Chapter 3.1 – Reagan & Ryan

Reagan had to get out of that room. Her stupid brother made a joke out of their father’s affair, and a dirty one, even though he was right. But she didn’t really care about his stupid joke. She and Taylor used to be the same, almost like sisters. They each had a crappy parent and shared their good one with each other. And they both were half sisters with little Connie. All of that suddenly changed.

She flopped down onto her bed and let the tears flow, as she realized everything she ever believed had been a lie. First her mother’s affair, then her mother’s lover ran down her Aunt Ami, and now her daddy had an affair too.  Plus he lied to her about everything.  Nothing was right anymore.  Now that she thought about it, Daddy had always been taken with the beautiful Taylor who looked so much like Dannie, the woman he really loved.  She and Ryan were nothing more than stepkids – with a criminal for a mother.

She had almost felt normal before, had been happy even. But her father deceived her. He lied, something he promised he would never ever do. Maybe it wasn’t her mother’s fault after all.  Maybe her daddy drove her away with his lies.

It’s not fair! she thought, as tears ran down her face and onto her pillow. No matter how nice Dannie tried to be, she would never be her mother, not like her own daddy was really Taylor’s.

Reagan heard a knock on her door and it cracked open. “Reagan baby. Can I come in?” asked the traitor.

She didn’t know why he bothered to ask, he was already halfway in. She quickly tried to dry her tears and sat up on the edge of her bed. “Whatever,” she muttered.

Her dad sat down next to her and suddenly everything she was feeling just came spewing out of her mouth, uncontrolled, “You are MY daddy. You can’t be Taylor’s too. It’s not fair. You cheated on Mother! Just like Ryan said! That’s why she hates you, isn’t it! You lied!”

He looked mortified, and sad maybe? And that made her a little sad too because she had loved her father more than anything in the whole world. He had kept her and Ryan safe when everything fell apart. He had even let them sleep with him when they were afraid he might leave them too. And then Dannie showed up.  And now, she had lost her daddy – to her and Taylor. At least she still had Ryan. Maybe.

“No,” he said softly, “I never cheated on your mother. She and I weren’t together when Dannie became pregnant. I’m not saying what we did was okay, it wasn’t. But now we are together and we have Taylor. Something good came out of it.”

“For YOU maybe…Your stupid ‘mistake’ just ruined my life!” retorted Reagan waving her hands in the air. He just didn’t understand. Why should he?  He had a new family. “You don’t need me and Ryan anymore.”

She saw the hurt in his face and it made her cry more. “Come here angel,” said the betrayer, “that’s not true.” He pulled her into his arms and she let him. One last time, she thought as she sobbed. She could pretend like he was still hers. She never wanted to think of him comforting Taylor this way, not anymore. Somehow, she didn’t mind sharing him when he wasn’t Taylor’s real father. It made her proud, because he was her father first, but no more.  If he had known Taylor was his when she was first born, she knew, she and Ryan wouldn’t even exist.

He began to rock her gently back and forth and she began to cry harder. This wasn’t real anymore! It wasn’t fair. This was where she had always felt safest, in her father’s strong arms, and somehow, it wasn’t hers to have anymore. She didn’t know what to believe. He was Taylor’s dad, not hers. She began to try to pull away from him, even as it felt like her insides were being ripped out.

He only held her tighter when she began to struggle which made her angry. He had no right.  Then he began to talk to her softly, as if she were one of his frightened animals. “Reagan, I could never love Taylor or Connie more than you and Ryan. Don’t ever think that. In my mind, you and Ryan are my first born children, even if Taylor is older. But sweetheart, you two are half sisters. If anything, it should strengthen the bond between you, not push you apart. Taylor was very happy.”

Reagan stiffened at the mention of Taylor’s name. It going to always be about Taylor now, probably always has been, she thought.  This time she pulled away as hard as she could. and thankfully, he released her.   “Of course she was!” she spat out, “Now she has a real mother and father – a real family. My mother’s in prison! Dannie is NOT my mother. I will never have a whole family again. It’s just not fair. You were my Daddy first. It’s all your fault!”  Then a whole new batch of tears began to pour out. She just couldn’t stop crying.

“I’m sorry that happened to you,” he said, “Maybe, you can learn from my mistakes. I know you are still young Reagan, but before you commit your life to someone, be sure you really know that person. Take your time and get to know them. Then maybe, nobody will wind up hurt. I’m so sorry that I’ve hurt you. I never, ever meant to do that.”  His voice broke on his last words.

His words were buzzing in her head as a horrible thought occurred to her. “Are you and Dannie getting married now?” she asked, hoping the answer was no.

“We might,” he said and sniffed,  “We wanted to wait until we told you guys about Taylor.”

If they married, then it would truly leave her and Ryan alone.  “That’s stupid. We don’t need Dannie and Taylor or Connie. You have me and Ryan! We were fine before they came along!” And once again, more tears came.

This time her father’s tone was tinged with anger. “Reagan, I know you don’t mean that! Dannie loves you and Ryan. You know she does. Connie worships you. Taylor is your best friend. It’s no different than before!”

He stopped and looked at her.  She wanted to disappear under his scrutiny.  “We are a family as much right now as we were yesterday.”  His words were harsh as he spoke. “Honey, I‘m sorry you feel like things have changed, but they haven’t! Taylor is as much your sister as Connie is. They are as much a part of this family as you and Ryan.”

Reagan could barely breathe. Now her father was disappointed in her. But not in Taylor.  It had already started. He was proud of his daughter and disappointed in her, his unwanted child. “I’m sorry Daddy,” she chuffed out to make it stop.

“I love you Reagan. Are you okay now?” he asked.

No. I never will be, thought Reagan. But she nodded anyway.  Her life, as she knew it, was over.

“Good,” said her father, sounding relieved, “if you have any questions or just want to talk, let me know.” He reached over to kiss the top of her head and she involuntarily shrunk back from his touch.  He would never fool her again into believing he cares. He sighed at her rebuff and continued. “We are going to talk again, after supper, as a family. You can ask anything, but try not to be crude like your brother. I’m going to talk to him now.”

“Daddy!” she cried out, almost desperately, near tears again, “please, don’t be mad at Ryan. He can’t help himself.”

“I beg to differ,” said her father with a pained look on his face.

She was worried that her brother was feeling even worse than she did, and was just covering it up with his smart ass remarks. She didn’t want him and Daddy to get into a fight, because Ryan might try to run away or something. Then she really would be alone. “You want me to talk to him?” volunteered Reagan.

Cole smiled at her and she teared up again. “No, sweetheart. Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on him, considering the circumstances.”

“Thank you Daddy,” she said softly, and sat there with her hands in her lap while he left.

When the door closed and her father was gone, his absence sucked the very air out of the room and she could barely breathe. She very badly wanted to call him back in and let him hold her again. She could almost believe things were normal when he had his arms around her.  She began to sob uncontrollably once more – for her, for Ryan and for what they had lost.


Ryan looked at his ‘stepmother’ after his dad walked out to go talk with Reagan.  He knew he was in deep shit if he didn’t apologize for real. He already felt like crap for upsetting his sister, his real sister. He only meant to upset his stupid lovey-dovey  wannabe parents, aka Taylor and Connie’s parents now.

“I’m really sorry Dannie,” he said trying hard to sound sincere.

“It’s okay Ryan,” she said softly, “it was a lot to take in. Do you have any questions?”

“No,” he barked out quickly. He didn’t want to discuss his dad’s sex life with Dannie. That sucked hairy balls. “Can I please go now?”

“Yes…” she said.

Fucking awkward, he thought as he got up to leave. Now every time he looked at Taylor he would think about his dad and Dannie going at it in some hotel room. Way to go Dad, he thought, no wonder mother went off the deep end and found someone else. 

Ryan walked by Reagan’s room and could hear her and their dad talking. He could tell she was crying and it made him angry. Reagan was good – not like him. She didn’t deserve this. But he kept walking. He didn’t want to be standing there when his dad came out. He already knew he was in trouble.

He went to his room and turned on the PC and started up his video game. He didn’t want to think about what just happened.  He’d just wait for his chewing out and then go see Reagan.

A few minutes later a knock sounded on the door. He wished it was Reagan, but he knew it was his dad. Fuck, here it comes, he thought.

“Ryan, can I come in?” he asked.

“Can I say no?” he smarted back.

No! And don’t take that tone with me. You made your sister cry,” said Cole angrily.

“That’s bullsh….BS Dad!” he shot back defiantly, “You made my sister cry! I just said what happened.”

“For real Ryan?” retorted Cole angrily, “You tried to upset Dannie because you were mad. I’m actually surprised the two of you are not happy that Taylor is your half sister! She was thrilled.”

“Of course she is! Perfect Taylor now has it all. We used to both have a shitty parent and shared our good one. Now me and Rae only have shitty parents,” said Ryan, daring his father to dispute his claim.

When his father looked like he was going to slap him, Ryan taunted him. “Go ahead. Prove just how shitty you are – hit me!”

That seemed to take the wind out of his dad’s sails and Ryan turned to go back to his game.

His dad closed his eyes and took several deep breaths. “I promised your sister I wouldn’t fight with you.  Can you at least meet me half way?”  he asked, his voice barely controlled.  “Please Ryan. Why does this make things different?”

Ryan sighed and sat down on the bed. Did he really have to spell it out? “For real?” he said, “Fiiine….Connie used to be half me and Rae and half Taylor. It was like she made us a real family. But now, me and Rae, we are the only ones that aren’t whole in this fu – screwed up family.”

Cole sat down next to him on the bed. “Ryan. You understand that Grandma is not my birth mother, right? And that Aunt Ami and I are half brother and sister by blood. But I love Ami the same as if she were my full blood sister, just like you love Reagan. And Grandma is every bit as much my mother to me as Dannie is to Taylor and Connie.”

“Your mother died! She didn’t try to kill your Aunt, or screw around. Plus you never even knew her! I would be easier if mine were dead too! I’m sure you probably wished she was!”


“It’s true. It would be better if she fucking died,” he cried out without thinking, “But she didn’t, she’s in prison! Probably because of  you!” He didn’t want to cry so he took a lot of short breaths.

When his Dad tried to put his arms around him he pushed him away and the dam broke. “Don’t touch me!” he said as he struggled to stop crying.

Defeated, Cole stopped trying to hug him.  “I love you Ryan. I’m so sorry you and Reagan had to go through this. But, I think I get it now. Reagan pretty much said the same thing you did. Do you guys talk to each other telepathically?”

“What?” asked Ryan confused and embarrassed that he lost his shit in front of his dad.

He just kept talking. “I made this into something it shouldn’t have been. I even just said it. DNA doesn’t matter Ryan, it’s what’s in your heart that matters. I’m sorry. This is all my fault. I handled it all wrong. I made a big deal out of it and shouldn’t have. Because Ryan, it’s NOT a big deal.”

“Bullshit Dad!” he spat out angrily, “If wasn’t a big deal you wouldn’t have lied to us about it for years. Plus, you are happy you are Taylor’s father! So it does matter! You and Dannie have a little family now.”

His Dad took a deep breath before replying. “Okay, you’re right. I am happy. But I would love her just the same Ryan, even if I weren’t her father. Maybe you should talk to Grandpa and Grandma. Let them help you and Reagan.”

“I don’t need to tell anybody else about my shit. We did that already.  And besides it won’t change anything,” said Ryan scowling. There was no way he was going through that again….it was too hard.

“What if just you and I did some things together then? It’s probably hard, being the only guy in a houseful of girls.”

Ryan narrowed his eyes at his father. “You can’t buy me off.  And what about Reagan? No thanks!” he shot back.

“Ryan….” pleaded Cole.

“Forget it Dad. I’m fine,” he said, done with this.

Cole sighed and crossed his arms. “Think about it, okay? Now, I need you to apologize…”

“Already did. Right after you left. I’m sorry Dad,” he said, unable to look at his dad. It was all he could do not to roll his eyes.  Just leave already! he screamed in his head.

“Good. It takes a big man to apologize. Thank you. And Ryan, watch your mouth. Connie repeats everything. If I hear her swearing it’s on you. Got it?”

“Yes sir,” said Ryan, then narrowed his eyes. “Do we have to have a stupid family meeting?”

“We do. We need to make sure everyone is okay and understands what this means to all of us.”

Fine. Can I go see Reagan now?”

His dad smiled. “Yes. She wanted to talk to you too. And then, we’ll get together, okay?”

Ryan suppressed another eye roll. “Whatever.”

“Ryan, I love you,” he said as he walked out he door.

Liar, thought Ryan. He knew his dad cared more about his new, good family than he did him and Rea. He and Rea probably reminded him of their mother every time he looked at them.

As soon as he left, Ryan walked across the hall and knocked on Reagan’s door.  He really needed to make sure she was okay. “It’s me sis,” he called out.

“Ryan! Come in,” she said sounding relieved, “Did you get in trouble? I was so worried.”

Ryan walked in and sat on the bed next to his twin. “Nah…he asked me if I wanted to hang out.”

Reagan began to giggle, almost uncontrollably.

“Glad that’s fucking amusing,” he said irritated.

“I told him to go easy on you,” she said and stifled another giggle. “My bad…but if you want, you totally should.”

“Not interested,” he said.

She suddenly looked sad. “I know.  It’s different now, isn’t it,” she said softly. “Taylor used to be like us. One of us. But now we are outcasts. The unwanted stepchildren and Dad and Dannie are a family now with Taylor and Connie. In fact, I think ever since they showed up, that he has doted on them. Now that he has Taylor and Connie, he doesn’t need us anymore.”

“I know,” said Ryan. “It sucks. Why didn’t our mom want us? What’s wrong with us Reagan?”

Reagan’s lip started to quiver. “I don’t know Ryan. Do you think maybe she does, but Daddy keeps us away because he hates her?  He might be lying about that too.  Maybe she’s wanted to see us all this time.”

“Maybe. Who knows anymore,” said Ryan.  Then he got a gleam in his eye. “You know what?  Dannie cheated too. She acts like she’s all better’n everybody, but she’s no different. You know what would be funny Rea? What if she cheated on Dad too. Then Taylor would see how it feels! I hate Taylor. I never really liked either of them from the start anyway.”

“Me either!” agreed Reagan, but began to cry anyway.

Ryan couldn’t stand to see her cry.  She had cried enough when their mother was arrested. He reached out and hugged her. “It’s gonna be okay Rea. I won’t ever leave you. We will always have each other. We don’t need anyone else.”

“I was so afraid you would run away if Daddy yelled at you,” she confessed.

“Nope,” he said pulling her back against him, “not going anywhere, unless I take you with me. We are a team Rea.”

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69 thoughts on “Chapter 3.1 – Reagan & Ryan

  1. Aw, poor troubled teens. I can’t even imagine how they must be feeling. This is such a messed up and confusing situation.
    But, they need to understand that it’s not true that anything changed. True, they now look at things from a different perspective, but it’s still the same. And hating Taylor, too, is very unfair. I mean, I can sort of understand them blaming Cole & Dannie, but it’s not Taylor’s fault at old that she was born as a result of Dannie’s infidelity.
    “Asked the traitor” and then “said the betrayer” almost made me laugh. Goodness, Reagan, he didn’t sell his kids or anything!
    One of his frightened animals, though. Well, isn’t she? Now he needs to regain her trust by sweet talking and careful stroking… unless she bites, which she does. And she doesn’t even believe in what she says. She knew they weren’t happy at all. Avery ruined their childhood and Cole had been a single father to them for many years, when she was still kind of “in the picture”, but not really…
    I thought exactly the same of Dannie asking if he had any questions. It sounded like her wanting to know if he needs details… Well, she definitely could have worded it out much better.
    I can understand them and how they bonded with Taylor. It sure seems like Dannie’s best intentions in having a child that would bond the family backfired on her. Though in reality I feel like it was just her covering for the fact that she was thinking selfishly. She wanted to raise a kid with Cole kind of “from scratch”, to repay for the lost years with Taylor. And she wanted them to both know the kid was theirs and stuff…
    Well, Ryan playing Sims 3 could just try to get back to his dad as a kid. I’m sure he would find some similarities if he looked close enough.
    Some very harsh words were said about Ryan wanting his mom dad… This whole situation really took out their most hidden thoughts and ugliest emotion on the surface.
    It was very emotional when the twins wondered what was wrong in them. It’s so sad that they think that. Again, Avery messed them up for good.

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    • Wow…. where to start! Yes, the root of the problem really is Avery. And also partially Cole’s inability to grasp why they are so upset – so it’s making him angry and frustrated. He does need to calm down. They both feel like they’ve lost so much. They clung to Cole after Avery was arrested. And now they find out reality they had created for themselves, that seemed satisfying was a fabrication. Not that Dannie and Cole love them less…of course they don’t. But they are teens that don’t know how to deal with these emotions.

      And you are spot on about Dannie’s reasons for wanting to have a baby. She wanted to make up for keeping Taylor from him which was kinda selfish because she felt guilty, but also because of her love for him.

      They do think they are somehow damaged. It really would do Ryan well to talk to his grandfather Ben. Ben had a lot of the same feelings growing up. And it took the loss of Cole’s mother for him to finally let his mom and stepfather in his life again.

      Yes this definitely brought a lot of buried feelings back to the surface…so sad and will sadly be what drives all of their choices in the future. 😢

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  2. I freaking loved this chapter ❤️❤️❤️ the way your captured the twins, personalities and emotions was seriously spot-on! This is probably one of my favorites ❤️

    They’re obviously being irrational about the situation BUT… I “get” it. Firstly, they’re young teens who don’t think and process information fully the way an adult would. Secondly, after all the shit they’ve been through with their terrible mother, it makes total sense for them to have the issues that they do… including trust issues and feeling like Cole has betrayed them. They’ve found themselves in a situation that is a lot to take in emotionally… poor little ones! 😭

    All that being said, I feel so awful for Taylor in this situation. They were so close with her, and now they’re going to take their pain and frustrations out on her 😭 I can understand being mad at Cole and Dannie, but it’s so sad to see them decide they hate Taylor. It’s not her fault she was born 😦

    Again, amazing chapter! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    • Thank you! It was a tough one to write with all of the confusing emotions running amuck. And the first real look into the heads of the three kids. And how each of them processed the information differently.

      And yes, obviously they are not being rational, but when is a teenager rational, especially a young teen? They are feeling nit thinking and trying to lay blame for how they are feeling…and sadly it’s all about Taylor and how she is turning their life upside down. The more Cole tries to make them see reason, the more it feels like he is watching out for his ‘new’ family. They have big time trust issues and had just began to feel comfortable with Dannie in their life when they find out it was all a lie.

      Poor Taylor is right. Even when she was growing up, she really only ever had Dannie to take care of her and they are extremely close. Dannie knew how Ryker was and shielded Taylor from him. So she had no problems attaching herself to Cole and the twins. So yes, she was very happy. And she is two years older which helps slightly. And Taylor sees how happy her mother is, which makes her happy too. ❤️

      I hope the twins eventually come to terms with it and realize it really didn’t change anything. But this has no doubt affected them deeply and will color all of their decisions in the future.

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  3. I love these twins now! (It’s hard to gauge what characters will be like as kids) I’d say it was for the tinges of Dannie-negative thinking but in all seriousness, I always felt for their plight being sidelined by their dad’s crush on his basic bitch high school friend. I just never knew how they’d come to terms with it or…not. 😛

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    • Ohhhh. I’m so sorry. I thought I was the only one that cried! Which I have to admit, I did while writing it….. But yes, they should have told them the truth years ago. I agree.


    • Glad I made you laugh. 😂. Ryan was a hot mess before, this just made it worse. Reagan May very well may seek out her mother. 😱 She doesn’t know who to trust anymore or what is real. We will no doubt see Avery again even if she doesn’t when she gets out of prison. 😇😈😇


  4. I know the twins are hurting and all but they still tick me off. “I never liked them anyway.” Seriously? And then they’re blaming Taylor the very fact that she exists. Lovely, just lovely. It’s not that their reaction is unrealistic or anything but man I see this going down a negative path. Of course, it’s all because Dannie was so reluctant to tell them about Taylor being Cole’s. If they had done it right away, I think everything would have been cool. Instead, the family is turning into a freaking mess and Cole is ready to ‘solve’ the problem how he always does: Having a nice chat and then pretending everything is okay. GAH.
    Hahah, anyway, this was a great chapter, Audrey! I got mad, but then writing should be about stirring emotion. 🙂

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    • Haha! Yes, they are behaving irrationally! And it was hard to watch. They are hurt and confused and looking for someone to blame. She represents the enemy now. Sadly. As do Dannie and Cole. I agree if they would have told them right away, it would probably have been a non-event. They would have been cool. But now, it wrecked their sense of who they were and the pecking order just changed dramatically as far as they were concerned. Of course at the time, they had sweet children not hormonal teenagers, so had a false sense of security with waiting!

      And yes, Cole….OMG! 😱 He is still his clueless self. Poor guy. I actually felt sorry him a little. Then I was really mad at him for the way he handled it. He tried, but they were beyond listening. Here’s a bandaid. Now it’s all better. And yes, now things are a mess and sadly, this will be a basis for all of their future decisions and relationships, good or bad. 😢

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  5. Oh *sigh*. I figured that drama was afoot. And that Avery comes up again, stuck like TP on a shoe. Yikes. I think their reactions are pretty idiotic, but then again they are teens. Just as it was idiotic to not tell them for so long. At the end of the day, even at 14 it should dawn on them that they bio mommy dearest still tried to run over their aunt (in a way) and never wanted to deal with them as kids (or do we also conveniently suffer a case of teen Alzheimers?). So, they need to get over it and deal. I think Taylor is cute and adorable, but I am already in love with young Ryan here. He so much reminds me of other protagonists of another story and while I personally never have been the biggest fan of potty mouths, sometimes it has its place. 😉
    So, they need to get their heads out of the wrong location and on with it. #TeamRyan.

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  6. *deap breath*

    Okay, I’m fine. Good Lord, it’s just like Ben…The genes surely skipped one generation, (didn’t help the fact that they had Avey genes in the mix) I understand the perspective from them, and I can see the fact that this whole situation with their mother made them kinda ”sensitive” to the subject, but I still don’t like how they’re acting.

    I think they need some time to think, and reflect on things. I hope Taylor is the bigger person and dosen’t get angry (or tries to) when they start messing with her.(Bercause, after this, they surely will do that.)

    I hope they talk to Avery,(To realize what a horrible person she is) but, knowing her, she might manipulate her own kids for her personal gain, such as saying that she wants the kids now,(And they would belive, being emotional teenager and all.) promisses the wolrd to them, only so she can have some part of his company. Wouldn’t be surprised if she did that.

    The timing fr this whole situation was bad. I think they thought that Taylor would be the only one affected by this, so they waited for *her* to get mature, and the whole ”double-problem” was a surprise for them.

    They are lucky to have Cole as their father. Ben wouldn’t take ANY of this.(Especially with Ryan.)


    • Ha! I had to take a few deep breaths too! This is such a mess now. Ryan is such a Ben clone and the sad part is, Cole has no idea. Ben never really told him about that part of his life. Maybe if Cole tells him what’s going on he could try to talk to Ryan. But not likely, he already offered that for other reasons, and Ryan flat out refused.

      Taylor will very likely try to rise above it because that’s just how she is. I’m sure at this point, Reagan might have been able to get over it. She was struggling hard when Cole left her room. But with Ryan’s influence and feeling that’s the on,y person she can trust, it’s likely she will follow his lead.

      You can be assured they will seek out Avery and you might just be right at how she behaves. Manipulative little Beeatch that she is. 😳

      They were definitely more worried about Taylor’s reaction since she was the one they felt was more directly affected. And when she was like – this is awesome – they weren’t prepared for the twins totally opposite reaction.

      Ben would probably have reacted much worse for sure. Cole hasn’t done a stellar job himself. He’s angry and embarrassed at their reaction and doesn’t really understand it. He needs to calm down. But it’s going to be hard. He doesn’t recognize these two teenage mutants.

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        • I know….so sad. He is a deep loving and caring father. He just got blindsided by their reaction. He wasn’t prepared at all, especially after Taylor so readily accepted it. Hopefully, as they have time to digest the information and Cole calms down, maybe they will see, it really doesn’t change anything. Maybe a little or a lot of jealousy has entered into the equation too.

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  7. I can see why the twins feel the way they do. And I am thinking that is how you were thinking when you began to write this Gen. Taylor is is the result of Dannie and Cole, who both went in the wrong direction, got in bad relationships and came back to each other. Connie is also the product of that. The twins are the product of Avery, the evil witch who tried to kill off Murdocks for what? Money? Power? Over Inflated Self Worth? The kids see this. I don’t think they really blame Cole, or hate Dannie, or Taylor, but they have to blame someone. They have to blame someone for what they perceive as the f*cked up lives (They should look at The Wyatt kids) I see a lot of Ben in Ryan. And I think we going to see a certain side of Ben in both the twins as they try to…find love they think they didn’t have growing up. Then there is Taylor. How she is going to be affected by all this….I am not sure. However I see a bit of sibling “Dallas” style rivalry shaping up in the near future.

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    • I think you are right. They don’t REALLY hate. Ole, Dannie or Taylor but they need to blame someone. Especially Reagan, but she is letting Ryan take the lead. He’s the only person she trusts right now. Sadly their lives aren’t really bad anymore. They have two parents that love them very much, but that they no longer trust. I think Reagan especially had put Cole on a pedestal and he fell off big time by cheating with a married woman and then lying to them about it for years. We will definitely see some of Ben’s lack of self worth and reluctance to commit as they get older. Just manifests I. Different ways with both twins…. Taylor will feel bad for sure, and she will be hurt by their reaction. Next chapter will be from her perspective for the most part. 😢😢😢


  8. This chapter was all I hoped for. (More resistance to Cole’s hugging from Reagan would have been appreciated though).
    I’m starting to really like the twins. Very authentic way of thinking on their part. Yep, you’re outcasts now. Taylor and Danni had been slowly stealing your daddy from you. You are alone against the whole world.
    Nice groundwork for even more future drama. Reagan possibly having trust issues in her relationships with men or women in the future. Ryan becoming a player, loving only his little sis and no one else. I say bring it! Yesterday was too late.

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    • Reagan certainly didn’t want to resist, but she was so angry and hurt when he talked about Taylor. Maybe a little part of her knows she’s overreacting but she can’t process it. Ryan totally rejected him….maybe a bit of a guy thing too. They so feel exactly like that, that Taylor and Dannie and now even baby Connie have stolen their Daddy… they are outcasts- them against the world.

      Future drama in the way! For sure. Your possibility for their future rings true! 😈😱


  9. I’m excited because this means that Avery is coming back (probably not in a big way, but it’s seeded and I need to see her return). I understand why Cole and Danni did what they did, but the fact that they waited to spring it on them just made it worse… it’ll be fun to see Taylor’s reaction and how the twins will turn against her.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised at how oblivious Cole is in this entire situation – like, obviously it was hard for him and everything, but still when he told Reagan that he wished he had gotten to know Avery better, it’s like… “Dude, you essentially told your daughter that you wish she hadn’t been born” which obviously isn’t the case, but she’s 14 and she’s going to hear what she wants to hear. And then his whole being in a dither about Ryan swearing and making this about his bad manners… this isn’t going to work out, Cole. You’re tearing your family apart! And I’m so excited to see what happens. And how Taylor will feel persecuted, and how Danni will get shut out… there’s so much that could happen, and so many different directions this could go, and I’m pumped to see what happens next and how Taylor sees this happening.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Evil readers everywhere! 😂😈😂. Yes, I can promise an Avery return. 😈 But you know she gonna be rehabbed and turned over a new leaf and will want to make it up to her babies! 😇😇😇

      Taylor’s reaction will be next chapter so you don’t have to wait long….she won’t be thrilled of course.

      Cole is clueless as normal. And yes, what an awful thing to say to your daughter. Just reinforces her mistaken idea that she isn’t wanted or needed anymore. Her father, who she thought walked on water, is nothing more than a cheater and a liar.

      Ryan called it though! Gotta love his unfiltered bluntness. And poor Taylor and even Dannie will feel,their wrath no doubt.

      Cole has messed up so badly with all of his good intentions…I actually feel a bit sorry for him. His perfect little life just got turned upside down and truly, I’m not sure he can find enough bandaids to make it all better, though he will no doubt try.

      And yes, soooo many directions this could go.

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  11. I know that they are over emotional teenagers, and of course Cole doesn’t love them any less. But I can totally see why Reagan and Ryan feel like they do.
    Cole thinks that everything is going to be fine. But he couldn’t have handled Reagan’s feeling any worse. In Reagan’s mind her perfect father, whom she idolized, basically told her that her sister is happy so she is wrong for being upset. And that he thinks that having her was a mistake. Perfect Taylor has been given everything, and poor Reagan had everything taken away.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You nailed it! That’s exactly right. Not to mention that Taylor is very pretty and popular in school. That will come up soon. And It makes Reagan feel ugly making her very vulnerable. Cole missed the boat big time in the way he handled Reagan’s feelings…he thought hugging her and telling her she shouldn’t feel sad would be all he needed to do. He must have forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager! Her situation is not even remotely similar to his when Sofia adopted him. Maybe for Taylor it was, but not for the twins….

      Liked by 1 person

      • He certainly came off as very dismissive of Reagan’s feelings. I hope he puts an effort in to helping her come to terms with everything and not just take it as her word that she is okay when things so obviously are not fine.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Uh…this is Cole…he tends to see what he wants to see. I hope you are right though and he will put in the work he needs to help her work it out. I’m just worried he is not understanding why this bothers them so much.


  12. Whoa…the drama is here!

    Everything seems so extreme to teens. The way Reagan bandies around the hate word…even for her sweet sister, Connie! 😱 Avery is strong in this one.

    Ryan is understandably upset but I hate those two resenting the other siblings. Talk about dramatic rivalry. I’m sure Taylor had felt like an outsider a bit in the beginning and now the twins are going to shut her out. Not going to be fun to see! Poor thing!

    Now, will Reagan become a mean girl bully to Taylor at school? And what’s Ryan going to do to back her up?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welcome Back! Yes. The drama has arrived. Everything is very much very extreme to teens. Poor Cole handled it so badly. I hope Reagan doesn’t bully Taylor. That would be really awful. And Ryan will most definitely back her up whatever she does. And then, Reagan will do whatever he tells her to. I think deep, deep down, Reagan can feel that she is wrong, but she is so hurt and confused that those feelings win out by a long shot. They both feel like they are the only ones they can trust now. The blind leading the blind. And poor Taylor, finally feeling a true sense of belonging and then ouch. She may well feel like an outsider. But she isn’t as broken as the twins. Avery did a number on them. And Cole tried to pretend everything was okay. Dannie knew Ryker was an ass and protected Taylor from that.

      Next chapter will be hard…we see how Taylor is feeling about all of this. And then how they all try to move forward.

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Oh no… now the twins will see their sister as someone worth competing with… that’s not good at all!! 😦
    I agree with everyone that Cole should have handled Raegan’s (and Ryan’s) emotions way better… They’re still at a very sensitive age and things can easily go downhill even with the slightest mistake. S#%t… I have a bad feeling about this..!!
    Aaaaand I’m all caught up!! 😀 Man, now I just need to wait like a good girl for the next chapter, lol! Looking forward to what’s coming next! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • You made it! You won’t have to wait long. Should finish it tonight. And yes, now they feel beneath Taylor. She is the golden child now. A tough thing for them and they will likely feed each other’s fears. This will affect them for a long time. 😢 And Cole isn’t helping. He is at a loss and doesn’t get why they aren’t happy and thinks they are just being vindictive. He wants to hug them and sing kumbaya but that’s doesn’t work so he gets angry. I actually feel a little sorry for him. He’s making them feel like their feelings don’t matter. Sigh. More drama to come.

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  15. I love Rea’s bedroom! 😍

    Poor Reagan. While their family might not really change with the new revelation, the feelings she had did. I can totally understand that she feels unwanted now.
    “If he had known Taylor was his when she was first born, she knew, she and Ryan wouldn’t even exist.” I’m actually convinced that this is true. I’m not sure if Cole would have tried to make Dannie leave Ryker, but I bet he wouldn’t have fallen for Avery.

    I think Ryan does better than Rea because he says out loud what he thinks to Cole. It’s not nice, but like this at least both have the chance to understand each other. Also Ryan looks a lot like Avery! He’s really cute.

    The relationship between those two is so cute. At least they have each other.

    Also I love how Rea’s and Ryan’s thinking voice are different. It really feels like I’m in their head when reading.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you liked their different voices and can “feel” them. Let me tell you, I did when I was writing it and it was tough! 😢 And Ryan will likely deal with it different, whether or not it’s better is another debate. But he does blurt out what he thinks while Reagan keeps it inside. I’m also glad they have each other, but….they are both a mess and a two messes don’t magically make things okay.

      Glad you liked her bedroom! Coming from the master of staging scenes that means a lot. 😁.

      Liked by 1 person

      • It can be tough to spend time in your character’s head and trying to figure out their kind of thinking, especially if it’s different than you would. But I at least find it so much fun! 😀

        But having another mess to feel messy with, makes things easier to cope! Even if that means they might encourage each other to be even messier (I’m looking forward to it!)

        I hate building or furnishing rooms so I always appreciate it when I see nicely set up rooms with so many details as this one ❤

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  16. My, oh, my. And it’s all out now. Of course, they should have told the kids much sooner because it wouldn’t have been as big a “lie” in the twins minds. Now they know and they’re reacting badly. Yes, their reaction is emotional and maybe even irrational, but I honestly do see where they’re coming from. What’s sad is that they are blaming Taylor. This is a messy situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Poor Taylor is getting a raw deal in all of this. I think they are confusing blame with jealousy sadly. They should be blaming Cole and Dannie but he ‘seems’ to be favoring Taylor, which he really isn’t. He dearly loves all of his children equally. But their reaction has thrown him for a huge loop.

      Liked by 1 person

  17. I didn’t want to hate them. The twins. But I want to bash their heads together for their selfish thoughts. Yes, they’re angry, and they have a right to be. But they don’t have a right to act all melodramatic with all the “now we’re outsiders” bullshit.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The one thing they miss in all their hurt (which is legit, tbh; of course they feel like outcasts now) is that Cole has known for a few years that Taylor is his daughter. He isn’t going to treat her differently than before because he already knew. He always treated her like his daughter and since he hasn’t preferred her before, there isn’t any reason to fear for that now. Maybe they will see that once the emotions have cooled down a bit. I hope so, otherwise life could get pretty tough for Taylor with two half-siblings hating her now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Things are super rough right now. I hope they do realize this really doesn’t change things. Other than they are “”step kids” and Connie and Taylor aren’t. So yeah. Outcasts.


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