bit carried away 😁)
    Great chapter! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Cole is growin’ up! 😍 Had to try and get rid of that squishy baby look… haha.. glad you approve!

      Yasmine… ❤️. I am falling in love with her too! I have loved every single one of his girlfriends so far. And they are all so very different. Maybe she will eventually tell Cole what happened or we’ll find out some other way. Regardless, it does affect her behavior.

      Ryker is being a bit much. Maybe she will get sick of it and dump him. She knew he was like that when she went back to him though. And Cole was all wrapped up in Laney at the time so . . . that never went anywhere.

      Glad you enjoyed the new turn of events!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ryker is jealous and it causes arguments so she just soon cool things off. 😕

      Yasmine had some baggage she needs to deal with. I don’t know if Cole can ever do FWB. He’s too serious all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Uh Cole, I wanna know what protein shakes he took to get those abs in ONE WEEK? 😀 not bad!

    I think it’s time for Dannie to consider a break up. I wouldn’t jump to the conclusion that Ryker is controlling or abusive, but smh she looks like she’s just not that much into him. It’s not fair to string him along and let him dwell in jealousy.

    Also, what’s wrong with building a big ass snowwoman? 😀
    I start loving Yassie more and more. I hope she’ll find her happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha – I want those protein shakes too! Ryker may or may not be controlling, or maybe just a little jealous. Yep – A big ass snowwoman would be just fine and dandy! I do hope Yassie finds happiness with Cole or with someone else. She just has to open up and she isn’t ready to do that.


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  13. Ohhhh! Yasmine has a pass! I’m totally interested in knowing her past, and can totally understand her reasons, I mean, the only time she feel in love, she ended up badly hurt, no wonders she avoids love at all costs.

    I’m a bit worried about Ryker and Dannie, I mean, dude it’s HER life, if she want’s to talk with her friend, let it be! If you truly belive in her, than there’s no problemo…But, it seems that in this case, this is a big problemo. I hope she and Ryker figure out how to continue dating, while letting her do her thing.( Gowd, I’m having Pia’s old-boyfriend flashbacks, again!)

    Back when it was just Cole, I thought he was just jealous, but now that Yasmine also think something’s up..I’m a bit skeptical about Mickey. ( AKA, haney, if that’s not forshadowing, what is it!?)

    Now shipping Yasmine and Cole! Although, before he ends up in a relationship with her, he will need to change her way of thinking…Can he do that?XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yasmine has reasons for why she acts like she does. Dannie and Ryker may not be a match made in heaven but she seems to be happy and doesn’t want to jeopardize their relationship. I don’t think he’s violent…I hope not. That would be terrible.

      Haha. Maybe everything isn’t as it seems with Mickey, but he does care about Nicky very much!

      Yes, before they can have a relationship,,she will define need to change, but can she?

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Poor Cole, he really doesn’t know what ‘love’ is does he? All he’s seen is how Ben and Pia are together, and he doesn’t understand that that takes time.

    I’m impressed that he’s leaving well alone with both Dannie and Nicky, our boy migth just be growing up.

    and I’m truly intrigued by Yasmine, I have a feeling we’ll get to know why she’s all about ‘fun’ and no commitment.

    Liked by 1 person

    • More to Yasmine than meets the eye that’s for sure. I’m glad you think he’s growing up a little. And you are right, what Ben and Pia have does take time. He is chasing it and probably should stop. Maybe he will slow it down.


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  16. Yasmine really is a sweetheart. She is so supportive of Cole. I don’t really think she’s so trampy anymore. She’s not into relationships but she can’t lie to herself. At least she’s not pushy for sex anymore, however, I’m starting to like her now. Maybe they should consider ‘having fun’ together. 😁😁😁


  17. …and it became a snowwoman in the end, still. 😂 At least that’s what I’d conclude from the headscarf.
    We all need a friend like Yasmine, so honest and willing to help. It’s always the people who have suffered the most that are the kindest in the end. It seems she’s still dragging her own emotional baggage behind her, though. Cole better be aware of that before he falls in love with her honesty. She made a clear statement she doesn’t want anything but fun and when he’s ready for a relationship again, I hope he remembers that.

    Liked by 1 person

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