Chapter 2.58 – Beginnings and Endings

10-07-18_10-11-22 PM.pngThe holidays came and went, and Cole suddenly found himself the proud owner and sole proprietor of the Willow Creek Animal Hospital. And he loved every minute of it. Except the bookkeeping. Since he couldn’t get Yasmine to help, he was going to need to hire an accountant.

10-05-18_5-20-12 PMThe clinic wasn’t the only thing Cole now owned.  Avery had found him one of the smaller homes in Newcrest. It was a cozy 2 bedroom with a fireplace. The tiny second bedroom made a great office. He signed the contract in December, just after his 23rd birthday, and closed only a month later in the middle of January.

Avery had helped him decorate, or it would have had bare walls and no “window treatments”.  He just called them blinds or curtains. She rolled her eyes at him, but he had to admit, it did look nice.

Yasmine had no desire to come see the house where Cole spent the week away from her. She made it clear that she hated it. He had suggested a few times that maybe she could come down instead, and she found excuses not to. So he stopped asking.

10-05-18_5-47-08 PM.pngThings were tense between them during the week when he would call, so he stopped calling as much and just looked forward to their weekends together. They were always nice.

10-01-18_7-40-55 PMHe and Duke went back to San Myshuno every Friday evening, leaving to return to Willow Creek early on Monday mornings.  Yamine had playfully dubbed him her ‘part-time lover’.

Cole received a call from Mickey. He and Nicky had set a date and were getting married in just a couple of months. He asked Cole to be one of his groomsmen. Mickey half-jokingly told Cole that if he wasn’t a groomsman, Nicky would have made him be a bridesmaid, so he better say yes.

mem.pngCole actually smiled when he remembered the beating Mickey had given him when they first moved to Brindleton Bay, and how Yasmine had been there for him. That had actually helped to bring the four of them closer. He thought about Nicky and Mickey’s relationship. They were as different as night and day, but somehow, they clicked. And now they were moving forward. If they could do it, surely he and Yasmine could do it too. They just needed to stop standing still. Or, if truth be told, going backwards.

He took a deep breath and called Yasmine. He didn’t know how she would feel about driving into Willow Creek to go to the wedding.  Regardless, it meant he couldn’t come to San Myshuno until Saturday morning, and that would likely upset her.  It would be the first Friday he had missed since he moved.

When Yasmine readily agreed to come in for the wedding, Cole was both relieved and excited. She would finally see where he spent his time away from her.  He hoped she might like his home away from home, and maybe rethink her decision to stay in San Myshuno.  He could even take her to see his clinic.


Cole was nervously pacing the floor, waiting for Yasmine to get to his house so they could ride together to the church. He needed to get there early and he was already going to be late. But really, that wasn’t why he was nervous. He had a lot of hope built into this weekend for him and Yasmine.

Cole’s phone rang and it was her. Finally, he thought. “Yasmine! Where are you? I am going to be late.”

“Cole, we had a last minute deal almost fall through and I had to stay and finish the negotiations. The good thing is I saved the deal! And it is a multi-million dollar revenue client!” She was half screaming with excitement. “We are going to have a quick celebratory drink and then I will run home and change and head out. Go on without me and I’ll meet you at the church. I may miss the ceremony though. I’m really sorry.”

Cole was beyond pissed, but what could he say? Because really, wasn’t this the same as last Thanksgiving when he couldn’t get home? He closed his eyes, and sighed softly. No point in getting mad.  “Okay babe,” he said at last, keeping his voice calm, “But only one drink. I don’t want you driving drunk. I love you.”

“No worries. Just one. I already told the guys I had to leave to go to a wedding. See you soon. Mwaaa,” she said and disconnected the call.


Cole walked into the church and the memories came washing over him. It was the same church where his parents were married.

memoryHe vaguely remembered walking down the aisle toward his Dad. It seemed like a long way back then – and even now too.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is UyRn9oy.png

Then, in his mind’s eye, he saw a beautiful bride walking down the aisle, and instead of his mother, it was Yasmine. He began to get choked up when he realized how badly he wanted them to be married. But living like they were, and until she trusted him with her most private secret, he didn’t think she would ever set a date.

They were living separate lives in separate cities pretending like everything was okay. Cole was beginning to wonder why she even agreed to marry him in the first place.  It made him incredibly sad, and even a little angry.  He tried to shake away his negative thoughts. Hopefully seeing how happy Mickey and Nicky were tonight would help.

Cole found his way into the room where the men were getting ready.  He took a deep breath to calm himself as he walked in. He was happy for Mickey. He was starting his life with one of Cole’s very best long-time friends and his first ever girl friend.  The thought made him smile.

Noah noticed him standing there and walked over.  “Cole, it’s about damn time. I was just getting ready to go tell Dannie that she might have to walk with me and Mazarine.”

“Sorry, I was waiting on Yasmine. She just called and said she got held up. She’ll join us later.”

Mickey walked over and heard what he was telling Noah. “Sorry about that man,” he said, “at least she will make the reception.”

No sooner had he spoken than the officiant stuck his head in the door and motioned for the men to take their places at the altar.

Garret hugged his son and went to sit with his wife, while the rest of the men filed out to take their places.


During the ceremony, Cole couldn’t help thinking about Yasmine.  He wished she could have been here to see it.  Now, he was wondering if saving the contract was simply an excuse not come.

Finally the ceremony ended and Mickey kissed his bride, making Cole get a little emotional.

He was grateful when it was time to escort Dannie back down the aisle.

As they were walking arm in arm, Cole noticed how amazing Dannie looked. Maybe it was just as well that Yasmine wasn’t here yet. It would give him time to catch up with Dannie during the reception. He hadn’t realized how much he had missed her.

After what seemed like a thousand pictures were taken, everyone made their way upstairs for the festivities.  Yasmine still hadn’t made it in, so Cole looked around for Dannie. He eventually found her sitting alone at the bar, Ryker nowhere to be seen.

“Hi, how are you?” he asked as he lowered himself into the chair next to her.

Dannie smiled brightly when she saw him. “Hi! I’m doing great! Where is Yasmine? I hoped to meet the woman that captured your heart.”

“She’s on the way, got held up in a business meeting,” he said with a small sigh, all the while a little part of him wished she wasn’t coming at all, so he could talk to Dannie longer. But he shoved that thought away as soon as it entered his mind. He needed her here.

“Oh, well, looks like we are both alone, at least for now,” said Dannie, “Ryker couldn’t make it because he’s in rehab for a shoulder injury.”

Cole grimaced a little. “Ouch. That could be bad for his career.”

“The doctors assured him he will be as good as new,” she said with a small shrug.

Cole ordered a round of drinks for them as he kept watching the door for Yasmine. “By the way, you look amazing. Marriage suits you.”

“Thanks, you clean up nice too,” said Dannie and giggled. “So, the high school class reunion is this summer. Can you believe it’s already been five years since we graduated?”

Cole nodded his agreement and smiled. “I know. It will be good to see everyone. Although a lot of the ones I care to see are here. Like you, and well I see Noah all the time now.”

Dannie laughed that little unique Dannie laugh that Cole had always adored. “I know what you mean, right? I really was looking forward to seeing you. We haven’t seen each other in forever, except on stealthy FaceTime!” she said, and rolled her eyes. “I wish we lived closer. Although I would like to see Berto, Nemo and Kolby. Well, and Laney too. She and I became really good friends.”

His brow furrowed slightly thinking about Laney. “Yes. I know. I saw her a several years ago when her dance company was doing a show at BBU.”

“Ohhh. Did you go? That would be amazing. I would love to see her perform,” gushed Dannie.

“No… and now I wished I had.  It just wasn’t a good time. I was still a little raw back then, not anymore though.  She looked really happy.”  The music started playing and everyone had started to dance.  “Hey,” he said motioning to the dance floor, “Wanna join them. It looks fun.”

“Sure,” said Dannie and grinned.

Cole took her hand to lead her towards the dance floor, still talking.  He didn’t see Yasmine until they almost ran into her.

“Hi Cole,” said Yasmine, eyebrow arched, “Care to introduce me to your friend?”

“Yasmine,” said Cole and quickly dropped Dannie’s hand and kissed his fiancée on the cheek.

He stepped back and did quick introductions. “Yasmine, this is Dannie. Dannie, Yasmine.”

Ohhh.  So this is Dannie. Was I interrupting something?” asked Yasmine, completely ignoring the affection that Cole showed her.

“No,” said Dannie, and smiled uncomfortably, “We were just killing time and catching up until you got here. He’s all yours. It was nice to meet you.”

“You don’t have to leave on my account,” said Yasmine, her voice like saccharine, “What were you two discussing?”

Cole had had enough. Before Dannie could say anything in reply, Cole grabbed Yasmine’s arm. “Come on Yasmine, let’s dance,” he said barely controlling his anger, “you can tell me about the deal you closed today.”

Dannie looked relieved. “I’ll see you later Cole, Yasmine,” she said.

Cole saw Noah standing there, having obviously witnessed the entire episode. He shot him a look of desperation.  He was relieved when Noah understood his silent request and took Dannie’s hand and led her to the dance floor.

After the way Yasmine had acted when she saw him talking to Dannie on the phone, Cole wasn’t surprised at her jealousy. He tried to ignore it and just calm down. She was here now and that was all that mattered. “So, you look beautiful tonight,” said Cole softly, as he maneuvered her onto the dance floor. “Wanna tell me how you swooped in and saved the account?”

“She’s very pretty. And obviously adores you. You sure you two never dated?” asked Yasmine, completely ignoring Cole’s question, while straining to look over his shoulder at Dannie and Noah.

“I told you already, no, we never dated,” said Cole, his patience with Yasmine waning. “And besides,” he added, “she’s married to the football player.”

“And he was going to let you dance with her?” she asked sounding doubtful.

“He’s in rehab for an injury, so he couldn’t come,” said Cole trying hard to stay calm, even with the accusatory tone in her voice.  He was so tired of her mistrust.

He needed to get Yasmine away from Dannie. “You must be exhausted from the drive,” he said, “Let’s go sit down where it’s quiet and we can talk.”  Not giving her a chance to protest, he grabbed her hand and pulled her off the dance floor.

Once seated, Cole tried to reassure her. “The wedding was nice,” he said, once again tempering his tone, “I’m sorry you had to miss it. Did you see Nicky and Mickey?  They look so happy.  I can’t wait for that to be us.  Yasmine, I love you so much. All you have to do is say when.”

Instead of softening at his words as he hoped, she got even more upset with him. “Oh my god Cole!” she said in a loud whisper, “It hasn’t even been three months yet, much less six. So why are you doing this? Look at us. We don’t live in the same city. I had to leave an important business meeting and drive over an hour just to come to this stupid wedding. And when I get here, I find you making eyes at Barbie over there. How can we possibly get married? And I told you anyway – I’m. Not. Ready.

Cole couldn’t take her jealousy and mistrust any longer.  Everything he had been feeling came tumbling out. “First of all Yasmine – I wasn’t making eyes at Dannie.” He ground his words out through clenched teeth, while attempting to keep his voice low. “And secondly, I am beginning to think you don’t want me. Do you? And if you do, then tell me, what IS the secret in that little pink book? Why can’t you trust me with it? I love you, but I don’t even think you believe that.”

Yasmine’s face became hard and angry. “You won’t compromise – at all. You could sell that practice and move back in with me!”

“That didn’t answer either of my questions,” he said, completely frustrated, “And if you want to rehash that, you could work for me and Dad, but you won’t. You have a job. I have a business to run. I worked my whole life to own that practice. How is it fair to ask me to give that up? And even if I did, you would probably find another reason to put me off, aka, the little pink book.”  Cole paused for a minute and let out a defeated sigh. He shook his head and mumbled under his breath, “I don’t know why I even try anymore.” He wasn’t sure where those words came from, and immediately wished he could swallow them back.

“Well, you don’t have to,” she shot back, as tears began to run down her face, “I can’t do this anymore either. I should have stayed in San Myshuno. I knew this was too good to be true!” 

She took off the her engagement ring and laid it on the table.  “Here! Take this. I’m going back to MY apartment. You can come get the rest of your things whenever you can find time between your precious clinic, and Barbie over there.”

Cole could barely breathe. He knew he royally fucked this up. “Yasmine, no!”  he pleaded.

She stood up and leaned over the table looking him in the eye. “It’s over Cole,” she said in choked whispers, “I will never fit into your perfect little world. I am NOT Cinderella or Barbie. I am the wicked stepsister. You don’t know me at all. Go back to your friends and have a nice life.”

“Yasmine… I’m sorry. I got upset. I said things I didn’t mean. We can work this out,” he said in a low whisper so as not to draw attention to them.

“Goodbye Cole,” she said simply, then turned around and left.

As Cole watched her walk out of his life, he sat glued to his chair in shock, unable to move. He didn’t have any fight left in him to go after her.  His emotions were a cocktail of conflicted feelings. He wasn’t sure if he was pissed, hurt or relieved. He felt them all. She exhausted him, but he still loved her.

Noah walked over. “Whoa, what was that? You guys have a fight?”

Cole was still processing what just happened.  He opened his hand and showed his friend the ring. “She left me,” he said, emotionless.

“Oh fuck man,” said Noah, “I’m so sorry.”

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 2.58 – Beginnings and Endings

  1. Well that was coming a mile away. 😉

    She’d been wanting to ditch him ever since she put that ring on her finger. She’ll never feel good enough for him and his world and I think that’s so sad. 😥 Honestly, I bet him and Dannie get together. They seem to fit. And I could see Ryker cheating down the line (he’s kind of a dirtbag.)

    Now it’s Avery’s turn. (Barf! Sorry! I just don’t like that girl. She’s a weird stalker type.)

    My only hope is that Yazzie IS preggers, she hides THAT and unveils her GORGEOUS baby heir at Dannie and Cole’s wedding. Oh wouldn’t that be fun??? Tee hee!!! (But I’m worried she might kill herself over it, too. Poor tragic girl!)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, I think not too many people will be surprised. Yasmine is a tragic character and was just too broken for Cole to reach or to fully let him in. She’s totally been testing Cole since they moved in together. She needs him but she was afraid of that. I think she was looking for any excuse to end it especially after he bought the clinic.

      You have lots of great predictions about what might still happen. We shall see Cole’s state of mind after this. Will he make better choices or worse ones? I would expect he’s too emotional to make great choices right now. For awhile anyway. Anything could happen down the road.

      I almost messaged you and said I’m going into hibernation after I post this chapter! 😂. I loved Yasmine. The camera loved her too. Thanks so much for letting me abuse your beautiful sim. I will say, we will see her again. ❤️

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  2. DANNIE! 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

    I’m calm, I swear 😂

    In other news… ouch. But I can’t say I didn’t see that coming, or that I’m not oddly relieved? And honestly Cole should be too. They were never gonna work out in the long run. Not without Yasmine doing some serious soul searching (and therapy, I hope!)

    Now I’m nervous about Avery though… last girl in line 😬 She and Dannie are the only two who haven’t broken his heart yet… and I don’t think I have to tel you who I’m rooting for 😉 (Ryker who??? 😂)

    I hope this really is the end for Cole and Yasmine and that she’s able to find peace and he can find a little happiness… TRUE happiness! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Dannie did look very pretty! 😍

      I don’t know if Cole is relieved, but I see why you might think he is. He just feels like he failed her I think. She needs Phoenix! We all want good things for Yas. But I doubt Cole’s going to give up that easy, although he did feel pretty defeated when she walked out. So he might. Next chapter we shall see if it’s truly over or she gives them a second chance.

      Avery…yes she’s still hanging out there. Surely by now she has a bf? She is quite pretty. And seems ambitious. 😇

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  3. Whoa… I can’t say I’m entirely surprised, we already knew this was coming..! But Yasmine, way to steal the show girl! I’m surprised Nicky wasn’t totally pissed that she made a scene at her wedding, lol!
    And it doesn’t really surprise me that Cole was feeling relieved at the end (among all other emotions of course), I totally understand that 😥 She made his life miserable from a point on, and the sooner he realizes it, the better!
    BUT, on a brighter note: DANNIE!!! ❤❤😍 Aw, I missed her so much! So nice to see her lovely bubbly self again! Did she get married already? I hadn’t realized that! Hmmm something tells me that Ryker’s injury will prove to be much more severe, and *hopefully* ruin their marriage? Lmao, you know I’ll always want her for my dear Cole! 😁
    That was such a great chapter! ❤

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    • Not a big shock. Cole did try to keep the scene to a minimum….so hopefully it went mostly unnoticed by everyone except Noah. I would be mad too if I were Nicky!

      He has done nothing but try to be patient and please her and once she said yes, I think he felt like she was beginning to trust him and it only made things worse. It scared Yasmine way too much to think she was giving him her heart and he was only going to break it so she never would really give it to him.

      Glad you enjoyed seeing Dannie. She is so different from Yasmine. She is truly a romantic at heart writing those novels. She is married to Ryker now. They have been married at least a year at this point. So far things are going well. And shame on you for wishing Ryker’s career to be ruined. Although that may well mess with their marriage. Another Dannie shipper!
      So glad you enjoyed that chapter! ❤️❤️❤️.

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  4. Another great chapter. Loved seeing Mickey and Nicky married. Thank you so much for giving them their happy ending.
    I am not surprised at this. I like Yasmine but I feel this relationship has been doomed since the beginning. She even said it FROM THE BEGINNING!! Yet Cole made her fall in love with him and now there is heartbreak. HE SHOULDN”T HAVE MENTIONED THE PINK BOOK!!! Maybe they reconcile but dang, I just don’t see how.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You changed accounts? Thanks as always for the chapter love. Mickey and Nicky really did bond….Wait until next chapter….she has another little surprise for everyone! Tee hee…..

      And nobody was really surprised. It has been doomed from the start. And mentioning the book certainly didn’t help. You will find out on Wednesday if they are able to reconcile or not. 😱


  5. BYE FELICIA! Dannie is married and Avery UGH … let’s bring on a sweet animal loving vet tech who will share is heart his home and his passion for his business (and let her be good with the books too) .. we want nooboos for the next gen … there is lots more fish in the sea Cole ❤

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  6. Like most I really hope this is the end of Yasmine and Cole. When she says that he won’t compromise it drives me nuts, all he ever does is compromise. Since all the other women in his life turned out to be a bust and I wouldn’t want him with Avery I hope Cole meets a nice woman soon. I’m at the point now where I don’t even want a resolution with Yasmine.

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I say good riddance.
    “You don’t know me at all.” Of course he doesn’t know you, you stupid self-centered girl! You won’t let him know you. So how dare you throw this accusation in his face?!
    I’m sorry. This chapter really got me worked up. How many more years would she need to finally start trusting him? Arrgh! If Cole goes and finds comfort in Avery’s or Danni’s arms at this point, I can’t even blame him. Damn, I encourage him to!

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  8. Omg. Idk I feel really sorry for Yas, she’s truly a tortured soul.
    This would never have worked out. I’m glad she broke up with Cole. He never would have (poor delusional boy…), but now at least he can move on, as hard as it might be.
    ehhhh and while Cole might not have made eyes on Dannie, he did feel attracted to her again! (will there be a desparate affair?? :D)
    (And – is Laney comig back? Is there hope? ❤ )

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  10. Okay, I’m so over Yas at this point. I was on board at first because I thought eventually she would see how much he’s compromised for her and how much he loves her. But you know, when she said he hadn’t compromised at all, she lost all of my support. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt, Yas!

    The bad part is that Cole, sweet guy that he is, immediately blamed himself, so, I hope he doesn’t run after her groveling. He is right in that Yas is completely exhausting.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, I don’t think he realized just how exhausting she was until she left. It probably was like a weight was lifted from his shoulder he didn’t even realize he was carrying. But yes, he blamed himself. He hasn’t 100% give up, but we will see what happens.

      You aren’t alone in wishing her good riddance.

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  11. I’m starting to think that I’m the evil one here cuz, I was pretty pleased when Yasmine ended things with Cole.

    I mean, the dude has been trying for years, and she just won’t trust him, or try to understand him, with her victim complex and all. Her issues are rooted deep, she needs a theraphyst to talk all this things into. Just revealing her secret won’t make her stop have her issues.

    So I say, Cole, do what she told you to do! Move on with life, Hope that she get’s treatemant on her own, and when she’s better, or at least, willing to be better, talk things out with her.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Yup, definitely a train wreck 😦 I knew the commute thing wouldn’t work and Yasmine has become such a pain that I couldn’t see them living separately working either. You’d think it would, since she didn’t even want to live together in the first place – fickle much? Either way, this’ll really hurt Cole 😦

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  14. Wow! That was some serious drama! If I’m being totally honest though, I’m kind of glad. I liked Yasmine at first but she was really starting to become a “wicked stepsister” as she referred to herself. Lol. 😄

    Cole is a saint and he deserves somebody sweet like Dannie. I’m really hoping they end up getting together. Yasmine is a hot mess and is cleary not ready for commitment, and Cole should not have to clean up her hot messes.

    That was a great chapter, Audrey! Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  15. “Did you two have a fight?” yeah. The mother of all fights. But if she could never bring herself to trust him, it never would’ve worked. Ugh. She pisses me off so much. Accusing him of abandoning her to chase his dream, his very specific dream, and then in the same breath claim her job was too important to leave… when she could’ve gotten a great job in Newcrest. Gah!

    Liked by 1 person

  16. OUCH! Just a long, emotional ouch. Never mind what I said last chapter, Yasmine clearly isn’t ready to be married. She likes Cole and is therefore afraid to lose him. And it doesn’t hurt so much if SHE is the one leaving. It was her own choice, after all. She can always say “he wasn’t the right guys” or claim he cheated on her. She has a pretense to play the victim. Sad enough, but that is what fits into her world view.
    I hope so much that she will learn to trust and let someone love her 💖

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