Chapter 2.40 – Mon Ami

08-07-18_8-28-44 PM.pngCole woke to the sun shining in his window and the smell of food. That could only mean one thing, Yasmine or Blake, more likely Blake, was cooking breakfast. She had stayed with Landon in their side of the duplex last night. He purposely stayed downstairs with the Television on to drown out any noises that might have come from his bedroom until they had gone to sleep.

He showered and walked downstairs. He could hear laughter and it sounded like everyone beat him up this morning.  “Hey! What smells so good?” he called out.

“Blake made bacon and eggs,” said Landon like the proud boyfriend he was.

08-07-18_8-52-25 PM.png“Here, I saved some for you,” said Blake smiling that pretty smile she had.  Blake was one of the sweetest people he knew.

Yasmine stood up and motioned for him to take her place. “I just finished. Here take my spot.”

08-07-18_8-51-04 PM.pngCole gratefully sat down to eat and Yasmine shoved some coffee and a plate over to him. “Thanks so much. So what were you guys talking about?”

“We were taking bets on whether or not this was your old girlfriend,” said Landon pointing to some papers on the bar.

08-07-18_9-23-24 PMYasmine picked it up and read it to him.  It was an advertisement for a performance of Swan Lake by the Taylor Paul Dance Company company out of Bridgeport.

08-07-18_9-27-25 PMCole felt his heart skip a beat and he was speechless. She’s supposed to be in Europe, he thought.

“It’s the dance company she works for, isn’t it?” asked Yasmine.

08-08-18_7-43-09 PM.pngCole got up and took the flyer from Yasmine.

Swan Lake

He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was Laney on the flyer.  How did she get the lead dancer?  Or was this just a side trip for ‘second string’?

When Cole just stood there, not talking, Yasmine filled in the silence.  “Ohhh. It must be her,” she said, “Cole, sweetie, are you okay?”

Cole blew out a shaky breath. “Yes. I am. I’m just shocked. It’s her.”

08-08-18_7-50-15 PM“Hot damn,” said Landon, “she’s hot. No wonder she didn’t want your ass!”

“Landon!” said Blake and slapped his arm.

“Landon,” joined in Yasmine, “Cole’s upset and that’s so mean.”

“It’s okay,” replied Cole, “He’s right anyway, she was way too good for me.”

08-08-18_7-54-01 PM.png“Hey, listen, why don’t we all go out tonight,” said Landon, “It’s Saturday. We can go out and have a good time. We can get all of our class work done this morning so we can sleep in tomorrow.”

08-08-18_7-56-30 PM.png“Oh, I can’t,” said Blake, “I have to work on the outline for a paper that’s due on Monday. You guys go on without me.”  Landon gave her begging puppy dog eyes.  “And don’t give me that look, Landon Lockhart, you know I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.” Then she smiled sweetly and Landon went all gooey.

08-08-18_8-02-31 PM.png“Umm, sorry, I already have plans too,” said Yasmine and Blake shot her a quick glance, complete with a raised eyebrow. Cole wondered what that was about, especially since Yasmine pretended not to notice.

“Okay then,” said Landon. “Looks like it’s a guys night out. See ya’ll later. I’m gonna go finish up my class work.”

08-08-18_8-07-32 PM.png“Excuse me,” said Blake and grabbed Landon, “You aren’t going anywhere. I cooked, you clean. See you next door when the dishes are done, m’kay?”

08-08-18_8-11-24 PM.png“Yas,” said Cole, “after I help Landon with the dishes, do you have time to help me with this stupid accounting?”

Yasmine gave him an approving nod, “Sure thing sweetie.”


08-10-18_12-35-36 AM.pngCole and Landon decided on Dreamer’s because the music and drinks were good there. When they pulled up, the parking lot was empty and a closed sign was on the door.

So plan B. They didn’t want to go to the Calico Club because Nicky might be there and Cole didn’t want her to think he was stalking her. So to they would up at the bar. It was crowded since the Dreamer’s patrons had nowhere else to go. They found a seat and ordered beers.

08-09-18_8-58-30 PM.png“So, wanna tell me about your ballerina?” asked Landon. “I have to admit I didn’t believe it when Yasmine told us. She was going to hide the flyer from you, but you caught us red handed.”

08-09-18_9-07-49 PM“Not really, but I will,” said Cole a little snarkier than he intended. He began to tick off on his fingers the events of their relationship. “We dated a little over a year. We had a fight. We got back together. Then right before graduation a talent scout called her and she left. She came back for one day. And left again. The end.”

“Ouch. You sound bitter.”

08-09-18_9-34-09 PM.png“I don’t know, maybe. It was the shock of seeing her on the flyer. It’s like I should be celebrating her success with her, not someone else. It’s like we’re strangers now.”

08-09-18_9-15-36 PM.pngLandon took a swig of his drink.  “So I take it, you haven’t moved on. Is that why you pushed Yasmine away?” he asked.

“I didn’t push her away. Well, I guess, maybe, I did. But we are getting along really well as friends. It’s probably better that way anyway.”

08-09-18_8-34-18 PM.pngCole didn’t want to discuss his lack of a love life. “So, what about you and Blake?” he asked and picked up his own drink, “It looks pretty serious.”

08-09-18_9-48-55 PM.pngAt the mention of Blake, Landon got a faraway look in his eye and the corners of his mouth turned up. After a minute, he responded.  “She was a hard one to get close to, but now that I have…she’s definitely a keeper.  She is so good. You say you don’t deserve Laney, well there is no doubt that Blake is too good for me …. Anyway, I see you’ve been taking advantage of the weight bench. Maybe we will do that calendar after all.”

“Oh, subject change huh,” said Cole with a laugh, “Must be serious.  And yeah, thank your parents for the weight bench. It helps work off stress, and Yasmine likes it.” He flexed his arms to make his point.

08-09-18_9-56-27 PM.png“Damn, look at that,” said Landon, and pointed his beer towards the tables in the back. “if I didn’t know better, I would say your ballerina is dancing on the goddamn tables!”

08-09-18_10-22-28 PM.png“Someone’s dancing on the tables? Holy shit,” said Cole, and stood up to turn around and watch. He inhaled sharply when he realized it was Laney on the table.”

“It IS her!” said Landon when he saw Cole’s reaction, “Damn, you gotta introduce me. Come on.”

“No…I can’t,” said Cole as he watched.

“Chicken shit,” he said.

“Look, her boyfriend’s probably with her. If there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s not to mess with my ex’s and their boyfriends.”

“True, but damn, Debbie Downer….well, I’m going to take a video to show the girls.”

08-09-18_10-24-57 PM.pngCole couldn’t peel his eyes away from Laney. He watched, mesmerized. She was so beautiful and full of life.

08-09-18_10-12-01 PM.pngShe seemed to be having a good time, without a care in the world. Probably celebrating her success. As he watched he wondered if he had made a mistake letting her go. Maybe he should have applied to another school and gone with her, but she had made it clear she had moved on. He thought he had too, until today and then actually seeing her again.

08-09-18_10-37-32 PM.pngWhen the song ended, she curtsied while everyone, including Landon, clapped.  She started scanning the bar, probably looking for her boyfriend, when her eyes landed on him. He quickly turned around and sat back down in his chair.

“Are you really sending that video that to Blake?” asked Cole.

08-09-18_10-43-36 PM.png“Hell yeah,”  said Landon and looked up. “Hey dude, she saw you and she’s heading this way, along with some blonde guy.”

Fuck, he thought. He hoped she hadn’t seen him. Cole turned around. And came face to face with Laney. She was gorgeous and she took his breath away.

08-09-18_10-54-43 PM.png“Cole? It IS you. Hi! How are you?” she asked.

“Hi Laney, he managed to say, “Looks like you’re having fun. What are you doing here?” Stupid.

“Here? As in the bar or here as in Brindleton Bay?  Well, I wasn’t stalking you, if that is what you thought, but here you sit, acting like you didn’t see me. Why?”

08-09-18_10-55-36 PM.png“I didn’t think we had anything left to say to each other,” he said sadly.

08-09-18_11-03-23 PM.png“Cole…I had hoped you would be happy for me. You know, as much as it sucked, you did the right thing for me. For us. And, I’m sorry if I made it worse or harder.”

“Lane, allons-y come,” said the blonde guy, with a heavy French accent..

“Lane?” asked Cole with a raised eyebrow.

“Cole, meet Marco, my boyfriend. Marco, mon ami, Cole.”

08-09-18_10-48-36 PMMarco smiled and stuck his hand towards Cole, “Ah. Cole, is my pleasure.”

08-09-18_11-12-47 PM.pngCole had to try hard not to roll his eyes, and didn’t take his offered hand. “Nice to meet you,” he said almost bitterly.

“Cole…” admonished Laney, so he stuck his hand out. He was surprised Marco’s grip was so firm. He expected and flimsy wrist. He was sure the man was smirking at him now.

08-09-18_11-18-19 PM.png“Did you come see the performance?” she asked.

“No. I didn’t know about it until today,” said Cole.

“I wish you could have come. It was the last one of the season …. Cole, I really am sorry about …. well … we need to go.”

08-09-18_11-54-37 PM.pngCole finally stood up. “Laney,” he said before she could leave and held out his arms. Laney took a step towards him and he pulled her into a hug.  “I am proud of you. I just wanted you to know that.”

“Thank you. I thought of you when they named me as a principal dancer. I wanted to call, but I left things so awful … forgive me,” she said and started to pull away.

He held her and didn’t let her go. “I think he loves you…” he whispered.

08-09-18_11-32-34 PM.png“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yes. I am. Good luck Laney,” he said and finally released her.

They couple turned around and walked off, Marco now wrapped possessively around ‘Lane’.

08-10-18_12-01-01 AM.png“Wellll, that was interesting, or should I say très intéressant,” said Landon with a smirk.

Cole groaned. “You speak French?”

“My mom is French so I know a few words, mostly curse words though.” said Landon and laughed, “He didn’t use any, FYI.”

08-10-18_12-06-48 AM.png“God, I need another beer or ten,” said Cole relieved they were gone.

Landon laughed. “Dude. She’s cute as shit, but she’s a hot mess. You are better off with Yasmine.”

“No “ he said quickly, and wondered why. Maybe because he liked her too much to get involved. It would just lead to no good.

08-10-18_12-11-43 AM.png“Okay, be right back. Beers are on me. Maybe we can get you laid tonight. I’ll see if I can rustle up someone at the bar.”

Cole thought a one night stand might not be so bad after all. But not with Yasmine. It would mess up their friendship.

Landon came back alone, but with a couple of beers. “Here you go. Everyone at the bar was already attached. So here,” he said and slid one of the bottles towards Cole, “drink up. This’ll have to do for now.”

08-10-18_12-17-50 AM.pngHe drank his beer and watched the couples dancing. Then he saw another body he would know anywhere, dancing very suggestively with someone he didn’t know. “Well fuck. This night is getting better and better.”

“What?” asked Landon.

“Look over there.”

“Oh shit. Yasmine – and she has a date. I guess she got tired of waiting on you.”

08-10-18_12-24-35 AM.png“Well, she didn’t have lie to me about it,” said Cole feeling beat up, “Come on. I’m ready to get out of here.”

08-10-18_12-30-21 AM.png“She said she had plans. Obviously, she did. That wasn’t a lie. Let’s go before she sees us and it gets even more awkward. Next time, we should get some guys together and play poker. It would be a helluva lot more fun and a helluva lot less drama. Let’s go.”

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50 thoughts on “Chapter 2.40 – Mon Ami

  1. Aw this was so bittersweet!

    I’m so glad Cole and Laney finally got a true moment of closure. I know it was hard for him. But I was proud for how he handled it at the end. ❤️

    It must not be easy though. Laney has a new boyfriend. Nicky is still with Mickey. Dannie is engaged to Ryker…. all the girls in his life (yes Dannie counts! Haha) are moving on. Poor dude needs to find a little happiness of his own. Except I still want it to somehow be with Dannie 😂 But I know that might be a pipe dream at this point 😛 Yas is looking more and more like a likely option *sigh* haha

    Your shots were great in this by the way! especially the bar ones… must have taken so long!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for picture love. ❤️❤️❤️. It was fun having her up on the table dancing. I found new keyboard shortcuts that move the camera up and down I hadn’t known about before (Q&E) ❤️❤️❤️and it helps soooo much. Sadly, it’s just my time has been so limited. So glad you liked the bar scene though. 😊

      Bittersweet is true. I hope he’s finally getting some real closure. The last time he saw Laney, it sort of helped him move on, but I don’t think he really had time to deal with it since he moved like the next day. So it was probably good for both of them.

      Yes, all of the girls in his life have more or less moved on, even Yasmine it seems. He was sorta thinking a one nighter might be good, but when he saw Yas, his ego was too deflated I think to even consider it. Poor dude. It might be a long four years.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Cole can’t win for losing. Dannie loves Ryke, Nikki loves Mickey, Laney loves Marco, and Yasmine has a new man. It looks like Cole is getting want he wants all the girls are putting him in the friend zone. Personally, I never like Cole and Laney, Nikki needs to stay with Mickey, Dannie and Ryker has something weird and over possessive relationship, they just need to break up, Yasmine is just dating the other guy because she is afraid of the feelings she is developing for Cole.🤔 By the time Cole makes up his mind who he wants to be with his baby sister friend will be old enough for him to date.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. That wasn’t the best of nights for Cole. Poor guy, not only he met Laney with some French dude, he also found out that Yasmine had a guy. Oh my. I genuinely hope things do get better for him. But that’s so cruel of Laney, still. She acts as if nothing happened. It’s pretty obvious why he wouldn’t like to talk to her. Oh, girl, come on…

    Liked by 2 people

    • He was definitely the bigger of the two in the Laney encounter. She strolls over like they are besties. He sucked it up though. I hope he’s through wasting feelings on her. I think he was wrong when he said she was too good for him. It’s the other way around, he’s much too good for her. At least she apologized. There was that. But then she’s all happy with her new life and her new French paramour. Every time he tries to move away from her and is almost there, she seems to show up and rip open his heart. 💔

      Liked by 3 people

  4. LANEY!
    BAM… Laney just lands right in there and throws everything off kilter (I approve Laney).
    I’m glad to see she’s doing well, and that they got a chance to hug it out!

    Yassie, are you dating someone? O.o

    Cole is so full of sour grapes, but, sweetie, okay you push all these girls away from you, they not gonna flop about sulking and pining! Okay, I’m sure that’s not what he REALLY wants, but he kinda seems like he do (a little bit).


    Liked by 3 people

    • Laney sorta screwed up his night out….but maybe better after hugging. Or not. Yasmine’s dating someone it appears. He pushed Laney and Yas away. That’s true. So he shouldn’t be whining – right! They moved on. There are lots of fishies in the sea! Or in his case only one or two still available, maybe. Lol….

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Excellent Chapter as usual. It’s too bad about the drama in my story that has Dreamers shut down, lol…Cole might have avoided all this drama. So Yas is moving on eh? I don’t think that’s the end of it though, perhaps this new guy is just a place holder until Cole comes to his senses. Which he needs to freaking do…I have to wonder if Cole would benifit from a bit of therapy, he obviously has some issues. I think Nicky and Mickey are a forgone conclusion at this point (although after the drama in my last chapter of The Hourglass anything could happen in this last chapter), Laney has moved on, which I am happy to see, perhaps he was too good for her but I am not sure. I see it as they could have had a good thing, but once again Cole didn’t sit down and talk to her, and wasted a whole bunch of time brooding, although Dannie came out of that so it wasn’t all bad. I am finding myself more on the SS Yole, I think Yas would be really good for Cole, if he would just quit brooding and letting fear stop him from having something with her. Even if it is jsut FWB. I look forward to further develoments

    Liked by 1 person

    • So much could still happen. Yes, I’m afraid you may have sunk the NiCole. Nicky seems pretty happy where she is. And it appears Laney has totally found someone new as well. They may have had a good if Cole would have talked it out. He tends to keep a lot internalized. Maybe if he learns to communicate better, his love life.

      He and Yas will have a little chat next chapter. Just sayin’. I mean she lives right there. They can’t avoid each other.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my, what a night..! I think deep down Laney is still a bit mad at Cole for breaking up with her, so maybe she saw their encounter ad a chance to get her “revenge” once more (by playing cool and rubbing her bf in his face). Not cool though! I wonder if she truly feels as happy as she looks.
    And then Yasmine, uh oh! I bet Cole is gonna get jealous if he hasn’t already… but that is totally on him – he could had been with her if he wanted it, maybe not her boyfriend per se, but on the other hand… one never knows what will happen until he/she tries!
    That chapter started so calm but was so full of well-hidden drama! I loved it! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think you might be right that she’s still pissed at him for breaking up with her. 😮 I don’t know if she is happy, but she is certainly acting like it. And she did sorta rub Marco in Cole’s face. And then….Yasmine! And yes,that’s his fault too. He pushed her away. I doubt he’s a boyfriend given her no commitment mantra.

      Glad you loved the drama that unfolded! Lol. I worried it was a bit fillerish, but it IS leading up to more. I promise. At some point Cole will get married. ❤️


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  8. Yeah…This was not a good day for Cole. Laney seems okay, living her life, ( not surprised she has a boyfriend).Must be hard for Cole to see his ex ”moving on”,( Tbh, she could have done all that only to make Cole feel jealous.) while he still deals ( a bit) with their break up.

    I wonder why didn’t Yasmine say anything to Cole about her ”date”,maybe she didn’t want him to think she was ”taken”? AKA she wanted him to think she was available to date?

    But that’s weird, if Yasmine is only on it for sex, why would she hide it from Cole…? There’s more to this than it meets the eye!

    Poor Cole, relationship-wise, the guy is *not* lucky…

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The sea was full of fish, but Cole chose to sit on an island and not swim until it got lonely there. 😀
    I loved the poster of Laney.
    This is clearly your way of telling us, say goodbye to Laney, you won’t see her again. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

  10. OMG! Yassie, you know how to pick em! He’s just…Yum!

    Lol! You snooze, you lose, old pal. I love Landon. What a great friend. Poor Cole. Can’t catch a break. Trying to avoid one girl and get smacked with two! Lol!

    I agree with Landon. You need a one night stand. (Use condoms. Stay safe! 😎🤣)

    Liked by 1 person

  11. How can you keep doing this to me and my Cole?!?!
    Just when we/he was starting to move on, you bring Laney back. That is bad enough, but add Yasmine on a date with a smoking hot man. This poor kid just can’t catch a break.
    Lesson from this chapter” stay home and play poker with the guys.


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  13. This is how much of an airhead I am and how deficient in french i am— Judging by the title of this chapter, i thought it was gonna be about Ami … as in Cole’s sister Ami. Lol.

    Well this was a hell of a shitty night for poor Cole. Not 1, but 2 of the girls he has feelings for come strolling in with other men.
    🎵 Wah wah wah… 🎶

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Yep. Really fucking like Landon (hoping I got the name right because I am AWFUL with names). Brandon? Shit. Pretty green-eyed roommate dude.
    And I suspected Yas was seeing someone. I wonder if she didn’t tell Cole because she still hopes they can become a thing, and this guy is a distraction until that can happen.
    Poor Cole. Him and jealous boyfriends of his exes. That’s rough.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Aw man, Landon being proud of simple bacon and eggs that Blake made is cute 😄
    The situation has made it clear that Laney isn’t ready for a new boyfriend yet. It was so weird. But neither is Cole, so they’re even 😂

    Liked by 1 person

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