Chapter 2.42 – Home

Caution – mild NSFW pics in the beginning…..

lessonsOver the last few months Cole and Yasmine had been enjoying the benefits of their new FWB relationship along with her many lessons.

togetherIt wasn’t just sex though, it was her companionship that he enjoyed.  They got along well and enjoyed each other’s company, whether it was watching movies, going dancing or just hanging out.

AsleepHis favorite times were when she fell asleep in his arms. He loved that she trusted him to hold her when she was most vulnerable. Whether it was late at night, on the weekend lazing on the couch or after one of her ‘lessons’.  She had long since stopped going to her own bed afterwards.

lessons1He also found he was no longer fixated on his other friends and truly wished them well. Yasmine had been right, they no longer needed him in their lives to the extent they had in the past. He had been selfish and maybe a little foolish to think they would always need him close.

acctingYasmine still helped him with his accounting, even after it finally clicked for him. He felt like a cartoon character with a light bulb over his head that suddenly turned on. Still, they did the work together, laughing through it, and applying it to his imaginary veterinary clinic.

lessons2.pngThen after they finished, they rewarded themselves with each other.  Instead of dreading accounting, he now looked forward to it.

08-14-18_8-44-27 PM.pngToday,  as he was sitting there, waiting for Yasmine so they could start studying for finals, his phone rang. “Hey mom,” he said cheerfully, “How’s everyone.”

“Good. I called to let you know we have arranged for you to fly home the week after classes are out. If that’s not too soon.  I will email the ticket info to you.”

His heart sunk. He desperately wanted to see everyone, but he and Yasmine hadn’t discussed the summer.  “Okay,” he said, trying to keep his tone light even though he felt like he had a stone in the pit of his stomach, “that gives me time to wrap things up. I can’t wait to see everyone. I’ll talk to you later.”

08-14-18_8-47-40 PMYasmine walked in just as he was ending the call. “Who’s coming over?” she asked, misunderstanding the end of the conversation.

“Oh…” he said and his face fell as he realized he had to tell her now. She probably assumed he would be staying. “That was my Mom. She has my plane ticket for Willow Creek.  I’m going home to see my family for a couple of months during the summer. I am leaving in two weeks.”

08-14-18_8-53-53 PMYasmine didn’t say anything for a second and then quickly recovered. “Oh. You didn’t say anything before… I thought…. oh never mind.”

He totally screwed this up. “I wasn’t for sure when.  I haven’t seen them for almost a year.  I’ll be back early August to get ready for the next term,” he offered, “Are you staying here?”

“Yes. No reason for me to go home,” she said flippantly, rolling her eyes. But he could see the sadness there anyway.

08-14-18_9-08-55 PM“Hey…maybe you can come with…”

08-14-18_8-52-23 PM.png“No!” she interjected defensively, making Cole shrink back, “I told you Cole. No strings! The last thing I want to do is meet the fam. That’s ropes. No thanks.” She stopped, took a deep breath and smiled weakly.  “Now, come on. Let’s study for that test, okay?”


08-14-18_10-21-43 PM.pngTwo weeks later, Cole’s parents picked him up at the airport.  His mother was crying and he was pretty sure his dad, just like himself, was swallowing back his emotions.

They loaded everything in his dad’s SUV and began the 45 minute drive to Willow Creek from San Myshuno.

08-15-18_8-58-15 PMBut, instead of heading to their home in Willow Creek, they turned into Newcrest and pulled up to one of the brand new houses that had been built. “Why are we going here first?” asked Cole.

“Welcome to our new home!” exclaimed his mother. Cole was shocked. Evidently his family had moved into one of the model homes that had been built to advertise the first phase of the development. How could he have had no idea they were moving?

08-15-18_8-15-02 PM.png“We sold our house in Willow Creek and moved here. If the developer doesn’t live in the neighborhood, what does that say about the area?” explained his dad,  “Come on.  Let’s go inside. Your sister and Duke are waiting on us.”

GROUP.pngThey climbed out of his dad’s SUV and walked up the steps.  When he opened the door, he was met with the aroma of all kinds of delicious food and a ton of people standing around talking.  He suddenly realized he was hungry.

08-15-18_11-28-26 PM.pngBefore he could scarce take in who was there, Duke tackled him, licking him right in the face.

08-15-18_11-33-16 PM.pngHe heard a squeal and saw Ami headed his way.  He peeled Duke off of him and his sister took the dog’s place and wrapped herself around him. He had missed her more than he thought. He held her tight not wanting to let go too quickly.

08-15-18_11-57-37 PM.pngOnce they pulled apart, Ami took him to where Macy was sitting with Aubrie and re-introduced him to his cousin.  Macy was Uncle Nick and Aunt Rachael’s daughter. He hadn’t seen her since she was probably 12.  Of course, wherever Ami was, so was Aubrie – they were still A-squared – and he greeted her as well.

08-15-18_11-48-34 PM.pngHis grandparents stopped making eyes at each other long enough to say hi.  They were as bad as his parents, who had actually behaved themselves pretty well so far.

08-15-18_11-52-24 PM.pngHe saw his mom talking to his Aunt and Uncle. He remembered her saying her brother was considering moving to Willow Creek after their dad died. They planned to bring her mother with them so she wouldn’t be alone. Noah was giving them some tips about a ‘mother-in-law’ design.

08-15-18_11-53-51 PM.pngDoc Joe Lewis and his wife Naomi made it too, and Doc gave him a giant hug.

08-16-18_12-01-27 AM.pngHe found out Mickey and Nicky were living in Willow Creek in a house that his dad built for them.  Noah had managed the construction and Avery had helped decorated it.  He wondered why Noah and Avery didn’t hook up. They could probably make a good living doing flips.

08-16-18_12-21-41 AM.pngFinally Avery also welcomed him back.  She seemed to have made herself a part of his family.  In fact, family was what he had missed in Brindleton Bay, at least it was until he and Yasmine got together. It would have been perfect is if she could be here with him. Then in the same instance, he knew she didn’t want to be, and a little piece of his heart broke for her. Sitting there with his family and friends, he was more determined than ever to figure out why she closed herself off.

08-16-18_12-36-49 AM.pngAfter everyone finally left, Cole went up to his new room, which was now essentially a guest room. It was nice, with an en suite bathroom which afforded privacy and a new double bed, but it wasn’t his old room that he had grown up in.

08-16-18_12-37-21 AM.pngAs he lay down to sleep, he realized, even with all the people that had come to see him,  that his little room in Brindleton Bay felt more like home, and he found himself anxious to get back there to be with Yasmine. Yasmine felt like home.

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57 thoughts on “Chapter 2.42 – Home

  1. Ah, totally getting attached. I think Yasmine is afraid of admitting that she fell for our boy and that’s why she burst out so suddenly. It’s good to see the whole family and so many old friends. I missed everyone, including Kaitlin and Leroy. God, maybe you will soon need to tell your husband that Leroy died and you’re still playing… Hopefully, that’s not too soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leroy! 😱 I had to laugh because he always asks me that. He would totally be like – then why are you still playing? Leroy’s not super old, in his early 60s, so I hope it’s not too soon. I had to do a spreadsheet to keep up with everyone’s ages. You might not have noticed but Sofia’s father died not too long ago. It wasn’t a thing in my story until this one. Her parents were quite a bit older when she and Nick were born. And sorry I went off on that tangent!

      Yes….as far as Yasmine is concerned Cole is totally realizing that he has it bad for her. And she panicked just a little when he said he was leaving for the summer because she totally doesn’t want to admit she needs Cole around and very likely has feelings for him beyond friends.

      The family was fun to get together. Of course Ben has a brother and four sisters that have all moved away. No way I could have incorporated that brood. It was easy to get Rachael and Nick. And their daughter, Macy, is soooo pretty.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I know that he does. It’s a relief that he is not that old. Reggie is in his sixties, too. He’s actually a few years older than Sam. As for current ages of my characters: Hailey is 40, Reggie is 65 and so is Cedric, Sam is 62, Frank is 40, Waylon is 44, Candy is 40, Clinton is 21, Rebecca, Ronald and Sharicka are 18. I did it, lol. I didn’t notice that Sofia’s father died.
        Oh, Yasmine. Her no strings attitude will eventually bite her in the ass!
        It’s always a mess getting the whole family together, so kudos to you.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. These two love to keep screaming “No strings!” But I think we’ve got a pair of marionettes over here! 😂 Yasmine especially seems to be in such denial. Why do I feel certain Cole is about to get his heart broken yet again?? 😬

    What a huge shock for him to come home and find that his parents moved! They should have given him some kind of warning (especially if Cole felt emotional attachment to their old house! That’s the type I am haha). I loved seeing everyone again (omg those shots must have been killer to set up though!). My heart still hurts seeing Kaitlin and Leroy so old though 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • Marionettes for sure! Cole has definitely figured out that Yasmine has captured his heart. He is missing her bad. And I think she is in total denial and certainly not willing to go anywhere near saying he might mean more to her than just a friend.

      You think he’s gonna get a broken heart again? 💔 I hope not. So far he has managed to recover from the last two – especially with Yasmine’s help. ❤️ And he’s a little,older and hopefully wiser. And he doesn’t have a journal,so,that has to,help…right? 😂😂😂

      Coming home to so many changes was a huge shock. A new house…wow. And he didn’t know. His parents didn’t want him to be distracted by things he couldn’t change. So thought it best not to tell him. He’s been gone for almost a year and things do change. I’m sure he had an emotional attachment to the old house. They moved there when he was around seven.

      They actually behaved fairly well – once I finally got everyone moved in. I made the mistake of going into Cas and had to do it all over again. I was sooo bummed. Leroy and Kaitlin…they are so sweet and so happy in their elder years.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yasmine is so in love with Cole and Cole is in love with Yasmine. Come on guys admit it. At least, Cole realizes he has feelings for Yasmine. Yasmine just open your eyes and your heart. Cole is not the guy who hurt you in the past. He is the guy who is here for you in the future. Hey, listen to this 15 year old. I haven’t lived this long for nothing.😋😉😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are cracking me up! Yes, I think they are very close to the “L” word. Cole realizes it anyway. That boy falls hard and fast. Yasmine may have realized she was more attached to Cole than she wanted to be when he told her he was leaving. I think she panicked for a minute, then pushed back hard, more to convince herself than him. You are quite wise for having lived so long! 😂😂😂😂


  4. Wonderful chapter!!! I loved seeing my boy Mickey and Nicky even briefly, having them pop up ever so often will assure they are not forgotten until my return so thanks for that. It was good to see everyone. I think Yas is in total denial, she is falling and falling hard. So is Cole. I look forward to further developments of these two. Can’t wait to see where it goes, I am kinda of the Yole ship although part of me still hopes he gets with Dannie in the end. Can’t wait to see what happens from here.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Glad you enjoyed seeing ‘Michole’ … I don’t think they ever got a ship name. Now that they are settled in Willow Creek, well…we won’t see them much for the next few chapters.

      Yole! ❤️❤️❤️ Cole is in love….of course. And he does realize it. I totally think Yas is too and it scared her when she realized she had feelings for him. When he said he was leaving it brought her feelings front and center and she ran like a scared rabbit. I wonder how it will be when he goes back. We have a couple of chapters in Newcrest before that happens.

      Another Dannie shipper to the end. Hah. We shall see. She IS engaged….


      • Oh they got a ship name but not a nice one, SS ICKY (Glares at CitizenErased) lol, glad you came up with one lol…you don’t need to see them much, but it is nice to see their faces even if they don’t play a apart in the story. I should be back in two or three weeks to continue their saga, going back to doing what I do best, an ensemble so we will be following the Wyatts and the Blakes once again.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. You two are so freaking attached to each other, just admit it. There are strings everywhere. And I too am wondering why Yasmine is the way she is. Cole at least seems to be better at acknowledging his attachment to her even if he doesn’t say it outright.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So attached….strings all over the place. Yasmine is now realizing it and running. Or maybe she just realized that Cole had attached himself to her and she wants to shake him off….a little of both I think. It’s totally freaking her out. We will eventually hear from Yasmine and find out more about why she is Ben 2.0.

      Cole is certainly afraid to say it out right. But how long can he wait? And will she still want to continue their relationship when he returns? Lots can still happen.


  6. Poor Cole, couldn’t even say goodbye to the old house and his childhood room. Must have felt strange.
    He is definitely getting attached to Yasmine as I thought he would. The question now is, will he run into Danni next? And if so, will she still be with Ryker, hmm? I think either him or Yasmine will find a substitute during the months they won’t see each other.
    It was nice to see all those characters again. Ami, Aubrie, Avery and Noah, of course. Can’t forget to mention Noah. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • Have to have Noah! 😍 We shall see more of him before Cole gets back to B.B. He has a new GF.

      Will Cole find someone else while he’s home? Not really Cole’s style, but Yasmine? That’s a good observation. She was freaked out by her sudden realization that she didn’t want him to leave.

      How will Cole deal if that happens….and will Dannie be around to help him through another break up? Not likely, but then who says they are breaking up?

      Ami & Aubrie A-squared! Aubrie is going to be pretty when she is an adult…so is Ami.

      Liked by 1 person

      • A new GF? Why am I not surprised? 😀 And I am intrigued who she is. Also when Cole mentioned Noah and Avery would be a good match I kinda had to agree with him. That is if Ami isn’t waiting in his future (haven’t given up on my NoMi ship yet).
        Yeah, I’m suspecting Yasmine will be with someone else by the time Cole returns.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Noah doesn’t keep them long. He’s not a one night stander, but hasn’t really committed to anyone. Lol. The NoMi ship! It has a good ring to it! Ami is still young though – so you might be waiting awhile for that ship to leave the harbor. 😂

          Yasmine is like a scared rabbit right now, so that’s a pretty good prediction.

          Liked by 1 person

  7. Most parents turn their kids room into a study, gym, or craft room when they head off to college. They don’t up and move completely.

    Come on, Yasmine. Admit you are in love with the boy. He loves you. Just get it over with so I can board this damn ship instead of just floating beside it on my dinghy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes….move and not even tell the boy! What’s up with that. I guess they didn’t want to upset him with something out of his control. And it’s a much larger house than they had before so,what’s not to like? Home is where the heart is, that’s what Cole is figuring out anyway.

      Yasmine is falling hard but it’s freaking her out. Keep that dinghy close by….just sayin….

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I can just picture what is going to happen: Cole will end up missing Yasmine enough to go back early to Brindleton Bay to surprise her with an engagement ring. Yasmine will end up missing Cole so much that she will be dating lots of other men to get her mind off of Cole. Then the moment of reckoning arrives. He find her in the arms of another man! Drama Drama Drama. As they are your characters we will see how it goes after that meeting. LOL. Very well thought out chapter. Great summing up of Generations! Great pictures too! Thanks for another well crafted thought out chapter.

    Liked by 4 people

  9. Does someone have it bad for Yasmine? I think she does too but doesn’t want to admit it.

    Ah…the last girl is on the scene again! And maybe this little break from Yazmataz will be just the thing he needs…Avery! And it’s soooo convenient that she hasn’t gotten with Noah. So, there she is for the picking, Cole! 😉

    I still say Laney will be the one. She hasn’t sailed off yet. She’s going to break up with her dude and flutter back into Cole’s life once he gets wounded by both Avery and Yassie (because she’ll be with a ton of guys by the time he gets back.) Avery…there’s a secret waiting with her, I’m sure. And Cole will discover it!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Pingback: Chapter 2.41 – FWB | New Beginnings

  11. It’s clear Cole needed this FWB situation with Yasmine. If You are happy with your own life, you stop worrying about other’s lif. Buuuut, people being people, he fell in luvvvvv with Yasmine, or, he’s at least in the process of falling in love with her. Yasmine also is feeling…something, towards Cole, I mean she was as sad when he said he was going away, and I doubt it has something to do with their makeout sessions….

    I reallly want to know what happened with Yasmine…For now, we only know it has something to do with a really bad break up… it could be that she got hurt in the process, and is now afraid of dating someone else, because she thinks she will be hurt once again.( just a theory, thought.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are soooo close. I think you are totally on my head! Lol…. They are very close to falling in love with each other, but you are right, she is afraid. I love what you said about being happy with your life, you don’t worry about others. It fits Cole so perfectly.

      You will find out soonish what happened with Yasmine. But it was indeed an ugly breakup…. that much we know. You always have such insightful comments!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Aww. I love them together if Yasmine will just open up. Glad you like the, and I want them to sail too. But I have wanted all,of my ships to sail! I love every single one of the girls Cole has been with!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I am so sorry for my late comment! My signal was awful during my vacation but I’m finally back! 😉
    It was so great to see everyone again! 😀 Especially Noah, haha – although I was a bit disappointed to see him with his shirt on, lmao! 😂😍
    Hmmm I can see that Cole is starting to get attached, while Yasmine wants nothing to do with it – at least she won’t admit it. The tone in her voice when Cole said he’d leave for summer says that she feels more than she’s willing to show. I bet things are gonna get intense and probably not in a good way!
    I already feel so bad for Cole 😢

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry for my late reply. I’m on vacation now too. 😂

      I’ll try to remember in the future that Noah should always be seen shirtless. ❤️❤️

      Cole is big time attached. And Yasmine is trying really hard not to be. Intense is a good way to describe what’s to come. I hope he doesn’t get hurt. Maybe he can break down her walls but they are pretty high…

      Liked by 1 person

  13. “Yasmine feels like home.” Sounds to me like FWB is a lifestyle Cole shouldn’t be messing with. It’s absolutely not for him. He wants a meaningful relationship. Of course that’s one trait I’ve always loved about him. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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