Chapter 3.27 – The Closing

One month later……

Reagan had never been more nervous in her life.  She was going to become a homeowner today, and live on her own.  It had only been a month since Evan helped her make the offer.

She and Evan sat in his office waiting for the loan closer to arrive with the paperwork.  The seller had closed the day before and had moved out of the house.  Now it was Reagan’s turn.

Her dad insisted on accompanying her to the closing even though Ami was there, but having them both really helped calm her nerves, especially as far as the paperwork was concerned.

Finally, the closer arrived and they were called into the boardroom to sign the documents that would make her a homeowner.

An hour later she walked out with keys to her new home, her smile a mile wide. Evan was waiting outside the door. “Congratulations,” he said. 

“Thank you Evan! You helped make it possible. I’m so excited!” said Reagan and threw her arms around him.

“Why don’t you two go check it out?” suggested Ami, “Take the rest of the day off? Unless you have appointments.  Start your weekend early.”

“I’m game. Let’s go!” said Evan.

“Congrats sweetheart,” said Cole, “I’m so proud of you.”

“Thanks Dad. I appreciate you being here,” she said and hugged her father. Something changed in that instant, it was as if her heart softened towards him a little.

“I’m glad I could be. Tomorrow is moving day huh?” he asked, working his jaw and swallowing hard. He was trying not to cry and her heart softened a little more.

She smiled and began to get emotional too. “Yes, the truck will pick up my things and all the boxes.”

He grabbed her and hugged her again. “I love you Reagan. In always have and always will.”

She laughed through her tears. “Dad – I’m moving 20 miles away, not across the country.”

“I know…it’s just, I still worry about you … I … just be careful. And, if you need anything, I’m here for you.”


“You okay Cole?”  asked Ami as they watched Evan and Reagan walk out of the office,  chattering about moving boxes and cable TV.

“I’m worried Ami,” confessed Cole after the kids were out of earshot, “Avery’s parole hearing is in just 4 months. I’m afraid Reagan’s been talking to her and she’ll try to take advantage of Reagan if it’s granted.”

Ami blew out a slow breath as they walked down the corridor, making their way back to her office. “I know. I got a letter from the parole board. Surely she’ll stay away from Willow Creek.”

“I wish she would, but I doubt it. Dad told me the twins went to see her a few years ago. Reagan asked if she could see her back then, and I said no. But it was before I knew she had already been.  Reagan never asked again, so I assumed she gave it up. Now, I’m not so sure. She was so emotional that day. Looking back, I can’t believe she just accepted my answer, but I was getting married and…Taylor was leaving for Paris…”

“I’m so sorry Cole. I had no idea. Avery gives me the creeps – sorry – and I know Reagan used to think about her a lot.  But I also thought she had given it up.”

“Ami, what if Avery seeks out Reagan?”

“If the twins have been seeing her, she might.”

Ami took a seat on the couch in her office, so Cole sat next to her before continuing.  “Ami,” he started, “We have to keep them apart. She’ll use them up and leave them broken. Especially Reagan. That poor girl finally seems happy.  She and I are getting close again. Maybe we can appear at the hearing, and make a case for keeping her locked up?”

Ami sighed softly and shook head. “It took me years to stop having nightmares about Spencer running me down.  I know Avery didn’t drive the car, but she knew and pretended she didn’t. I hate her Cole. I really don’t want to go. I’m sorry.  Besides, it probably wouldn’t do any good anyway. Unless, maybe, you think it might.”

“Seriously, no, but I’m going to try anyway.  I have to Ami – for my babies.  But, if we can’t keep her locked up, then maybe we can at least make it clear she needs to stay away from our families. We’ve finally healed the wounds and rebuilt our lives, and it took years. We don’t need her coming back now and reopening them again.”

“Maybe,” replied Ami, “But it will be difficult to see her.  Just the letter alone triggered a few nightmares.”

“Noah can go with you, and I’ll be there. Don’t let her win Ami,” pleaded Cole.

Ami sighed deeply and offered a sad little smile. “I’ll talk to Noah.”

“Thank you,” said and Cole and pulled her into a hug to comfort her. “I’m sorry Ami, for everything.”

“Not your fault brother,” she said softly, “she had us all fooled.”


The next morning……

Evan, along with Reagan’s entire family arrived bright and early to help her get moved in. The men assembled and then placed the furniture where Reagan directed, while Connie and Dannie put away dishes and hung up clothes.

By dinner time, they had made a sizable dent. There were still a few things strewn here and there, along with a fair amount of empty boxes.

Ryan was the first to complain. “Reagan, how in the hell do you have so much shit. I didn’t even have half this much when I moved! Why don’t we take a break? Order pizza and beer?”

“Sounds good,” agreed Evan, and grinned at Reagan. “He’s right, you do have a lotta shit!”

“Guys – keep it clean, Connie’s right here,” reprimanded Dannie.

“Sorry Mrs. Murdock,” said Evan, looking embarrassed.

“Moooom, I’m not a baby,” Connie quickly replied, her bottom lip stuck out.

“I think I saw some beer go into the fridge,” said Cole obviously trying to redirect the conversation.

“Yep. I put some of it away,” said Connie, “but I don’t want beer, ewww, even though I’m NOT a baby!”

“We’ll pick up some soda on the way to get the pizza,” said Cole, “Come on Connie, you can help hold stuff.”

“Is Ryan going?” she asked.

“Yeah squirt, I’m going,” said Ryan and winked at her.

“Reagan and I’ll get the table cleared off while you’re gone,” said Evan.

The foursome filed out and Reagan and Evan started clearing off the table and putting away the last few items.

She climbed up on the step ladder to put away the stemware. Evan handed one to her and when their hands touched, Reagan sucked in a breath. She had managed not to touch him again since the dance, until she impulsively hugged him after her closing yesterday. She had to work hard to pretend the hug didn’t mean anything more than friendship.

She looked down at him. “Evan, I can’t thank you enough for helping. It was really nice of you. This isn’t a fun job.”

Evan smiled back, holding his hand out to help her down.  “l did it because I wanted to, and actually, I am having fun. Your family is great. In fact, Ryan and I have become pretty good friends.” Reagan took his offered hand, and once again, shivers of want raced down her spine.

When she was on the floor Evan didn’t let go of her hand. “You feel it too, don’t you Reagan?” he asked, his voice soft, yet his hand burning hot on her skin.

Reagan swallowed hard. “What?” she asked and licked her lips, suddenly imagining kissing him.

Evan somehow read her mind.  He leaned in and lightly brushed his lips against hers. “That,” he said, his eyes smoldering.

“Oh….that,” she replied on a sigh, and Evan smirked at her.

“Yes,” he said slightly amused, eating her up with those eyes, “That. I’ve wanted to do that for awhile now, even before we went dancing.  And I’m pretty sure, Reagan, you want to do that too. Don’t you?”

She swallowed hard trying to formulate a reply, but nothing came out, so ever so slightly, she nodded her head. Her body was betraying her.

Evan pulled her closer to him, and then, he kissed her again. Her eyes fluttered closed as her arms went around his neck.

Reagan took in the feel of his lips moving against hers, and the sensation of his tongue gently teasing her to open to him.  She did and they began a slow dance with their tongues, gently exploring each other. It was the most sensual thing she had ever experienced. The man was making sweet love to her mouth.

Finally she had to move away and catch her breath or her legs would have given out.  Nobody had ever kissed her like that before. She swallowed hard before speaking in a breathless voice she barely recognized. “We should probably find the plates….”

Evan crossed his arms, holding her in place with his eyes as he studied her for what seemed like forever, but was probably only a couple of heart beats. “On one condition, we talk about this after everyone leaves.”

Reagan stood there trying to decide what to do when a car door slammed, breaking the spell he had over her. “Oh, they’re back,” she said, letting out the breath she was holding and now almost able to breathe normally again.  If he kissed her again … no, she couldn’t think about that anymore. It was messing with her head. She wasn’t sure how she felt about kissing him. Well she knew how she felt, but the risk was too high. For both of them.

Everyone came in talking and laughing.  They all sat down with pizza, beer and a soda for Connie. Reagan felt warmed by the normalness of it all. This was her family.  And it really was okay. Evan was right. She found she was enjoying herself, but wasn’t sure what changed. Was it Evan’s presence, the absence of Taylor or just that she was sitting in her own home that made the difference? Maybe it was all three.

Her dad and Evan began to tease Ryan about being buff. Now that he was working at the gym every day, he had definitely bulked up.  Ryan shot back that it was better than having a ‘dad bod’ and Dannie reached over and poked him in the gut.  Everyone laughed.

Then they discussed Connie’s gymnastics class, also at the gym. In the end, Reagan, Dannie and her dad agreed to sign up for a membership at Ryan’s insistence. Evan was already a member. Seems the gym was becoming a regular hot spot in Willow Creek.

Finally everyone’s belly was full and the trash bin was overflowing with empty beer bottles and pizza boxes. “Guys, I can’t thank you enough for your help,” said Reagan as she put away the leftover pizza. “I can finish the rest this weekend, no need to stay longer.”

Everyone hugged everyone else. Dannie, Cole and Connie left in one car and Ryan in his red jeep.

That left Evan. He turned to Reagan after the door closed. “That was nice. You really do have a great family. I used to think families were always dysfunctional. But you guys get along well. I’m jealous. All that was missing was Ami’s bunch and your grandparents. I’m actually surprised they weren’t here.”

Reagan rolled her eyes. “Well I told them we had enough help. As far as being dysfunctional … you don’t know the half of it. I think everyone was on their very best behavior. Although, since Taylor moved to Paris three years ago, it has been getting better.”

“Taylor? Your sister?” asked Evan curiously.

“Yes,” she replied, “My half sister. But if you want to see a real functional family, that’s Ami and Noah. They are so cool and have it all figured out.” She was trying her best to avoid the elephant in the room. The kiss.

“Come, sit down, you look like you’re about to drop,” said Evan motioning to the couch in the living room.

He was right, she was worn out and groaned as her muscles protested when she lowered herself to the couch. “I can’t believe how out of shape I am. I guess the gym membership was a good idea!”

“Nah, you’re just using muscles you don’t normally use. You’ll feel fine tomorrow. Want me to rub your neck and shoulders? Might help?”

Suddenly all of her aches and pains disappeared with the prospect of having Evan’s hands on her, even as alarm bells began to sound in her head. “That sounds nice.” She hoped she managed to say it without sounding breathy.

Evan chuckled, “Turn around,” he commanded.

Embarrassed, she immediately did as he asked. When he began to knead her neck and shoulders it was heaven and she moaned. Again, he chuckled. She could easily get used to hearing that sound. It was a damn sexy sound.

After a few minutes, not nearly long enough, he stopped and she sighed contentedly. “Better?” he asked.

“Mmmm. Much, thank you,” she said and turned to face him. When their eyes met, her stomach lurched. It was the same look he had given her earlier when they kissed.

“I should probably go and let you get to sleep,” he said, his voice husky.

Her shoulders slumped. “Oh,” she said, unable to hide her disappointment, even though it was the safest option.

Evan smirked at her. “That is, unless, you want me to stay and continue our conversation.”

Reagan couldn’t form any words. Instead of waiting, he leaned in and gently sipped her lips. Evan knew exactly how to kiss. Even that little bit of a kiss was full of promise.

He sat back and looked at her, the unasked question on his face, leaving the decision to move forward completely up to her.

She licked her lips again and leaned in to kiss him, but pulled back before their lips met, as her desire battled with her common sense. “Evan….maybe this isn’t a good idea,” she said, and died a little bit inside.

Several emotions quickly danced across his handsome face before he finally settled into one of concern, or maybe it was suspicion. “Why Reagan?” he asked simply.

Reagan had to take a deep breath to say the words she really didn’t want to say. “I don’t want to put your job, or mine, in jeopardy. If we do this,” she paused and motioned back and forth between them, “and it goes south, it’s going to make it weird at work. It could make it weird anyway. I would feel like we couldn’t tell anyone. Right now we work so well together. If that changes, one or both of us might lose our job.”

Relief then frustration crossed his face. “You mean I would get fired. You have connections.”

She felt terrible, like she was leading him on. A relationship with him seemed complicated, even though she wanted this so badly, at least her body did. “Evan…” she said, knowing he was probably right, “I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to lead you on.”

“You didn’t,” he said and shrugged, “But honestly Reagan, I really do think you feel this thing between us too.” He paused and let out a deep sigh, “I do need my job, but for what it’s worth, I don’t think it would go south, because you’re right, we do work well together. So this is it then?”

She nodded her head on the verge of tears.

“So, I guess I should go,” he said and sighed softly.

“Can we forget this happened? Please?” asked Reagan.

Evan stood up to leave. “Of course,” he said and gave her a sad smile. “See you Monday, at work. I promise not to make it weird. If you need any more help with the house, let me know.”

“I’m good,” she said. There was no way she was having him at her house alone again. She wouldn’t be able to say no. It took everything she had not to tell him to stay right now.

“Yeah, well, if you change your mind then,” he said, then turned and walked out of the door.

Reagan could finally breathe again once the door closed. She walked the few steps into the kitchen and grabbed a beer out of the fridge. She flopped back on the couch remembering his kiss and the way his hands felt on her neck. She took a long drink and closed her eyes. A lone tear escaped beneath her lashes. She suddenly felt very, very alone instead of free.

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  1. Nooooo, Reagan you dummy! 😥 You don’t let a man like Evan walk away!! *smh*
    You know, I actually like him very much. I think it’s so refreshing that he’s so clear and straightforward about what he wants. No games with that guy! He might even get to replace… *gasp* …Archer’s ship!! And it doesn’t hurt that apparently he knows how to pillow talk, massage and kiss 😍
    Hmmm Cole is right that Avery shouldn’t find her way back to the twins’ lives, but I’m afraid if he intervenes at the hearing it will make things bad again between him and Reagan especially… just when they started getting closer again! 😯
    I loved this chapter! ❤ And I'd like to see more Evan please 😉 😂 ❤

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    • *Gasp*. Replace Archer? Oh my! Well … they work together so maybe she’ll change her mind if it’s not too late.

      Cole and Reagan are doing so much better. I hope things don’t go sideways again. That would be sad. 😮. But when it comes to Avery I don’t know if he will have much patience or be able to keep a cool head. 🤷‍♀️

      And there will be more Evan!

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  2. Reagan needs to just go for it. Noah and Ami work together. She use them as am example for a functional family, why not use them as an example of a couple who works together and still has a functional relationship. Ami is even Naoh boss, just like Reagan will be Evans someday. I am sure Reagan will take over the company someday.

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    • You are so right! They did. But not as closely as Evan and Reagan. Noah is out on job sites. Evan and Reagan are a team with every client. So side by side all day. And guess who else was like that. Ben and Sofia! Reagan is overthinking and probably a little afraid. Who knew that company would make love connections!!!! 😂😂😂.


  3. Bittersweet chapter. I get it thought. Not in the market of getting her heart broken after all the scary new stuff happening already. Part of me wishes Evan would move in tomorrow, though, that parole hearing is about as hard to digest as a cactus. If he lives there, no room for mommy dearest. Ha, Avery would probably just seduce Evan and take him from Rea. Ack!

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    • Yes. Reagan is probably terrified of opening her heart again. The parole hearings going to be tough for sure. Avery seduce Evan! I hope he’s better than that, although she’s been away a long time without a man! Surly she wouldn’t either…would she? Oh my! Reagan would be broken beyond repair. 😭😭😭 I hope Avery has changed. And she is just going to quietly slip back into the world and not cause problems…okay who am I kidding? This is Avery…..

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      • Maybe before prison there was hope. Now after the bitterness … she never cared about her kids and I do not buy anybody turned into uber-mom while locked up. She has her charm, once used to to defrost Cole, so maybe she still got it and can lull in Evan. We don’t know him well enough yet and if Rea keeps rejecting his advances … BUT I just realized how Avery’s antics can get me something *I* want back. Wondering if a certain someone finished police academy and stuck with it and comes as knight in shining armor to the rescue … LOL (hope dies last)

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        • Hehehe…..So much to ponder. Avery does have her charms and worked them very well on Cole. We don’t yet know a lot about Evan’s background – a little. And he seems to have it bad for Reagan so could Avery get to him? Hmmmm.

          Avery antics bringing back a certain blast from Reagan’s past? Hmmm…. that would be tricky because really…Reagan’s got big ol rose colored blinders on when it comes to Mommy Dearest….and you best not get in the way…

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  4. My comment I started writing totally vanished 😭

    But basically…

    I loved the Avery foreshadowing 😈 Poor Ami though. This is gonna be so hard for her! (Which of course just means more drama, which I totally approve of… 😂)

    As for the Reagan/Evan thing… it’s hard. Office romances are definitely risky, and Reagan’s hesitation makes perfect sense. But on the other hand… he’s hot and she’s super into him and I want her to be happy and go after what she wants! I’m kind of torn here… hmm… 🤔

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    • I’m sorry it vanished. I hate when that happens. Drama brewing around the parole hearing…. I feel really bad for Ami. Not only did she nearly lose her own life, but the life of her child.

      Office romances happen all,the time. But theirs is unique because they work side by side every day instead of another part of the building. But they are both wanting it so bad … I hope she finally gives in. He’s right, if it goes bad, he’s probably gonna be the one to get booted.

      The parole hearing will be next week! And one more chapter in between.

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  5. Okay, let’s just pretend you don’t have any drama planned for Avery, because we know you do by now. 😂 She served her time and the Murdocks should accept that. Funny how nobody even considers it for a moment that she could have learned her lesson. What she was part of is terrible, but thankfully no one died in the end. The way they act makes it seem they wish a life sentence for Avery and that doesn’t make them any better than she is. She paid for what she did and she’s the mother of the twins. If Cole deserves a second chance for how he treated Archer, then Avery deserves a second chance too (not that those two things were comparable, but we are talking second chances here). Cole can’t erase the fact she is mother of his kids too and has equal right to be in their lives, especially if the kids want her to.
    I wonder how Evan convinces Rea to lower her guard. And because Archer is still out there somewhere, I’m curious who’s gonna make the baby daddy in the end. She could marry one of them and cheat on him with the other. 😂 If she were the cheating type. On the other hand you don’t need to be a cheating type, just neglected. Okay, those are my thoughts for now.

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    • No Avery drama! That would be no fun! 😂😂😂. But…she has served her time and Reagan is right in that she should have a second chance. I think the Murdock’s got comfortable in their lives with her removed from it and the thought that she is going to be back is very unsettling.

      She is the twin’s mother and of they want her in their life, nobody has anything to say about it.

      We will see if Evan can convince Reagan to let her guard down. If she starts feeling neglected again….. it will certainly be easier…. and right now she’s not. Her relationship with her family is better than it’s been in a long time…sooo…..


    • good points about Avery.
      I understand since Cole and Ami were the ones that were hurt, they’re wary, but they have to stay rational.
      Except going behind her back, Cole should talk to Reagan. Open, clear talk and listen, no judgement and no regulations. (But we know already Cole can’t do that 😂 )
      And if he’s still worried that Avery will try and contact her children, he could try and get a restraining order. Trying to keep her locked up longer is just cruel.

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      • That’s exactly what Cole wants … a restraining order because he’s pretty sure she won’t stay locked up. Of course, he’s no idea that Reagan’s been talking to her. Or he may try to have a semi discussion before now.

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      • Yes, I totally get that they have zero love for Avery for what she did. But participate in the parole hearing and actively working against her releasing – that’s a different level. They aparently haven’t moved on. And let me tell you, if Avery wasn’t bent on getting back at Cole at this point, his interfering at the hearing could ignite real hatred against him in her, because from her viewpoint she already paid enough for her bad choices.
        I’ve been thinking a lot about her character these days.

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        • I can tell,she’s been on your mind! You are so right. They haven’t forgiven her. And that eats at them. While she was in prison they could pretend she didn’t exist. Now the old wounds are opening up all,over again. And they hurt. Ami has a physical reminder of it on her face. So she has to see it everyday. And I’m sure when Cole looks at her he feels somewhat responsible. So it eats at him too.

          If they show up, which it looks like they are, it will be bad. If she truly didn’t want to go after him for revenge before, he could very well reignite that feeling in her.

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  6. Oh Reagan…you’re not going to get rid of Evan that easily. The desire for him will only grow as you work more and more closely. 😍

    Cole, you big dummy! If you go to the hearing, Reagan may never speak to you again! 😭😭😭 And Avery will use that to her advantage. Omg…

    Loved that kissing scene. Whew! 🔥 🔥 🔥

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    • Reagan won’t be able to resist Evan for long. After that hot kiss 🥵. Who would be able to? Glad you enjoyed the kiss! Hehehe.

      Cole doesn’t know Reagan is aware of hearing….so….he’s going to go. Count on it. And he’s badgered Ami into going too. The subject of her mother is taboo between them. They may be getting along, but they don’t discuss Mommy Dearest. And of course Avery will take any advantage she can get. 👿.

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  7. I, too, am worried that Cole’s plan for keeping Reagan safe is going to backfire on him. I can see drama brewing, and things getting bad between him and his daughter again. Just as I was so glad to see how Reagan has matured, and how the father-daughter relations have gotten better. But she still has it in her – the bitterness from her teenage years. You can see that in how she was so happy for Taylor not to be there, and how she talked about it to Evan.
    And as for Evan… I would say she should go for it if that’s what she wants. Life’s too short to worry about what might happen. She may miss an opportunity of great love. Plus, Evan himself is willing to risk his job, so he can’t really blame her if it ends badly. It seems he’s aware of the risk. And if he’s willing to risk it, she shouldn’t worry too much either.

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    • Reagan does still have some of that bitterness left. But she is slowly shedding it and beginning to let her father and Dannie in her life. I think she realizes now that Taylor isn’t to blame … but her presence made things harder. With her gone, she didn’t have competition.

      Evan….mmmmmm. 😍😍😍. She should go for it honey! She is worried about the what if’s and shouldn’t be Since he’s not. So maybe he can convince he really is willing to risk his job for her. I think that’s pretty powerful.

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  8. Petition to smack Cole for his dumb plan. It’s like at every turn, he decides to do the exact thing that’s most likely to drive his daughter further away. And right as they’re getting closer as well!
    Ah, but Reagan, you silly goose. I understand why she’s afraid of her and Evan going wrong, but I think they’d work out well as a couple. He’s pretty dreamy as well – men who are respectful and understanding are my fetish. ❤
    I'm feeling pretty hopeful about Reagan, though. She's really maturing and I'm actually starting to like her. 🙂
    Loved this chapter, Audrey! ❤

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  9. Awesome Chapter. I can understand Reagan’s hesitance withe starting a romance with Evan. I’m quoting my dad here on this “You should never eat the same place you shit” however he did break this rule with his current wife and they are one of the happiest couples I know. But they are an exception (And it helped my Dad left the company they both worked for a few months later for unrelated reasons) It works for Ami and Noah because while they technically work for the same company, they work in different fields of the company.
    As far as Avery, as much I I want to believe she is sincere, Cole has good reasons to worry, but that being said, his wisest move I think would be to stand back, and just be there for his kids if and when things go south. And maybe take some discreet precautions just in case.

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    • Lol…OMG. your Dad! He must be a character! Maybe Evan will clean up the area! Lol…. and yes, they were in totally different areas of the company.

      But Avery. I kinda feel for her. But then I don’t. She’s totally got Reagan believing she did nothing worse than cheat on Cole. You are right though. He needs to take a backseat and be there if things with her go bad. And maybe hiring an investigator? Lol…


  10. AAAAAh okay my points on Avery I’ve put up above, but I still need to mention how much I *love Evan.
    He’s not only pretty, but also I really like his personality.
    I’m so rooting for him now xD

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  11. Yaaay! So happy for Reagan and her new home. Seems she and Evan had a spark! I don’t know why she let him walk away. If you have feelings for each other, go for it!

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  12. Okay, there’s some stuff I want to talk about.

    First, I’m really glad that Evan took this whole ”let’s focus on our carrers” deal with normalcy and a clam manner, I think Reagan’s mind is in the right place. Maybe, if after a few months she sees that they both ineed just *can’t* keep their hands to themselfs, or if she truly loves him, they coud make it work, but, right now, at leats for me, its just looks like a co-worker flirting situation

    Tan-tan-tan! The clock is ticking, boys and girls! Avery is about get released into the world! It was interresting to see that Ami still holds a ver deep grudge, and trauma, when it comes to Avery. I mean, I totally get it, but she didn’t voice either of those things to Reagan and Ryan, so, I thought she kinda…errr….got over it? I dunno.

    Cole might be doing something that, yet again, will damage his relationship with his kids. If Avery makes a crying expression. and says that she cant see her childrem because Cole threated her, I’m sure both of the twins will just lose it, and all that progress will be lost.

    He should just sit with them and explain the situation, and I mean *all* the details. I’m sure they would see thing in some other way if they knew their favorite Aunt has nightmares with Avery, and is traumatized by just the thought of her.


    • Let’s talk! Lol… I love your insights! ❤️.

      Evan was calm and did take it in stride and that’s good for Reagan and any future relationship they may or may not have…shew….

      Tic toc….it is ticking down to time for her parole hearing… Ami wouldn’t go to the trial because it was too hard for her. She needed to pretend like Avery was dead to deal with the trauma. But she loves the twins so much, she would never tell them that. And when Reagan brought her up, she brushed it off. And she never brought it up again.

      Cole could cause a lot of damage if he interferes and all the progress he’s made in his relationship with the twins could indeed be lost. 😭😭😭. But when has Cole been able to have a calm conversation with them? He gets way too emotional and loses his cool. Although, I think he’s truly been trying…

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  13. As difficult as that was for her, I think Rea was acting maturely about this situation. Or maybe it’s just me wondering about Evan’s past and what he might be hiding? Is it something to do with Avery? Does he know Taylor already and he’s really after her? See how my mind goes? LOL 😀

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  16. “I know…it’s just, I still worry about you … I … just be careful. And, if you need anything, I’m here for you.”

    Coming from most dads this would not probably bother me “oh, he jus a worried parent guy bein a worry parent”
    Come from The Murdick tho? “omg Cole, let her be a grown ass woman pls”

    Alos: eeeee smoochies!!

    Liked by 2 people

  17. Aaaaah, the sweet sound of disappointment… No one this gen is better in confessing love than the other Murdocks and that is why we love them.
    Although, I’m rather glad they didn’t just rush into it. You can always go a step further but this step isn’t reversible any more. Better they wait until they’re both sure

    Liked by 1 person

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