Chapter 3.12 – Goodbye

Reagan started her period the next day, thankfully before Dannie had a chance to make her pee on a stick. She figured that was part of what had made her sick at her stomach, along with the stress of Archer breaking up.  The last three weeks of school were miserable regardless.

During those three weeks, she never saw or heard from Archer. Enid and the rest of his crew gave her the cold shoulder. Jerry actually started to yell at her and said it was her fault Archer got in trouble, until Enid made him stop.

So she sat with Ryan and Camden. She felt bad because she wasn’t good company, and the guys usually just talked to each other. She had zero friends now. Just Ryan and now sorta Camden, who was probably just being polite. At least he was nice to look at.

She knew Archer had managed to graduate, because his name was listed among the graduates. She checked. She was happy he at least got to do that, even though he had been suspended from coming to class.

Then, three days after school was out for the summer, she received a text from Archer that crashed her world even more. “I’m leaving town. I couldn’t leave without at least saying goodbye. I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. Take care of yourself PR.”

Leaving town! She quickly texted back with shaky hands hoping he would get it before he blocked her again. “Please, can I see you before you go. I miss you so much. I know my dad threatened you.”

She waited and waited.  Just as she was about to give up, her phone buzzed. She was afraid to look. “Meet me at the park in the hedge maze. An hour.”

She hurriedly texted back. “I’ll be there.”  Relief flooded through her.


Reagan’s heart was beating out of her chest she was so nervous. She didn’t know what to expect. She hadn’t seen Archer or spoken to him since that horrible day at school.

She heard someone walking through the maze and held her breath. When she saw him her heart leapt into her throat. She wanted to throw herself into his arms but was afraid he would reject her. So she sat there nervously clenching and unclenching her fists.

When he looked at her, there were so many different emotions flickering across his face that it confused her. “Reagan…” was all he said.

“Archer…why?” she asked. She didn’t know what else to say.

He sat down next to her, careful not to touch her, when all she wanted was his touch.  He looked at her over the top of his sunglasses. “I shouldn’t be here Reagan. But you deserve an explanation, especially since you already know part of what happened.”

“But, you’re leaving? Why?

“I am,” he said and let out a heavy sigh. “You already know Daddy Murdick – that’s what I call him in my head – threatened me.” Archer nervously removed his glasses and looked at the ground while he continued. “Somehow, he found out about my asshole dad, my Juvie stints and the fact that I applied to the police academy in Brindleton Bay. He said he would file rape charges if I didn’t stay away from you.”

He looked up at Reagan, his eyes filled with pain. “Do you know what they do to rapists in prison?” He shook his head. “No…of course you don’t.”

“I would tell them! You didn’t do that! I wanted to be with you! You know that! God, I hate him!”

Archer shook his head again. “Nah, don’t hate him. No matter how much of a dick he is, he only did it because he loves you. And anyway, in a court of law, it doesn’t matter what you say.  I knew better Reagan. I was playing with fire when I let myself begin to care for you, to fall in love with you.”

“It’s not fair!” Reagan knew she sounded whiny, but she couldn’t help it.

“It’s the law PR.”

Her heart melted at the use of his nickname for her. “But…”

“Listen to me,” he said frustrated, “I need to catch a flight, so I don’t have much time. I just need you to try and understand. You mean the world to me, and the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you. You are beautiful and sweet and trusting. Innocent. And good. For someone like you to give me a chance…you made me feel like I could be better. Like I wasn’t destined to be like my old man. That I could actually have something good in my life. So, when the opportunity came a couple of months ago, I applied to the academy. I learned last week, that against all odds, I was accepted.”

“It doesn’t have to be over,” she said, “We can still be together. You can come back on vacation and we can text.” She instinctively put her hand on his arm and he flinched away from her and she knew. She was poison to him now.

“It IS over,” he said, his eyes hard now, confirming her suspicions. “You need to grow the fuck up Reagan. You still live in fairy-tale world where the princess kisses the frog and they live happily ever after. You kissed me, but sweetheart, I’m not a prince. I’m still a frog. You deserve better.”

Reagan had silent tears running down her face. “They thought I was pregnant. The day you….well…I was sick. I wished now that I was and then maybe you would take me with you. And you’re not a frog! You are a prince!”

He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “God, Reagan, listen to yourself now. Really listen baby. What you just said is ridiculous. It just shows how immature you still are. That would put me right back where I am now. Living in a run down apartment with a mother that drinks too much because she can’t deal with her reality. Divorced from my father, who’s in and out of jail for theft and drunk driving. I was going down that same path. But now I have a way out. I would never have forgiven myself if I got you pregnant. We would’ve eventually wound up hating each other.”

His words stung, but they hit home. Reagan put her head down and cried. She felt like she was being scolded and it made her feel stupid, small minded and incredibly selfish. She knew in her heart everything he said was true.

He reached over and touched her gently. “I need to go,” he said and stood up, “this was a bad idea.”

She quickly stood up too, barely able to see his handsome face for the tears that just wouldn’t stop. “I’m never going to see you again am I?” she cried.

“Honestly Reagan, I don’t know. I have no plans to come back to Willow Creek.”

When he turned to leave, Reagan’s heart dropped into her stomach. “Archer!” she cried out.

He turned and she ran into his arms. He held her until she calmed down. “I really do have a plane to catch,” he said as he peeled her off of him. “Go home. Try to repair your relationship with your family. He looked at her and grinned. “And tell Ryan – he needs to work on that right hook. Take care of yourself PR.”

“Bye,” she whispered through her tears, as she watched him walk out of her life forever.


By the time Reagan made her way home she was furious. How could her father threaten everything that Archer has worked so hard to obtain? She suddenly realized that Archer would have left her regardless. He had applied while they were still together.  But how did her father find out something she didn’t even know?

At this point she didn’t care what kind of punishment she got. She was going to suck it up and give her father a piece of her mind. When she walked in she could hardly contain herself. She saw Taylor working on something in the kitchen. “Where is he?” she demanded.

Taylor jumped and tuned around. “Where is who?”

“Your father!” Reagan still couldn’t bring herself to say ‘our father’ and that hurt. Maybe it was a little childish. Archer said she needed to ‘grow the fuck up’. But that didn’t mean she had to embrace Taylor and Dannie taking over her father’s affection. If he loved her, he wouldn’t have done what he did. But Archer said he did. She didn’t know what to think anymore.

“You mean Daddy Cole?” Reagan just glared. “He’s outside with Connie…” she said pleasantly.

Reagan marched outside and right up to where her father was pushing Connie on the swing, like he was father of the year or something. It pissed her off more.

“Reagan?” He smiled, but when he saw her expression, his smile changed to concern.

“Daddy’s pushing me hiiiiiigh!” squealed Connie.

Reagan ignored Connie. “We need to talk. Now!” She spat the words at him then turned around and walked off. She heard him tell Connie he needed to go inside and she smiled triumphantly to herself.

“Reagan,” he called out from behind her, “what’s going on?”

She just kept walking and went into Dannie’s office and sat down.

Her dad sat across from her eyeing her suspiciously. “Reagan, what is all of this about? What’s the matter with you?”

“You tell me,” she shot back, “You threatened my boyfriend with a rape charge! How dare you. And how did you know he applied to the police academy? I didn’t even know that!”

“I…Reagan….” stuttered Cole and ran his hands through his hair.

“How Daddy? And why? He worked soooo hard for that and you would have taken it all away . . . just because we were dating? He’s good. I swear he is! He didn’t shoplift that bracelet. I know he didn’t.”

“I know,” admitted Cole, “But…baby…he has was involved and has been locked up before for other things. So you saw him? What else did he tell you?”

You knew? And still….you threatened him? No. You tell me what you said to him. You scared him Daddy. How could you?”

“I can’t Reagan. I ….”

“Is everything okay?” asked Dannie as she looked at Cole, eyebrow arched in a warning. “I heard loud voices. Cole?”

“She knows I spoke to Archer and warned him to stay away from her,” he said as if that explained everything.

Dannie’s shoulder’s slumped just as Connie came running in. “Daddy! I want to swing.”

“Not now. Taylor!” he called out.

Taylor walked in. “What?” she asked as she looked back and forth between everyone.

“Take Connie outside for a few minutes,” instructed Cole.

Taylor looked relieved that she got to escape the drama. “Come on C. Let’s go swing.”

Reagan looked at Dannie and her father sitting together in unity. Now it was them against her. She thought maybe Dannie was gonna side with her, but now she wasn’t sure. Regardless, she couldn’t back down. She needed to make them both understand – Archer was good and they were wrong about him.

Reagan addressed Dannie after Taylor and Connie left the room. “Archer said Daddy threatened him with a rape charge if he didn’t stay away from me. Dannie – Archer worked very hard to bring up his grades and stay out of trouble. And Ryan started that fight. Not Archer. Ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“He what?” asked Cole his face turning red.

“Leave Ryan alone!” cried out Reagan, “Archer took the blame so Ryan wouldn’t get in trouble. But I got grounded for a month. And Archer got suspended from school for a week and then got threatened by my own father!”

“You got grounded for disobeying a rule,” he snarled.

“A stupid rule!” she snarled right back.

“Reagan!” warned Cole and Dannie put her hand on him to stop him from saying more.

“I’m sorry,” said Dannie. “Your father and I talked about what he did and he knows he owes both you and Archer an apology.” She looked pointedly at Cole. “Right?”

Her dad at least had the decency to look remorseful when confronted by his – what? – girlfriend. Common law wife. Why not just wife? At least then she would be her step-mother.

Dannie continued. “He also promised me he wouldn’t do anything more where Archer was concerned. So, Reagan, if you want to see him, you have our permission. With some conditions of course.”

“Sure….now that he’s gone! He left today for Brindleton Bay! So I guess you got your wish!”

“He was accepted?” asked Cole, seemingly surprised.

“I told you! He’s good!” exclaimed Reagan.

Cole Closed his eyes for a minute and Dannie looked like she wanted to strangle the man sitting next to her. Finally her father looked at her with a pained look on his face. “I made so many awful mistakes. I owe everyone an apology – you…” he glanced at Dannie,  “your moth…Dannie… and Archer. Dannie didn’t know what I was doing. Going behind her back was wrong. I lied by omission, then I held you to a higher standard and that’s not fair to any of us. I knew what I was doing was wrong. Just like you also knew sneaking out and lying to us was wrong. We were both desperate and used that to justify our actions.”

“But you still wouldn’t have let me go out with him! He was my friend!”

“Reagan….you never even asked,” said Cole calmly. “We have to learn to talk to each other again. You can’t lie to me sweetheart. I don’t need intimate details, but I need to know where you are and who you are with. I want to meet your friends. Maybe if you would have asked for him to come meet us….given us a chance to know him.”

Reagan was confused and didn’t know what to say, so she said what was still foremost on her mind. “Apologize to Archer,” she demanded. “Tell him you won’t go after him. That it’s okay if we talk or see each other!”

Her dad looked sad. “I will,” he said quietly, “because I was wrong to have done that in the first place, not because you are demanding it. Reagan, I’m sorry for the pain I caused you with my actions. But you can’t lie to me. Because I didn’t know what was going on and you wouldn’t tell me, I jumped to conclusions……”

“Maybe, that’s enough for tonight,” interjected Dannie. “I do think, though, we should continue this dialogue. Reagan, we both love you very much. And maybe we need to step back a little and give you some freedom. But we have to discuss what that means. What is expected of you as well. It’s not a one-way street. But for now, you look wrecked. I assume you saw Archer before he left.”

Reagan nodded and the tears came again.

Dannie looked genuinely sad. “That’s rough. I’m sorry. Reagan, is there someone you want to go see or would like to spend time with…someone that you can talk to? Enid maybe?”

Reagan groaned. “She hates me.”

“Well, I’m here,” offered Dannie gently, “or Taylor, maybe Ami even?”

“Can I just go now?” asked Reagan.  She got what she wanted, but she wasn’t gonna spill to Dannie or Taylor, but Ami … maybe.

Cole gave her a sad smile. “Hey, young lady, you’re the one that called this little meeting. Gutsy move by the way. So, if you want to end it, your call too. But before you go, remember, I’ve been honest and I expect the same in return. Don’t lie about what’s going on.”

“One more thing,” said Dannie, “In the spirit of talking to each other, maybe we should have a weekly ‘how are you doing this week’ meeting. Even going out to dinner, just the three of us.”

Reagan’s first reaction was not only no, but hell no. Then she thought about Archer and what he said about her father and repairing their relationship. But not Dannie too. That was too much. Maybe, just him. Or maybe just Dannie. She didn’t know. Things were getting too jumbled up in her mind. Then she thought, my mother. I want to see my mother.

“Earth to Reagan,” said her father.

“Maybe, I don’t know,” she said honestly.

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72 thoughts on “Chapter 3.12 – Goodbye

  1. Thank god for periods! In my heart, my proper birth control usage (AHEM REAGAN) transferred mine to a character who actually needed it. 😉

    Things would be better if Archer just wanted a plain ol’ criminal justice degree. They’re not as uptight as every aspiring police officer I’ve known. Not like it’s the real problem but the dude needs to stop flogging himself. 😦

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Lol! I died when Archer called Cole “Murdick”!!🤣😝😂

    Well, Cole, you came to your senses a little too late. Why didn’t you have this conversation earlier? Hmmm…? 😒

    I bet Reagan goes to college in BB where she’ll meet a sexy cop. 😏

    So Reagan wants to talk with her mother. I wonder if they have scheduled meetings like once a month or weekly. If not, I doubt Avery will want anything to do with Reagan. She’s the coldest mother. I doubt prison has thawed her out. Selfish to the core.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I’m surprised Archer got accepted to the police acadamy with his convictions. Here in Germany, and many other European countries you cannot join them unless you have a clear history, even small offenses count.

    Finally Reagan steps up and says what she thinks. At least one good thing came out of all the mess.

    About Cole… yeah fine he finally admits he made a mistake, but he already has ruined everything. His apology doesn’t fix anything. And honestly, comparing his threats and surveillance of Archer to Reagan sneaking around is outrageous. She’s a teenager that he missed out to make trust him!
    He’s on my shitlist for good now 😀

    Oh, and I still can’t believe all this fuss about statutory rape in the states. If someone would bring Reagan’s and Archer’s case to the court here, the judge would probably just shake his head and tell Cole to chill. xD

    Liked by 3 people

    • That is curious how he got accepted. Unless it was because he was underage maybe…idk…. hmmmm….

      Yay for Reagan finally letting it all out! And Cole…he messed up so bad, not sure if he’ll ever dig himself out. Yes….his manipulation was waaaay worse. Sadly, rape is a thing here. If he were a year younger, it wouldn’t be, but supposed.y she is too young to make that decision on her own. And it spooked Archer good.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, don’t misunderstand, we have the concept of statutory rape too. But it’s so rarely applied. Only if it’s clear that the defendant took advantage of the immaturity of the victim. It’s always the case if the defendant is in an authority position over the minor, or the victim is younger than 14.
        Technically, 14-16 and 18+ is illegal, but the law is rarely applied, even less when both claim they have a consensual relationship. And from 16+ it is generally legal.
        It’s even possible to get married at 16+ with the parents’ consent (only if the spouse-to-be is 18+), but I think that’s like never applied nowadays xD

        Liked by 1 person

        • Sadly, he approached her in the beginning just to get to her, but he instead slowed down and she pushed the sexual relationship. But in a court, he would be considered and adult and she would be a minor. I do think at 16 that changes, but I am not that familiar with the laws. Just looked it up a little for the story. 😕. A pregnancy would have complicated things immensely.

          Liked by 1 person

          • Statutory rape varies for the most part state to state in the US. It depends on Age of consent, basically meaning the age an individual has the capacity to make their own decisions Most states it is sixteen in the US some 17 others 18. The federal law is a bit murky, However, in many cases it goes down to depending on the judge (which is wrong, the law is the law and they should enforce that, regardless of personal feelings). The situation can also depend on circumstances and the individuals themselves. In my own home state the age of consent is 16, but someone like Archer could still have the book thrown at him, just because he has a record, depending on the judge.

            Liked by 1 person

  4. Well, Taylor is a darned saint for still playing nice with her sister. Jeez. Good thing Cole’s finally calming down with his doucheyness and that he’s listening to Dannie. I don’t think Reagan seeing her mother will lead to anything good, though.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hmm can’t decide whether “too little too late” or “better late than never” more deacribes my feelings on Cole here 🤔 Maybe a little of both. It was nice to see him finally own it, but damn, talk about bad timing! 😭 And now he’s pushing her right toward Avery! 😱😱😱

    Goodbye Archer 😦 I hope we see him again someday!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…it’s a toss up…and you’re right, maybe a little of both. And now she wants to run to Mommy Dearest…. 😕

      Archer! 😢😢😢 Hope to see him again too. I miss looking at him! 😍😍😍

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I think both Archer and Reagan learned a lot from one another. He has always been good inside, but it was because of her he decided to apply to the police academy. And I see some light at the end of the tunnel for her, too – she tries to listen to his advice. And that’s already a lot!
    I’m very disappointed with Cole. He was always the good kid and the innocent one, and I really loved him. But now, what got into him makes him just awful… I can’t recognize the puppy-eyed vet anymore.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think they both learned from each other. That’s a great observation and she is trying to take his advice. And she knows he was right. He has been good inside, and she brought it out even more.

      Cole is a disappointment. That sweet blue-eyed bet has turned into an overprotective ass. But he’s coming around . . . a little. I think he still doesn’t fully get it. But Dannie does. She probably sees a lot of herself in Reagan. And so understands her better than Cole. When he looks at Taylor and she is so happy and accepting, he doesn’t understand how or why Reagan isn’t the same way. So he ignores it hoping it’ll go away. Wrong move dude. At least two things are happening. Dannie is finally inserting herself into the situation and making Cole take a hard look at what he’s done. And Reagan finally had enough and let out her feelings…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Threatening to destroy the future of a young man who was trying to do something good with his life is a new low for Cole. Not to mention that his actions led to Reagan having no no friends, no social life at all. Daddy Murdick annihilated his daughter’s social life. Dicktator Murdick. Word will spread. It will be a miracle if anyone ever wanted to date Reagan with dictator for a dad. I’m surprised that daddy Murdick is perfectly okay with Taylor dating at all. Regardless Archer’s age and past, I see a double standard here again and that can only add oil to the fire of Reagan’s dislike of Taylor. Reagan has been treated worst of all Cole’s children and that’s a fact.

    Liked by 2 people

    • She has been treated unfairly with a huge double standard. Archer was at least willing to give the Murdick a pass because he knows he doesn’t have a stellar reputation and he is older. Sadly, Cole would rather wreck Archer’s life than have Archer wreck his daughter’s although he doesn’t see that he’s the one doing the wrecking, not Archer. At least Dannie is finally taking a hard stand to try and make things better for Reagan.

      Reagan is of course jealous of Taylor and the privileges she seems to get. It’s not Cole doesn’t want her dating, just not dating Archer. Not that he deserves to be defended…and now she wants to run to her mother. Maybe she’ll find someone to talk to like Dannie suggested.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Maybe this is the best way Reagan and Archer could end their relationship – and honestly, it probably needed to end because with all that’s been going on it would have been too painful one way or the other to continue. Maybe they can meet again when they are both a bit older – when they can smile at everything that has happened – you know, one of those sad smiles that still warms your heart 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • So true. I’m glad Archer didn’t just disappear and took the time to tell her the things she needed to hear. And from him. Those same words coming from anyone else would have been met with resistance and denial. It would be nice for the. To meet again in the future after they’ve both grown more…❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I want to kill Cole. What is it with him and his self righteous nonsense. We saw it with him in regards to Mickey and Nicky too. I understand this is a bit different because Reagan is his daughter, but I can’t help but see the parallels He let’s his imagination get the better of him. I am glad to see Dannie step up. I know she is is hesitant to step into the role under the circumstances but I think Reagan would benefit from having Dannie in her corner. If Reagan would just allow it. Of the two parents I think Dannie has the most sense. Cole seems to have this ideal fantasy how things should be and if it things don’t conform to that he goes of his rocker. I understand that that simply because I myself get trapped in that ever so often. However things rarely fit the way we think they should.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You have Cole pegged. He is a bit self righteous. Interesting because Ben was so much different and was humbled. Sofia protected Cole from his father a lot. And so he thought he always knew best and wants to save everyone. If his fantasy is challenged he goes overboard to fix it and messed up badly.

      Dannie was right to finally jump in. She was hesitant at first but things spiraled out of control. She would be good for Reagan if she would just allow it.


  10. Hmmm Cole is trying at least, that’s something! You better not blow it again Cole!
    The goodbye scene between Reagan and Archer was heartbreaking… </3 But, as others already said, she might later move to Brindleton Bay or something along those lines and meet him again… I refuse to give up on them yet!
    But Reagan, sweetie, no… what on earth are you doing wishing to meet your mother? This cannot be good! I think there are two possibilities on how this could play out: either Avery flat out ignores her daughter like always and Reagan's hart gets once again broken, OR she takes advantage of Reagan's current relationship with Cole, in order to finally have her revenge. Oh man, meeting Avery is not going to be good at all!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Wow, things really came to a head in this chapter. I’m glad Archer got accepted into the academy but now I’m sad he and Rea are through. For a while, she actually had friends.

    It’s about time this talk happened, and I’m glad Rea initiated that. I’m not sure how I feel about how things are going with Cole and Rea right now. I want them to patch things up but he’s really done a lot of damage to their relationship. She still feels displaced by Taylor and I’m hoping to see some resolution there at some point, but I know that will take time. At least this first step was made.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Archer came to Rea at a time when she needed friends and to feel loved. I was sad to see their relationship end. Especially, since he really did come to care deeply for her. But her identity was all tangled up in Archer. So it may not have had a good ending.

      Yes! Rea finally got mad enough and figured she no longer had anything to lose. That’s the sad part, but then Cole is finally owning up to his mistakes and apologized to her. So they at least are beginning to talk. You are right – a lot of damage has been done and it won’t be that easy to repair. One talk won’t do it. 😢 But it is a good first step.

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. I think that Archer leaving is for the best. If there is one thing that I have learned from reading your story is that if it is meant to be; they will find a way back to each other.
    In the meantime I think that a weekly “how are things” type of dinner is a good idea. I really do hope Reagan takes them up on the idea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They may be meant to be or not….if so then they will find each other again. ❤️ They both have a lot of stuff to work through. I hope Reagan at least opens up a little more with Dannie and Cole.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Boye, Am I glad that things worked out in the end. Reagan isn’t pregnant, and Archer was able to talk some sense into her.

    I’m sad for Archer and Reagan, but, like Reagan realized herself, she didn’t truly ”love” him, so their relationship, when it comes to love, was mostly one-sided. I’m glad Archer has some future ahead of him, and hopefully he and Reagan can start a relationship after Cole drops out all those threats.

    It’s good that Cole finally admited (Even to himself!) that he did something wrong with all…this. He has a looong path to build again the bridges he burned himself.

    Reagan wants to see Prison Mama…That ain’t good. I wonder how both Dannie and Cole would take that. I bet they wouldn’t allow her to.

    For now, I’m hopping she at leats bonds with Dannie, as many peopel pointed out that Cole did some nasty and shady stuff that ma make Reagan resent him for life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay for no teen pregnancy! And that Cole has finally come to his senses a little anyway. But he does have a long way to go to rebuild trust between them.

      Prison Mama! Ha. I like that. Yes she’s beginning to glorify her in her head. I’m sure they would say no which would be another road block in their relationship. I hope she lets Dannie in. That would be good.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Well hell. Ya know, Cole was acting just like his dad did when Cole married Avery. I hope Cole realized this. Glad Reagan’s not preggers.
    And I know we haven’t seen the last of Archer, but drama queen Reagan will of course convince herself of that.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. That was a surprisingly short learning time for Cole, considering we’re reading about the Murdocks 😂 I’m glad though, he was so honest and it seems Dannie worked wonders for this family. I was really glad to hear that Rea was even considering to have the “how are you doing meetings” with her instead of Cole.
    The relationship with Archer isn’t going to be repaired any time soon, even if Cole apologizes in all honesty and makes amends. Too much has been destroyed for that but at least, it will put Archer and maybe even Rea to peace a little bit.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think Dannie finally got through to him. And yes, she’s very good for the family. Reagan is trying her best to hate on Dannie but she’s worming her way back in. Reagan was accepting Dannie as a surrogate mother before they dropped the bombshell that rocked her world. She really does need a mother.

      Her relationship with Archer may be done. If Cole manages to apologize it won’t really matter. The damage has been done. 🤷‍♀️


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