Chapter 2.65 – PhilInTheBlank

Cole and Avery had been seeing each other for over a month. They were two lonely people that happened to discover they really enjoyed each other’s company and became lovers. Now, they were spending most evenings and every weekend together, either at his house or hers.

Cole found himself thinking about this new development in his life during most of his waking moments. He couldn’t wait to be near Avery again. To talk to her, kiss her, or just simply make dinner together. She made him feel whole and loved.

He never worried about her melting down over something he said. It was easy to be with her and talk to her. There was no doubts about each other’s motives or feelings, only acceptance. That’s when he realized he was in love again, and it surprised him more than a little. He didn’t think his heart would be able to open up for a very long time after Yasmine shattered it.

Yasmine was charismatic and charmed everyone she met. But on the inside, she was a hotbed of emotions. Up one minute and down the next. Cole never knew which Yasmine he would get.

Avery, on the other hand,  was calm and methodical; a planner. It was obvious she took pride in her work with C&M Development.  It gave her a sense of accomplishment that she seemed to crave. She also had a way with people that allowed her to easily put them at ease.  Not in a flashy, over the top way like Yasmine, but by being quietly observant and simply asking questions.

In spite of Avery’s calm exterior, Cole discovered that she had a passion for living, and unless you really got to know her, you might miss it. The more of those layers he peeled away, the more he loved everything about her.

11-03-18_3-35-47 PM.png Spending hours just talking and laughing with her was the highlight of his day. Making love to each other in the evenings, that was the cherry on top.


Cole knew, if he wanted a long term relationship with Avery, he was going to have to be upfront with her about his ongoing conversations with his father regarding their relationship. He was determined that they have open communication with no secrets. His experience with Yasmine made him extremely wary of keeping things hidden.

As they sat down for breakfast, he put down his fork, took a deep breath and began. “Avery, there’s something I need to talk to you about. Just so you are aware.”

The look of dread on her face made his heart ache. “It’s not that bad, not really,” he tried to assuage her fear with his words. “It’s Dad. He’s not a fan of our relationship. At all.”

She looked at him with disbelief and even more worry etched her face. “Why? I thought Ben liked me,” said Avery.

Cole smiled. “Oh. He does! That’s why. He needs you.”

Now she looked completely confused. “So what’s his problem. I would think he would be happy for us.”

“He’s afraid. Afraid that if we don’t work, that you might leave him,” admitted Cole.

Avery started laughing which wasn’t exactly the response he expected.

Now, he didn’t know whether to be relieved or worried. “And this is funny, because?” asked Cole.

Avery began to explained herself. “Cole, your poor dad. He has worked tirelessly, along with Leroy, to make C&M what it is today. And I know that he depends on me, and Noah too. Especially since Leroy retired.  And for the record, should something happen between us….” She suddenly stopped, her expression changing from one of relief to concern. She searched his face before continuing. “But we are good, right? I mean, Cole, I don’t want us to end. That’s not what this is…..?”

“No! No…” he interjected, stopping her from finishing her thought. “I don’t want us to end either. Not ever Avery. That’s why I’m telling you this. I don’t want any secrets between us.”

She relaxed and smiled at his words. “Then Ben doesn’t need to worry because I love…” she paused, swallowing her words before finally finishing her thought. “I love my job, and working for your Dad.”

Cole felt better, especially hearing her say she didn’t want things to end. She had made him feel warm and loved from the first night they spent together. Was that what she going to say?  he wondered, That she loved him before she changed it? And she was just afraid?

He smiled softly. “Well, I get hell about it every time I see him. Mom just looks at me with a sad look on her face, mostly because she’s conflicted. She’s loyal to Dad, and it hurts her that I’m causing him grief, even if it’s unfounded. Please, just let me know if he says anything to you. I told him, in no uncertain terms, to leave you alone.”

“You stood up to Ben for me?” she said shocked.

“Of course I did,” he said, “Avery, I haven’t been this happy in a long time, probably never. I look forward to everyday and every night with you. You are a sexy, interesting, sophisticated woman, with a hidden wild side that I adore. You make me stupid happy.”

She licked her lips and smiled. “Flatterer,” she said.

“It’s all true. But sometimes, I do wonder, if maybe you are worried because you are older than me. Honestly, I never think about it at all.”

Avery smiled warmly at Cole. “That was the sweetest thing anyone’s ever said or done for me.” She huffed out a small laugh. “I think I’m blushing. You are not too young for me. Why would you even say that? If I thought that, I promise you, I wouldn’t be here now.”

She stopped for a minute, and looked at him intently. When she finally spoke, her tone was soft and serious. “Cole, I’ve fallen in love with you. And you just made it easy for me to say. I love you.. And I don’t want anyone else but you, ever.”  Then she leaned in and kissed him.

When they sat back, Cole’s heart was full.  Things with Avery were just – easy and right.  He loved her so very much.  “I don’t want anyone else either,” he said softly, “That’s why I told you about Dad, because Avery, I love you too.”


Three months later……

It was Cole’s 24th birthday and almost four months since he and Avery began their whirlwind romance in search of dessert.  He was surprised when the doorbell rang, because he wasn’t expecting anyone other than Avery and it was too early.

He walked to the living room and looked through the glass in the door.  He was pleasantly surprised to see it was Avery.  She normally just walked in, but she was holding a large box and obviously needed help with her package.

Cole quickly opened the door and took the box from her as Harley scooted between them to get out of the snow.  “What the hell Avery? Get inside. It’s snowing,” said Cole, laughing at both her and Harley.

Avery walked in with a huge smile on her face.  She looked down where Cole had put the box. “Open it Cole! Hurry!” she said excitedly.

A smile split his face in half when he heard a little yip coming from inside the box.  He quickly opened it and a little black ball of fur, tale swishing back and forth, looked up at him expectantly with shiny black eyes. Cole’s heart was filled with joy as he reached into the box to rescue the Labrador puppy from his temporary prison.


Avery was so happy. Cole looked like a little boy at Christmas with the puppy licking his face.  She knew she had made the right decision. “Harley helped me pick him out,” she said proudly, “They’re already fast friends. Happy Birthday Baby. Meet … Fillintheblank.”

“Phillip what? Oh….” he said, and began to laugh. “Fill in the blank!”

“Yep. I didn’t name him yet,” she said laughing, “I thought you’d want to, so I’ve been calling him Fillintheblank.”

“Well, then that’s his name!” said Cole through his laughter. “We’ll make it official, but maybe we can call him Phil for short and then, when he chews up your shoe and you scold him, you can fill in the blank!”

They both laughed until they cried. Avery looked at Cole. She loved him and his boyish charm. “You like him then?” she asked coyly.

“I love him, and you too. This was the very best birthday present ever.” He kissed her cheek while still holding the wiggly puppy.  Cole was always so sweet.  These last few months had been more than she imagined they would ever be. The only thing marring it was Ben’s continued discomfort with their relationship. She had tried to talk to him, but he shut it down.

Cole put Phil on the floor and pulled her next to him on the couch in front of the fire.  They snuggled while they watched Harley and Phil play together.  She knew right then, she could do this every day. Cole made it easy to love him.

“Avery,” he said softly, sending sweet chills of desire down her spine, “You know I love you. And even though we haven’t been together long, we have known each other for what, 7 years? This already feels so right. I don’t want to live apart anymore. We have a puppy together now.”

Avery laughed and leaned back and looked at Cole. He wanted it too and she was relieved. She had been afraid that he was carrying around too much hurt from Yasmine. But she wanted more than to just live together.  “I love you too. You are right, now that we have a puppy together, we are practically a family. I don’t want to be apart anymore either. And…” She stopped and looked at Cole. Can I tell him? she wondered while those big blue eyes of his were watching her expectantly.

Finally, she scooted around, took a deep breath and looking him in the eye, decided to go for it. “I want to get married Cole, not just move in together. I know – I said age didn’t matter, but I’ve been thinking about it, actually a lot. Especially since I got Fillintheblank here.  I want a real family.  And I want it to be with you.”

She took another short breath and continued her justification speech since he didn’t comment. She wanted him to say yes so badly. “I think, this is where the age difference hurts just a little. My biological clock is ahead of yours – almost four years ahead. I will be 28 in a few months. I will probably be over 30 by the time we have children. When I look at your folks, I see a beautiful couple, still so much in love with each other, and young enough to enjoy themselves now that their children are grown. I want that too, with you, and I’m already way behind the curve.”

Cole just looked at her, still not saying anything.  Shit, she thought, he’s going to bolt. I really screwed up. Her heart was pounding waiting for him to say something. She waited for what was probably only a few seconds but seemed like an eternity before he eventually gave her a ghost of smile.  “Say something Cole,” she said nervously when his expression changed.

His eyes crinkled and his smile grew. She would have sworn his eyes were sparkling with excitement.  “Yes Avery. I want to marry you too. Very much so. In fact, let’s do it soon. There’s no need to wait. . . .Oh my god! Avery, we can do it tonight! Just get on a plane and go to Vegas. It will be fun! Then my folks can’t give me hell about it and you will officially be a part of the family. We will be a family!”

Now it was her turn to be stunned into silence. She had only hoped he would say yes. She never dreamed he would want to just run off and get married.  So very Cole to just throw it out there without thinking it through.  But, really, was it such a bad idea? Maybe they should. It definitely would avoid all of the shit with Ben.  “Really?” she asked again, “Are you serious? This is really what you want, and it’s not just “puppy” love talking?” She had to be sure.

He snorted out a laugh. “I love Phil, but I love you so much more. Truthfully, I’ve been thinking about marriage too. So, yes. Let’s do this. We practically live together already. I’m calling Ami, she’s back for winter break. We need a dog sitter, and she won’t spill the beans. We can go tonight and come back tomorrow, married.”

Avery was a little nervous. “But, I need a dress!” she said, and then wondered why.  He wanted to do this. As crazy as it was, he was dead serious.

Cole shrugged. “Get one in Vegas,” he said, “We can get rings there too!  Come on. You make reservations while I call Ami.”

“We’re really doing this? Right now?” she asked once again, still trying to wrap her head around getting married tonight. Cole was right. They were together nearly every day and night already. And besides, Vegas had amazing designers and jewelers.  She was sure she could quickly find an awesome dress while he bought wedding rings. Oh my god….it’s going to happen, she thought and her stomach did back flips.

Cole was watching her closely as she worked through the plan in her head.  “Oh….maybe you would prefer a big wedding, I’m sorry….” he said backtracking.

Noooo!  she thought. He completely misunderstood her silence. She quickly jumped in Cole’s lap and shushed him with her finger.  “NO! Don’t you dare back out on me Coleman Murdock! You just told me you wanted to marry me – tonight. And I expect you to do just that!” Her heart was beating out of her chest. She was so afraid he was backing out. This was exactly what she wanted.

“Hell yes baby,” whispered Cole, breathless, “We’re getting married – tonight! God, I love you.” He did love her. Of that, she had no doubt. She almost cried when he pulled her to him and kissed her ever so gentle and sweet. Like she was precious. No one had ever treated her that way before. Chill bumps covered her body.  If they didn’t have to leave now, she would have had him right there on the couch.


Five hours later……

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56 thoughts on “Chapter 2.65 – PhilInTheBlank

    • Yes…she got him didn’t she? At least she is falling in love with him….and he deserves that from her at least. Although, you are not alone in your dislike of Avery. She pretty much has him wrapped around her little finger. And the puppy!❤️ At least one good thing is coming out of this so far. Cole is happy AND has a new puppy. Trying to see the positive for you. 😊


  1. Oh I’m sure Ben is gonna love this…somehow I think there is more drama yet to come. I don’t see this lasting, somehow…

    Although maybe it might. Both Cole and Avery seem to be stable people with similar levels of ambition who work at stable jobs that anchor them to the same place, and they seem to have fun together, so maybe this is Cole’s HEA?

    Liked by 1 person

    • It could be his HEA, maybe….they both seem to very happy for now anyway. We still have several more chapters to go. And you are probably right about Ben….he is likely not going to be very happy. We will see next chapter how he reacts….😳


  2. Wow, I’m so shocked. I never expected it to happen that soon! My goodness! People plan their weddings and are together for months, have been together years before marrying, and these two just went for it. I wonder what’s going to happen now! How are Cole’s family and friends going to take it?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, a huge shocker. I don’t think anyone expected it to happen that fast. Even Avery was shocked that it did. But no way she was going to pass up the opportunity to get her man without his family interfering and trying to block it. We will see how they react. Next chapter…on Saturday. 😳

      Liked by 1 person

  3. My head is spinning on how fast this went!!

    Yaz got CHAPTERS of development…and we grew to love her (because I’ll admit, I didn’t like her in the beginning.) And now she’s crushed him and he did a huge…


    What do we know about Avery? What does Cole know about Avery? Well, yes, he’s lived with her for four, fast, trouble-free months. And many people do this–fall fast and hard without seeing how people react in stressful situations. How do they handle fights? What are their ways they will handle disciplining children? Who are they really when tough times hit? That’s why people should date for YEARS before marriage, not months. Avery looks like a sweetheart right now because all is easy and carefree, but wait until some sort of strife hits, and how will they be together?

    Avery plans everything and is a control freak. I’m shocked she was down for marrying in Las Vegas. But if it got her what she wanted faster, yeah. She was all for it! Ahhh! How will Ben take this? He should be good with it because his fears were that if they broke up, she’d leave the company. A marriage is permanent (or it should be), so he should celebrate. Why do I get the feeling he won’t be happy? Hmm…

    Liked by 2 people

    • You hit it everything right on the money. They haven’t had to deal with anything bad…haven’t really discussed having children, beyond her saying she wanted to. Plus 10 in Cole’s mind. Cole thinks he has found the perfect woman for him….And Cole doesn’t know any more about her than we do. Right now everything is relaxed, easy and fun. And she bought him a puppy! She makes him feel wanted. After what he went through with Poor Yasmine, it’s like he can breathe.

      She is a planner and very much a control freak! Lol… And marriage is one thing that can never be controlled so we will see how she deals with any issues that come up. But she was after Cole and feels she has fallen in love with him, and she knows how Ben feels so she went along with Cole’s crazy harebrained suggestion. 😳

      Ben will likely feel,the same way you do…..not happy.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. You know the only reason we know of, via your development of chapters, why Ben is against “the office romance”, is because if the romance breaks up, gets messy, that there is a possibility that Avery would leave the company. Their marriage should relieve Ben’s fears. So we are going to have 13-14 more chapters of drama, drama, drama? I don’t know if I dread or am excited about new revelations/development in store for your loyal readers. I am looking into the clouded crystal ball and see…a parade of ex’s both Averys and Coles providing drama. the emergence of Ami’s best friend that has a crush on Cole, the kidnapping of Cole leading to an all out mafia war and the death of ….., an alien abduction of Cole and his return, pregnant, the mysterious illness/plague outbreak infecting different members of the family, the beginning of the great depression causing the company to go bankrupt, a possible auto accident, and last but not least the difficult pregnancy of Avery and the new generation! Which one is the red herring and which one is the real deal? Looking forward to the next chapter…..
    I know many of your female readers don’t like Avery due to your past development of her. One thing I do know that Avery’s biological clock revelation. Wanting to have a family before she is 30 is very real. My oldest boy felt it terribly at the age of 28 and proposed to a 18 year old High school graduate. She was not ready wanting to get to know herself better away from home and as a single person living a single lifestyle. Well she shelved it and accepted his proposal and they got married. they had 2 children right away…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love your comments. One thing I will promise is no alien abductions! 😂😂😂. All other options may well be on the table!

      Ben is totally against Cole jumping into bed with Avery because if things did go south, she may feel the need to leave the company. He knows Cole was totally rebounding, and would have preferred if he found someone else not so close to the family. But maybe it did develop into something real. It seems like it. Even though they have known each other a long time, he really never spent enough time together to really get to know each other.

      But we do know her Biological clock is ticking away, she wants to be a real part of the family, not just an employee, she is a bit of a control freak with a troubled past and loves Cole and animals.

      It’s interesting that your son was worried about his age and wanting a family. Usually you think of that in terms of women. Congrats on your grandkids!


  5. whoa, this was fast! Grats, Avy, you got what you wanted, and well done!
    Actually, I loved this chapter. Both Avery and Cole act just CRAZY 😀 I’m all in for crazy, stupid romance.

    I do agree with Pammie that it might not be smart to get married so fast, but both Avery and Cole have many similarities about what they want in life, and they do get along really well. They know how to make each other happy.
    And yes, no one knows how the other reacts in bad situations, but I think both have the will and ability to still make things work, depending on how you showed us their characters so far.
    I’d actually love to see them get into bad, stressful situations, and working on them. That’s how I see true love. (But I guess bc of the challenge premise they will fail, after all 😢)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shhhhh. 😂😂😂 There will be a couple of hills/mountains to climb. And I’m sure they will both try to work through them in their own ways. It was CRAZY fast! But Cole is head over heels and they get along very well so far. So good. Glad you liked this chapter! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh shit LOL. Coleeee what are you doing?

    It was sweet to see that he’s falling for Avery so quickly (or maybe rebounding with her so quickly too… bit of both? 😛 And OMG THAT PUPPY. Phil is my new fave character 😉 She totally earned some brownie points there 😛

    All that being said… YIKES. Cole, what are you doing?! I can understand him feeling like being spontaneous here (especially since he was with Yasmine for SO long and never got her to the altar) but I just can’t picture this rash decision ending very well…

    I look forward to seeing the aftermath of all this, and what’s ahead for Cole! I wonder what Dannie will think about this too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😂😂😂 Coleeee….yep…wtf?

      They are in love….or maybe lust and Yasmine’s biological clock is counting down so she went for it. But that puppy sealed the deal for Cole. He was a goner after that. Obviously! 😱

      Aftermath ahead…..and Dannie? Hmmm….she’s back with her husband! Hopefully she’ll be happy for him?

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  9. Wait! I didn’t mean to hit “post comment.” LOLOL

    Okay….. before, Ben was afraid Avery would leave the company if Cole and she broke up. If Cole and Ami inherit the business and he and Avery get a divorce, I see a much messier situation than her just leaving the company. I see her owning part of it outright perhaps.

    But that’s not my biggest concern… OMG

    Sorry, I’m still trying to collect myself. haha

    I’m not as dead set against Avery as I once was, but I still don’t know much about her. Cole doesn’t know much about her. Yes, he’s known her for years and everything, but until four months ago, he thought she was just a hard working business type. He basically didn’t know anything else about her.

    What has he done?!! :O :O :O

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  10. Ohhhh, Avery is good. Thought now I wonder if actually started to develop feelings for him…( which was NOT part of her plan!)

    I still think she did for her own personal gain, maybe the first ”love” phrase was right? Maybe she only loves working for his father after all…

    Cole surely is going to regret this. they dated for what, 1 year, a few months? There’s no way you can gey to know the ”real” person within that time, I mean, look at Yasmine, she revelead herself as an emotional mess after months, which person could say Avery will be diferent?

    Cole’s feeling hurt and wants someone to love desperately is most likely the reason he got married to her in the first place.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, more than half of my comment wasn’t posted for some reason… weird :/
      I also said that I will probably never trust Avery (maybe I’ll do it if she and Cole are really old and still together, which I doubt lmao)! I think she is a bad influence on him… they barely know each other, and yet she managed to convince him to get married without his family being there for them… and Cole just went with it! I mean, what the heck dude?
      I think he’s gonna regret this decision soon, but you know I’m a sucker for drama so I’m gonna wait patiently until the s&#t hits the fan, hehe! >:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • A very insightful comment. She took total advantage of his broken heart. She seems to not have his best interest at heart, but hers. Cole is all about family, but she is driving a wedge between them and making him choose her over them. It may hit the fan at some point. 😇😇😇

        Liked by 1 person

  11. Um… um… I know it’s been more time for them than for us readers but I’m not quite comfortable with that. Avery is so perfect it’s almost suspicious 👀 Or maybe I’m scarred by simlit stories

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