Chapter 3.4 – Meet the Crew

Reagan and Archer texted back and forth over the weekend. Then at school on Monday, he found her at lunchtime and joined her at her table.  She smiled up at him when he sat down. When he smiled back, her she swore her heart did a little flip flop.

“Hey. This seat taken he?” he teased.

Reagan laughed – for the first time in awhile. It felt good and Archer did that for her. “It is now,” she cooed.

“Good thing….because I don’t share,” he said.

Does that mean he wants to be exclusive? she wondered.

“So, PR, since we are going to the dance, and the crew is coming too, thought maybe it’s time for you to meet them. Why don’t you grab your plate and let’s go sit over there and I’ll intro everyone.”

Her face fell. She liked having Archer’s attention focused solely on her. Besides, they all looked scary. Most of them had tattoos and dressed – different. She felt plain and out of place next to them.

When he noticed her hesitation, he laughed. “Come on PR, they don’t bite either. Well, maybe only a little.”

Reagan let out a small sigh. “Okay, I guess,” she said.

They got up and she followed Archer to the table. He pulled over a couple of chairs and motioned for one of them to move so he could sit next to her, which did make her feel a little less stressed.

As soon as they were seated, he introduced her. “Everyone, this is Reagan Murdock.  She’s going to be the newest member of our crew.”

I am? she thought, Crap. Reagan didn’t know what to say, so she just waved like a fool and said, “Hi.”  She hoped a sink hole would form and swallow her up.  The only thing keeping her from bolting was Archer smiling at her like she was important to him.

Archer continued his introductions.  “Reagan, meet Enid Crowley and her bae, Jerry Shan. Jerry is also a senior although the rest of them are juniors. With you, now we have reps from all classes.”

Enid and Jerry blew kisses to each other mockingly. Archer ignored them and moved on while Reagan tried her best not to giggle.

“The quiet one over there is Rainbow. She doesn’t like to use her last name since it means nothing to her. So, it’s just Rainbow.”  Rainbow looked up briefly then went back to her food. Reagan wondered if ‘Rainbow’ was even her real first name and if not, why she chose a totally inappropriate nickname for herself. She was just weird, but seemed harmless.

Archer kept on going, also ignoring Rainbow’s strange behavior. “And finally we have Pete Jennings. Pete and Rainbow are just friends.” Pete grinned at her creepily and made her skin crawl.  She didn’t think she liked him much at all, with his bloodshot eyes, stringy hair and acne scarred complexion.

Archer was still talking so she quickly looked away from Pete. “We all have each other’s back. Rainbow’s in and out of foster homes, so we are her constant. Pete’s parent’s are asshole’s and he may use an illegal substance now and again to deal so we try to watch out for him. Jerry and Enid like other people’s stuff more than their own. You needed a friend.  So see, Reagan, we all have baggage and you fit right in.”

Reagan wondered what Archer’s baggage was.  His ‘crew’ seemed almost as uncomfortable around her as she was around them, but Archer made it clear she was with him. And it seemed he really wanted her to accept them.

“So since we all have each other’s back, and I am taking Reagan to the dance this weekend, surprise, you guys are going too.”

Rainbow actually snickered. Jerry groaned and rolled his eyes so Enid hit his arm. “Shut up asshole,” she said, “You’re my date and I expect at least one dance outta your ass.”

“You got a problem?” Archer asked, looking at Jerry.

“Archer, you don’t fucking dance,” said Jerry.

“Only because there was never anyone I wanted to dance with until now. But you, on the other hand,” he said staring him down, “You heard the lady, you are her date so you better learn to fucking dance. Pete, you can be Rainbow’s date for what I bet will be her first ever dance.”

Fine, ” grumbled Pete, “at least I won’t need to learn to fucking dance. No way she’s gonna want to, although why she wouldn’t want to dance with this,” he added pointing to himself, “I have no idea. You’re missing out RB.”

“Okay, then it’s settled,” said Archer, seemingly pleased with himself.  “And just so you losers know, Reagan’s daddy is the local Vet. He and his sister, Ami run that Memorial Park in Newcrest. You know ‘the Murdocks’ or have you guys been living under a rock?” Archer stopped and rolled his eyes. “Never mind, don’t answer that.  Anyway, I bet we could go there and hang out in the game room afterwards, right Reagan? We’ll have our own private party.”

It startled Reagan to have a question directed at her.  She had been watching the Archer show like it was a tennis match.  “Uh, yes. I guess so,” she said smiling at Archer and thinking about how much trouble she might get in if she brought them there. But then, she knew that Ryan and Jason went there sometimes to hang out. So maybe it would be okay.

She was relieved again when the lunch bell rang. She was ready to get away from them. But she wasn’t sure why. They were misfits, just like her.

When she stood up, Archer grabbed her arm to stop her from running away. Why did he always do that?  But this time, instead of being upset with her, he was smiling and she couldn’t help but smile back.  He pulled her close and she thought he was going to whisper in her ear. But instead, he kissed her her neck, sending all kinds of chill bumps down her spine. Then he grinned at her and let her go. “Later PR,” he said and left.

When she turned around in a haze, she was face to face with her brother. Oops.

“Who the hell was that?” asked Ryan, “and did he just kiss you?”

“Shhh,” she said her eyes going wide, “Ryan. I’ll tell you after school. You are coming home right?”

“Hell yeah, I am now,” he said grinning.

They began to walk together toward the classrooms. “Ryan, do you know if Jason ever got a date for the dance?” she asked.

He looked at her like she was crazy. “You wanna go with Jason to the dance after that big ass dude kissed you?”

“Not exactly,” she said frowning, “Talk to you after school, okay?”


When Reagan got home, she went straight to her room as usual, avoiding all contact with anybody as much as possible. She stayed in her room unless she ‘had’ to eat Taylor’s cooking, babysit Connie or do her chores. She hated to admit, most of the time, Taylor’s cooking was actually pretty good.

She pulled out her homework and started on it.  Halfway through, her phone dinged and it was a text from Archer, making her smile. “Hi PR. Can you talk?”

“Sure,” she texted back giggling at his nickname for her.  Then she made sure her phone was on silent and quickly turned on a YouTube video for background noise. She didn’t want anyone overhearing her.

“Hi,” she said happily when she answered the phone.

“Hey PR. The crew didn’t scare you off today, did they?”

“Maybe a little. I really don’t think I fit in,” she admitted.

“Oh, you do, more than know. And I like you, so there’s that. Once you get to know ’em, they’re really okay. Wait, you aren’t thinking about taking back your promise to go to the dance with me are you? Not after I made them get out of their comfort zones?”

Reagan couldn’t help the little giggle that escaped. After today’s show, how could she possibly change her mind – besides, they kissed and she wanted to do it again.  “No,” she finally said, even though she was worried her dad wouldn’t let her go. But there was no way she could tell him that, at least not now.

“Sweet! So, when do you babysit again?”

“I don’t know. I guess whenever Ami calls me.”

“Let me know if she does, I really want to see you again – alone.” 

Reagan felt chills run down her spine. “Me too,” she said, her voice a hoarse whisper.

Just then, there was a knock on her door and her brother’s voice sounded from the other side. “Rea. It’s me,” he said.

“Dang, I gotta go. My brother’s knocking on my door.”

“M’kay, later PR.”

“Come in,” she called out as she disconnected the call.

Ryan walked in and sat down with her. “Who were you talking to? I bet it was that big ass dude that kissed your cheek.”

“Yeah,” she said maybe a little too dreamily, “His name is Archer Kendall. He’s a senior.”

Ryan’s eyes got wide. “Holy shit Rea! He’s bad news and a senior. How’d you fucking hook up with him, of all people?”

She shrugged, a little disappointed that Ryan wasn’t happy for her. She hadn’t felt this good since her Dad dropped the Taylor bomb. “Well,” she said, “he sat down with me at lunch the other day. And we talked. Then he asked me to the dance.”  She stopped and scrunched up her face. “Do you think Daddy will let me go with him?”

Ryan acted like he was choking. “Not in a million years! Do you want to go with him?”

“Um. Yes, I think so,” she said, a little embarrassed, “That’s why I asked if Jason had a date. He probably asked Kenzie didn’t he?  I thought I could pretend to be going with him. I don’t know what to do. This really sucks.”

“Okay, well, he does have a date, with Kenzie,” said Ryan and thought for a minute. “You could go with us anyway. Tell Dad you didn’t want to sit home alone. Then just meet him – Archer – there. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

“What if Miss Perfect tells on me? She’s going with Darnell,” said Reagan.

“I know.  Olivia made Jason tell him Taylor likes him. I guess he likes her too.  Whatever, but I doubt she would say anything. What good would that do her?”

“I guess none,” replied Reagan, “she did try to make nice with me the other day, so maybe she won’t. Okay. I’ll tell Dad I’m going with you guys. Thanks Ryan. You’re the best.”

Ryan looked at her with a worried look on his face. “Sis. He isn’t trying to do ‘stuff’ to you – is he – or give you drugs or anything?”

Reagan felt her cheeks begin to burn again and she laughed. “No! We just – uh – kissed . . . at Ami’s.”

“At Ami’s? When you babysat for Will?” asked Ryan, and narrowed his eyes at her, “How long have you been sneaking around with him?”

“We aren’t exactly sneaking around. We were talking on the phone when I was at Ami’s and after we hung up, he just showed up. He came over on his motorcycle after Will was asleep. Anyway we talked for awhile and then he kissed me. It was nothing, really.  Then he left.”

Ryan laughed. “My baby sister is growin’ up!”

“Hey, I’m three minutes older than you!” she teased feeling better about things now that Ryan was apparently on her side.

“Whatever.  Just don’t let him take advantage of you, okay.  I’m gonna try and find out more about him. He looks like a creep and has a bad rep. I’m not sure you should be hanging with him.”

“It can’t be any worse than hanging out with you!” she said, “Anyway, he won’t do anything. He’s been really sweet.”

“I’ll beat the shit outta him if he touches you. You know that, right?” asked Ryan.

“Down Ryan…it’s okay. I promise nothing is going to happen. Besides, I’m pretty sure you do more than kiss,” she said.

“Hey, I never kiss and tell. It’s not nice,” he said with a grin that meant he probably did do more than kiss.

“See….” she said teasing.

“Just know,” he said and pointed two fingers back and forth from his eyes to her, “I’ll be watching….”

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A/N Introducing more Casting Call sims!  Archer’s crew:

Enid Crowley by InfraGreen

Jerry Shan by Haswh

Pete(r) Jennings by VanPelt81

Rainbow (Wilson) or just Rainbow by SuperKyle

65 thoughts on “Chapter 3.4 – Meet the Crew

  1. I wonder if Rainbow and Pete were absorbed into the group the same way. Rainbow especially has that mousy, used-to-be-a-nobody air about her. As for Pete I just want some of his weed, lol.

    Not gonna be unfair. Both the twins needs to e careful, but especially Ryan because you should always use a condom boys!

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  2. I’m not sure Regan has enought ”baggage” to be with the crew. Between two kleptomaniacs, a girl with no family and a drug addict, Reagan is acually the less ”traumatized” girl in the group, I think. But, if she feels good while being in the group, no problemo.

    I still wonder if the group is going to be a problem or no. They all seem nice for now, but they could be a bad influence the future, given the fact that Regan is an easilly impressed 14-year old that most likely would go along with whatever the groups wants to do, only to stay at it, Also, teens are very influenciable, so I hope she doesn’t pick up some ”bad habits” from her friends in the crew.

    I’m glad she has her brother to talk with,so she get’s at least one outside persperctive. Is also good that this whole ”crew” is causing her to stop thinking about her whole family thing.

    I wonder what Archer’s ”baggage” is. He seems fine, for now.

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    • I agree, she is a little depressed but what self respecting teenager isn’t at some point! So no, she doesn’t have the kind of baggage the rest of them deal with. So yes, she may get some bad habits if she’s with them long enough…..

      Archer definitely has some baggage. It’s complicated. But right now, I would almost say being attracted to Reagan is high on the list of baggage or at least bad judgement on his part! 😱

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  3. Well, girst of all I have to admit that the fact that Archer started blurting out everyone’s baggage as soon as Reagan sat at the table didn’t sit very well with me… of course this might be the least of the problems he could cause, but if I were one of his crew members I would be super pissed!
    Hmmm Archer acts like he cares… but there’s something about him that worries me. He has Reagan all figured out and this, combined with his bad rep, can’t be good!
    I believe we’ll find out his true intentions after the dance or after she sleeps with him… I hope poor Reagan doesn’t get her heart broken! 😦 At least her brother is always there for her! 😀 ❤

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    • Thank goodness for Ryan, but then, he is a young teen too and doesn’t always make the best decisions. But at least he will be there for her.

      Archer is a little controlling. I think he does it with good intentions though, but we shall see. Yes, he did sort of just throw them all under the bus, but I don’t think it’s anything that they are trying to hide so he just put it all out there. And Archer definitely has some issues. One of which is chasing after a very innocent and impressionable 14 year old girl. However, I do think he genuinely cares about her. Actually he may not know she isn’t at least 15 yet. A lot of her classmates are. And he may have thought she was even older when he first approached her. So I’m not going down the perv route with him just yet….but sadly, broken hearts will likely be a given. Right now the age difference is huge.

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  4. Archer is so controlling. The way he talked about his “crew” in front of them was so creepy. And they all took it without so much as a flippant snarky shot back. It’s like he’s some mafioso boss with his henchmen on a tight leash. They just do as he says.

    Also, the way he tried to manipulate Reagan on the phone was telling. He’s going to be a nightmare boyfriend once he gets his hooks into her. Thankfully she has Ryan but a guy like Archer is scary! I’m a bit worried for Ryan getting tangled with him. I bet a sweet guy like Ryan would lose! Yeah, he’s a bit edgier than his father but not much. Ugh! 😬

    So, it seems like Archer has been looking up Reagan’s family and knows all about her mother and who her family is. I wonder what his angle is. She’d better RUN! Because he’s going to be another Avery. She had the creep factor going early just like this one.

    (And who kisses like that in the middle of the cafeteria? It was like he was possessing her in front of everyone) 👀

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    • Yes….Archer is controlling…that’s becoming obvious. Talking about them like that and they all just let it roll off like it was no big deal and were used to it. Archer is scary for a lot of of which is the age difference, which if they were much older wouldn’t matter, but right now, it’s huge because Reagan is inexperienced and easily impressed and swayed by him.

      And he was totally possessing her in front of everyone with that kiss. And Reagan is eating it up. She needs to feel wanted and he makes her feel that way and of course is stirring up her hormones big time. She’s completely infatuated with him.

      Ryan and Archer in a fight wouldn’t end well for Ryan. As far as knowing about her family, it’s pretty common knowledge and not hard to find out. But yes, he knows some things. And I’m sure he knows her mother is in in prison. So probably another reason he thinks she fits in his little group of misfits.

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  5. Be your own person Reagan and don’t follow the crowd.
    I wonder what Archer is hiding, since he said nothing about himself.
    I have a feeling it will be Taylor to the rescue and not Ryan. I hope she doesn’t get pregnant.
    Ryan is just like his grandpa. Look out ladies, he is going to love you and leave you. Double trouble.

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    • Reagan is so impressionable right now! It’s going to be hard for her not to be swayed by an older guy paying so much attention to her. Archer does have some baggage….I hope she doesn’t get pregnant either. Taylor to the rescue would be interesting!

      Ryan is just like Ben….look out ladies, he’s a heart breaker!


  6. Uh… Bad news! Damn, I sense heartbreak on the horizon. And again, moving too fast. They’ve just met, she has her first *kiss* and he wants them to be alone again? Plus he’s older and she’s young and innocent, that’s a bit creepy. I had no idea she was only 14, too, that’s much younger than I thought.

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    • She is way too young to be with him…it’s just too easy for her to not make good decisions and not be influenced by him…in his defense, of there is any, I don’t think he realizes she is 14. But he will soon enough and by then it might be too late…

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  7. Archer practically deciding for Reagan that the gang is going to hang out in the game room in the family park triggered a red light. I think Archer’s issue is that he’s controlling. We could see it with his gang. He’s the one calling all shots. And he has it easy, with people like Rainbow or Pete. They don’t put up any fight, he can herd them like a flock of sheep. If I’m right, he probably has a gift to assess which people are susceptible to his control. He may have seen it in Reagan too. Things will get interesting. I don’t think he’s a guy who takes a no for an answer. This can get very ugly.
    Good thinking Ryan, you definitely should ask around and find out more about Archer.
    I’m excited to read more.

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    • Archer is very controlling….and the gang just blindly follows him.. Rainbow and Pete are submissive…Enid and Jerry not so much, but for some reason, they have respect for him…and Reagan was indeed very susceptible to being led.

      Things will definitely get interesting…and there will be a definite contrast between her maturity and his controlling nature. Ryan to the rescue! But no way he can go,up against Archer. Ugh…but he’s probably cocky enough to try.

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  8. I think my favorite part of this chapter (and there were quite a few things I liked) was how Reagan dismissed all of Ryan’s concerns with, “but he’s a SENIOR!” which is so true to life it’s not even funny.

    Other than that, this still confirms my feelings about Archer from last chapter – he’s super controlling, and while it seems like he’s a good friend, he’s clearly the leader. I also like how the teenage brain equates “drug dealing” and “thievery” with “being homeless” which strikes me as a bit odd… that said, I want to know more about the crew – why did Pete turn to drugs? Why is Rainbow bounced around quite so much? How were they all pulled in to this group in the first place? I also liked the visuals of Reagan with her bright clothes with the crew all in black.

    Excited to see what happens!

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed the chapter! It was a bit creepy in places! And yes….she has stars in her eyes where it comes to Archer. He is the leader and definitely controlling…

      We will get a little more glimpse into the crew in the next couple of chapters. Not sure all of the answers will be had, but some definitely will be.

      The visual with her all bright and them all dark was on purpose. So glad you noticed! 😁

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      • Looking forward to it! Going back and looking over the lunchtime conversation, I get the feeling that Rainbow doesn’t want to be there very much but is there because they’re forcing her to do so. Everybody is so mean to her and making decisions for her! It’s sad, but it also makes me a laugh a little bit to think that she just got pulled into this group and they keep roping her into their plans even though she has absolutely no desire to participate. It would be even funnier if she’s not in foster homes at all, but lives in a nice house but doesn’t talk, and so they’ve made up this elaborate backstory for her that she’s now too scared to correct, ahahaha. Obviously I don’t think that’s true, but I like imagining these scenarios… but really I’m super excited to see more of how the crew interacts.

        (I’m also curious about whether Taylor saw Archer kissing Reagan or not – and what her thoughts on that are, and if she’ll spill and ruin things for Reagan and push them further apart)

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        • Haha! I think that Rainbow got somehow involved and is indeed roped in, but just goes along with them because she doesn’t have anything else to do and they don’t care how she acts. She can sit in her corner and nobody gives her grief.

          And Taylor is definitely a wild card…..

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  9. This is an interesting development. The crew…very different form Mickey;s crew back in the day. Archer is sending up red flags all over the place, he might wants to be careful, .Reagan’s secret crush, Jason may have something to say about this guy. He may look like a string bean….but he is the son of Mickey Blake, and the grandson of Garret. It’s going to be interesting to see what transpires. Although Jason is trying so hard to put distance between he and Reagan he may not be there to save the day when shit goes south, but Reagan always has her brother. And Big brother is watching.

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    • Archer is indeed sending up so many red flags. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have a girlfriend his own age? Not too sure. Jason might know something about him since he is indeed a product of the infamous Blake family. Or maybe he can find out for Ryan. And what makes you think things will go south? Oh, because he’s 18 and she’s 14….maaaaybe…and of course Ryan will be there.


  10. Well, I’m still not sure what to make of Archer. I want to believe he cares, but he’s so much older than Reagan. And he dished out the group member’s problems so fast – and I don’t think they minded. Even though I think he did that to try to make her feel more welcomed, it’s kinda strange. I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a one way ticket to Heartbreak City.

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  11. Okay I’m leaning more and more toward team “uh oh” when it comes to Archer. He’s definitely an “alpha” haha and I can’t hep but feel like Reagan might be getting in over her head! 😱

    But at least we know Ryan will have his sister’s back if Archer doesn’t behave 😈 I really Iike their sibling dynamic! (If only they’d let Taylor be part of that dynamic too though 😭)

    I’m very intrigued to see what goes down at the dance…

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    • Team “uh oh” might be a safe team! Archer is the alpha male for sure and his group doesn’t really challenge him. A very strange dynamic. And I have no doubt Reagan is in over her head. Poor Taylor…but she’s probably much better off not being involved in this! Darnell is a much better place for her to spend her time! ❤️.

      The dance is indeed coming….😱

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  12. Now Rea is quite superficial too, isn’t she? XD Did no one tell her that acnea, tattoos or “weird clothes” are not a reason to dislike someone?
    Jerry and Enid look so gorgeous! And they’re cute together.
    I’m a little pissed at Ryan. Acting all the overprotective brother, yeah I get he’s worried, but I bet he does the same shit he suspects Archer to do xD
    I think I’d prefer see him put a pack of condoms into Rea’s hand instead of lecturing her xD

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    • About Archer, I’m still not sure what to make of him. Yes, he’s contolling and insisting but that doesn’t neccessarily imply he has bad intentions with Rea.
      I guess only time (in this case, more updates xD) will tell.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Reagan is very much judging a book by its cover….we will see if she changes her stripes. Jerry and Enid. 😍😍😍. I adore them.

      Ryan is most definitely a bit of the pot calling the kettle black! Being all over protective, but he is right, that Archer is too old for her. A pack of condoms would have probably freaked her out, but that has to be on her mind….if not today, very soon.


  13. Oh no, there are just alarm bells going off left, right, and center. The crew are a bunch of misfits, no surprise there, but what really struck me as nasty was that they don’t actually seem to like each other that much. Archer is really lording it over everyone as well, like wth, that dynamic is so toxic – not to mention that now Reagan feels pressured to go with him because he made a big spectacle out of it in front of the crew. I don’t like that Archer always grabs Reagan to prevent her from going away either. I don’t think this will end well. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • The dynamic of this whole group is interesting. I think they respect Archer and would do anything he asks because maybe he’s done things for them…. and they trust him. But I also think that ‘power’ has sorta gone to his head and does lord over them. And he is pressuring Reagan because he knows she won’t refuse him, but he does try to protect her in his weird way. Even though maybe she only needs to be protected from him…

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  14. I love how protective Ryan is but I feel Archer would flatten him in a second lol I love the bunch of misfits in the crew and I can’t wait to see where this goes. I just hope they don’t lead Reagan down the path of drugs, thieving and who knows what else…although I kinda do as well, because that makes for a more exciting story LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol! Ryan loves his sister. And Archer would definitely flatten him in a second. Reagan is in over her head big time with these older kids that have been in trouble most of their lives. We’ll see how she copes and tries to fit in.


  15. My 2 cents: Actually I am in favor of Archer’s little plan to go to the Murdock Park and office. Why? Because it is under surveillance. It is the best way for Mickey to “find out about the group especially if the kleptomaniacs swipe a few things and alert Cole to Reagan’s sneaking around. I can see Drama coming out if it especially with the security investigating them.
    Archer has emphasized to the group that Reagan is from “THE MURDOCK FAMILY”. It is obvious he is interested in her due to this. This sets off warning bells, along with his controlling behavior and kissing her on the neck in the cafeteria of all places! It is like he is marking his territory…..
    Reagan made another bad decision when she decided to sneak around and have Ryan and her lie to her parents about who she is going with to the dance, We will see the consequences of her bad decision. At the very least, this will bring about a loss of trust between the twins and Cole, when he finds out about it.
    Frankly, I am rooting for Taylor to start Generation 4 a lot later in the story when she grows up..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes! Archer and the gang have no idea the will be caught entering on surveillance and even inside the game room! This is definitely something that will come up if they go,there and they most likely will.

      Cole’s going to eventually learn about her sneaking around one way or the other. You can’t hide it forever. The lack of trust it will foster is tough. Ryan did make a huge error in judgement by going along with her plan to sneak around. Although he’s not entirely sold on Archer. And will be watching him.

      Taylor is such a sweet girl and might be a good heir! She will likely be the most well adjusted of the three oldest kids. ❤️ Connie, well, she will be around too. But we may not see or hear a lot from her for awhile.


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  18. Yes the crew are a bunch of misfits, but that doesn’t make them bad people. And just because Archer is obviously the carasmatic confident leader, doesn’t mean he is a controlling jerk. I am not going to judge a book by the cover. But I am still going to be keeping my eyes on them.
    I just hope that they are not using Reagan for the use of the clubhouse. And don’t forget about those cameras. Let’s not have Blown in the Bushes: The Sequel.

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  19. Archer sure has that leader of the pack thing going on! He calls the shots and everyone just lines up and shoots! Scary to think what may happen if someone crosses him. Still wanting to give the crew the benefit of the doubt but there it is the opportunity to break the rules strikes and PR is hardly able to bring herself to protest. Ryan somewhat enabling the behavior as well. Hopefully he acts on his protective brotherly instincts there when if it’s needed.

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  20. Oohhh, this is always the toughest part of being a teenager. Being pulled in all kinds of directions trying to figure out what influence to lean on. The ‘crew’ seems like broken people who have, like you said “baggage”. Seems Reagan is not sure whether to mingle with Taylor’s “princessy” in-crowd or with the this edgy crowd. Seems she’s in a bit of a limbo. That’s really tough. And a crush on a bad boy just makes things more complex.

    Uhhh, I’d hate to be in poor Reagan’s shoes right now. Sounds like her poor teenage head’s about to explode. Good luck to her, it sounds like Archer is a nice guy and really cares about her. I’d like to know what’s behind his closed doors. I think he’s just a nice, caring young man with a good heart that came from a really shitty life.

    Great job Audrey! 😀 😀

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    • Reagan’s head is messed up right now. And that is causing her to not necessarily make the best decisions. But she is indeed gravitating to Archer. Who wouldn’t. He’s hot and charismatic and older. And he seems to genuinely like her. Archer is complicated. He is a nice and did/does have a shitty life.

      Reagan totally feels like she is not part of the princess crowd. That’s for sure. Even though it was mostly self imposed exile. 😬. Teenagers…


  21. Ummm not sure if that is such a good idea but in one aspect, Rea is right: how is it perfectly okay for guys to kiss etc and not for girls the same age? I like that Ryan was protective but accepted her choice in the end (and it can never be bad to have a brother watching out for you)

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