Chapter 3.40 – Kumbaya

Saturday, 11:30 AM – Reagan’s House

Ryan left the gym as soon as his 10:00 client was gone. When he got to Reagan’s door, he didn’t even ring the bell before it door opened and his mother was standing there. “Well, well, look what the cat dragged in,” she said with a smirk, “I don’t suppose you’re here to see me. Guess good news travels fast. She’s downstairs wallowing.”

Nice to see you too – Mother. You haven’t bothered to call or invite me over either,” said Ryan. It was clear she was happy about the turn of events. She disgusted him.

“Yes, well I know when I’m not … appreciated. I’ll be back later. I tried to cheer her up, but she wanted to sleep. Maybe you’ll have more luck.”

Appreciated? “Wait a minute. What is that supposed to mean?”

“Oh Ryan, don’t play games. I know you don’t like me. Now, I’m going to be late. Go see if you can talk some sense into your sister so she stops pining away for that cheater. And, if you’re still here when I get back, then maybe we can all sing ‘Kumbaya’ together.” She moved past him and headed out the door.

Ryan flipped her off when she turned her back to leave, then headed downstairs to find Reagan.

Well, Evan did have balls, he thought, at least he told Reagan. But the more he thought about it, the more nothing about it made any sense.  He knocked on Reagan’s door.

“Go away Mother, I don’t want to talk,” came Reagan’s husky voice from the other side of the door.

Shit, she sounds awful, thought Ryan. “Rea, it’s me. Ryan,” he said and cracked the door.

Reagan was sitting on her bed when he walked in.  “Oh Ryan!” she said and began to sob.

He walked over and sat down on the bed and scooped her into his arms and held her, rubbing her back and rocking her like a child until she regained control.

“Ryan … he told me that he loved me,” she finally managed, “and then said he was married. It’s true isn’t it?”

“It is. Are you going to continue seeing him once the divorce is final?” After talking to Bel, he figured she had a lot to do with why it wasn’t already final.

“He didn’t mention a divorce. He said they are getting back together. He’s just been using me.”

“I don’t think so Rea, you must’ve misunderstood, that’s not what he told me. In fact they both said it was final. She filed the papers last week. As soon as it’s recorded it’ll be official. They’ve been working on it for almost a year.  Why would he lie to you? He’s not going back to her. They hate each other.”

“I didn’t stick around to ask him … wait, you talked to her?”

Well, he didn’t tell her that part, thought Ryan, Shit. “I know her Rea, but I didn’t know her relationship to Evan.”

“Oh my god! She’s the girl from San Myshuno? You’ve been banging his wife?” Reagan began to laugh hysterically. Finally she stopped when Ryan didn’t laugh with her. “It’s so not funny,” she said apologetically, “I’m sorry, but we’re both a couple of freaking losers.”

“No it’s not funny, at all. Bel was using me to get to Evan. She wanted the penthouse that he bought while they were married. It’s worth several million – in the heart of San Myshuno.  It’s amazing.”

“He owns a penthouse? And you know it’s amazing, because why?  You’ve been there? This just gets better and better.”

Ryan told Reagan about being conflicted between Rosa and Bel and how he wanted to take Bel on a date. And then about Evan walking in on their conversation. “Something is off about this whole thing. Evan and Maribel have been separated for almost a year, so why would he suddenly tell you a week before his divorce from Maribel was final that he’s getting back with her?  And why lie to you about that at all?  Plus he was a wreck. No, something happened.”

“Maribel? Not Bel?” asked Reagan.

“Yes. She told me to call her Bel, but he called her Mari.”

“Oh God.  I remember him arguing with someone on the phone awhile back. About signing some papers. I think he did say Mari. Why did he have to lie to me. And he’s apparently still lying.”

“I don’t know. I think I’m going to pay him a visit and get to the bottom of this shit. And for the record, I was already going to tell Bel to take a hike. Our ‘date’ was more of the same. She’s high maintenance. He did good getting rid of her.”

Reagan smiled. “And Rosa?”

“Rosa is going to give us a shot. We just sorta picked up where we left off, but we’re both in a much better place.” He stopped and huffed out a laugh, “I asked her if she was married.”

“Oh Ryan. I’m so sorry you felt like you had to do that.”

“It’s okay. I just can’t believe Evan, and I really liked the guy. For the record, I told Rosa about Bel. No lies to start out. I thought she was going to walk, but she stayed. Oh, and I punched Evan in the jaw. He would probably be a bloody mess if Rosa hadn’t walked in.”

“You punched him? God Ryan.”

“Sorry. I warned him not to hurt you.”

Reagan shook her head. “Poor guy, I slapped him. Then I went to the park to think. I couldn’t come home and face Mom yet.”  Reagan’s face lit up.  “Oh my god Ryan, you’ll never believe who I saw in the park.  Archer Kendall.  He works for BASE and is here to meet with Ami, since they still do security for C&M. I guess he’ll be in Monday to see her.”

“Oh. How is he?” Ryan said the words like they tasted bad.

“Don’t take that tone. He’s done well. He manages the security and investigations division.”

“Manages? Well I guess he does have a few years head start.  Who knew?  Is he still an asshole?”

“God Ryan. He never was. Sadly, just one more of my failed relationships.” Reagan began to tear up.

“I’m sorry. Don’t cry Rea. You were 16. Not ready, and hormonal as hell. So was I, but I got lucky with Rosa. We get a second chance.”

“I should go with you.  To talk to Evan.  You’re right. Nothing is adding up. I’ve had a little time to process things, and talking it through with you, I feel like I deserve answers. And you are right, he was a mess. I’ve never seen him so disheveled. He always looks like he just stepped off the cover of GQ.  I thought it was because he was sick. But maybe there’s more.”

“No. You should stay here. In case it gets ugly.”

“Don’t beat him up Ryan. I mean it. Mom said he was a ladies man and a flirt. That he came onto her all the time. Maybe she was right.”

“Reagan, Evan hates her. He doesn’t trust her. Frankly neither do I.  So there’s no way he would come on to her. That’s just sick.”

“But why would she say he did?”

“Why does she say most of what she does? You should’ve heard the way she greeted me. Where was she going?”

“I told her to go car shopping without me. I couldn’t deal with her. She’s acts happy that he’s married. She even said I told you so.”

“She was threatened by him,” said Ryan, “He took your attention away from her. That’s all that is. She’s jealous. Wait … car shopping, as in an automobile?”

“Yes. Ryan, oh god, Dad is going to kill me. He asked me not to say anything and I did. He gave me money to help with the expense of having her here. $20,000.”

“Holy shit. And you told her?” Ryan was incredulous.

“Yeah. But, you don’t understand Ryan, she has no one. And when I’m gone, she’s stuck here, alone, with no transportation. She has no money. So I told her about the money and promised to take her car shopping last night, before my world fell apart this morning. She went without me.”

“Bitch,’ muttered Ryan.He sighed and pushed himself off the bed. “Okay. I gotta go. I’ll see if I can find out what’s up and let you know why Evan suddenly got a conscience and is telling us both different stories. You gonna be okay Rea?”

“Yeah. Just call me. Please.”

Ryan hugged his sister before he left. “I will.  I love you Rea,” he said, “We’ll figure this out.”

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41 thoughts on “Chapter 3.40 – Kumbaya

  1. Ryan to the rescue! I hope Evan comes clean. It would be easy to confide in him and then trip Avery up somehow. This is getting better and better! I could see Ryan,Evan and Archer putting their minds together with a plan. Easy to put a recording device on Avery and get a confession of her plans to frame him for rape charges if he doesn’t play right.

    Popping more popcorn! 🍿🍿🍿

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes… Ryan started having doubts a long time ago, but stood by Reagan and her need to reconnect with her mother. But after what he’s watched her do, he knows she’s just using Reagan. He pretty much came to terms with everything long before Reagan did. #averydieinahole. One can only hope!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That shot of Ryan flipping off Avery is everything 😂❤️

    I really liked this chapter a lot! Ryan was being a great brother, and I’m glad he is able to see Avery for what she really is. Hopefully he can get some answers from Evan and help Reagan see the truth too!

    My Evil Queen could be in peril here 😱 Prepare yourself, mommy dearest! I bet they’re coming for you… #LongLiveTheQueen

    Liked by 1 person

    • The best shot of the series! Ryan! ❤️❤️❤️ I hope Evan confides in Ryan and together they can reveal how horrible Avery is and put her back where she belongs….

      The Evil Queen May indeed have met her match! #averydieinahole. Lol…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What a clusterf***! Thank heavens for Ryan. But OMG Rea, still not seeing the light? *facepalm*
    So glad Ryan didn’t fall for Avery’s baloney. Quite like the way they openly despise each other. Can’t wait for the confrontation between him and Evan. And also, poor Evan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reagan is beginning to slowly figure out something’s wrong, but she’s too ready to blame everyone else and not her mother. She just can’t let the fantasy go. But….things are going to get real for her very soon. I hope she can deal with it.

      His and Evan’s come to Jesus meeting is tomorrow. So we shall see. Ryan’s not leaving without the truth… he’s on a mission.

      She’s no fool – well maybe she is going after Evan like she did. Really, she didn’t think she was going to have to take it that far. She really thought he was still married. And that would be enough. But she seemed to rather enjoy what they did to him. She’s sunk to an all time low.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I cannot wait for Ryan to be Ryan again. I enjoy that a lot more than I should.
        Avery is a fool when she thinks that misery ever begets anything other than misery. She’s digging holes for everyone and will eventually fall into them herself (pun FULLY intended #AveryDieInAHoleAlready)

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  4. I have always liked Ryan….SOOOO much like Ben, he has his temper but also has a hell of a brain in that hot tempered head. I hope Ryan can talk to Evan, and things start getting figured out. Of this was real life, I would say she needs to go before anyone gets hurt, but it being the great fictional drama it is…I want to see some sh*t go down. I want blood and carnage and insanity!!! BWhahahahahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes… he totally has Ben’s temperament. But he’s not stupid. He sees what his mother is doing. Hopefully the relationship between Evan and Ryan is close enough that Evan will be honest. And then it will get real… and sh*t will go down. Meaning Avery! Lol. Ryan would love to see her taken down. But I don’t think he has any idea how bad she really is. Not yet.


  5. Reagan and Ryan’s relationship is so sweet. He knows how to comfort her.
    I wish my brother was more like that. He never has any clue how to help me, and is always confused, lol. Prolly has got something to do with the fact they’re twins.
    I’m glad Ryan figured out some thing’s not right, though. He’s smart, and doesn’t have tunnel view like Rea.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I totally think it’s because the twin thing. Other siblings have been close, but not like that. And they were very close growing up. Ryan could tell totally something was off right away. Even while Reagan still tries to hold on to the loving mother fantasy. But she removed herself from her, for the first time. So I think deep down, maybe she is beginning to realize she’s not the loving mother she’d hoped for.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ha ha ha, Ryan flipping his mother made my day! (I guess he reads minds… mmmm)
    So glad he’s stepping in to get to the bottom of this ugly mess. I have a feeling Avery has grossly underestimated her children. Hope I’m right.


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  8. Oh so Ryan took a breath and realized he punched Evan for probably nothing.
    Time to go apologize!
    Rea is very confused it seems, how does “I love you” and “I go back to my wife and only used you” at the same time make sense in her mind? She clearly doesn’t think now.

    I’m glad both twins at least can use their brains when being together!

    Oh, and “It’s so not funny,” – sorry but it is! 😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

    • They must each fill in the missing piece of the others brain! I am imagine them each sharing a piece of brain and have to be together for it work successfully. 😂😂😂. Of course it didn’t make sense. Evan wasn’t making any sense. He told Ryan one thing and Reagan another.

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  10. At least Ryan isn’t being manipulated by dear old mama. And, really, what was Avery thinking when greeting Ryan like that? Can’t she keep up the facade for a longer period of time, or does she think Ryan is like Reagan, and will eat up anything she does, Always willing to see everything she says with a positive outlook?

    Either that, or she thinks she’ll be out of their lifes soon enought, so, no need to play the part anymore. Avery is going to dug her own grave if she keeps showing her true colors like that, I mean, even Reagan noticed it.

    Anyway, I’m glad that Ryan is going deep to find out exactly what happened when it comes to Evan. I just hope the timing is good, and when Evan tells the truth the BASE already has enought evidence to lock Avery in jail again


    Truly, I expect nothing more, nothing less the poetic justice, for Avery’s end. Maybe being locked up in prison again? Solitary? Rotting away as times moves on, knowing she’s in there because of her childrem, that ”ruined her life” to begin with?That’ some lovable sight I’d like to seee.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m sure she had a weak moment. And you may be right. She didn’t care anymore. Hmmmm…..

      I hope Ryan gets Evan to fess up. Then Archer can help bring charges against her. Would be poetic justice…her kids helped put her back in prison! Lol.


      Liked by 2 people

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  12. “Oh. How is he?” Ryan said the words like they tasted bad
    He’s just full of sour grapes
    (BC he want him)

    NICE, Ryan, flipping off your MOTHER.
    Kids these days.
    She might be tryna get rich and free, but she is still! Your! Mother!!

    Liked by 3 people

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