Chapter 2.68 – The Twins

11-09-18_8-30-18 PMThe nursery had been done in yellow since they knew they were having one of each. When the twins got old enough, they would move them into separate bedrooms, but for now it was easier to have them together.

Cole was glad they had decided on four bedrooms for their house, even though Avery insisted they were NOT filling them up with kids. One for sure, she had agreed, and maybe two. Nature had taken that choice away from her. So two it was. Cole was secretly thrilled because he wasn’t so sure, after how much she hated being pregnant, if Avery would willingly have another child.

For the next six weeks, they worked together and tried to get the twins on the same schedule so one would’t always be awake.  It was proving to be harder than they thought and left little to no time for the two of them.

11-12-18_11-09-59 AM.pngWhat little free time they had was usually spent napping.  At least the babies were finally beginning to sleep for longer periods of time.

Cole knew he had to go back to work. It had been six weeks already and he simply couldn’t stay away any longer. There was only so much he could do from home.

Ben, however, said Avery could take as long as she needed. She reluctantly agreed on six months. Unlike Cole, she was ready to get back to work, but since he had to get back and she didn’t, he kissed his children goodbye.

Before he left, he pulled Avery from the chair she had collapsed into and wrapped her in his arms.  She looked like she might cry.  Truthfully, he felt a bit like crying too. It gave him a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach to have to walk out the door.

Avery, in fact, had been doing a fair amount of crying lately. When he asked what was wrong, she just said she was tired, or fat, or didn’t know.  Then she would pull herself together and do whatever she needed to do. He figured it was just her body adjusting to no longer being pregnant along with the stress of caring for two infants.

When Cole got home that evening, he found Avery in the nursery drinking coffee. Things seemed to be going okay, even though she looked at him like she could kill him for having left her alone with the babies.  Ryan was sleeping and Reagan was quiet in her bassinet making cooing noises.

She stood up and kissed him on the cheek.  “Your turn,” she said with a smirk and went downstairs. Cole noticed she had at least changed out of her robe. Some days she stayed in her nightgown all day. So he was encouraged that she was beginning to adjust and was getting back to herself.

They hadn’t been intimate for a long time – not since she was six months pregnant and said she felt fat and ugly.  He never thought that. In fact, he had thought her baby bump was incredibly sexy.  He ached for that part of their relationship to resume. He missed the closeness of their lovemaking.

The second day, when he came home from work, it was a different story.  When he walked in, everyone was crying.  Ryan was in the bassinet screaming, Avery was still in her night gown, sobbing, while trying to soothe Reagan, who was also crying her little lungs out.

Without a word, Cole quickly checked on his son, changed him, and put him in the baby bouncer. Then he gently took his crying daughter from her mother’s arms. “Go to bed sweetheart. I got this. I’ll be in to check on you shortly.”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, between stuttering breaths. He watched as his poor wife walked out of the nursery, her head hanging in misery.

He put Reagan back in the crib and called his mother as soon as Avery left the room.

His parents were there in minutes. It helps when you only live a couple of miles apart. They each took a baby and his mother told him to go check on Avery.

He opened the bedroom door and she was fast asleep. Instead of waking her, he gently closed the door and went out to see what he could do to help.

“She’s asleep,” he said, exhausted as well.

He watched his parents expertly handled both of the babies. He was especially shocked at how comfortable his dad was with his daughter. Then he remembered, he was a single father taking care of a newborn alone. “Dad, how did you do it?” he asked, the gravity of what he had done only just now hitting home.

“Hmm?” he said without looking up from cooing at his granddaughter,  “Do what Cole?”

“Take care of a newborn alone?” he asked, ghosting a glance at his mother, wondering if this was a sore subject with them. She just smiled. She knew what he went through he realized. They had no secrets.

“It was hard, but you were my whole world,” replied Ben, as Reagan eagerly suckled the bottle he was feeding her. “I didn’t really have a choice. At least I didn’t think I did.” He stopped and addressed the baby in his arms so tenderly it touched Cole deeply. “That’s good isn’t it sweetie?” Then he looked up at Cole. “I  had to show everyone I didn’t need their help. Man, was I wrong.”

His mother chimed in. “And he did it for a almost a year before he was finally forced to move to Willow Creek and let his family help him. So, Cole, sweetheart, don’t be afraid to ask for help. One baby is a handful. Two are double trouble. That’s what families do honey, they help each other.”

“Look,” whispered Ben, a proud smile on his face, “she’s asleep.” He gently laid Reagan in her bassinet. “God, they look so peaceful and sweet when they sleep. I used to just sit and watch you sleep. Especially the nights I let you sleep in bed with me. You were teething and were inconsolable, unless I was holding you.” He smiled warmly at the memory.

His mother laid Ryan in his crib since he was also asleep.  Now that both babies were diapered, fed and asleep in their respective cribs, they turned out the lights and walked downstairs.

“Thank you guys so much,” said Cole, relieved. “Poor Avery was such a mess. I’m glad she’s sleeping too. This will get me through the next couple of hours anyway,” he said with a small laugh. “When did you say they start sleeping all night?”

Ben chuckled, but Sofia got a concerned look on her face. “Cole, is everything okay?” she asked.

The question surprised him. He wasn’t sure what she was getting at. Yes, he thought, things were hard right now, but it would get better. Wasn’t this normal? “Yes,” he said, frowning a little, “I guess I’m not sure what you mean?”

“Can you afford to hire some help? Avery is exhausted and she could also be suffering from postpartum depression. It’s a very real thing.”

“Mom, do you think she is really depressed? This is hard, and she does cry now and then, but isn’t that normal?” he asked, worried she might be right.

“It could be the normal ‘baby blues,” explained Sofia. “Her hormones are probably going crazy right now. But she really needs to tell the doctor how she feels, because it could be more if she hasn’t shown signs of getting better. If you want, I’ll come back in the morning and help her out until you can find someone. As long as Avery is okay with it. She is a proud woman,” she glanced at Ben before continuing, “and may not appreciate her mother-in-law butting in.”

“Well, I was thinking today, when I got home and saw the state she was in, that we probably do need help and should look for a nanny. We have four bedrooms and one of them has a private bath, so I wonder if we should try to find a live in?”

“That’d probably be a good idea. When’s her next doctor’s appointment?” asked Sofia.

His mom really was worried, and that, in turn, worried him. “It’s next week,” said Cole. “I’ll talk to her in the morning, or tonight, if she wakes up. Hopefully she can get a good night’s sleep and that’ll help. But, after today, I doubt she’ll have a problem with you helping until we find someone.”

“Okay, good,” replied Sofia sounding relieved, “You want me to stay tonight?”

Cole smiled at this mom’s offer. “No. But thank you both for dropping everything and coming right away. You definitely saved the day.”


Cole moved the baby monitors out of their bedroom, where Avery was sleeping, and into the spare room, next to the nursery, and slept there.  That way he wouldn’t disturb her in the middle of the night when the twins woke up. He really hoped a good night’s sleep would help her begin to feel better.

He got up when they started stirring and quickly fed Ryan before his sister started fussing. They had already realized that Reagan was the calmer of the two. After they both went back to sleep, he wanted to stand there and just watch them. His dad was right, they looked so sweet when they slept and his heart overflowed with love simply looking at them. But he knew, he needed to try to get a little sleep himself, so reluctantly, he went back to the guest room to grab a little more sleep. Tomorrow was going to be a rough day.

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35 thoughts on “Chapter 2.68 – The Twins

  1. Oh my… 😦 I really feel for Cole here, and I feel for Avery too. Sofia is right — It does seem like she could have some postpartum depression going on, which I know is something she can’t control. And my goodness, having postpartum while having to deal with TWO babies? Yikes… 😬

    I hope she’ll be willing to talk to her doctor and get some help. Otherwise I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better. And neither her nor Cole (or those babies!) need that :-/

    Liked by 1 person

    • I feel for both of them. Avery is struggling for sure and Cole is having a hard time understanding why. As a mother of three, although one at a time, I know the baby blues are very real, but pass fairly quickly. Postpartum Depression is a whole other thing with very serious side effects. So yes, I also hope she lets the doctor know and gets help quickly. It’s already been 6 weeks….that’s a long time to be depressed, and not getting enough rest only adds to the feeling of hopelessness. 😢😢😢

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Wait, why have I only just realized that Dannie is holding out her pinky for Cole in the header image? I somehow hadn’t realized that earlier. Silly of me.
    I feel so sorry for Avery. She does seem to have some really serious issues. I hope she can get better with Sofia’s help and maybe a therapist.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yep…she is holding it out. That’s their thing. 😂😂😂 Or was….😢😢😢

      Avery is having a very difficult time for sure. It started when she found out about the twins. Most mothers will bond instantly with their children, even though they have a difficult pregnancy, and I don’t think hers was really so different or more difficult than most, she just hated it, which isn’t that uncommon, especially towards the end.

      I hope she does accept help from Sofia and most especially a therapist and can work through it for her sake as well as her little family that loves her. 😢

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad Sofia and Ben were able to help out right away. I was thinking perhaps Avery had postpartum depression, too. I’m relieved Sofia was able to recognize the symptoms. Hopefully, Avery’s doctor will get her on the right track and she’ll start feeling better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sofia only had one child, but she may have experienced the baby blues for a few days, so, she knows what Avery is experiencing is way beyond that. Cole was just writing it off as normal and that it would eventually get better.

      I hope she does go to the doctor and he is able to get her better soon.

      Liked by 1 person

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    • Yes. They are in deep over their head! Lol. Twins are double trouble. Let’s hope that’s all it is with her. All those pregnancy hormones gone amuck. We don’t need history repeating itself. Although, she had a perfectly normal pregnancy and delivery. She just didn’t like it one bit.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. My 2 cents. Dumb, dumb,dumb. For waiting 6 months before asking for help. The family should have rallied around the couple after they got home from the hospital, with bringing meals or having meals on wheels. Where were the baby showers? Need formulas, cloth diaper service, pampers, etc to help the couple. My church many times have people stopping by and help care/handle the babies while giving the parents a needed break or getting out of the house even for an hour or two or an hours of uninterrupted sleep. Knowing Avery’s controlling nature, both Cole and she should have started a feeding schedule for a full night where they could sleep. I have seen working moms manage to train their babies to eat at certain times, so they could go back to work at 3 months (understand most of their money went to babysitters, nanny, etc) When was the last day Avery was able to get out of the house? Except for doctor appts?
    Also 6 months is about the average time you start feeding them baby food jars supplementing the formula milk. Unless Avery was breast feeding, then that’s a whole different story altogether!. Anyway nice chapter, glad Cole finally let his family help after a long 6 months, and it seems Ben and Sofia have really turned around supporting Avery and Coles marriage. Thank you for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually it has only been 6 weeks. Sorry if that wasn’t clear. And I do think the family was around as much as they felt welcomed. Of course, they are always welcomed by Cole. And I’m sure baby showers were there – off camera…so to speak. Cole’s family didn’t abandon him.

      But you are so right! Family is so important when a new baby is born and the new parents certainly need that support system to help them transition.

      Avery is feeling very trapped and out of control. Ben and Sofia are definitely supporting Cole and Avery’s marriage. Ben came to terms with it fairly quickly knowing there was nothing he could do. They have been married about 2 years at the writing of this last chapter. And her depression, while not uncommon for a lot of women to have a few days of uncontrollable crying after giving birth, they recover fairly quickly. Avery hasn’t and definitely needs to talk to her doctor. Which she does in the next chapter.


  6. Poor Avery. I think this whole situation she’s going throught is a mix of both hormones and some actual mental issues with this whole…family situation going on.

    Some say all woman want be a mother, but I personally disagree. I really hope Avery doesn’t realize she didn’t want to have childrem ( REAL childrem, not the perfect ones from tv comercials) after taking care of her own, I mean she *is* a workaholic without being able to do any work ,and, she is annoyed and pretty much miserable with taking care of the babie( Thought that *could* be some hormonal stuff, and getting to know her babies better.)

    I hope Avery get’s some help and figure her stuff out. If It was hard for Ben to take care of one baby, Imagine how bad is going to be with Cole having to take care of two by himself?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree. She has the pregnancy hormones messing with her as well as lingering mental issues from her childhood and what she got herself into chasing Cole.

      All women don’t want to be a mother. You are right. She totally thought she was having one puppy….the perfect child in TV commercials. But she wasn’t naive enough to think two would be easy. She knew it was going to be hard and was freaking out the whole remainder of her pregnancy.

      She will go to the doctor. She doesn’t like herself very much right now and wants to feel,better. Of course part of that means going back to work where she feels in control. And getting help.

      I hope she doesn’t leave and dump him with two babies to care for. 😢😢😢

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I was not going to comment on this, but have to: while I feel for Avery about her p.d., what is it with the Murdock men that they cannot get a good woman to stay and do the family things the first time around. I see so much rinse, repeat here, poor Cole, stepping in daddy’s footsteps without even trying. (No worries, it happens in my story too, and totally unintentional but every time it does I am like “WTH?!”). So poor Cole.
    P.S. Shoulda gone with Dannie. 😉 (j/k … kinda).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhh! I guess the same in that that the women in his life are not working out. Ben ran off Grace and got her back. Then she went and died on him….😭😭😭. Now Cole just can’t keep ‘em. Dannie does seem like a better fit for Cole. They seem to have similar values. But…..more story for Cole to come….Avery’s gotta get better and at least we are closer to the next gen. 😁


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  9. Oh man… as much as I dislike Avery, I feel really bad for here. Postpartum depression doesn’t sound like a joke, and she must have a severe case of it. I hope she’ll get help soon (as much as she doesn’t want to)! Because if she doesn’t, I fear things are gonna get so bad, she might scar her children for life! :/

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I’m getting the feeling Avery did this children thing just because it’s “normal”, not because she really wanted to. Now she has a problem and cannot get out of it :/

    Liked by 1 person

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