Chapter 2.48 – Retirement

09-05-18_10-15-31 PM.png

This time, when Cole arrived at home, there were no huge surprises or welcome home parties, it was just his family and grandparents. He was grateful for the lack of fanfare and the time to spend alone with his family.  Instead, his mom made Chicken Saltimbocca and they all sat down to dinner together. It was nice. Something he hoped he would be doing himself in a few years.

09-05-18_10-17-16 PM.png“So Cole, do you plan to join me at work for the next few weeks?” asked Ben, looking hopeful.

09-05-18_10-24-03 PM.png“Yes,” replied Cole, “I can start tomorrow since I won’t be here as long. I can’t wait to see what has changed since I was here last year.”

“Good,” said Ben with a proud smile, “I will get Avery to work with you on some of the contracts that are coming in. Show you how she manages it.”

09-05-18_10-10-50 PM.pngLeroy spoke up, “I’m finally retiring this year,” he said and shot a glance at his wife, “Before I get nagged to death.”

09-05-18_10-10-09 PM.png“I don’t nag!” protested Kaitlin, and everyone at the table had to stifle their giggles.

09-05-18_10-31-37 PM.png“Of course not Kate,” said Leroy, “My mistake. You highly recommend.”  This time everyone laughed. Kaitlin just smiled at her husband.

09-05-18_10-36-58 PM.pngCole looked curiously at his dad. “Dad, what are you going to do for help?” he asked.

09-05-18_10-39-06 PM.png“Avery and Noah are stepping up. Noah is running the construction sites really well, and Avery is managing the new contracts. It leaves a lot of the marketing and managing the books to me. I do have Helen to help out. So we are doing alright.”

09-06-18_7-02-09 PM.pngCole thought once again that Yasmine would be a good addition to C&M Development. She was majoring in marketing and had mad accounting skills. But maybe she wanted something more glamorous. He didn’t know. She never really wanted to discuss her future except to remind him he wasn’t part of the plan.


09-06-18_7-26-17 PMThat evening, as Cole settled into the guest bedroom and got ready for bed, he thought a little more about his future. He knew his folks wouldn’t mind him moving back in for a little while, should he wind up in Willow Creek after graduation. But that wasn’t likely to happen. And it made him a little sad. He would probably wind up with a job at a clinic somewhere like San Myshuno or a larger city. There wasn’t a demand for Vets in Willow Creek. Doc owned the market.

09-06-18_7-14-27 PMOf course, as fast as Newcrest was growing, he dared believe that maybe Yasmine would want to work for C&M and then he could open a small clinic in Newcrest. He wondered if she would be happy doing that. Then he chastised himself for planning a future with someone that wouldn’t even kiss him. Although she didn’t say anything when he kissed her cheek.

09-06-18_7-39-01 PMHe walked back into the bedroom and picked up the phone to call her. He needed to hear her voice, even if he feared what would greet him on the other end of the line.

“Hi Cole,” she said sweetly.

She sounded really good and Cole breathed a sigh of relief. “Hey Yasmine. I already miss you.”

“I miss you too.”

09-06-18_7-50-52 PM“You do? Really?” he asked, unable to stop the corners of mouth from turning up.

“Yes. It sucks. Duke misses you too. I took him for a walk, but it’s not the same when you’re not with us.”

“What about you? How are you doing?”

“I’m fine,” replied Yasmine, “you don’t need to worry about me Cole.”

“I can’t help it. Please call me if you need to talk, or at least talk to Blake.”

“Cole, you sound like someone that cares too much.”

09-06-18_7-40-10 PM“You are my friend, so I do care if you aren’t okay.” Because I think I am falling in love with you he added silently.

They talked effortlessly about meaningless topics for the next 20 minutes before finally saying goodnight.

“Call me next week, okay?” Yasmine asked before she disconnected.

09-06-18_8-13-27 PMIt made him ridiculously happy that she asked him to call her. “You can count on it,” he said and hung up smiling.

09-06-18_8-37-43 PM.pngCole laid back in bed and thought about the phone call. He felt better about the direction of their relationship than he had in the past two years. She seemed to be letting him in – if only a tiny bit at a time – she even said she missed him. And it felt like she missed him just as much as he was missing her. Much different from before.


09-08-18_6-40-48 PM.pngCole went to the bar to get his sister a root beer float.  He looked around the room. It was weird to see relatives he barely knew. Kaitlin had decided to throw a retirement party for Leroy before Cole went back to school, so he could attend.

09-08-18_6-31-27 PM.pngSitting with Gigi and Papa were his parents and his father’s older brother and his wife. He hadn’t seen Reese in a very long time. Reese still lived in Twinbrook where his father’s family grew up.

09-08-18_6-32-06 PM.pngThe other table was occupied by his dad’s sisters and their husbands. He hadn’t seen them in years either. Not since they all married and moved to different cities. They were all laughing and telling stories. It looked like they were enjoying catching up.

09-08-18_6-46-18 PM.pngCole sat down with Ami’s root beer float at what they had deemed the “kids” table. It was even off in the corner apart from the ‘adult’ tables. His sister, Avery and Noah were the youngest ones in attendance.  Other than the four of them at the kiddie table, the only other invitees were Leroy’s and Kaitlin’s children and their spouses.

Cole and Ami were there, because they were going to inherit the family business.  Noah and Avery had been invited because they worked for Leroy.  It was especially fitting that they held the party in the large meeting room at C&M Development’s offices.

09-08-18_2-07-11 PM.pngThe four of them made a game out of watching everyone, and guessing who was who and who was with who. “Damn Cole, you do have a big ass family,” said Noah laughing. “Remind me to only have one kid, if I am stupid enough to have any.”

09-08-18_12-37-44 AM.png“I don’t agree,” said Ami, “it wouldn’t be the same without my brother.”

09-08-18_2-15-19 PM.pngCole grinned. “Awww, you do love me.”

09-08-18_2-42-50 PM.png“Don’t push it Coleman,” she shot back playfully, “Just sayin, it would be nice to have a couple of kids, maybe closer in age than you and me.” Then she turned to Avery who was quietly taking in the conversation. “Avery, do you have any brothers or sisters?”

09-08-18_2-38-57 PM.pngAvery seemed startled to be included. “Uh, no…no I was an only child. And, you’re right Ami, I sometimes wished I would have had a sibling that I was close to. Being an only can get lonely sometimes, or even if there is a huge gap in ages I suppose.”

09-08-18_2-36-14 PM.png“Well, I’m thankful I didn’t have any brothers or sisters,” said Noah with disgust, “It was hell growing up like I did, and I wouldn’t have wished that crap on anybody.”

09-08-18_2-27-47 PM.pngAmi looked at Noah and put her hand on his arm affectionately. “But you and Cole were like brothers. I was even jealous sometimes.”

09-08-18_2-31-37 PMCole couldn’t believe Ami. “Why would you be jealous?” asked Cole,  “You and Aubrie are joined at the hip. I’m actually surprised she’s not here.”

Ami and rolled her eyes. “I asked if she could come and Mom said I had to socialize with the family, and if Aubrie was here I wouldn’t.”

09-08-18_12-38-24 AM.pngNoah laughed. “Well, you attached yourself to your brother. I don’t think that’s what she had in mind either.”

“Well, none of my cousins are here,” she complained, “It’s just all old people.”

09-08-18_2-45-38 PM.pngAvery stifled a giggle and Noah outright laughed. “Agreed,” he said, and in a more serious tone added, “But they are your family. You should be polite.”

“I’ll stay right here, thank you,” said Ami defiantly. “They just want to talk to each other anyway.”

09-08-18_2-56-44 PM.pngAvery and Cole exchanged a glance at the exchange between Noah and Ami. It was probably the longest civil conversation they ever had. But Ami had a point, everyone there was probably close to 40 and up. Not a fun crowd for a teenager.

09-08-18_2-57-57 PM.pngNoah continued talking, “Well, I, for one, need to go shake your grandfather’s hand.  He’s a good man. If it weren’t for him and your dad, I might not be where I am today. They gave me a chance. So come on Amelia, get up and go with me, we can mingle and make your mom happy.”

09-08-18_3-15-23 PM.pngAfter they walked off, Cole looked at Avery as she took a sip of her wine. “What just happened there?”

09-08-18_3-30-47 PM.png“I’m not sure. Either Noah just adopted Ami, or she has a major crush on him. How old is she?” asked Avery, while Cole watched the unlikely duo talking to Leroy.

“Fifteen,” replied Cole with a grimace.

09-08-18_3-33-39 PM.png“Ohhh. Cole, I hate to break it to you, but I think it’s a crush. And Noah, he does look nice dressed up. All I ever see him in is a T-shirt and jeans. I’ll warn him to be careful. I am sure he has no clue and is just being nice.”

09-08-18_3-41-36 PMJust about then, their table was descended upon by three of Cole’s Aunts. “Cole!”  they all said in unison.  He jumped up when he saw Maddy, Hailey and Dakota grinning at him.  His babysitters from when he was little. He groaned because he just knew what was coming next….

09-08-18_3-39-32 PM
Left to right, Hailey Chapman (Leroy and Kaitlin’s daughter), Dakota Chapman (Leroy and Kaitlin’s adopted daughter) and Madison Murdock (Kaitlin and Newt’s daughter)

Kaitlin had a photographer setup in the hallway so everyone took their turn getting their pictures made.  Leroy and Kaitlin went first. 09-07-18_11-21-47 PM09-07-18_11-12-24 PM

Then Ben and Sofia.09-08-18_4-46-50 PM.png

Reese Murdock and his wife Brooke (Reese is Ben’s older brother)….09-08-18_5-02-00 PM.png

Maddy Murdock and her husband Tyler (Maddy is Ben’s little sister)….09-08-18_5-16-34 PM

Hailey Chapman and her husband Ron (Hailey is Ben’s half-sister – Leroy’s daughter with Kaitlin)…09-08-18_5-37-12 PM.png

Dakota Chapman and her husband Max (Ben’s adopted sister – Max is Ben’s college friend)….09-08-18_5-51-48 PM

And finally….Cole and Ami…. 09-08-18_6-05-34 PM.png

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44 thoughts on “Chapter 2.48 – Retirement

  1. Great encore for your legacy series. Love all the pictures of each couple. Personally I volunteer as a family research specialist for the deaf. Young people don’t realize the older generation is their link to their ancestors and family roots.
    I am still waiting for Yasmine to drop the so called bomb on Cole re unwed pregnancy and giving up the baby for adoption.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…they really don’t realize how much of their family history they lose with the older generations, until sometimes, it too late.

      Yasmine is securely in the camp that she will not reveal that secret. She fears it will further distance her from Cole and he won’t look at her the same.


  2. Man, Yas really would fit in so well at the family business. That’s another reason why I ship them. I wonder so much what will happen!

    I was thinking maybe since Doc isn’t getting any younger, Cole could work with him until he is ready to take over the business. But I’m not trying to steer the story at all, it’s just something I thought.

    I really loved all the pics!

    Liked by 3 people

  3. LOL…Ami has SUCH a crush. Hey, I can’t blame the little girl, but yeah…she needs to wait at least three years…but I’ll ship it when she hits YA! ❤

    I love seeing Cole slide down the love shoot for Yas…I just hope it's not all in vain. I'm waiting for Avery to make her move. 😈

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Love the family pictures. Noah will start taking notice of Ami in about five years, but will it be to late?🤔
    Yasmine you better wake up and claim your man before someone else, Avery, does. Maybe Avery has eyes for Noah after she sees how good he looks in a suit. Sorry Noah, you haven’t got nothing on Cole at his fad. Now there is two hotties.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hmmm. I responded earlier. Maybe I didn’t hit post! Well, yes, will it be too late for Ami and Noah. He doesn’t seem to lack for women that want hang out with him.

      So glad you liked the family pictures. A sweet family for sure. And Ami isn’t the only one that might lose out! Avery is right there too. Two hotties for sure!


          • I see Reese is the only one with light hair. He has the most gourgeous color eyes. All the men in this family are hot and the women are not too bad either. You make some nice looking Sims.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Ha! Thank you. ❤️ Reese looks very much like his father. When you look at Ben, Reese and Maddy, side by side, you can certainly tell they are related. Same for Ben and Cole and Cole and Ami. As for some of the sims in Ben’s generation and all of the lovely guys and gals in Cole’s gen, they were all casting call sims so I take no credit! The only ones I made were Kaitlin and Newt, Ben’s parents and the real founders. Leroy was generated by the game and I fell in love with him. He really liked Kaitlin! So they had to get together.

              Liked by 1 person

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  6. That’s a large family. Do you happen to have a link to the family tree somewhere?
    Noah’s hair is back! Yay!
    I of course encourage Ami’s crush. Shipped them from the moment she was born. Noah want only one kid, huh? Those genes must be preserved! Hopefully his future wife (hello Ami) will change his mind.
    I almost forgot about Max! You have so many pretty sims in your story. Tyler and Ron are hotties.

    Liked by 3 people

    • I randomly got Tyler and Ron from the gallery. But yes, Max! When Ben got married, Max and Dakota hit it off. They aren’t as far apart in age as Ami and Noah…so it was easy to make a love connection…

      Ami and Noah! What a ship. I wonder how Ben would take that, although Ben does have anew respect for Noah, so maybe….lol…

      Noah’s signature mop is back. He and blondie broke up….lol

      I have a link on my site to the family tree but it does need to be updated.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. It was so nice to see everyone! And wow, they all look so attractive! I especially looove Dakota’s look – what a beauty!
    But I have to strongly disagree with Avery – girl, Noah looks good in anything he wears! 😉 I bet even pajamas, lmaooo! Hmmm I kinda noticed the chemistry between Noah and Ami… how coll would it be if they ended up together? I mean IF Cole doesn’t murder Noah in his sleep first, hehe.
    Aaah, Yasmine… just admit that you are head over heels for out sweet Cole. Do it because he’s so adorable, he’s gonna get snatched right under your nose if you’re not careful!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yasmine is playing a bad game. Sadly she’s needs to open up to him.

      Dakota is pretty. And her hubby is the one of Ben’s hunky college friends that we didn’t see much. But he was at his wedding and that’s how they met. ❤️

      Avery is wrong about Noah. Agreed❤️

      Maybe a little chemistry brewing between Ami and Noah. And yes. Cole or Ben or both would likely kill him first! He probably knows that too. 😂😂😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

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  9. Oh.MY.Gosh. It’s so weird to see all this people again, way older! Maddie! Wow! To think she was just a little baby when Kate ran away from Newt…so much has happened since them!*sniff* I’m so proud of then…

    Jokes aside, I’m still trying to figure out what Avery wants. I mean, she hasn’t made a move, but she doesn’t look like just wants to be ”friends” with Cole.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I know! Sweet baby Maddie turned into a very pretty lady! Sooo much has happened since Kate ran away. She is still a bit of a mess, but a good wife, mother and grandmother. ❤️❤️❤️ She loves her family so much.

      Avery is interesting…she likes to sit and watch and take it all in…and she and Cole are developing an interesting relationship over the summers he spends at home.

      Liked by 1 person

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  11. What a cute idea to show the whole family again! They are so many, it’s easy to lose track of them, so I really liked what you did here with the photo booth c:

    And Noah finally got his hair back, yay! 😀 he looks so much better like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Yay, you were right! Noah’s sexy hair grew back. Wouldn’t surprise me if Ami had a crush on him… he’s a hottie. Plus, Ami is quite boy crazy (That’s my opinion on her anyways) Congrats to Leroy for his retirement! That must feel great!


  13. Okay, so each time you write C&M I’m automatically thinking of a fusion of H&M and C&A, two of the biggest clothing discounters here 😂 Can’t help it!
    Oh goodness, yeah, that feeling of having to sit at the “kids’ table” during family gatherings even though you’re 24, just because you’re not in a relationship yet 😒 Our entire kids’ table is 20+ years old now 😂
    I do hope Ami and Noah won’t complicate their relationship. For now, it’s cute to see them together though, on a non-romantical level as well.
    Aaah, loved the family photos at the end! Leroy and Kaitlin were great, Max is FINE and Ami and Cole’s was just amazing 😂 True sibling energy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh right! Lol. Not clothing though. The kids table for sure – ugh. Noah won’t … she’s way too young for him. Ami might have a crush though. Avery was right.

      Kaitlin and Leroy! I adore them. Max – yep yummy.

      Liked by 1 person

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