Chapter 2.52 – My Girlfriend

09-16-18_3-56-55 PM.pngCole was trying to decide what to get Yasmine for Christmas. He wanted it to be special, so he sought out Blake.  “What should I get? Perfume, clothes? I have no idea,” he asked her, somewhat frustrated that he couldn’t come up with something himself.

“Wow, that’s hard,” said Blake thinking. “Hmmmm. Perfume is nice, but clothes are a personal thing. How about a romantic weekend somewhere?”

09-16-18_3-50-11 PM.png“I love you!” said Cole and kissed her cheek making her blush, “That’s perfect! We have a little time over the winter break. That would also give you and Landon some alone time.”

Blake’s cheeks turned redder, if that was possible, and Cole couldn’t help but laugh at her. “Hey, I am willing to do my part to further the Blakedon ship,” he said, teasing her.

09-16-18_3-58-20 PM.pngBlake’s eyes got huge. “What? You didn’t just call us Blakedon?”

09-16-18_5-29-38 PM.pngYasmine came around the corner and heard Blake’s remark. “Honey, we have been secretly calling you guys that since our Freshman year.”

Blake looked between the two of them speechless.

Yasmine slid her arm around Cole so he wouldn’t take the brunt of Blake’s wrath alone. He quickly put his arm around her pulling her tight.

09-16-18_5-19-19 PM.pngFinally Blake spoke. “Fine! Casmine!”

09-16-18_5-15-07 PM.pngYasmine and Cole began to laugh. “Oh, I kinda like it,” said Cole, “We should name our first born Casmine!”

Suddenly, Yasmine went stiff and pulled her arm from around Cole’s waist. “I forgot, I need to go study for tomorrow’s final,” she said and took off to her room.

09-16-18_5-33-24 PM.png“Wow, I must have hit a nerve,” said Cole, “So, she doesn’t like kids?”

Blake just shrugged.

09-16-18_5-35-10 PM.pngCole’s phone began to vibrate in his pocket. It was from Avery, which was foreboding because Avery never called. “Avery, hi, is everything okay?” asked Cole, completely forgetting about Yasmine’s odd behavior.

“Hi Cole. Um, I have some news. Leroy, he had a heart attack last night and they rushed him to the hospital.”

09-16-18_5-43-03 PM.pngCole felt like the air had been knocked out of his chest. “Avery…” was all he could muster.

“He’s okay. But they are going to do bypass surgery in the morning. He’s stable. Your family is there with him. Your mom asked me to call you. She won’t leave Ben and Kaitlin.”

09-16-18_5-43-43 PM.png“I need to get there. Tomorrow morning is my last final, then I can jump on a plane,” explained Cole, frantically trying to figure out logistics in his head.

“He should be out of surgery by the time you arrive then. Do you need me to pick you up?”

09-16-18_5-43-56 PM.png“Yes. Please. I will call you with my flight number. Can I talk to him?”

“Why don’t you call your mom. Ben’s not doing too well because Kaitlin is a mess. He’s worried as much about her as he is about Leroy. But Leroy is tough. His prognosis is good. But then, your Mom is upset about Ben and Kaitlin, and then Ami….yes Cole. They need you.”

09-16-18_5-45-18 PM.pngShit. I need to come tonight. Let me call my professor and see if I can get something worked out. Thanks Avery. I’ll call you right back.”

09-16-18_5-49-55 PM.pngWhen he hung up Yasmine had come back into the room. Evidently Blake could tell he had received bad news and went to get her. He looked at her with tears in his eyes. “My grandfather, he had a heart attack. Everyone is a mess. I need to get home. They need me.”

09-16-18_5-50-59 PM.png“Oh Cole. I’m so sorry,” she said and pulled him into her arms.

09-16-18_5-56-24 PM.pngHe could almost breathe when Yasmine held him.  Then he realized he didn’t fully explain what was going on. “No…no…he survived, but has to have bypass surgery in the morning. I need to get there before they take him in.”

He realized he needed her with him, in the same way his father needed his mother by his side. “Yasmine, go with me please.” He begged her with eyes to say yes.

09-16-18_5-58-42 PM.pngHe watched her work it out in her head as she studied his face. “Please,” he begged again, “Only for a few days, then we’ll come back when everyone is settled down. I just need to make sure everyone is okay. And I need you.”

“I don’t want to intrude,” she said softly.

Cole didn’t realize he was crying until a fat tear rolled down his cheek. He quickly swiped it away. That must have been what broke her.

09-16-18_6-00-45 PM“Okay,” she said finally, “but exams?”

09-16-18_5-59-27 PM.pngRelief flooded through Cole.  With her with him, he knew he could get through this. “Call your professor, he’ll probably let you skip since your grades are perfect.” Then giving her a smile, he added, “Overachiever.”

09-16-18_5-57-55 PMShe smiled and punched him, “Look who’s talking. Go, make reservations and I’ll start packing.” 


09-16-18_7-24-25 PM.pngThey arrived at the hospital 6 hours later. Avery showed them to the waiting room where Ami and his mother were sitting.  Ami was playing on her phone and his mother was reading a book.

09-16-18_7-32-28 PM.pngWhen Ami saw him she ran into his arms, and began to cry. “Hey baby girl, it’s gonna be okay,” he said.

“I’m scared,” she whispered, and sniffed back her tears.

“I know. But Papa is strong. He’ll be fine,” he said and released her. He motioned over to where Yasmine was standing. “Hey, you remember Yasmine? Right?”

09-16-18_7-49-02 PM.pngAmi stood back and looked at the woman standing next to Avery.  Yasmine shyly waived at Ami and said hi.

09-16-18_7-55-57 PM.pngAmi’s eyes lit up at seeing her rescuer from three years ago, when she was only 13. “Hi Yasmine! It was so nice for you to come with Cole. . . . Ohhh! . . .  Are you Cole’s girlfriend now? Cole, you didn’t tell me!”

09-16-18_8-11-10 PM.pngCole looked at all the women in the room, from his mom, to Avery, to Ami and finally to Yasmine, his girlfriend. She looked mortified. They had never described their relationship that way. But she was.

09-16-18_8-15-28 PM.pngHe smiled at her and walked over to where her feet were firmly planted in the ground. He put his arm around her. “Yes, she is,” said Cole. “Mom, I want to introduce you to Yasmine Parris, Yasmine, my mother, Sofia Murdock.”

09-16-18_8-23-28 PM.png“Nice to meet you Mrs. Murdock,” said Yasmine as she shook Sofia’s hand. “I’m truly sorry it wasn’t under better circumstances. Cole says Mr. Chapman is a fighter. I’m sure he’ll do fine.”

“Thank you, and it’s nice to meet you as well,” said Sofia graciously.

09-16-18_8-38-37 PM.pngThen Sofia looked at Cole and he held his arms out to her.  She gratefully stepped into his warm embrace.  “How are you holding up Mom?” he whispered as he held her tight.

She looked up at him and wiped the tear that escaped. “I’m okay. Thanks for coming. Why don’t you go see Leroy?” she suggested.


09-16-18_8-58-25 PM.pngThey were only letting two visitors in Leroy’s room at a time. Ben had to step out so Cole could go in. When he walked out, Cole was surprised at how exhausted his Dad looked. He quickly hugged him.

09-16-18_9-10-22 PM.png“I’m so glad you are here,” said Ben, his voice thick with emotion, “he’s such a strong man and it’s just so hard to see him like that…..”  He stopped and swallowed hard. Cole knew he had more to say so he waited. “Leroy was more of father to me than my own. I owe that man everything.”

Cole was getting more concerned.  “Dad, is everything really okay?” he asked in a low whisper, “Are you okay?”

Ben swallowed hard again. “Yeah.”

“What about Gigi?” asked Cole.

09-16-18_9-08-07 PM.pngHe blew out a slow breath before answering. “She’s trying to be strong, but she’s terrified of losing him. He’s her whole world. But she’ll be happy to see you. Go in and talk to him. Just . . . be prepared.” His dad clapped him on the back and turned around to go back to the waiting room.

09-16-18_9-16-17 PMCole steeled himself before he walked in.  His dad was right. It was really hard to see his grandfather laying in the bed hooked up to IVs and a heart monitor.

09-16-18_9-21-15 PM.pngHis grandmother looked up when she heard the door, giving him a sad smile. She got up from her husband’s bedside to give him a hug. “My sweet baby boy. You didn’t have to leave school to come here,” she said softly.

“I needed to see him Gigi. If anything happened…”

09-16-18_9-25-42 PM.png“Shhhh. Don’t even….” she said and big tears ran down her cheeks.

09-16-18_9-28-00 PM.png“Hey, are you two talking about me?” came the unmistakable voice of his grandfather, albeit a bit hoarse and weak.

“Papa!” said Cole and went to his bedside and smiled down at his now white headed grandfather. “There are better ways to get attention you know.”

09-16-18_9-34-18 PM.pngThe older man smiled, “Tell me about it. It’s good to see you.” He looked around Cole to his wife. “Is there something I should know, dragging this young man away from his studies.”

09-16-18_9-50-35 PM.png“No,” said Cole and gave his grandfather a reassuring smile. “School just finished, and I wanted to be here with everyone to help out.”

“You are such a good boy. Who would of thought Ben would have raised such a fine young man. Such a hellion, that boy. I thought he was gonna drive your grandmother – and me – crazy.”

09-16-18_9-34-36 PM“Leroy!” exclaimed Kaitlin in a loud whisper, “Don’t listen to him Cole. Just the ramblings of an old man.”

“Kate, you know it’s true. Sofia calmed that boy down. Well, in truth, it was you, Cole, that saved Ben. He’s such a hard worker and loving father now, instead of sitting in some prison somewhere.”

09-16-18_9-33-48 PM.png“Leroy,” warned Kaitlin again, “that’s enough. I think the meds are doing a number on you.”

Cole was confused. Prison? A hellion? His father? He must be talking about someone else or he is confused. “I need to get back out there.  I left my girlfriend with Mom and Dad. I’ll see you tomorrow Papa.  Gigi, you should come and meet her.”

“Okay, sure,” said Kaitlin, distracted and looking around him at her husband.

09-16-18_10-23-54 PM.png“Later. You can meet her later, tomorrow,” said Cole as he hugged his grandmother one last time and left the room, more than just a little shaken.


09-16-18_10-35-07 PM.pngWhen Cole walked into the waiting room, he was shocked, but pleased. Yasmine had everyone eating out of her hand. He had no idea what she was talking about, but his parents and Ami were captivated. At first he hoped she wasn’t telling stories about him, but the on second thought, he didn’t care.

09-16-18_10-40-51 PM.pngAvery spied him standing by the nurses station. She quietly got up walked over to him before he could interrupt their conversation. “Seems like your Yasmine has won over your family,” she said in a low whisper, “So, looks like you were able to win her over too. You sure she is the right one for you Cole?”

“What does that even mean?” he asked confused.

“Nothing. Except she likes to party and I don’t see you as the party type. When we first arrived she was shy, but now look at her. She has them wrapped around her little finger. And I know what she did to you.”

09-16-18_10-41-59 PM.png“She was hurting. She’s better now,” snapped Cole. He was miffed that Avery was questioning their relationship.  He probably invited it by sharing his feelings about Yasmine in the first place last summer, so he figured he could’t really blame her.

“Excuse me Avery,” he said harsher than intended, “I need to talk to my family.” He was anxious to get away from her because, sadly, she had hit too close to home on the one thing still standing between him and Yasmine. Not the partying itself, but the reason behind it. Yasmine still would not trust him with her secret.  It was the biggest obstacle threatening their relationship.

09-16-18_10-50-25 PM.pngBut he loved Yasmine, so he would deal. That’s when he realized what he had to do. He would propose when this was over. That would say more than his words could ever say. It would demonstrate how committed he was to her. It would help her trust him and feel safe. With this new plan in mind, he felt better and walked over to his family, which he hoped, in the not too distant future, would include the beautiful and charismatic Yasmine Parris.

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38 thoughts on “Chapter 2.52 – My Girlfriend

  1. Cole, Cole, Cole…

    Do you NOT know your gf or what??? You told her you loved her and she threw a fit (well, she ran to her room.) So…what do you think proposing will do? Welp…that’s the end of Casmine as we know it.

    Avery. What a little worm. Constantly dissing his relationship. It’s none of her freaking business! Sure he confided in her LAST SUMMER but that doesn’t give her the right to always put in her two cents whenever she sees him–ESPECIALLY when she hasn’t seen him in a while and doesn’t know Yasmine at all. He should have told Avery off. I was proud of him for being short with her at least.

    Glad Leroy is fine. 🙂 Bypass surgery is really a godsend, huh? My bro-in-law (who is thin and normally healthy) had one last year and he was only 40!!! Gasp! But it was a simple surgery and he was out in a few days. Medical technology these days!

    Not looking forward to the fireworks of next chapter. 😦 Sigh…

    Liked by 4 people

    • Cole is blinded by how he thinks things should be and thinks if he loves her enough she will be okay. But his patience with Yasmine is beginning to wear thin. We will see how his proposal goes in the next chapter and if he has worn her down enough or not. Cross your fingers. ❤️

      Avery was a more than just a bit rude. 😠😠😠 Maybe she was just jealous. But she had already decided she doesn’t like Yasmine for some reason and thinks she has to mother Cole. Maybe she feels like he is settling…not sure.

      Leroy is going to be fine. ❤️ It’s always a shock when someone so,young and fit has heart problems…I am very glad your bro-in-law is doing okay. My sister in law had the same thing happen. No clue she had heart problems. She is doing fine too.

      Things are definitely going to get tense and crazy the rest of Cole’s gen. These last chapters have simply been the calm before the storm. 😱

      Liked by 1 person

    • You will find out whether or not she freaks out on Sunday! Cross your fingers for no heartbreak. Then in the following chapter, we will find out more about Dannie and Ryker’s status, if they are still a couple or not. 😊. Lots of drama coming though…so hold on tight.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my… so much here! I will make a list of my random thoughts…

    1. I loved Blake’s face when she heard “Blakedon”… ha! 😂
    2. Leroy noooooooo! I’m glad he’s okay, but you scared me 😭
    3. Speaking of Leroy, I love that he nearly spilled the beans about Ben’s shady past hehe
    4. Avery is such a creeper still… So interested in Cole’s personal life!
    5. Ahhhhh I’m really nervous about this proposal. Yasmine keeps pushing him away, and I fear this has the potential to be the final nail in the coffin 😬 He’s been chipping away at her walls a bit though, so maybe there’s hope?

    But I just feel like this is destined for disaster, one way or another!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! A lot this chapter for sure! The list cracked me up….soooo

      1. Blake is just so sweet and Yasmine’s antics make her uncomfortable. But I adore her. It’s funny because she and Landon hooked up before Yasmine and Cole finally did.
      2 and 3. Leroy….he was cracking me up and Kaitlin trying to make him stop talking was funny. I’m glad he’s going to be okay too? ❤️❤️❤️
      4. Avery….not sure exactly what her interest is in Cole, it seems maybe more along the lines of sisterly instead of as a love interest.
      5. The proposal….yes, you should be nervous. She hadn’t given Cole much indication that she would say yes, other than she did come with him when he needed her. So it could either be yes and things will finally move forward for them or no and break Cole’s heart.

      Disaster, maybe not disaster, but some drama is guaranteed to be in Cole’s not too distant future.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. No! God, I feel like Ethan has somehow come back from the grave to haunt Cole, because that’s some really crazy shit they both came up with as for the proposals. Lmao, I can’t even begin to describe how little your knowledge about Yasmine must be to come up with a plan like that. He’s blinded by his feelings for her, completely cut off from reality.
    I’m glad Leroy is doing rather well. You got me really scared there. 😰
    LOL, I love how the ship names made their way into the story!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Yes, Poor Cole. He is so blinded by his feelings for her to know she is more than likely to bolt. But he has chipped away at those walls. Just her agreeing to go with him was big for her. It shows some level of commitment and feelings for Cole. So maybe……

      And Leroy….❤️❤️❤️. Spoiler, he’s gonna be fine.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My 2 cents: I feel you need to develop the storyline so maximum drama unfolds when Cole and Yasmine find out about Ben’s shady past. It is possible that Cole’s reaction will give Yasmine reason to open up about her first born baby given up for adoption. One of the main reasons she has not told Cole was she is afraid of rejection, big time.
    So many times people think a proposal and a yes means happily ever after. One of the main reasons for the length of time between an accepted proposal and marriage is preparing to become one or realize it wont work and break it off. It is a time you find out about each other about leaving the toilet seat down, about working together on finances and budget and what is important to them both to plan in the future. Example do they want children, Will Yasmine or Cole be willing to be a stay at home spouse? How Yasmine feels about her parents should they cut that side of the family off? Even working together to do household chores one does the cooking the other cleans up afterwards? What religion do you want the children raised?
    You are probably thinking I am jumping the gun about the importance of the non romantic working together to be our family not yours and mine. In fact before the proposal I think that Cole should start talking to Yasmine about the above (that’s the main reason for the selection process-dating to find your mate/kindred spirit/future spouse.

    Liked by 2 people

    • You are so very right. He should take more time and a yes doesn’t mean happy ever after. Or that they will get married tomorrow – of course in Cole’s idealized view of life, he would. Yasmine is very much afraid of rejection.

      There is so much story to tell and so much I would love to explore!


  5. Oh, Leroy, I hope you will be all right. What a shocker!

    I’m glad Yas went with Cole but it feels like she only did it because she felt bad that he was crying. Maybe I’m wrong. If Cole wants Yas, then that’s what I want for him, too, but he’s jumping to thoughts of marriage when he knows she’s holding herself back from him. Also, he has to know there is something about her she doesn’t want him to know. Don’t jump the gun so fast, Cole!

    If he proposes, will she bolt? As things are, as of this chapter, I think so. 😭


    • Leroy is going to be okay…..

      Just the fact that Yas went with him says she is beginning to have real feelings even if she doesn’t want to admit it. He does want her, but his logic is so flawed and colored by his idealistic view of marriage. He is totally aware she is holding back and is very likely jumping the gun. We will see Sunday what she says…..

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  6. Great Chapter! I know most of the focus is on Cole and Yas, but I have to comment on Leroy’s med induced ramblings since it played a part in my own story. Is this the first domino to fall in Cole finding out his father was a weed dealer? That in it self might create some drama. Cole thinking of marriage at this point in a bit dangerous for their relationship. I hope she says yes, but first she needs to tell Cole about her little secret. I don’t think people need to share everything from their past but I do think this is one she does need to share simply because it is so important to who she is. I look forward to what is coming up.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! 😊. Maybe Leroy’s ramblings are the first step in discovering that dear old Dad isn’t as perfect as Cole thinks. 😂.

      Cole needs to get his head out of the clouds, because when, I mean IF, she says no, it will crush his little heart. And she most definitely needs to share this since it is integral to who she is and how she currently behaves. running her life.


  7. I was so worried she would turn him down and not go with him. That would be the end of Casmine. I also suspected it might come to Cole proposing to her. I get his reasoning. What else should he do to convince her he’s serious, right? But it is too radical step. It will scare her away. The only thing that worked so far was not to push her and let her get used to the idea of being his girlfriend. She will say no, possibly yell her secret on him in the heat of the moment. He might use some wrong words and there you have the disaster. She will run away and he will be devastated. Moving on to the next girl. 😀
    Avery was out of line again… *smh*

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Poor Leroy! 😢 I hope he gets better soon..!
    Hmmm Yasmine coming together with Cole is a big step forward… but nooo Cole, what are about to do?! Don’t you know you’ll ruin everything? Well, maybe this will be the ultimate wake up call for him, I don’t know.
    Hmmm Avery has a point, but I really can’t see why she thinks she has the right to pry into Cole’s personal life so much. Nobody asked for your opinion this time lady! Lol!


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  11. Lol Cole! Because marriage and a proposal solves all problems, doesn’t it? I can’t believe how naive and immature he still is. Definitely not ready for this step.

    And Avery… I’m thinking she is worried about her own future in the company and sees her hopes dashed when Cole told her about his plans with Yasmine xD
    But srlsy, girl you’re doing it wrong. If you want someone break up, you encourage them in their relationship, and let them go overboard, until everything crashes and then you’re there to hold their hand. That’s not gonna work if you trash talk the despised partner of your love interest, bc then you’re the bad guy! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Cole logic:
    *Girlfriend is afraid of commitment*
    Cole: I’m going to ask her to commit to me!!!
    I’m afraid drama is around the corner… Oh and I’m not digging Avery. That woman is a bit too happy to trashtalk Cole’s girlfriend. It’s none of her beeswax.

    Liked by 1 person

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