Chapter 3.14 – Camden

Reagan sat in class daydreaming about Camden as the teacher droned on and on about the Civil War. Or some war.  She and Camden were officially dating, but they had only kissed, with the exception of Jason’s party game. She wondered if he didn’t try to do more because of Ryan. But she didn’t really care why.  At least she had someone that wanted to hold her hand while they walked down the hall together and made her feel special. And it didn’t hurt that he was cute.

Ryan was now dating Candy McLaughlin, the cheerleader. So they all sat together at lunch with Jason, who was all alone now since Kenzie’s family moved.

Candy’s signature pink jacket and constant high pitched giggling at Ryan was about to make Reagan go into a sugar coma. It’s like she tried to live up to her name. Candy was a total airhead and Reagan couldn’t wait until Ryan dumped her. Not only because she had to spend time with her, but she knew Ryan deserved better.

Being with Camden also kept Reagan from being holed up in her room all the time. She and Candy would hang out at Jason’s studio after school when the band practiced. 

Because Taylor was now dating Link, occasionally she would be there too. As much as Reagan disliked Candy, at least she served as a buffer between her and Taylor because her highness would always politely engage in Candy’s silly conversations. Reagan was secretly pleased.

All in all, Reagan felt better than she ever thought possible after her miserable summer. Even so, she still thought a lot about Archer and couldn’t help but wonder how he was doing. Frankly, she missed him. Ami was right. He still held a place in her heart, but it wasn’t tiny, it was huge. She was grateful for Camden’s attention which mostly helped her forget, if only temporarily.

The bell mercifully rang and she escaped the boring lecture.  Camden quickly found her in the hallway and slid his arm around her neck. “Hey gorgeous, I told Jason I ‘m gonna need to practice alone tonight.”

“Oh,” said Reagan. Disappointment colored the single syllable, “I thought we were all going to meet at Jason’s after school.” Why do I always sound whiny? she thought and cringed inwardly.

“Reaaagan…I don’t want to practice alone,” he said and his eyes twinkled, “You are coming with me. We can practice alone together.”

“Oh,” she said, and laughed to cover up her embarrassment.  ‘Alone together’ had become a thing with them since the first time they got together. She had already refused sex with him once, and she had managed not to be ‘alone together’ since. She knew that was exactly what he wanted.

Camden laughed with her. “Can you swing it?”

She didn’t know how to get out of it.  “Sure,” she said quickly, “I’ll tell my dad we are going to the movies.”  She winced a little inside for so easily deciding to lie to her father about where they were going.  At least he would know who she was with.

“I’ll pick you up at 7:00,” he said and winked at her.


Reagan’s dad liked Camden because he was a friend of Ryan’s, and they played in the band together with Jason. So when she told him they were going to the movies, he had no problem. “Have a good time,” he said smiling, “be home by midnight.”

Reagan had to stop herself from rolling her eyes. He was sooooo happy she was dating a “nice” guy.  No, he hadn’t been in Juvie, but then Archer had a rough life. Not like Camden who has parents supportive of his dreams.

Camden actually came by his talent naturally.  His great-grandfather, Jackson Day, was the lead singer for the popular metal rock band, Llama Kings. His parents probably hoped Camden might follow in his footsteps.

She wondered if maybe even her Dad had stars in his eyes. Sometimes, especially lately, the band would cover Llama Kings hits and she swore Camden sounded just like Jackson Day. If he went goth, he would probably look like him too, thought Reagan.

Camden picked her up and they headed over to the studio. Jason had promised they would be gone and no one would bother them. She had butterflies in her stomach the whole way there.

When they walked in, Reagan had a weird deja vu moment and flashed back to her and Archer going to his house alone the first time they had sex. She suddenly got even more nervous, if that was possible, because she knew that was what Camden was expecting. Only this time, it wasn’t her coming on to him.

Camden instructed her to get comfy on the couch while he lit a few candles and turned on the stereo. Reagan smiled at the romantic gestures and her nerves calmed down slightly.  He walked over to the fridge and pulled out two beers. He handed her one as he finally sat down next to her.

“To practicing alone together,” said Camden toasting her with his drink.

Reagan giggled nervously and they both took a drink. She let the alcohol warm her insides and calm her.  She figured he was going to start making out with her, but he surprised her.

Instead, Camden picked up his guitar and began to sing to her.  When he finished, he put down his guitar and smirked at her. “I practiced my song,” he said.

“I liked it. I’ve never had anyone sing to me before,” she said.

He pulled her close and began to talk softly. “I’m glad you came to Jason’s party last summer. I watched you hanging with that rough gang. I was secretly glad when Ryan jumped Kendall and you guys broke up. He’s an ass. You deserved better.”

The mention of Archer brought back that feeling of dread. Plus, she still cared about him and his words hurt. Reagan stiffened in his arms. “He was nice to me,” she said, her tone more defensive than she intended.

“Hey, I’m not?” He gave her puppy dog eyes and it was adorable.

She giggled. “Yes…you’ve been very nice.”

Camden took her beer and sat it down. He pulled her back next to him and kissed her. She closed her eyes and tried hard not to think of Archer as they kissed. She wished, he hadn’t brought him up. Camden felt different. His body was a little smaller and while hard, it wasn’t hard like Archers. She missed the way he felt on top of her when they had sex.

She pulled back. She needed to stop thinking about Archer. He was gone out of her life forever and she was with Camden. “I’m sorry, I just need another drink,” she said and took a long drink of the beer.

“Are you nervous?” asked Camden, seemingly confused.

She was nervous, but maybe a little excited too. She wondered what Camden would think when he found out it wasn’t her first time. God, was she really going to do this?

When she didn’t answer, he tried to calm her. “I brought condemns, we’ll be careful. You know, we could go to the hot tub and skinny dip. Get warm and relaxed. Do it there.”

“Oh, I….don’t know…” she stammered at his boldness. Now that there was no doubt, she was terrified. Could she do this?  It didn’t seem the same, like it was just expected. With Archer she felt worshiped.  With Camden she felt used.  Suddenly she wasn’t so sure she was ready.

Oh….are you a virgin?” he asked, stammering, “I thought, well, you and Kendall … why else would he even go out with you?”

Reagan slapped Camden before she even knew what she was doing, his words hurt so badly. “I need to go now!” She started to cry, but she didn’t know if it was because she felt bad for slapping him or she missed Archer.

“Holy fuck, Reagan,” he exclaimed angrily and put his hand over his face. Then when he saw her crying he softened. “Hey, Look, I’m sorry. Please stay. I didn’t mean it like it sounded. It all came out wrong. I mean, I thought you wanted to… or knew what we were going to do …  Hell, you suggested the bathroom at Jason’s party. I’m really sorry, stay with me, please. We can turn on a movie or go relax in the hot tub – swimsuits on.”

Now she felt bad for slapping him and he was so cute begging. “Just a movie?” she asked.

“Yes. Come here,” he said and kissed her.

Camden pulled back and looked in her eyes. “I’m sorry….Forgive me….Please?” He punctuated each phrase with little kisses.

After he said please, Reagan finally kissed him back. Right away, he began to put his hand under her shirt and she stopped him. “No. Camden, you said a movie.” She was upset he was still pushing things.

“Let’s just see where it goes.”

“I’m going home. I’ll call Ryan.”

No!” he said adamantly.

“Why not?” she challenged.

“Because he’ll never speak to me again. Or worse, he’ll beat the shit outta me.”

Reagan couldn’t help it. She started to laugh. She thought it was funny that he was afraid of her brother after the way Ryan got beat up by Archer.

“What’s so damn funny?” he asked pouting.

“I’m sorry Cam…”

“Camden,” he corrected.

“Camden. You come across as this hunky, sexy, badass, lead singer and I was flattered that you wanted to go out with me.”


She looked at him and her smile faded. “Was it just to put another notch in your bedpost?”

“Reagan, no,” he said in earnest, “I told you. I’ve wanted to go out with you, but Ryan….”

“You’re lying!”

“I swear…ask him. I think he only finally agreed to ‘allow’ it because you were still broken up over Kendall.”

Allow it?” Reagan was incredulous. “Ryan doesn’t decide who I can go out with!” But after what Ryan pulled with Archer, she actually believed Camden. But that didn’t give him the right to try to make her have sex if she didn’t want to. “I can’t do this yet,” she said soberly, “I’m not ready. Please, just take me home.”

Well fuck Reagan. When will you be ready? I’m ready.”

“I don’t know,” she said angry and hurt.

Fine, lets go,” he grumbled.

Reagan quickly got up.  She knew he was pissed, and their relationship was probably over.  But she didn’t care.  At least he didn’t try to force her.

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A/N:  Two things…  

First If you want to find out why Jason Blake went missing last chapter, you can read about it here in Lonestar’s The Hourglass.

Second – A shout out to a couple of Casting Call sims that appeared in this chapter:

 Sweet Candy McLaughlin submitted by Lisabee2

Handsome Camden Hammond submitted by Pammiechik

57 thoughts on “Chapter 3.14 – Camden

  1. “His great-grandfather, Jackson Day, was the lead singer for the popular metal rock band, Llama Kings. His parents probably hoped Camden might follow in his footsteps.” I’m not even done but hoooooly shit no you don’t! 😛 😭


    Also Jackson respected women a little more than his great-grandson. Baby steps but you gotta treat Reagan better! She can’t catch a dating break at all while Ryan picks up babes left and right.

    Liked by 4 people

  2. Bye, Camden. You were cute but an ass, sooooo… It’s kind of interesting how he and Reagan were almost BOTH using each other. He just wanted sex, she just wanted a band aid after she lost Archer…

    I hope Reagan has better luck in the future 😬 This girl could use a little happiness (and a healthy/good relationship!) after everything she’s gone through. (And ugh, Cole magically approving of this BF, Blegh. Lol sorry, still a little mad at him 😂😂😂)

    Also… Link and Taylor, huh? 😏 In another universe, that would be taboo…. Hehehehehehe (But it’s okay here 😉 😛 I approve of this!)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Camden was a cute ass for sure. And she may have led him on a bit too. He tried to make it romantic. But she couldn’t stop thinking about Archer. This was doomed before it began.

      Reagan shares your sentiment about Daddy Cole. He approves of the wrong relationship. Maybe she’ll find a new bf soon.

      Link and Taylor were funny! I think they might have shared some dna along the way in an AU. But they don’t look like it -so it worked. They did have 7 minutes in Heaven so maybe it was a good 7 minutes?

      Liked by 1 person

    • Jackson is probably turning over in his grave at that boy. He needs a lesson in how to treat women.

      Ryan needs to look at his own behavior before trying to interfere with Reagan’s love life. Well maybe he is… he probably knows he’s a snake.

      Come back….it’ll be okay….eventually. Maybe. 🤷‍♀️

      Liked by 1 person


    (Thanks for that little tribute–loved!)

    But yeah, Camden wasn’t raised as well as Jackson was. Nope. Dude. You don’t treat women that way. EVER! And if you want “some” you do what Archer did and make her feel special. The kid might have inherited Jackson’s pipes, but he didn’t inherit his brain. Smh…

    Buh-bye, Camden! Reagan didn’t really want you anyway, so it’s good that they part. (I was hoping he’d get together with Taylor down the road because I thought they’d be cute together, but with his behavior, poor dude will be nothing but eye candy of the band…yeesh!)

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well, you know I love Jackson soooo…. I feel bad that Camden is so full of himself. He let it all go to his head. And he figured Reagan would be easy….sheesh….teenage boys. Maybe he’ll grow up and realize he was a jerk. But…you’re right, she really didn’t want him anyway….especially after he bad mouthed Archer.

      Hmm…he and Taylor might have been cute together… poor guy. Band eye candy. 😢😢😢

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Camden acting like a big fat douchebaby! /flips table

    Reagan realising she’s not ready and saying no +1, putting her foot down when Camden is pushing +1, slapping the douchebaby +2.

    Ryan -5 just coz.

    Cole -1,000,000 because there’s no recovering from what he’s already done. Dude’s a Murdick, and Murdick’s stay at a constant – 1 mil.

    Liked by 5 people

  5. Whoa. Camden being as romantic as an elephant in a mudpit. Excuse me while I go to puke. Murdick men continue being controlling a-holes. I used to like you, Ryan, but no more.
    Reagan clearly isn’t ready and shouldn’t rush into another relationship. What she needs right now is a friend. Preferably a good girl friend. Those can’t be in such short supply, can they? Entering a convent doesn’t sound bad. At least until the whole hormonal teen years pass. Maybe then she’ll finally meet a guy who is thinking with his brains.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Camden…. not cool dude. And Ryan….he’s growing up to be a Murdick too! 😱

      Reagan does need a friend. A girl friend would be nice, but she couldn’t take Candy. And she’s decided Taylor isn’t her friend anymore…. hopefully she’ll soon find someone that is thinking with his other head. 😯


  6. The elephant in the mud pile is offended at that comment. He’ll have you know that he had a bucket of champagne, aromatic candles and Barry White playing on a stereo beside his mud pit, and he’d already had lasagna and a slow romantic walk along the beach!!!

    Okay, in all seriousness, I think Rea should focus on working for Ami and forget about boys for now. Wait until a man comes along… Maybe a man in blue? 🤔😏😉

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Yeah … not unexpected at all. NEEEEEEXT! A cutie, but I am over both of them. I have actually known a real life Candy McLaughlin and – let’s just say – I do not have Taylor’s or Rea’s patience with that overly sugary airhead-y behavior – I could almost hear that high-pitched voice and giggle *shudder* … so I REALLY hope Ryan moves on fast for purely egoistic reasons … LOL
    And OMG Reagan, please get your sh** together, girl. Many people go through break-ups or losses, you will live. Quit dwelling and go smell the roses, girl!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes… Not unexpected. And Candy. They exist. I modeled her off of someone I knew like that! Lol… I have to expect that Reagan wasn’t as nice to her as Taylor. Taylor is just way more laid back and comfortable in her skin, unlike Reagan, who’s still trying to figure out who she is. She lost her identity to Taylor, her mother and then to Archer. She’s having a rough time untangling herself from Archer. But he made her feel cherished, which she needed so badly, and well, Camden made her feel used. But you’re right, she needs to quit dwelling…maybe she’ll take Maladi’s advice and stop trying to find a boyfriend and just find a friend.

      I’ve no doubt Ryan will move on.

      Liked by 2 people

  8. “why else would he even go out with you?” OMG he didn’t SAY that.
    No more words for Cole and Ryan, tho.

    At least not all hope is lost with Rea, tho she lets Cam push and manipulate her at first, she speaks her mind later. I wanna see more of that bold Rea 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • At least she slapped him for that – but then let him apologize. 🙄 Shoulda been done with him at that point… but at least she got there in the end. Yes….more bold Rea!

      Cole and Ryan….grrrr….

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I never liked Camden. Actually, I am mostly annoyed by his appearance. He isn’t attractive to me *at all*. Sorry, dude, to me, you just look stupid as heck. 😛 And then he has horrible personality to match. Oh, well, now I like him even less. Didn’t think it’d be possible!

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Camden must get his relationship skills from his great grandmother. Winter was a B———. Jackson sure wasn’t like this.

    Ryan is going to get an earful from his sister when she gets home. And he once again deserves it.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Camden. Camden. What an idiot. I am not the best at relationships myself, but even I know he screwed up. I am with everyone else, Reagan needs a friend, male or female, to be there for her, and just be supportive. Forget these idiot teenage boys.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Growing up with a controlling brother is the worst… 😦
    Even more so when the parents are clueless and think he’s “just looking after and making sure…”

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Oooof, Camden Camden Camden… you’re a coercing, immature little shit aren’t you? I was so glad to read that apparently Reagan still has some sense into her and didn’t let him have his way with her! I’m sure that would have scarred her and made her even more miserable than before… let’s hope she never, EVER gives him another chance!

    Liked by 1 person

    • He was crappy to her. If he’d treated her better, he might have had his way with her. Kinda glad he was an ass. Because she was preparing herself to let him. I’m sure he’s done with her. Other more willing fish probably.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Camden…. uh…. NOPE. I’m so glad Rea put a stop to that when she didn’t feel ready. And I’m glad he didn’t force her, but the things he said! And then he tried to feel her up anyway. Not cool, Camden! Not cool!

    Ryan needs to stay out of Rea’s love life. LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Camden finally got tired of waiting, after all, she did go out with Archer! Stupid dude! He so deserved the slap. He just needed to be sweet and go slower and well who knows what might have happened. Too cocky. Yes Ryan needs to stop. He’s probably going to hear all about it. 😕

      Liked by 1 person

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  17. Good gosh. What’s up with the men in this Family trying to control Reagan’s life like she’s some kind of child? I mean, yeah, looking after her is one thing, but leading her into doing certain things? That’s manipulative. Cole I can almooooost understand, but Ryan? Boye, you’re no wiser then she is.

    I’m glad Camdem is wrong. The whole ”I’m feeling safe” thing could have gone really bad if she stayed with him for much longer. Besides, it has been showed that he’s na idiot. After this, I’m almost sure Reagan isn’t ready for a relationship right now. She’s not looking for love, she’s looking for somewhere to be safe. And that can take her to some dark places.

    I’m glad she got some confidence and just left. I think she got some of it after she broke up with Archer and had the talk with her parents. I mean, I doubt she would be able to do that if she dated Camdem when she was more mentally fragile.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ryan was out of line… 🤷‍♀️. Sadly he thinks he’s helping her.

      She’s not looking for love at all. You’re exactly right. Just a safe place and thankfully she realized Camden wasn’t it before it was too late.

      Liked by 1 person

  18. Camden, WHAT IN THE WORLD?!
    You may look like Jackson but that will NOT save you from my anger! It’s fine that you thought Rae knows what you had in mind (she did after all and did not tell you her doubts). You may be disappointed and tell her that, even but just insisting on it is not a way to treat – well, anyone! Grrr 😤

    Liked by 1 person

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