Chapter 3.38 – Adultery

Friday, 6:30 PM – Reagan’s House

Reagan was sitting at the table with her mother, picking at her food. All she could think about was Evan. And why he hadn’t called. He left work for lunch to run some errands, then texted Ami that he was taking the rest of the day because he was sick. Why didn’t he text her too?  She’d been calling and texting him off and on all afternoon, and he still hadn’t responded.

“What’s wrong baby?” asked her mother.

“It’s Evan. He left work sick, but he won’t answer my texts or phone calls. I’m worried.”

“Maybe he’s not really sick,” suggested her mother, sounding disgusted.

Reagan was confused by her comment. “Mom, why would he lie about that? I’m really worried about him. What if he’s bad sick?”

“I don’t know, it’s just, he’s such a flirt,” she said scowling.

“Mom. What does that have to do with being sick? What’s going on? Do you know something?” she asked.

“No, it’s just that he’s always coming on to me. You don’t see it because you have stars in yours eyes. You need to open them up. He probably has someone one the side, and is with them,” suggested Avery.

“That’s ridiculous – plus, you flirt back,” said Reagan, starting to get upset.

“I didn’t want to make things awkward by calling him out on it,” she said defensively.

“He’s only playing around,” said Reagan in his defense, “but I’ll tell him to cool it. I think I’ll go to his apartment to check on him. I don’t care if it is a mess. If he’s sick, I’ll just clean it for him.”

That’s what’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t cater to him. He’s a grown man, he can take care of himself. And if he isn’t answering the phone he’s not going to answer his door.”

Reagan sighed. “Maybe so.”

“You know, I really don’t feel well either,” said her mother. “I’m going to bed early. I had a really stressful day, being here all alone.  Anything could happen and no one would know.” She stopped her rant long enough to let out an exasperated sigh. “And I assume you are going to hightail it outta here first thing in the morning, leaving me by myself again.”

Reagan felt awful.  Her mother was always stuck at the house. She probably was stir crazy.  “Mom, um, I have some money that I can use to get you a car,” she offered before her mother could get up. 

Her mother gave her a scathing look that made her shrink back. “Why didn’t you tell me that before now?” she asked.

Reagan swallowed hard. No secrets, she thought. “Dad gave it to me … to help out … because he got rid of your things.”

“He what?” she asked.

“Gave me money, to help. I didn’t tell you before because he didn’t want you to know. But you said no secrets. And I don’t know what to do. I can’t keep doing this. Between you and Dad and Ami, and now Evan, I’m confused.” Reagan was near tears. It had killed her to betray her father.

Her mother smiled brightly. “Oh sweetheart. It’s going to be okay. Things have a way of working out. It will all settle down soon. You’ll see. And you know I’m here for you, uh, and I love you.”

“I hope it does. We should go car shopping tomorrow, if you’re feeling better,” she offered.

“Just how much did he give you, if you don’t mind me asking.”

“Just $20,000. But it’s enough for a good used car. It won’t leave anything for clothes and stuff, but I can handle that.  Please, don’t tell him you know. Things are finally better between us. God, I probably shouldn’t have said anything.” Reagan felt like she just died a little inside.

“Baby, it’s okay,” said her mother. “It’s our secret. I won’t interfere with you and your father’s relationship. But honey, if you need more, if having me here is that much of a strain on your budget, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask him. My wardrobe alone was worth more than that. I’m really sorry my business isn’t providing an income yet. Although, I do have a client I’m working with. He was very willing. A soon to be divorced bachelor that needs – help.”

“That’s good.  I love you Mom. Get some rest,” said Reagan and got up to clear the table. Her appetite long gone.

“Thanks baby,” said Avery, grabbed her glass of wine and headed to her own bedroom.

Once done, Reagan reluctantly walked downstairs into her bedroom dungeon.  It felt like one without Evan. She wanted so badly to tell him she loved him.  To see him and take care of him.  Make sure he was okay.

She thought about how happy Taylor was. Engaged to the man she loved. She was so jealous. Why was it things just seemed to workout for Taylor, while everything was always messed up for her. Then she remembered. Taylor had a functional family. Two parents that didn’t hate each other.

While she showered, she thought about her and Evan.  If they were married and he was sick, she would be able to care for him like she desperately wanted to right now.  Married….she was hopeless.  She wanted to marry him and they hadn’t even said I love you yet.

But she did love Evan, very much. He was perfect. Why he wasn’t taken, she couldn’t understand. He was incredibly handsome, considerate, well spoken, smart and had great business sense. Maybe he had a bad breakup and that’s why he left San Myshuno. Well, she wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe he just needed more time and she should wait to say those three words until he said it first.

As had become the norm lately, she once again lay in her bed alone, without the one she loved lying next to her. One day, she hoped she would be planning her and Evan’s wedding, and that gave her hope. With that final thought she drifted off to sleep.


Saturday 6:00 AMEvan’s Apartment

Evan woke up in his apartment. He was confused and quickly jumped up thinking he was late for work. He immediately sat back down as a wave of nausea washed over him. He had a helluva a hangover. But he didn’t remember going out. He grabbed his phone and looked at the time. It was Saturday morning early. At least he wasn’t late for work.

He sat there, his head in hands, trying to recall. Did he go out Friday night? And just not remember it? The last thing he remembered was getting a phone call from Avery at work. Then bits and pieces started to come back.

His phone rang and he didn’t recognize the number, but answered it anyway.

“Who’s this?” he asked suspiciously.

“Don’t forget our deal. Tell her you’re done, or your going to jail. You’ll find out how much fun a pretty boy like you would have in prison. Even criminals don’t like rapists. I have that on good authority. Oh – and check the pictures on your phone in case you don’t remember what you did to me – handsome.”

“You bitch!” he said to dead air.

He thumbed through the pictures on his phone. One was of Avery wrapped in a towel, crying. Another was a blurry picture of him pumping himself and leaning over someone laying on the bed half naked. He was pretty sure it was Avery. Her hands tied with a scarf –  no – his red neck tie that he wore yesterday.  It was taken from a weird angle as if he were taking them with one hand to be sure to get him and his ‘victim’ in the same shot.

He threw the phone on the mattress and barely made it to the bathroom before he lost the contents of his stomach.

He sat there with his head on the toilet and cried. He didn’t cry when he got screwed by Maribel. Yes, it hurt like hell, but he had bought in to her hype and the need for more, more, more. Until a multi-million dollar deal fell through, because he had fucking morals. He refused to lie to make the deal happen.  The company lost it’s largest client and millions of dollars. He was asked to resign in return for a glowing letter of recommendation. Mari filed for divorce a week later.

Evan moved to Willow Creek for the job with C&M, and tried to get his life in order, all the while attempting to come to an agreement with Mari on the terms of the divorce. She wanted everything, including their penthouse, which he owned outright. All he kept was his car, his clothes and a quickly dwindling bank account.

But that shit was nothing compared to this. He didn’t know what to do. He couldn’t let Reagan stay with that insane woman. He’d thought Mari was crazy. She’s a saint compared to Avery. He thought people like Avery only existed in the movies, but she’s evil personified.

He pushed himself off the floor and washed his face. He needed to be able to think.

He left the tiny bathroom and collapsed back down on his crappy mattress. His hands were tied. He was going to have to destroy the woman he loved, and push her closer to that insane bitch that calls herself her mother, until he could figure out what to do. He didn’t expect forgiveness from Reagan, not ever.

He needed to tell someone, but he didn’t know who. He couldn’t tell Reagan the truth, at least until Avery was no longer a threat. Reagan simply can’t lie. And she already told him not to make her choose. He would be putting her at risk by telling her what her mother had done. And she might not believe him. Shit fuck fuck.

He never wanted to kill someone before now, not even Maribel when she fucked with him. But he knew deep in his soul, without a doubt, he could actually strangle fucking Avery with his bare hands, and rejoice as he watched the life fade from her eyes. He shuddered at the thought.

How had he sunk so low. He had nothing left. Evan knew he would never have a life with Reagan, but at least, maybe, he could save her. And Ryan too. Shit. He decided to tell Ryan about Maribel before he went to Reagan. He couldn’t tell him about his mother, but at least he could warn Ryan that she’s bad news. Their friendship was over now anyway. And that hurt too. He really liked Ryan.

Then he’d have to tell Reagan. God he wanted to die when he thought of what this would do to her. But he couldn’t take the coward’s way out, knowing that he could at least try and stop the tsunami that was Avery, he had to at least pretend to go along with her until he figured out how to stop her.

His phone buzzed again. Reagan. He couldn’t even read it. It hurt too bad. I’m so sorry baby, he thought, for not telling you up front, but you aren’t like Mari. You’re different. You really care. And now it’s all a huge mess. And it’s all my fault. He knew, Reagan would’ve understood and they might’ve had a chance. But he didn’t trust her in the beginning. Mari had jaded him into thinking all women were gold diggers. Fuck her too.


Saturday 7:30 AM – Willow Creek Gym

Ryan was getting ready for his 8:00 am appointment with Bel. He was going to tell her they were through. Refund her payment for the unused sessions. He looked up and Evan was walking towards him. Ryan was pretty sure he was hungover.

“Ryan. Can we go somewhere and talk,” he asked, “I have some things I need to tell you, privately.”

“There is no private …. but dude, you look like shit,” said Ryan, “Rough night?”

“You could say that. Look, let’s at least go upstairs.”

Ryan tried to figure out why Evan was so distraught as they made their way upstairs. Maybe he got his sister pregnant. He totally needed to own that shit if that was what it was.  Thankfully the upstairs was fairly empty due to the early hour and they’d have relative privacy.

Evan didn’t even wait to sit down before he turned and started. “Fuck. There’s just no easy way to say this,” he said running his hands through his already messy hair, “so I’m just going to say it. Maribel, Bel as you call her, she’s my wife. We’re married.”

Ryan looked at him for a minute like he was crazy. “You mean your ex-wife…”

“She finally agreed to sign the divorce papers, the day after your ‘date’. I gave her everything she wanted to finally do it. So, soon to be ex-wife.”

“You fucking son of a bitch,” ground out Ryan.  His blood pressure skyrocketed and he took a swing at Evan, clipping his jaw and knocking him into the wall.

“Ryan!” screamed a voice from behind him, effectively stopping him from landing another punch to the asshole laying on the ground in front of him.

Rosa walked over, looking back and forth between them. “What’s going on? I thought you two were friends.”

“Not anymore,” he said looking at Rosa.  Then he turned to Evan who was still on the ground. “Get up and get the fuck out of here while you can still walk!  And stay the hell away from my sister. Goddammit!”

Evan had the good sense to slink away, rubbing his jaw, without a word.  After he was out of sight, Rosa asked,  “Are you okay? What was that all about?”

Ryan looked at Rosa. “You aren’t married are you?” he asked Rosa.

She looked at him like he was crazy. “Why on earth would you ask me that. Of course not.”

“Thank fuck, because, that asshole, he is,” he said, still in shock.

“He and Reagan eloped?” she asked.

“No. I wouldn’t have punched him for that, I would’ve welcomed the asshole to the family.” Ryan’s hand had begun to throb and he rubbed it unconsciously. “He’s a fucking adulterer, just like my mother. Reagan’s going to be devastated. And to make matters worse, his wife is one of my clients. She’s due here at 8:00. She knew exactly what she was doing.”

Rosa put her hand on his arm. “Ryan, I’m so sorry. Do you need some ice for your hand?”

“No. I’m good.  But I’m glad you showed up. I might’ve hurt him really bad. But what are you doing here?”

She smiled shyly at his question. “I wanted to see if you would like to sneak out for breakfast, but it looks like it’s almost time for your 8:00 appointment. With his wife.”

“There won’t be an appointment. I’m telling her she’s not welcome, to find another guy to screw.”

“Wait … You and she … ?”

“No … yes. Sorta. Crap Rosa.  Look, she came onto me for a month before I gave in. It was casual, friends with benefits, only, we weren’t even friends, not really. She lives in San Myshuno. She was obviously playing a sick game with Evan. At least he’s rid of her, and I will be too, in an hour.

“But, Rosa, please stay. I was going to call it off anyway.  After you and I reconnected, I knew I wanted to be with you and only you. To try to see what this is between us. She means nothing to me.”

Rosa looked like she might cry.  “That’s a lot to digest Ryan,” she said.  “I thought you were single. Reagan said you were.”

“That’s because she meant nothing,” he tried to explain, “Nobody knew about us because there wasn’t anything to know.” Ryan was sick. He just lost his best friend, and now the one person he thought he might be able to have a relationship with, was going to run scared.

“I’m going to leave,” said Rosa softly.

“Please, stay. I really need you right now,” begged Ryan.

“I’m not interested in being your rebound lover,” said Rosa.

“I swear, you’re not a rebound,” said Ryan, “I was honest with you. I didn’t need to tell you about her, but I can’t start off a potential relationship on lies.”

Rosa studied him for a second and the corners of her mouth curved up ever so slightly.  Ryan could see the minute she decided to give him a chance. “That’s true. If you wanted to just use me, you would’ve just lied. This is a new look for you, vulnerable and honest. I kinda like it. I’m going to leave before Cruella gets here.  I just might punch her for taking advantage of my guy. You aren’t an arrogant boy anymore. I think, maybe, you just grew into a man.”

She reached out took his injured hand and kissed it gently. “You should really ice this.” Then she turned and left.

Ryan was so relieved. He watched her walk off, but not out of his life. She was amazing. He wondered how he ever let her go before. But he knew how, it started to get real. And he wasn’t ready for real. Now, he was, and thank heaven, she was available. The stars must have aligned.

“Ryan, who was that?” asked a voice that made his blood run cold.

He turned and looked at Maribel. “None of your goddamn business. When were you going to tell me my former best friend was your fucking husband?”

“Ohhh … how?” she looked shocked.

“So it is true.  Evan at least had the decency to tell me,” ground out Ryan. He clenched his fists to keep from hitting something and winced in pain.

“I signed the divorce papers,” said Bel defensively, “After you asked me out, I knew, I didn’t want to be tied to him. He gave me the penthouse.”

What? You’re twisted. Get out of my gym and don’t come back. I never want to see your scheming face again.”

“Ryan, baby, no. It was amazing the last time we were together.”

“It was sex. Nothing more and I’m done.”

“So you think that little nurse is going to be able to take care of your needs. I know exactly what you like and how to please you. Give us a chance. We can have more dates.”

“You’re crazy. Get your shit and get out. There is no us. Never was and never will be.”

“That’s not true. You liked me. We had fun and the sex was awesome.”

“You’re a liar and a cheat, Maribel. Get out!”  Ryan was losing his patience. He was going to forcefully remove her if she didn’t leave.

Evidently she got the message he wasn’t kidding and picked up her bag. Then turned to him one last time.   “This isn’t over. You’ll see. Little Florence Nightingale is going to get boring as fuck! And then you’ll be back, for a real woman.”

After Bel walked off, Ryan collapsed into the cushions of the couch. He couldn’t even think about Reagan yet. He didn’t know if Evan was going to tell her, or if he was going to have to tell her. Fuck fuck fuck.  He needed to settle down and think.  And ice his hand.  It was starting to hurt.  Everything had gone bat shit crazy this morning.  At least, he still had Rosa.

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62 thoughts on “Chapter 3.38 – Adultery

  1. Oh for fu- Well, I really hope someone will just throw Avery in a box and ship it to antarctica. She’s the worst. The absolute pits.
    And Ryan is pretty damned lucky Rosa didn’t kick his butt to the curb. He’s mad at Evan for the adultery but he’s REALLY NOT MUCH BETTER, is he now? He’d better be good to her, because he doesn’t deserve her forgivenes.

    Oh yeah and I hate Avery.

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    • So true. Ryan caught a huge break with Rosa. Because, yeah, he wasn’t much different. 🙄. And actually I don’t think he planned to tell Rosa. But he was so fuming mad at Evan, it just came out. And she picked up on what he meant.

      Ryan always thinks what he does isn’t bad. Maybe Rosa will straighten him out. But dang…. he begged and she sorta liked that she maybe has the upper hand now. We shall see if this works out. But yeah, Avery – ugh…. #Averydieinahole

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  2. Here comes Karma! Drama, drama, drama. Reagan’s thoughts: “She thought about how happy Taylor was. Engaged to the man she loved. She was so jealous. Why was it things just seemed to workout for Taylor, while everything was always messed up for her. Then she remembered. Taylor had a functional family. Two parents that didn’t hate each other.” Reagan is almost there, and needs to realize that her due to her actions as a teen, she basically refused to be part of that functional family (a stepmother and father that loved each other and was always ready to include her when she let them in).
    You have crafted the story well. For Reagan, her Karma has come, letting Avery in her life and her home. There is no worst karma than that, having your mother blackmail your boyfriend for being an adulterer and for your mother to drug your boyfriend to get pictures of him having drugged sex with your mom.
    Ryan’s karma has also come. His bad decisions in having many “friends with benefits” at the same time is finally blowing up in his face. Karma in the lovely form of Mirabel the adulteress.
    Thank you for a well crafted storyline. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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    • Once Reagan realizes a lot of this could have been different, it may just be too late. The damage has been done. The way things are going now, she’s going to be repaid in spades for spitefulness as a teen.

      And Ryan, he was lucky Rosa didn’t kick him to the curb. He thinks his sh*t don’t stink I guess. He was essentially doing the same thing to Rosa that Mirabel and Evan were doing. Although, in his mind, he rationalized that he didn’t cheat since there was no commitment. 🙄 She won’t give him any more ‘chances’ you can be sure.


  3. Oh boy. Even worse than what I expected. Yes, I really feel sorry for Evan now. That will be hard to digest, especially with no friends now.
    Reagan does need a reality check. My gawd, how blind can you be? Not like her mother has been so incredible to her that you could understand constantly overlooking very obvious issues.
    Poor Ryan. Poor Rosa. And Karma came to bite Maribel.
    Giant mess.

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    • Giant mess. Mostly Avery induced. Poor Evan indeed, he didn’t deserve what she did to him. Sadly if he’d been honest with Reagan, she still would’ve threatened him to get him out of the way. The timing really sucked. The divorce was final and then Evan would’ve told Reagan. Would they have fought about it? Maybe. But I dread that conversation now. I think, maybe, Reagan might be beginning to see her mother is not as sweet as she’d hoped. But it might just be too late.

      And Ryan would’ve dumped Mirabel and not inadvertently told Rosa about in his anger. Of course Mirabel didn’t take too kindly to being dumped. Hmmm…..

      I wonder if Avery even knows how messed up everything is now. She would probably delight in the sh*t storm she created in her kids lives. 🙄😬 She just wanted Evan out of the way. But why?

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  5. Avery is the worst!!! I had some bad dudes in my story, but nothing compared to her. She is evil personified. I can’t imagine what Evan is going through. Thank god Archer is on the case. They need to get Avery either back in prison or in a box six feet under. Ryan got lucky with Rosa. I hope all works out. But not before the shit REALLY hits the fan.

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  6. I said it back when the twins first visited Avery in prison – That woman is bad news and will continue to be so… I actually want to strangle both her and Reagan – the latter for being such a blind push-over when it comes to Avery… 😐

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    • Reagan! I know! That girl needs to open her eyes. 😬 Sadly both Ryan and Evan weren’t fooled but they couldn’t make her see. She thought everything would be rainbows and sunshine when she got her mother. And is trying too hard to make it that way. Eventually, she’ll know. People like Avery can’t be nice for that long. And who will be there to pick up the pieces?

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  7. Well $#&t. You make it very hard for me to not begin swearing till the end of time, Audrey!
    First of all, what the heck is wrong with that kid Reagan??! I refuse to believe she’s so freaking dense, I just… I can’t even. 😥 She has given nobody from her family the chance to get close to her, except for the woman everyone warned her about. Well anything that happens now will partly be her fault too. 😡
    My poor Evan!! Please Audrey, even if he doesn’t end up with Reagan, pleeease make him be happy in the end! 💔
    Oh and Avery please die already. Preferably painfully. That’s all from me! 😁

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    • Sorry for giving you a potty mouth! 😂😂😂. Reagan will definitely have to deal,with the fact that whatever Avery does, she will be partially to blame. She let her back in their lives by making up some fairy tale story in her head. When reality hits, it’s gonna hit hard.

      Evan….I know. 💔💔💔 My heart is breaking for him. He’s not bad, he just made a bad emotional decision. I feel like Avery would have done this to him anyway, to get him away from Reagan even if she didn’t find out he was married. But she might not have had to go so far. She didn’t know he had signed the divorce papers. She has plans and he’s in the way.

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  8. I said she would do it and the Bewitch did. I am going to laugh when Amy, Reagan, Danni , or Taylor whoops her sorry a$$. Maybe, they will all whoop her a$$.
    The kids will find out now why Daddy Cole try to keep them away from Mother Dearest.

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    • She’s just awful. Evil for sure. Someone’s gotta take her down – right? Reagan will have to face the cold reality that she was soooo wring all this time and should have listened instead of being jealous. 😭😭😭


  9. Am I the only one who keeps shaking her head over the whole staged rape situation? Just think of it. The existence of these pictures itself proves it was staged. Because if there was a third person in the room, taking pictures it had to be only Evan’s accomplice if they didn’t stop it from happening. And why on Earth would they be so dumb to take incriminating pictures of Evan at all? It would be smarter from Avery to play it as consensual intercourse than rape. It would also better explain the third person in the room, imho. Avery isn’t the best planner eve if she has a helper. 🙂
    Poor Evan getting punched on top of everything. Not his best couple of days.
    Rosa: “He and Reagan eloped?” 😂😂😂

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    • Avery is insane. She isn’t as smart as she seems to think she is. She really thought she was just going to be able to threaten him to get him out of her way, but he pushed back. Evan can’t even think straight or he would realize exactly what you did. She tried to make it look like he took the pictures, but really. We all know it doesn’t make sense. He’s also probably ashamed as well as disgusted. Which he totally shouldn’t be, he was drugged.

      Rosa! Haha…. her mind just couldn’t go there! She’s awfully generous giving Ryan a chance too or very naive.

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  10. ~ Oh dear,,,,,,,,,, poor Evan, he really did deserve being punched by Ryan for being with his sister, while still married & not telling his sister any of this, but when Ryan calms down will he see that Evan was trying to do the right thing, he did not have to tell him!!! Or warn him about Maribel.
    ~ Poor Evan, he would have got slammed by Avery no matter what as he was in the way, he just can not win, first his Gold digging wife, whom made him weary of all relationships & know he will lose something precious, because he could not trust, only natural when you have been dragged threw the mud by an Ex!
    ~ I wish Rea would take of her rose coloured glasses & remember what it was really like with her mother when she was younger! (It is like she has a mental block & does not remember the neglect, & her father always making sure they the twins did not notice it!)
    ~ Drama, drama, drama & Archer will solve the case & pick up the pieces!
    ~ I wonder what Daddy Murdock will say to Archer saving the day???
    ~ Oh, it is all happening! ♥

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    • You are so right. Once Ryan calms down, he’s going to begin to realize something is very off about the whole scenario.

      Evan … poor guy was doomed no matter what. He was an obstacle for Avery and she wanted him out of the way. She obviously had way too much fun ‘putting him in his place’ and taking things too far. She was definitely on a power trip along with her new BFF.

      I think Rea’s glasses will be coming off pretty soon. Cole did always try to make her not look like a bad guy. Sweet Cole. 💔 So many decisions made with good intentions.

      Enter Archer! To be the hero! Lol….maybe. And if so, Daddy Murdock’s probably gonna eat some crow.

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  11. Evan! This is so unfair!

    But no matter what, maybe the same thing would have happened when the truth came out. Ryan would have pinched him and Reagan would have told him to go to hell.

    But how is he going to save Reagan from her mother?

    He needs to talk to the police. But her evidence is so damning. Wouldn’t the truth come out if he got a lawyer or an investigator?

    Well, I’m going to believe the truth will come out. I HOPE Archer will find out more and help his rival Evan. Reagan belongs with Evan. He doesn’t deserve to be kicked to the curve like this.

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    • Poor Evan. It is unfair even though you are right, the eventual out come might have been very similar. I don’t think he has any clue how to get her away he knew he needed to make her believe he wasn’t a threat first. And then maybe go to the police or even Ryan, once he cooled off.

      Hopefully Archer finds out what actually happened. Another possibility.


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  12. The mess gets even messier 😱 Poor Evan… I feel so bad for him, much as I am still #TeamAvery (funnest team to be on right now 😂 enjoying it while it lasts! Lmao) I love a good crazy villain 😈

    The non-insane part of me feels for Evan though, and hopes he can find someone to turn to about Avery who will actually listen before it’s too late and she gets everyone even further tangled in her web! 🕷

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  13. Ooooh, man. Getting cleaned out by that damned Meribel, Avery threatening him at gunpoint, now Ryan flying off the handle… that poor Evan is just having the time from hell, isn’t he. I so would hate to be him right now 😖 Evan should’ve just come clean about the marriage though. It seems Evan has a lot of demons he’s hiding and needs someone to help him get rid of them.

    I seriously feel so bad for Reagan right now… that part where she was walking down the stairs to the ‘dungeon’ with a distressed face and then going to bed all by herself made me sad. 😢 she is definitely Cole’s kid, very sweet, however, not super sharp. She just loves and loves. Not saying that’s a bad thing… but it can be a hindrance. All someone needs to do is look at those evil eyes Avery has to know she’s a piece of trash.

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    • Evan. 💔💔💔. I hope the truth comes out soon about Avery. And Reagan too. She is her fathers daughter. She’s hurting. And turning a blind eye just like he did. 💔


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  15. I can’t start the chapter about Avery in some other way that isn’t #Averygodieinahole, and I do hope that, I hope she either literally, or methaforically, falls in a hole, and dies.

    Anyway, she is nasty. Nastier then ever. I’m glad Evan didn’t go the route of 90% of the guys in novels, in a situation like this, that is to lie, and play the little game that the manipulator wants to. He’s a very noble men for just consciously ruining his life like that, in order to get Reagan safe.

    I’m really wondering if Reagan is going to run to Archer’s arms when this whole ordeal explodes. He’s going to be there, he first love, telling her about all this nasty stuff with her mother and Evan, she’s going to feel lonely, and there he will be, close to her.

    Evan’s gotta have the most nastiest luck. Between the gold-diggin divorce and dealing a sociopath, he doesn’t seem to have a very bright future.

    I’m glad Rosa decided to be with Ryan, they’ll make a good couple, and thankfully Ryan didn’t make like his father, and married that gold-digger! I don’t think Rosa is a treat for now. She just wants Money, and has been unmasket really early on, so, they know she nasty, and she doesn’t seem nearly as crazy as Avery. She’s manipulative, for sure, but, no crazy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…. Avery is awful! And Evan…. he is just trying to get Avery to think he is doing what she wanted, while he figures out a plan. He won’t leave it. I hope he goes to Ryan. Ryan isn’t a Mommy fan at all.

      Reagan may well run to Archer if/when Avery is exposed. Because she is heartbroken right now by Evan and he’ll likely be right there. A good possibility. Unless Evan can fix things quickly.

      I feel sooooo bad for Evan. It breaks my heart how much awfulness he’s had lately.

      Ryan was super lucky with Rosa. He needs to walk the straight and narrow with her because she won’t tolerate anything less. But he has no plans not to. So maybe two of the three siblings are on their way to a happy life…. Maribel is a gold digger but not nasty like Avery…..

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  16. Wait – so that’s Evan’s secret? Even if he was afraid of gold diggers, he’s broke now and that would have kept them away anyway! XD
    Also Avery’s rape “proof” is just bs I’m surprised he doesn’t get that.

    Ryan… He got some nerve. Punching Evan for being married while he literally jumps from one woman to the other. Did he miss the divorce part? Did no one tell him “married” doesn’t mean anything? He also seemed to forget that Dannie did commit adultery too, like his own mother. And even cuckooed his half-sister to her then-husband…
    “After you and I reconnected, I knew I wanted to be with you and only you.” Ryan also forgot to mention that he had to screw Bel once more in her penthouse tho after meeting Rosa to be really sure 😂
    Oh god. I just can’t stand guys like him so much sorry!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ryan had absolutely no ground to stand on for getting angry with Evan.. the pot calling the kettle black. But he’s always been that way. Yes. They don’t have a picture perfect life either.

      Evan isn’t thinking straight. He plans to go after her. But he needs someone to talk to and he’s afraid.

      Yep. Once more just to be sure. Ryan. Grrr. He needs to get his head on straight. He’s lucky she even sticks around at all. He’s very much do I say not as I do. But. In his little bit of defense, yes, I’m reaching, Bel came on to him big time and was using him too. So he really didn’t know anything about her, by her own design. And when he decided to try to get to know her, she was still using him and only agreed because she wanted to rub it in Evan’s face. He should have told Ryan right then. But didn’t. Evan was trying to retain some of his assets. He wound up getting nothing anyway just to be rid of her.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Honestly Rosa being kinda the dumb easy forgiving type is probably exactly what Ryan needs and I can see them both being quite happy after all xD
        She’d forgive him any side strays with no stress and even not feel bad about it!
        I’d so love to read more about this 😀

        Liked by 2 people

  17. Avery telling Reagan not to wait on Evan made me laugh. If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black then I don’t know what is.
    Evan is in real trouble. Telling Ryan was the right thing to do, but I feel like telling Ami would have been a good too. Yes she is his boss, but she also knows Avery’s bat shit crazy!


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  19. Well, I’m glad at least one Murdick has real balls to do the right thing.
    And I feel so so sorry for Evan. damn that fucking bitch Avery! Something I’ve been meaning to mention: whenever Avery has lines, I always hear a kind of voice that’s been smoking for about 40 or so years. That kind of scratchy sound, you know? Funny. Dunno why really, but that’s what it is.
    Now I’m conflicted. I really want it to work out with Reagan and Evan. UGH! It’s driving me crazy. But there’s still Archer. What are you doing to me, woman? 😦

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