Chapter 2.55 – August

Three weeks later……

Cole unceremoniously picked up Yasmine, and laughing, carried her into their new, fully furnished apartment in San Mushyno.

The first thing they did after he put her down was to hang their diplomas on the wall, making it their home.

Yasmine would begin her job on Monday, having landed a coveted position with one of the top advertising agencies in the country. She would be in sales and marketing, a perfect fit for her.  Cole still had another week to get settled before he started with the veterinary clinic where he had found a position.

Cole looked out the window as they walked though the apartment.  He had forgotten how beautiful the city was from a high rise. Now he was ready to make happy memories in San Myshuno with the woman he loved. No longer would it be where he had so horribly broken up with Laney, but where he and Yasmine began their life together.

He poured them both a glass of wine from the small bar that was setup in the dining area. “Have I told you how proud I am of you and how much I love you?”

Yasmine laughed. He loved her laugh. “Not today. Tell me again.”

“You first,” said Cole. He could never hear it enough from her.

“I love you. My blue-eyed teddy bear.”

“Teddy bear? I’ll show you teddy bear,” he growled. He put his glass on the table, then pulled her face to his and kissed her soundly. “

After they broke apart, he took her hand and started towards their bedroom. She suddenly stopped him.  “Cole, we can have sex anywhere now,” she reminded him playfully, “There’s no one to walk in on us.”

Fuckkkk…yes! thought Cole. He stopped dead in his tracks and pulled off his shirt.


09-25-18_8-11-12 PM.pngThe last three months in San Myshuno had been amazing. Cole loved his job and his life. Yasmine was doing extremely well at the advertising agency and he was thoroughly enjoying finally being a practicing vet.

They both worked long hours so their evenings were often spent with take out, a bottle of wine and making love. She loved talking about her day as much as he loved hearing her stories.  He didn’t mind fast food either, as long as Yasmine was dessert.

Cole worked on Saturdays, since the newbie had to take the weekend shift. But on Sundays, they would try to do something special. Whether it was a home cooked meal and a movie or going to the spice market for something different.


When August snuck up on Yasmine, it hit her hard. Her life had been going so well and when she realized it was Angie’s birthday, she felt physically ill. She knew she wouldn’t be able to work, so she called in sick. Cole, of course, wanted to stay with her. Yasmine had to put on a brave face and insist she was okay for him to leave her alone. She needed private time to talk to Angie. Still, he said he would come home early to spend the rest of the afternoon with her.

Cole was so good to her that it made her feel even worse, and as soon as he walked out the door, she broke down and cried.

After she regained control of herself, she took a deep breath and went inside the tiny office space that Cole had grudgingly, but sweetly allowed her to have.  She lovingly pulled out Angie’s pink scrapbook from the drawer, where it was locked away.  Angie would be five years-old today and already starting kindergarten.  Her heart broke a little more, knowing she wasn’t the one taking her to her very first day of school.

“Angie,” she said, as she flipped through the few pictures she had of her little girl, tears freely rolling down her face, “Happy birthday baby.  I hope the Bailey’s love you as much as I do, and made today special for you. If they are anything like Cole’s adopted mother, then they most assuredly did.

“You would like Cole,” she said and sighed.  “I have fallen in love with him, and it frightens me. I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. Cole must be the sweetest and most generous man alive. And I know it frustrates him because I haven’t told him about you. I just couldn’t. But now, things are different. And I think, maybe I should.

“It’s selfish of me not to. Everything I do is selfish I think. I selfishly gave you away so it wouldn’t mess up my parent’s life and by extension mine. And I keep this room so I can selfishly hide away and talk to you. Being with Cole has made me see that.”

She sighed again as she thought of Cole. “Angie, that sweet man, he asked me to marry him,” she continued through her tears, “I foolishly said yes. He planned it all out. He had a ring and got down on one knee and everything. It was so perfect. He is so kind and good. And that is why I couldn’t tell him what I did. He thinks I’m good too. But I’m not. And selfishly, I want to keep him. But if I tell him, I don’t think he will want me anymore, so I’m terrified. But, I know I have to do it. It’s not fair to him to keep you secret any longer.

“You know, I graduated magna cum laude in my class. I worked really hard for you and my parents, mostly for you. They were happy, I guess, since they sent me a nice check. I’m working now too, and I’m very good at my job. That’s why I couldn’t go to work today.  I might have messed up thinking about you, and I can’t afford to mess it up. Messing that up is not an option. So, baby girl, next year it might just be you and me again after I tell him about you.  But, I can’t tell him today, not on your birthday. But later, when everything is back to normal, I will.”

She gently closed the book and rubbed the top of it with love. “Happy Birthday baby girl.”

She tucked the scrapbook away in the drawer and felt sick. Sicker than she had in a long time. Maybe it was because she had said yes to Cole, and now she knew she had to tell him. She didn’t really deserve his love, not with this horrible secret. She would tell him. Just not today.

Yasmine decided to lie down on the couch and try to nap until Cole got home. She was exhausted from crying. Maybe if she slept she wouldn’t cry the rest of the day away.  Only a few more hours until he was there, and maybe he would help take away her pain.


Cole got home at lunchtime. When he found Yasmine still in her night shirt, lying on the couch, his worry kicked up a notch.  He leaned over and smoothed her hair. “I’m home babe. How are you doing?” he asked softly.

She sat up on the couch and sighed. “I’ve been better,” she said sounding bitter. Cole sat next to her.  “Yasmine,” he said softly, “please tell me what I can do to help you.  Tell me what is wrong.”

She looked at him and smiled a sad little smile.  “You can take me out,” she suggested, “Let’s go dancing. That will help. Distract me, please.”

Cole reluctantly agreed to go out.  He would rather have stayed home and talked it out. But at least it would get her out of her pajama’s. And maybe, if she had a drink or two and relaxed, then she would feel more comfortable talking to him about whatever had happened that tears her up inside.

At the bar, Yasmine was starting to get drunk. That’s not what Cole had hoped she would do. Finally, when she ordered a fourth drink in a short amount of time, he’d had enough. He insisted that they leave, upsetting her, but she went with him anyway.

She was silent all the way home, sulking in her seat. When they walked into the apartment, she didn’t go to their bed like he expected. Instead, without saying a word, she went into her tiny office and closed the door, shutting him out once again.

Cole sat alone in the living room, dumbfounded, waiting for her to come out. He decided since they hadn’t really lived together before, maybe he hadn’t really understood the gravity of her problem.

She had never left him alone like this before. But maybe, he just didn’t see it, and she had spent time in her room and then come to him afterwards.  Regardless, it was getting harder and harder to accept that she wouldn’t trust him.

Fortunately, after only 30 minutes, she came out. She let out a little squeal when she saw him sitting there in the dark. “I thought you would be in bed,” she said, “You frightened me.”

Cole flipped on the light and turned to face her. She had obviously been crying. He didn’t care. He was angry and hurt that she wouldn’t let him help her.  “I was waiting for you!” he said, his words harsh, filled with anger and pain. “You were trying to get drunk, then went in there, without even a single word to meYou shut me out and I was worried about you!”

“I’m not drunk!” she yelled.

“No, but you were well on your way.  If I hadn’t made you leave, I would have had to carry you home!” retorted Cole.

His anger only seemed to fuel hers.  “What’s wrong with you? You never act like this! Especially today! Please, just – don’t!”

Cole was beyond frustrated. “Why won’t you trust me enough to let me in?” he ground out through gritted teeth, “What’s so damn special about today Yasmine? Wanna clue me in?”

She sucked in a deep breath.  “None of your business. It’s my cross to bear. So just fucking leave it alone. I thought you understood!”  Yasmine had began to cry again as she turned and went back into her tiny office and slammed the door.

Cole didn’t know what to do. She was being so unreasonable. He knew he probably shouldn’t have challenged her, especially after she had so much to drink.

He sighed deeply before he walked to the door and knocked on it. “Yasmine. Sweetheart. I’m sorry. Please – come out.”

“Go away,” came the choked response from the other side of the door.

Cole leaned into the door in frustration. “No! I’m staying here all night if I have to, so DEAL with it!” he yelled back through the door.

The door opened and Yasmine fell into his arms crying. “You would, wouldn’t you? Stay here all night?”

“Of course I would,” he said gently as he stroked her hair, “I love you and I’m sorry. I just want to make it easier for you is all.”

She looked up at him, her big brown eyes sad and still tinged red from crying.  “You do make it easier,” she said, her words so soft he almost didn’t hear them. She swallowed hard before continuing. “You help by just being here. You make me feel normal and loved. I’m so sorry for getting angry. Please, Cole. Please forgive me.”

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32 thoughts on “Chapter 2.55 – August

  1. I can’t believe she still didn’t tell him. Sometimes I start comparing her to young Hailey who just blurted out that she had Clint after she’d had sex with Reggie. Lol, they are both ridiculous in their own ways, I guess.
    Cole is so understanding, but one can only take so much. He can’t let her do it all the time, for the rest of their lives! Everything’s going well and then quarrels every August. I can’t imagine it. They’re so serious, how can he marry her when this secret will keep on tearing them apart, more each time another August comes around?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…so very true. Cole can only take so much before he totally blows up bad. She doesn’t want to tell him while emotions are high – plus she totally thinks he will leave her and she doesn’t want it to be on her daughter’s birthday. She does remind me a bit of Hailey! Lol…with the secret about Clint. Maybe her timing will be better….we will see next chapter if she tells him and how things go.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ughhhhh Yasmine 😭

    I’m glad she’s finally said she’s going to tell Cole… but when???? She can’t keep putting this off. Her secrecy has totally been pushing him away 😦 It’s so sad and frustrating to see!

    She can’t hold on to this secret forever and keep beating herself up over it. Cole would never judge her for what happened. He would totally understand! I wish she could see that 😭

    (On a happier note, I love their apartment, from what we’ve seen of it!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you like their apartment! I did a bit of a remodel on one in the spice district. As for Yasmine….yes! She finally has decided to do it. I’m so pumped. He deserves the truth and she is finally realizing it. But when? Gah….hopefully very soon….like maybe next chapter? 😂😂😂 We will see how that goes. She is so afraid, but Cole would totally be there for her. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved this line: “I love you. My blue-eyed teddy bear.” So sweet!!! ❤

    A part of me worries she's going to dig herself in a deep pit where Cole won't be able to pull her out. But the ending of this chapter gave me hope. Yas is at least allowing him to comfort her even though she didn't tell him on Angie's birthday. I am hopeful she will tell him. How could he not want her? He loves her unconditionally. I think more it's Yas who doesn't want to confess it. But her holding it in is worse in his eyes. It makes him angry. Once she confesses, he'll be heartbroken for her and won't ever get upset about it.

    Yas, GIRL! You make me crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awe, I’m glad you liked that she called him a blue-eyed teddy bear! He totally is. And he does love her unconditionally – at least right now. I want her to tell him soon…he deserves to know and at least she has realized that and what she is doing to their relationship by keeping it a secret.

      I think she knows if she doesn’t tell him, it will eventually destroy their relationship and thinks if she does tell him it may do the same thing. She’s between an rock and a hard place. I hope she has enough faith in his love for her that she does it sooner than later. She really can’t wait any longer.

      She has never been loved the way that he loves her. Not even by her parents, so it’s hard for her to accept. I think maybe she needs to love herself first, and she obviously doesn’t. Just TELL him already! Lol…it won’t cure everything, but will go a very long way.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Unlike her parents Cole loves Yasmine unconditionally. He will accept her passed and be there for her in the future, if only, she would just trust his love for her enough to tell him.
    I see he still has his dog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…. he puts no conditions on her, well, except for honesty, which is what will wear on them and she is at least realizing that. He will not hold her past against him. We all know that, sadly she doesn’t believe it.

      And yes….Duke…he’s still there. And every single scene I do, he’s right there next to one or both of them, seems he has also bonded with Yasmine. Lol…

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  6. The longer she waits, the more Cole is going to feel that she doesn’t trust him. I even wondered if when he does find out, he would be like, “That’s it?” Not that it isn’t a big problem and that she shouldn’t be grieving the way she is, but it’s not serial killer level either. lol 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I worry that one of these days he will get tired of all her secretiveness and gets into her office when she’s not at home and finds Angie’s pictures on his own. I just have a feeling he will find out in a way she wouldn’t want him to and it will make things worse. The way she’s acting, he must be thinking terrible things happened in her past. I hope it is not too late when she decides to tell him. Their relationship is being eroded by her secret.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He is totally thinking terrible things happened. He has even said that to her and although it was in anger. I don’t think he would ever try to break in, but his patience is certainly waiting. If she doesn’t tell him soon, it doesn’t look good. Hopefully she won’t wait too long. The secret it totally ruining their relationship. 😢

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh my, doesn’t Yasmine realize she’s poisoning her relationship with Cole because of her secret? She’s so broken… I hope Cole will find a way to get through to her, because I can clearly see now that he’s not going to resist going into that room for very long… it won’t end well if he does, that’s for sure! Can’t wait to read what’s next! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. *Rolls eyes* They really can’t keep doing….whatever they are doing, for more time, I mean, things are just repeating itself over and over again: Yasmine get miserable, Cole get’s angry for Yasmine not telling her why she’s miserable, they fight, they make up and after a few months of peace, another crisis starts. Just break the cyrcle!( Before the cyrcle breaks you!)

    IIt’s really interresting to see how much Yasmine has grownd up ( in her own way) after all this time…I mean, she accepted Cole’s proposal AND is living with him! For a girl who didn’t even want to be a in a relationship, that’s a big deal!

    Side note: Life has been so crazy the past months, and, Oh my goshhhh, I have so much cacthing up to do!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I want her to tell him so he can understand her more but she won’t because it’s hard. I just want to give her a hug (stopping to comment because there isn’t a next at the bottom of the chapter).


  12. Cole… Cole I think your dog client is having a wrong color… he’s BLUE what in the world 😰 Please heal him!
    Aaaaaah the kind-of reconciliation at the end 😭 My heart! I’m so glad Yasmine asked him for forgiveness but I do hope she will finally tell him. It’s one thing to ask for his patience and understanding. But what could he ever even try to understand if she doesn’t tell him what is tearing her up?

    Liked by 1 person

    • OMG. That blue dog. I hate that illness. Yasmine knows Cole would do anything for her. She needs to be open. He is so not going to think badly of her. But she bears herself up so bad, she can’t see how anyone wouldn’t.


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