Chapter 3.15 – Paris

When Taylor got home from school, her mother called her over excitedly. “Taylor, you got the letters from the last two schools!”

Taylor tried not to get her hopes up too high. She had applied to four culinary schools in Paris. She got one rejection and one acceptance. These were the last two. She figured they were both rejection letters as well, which was fine since one had already accepted her. And one was all she needed. But to have a choice, that would be amazing.

Taylor had been walking on air all week. She didn’t even care when she and Olivia walked by and saw Link hitting on Reagan after Cameron dumped her a few weeks ago.  Taylor simply flipped him off and moved on. Even though he didn’t see her, it was satisfying anyway. He could have her drama queen sister, she didn’t need him. Her dream was going to come true.  She was going to school in France.

Taylor sat down with her mother and opened the first envelope. “Rejection,” she said, unable to keep the disappointment out of her voice. “They are already full with a waiting list. Let’s get this over with.” She held her hand out for the second envelope.

“Good luck…” said her mother and handed her the second.

Taylor’s huge grin said it all. “Yesssss!” she squealed. “And it’s also a full scholarship!” She hugged her mother.

“Taylor, that’s amazing!” Dannie was beaming with pride. “I’m so proud of you.  Now we just need to choose between the two. And I know just the way. Christmas in France!” she squealed, just as excited as her daughter.

“Really?” asked Taylor, “We can go check out the campuses before I have to choose? Yesssss!”

Taylor hugged her mother and they danced around the room.

Taylor stopped suddenly.  “Daddy! I need to call Daddy!” she said as she grabbed her phone and dialed the clinic.  She hoped he wasn’t with a four legged patient.

“Taylor? What’s up?” asked Cole, concern evident in his voice. 

“Daddy! I got into another school!!!” she practically yelled into the phone.

“Taylor! Baby, I’m so proud of you. That’s amazing!”

Taylor laughed. “That’s the exact same thing Mother said.  She also said we can go during Christmas break and check out the two schools so I can make a decision.”

“To France?”

“Oui Papa!” replied Taylor in her best French accent. She had been taking French for several years in anticipation of going there to study.

Her father laughed into the phone. “So, she did huh?”

Please Daddy! You can’t say no!”

“How can I possibly refuse my girls?”

“Thank you! I love you Daddy!”

“I love you too Taylor. Let me talk to Mom please.”


That evening, once everyone was seated around the dinner table, Reagan’s father looked at her and Ryan. “Taylor got good news today. She’s been accepted at two schools in Paris with full scholarships.” He practically glowed as he made the announcement.

“Congrats,” said Reagan. She could tell she was expected to say something.

Taylor smiled sweetly. “Thanks. I’m soooo excited.”

“So,” continued her father as he looked lovingly in Taylor’s direction, “in order for her to make an informed choice, we are taking a family vacation at Christmas – to Paris!”

“Uh,” said Ryan, “Count me out, I have basketball. I can’t go. I’m starting this year.”

“I’ll just let the coach know you need off for a week while we go,” said Cole.

“No!” shot back Ryan, “You don’t understand! I’m a junior and I’m starting. It’s a big fucking deal. I can’t miss or I’ll lose my spot. College scouts are coming to the games. I have to be ready. I can’t go!”

“I’ll stay with Ryan,” interjected Reagan, “so he won’t have to stay alone.”

“No,” said both Ryan and Cole at the same time, and looked at each other with surprise.

Reagan directed her attention to her father. “Why not? You don’t need me to go, and I can go to the games with Ryan.”

“Dannie and I will discuss it,” said Cole.

“What’s to discuss? Ryan can’t go, so I’ll stay too,” she said, then looked over at Dannie.  “Dannie?” 

“Cole,” said Dannie, “Ryan has a point. And if Reagan wants to stay, then I think that’s fine. They are old enough to stay here alone. We can have Ami and your folks check on them.”

Cole’s shoulders slumped and threw up his hands as he let out a frustrated sigh. “Okay. Looks like I’m out voted. I just think you guys are missing out on a great opportunity. I’ll check with Ami and Mom.”

“Can I go?” asked Connie.

Cole laughed, “Yes punkin’, you are definitely going.”

“Yay!” she squealed.


After dinner, Reagan went to Ryan’s room to check on him. This time it was her knocking on his door before going in. “Hey. Are you sad you’re gonna miss the big trip?”

“Fuck no. I really do have to practice.  And I don’t want to go watch princess Taylor get praised for a week.  We’d just wind up babysitting Connie anyway.”

Reagan laughed. “Yes, let her parents watch her. You know Connie’ll just get bored and whiny. And there was no way I was going if you weren’t. I just hope they don’t make us stay with Ami or Grandma & Grandpa. That’d be so lame.”

“Well fuck. I hope not either. I kinda wanted to have a party,” said Ryan. “We never have them.”

“Ohhh. That’d be fun!” said Reagan.  Then she got serious. “I was also thinking, Ryan, that maybe, this would be a good opportunity to go see mom.”  Her voice trailed off at the end, afraid he would shoot her down.

Ryan looked at her thinking a second before finally speaking. “You really want to do this Rea?” he asked.

“I do. I just feel like, if I can talk to her, and hear her side of the story, then I’ll feel whole somehow. Right now, I feel … I don’t know … like I have an empty space in my chest. That’s how Ami described it to me one time, and it made sense.”

“I guess. Okay – we’ll go together.”

“Thanks Ryan.”

“I’ll start trying to figure out how to go about seeing her.  You do know, she’s in San Myshuno State Penitentiary, right?”

A chill went through Reagan thinking about her mom locked up in that prison all this time. She started to get emotional. They had driven by there before and it looked scary.

“Hey, it’s okay Rea,” said Ryan and put his arm around her. “We don’t have to go.”

“What if she doesn’t want to see us?” asked Reagan.

“Then we’ll know, but I think it’s Dad keeping her away. Or maybe she’s just too embarrassed for us to see her like that?”

“I guess…but I don’t care. She’s got to be lonely. We should bring pictures. I’m sure she doesn’t have any.”

“Rea…look don’t get your hopes up. Okay?”

“I just want to be prepared.”

Just then her cell buzzed with a message.  She looked at it and grinned.

“Okay…who is it?” asked Ryan.

“Link . . .”

“Isn’t he dating Taylor?”

Reagan looked up at Ryan. “I don’t think so, at least not anymore. He just asked me to go get ice cream with him. He walked me to class today too.”

Ryan held his hand up for a high five.

“I take it I should say yes?”

“Fuck yeah! Link’s cool. But you do know, it’s freaking cold outside?”

“We’ll be inside. So, promise me, no threats to beat him up.”

“No. I promised and already apologized. But, I knew Camden was a douche, and I was right.”

“Hmm. True. Well, okay…here goes…” said Reagan and texted Link back. “Guess I need to tell Daddy I have a date with Taylor’s ex-boyfriend.”

Ryan rolled his eyes. “You tell him everybody you go out with?”

“Uh yeah. Can’t have Daddy Murdick threatening my boyfriends again. It keeps him happy and off my back. And if you don’t stop, you will be Dead Bubba Murdick.”

“Murdick? Oh my god Rea! That’s fucking awesome,” said Ryan and dissolved into laughter.  “I promise I won’t interfere! Never again…. Murdick –  holy shit!” 


Reagan watched Link read the menu, thinking about how cute he was. He seemed really sweet and not full of himself as Camden had been. After she refused to have sex with Camden for the second time, he stopped calling her.  She saw him in the hall with someone else a week later. It pissed her off. At least Archer had the decency to tell her to her face that they were over.

She looked away realizing she was staring at Link, while thinking about Archer. At least they were at the ice cream parlor. Archer had never taken her there before.

“Reagan…Reaaaagan,” he said, trying to get her attention, “What would you like?”

“Sorry, I was just thinking,” she said a little embarrassed and quickly looked at the menu. “Um, I’ll just have hot chocolate please.”

“So, I hope your sister doesn’t mind that I asked you out,” he said, looking a bit worried.

“I didn’t tell her.  Although Dad did give me a confused look.”

“Well, just so you know, we were only friends, nothing more.”

“But you did kiss her…right?”

“But that’s all….only a couple of times,” he said, his tone serious now. “Honestly, she wasn’t into me. It’s okay. And for what it’s worth, Camden’s a fool for letting you go.”

Reagan knew she was blushing. “He’s a bit over the top,” said Reagan and giggled nervously.

“Agreed. He thinks he’s gonna be another Jackson Day. And he’s gonna end up like him too if he doesn’t slow down, and sooner rather than later.”

“I hope not!” said Reagan. Jackson had overdosed when he was in his forties.

Link smiled at her. “Me either. So…let’s not talk about my competition. Do you know what you’re gonna do after graduation?”

“Well, this summer I’m gonna work for my Aunt at C&M,” shes said proudly. “I will be helping with home decoration. I’m really excited about it. Maybe, if I like it and am good at it, I will find some classes at the local junior college to get me started. What about you?”

“That’s awesome. This music gig is only a hobby. I’m okay, just not great. Probably go for a degree in Information Technology.”

“You’re a computer nerd? I would have never guessed!”

“Well, it all started with video games….” he said and then they discussed their favorite games until it was time to go.


“I’m not ready for the night to end,” said Link as he walked Reagan to her front door.

She thought it was sweet.  Camden had always just let her out of the car.  And of course, Archer couldn’t, although she bet he would have.  “Me either,” she said, “I had fun.”  

“We’ll do it again then. How about a movie tomorrow night?”

“That would be awesome.”

“Can I kiss you?” asked Link somewhat hesitant, “I mean, if you don’t think it’s weird.”

Reagan couldn’t believe he asked. “Yes….just don’t tell me who was better – unless it’s me.”

Link grinned. “I like you Reagan, you’re fun and don’t have a stick up your as…oops….”

This time Reagan laughed. “You think Taylor has a stick up her ass? Why? Wait…I don’t want to know.”

“Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that,” he replied looking worried.

“Link, are you going to kiss me? Or talk about my half sister?”

Link grinned that cute smile and pulled her to him. Then he kissed her a sweet kiss. It made her stomach do little flips. Sort of how it was with Archer, but never how it was with Camden. It scared her a little because she didn’t want to feel that way. It almost felt like cheating on Archer.

“You okay Reagan? Not as good as Camden?” he asked.

Reagan laughed and slapped his arm playfully. “It was much nicer,” she said.

“Hot damn! And I’m just getting started.”

Reagan chuckled. “See you tomorrow night,” she said, and turned to go into her house.


She turned back and he pulled her to him and kissed her again, this time much more passionately, making her knees nearly give out. “Wow…yes, much better,” she said breathlessly.

Link smirked at her. “Good. Just wanted to make sure you look forward to tomorrow night.”

Reagan walked inside and closed the door. She couldn’t get the grin off her face.  She could still feel his kiss on her lips as she leaned against the door. He really was nice. And that kiss….   Yes, she was indeed looking forward to tomorrow night.

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51 thoughts on “Chapter 3.15 – Paris

  1. First of all, I had to giggle at the title! Let’s hope Taylor won’t run into trouble in Paris! (nvm, ofc I hope so 😈 )

    Ugh okay, Ryan still making decisions for Rea, telling her to not stay home? 😒

    Link seems okay. tho his name makes me giggle xD At least he makes Rea feel better.

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    • Oh my god Candy! I know… I thought about your Paris. I don’t think she will have the same issues as Francisco!

      Link….I know…I keep thinking of the Legends of Zelda! He’s not bad at least so far. Just dumped Taylor weirdly for her sister. Obviously Taylor didn’t care. And it was probably slightly satisfying for Reagan.

      Yes…Ryan can’t seem to help himself. He’s a little infected by the Murdick gene….

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  2. It was nice to hear about Taylor again. I’m glad her dreams came true! But uh oh… Leaving the teens alone spells trouble. They’re already making plans to see Avery. I can’t see that ending very well. But hey, at least Reagan has a new boyfriend and he hasn’t acted like a douche so far. Although, he kind of looks like Archer to me…

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    • Of course Taylor is getting her dream. Haven’t you heard? She is a princess! Lol…

      And leaving them alone could indeed be bad…. a party and going to see Avery.

      Link is sweet and does kinda remind you of Archer. I am wondering if they have the same hair. Hmmmm. Anyway…he’s a bit of a nerd and a geek and likes to play music… a fun combo I suppose.

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  3. Ryan and Reagan continually annoy me with their irrational behaviour and the constant hate fest. I know they’re teenagers and they’re hurt, but jeez… you really think the only reason your mother – who always ignored you – doesn’t see you is because of Cole? Really?
    To be fair, Cole could have done a better job. If he had offered the chance to set up a meeting with their mother (Avery would probably refused, but he could have tried), if he had tried to talk to them about it, if he hadn’t just been little Coley-Woley with his band-aids… But that’s what it always comes back to, isn’t it? 😛
    Reagan is really getting all the guys. 😛 Link seems decent enough and Rea is more into him, but she also doesn’t seem to be over Archer… don’t know how well this will end. There’s also the fact that he dumped Taylor and then immediately went for her sister? And then badmouths her like that. Don’t know what to think.

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    • The hate fest is bad. They feed into each other I think without realizing it. But Ryan really didn’t want to go and miss Basketball. And Cole should have known how important it was to him. But then they barely communicate. Dannie’s trying to show that they can be trusted.

      The twins don’t know why their mother doesn’t want to see them…nobody’s talked about it. They were pretty young when all of that happened. Cole tried to bandaid it and pretend like she was gone forever. Reagan brought up that she wanted to see her to him and he didn’t address it so she never asked again.

      Link seems decent for sure, but he did slink in after Camden dumped her. And Taylor didn’t seem to care. Of course Taylor and Reagan don’t really talk, so she wouldn’t know how Taylor felt unless she got mad enough to lay into Reagan for stealing him from her. I think Taylor was actually more irritated with Link than Reagan…

      Link knew he overstepped by saying bad things about Taylor, but he was trying to put Reagan at ease that he and Taylor didn’t have much, if any, of a relationship to start with. Still – kinda weird to date your ex girlfriend’s sister…

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  4. If you removed Reagan and Ryan from the equation, Cole would have his dream family with only Danni and their daughters.
    I also couldn’t help, but giggle at the idea of the Murdocks running into Mae and Franny in Paris, but it is impossible due to different time both stories take place. Still, funny thought.
    Link seems to be a safe choice for Reagan right now. I don’t see sparkles flying, but it will do for now. Reagan had too much excitement in her life. Taking things slow is the best she can do.
    Can’t wait to see Avery again.

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    • You are right. Ole has two families. His perfect little dream family and then the twins who are his evil spawn that he likes to think he can make be what he wants by controlling them and not listening to them. *sigh* Sad thing is that they feel it all too much.

      It would be funny for them to meet up in Paris! Taylor and Mae hanging out and making meals for Franny in her cramped apartment!

      Link is a much better choice for her right now. He seems calm and drama-less which is exactly what she needs. Too bad he’s a senior and she is a junior.

      Avery is around the corner and talk about excitement – Reagan may need Link as a calming influence once they see Mommy Dearest. 😈

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  5. A stick up her ass, eh Linkage? MMHM.
    Did she shoot you down, brah?
    And now you’re sniffing around the other sister?

    Also, LOL…Paris. Please don’t get involved in any drive by shootings you guise!!

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  6. Candy made sure to kill Diego, so Taylor and crew will be safe in Paris for sure. 😉 And I wouldn’t want anything else! Except for diabetes from all the pastries, but that’s a risk you gotta take.

    I mostly support Reagan’s move from “cute and douchey” to “sweet and Rea, girl, you downgraded HARD” but if she’s still thinking about Archer on the first date, my condolences to Link are ready for firing. 😛

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    • Diabetes from French pastries is probably worth it! And thank goodness Diego’s gone! Thanks Candy!

      She is still thinking about Archer sadly, but sweet is much better than douchey…and she needs someone to treat her nice. But, yes, we’ll see if he can make her stop,thinking about Archer… he might need some condolences…😕

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  7. It’s so sad to see Reagan and Ryan continue their unnecessary hatred toward Taylor 😦 Though their actions in this case are pushing them even closer to Avery’s reappearance so… I will let it slide this time 😂 😉

    My lil Jam Tart! 😍 He seems sweet (though it’s kiiiiiinda questionable to be jumping from Taylor to Reagan over here 😬 Ah, teenage boys…) Hopefully this wont lead to more heartbreak for Reagan though!

    Eager to see all the shenanigans that go down when the twins are left alone 😈 (especially a visit to dear old mom… hehehe)

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    • Ryan and Reagan are so jealous. And really, Cole should be as much in tune to his potential for a basketball scholarship as he has been to Taylor’s cooking school aspirations. And he wasn’t. But Ryan is almost as much to blame as Cole. They don’t talk. And yes…we are very close to Avery’s reemergence in this story! Hang on tight.

      Link….he’s such a sweetie and a nerdy geek! Lol… I think he was nervous about how Reagan and even Taylor felt about it. For sure Taylor didn’t care. She uncharacteristically flipped them off. Of course neither one saw her. But she’s on to bigger and better things.

      They may get themselves into a bit of trouble. We shall see….. they are a couple of hot messes….

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  8. I hope the twins don’t get into too much trouble with Cole and Dannie are away. I was a bit disappointed with Cole (what else is new? LOL) because he’s praising Taylor so much for her accomplishments but didn’t seem to think Ryan’s basketball accomplishments were as important.

    As for them seeing Avery, I think if she agrees, it’s not going to be a good scene. If they aren’t careful, she might manipulate them in such a way that the divide in the family will widen even more.

    I’m on the hopeful side that the family dynamic will improve and some of the hard feelings will be resolved before the kids all graduate. It would be nice to see them as a close family. But so much has to change.

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    • You caught Cole missing out on how important the potential basketball scholarship is and didn’t really even know that it was a thing. Shame on him. But it goes two ways. Ryan didn’t bother to inform him either. He’s doing it all on his own. What started as a way to stay out of the house grew into an obsession for him.

      Avery….. *queues jaws theme* There is no telling what might happen. Or how she will react. And the fallout.

      Maybe when Taylor leaves for Paris in the summer, things may settle down. It’s hard to say. But I do wish they could become a happy family. I need my sims to get their Happy Ever Afters! But, like you said, there is a lot that needs to change. And it should start with Cole, but he just doesn’t see it. *shakes head*

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  9. Reading about Link and Reagan, reminds me of some stories my mom passed down to me. My dad was 2 years older than my mom, and in high school he was a star athlete and a ladies man. He would date in the afternoon, early evening, and late evening with three different girls just not at the same time. My moms pretty blonde sister was the same age and same class as he was. She was definitely a flirt and a female equivalent of a ladies man too, dating several guys at once just not at the same time.
    My dad (Bucky) called, this was the days of landline phones. My mom (Mickey) answered. Hi this is Bucky, Is June (My moms pretty older sister) home? I wanna come over and hang out. Mickey: Excuse me, and covers the Phone. June it is Bucky, he wants to come over. June: Oh shit, I will be spending time with Drag (Junes current date) this afternoon. Be a dear and tell him I am sick and not to come over. Mickey: June says she is sick. Bucky: Oh dear. Bucky buys a get well card and drives over to June and Mickeys home. Drags car is parked on the street. Bucky knocks at the door, Mickey answers it. Bucky: I have a get well card for June. (by this time Mickey is tired of lying and covering up for her sister) Mickey: June is in the parlor (family room). Bucky goes in and catches June making out with Drag. He throws the get well card at them and walks out. He notices Mickey as a possible date for the first time. My mom was a tall, skinny brunette vivacious and popular in the drama dept in school. He asked her to the thriftys drug store ice cream and she said yes. Bucky stopped dating June and started dating Mickey.
    He slowly changed his dating habits and started dating my mom exclusively after June.s and his graduation. When Mom graduated He proposed to her before going into the Navy in the Korean War. Many guys were drafted to the Korean war at that time.
    So it is very possible to rebound from one sister to another. And even work out. relationship wise.

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    • This was a great story! I also remember the times of landlines and not being so ‘connected’! So you are saying it’s totally plausible for Link and Reagan to be together and all good! That’s awesome… because right now, he’s the nicest boy she has been with. Archer was nice, in his own way, but mostly because he fell hard for her. But…Link is sweet and a nerdy geek….what more could you want?


  10. Hopefully Taylor won’t have the shock of her lifetime in Paris – it is EXPENSIVE!!! And – personal opinion – only pretty at night.
    Ryan is cute and I don’t even mind his potty mouth. He can pull it off.
    Reagan …. sigh … i just do not know what to say here. I am still ship’ing her and Archer, even though Link is cute and sweet. And a tech nerd who is a music-a-holic (mah boy!).
    I hated that he talked shoddy about Taylor. She is a different kind of person, her character is different and she was brought up different. Does not make for a stick up one’s ass, just makes you different. And why the heck did you numbnuts go out with her in the first place. LOL

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    • Ha! Sounds like someone has been in Paris! I hope she does okay. Cole will have to foot the bill for any extra expenses!

      Gotta love Ryan….he’s a hot mess. Maybe one day he will settle down. I think Cole is so desensitized to his potty mouth that he didn’t even correct him at the dinner table.

      Reagan…she still ships her and Archer too! Link is sweet, but he did bad mouth Taylor. He knew better too. Taylor is so much different than Reagan and you’re right. It doesn’t mean she has a stick up her ass! Haha! They got out together for the Seven Minutes in Heaven game so I guess they started dating after that.

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  11. I always get so excited when one of your chapters goes up!

    PARIS!!! I can’t WAIT to see that! Maybe there might be love there for Taylor? Better than dealing with her siblings who hate her. And I’m glad she ditched Link. Obviously if he wasn’t nice to her–definitely not good enough for her. I’m thinking there will be a beautiful boy in Paris…eye candy coming…

    And now Link is dating Reagan…hmm…and hearing what he has to say about Camden (and what Ryan said) I really have to wonder why those guys are his friends. They seem to hate him. How sad for Camden to have friends like this who talk like that behind his back. I mean, dudes, if he’s such a douche, why the hell do you hang out with him, eat lunch with him, etc.?

    Oh…they’re about to meet up with Avery! EEEEEE!!! Looking forward to that.

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    • Thank you for the kind words! ❤️❤️❤️ Coming from such a talented story teller, it means a lot.

      Paris for Taylor! I do hope she finds a handsome hottie in Paris! I still have som eye candy yet to unveil! And yes….so much better than dealing with the twins…she will probably blossom in Paris!

      Link and Ryan both hang out with him mostly because of the band. Camden and Jason are really the ones with talent. Link and Ryan are tag alongs… I’m sure Ryan might say that to his face. Not so sure about Link though. He probably wouldn’t.

      And yes….Avery is coming soon….

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  12. These twins seriously need to lay off of the hate-eraide. They are just feeding into one another. And Reagan just opened Pandora’s box by calling Cole Daddy Murdick. I don’t think Ryan is going to be letting that one go.
    I am actually happy for Taylor. This is her dream.
    And like I said before, I feel like Avery will use this opportunity to see her kids as a way to try to hurt Cole.

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  14. Taylor is sweet. She doesn’t deserve the treatment the twins are giving her. Cole keeps lighting the pilot light on the stove. Sooner or later he is going to have a fire he can’t put out. When will Cole learn to talk to people without jumping to the wrong conclusion.
    Twins stay far away from your mother, very far away. She is the mother from Hades.

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    • Taylor is sweet. I’m really glad she is getting to go after her dream. And Cole…oh my…yes! He is going to get things so messed up it’s going to have a super bad outcome. He’s basically pushed them towards their mother without even knowing it. I wonder if Ami ever said anything about her and Reagan’s talk. If she was honest Regan she didn’t. Not sure she shouldn’t have revealed at least the Avery part. But then Reagan didn’t tell Ami she borderline hates her dad. Dannie is keying in on it though, and trying…but she’s so excited for Taylor, and figured it would probably be best for the twins not to go and be miserable.

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  15. Oh wow, how could this family turn into this joke? Cole and Dannie play nice little family with Taylor and Connie, with little concern about the twins – I noticed they let them stay at home pretty easily -, while the twins have completely sinked into that hate fest like Louise said, prefering only each other’s company and almost idolizing their criminal mother! Seeing her, by the way, will not end well – I’m certain!
    Link seems sweet but… something’s off imo. Never trust a guy who hits on sisters, that’s what I always say! 😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I know… this sweet family has totally turned inside out. I think Dannie felt leaving them at home was the lesser of the two evils especially since Ryan had a valid reason for not going. And she hoped it showed a level of trust that she felt they needed. Cole just gave in to her. After the ass chewing he got for being too hard on them, he went the other direction. But he’s also caught up in Taylor’s happiness. And doesn’t want to mess with that. Lots of weird dynamics with this family.

      And yes….you have it right, they, at least Reagan, is almost to the point that she idolizes her mother. She has received the brunt of Cole’s anger at her actions. Ryan manages to mostly fly under the radar and he never really lost his friends like Reagan did. Of course it was self imposed. But right now, they’ve convinced themselves any trouble she was in was probably a lot of Cole’s fault.

      Link. I think he’s just a sweet guy. Maybe there is more to him than meets the eye. I suppose he will eventually try to seduce her or be sweet dreams exactly what she needs. Obviously he pissed off Taylor, but she has bigger fish to fry, so he was probably right, no love lost between the two of them.

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  17. Oh, boye, I can see why the twins would be bitter about this. You half-sister that, in your mind, is fully loved by her parents is getting a trip to Paris to visit two university’s she has been accepted in? It would look like they like Taylor more, in their eyes.

    Ohhhh, Avery’s encounter is getting closer and closer! The big villan is finally coming back! I’m scared for the twins, for reason that I’ve stated before, but I’m still eager to see what kinda of stuff is going to happen once they see Avery.

    I think, that, mayyyybe Reagan is finally failling in love this time, for real. And that could really bad. i mean, she was already desperate to be with Archer when there was no love in it, imagine how bad could things go with the actual emotion in the game?

    And all those Archer flashbacks…If they keep coming back, she might have a hard time to date anyone else.

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    • Yes…every time they compliment Taylor or gush over her it feels like they are ignoring them and think less of them. Not true, but still, in the light of things, he should be making more of an effort to include them.

      Yes. Avery is coming. Dun dun dunnnn…..

      Reagan is falling for Link which is sweet. But she still compares him to Archer. She can’t help it and at least she knows it’s wrong and she should let Archer go, but just can’t seem to.

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  18. It’s great to see Reagan is getting happier as time goes on. That’s really all she needed was time and caring family members to talk to. And I’m so proud of her for not immediately jumping into bed with these two guys she’s dated recently. It just goes to show she’s not promiscuous and having low self-esteem. I think she learned from Cole, how to respect herself. Cole is a wonderful person with a good heart, but also very iron-willed. Reagan is very much like him-Sweet and also strong.

    It is good to see Taylor again, I was wondering when you were going to brush up on her. This may be a weird question but is she also sexually active? She seems like the opposite of Reagan, probably waiting till she’s married. Lol!

    Great job Audrey, looks like I’m coming close to the end and almost caught up! I can seriously binge read your story in a day! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the compliment. You are almost caught up! 😮. I have seriously enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

      Reagan is growing up. Saying no to Cameron was easier than saying no to Link. She was fresh off Archer. She really does like Link. But I wonder how long she’ll keep saying no.

      We will see more of Taylor down the road. 😊. She probably wasn’t sexually active at the age Reagan was but we really didn’t explore her sexual exploits. Although she isn’t completely innocent. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  19. Link has a droopy chin, kind of like my Goths, but not as bad. And he doesn’t have the weird transition to the cheekbone like they do, but I first thought “Goth chin” when I saw him. The close-up last pic proves me wrong, though.

    Wowza! Reagan’s found herself another good kisser.

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