Chapter 3.43 – The Aftermath

Saturday 8:15 PM – The Clubhouse Gameroom

Reagan began to whimper again.  She was terrified.  Her own mother was working together with the woman that took her.  When she came into the club room, Reagan thought she was going to help her. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

The lady who drugged her and tied her up was pacing back and forth.  She stopped and glared at her. “Shut up!” she yelled, her eyes wild and feral. “I’m sick of your sniveling. No wonder your mother can’t stand you.”

Her mother looked over at her,  “Now Reagan,” she said, her words honeyed, “be a good girl. Daddy’s going to be here soon and make it all okay.”

The lady with the gun grunted her displeasure, but her mother kept talking.  “Now, sweetie, this is how it’s going to work. I’m going to hold this knife on you while Daddy let’s Viv tie him up. Then we will take our leave with the money and I’ll be out of your pitiful life.”

Reagan didn’t dare look up for fear of being slapped again. She has a name, thought Reagan through her fog, it’s Viv. Her mother kept talking, but she wasn’t really registering her words until she said Daddy.  

“Eventually, someone will find you, but we’ll be long gone. Easy peasy. But, if Daddy decides to cause problems, or if he isn’t alone, he’s a dead man, and then you’ll have to go with us. Sucks for all of us.”

Viv looked at her watch. “Okay. It’s showtime…” she said, “I’m going up to make sure he’s alone, then I’ll escort him down.”   She picked up the gun and left.  Her mother grabbed the knife.

Reagan could barely hear the voices on the stairwell over the sound of her pounding heart.  She was shivering, but she didn’t know if it was from fear or because she was cold.

When she saw her father coming down the stairs, followed by Viv with a gun pointed at his head, she wanted to call out to him but the tape on her mouth prevented any sound from escaping and she began to panic, barely able to breathe.

Her mother poked her in the ribs with the knife. “Shut up, and be still,” she growled out.

When they got to the bottom of the stairs, Viv began to give orders. “Stop right there. Now put the bag down – slowly.”

“Reagan, baby,” said her father when he saw her. The pain in his voice cut through her like the knife her mother held. 

“Shut up and put it down!” yelled Viv and her father quickly did exactly as she said.

“Now open it,” she commanded and Cole reached down to unzip the bag.

“Okay, get over there and sit down!” said Viv, motioning with the gun to another chair close to Reagan.   Cole hesitated and looked at Reagan.

“Sit down Daddy, or I’ll cut her!” sneered Avery.

Cole immediately sat in the chair throwing daggers at his ex-wife with his eyes.

“Avery, I’ll give you the pleasure,” said Viv, her tone snarky, “Tie him up.”

Avery grinned and put her knife down. She tied Cole’s hands behind his back while Viv held the gun on him.  After she was done she whispered in his ear, “You know, we shoulda tried this while we were married. It might’ve been fun. I know Evan enjoyed it.”

Evan? thought Reagan, God, I’ll never see him again. The thought made her incredibly sad.

“I hope you rot in hell,” said Cole.  Avery laughed and walked back over to Reagan.

“Fuck, someone’s on the stairs!” shouted Viv and jerked Cole out of the chair, placing him in front of her as a human shield. She pointed the gun at his head. “You stupid fuck! You’re a dead man.”

Avery pulled Reagan from her chair as well.  When she started to struggle, she put the knife to her throat. “Stop it you little brat!” she yelled.

Reagan tried to scream but couldn’t do anything except watch in terror as Viv pushed the gun against her father’s head.

Avery looked at Viv and yelled, “Viv, a shooter. You’re targeted!”

“Grab the bag, stay in front of me,” she ordered Cole. “We’re walking out of here.” Then she yelled out, “Mother fuckers, get off the stairs, or he’s dead!”

All of a sudden several shots rang out almost simultaneously.  Reagan’s mother screamed and fell backwards, bringing Reagan with her.  Reagan couldn’t breathe and everything started to go black..

Reagan tried to find her father to say she was sorry before she died.  She finally saw him. He was so close but she couldn’t touch him.  He was eerily still and blood was everywhere.  She couldn’t keep her eyes open and let them close to ease the pain.

Reagan heard voices talking and yelling all around her, but couldn’t see them.  Strong arms lifted her, and pulled something from her face. It must be an Angel and she was in heaven. She gulped for air and then she heard a scream. She realized it was coming from her and she couldn’t stop it.  “Daddy! Daddy!” she cried over and over.

Those same arms lifted her from the ground and carried her away.  It must be an Angel, she thought and then, he started talking to her. “Shhh. It’s okay Reagan, it’s Archer. I’ve got you. Hold on. We need to get you to the hospital.”

Why was Archer in heaven with her? But where was her daddy? She wanted her daddy.  Then she remembered, her daddy was dead.  “Noooo!” she cried and laid her head on Archer’s shoulder.


Saturday 9:00 PM – Outside the Clubhouse 

Evan was waiting outside the clubhouse with Ryan, along with one of Archer’s men,  wishing like hell he’d just told Reagan everything instead of going to see her insane mother. He just needed one more week, which he’d hoped to negotiate.  Then, he remembered what Archer said, life or death and a chill went through him. What was taking so long?

When Evan heard the gunshots he jumped up and started running towards the clubhouse. All he could think of was Reagan and that he’d killed her with his inaction. Ryan was close behind him.  Archer’s man stopped them from going inside. Almost immediately they heard sirens.

The next thing he saw was Archer carrying Reagan outside. “She’s in shock,” he said, “but she’s okay.”

Evan wanted to take her from Archer’s arms and comfort her, but Ryan held him back. “He’s got her, Evan,” he said, “let him deal with it. He knows what he’s doing.”  Evan knew he was right and acquiesced even though he hated it.

“Oh god, Dad….” said Ryan, “Where the fuck is he?” Ryan started towards the clubhouse and Archer’s man once again stopped him.

“Stand back and give them room,” said the man, “they’re coming out.” Paramedics had gone inside while Archer had been talking to them.

Less than a minute later, Ryan’s and Evan’s fears were answered when they watched as Ryan’s father was carried out on a stretcher covered in blood. One of the paramedics was performing CPR as they rushed him towards the waiting ambulance.  “Oh my god!”  cried out Ryan.

Evan had never in his life felt so out of control and helpless as he did watching his friend. Ryan grabbed one of Archer’s men.  “Where’s Dannie?” he choked out. Of course, thought Evan, she’ll want to know, to be there for her husband. He couldn’t imagine how hard it must be for her, not knowing.

“They’re at C&M,” he told Ryan, “Come on, I’ll take you.”

Ryan looked over where Archer was still sitting with Reagan. Evan could see the struggle within his friend.  “Go with your dad,” he said, “I’ll go tell Dannie and meet you at the hospital.”

Ryan didn’t wait. He ran towards the ambulance where they were getting ready to load his father.

Evan took one last longing look at Reagan before he left, a huge knot forming in his stomach. Archer hadn’t left her side and a paramedic was now with them.  Archer was holding her hand soothing her, mumbling something unintelligible. Something he should have been doing.

Evan loved Reagan more than he ever thought possible.  She didn’t deserve any of what she’d been put through.  When he finally told her he loved her, she had quickly said she loved him back.  That was only this morning, right before he broke her apart.  It seemed like forever ago.  He wouldn’t give up on them. He couldn’t. Somehow, he’d make it up to her, even if he had to spend the rest of life doing so.

“Let’s go,” said the man waiting on him.  Even turned and followed him to his car to deliver the solemn news to the rest of her family.  He looked at Ryan and his father as they passed by the ambulance and said a silent prayer for Cole to be spared.  He knew Reagan would carry the guilt of his death a lifetime, even though the only one to blame would be Avery and Gun Lady.

Before they could leave the scene, two more stretchers were wheeled out of the clubhouse bearing what he hoped were the dead bodies of Avery and Gun Lady.  Avery didn’t deserve to live. Not even in prison. He never in his life hated someone so viscerally. And not just for what she’d done to him, but for what she’d done to the woman he loved and her entire family. They were good people. She was pure evil.

Archer was wrong, waiting wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part would be surviving the aftermath.

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56 thoughts on “Chapter 3.43 – The Aftermath

  1. Oh no!!!! Please tell me Daddy Cole is not dead!! 😭 He was a dick at times but nooo, he doesn’t deserve to die! And Ben (if he’s still alive?) will definitely lose his shit! 😢 Not to mention Reagan will always blame herself for this!
    I loved that picture with Archer holding Reagan while stepping outside – he looked like her knight in shining armor 😍
    But I don’t know… now I love Evan just the same, I’d hate it for him to get his heart broken again 😢
    I also hope Avery and Viv are both dead, but I’m not holding my breath for this… maybe Evan will decide to get revenge on them or something!
    That chapter was awesome and SO intense! Can’t wait for more! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole dying might be more than Reagan could handle. 😭 She’s already going to feel so much guilt no doubt. Ben is still alive. If Cole died so many people would be heartbroken even if he was a dick sometimes.

      Archer for this win this chapter …. maybe. I’m sure she was his primary concern. 🙄 Evan is definitely feeling tons of guilt as well. But he isn’t going to roll over and let Archer swoop in. Although it’s going to be hard. How deep do Reagan’s feelings for him run. And she doesn’t know that he’s not really reconciling yet.

      Glad you enjoyed – it’s not over… not by a long shot! Just on a break for a few days.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh man, Ben still being alive gives me hope – surely you wouldn’t treat your founder (well, Sims 4 founder) so cruelly, right? RIGHT?!
    Oh shoot, I hadn’t even realized Reagan doesn’t even know everything about Maribel yet..!
    Looking forward to reading the next part! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes… he’s in his 60s. He had Cole pretty young. Just barely 20. She doesn’t know all. Just that he told Ryan a different story. But she still loves him. It all happened so fast. She was taken not long after Ryan left. Next part will be sometime next week….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Omg! You delivered! I’m hoping you don’t do to Cole what I did to Jackson. I shed tears for him already. A funeral would be the worst. And Reagan wouldn’t be able to handle it if Cole died. Ugh.

    I also have mixed emotions about Archer. But I’m thinking Evan can explain himself and Reagan will forgive him. Hopefully, if she’s not too messed up from all of this.

    A part of me wants Avery alive so Reagan can testify against her and have her say. I’d love for her to get the death penalty, go to an awful high security state prison. That’s what she deserves. Death is too good for her and Reagan deserves to look her in the eye and let her know what a despicable human being she is. I don’t know how Avery thought she could get away with this plot. Like Cole was going to come without backup? Whatever!

    Stupid is as stupid does. 🙄

    Now to get the Kleenex because I don’t trust you with Coles life! 🤧

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole dying will kill a little bit of everyone. So many people love him and Reagan would probably never forgive herself. 🤔 Ugh is right! I still cry over Jackson too!

      Yes…death is probably too good for Avery. Not sure the family is up for another trial. But maybe it would be satisfying! Avery underestimated Cole. She always thought he was a pushover and was able to easily manipulate him.

      But a Ben … he’s not. And she didn’t know she was already being watched. She tried to make it look like she had nothing to do with it by being gone when Viv took her. Stupid is as stupid does.


      Liked by 1 person

  4. Whyyyyyyyyyy would you leave us on that cliffhanger!?? Mean 😭

    This was insane in the best way ❤️ Avery was so delusional to think she wouldn’t get caught and now might have paid the ultimate price for it 😱 (Which part of me thinks she deserves and part of me is like “nooooo” 😂😈)

    And Cole! 😭 Please let him be okay, ahhh! I am dying to find out who survived this. At least Reagan’s okay!

    This was an epic chapter (especially your screenshots! They were awesome 😍) I can’t wait for moreeeeee

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cliffhangers! 😈😈😈. Reagan’s okay physically. Emotionally? We will see.

      Avery was ridiculous to think Cole wouldn’t call someone to help. She may have paid the ultimate price. And Cole… poor man. He always wanted an ordinary family. He never had lofty goals other than that. And he got involved with the wrong woman.

      I’m glad you liked the screen shots! ❤️. More is coming and the drama obviously isn’t over. Just taking a break for a few days.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. the last few chapters of the blackmail, the kidnapping, and the shooting are so intense, quick, and emotional. It brought out the best in Ryan, Cole, Evan, and Archer. Right now it will be nail biting time until the next chapter when we find out if Cole is alive and his condition. Pretty please be sure to add a few more lines maybe POV of Dannie, Taylor, and Ami in the next chapter which you may be calling the Waiting or the Wake. Avery, and Viv’s condition as well.
    Reagan will have to make a ” lady or the tiger decision” between Evan (the gentleman) or Archer (the tiger). Thank you for the entertaining and unexpected chapters and am looking for more drama, drama, drama to come.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It did bring out the best in them. All united together in a common goal. So glad you are enjoying it. You are pretty close to your ideas of the next chapter title!

      The next few chapters we will get a glimpse of how Dannie is reacting to all of this. And will see a little of the rest of the family. And find out the condition of the two women.

      Reagan will need to make a choice. You are right! The tiger or the gentleman. Those two men are very different. I have been struggling with the decision and am letting Reagan tell me…. I didn’t know for a long time. I have a good idea, but it could change.


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    • Thank you so much! 🥰 I’m glad the suspense was felt. I want to hug Evan. Reagan still thinks he’s reconciling with his wife. He knows this too and it’s killing him inside.


  7. ~ Avery is stupid & clueless, as she did not know she was under surveillance all this time & to pull this at the Club house at the Park, which is video monitored she is even dumber, does she think Cole or the Murdock family, would not use the very latest in security measures, that Viv chic not as smart ether, to think they could get away with this, Reagan gave them the fuel, by telling them the money was from Cole, Avery would have seen that Daddy will do anything for his Princess, & she knew how much he cared for his children, to use them would get her anything her heart desired, but she showed how clueless she realy is, & the reason why she ended up in jail in the first place, that she is not as smart as she thinks she is!
    ~ I hope Cole is OK, Reagan will not pull through this if he dies, you have to remember her mother is Avery,even though Rea is basically good she will not recover from this blow, as in her eyes it would be all her fault! You talk about which love will she turn too,but first she has to get through this, & if Cole dies there really is no future for her, she will retreat into herself!
    ~ Great suspense, I am on the edge of my seat waiting for more! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  8. Cole lowkey annoyed me in this generation (especially during Reagan’s teens years, his and Ryan’s macho bullshit got on my nerves), but I definitely don’t want him to die! For all his faults, he means well and he loves his family. Don’t take him!

    Poor Reagan. This is gonna haunt her whether he dies or not. Let’s hope it’s ‘not’.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed! They were both very annoying. Ryan is still macho to a point, but I think he’s finally calming a tiny bit. Cole has definitely come around and realized his mistakes. So no….I don’t want him to die either. 😭 He does love his family very much.

      You are so right about Reagan. Regardless of the outcome she’s going to be haunted by it. I hope it’s ‘not’ too. 😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I hope Avery is dead. Honestly, it would be better for everyone if no one tried to help her. Screw the Hippocratic Oath. She deserves it after everything she’s done.
    I so hope Cole is alive! He doesn’t deserve death, only Avery and Viv do. Pleease tell me he’s alright. But I don’t think you’d do it to your heir… right? RIGHT?!
    Damn, I would have read this sooner, but just taken all the pictures. Chapter should be posted in less than an hour…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Wow….that was intense. Even for me. I worry a bit if Viv is dead, she is the sister of a mob boss. Avery can die in a hole.
    I can’t believe you actually pulled the trigger on Cole. I know we have talked about it a couple of times but I didn’t think you would really do it. I hope he survives, because if he doesn’t, it will destroy Reagan her self-guilt would eat her alive. As hard as it is going to be for the rest of the family, everyone needs to rally around Reagan, she is going to need that love to get through whatever happens. She needs to be assured this is not her fault, by HER family. Whether they secretly blame her or not. The Family psychiatrist Katrina Wyatt (Randy’s half sister) might have her work cut out for her here.
    I think the last thing on Reagan’s mind is going to be choosing between Evan and Archer, all her energy is going to go in to willing her father to pull through, if Evan is smart he will be there, but he hang back, just be there for when she needs him. Same with Archer.

    I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She is a mob bosses sister. If she dies….. Could bring some wrath down on Archer and his gang of merry men. Avery should die in a hole….. nobody gives a sh*t about her anymore. Not even Reagan.

      Cole is gravely injured. I hope he pulls through, because you’re right, Reagan wouldn’t survive. She’s gonna need a lot of support no matter. She will definitely need therapy for more than just the trauma of being kidnapped.

      Archer and Evan will both be there, but we’ll see if they hang back or not. 😱 Evan’s determined to make up for his part in all of it. He certainly has some guilt as well. And Archer isn’t above taking advantage of the opportunity.


  11. Well, Audrey, I’m sorry to say, you are DEFINITELY not allowed to ever complain about cliffhangers ever again, lol. This was mean! I already started getting afraid that you’d kill Cole off at the start of this. I know he’s a dick sometimes, but he’s OUR dick and you can’t just kill him off. 😦 It would absolutely devastate everyone, and just when Reagan had a chance to realise that her mother is a soulsucking harpy who ruined her life. At least there’s a chance Avery is either dad or going away again and probably for even longer. #averydiewithaholeinyourchest

    Liked by 1 person

  12. No… Cole!!! Please don’t kill him! He’s such a sweetheart and also a very important character, so that gives me hope.

    I have a feeling the next chapter, Cole is going to go into a deep coma and be able to talk to his mom for a little bit, then come out of the coma and be alive. That would be really neat! Oh how I miss Grace. 😇💙

    I really hope Cole, Reagan, Ryan… Etc all the good people are going to be okay. As for Avery I hope that bitch is dying slowly from a gunshot wound to the eye and suffering to death!!!!! Oh, the pure hate I have for that stuffy witch! She needs to go down to hell and suck the Devil’s dick for all I care. 👿👿 Blehhhh! 👿👿

    Reagan is certainly gonna need counseling after all this trauma.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole!😭😭😭 Hoping not. That would be devastating. Ohhh. Talking to his mama! 😭😭😭 Grace! Such a kind soul.

      Avery…. and the Devil’s dick! Lol….

      Reagan won’t just bounce back. For sure. She’s going to need help.

      Liked by 1 person

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  14. 😑🙈 Avery & Viv are probably the dumbest villains ever.
    And BASE acted quite a reckless and like a bunch of amateurs. They unneccessarily endangered their clients and are indirectly responsible for Cole’s injuries.
    Probably would’ve been better to leave it to the police instead…
    Only good outcome is that there’s def no more chance that Avery will continue to take advantage of of Rea xD
    Ohhhhh and now that Archer is back, I’m excited for the (hopefully) upcoming love triangle! I bet Archer won’t leave quietly and Evan has some explanations to make… 🙊 Evan might have to fight for Rea xD


    • Evan may well have to fight for her. Avery is def not gonna be able to cause any more issues, dead or alive. And things didn’t go as well they hoped.

      Two dumb villains for sure. Not counting on any resistance.

      Liked by 1 person

    • What flabbergasted me about this is that Avery used to be a top dog at C&M, surely she knew BASE was the Murdock’s “private police force” and were going to come down hard, PLUS….I’m sure she had seen the book Spencer had, so she knew there was more to the Blake’s that meets the eye. Also, Viv’s brother and sister are connected to the Blake’s as well, and Viv knows it. Why they though the Blake’s and BASE would sit back I don’t know. Perhaps Avery just thought Cole would be too chicken shit to go to anyone. She figured she would extort the money and be on her merry way. Boy was she proved wrong.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Avery totally believed Cole would be too chicken shit to do anything. And in fact, he may not have, except that Noah had already called. And your early comment was right about BASE messing up. I think that’s on Archer. He let it get personal.

        Liked by 1 person

  15. I hope gun lady is dead, and I hope Avery is alive. ike people say it before, plain death is too good for her. She desearves to be pu back from the place were sha came from, and spend some good time in jail knowing it was the people that she hates the most got her in there.

    I was sooooo nervous when I saw the blood in the screenshot, I wa like ” NO, Cole is dead!?” I hope not, god lord, if he died, It wouldn’t get pass me if Reagan tried to strangle her mother herself. And this poor family! He still has Connie to care for, and Taylor.AH! This is all too sad.

    Yo, Reagan is going to need at least some theraphist after this whole thing, if not some strong durgs to make her sleep, and not think about the time when she was kidnapped by her mother, and saw her father being shot.

    I think Archer did good. He was definetly more emotionally stable them Evan, and he knew what to do, giving his experience. I don’t think there’s someonething as much as romantic in there, just, someone caring for another person, that’s all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • We shall see if anyone is dead or alive very soon. And if Avery went down easy or not.

      Cole’s death would be a huge blow to the entire family. Ugh….. it makes my heart hurt. Reagan is going to need major therapy, and maybe drugs too, regardless of who lives or dies.

      Archer was much more emotionally stable, and he definitely cares deeply for Reagan. But did that cloud his judgement a little? Hmmm. He’s not going to leave her side. Not without a fight this time. Regan would have to kick him to the curb and right now, it doesn’t look like she is.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I second that! Just plain death isn’t good enough for Avery! First she needs to go back to jail, get tortured, suffer and then die later…. SLOWLY….hahaha I’m such a devil.

      Liked by 1 person

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  17. Oh, dear, I hope Cole doesn’t die. Not just because I don’t want him to die, but because I think it would be more than Reagan could bear. What happened isn’t her fault, but of course, she won’t feel that way.

    Liked by 1 person

    at least she didn’t live to see Viv stab her in the back

    Prolly not.
    Prolly not.
    I don’t want him to die! Just be not a Murdick COLE, thas all!

    He will never let us forget how right he was about Avery tho.

    Liked by 2 people

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