Chapter 3.46 – Archer

Sunday, 3:30 AM, Willow Creek hospital.Reagan had fallen asleep in a chair in her father’s hospital room, so Archer had taken the opportunity to go to Evan’s apartment and let him know what happened. He was now pretty sure Evan wasn’t going to be a problem.  The dude was scared shitless. Truth be told, Archer did feel kinda sorry for Evan. But that’s not why he went. He needed to be sure he knew to keep his mouth shut.

Archer went straight back to the hospital after he left Evan’s disgusting apartment. He checked the waiting room to see if anyone was still there before heading into Reagan’s father’s room. He needed to get Reagan out of there. He was worried about her.  She wouldn’t eat and she needed to sleep. He hadn’t yet told her about Avery’s demise. He would wait and tell her tomorrow after she got some sleep.

Approaching Reagan in the park had turned out to be a good decision, considering what happened afterwards.  She hadn’t been shocked to see him when she regained consciousness and had felt comfortable with him. He wondered, no – hoped, her feelings for him were returning the same way his did when he’d seen her in the park. He knew she had strong feelings for Evan, that was clear and she was struggling with them.

Evan was right, he hadn’t told Reagan what Avery had done to him. Subconsciously, or maybe even consciously, he had decided to withhold that information. He felt justified. She didn’t need any additional bad news, and it did stack the deck in his favor didn’t it? All’s fair in love in war, or so they say. Was this love? He thought maybe it might be. But he had strong competition, he just didn’t understand her attraction to him.

Archer sighed when he entered the waiting room.  Ryan was sitting there alone. Everyone else had left and it was eerily quiet. Archer felt bad for him too. He wouldn’t leave as long as his sister was still at the hospital. “Hey, are you okay?” asked Archer, his voice sounded loud without the background of hushed whispers to swallow it up. “Why don’t you go home and get some sleep?”

Ryan looked up.  “I’m worried about Reagan. She won’t leave Dad’s room. She feels so guilty for not listening to us. For trying to find good in our mother, where there was none to find.”

Archer made a quick decision and sat down next to Ryan.   “Ryan,” he said quietly, “I got a call about an hour ago. Avery had a seizure after surgery. A blood clot they said, from her fall when she was shot. She didn’t make it.”

Ryan looked up at Archer. “What? She died?”

“Yes. I assume they will be reaching out to the family, I guess, which is you and Reagan. They’ve already notified the authorities.”

Ryan looked at Archer suspiciously. “How the hell did you find out if they haven’t notified anyone?”

“Through our connections with the police,” Archer lied.

Ryan ran his hands through his hair. “Is it wrong that I feel nothing but relief? She was my fucking mother.”

“No. Something inside of her broke a long time ago,” said Archer trying to ease his mind. “She was a psychopath Ryan. Nothing anyone could do. Don’t feel bad. Why don’t you go home and get some rest.”

“I need to tell Rea … and Dad should know too.”

“Give them time to get stronger,” suggested Archer, “you don’t know how they’ll react. At least let them get some sleep first. I’ll try to get Reagan to leave and get some sleep, and then I’ll tell her.”

“Archer … listen, I appreciate what you’ve done for Rea, but Evan, he’s not a bad guy,” explained Ryan, “He was married to a piece of shit. He’s been so good for her. I think they can work it out.”

What was this? A warning? It pissed Archer off. “No, you listen,” replied Archer, harsher than he intended, but damn he was bone tired, “they’ve both been through hell. Reagan’s not ready to deal with their issues right now. I’ve already told Evan, and I’ll tell you too, I’m going to ask her to come to San Myshuno with me.”

Ryan’s expression changed to one of disgust. “That sounds awfully like you are taking advantage of her current emotional state. I thought you’d changed. But you’re still the same arrogant asshole, preying on those that are down on their luck. Taking advantage of her for your own selfish reasons. She doesn’t love you. She was hurt and confused and you just happened to be there.”

“You have no idea what really happened between us, so stop judging. We’ve both grown up since then, and by some weird karma, we’ve been presented with another chance. I would be stupid to walk away this time, so don’t try to stop me Ryan. You’ll break her. You’re right, she’s extremely fragile right now, and it appears she is looking to me for strength, and I’m damn sure gonna be there for her.”

“Evan can take care of her,” spat out Ryan.

“I know you never cared for me, but Reagan did, and maybe still does,” growled out Archer. “She doesn’t trust Evan right now, and she needs someone she can trust. If later, she decides it’s Evan she wants, I’ll let her go. But Reagan has to make that choice. Not you. Mark my words, I’m going to let her know how I feel. Maybe not today, but soon. So get your fucking panties out of a wad and support her decisions for once, instead of trying to make them for her.”

“Fucking Asshole,” was Ryan’s only response.

Archer figured Ryan agreed with what he said, just didn’t like it. “Asshole or not, I care deeply for your sister. So back the fuck off. Now, I’m going to go see if I can get her to go home and get some sleep. And if she doesn’t want to go there, I’ll take her back to my hotel. She needs to rest. So get off your ass and come with me, and you can see your dad, or go home and sleep yourself. You look like shit.”

Ryan glared at him, but lifted himself out of the chair anyway. “I’ll go with you. Maybe I’ll bring her to my apartment.”


Reagan opened her eyes and saw Archer standing over her, and Ryan right behind him. Her neck ached from the awkward position she had been sleeping. She sat up and absently rubbed it, as everything came rushing back. It was all real and not a dream. Archer was here because her mother had tried to kill both her and her father.

As reality sunk in, her vision became blurred with tears. Quickly blinking them back, she perused the rest of her surroundings in an attempt to get her bearings. She was in her father’s hospital room, the monitors beeping softly in rhythm with his heartbeat. He was alive and Dannie was sitting in a chair next to him, holding his hand, watching him breathe as he slept.

All the bad decisions she’d made over the years pushed themselves forward. Rejecting Dannie when she tried so hard to fill the void left by her own mother. Shutting her father out of her life, the one person who had loved her unconditionally, trying to make up for her mother’s failures. All the times she screamed at him, when he just wanted to protect her. Embracing her evil mother over the very family that loved her in spite of her awful behavior. She didn’t know if she would ever be able to make it up to them now. Too much had happened, and it was all her fault. Exhaustion made her want to shut her eyes again and block everything out.

“Hey,” said Archer softly, making her open her eyes again, “You need to get some sleep – in a bed.”

“I don’t deserve them,” she said in a choked whisper.

Archer knelt in front of her, forcing her to look at him before he spoke. “It’s gonna be okay. You just need to get cleaned up and get some sleep.” He kept his voice low.  Then he looked at her stepmother. “Mrs. Murdock, why don’t you come with us? Ryan is here and according to the nurse, he is doing well. You need to take care of yourself. You won’t be any good to your husband in the morning if you don’t.”

“He’s right Dannie,” said Ryan, gently placing his hand on her shoulder, “He’s sleeping now. Go with them. Get yourself a few hours sleep. I’ll stay.”

“I can’t sleep in that bed alone,” she said thickly.

“Then go to Grandma’s,” suggested Ryan. “Connie’s there. You can sleep with her. She needs you too.”

Dannie inhaled sharply at the mention of her youngest daughter’s name. “Will you call them? Let them know I’m coming?” she asked, finally relenting.

Ryan sighed with relief, “Yes. You two, go with Archer.”

Archer quickly got up and walked over to help Dannie out of the chair before she changed her mind. Ryan immediately took her place.

With his hand on the small of her back, Archer guided her to where Reagan sat watching it all unfold.

Reagan stood up and looked at her stepmother. “Dannie, I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Let’s just go,” snipped Dannie, “I don’t have the energy to deal with you right now.”

Reagan knew she deserved Dannie’s wrath, but her refusal to accept her apology cut like a knife. She would have to earn it. Suddenly, she knew how Evan must be feeling after her rejection. Her chest constricted almost painfully. She would have to call him. They desperately needed to talk. But not now.

She looked at the gentle giant of a man that had been by her side for the past few hours. She would be eternally grateful to him for just being there with her. She knew he couldn’t stay forever, but until he had to go, it was easier to simply let him make the decisions. She could block the outside world for just a little longer before she had to face the music.

She turned for one last look at her father, sleeping peacefully, before she left.  I love you Daddy, she thought, I will make it up to you somehow. I made a promise and I intend to keep it. Thank you God.

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80 thoughts on “Chapter 3.46 – Archer

  1. Man… I have such mixed feelings about Archer right now. It’s obvious he still cares for Reagan, but he’s also showing that he’s got something of an asshole streak too 🤔 Guess it kinda goes with the territory of the lifestyle he leads now though!

    I loved seeing him sorta face off with Ryan here, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this latest bit of drama starts blowing up 😈 Poor Evan though 😭 I am on his side! ❤️

    Can’t wait to see how Reagan reacts to learning about Avery’s death too (RIP 😭). Ryan’s definitely felt appropriate (but wrong obviously 😛 )

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    • Archer is still a badass. This lifestyle suits his personality I suppose. He was always had a gang of misfits. Looks like he still does, only it’s legal – sort of – when they want it to be?

      Ryan was giving him the benefit of the doubt. But now he’s totally in Evan’s court. He doesn’t like the way Archer seems to be taking control of Reagan like he took control of the kidnapping.

      Reagan may or may not react as Ryan did. I think he’s truly relieved she’s gone. He was going along for Reagan’s sake and and stopped going to see her in prison shortly before she got out. I’m sure Avery took that as a clear message that he didn’t like her. We will see if Reagan feels the same way.

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  2. Archer is kind of being an asshole…but I think he has decent intentions? He should really allow the truth about Evan to come out though…if he’s gonna ‘win’ he should ‘win’ from an even playing field!

    Rarely is Dannie anything but sweet – she must be really hurting. Hopefully she and Reagan can repair their relationship at a less stressful time.

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    • Archer is being an little but of an ass. He was trying not to be but I think Ryan pushed his buttons and he was tired and running on fumes.

      Dannie is in a lot of pain. She clearly blames Reagan. I guess her husband getting shot because your daughter chose her psycho mother over her was just too much to deal with. If Cole had died, and Reagan didn’t kill herself, Dannie may have gone ‘Evan crazy’ and done it for her as mad as she is right now.

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      • I suppose Dannie resented Reagan over the years but always kept it hidden…until
        this awful situation finally made it all bubble over.

        Strange to conceive of Dannie, with her tinkly laugh and pinky swears, killing someone!


  3. Wahhhh! This is all so sad!

    Archer. I don’t like it that he knows Reagan loves Evan and he’s the right man for her but he’s going to take her anyway with him (cashing in on her emotional state).

    It seems like Reagan wants to be with Evan even now. Hmmm…surely she’s not going to go with Archer to San Myshuno when she knows she needs to talk to Evan and clear the air…right?

    I love Ryan and all his thoughts. I like how he went toe to toe with Archer on all his shit. But Archer wants Reagan at all costs. Can you blame him?

    So Dannie won’t forgive Reagan? Well, I can’t blame her. Without all of Reagan’s support, none of this would have happened. But she can’t blame her forever, right?

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    • I know… the sadness sets in. Archer knows they have strong feelings for each other and Archer doesn’t care. He wants another shot with Reagan and I don’t blame him. She has totally allowed him to ease her through it all. So he’s encouraged.

      Everything happened only a few hours after Evan told her he was married and going back to his wife. So it’s difficult for Reagan to trust him. Although she knows they need to talk. She’s in no condition to talk to anyone. And he never said he loved her until the day he broke her heart.

      We shall see if she decides to go to San Myshuno or not.

      Ryan – clearly not a fan of Archer’s. Even now. I wonder if Ryan will tell Evan about their conversation. Yikes. Maybe Archer shouldn’t have put that out there. Hmmm.


  4. I honestly had to giggle a little.
    Archer calling Avery a psychopath, when he himself has strong sociopathic tendencies!
    Can’t decide if I root for him or want him to get away from the Murdocks. xD He might not have evil intentions, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.

    Rea should stop beating herself. It’s not her fault. She wanted to be there for her mother when no one else was, and that’s very natural and due to her kind heart. She couldn’t know this would happen.

    Dannie’s just a bitch, blaming her for what happened to Cole.

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    • Sort of the pot calling the kettle black. You may change a little when we hear more of Archer next chapter, or not! He certainly doesn’t have evil intentions. This is true. It’s just he doesn’t play nice in the sandbox.

      Reagan will definitely need to stop wallowing. She should see a therapist. She needs to badly. She didn’t really do anything wrong.

      Dannie just reached the breaking point with Reagan and clearly blames her. Whether that’s okay or not, is another question. I hope she does forgive her. It could cause problems in her marriage if she doesn’t.


  5. Great ministory on Archer’s POV. The mindset of an assassin with feelings toward Reagan, willing to worm his way via lies of omission (not telling Reagan what Avery did to Evan) to gain Reagan’s full trust. He is truly the tiger (as in the classic dilemma the lady or the tiger) or in Reagans case the gentleman or the tiger, with Evan being the gentleman. Looking forward to see drama unfold as Reagan connects with Evan again. Dannie attitude and statement to Reagan, “I don’t have time to deal with you right now” Dannie has been smack in the middle of one of the modern classic situations of blended families. Blended families are divoriced families with Dannie being the stepmother. So many fairy tales of the evil stepmother explore the dark side of this aka Cinderella or Snow White. Dannie, is stuck with not being the full fledged parent but the interloper in the eyes of her step children. Forced to grin and bear it as Cole makes the parenting decisions/enforcement, and Reagan as a teenager, continually rejected Dannie. It could very well be the last straw that broke the camels back, with Cole being in the hospital. Again a very well crafted ministory bringing realism and drama by showing Dannies feelings about being the stepmother and dealing with Reagan. Will there be a “New Beginning” for Reagan and Dannie?

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    • Archer feels like he got handed a second chance with Reagan so he’s going to take every advantage to get her to his side. The ‘bad boy’ vs the ‘gentleman’. For sure.

      And Dannie…..yes! Blended families can be difficult. She reached the end of her rope with Reagan.

      Haha! I hope there will be a good “New Beginning” for those two and not one of rejection going the opposite way. Roles have flipped with these two.


  6. Eeeeeeh, yeah I’m with Ryan on Archer being an asshole. Dude, now is not the time to get back with Reagan. She’s in a vulnerable state right now and that shit is shady af. Not to mention not telling her what Avery did to Evan – like wtf, she deserves to know so she can make an informed decision. I’m so not a fan of Archer.

    It stings to see Dannie so angry as well, especially since all through everything she’s been such a sweetheart and trying to accomodate Ryan and Reagan when they were at their bitchiest. Everyone has their breaking point, I guess. I can’t really blame her.

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    • Archer doesn’t see it as manipulative. But Ryan certainly does, as would probably anyone else looking in from the outside.

      He should have told her to go talk to Evan. He didn’t stop her when she did. Or at least told her part of the story. She absolutely deserves to know. It won’t stay secret I don’t think. Too many people know. Even Cole knows. He was sitting right there when Evan told them what she had done.

      It is hard to see Dannie, who always tried so hard, to lose it with Reagan. I don’t think anyone blames her. I just hope it doesn’t make her bitter and she’ll eventually come to terms with it.

      More from Archer next chapter. 😱

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  7. It seems like Archer’s taking advantage of Reagan again. Just like the first time she was vulnerable and looking for friends, not necessarily love, and he gave her that much needed validation. Plus Evan is in a bad position, who’s going to help him through it? Reagan has her family, but who does he have? He’s going to be locked up in his apartment alone, while everyone is taking care of Reagan and Cole. It just seems so unfair. Instead of Archer supporting her (yes, maybe he’s okay right now, and doesn’t have his own issues to deal with, but still), I think she should be with Evan, so they can face hardship together and their relationship will be stronger thanks to it. They can help each other and they would both benefit from it, I think. He’s not right that it’d make Reagan weaker. She will be less confused once she knows where she stands when it comes to her relationship with him. At least she’ll have that one problem off her. Honestly, I’m worried what Evan’s going to do, and hopefully he doesn’t harm himself.

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    • Archer hasn’t changed in that regard. He did take advantage of her in the beginning. And he fell in love with her unintentionally. Partly because she was so vulnerable. And now she’s in a similar situation and he’s taking full advantage again.

      Evan is a mess. Ryan is a champion for Evan so hopefully everyone will help. Ami will want him to come back to work. It would be good for Reagan and Evan to support each other. I agree. It would totally make their relationship stronger.

      I think it would help Reagan to understand they why. She would have no reason not to believe him at this point. I also hope Evan doesn’t get himself into a life or death situation. I don think he’s to the point of self harm, at least I hope not!

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  8. I can understand his intentions, but Archer’s whole ”I’ll make her mine!” Feel doesn’t suit well for me. As Ryan said, he’s taking advantage of the situation in order to make Reagan cling to him, and I hope he loves her to the point that if she *does* decide to be with Evan, he respects her.

    Everyone justifies what they do in their minds, so, from Archer’s perspective he must be doing what he can to get his girl, and no big deal about that. His intentions aren’t bad, but they way he is doing it, in my opinion, is.He should also tell her what he did, like, dude she should know who’s shee dealing with.

    I feel so bad for Reagan. She shouldn’t have to deal with…all this.Let her heal, guys, no need to shove her in some romantic quarell, sinceshe doesn’t have any emotional or physical strenght to do that.

    I feel sad for Dannie, but I can definetly see her point of view.She was nothing but kind to two kids that basically hated her for most of his teen years, and because of something literally *everyone* warned Reagan, Cole ended up in the hospital.But, as Cole wakes up, and heals, I think Dannie will hopefull heal with him.

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    • Archers ready to fight for her. And the more he can get her to depend on him the better… I do hope he doesn’t try to take Evan ‘completely’ out of the equation! 😱😱😱😱

      She has no idea at this point how dangerous he can be. We’ll see later how much of his life he decides to share. She only knows him as the sweet guy from high school that seemed to worship her. And that he manages the security company.

      She doesn’t have the emotional strength to deal with Evan vs Archer. Evan recognized it and backed off quickly and gave her space. Archer on the other hand, jumped at the opportunity.

      Dannie, I hope, will eventually realize it might have happened anyway. Reagan was just trying to help her mother.

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  9. Man, another excellent chapter. I keep trying to analyze why I feel way more for Team Reavan.. (sign of an awesome story I guess, when it kicks your readers into overthink mode).

    What I’ve settled on is that Reagan, on the whole, is a pretty malleable character. I think it’s because she’s a sweetie, I’m not meaning it as a dig, but she does often take on what people want her to be/do. Archer, from the get-go, has played to that.. from high school, he drug her over to his friend crowd and told her she was a misfit too. And so she was. And she jumped all in with doing what she figured he wanted, them becoming her wants as well. Until he saw something different for himself and left. He’s back now, and still guiding her to what he wants, this time leaving out info and trying to get her away from home & loved ones to increase his chances. For him, it doesn’t seem to be a “let’s wait and see what she wants” so much as a “I think this could work so let’s stack the deck that way.”

    When she was with Evan was the time I saw her most able to stand up for her own thoughts, her own desires. He WAS able to wait in the beginning and respect whatever she’d decide. And then during the time they were dating, she didn’t change her likes, dislikes, style, personality, etc to suit him. She just got to be her and that was perfect for him. Well.. almost perfect. If she had listened to him in the ONE area of not letting Avery move in, that probably would have been perfect to him. LOL But even with that, he let her do what she thought best. So I think I like them together best because she seems to get to be most herself.

    I’m hopeful that it was a bit of growing up that was done for her too.. so that once her shock wears off she’ll be able to stand up to Archer as well. We’ll see! (Sorry.. my comments are always so wordy. lol)

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    • Thanks Snazzle! I love hearing your thoughts!

      She is sweet and wants to please. You are so right about Archer. He did approach her not for her, but for himself. But he decided he liked her more than as just a throw away, maybe because she totally remade herself for Archer. And tried hard to be what he wanted.

      Evan let her be her. So very true. He loved her as she was didn’t feel pressured to change for him.

      I do hope you are right and she’ll figure out that Archer may not be the best choice….but then….

      No worries about wordy comments! I love them. ❤️❤️❤️

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  10. Oooh, a twisty sorta take on Archer. To show his is no sugar, but all spice. Well, he and Ryan have never been BFFs, why start now.
    I am so with Dannie. I wouldn’t be able to deal with Reagan at that moment either. She just gets on my nerves, has been for a while now.
    Poor Ryan … he is always alone. Guess Rosa is working or whatever. Not even sure how serious they even are yet.

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  11. Archer’s actions do not surprise me. He was a bit controlling in high school, and even looking at how he handled the whole investigation, he has that “I’m in charge, what I say goes no question” mentality.” Also a master manipulator. He is playing a game of emotional chess, and Reagan is the checkmate. He seems to be making careful, moves. His uncle and cousin are the same way, but I doubt even Garret would approve of how Archer is using his…genetic gift. I hope someone will talk to Reagan, after she has a little time to heal, or at least get a recharge, where she can think more clearly. I like that Ryan stood up to Archer, and I don’t think he will let it go too far. Ryan himself might not be able to stop him, but I know at least three people who likely could. Too bad Ryan isn’t close to any of them at the moment.

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    • Archer was indeed a controlling person in high school. He jumped in the middle of the investigation and took over.

      Ryan has more self confidence than he used to although he was always full of himself. He’s matured a lot.


  12. A child loves their parents unconditionally. They have a tendency not to see their faults. Many kids that are raised in divorce families blame the parent that takes care of them for the other parent not coming around. They dry the tears, pick up the pieces, yet they are the bad guy and the step parent is the reason mom and dad will never get back together. I believe Danni will realize this sooner or later. She is just scared and hurting right now. She has always loved Ryan and Reagan as if they were her children,even when that treated her badly. She will come around.
    As for Archer, he has always been a little of a take charge, control freak. I will be disappoint in him if he doesn’t tell Reagan the truth about Evan and let her choose. Maybe it is a good idea for Reagan to go somewhere by herself and think things through or with a family member. Why not go with Jason and Olivia, instead of Archer

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    • I loved your introspective on Dannie. She was terrified and needed to quickly place blame. I hope you’re right and she comes around. Dannie has always been loving and sweet. She understood what they went through as young children. And I do think she loves them as her own and that’s part of what hurt her so bad. That Reagan chose Avery over her – and therefore the man she’s probably loved her whole life almost died.

      Archer…always been a control freak for sure. It would be good for Reagan to step away. But so far Reagan sees Archer as a safe place as you suggest. Not a romantic interest.


  13. Didn’t not mean to post.
    What is Reagan going to do when she finds out Avery killed her mom and Cole told him to do it?
    Evan said he is going to tell her everything and is also thinking about telling her about Archer killing her mom. Like I said earlier Reagan may need to get away, just not with Archer right now. I like Archer, but they have gotten older and Ryan is the one for her.
    If Archer pushes to much Mickey may step in and fix things the only way a Blake knows how.Bang! Bang! Bye! Bye! Archer!

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  14. ~ I am just scared that Archer will eliminate his rival, that he will get rid of Evan then Rea will cling to him more, I always worried about one thing in the beginning with Archer & Reagan’s relationship & that is that Reagan had to change to be what Archer wanted, he then fell in love with her, but if his love was true he would have fallen in love with her as she was, not after she changed for him, which made me doubt that Archer truly loved her, I think he was in love with the fact that he was in control & she would always conform!
    ~ I am worried for Evan as he has no-one to turn too, & I am happy he helped Ryan through this, I am hoping that Ryan returns the favour as these two are making firm friends & I think Ryan needs a true male friend, but then so does Evan.
    ~ Ryan has matured a lot so I am hoping he sees that Evan needs someone to get him out of the dark place he is in, the trying to kill Avery, may have just pushed poor Evan too far, & he needs a friend at this moment, he will need counselling for the rape by Avery, it will be morally worse for him as it was Reagan’s Mom!
    ~ I also think Evan should tell Rea the whole truth & why he broke up with her, lay every thing out, “no more Secrets” it will hurt Evan to tell her, (he thinks he may even lose her, if he tells her) but it will also sort things out for Reagan as she was puzzled by what Ryan said to her about Evan, & that is sitting at the back of everything, & it not making sense is adding to what has just happen, it is a confusion that adds to the whole mess she finds herself in, & as she ads more guilt (Dannie’s reaction) to what is already an overwhelming pit of despair, she may not come back from this, she needs some one who knows her to save her from herself, & unfortunately it is not Archer, he has never wanted to know the true Reagan, only the carbon copy of what he thinks she should be!
    ~ She needs her brother or Evan to help her through this, not Archer, sorry but he will not be good for her, he is too toxic in my mind to help, & if Evan tells the whole truth I do not think Reagan will ever trust Archer, because he killed her mother, no matter how bad she was she was someone that Rea loved even though she found out the hard way that her mother never loved her back, she couldn’t have, to do that to Evan & Reagan, it was meant to hurt Reagan & no-one else (we know a rape will also hurt the one that it was done too, but in this instance Avery was out to hurt her daughter!)
    ~ Great writing always gets an emotional outcry of response, so I think you achieved that! 😉
    ~ I could say more but this is turning into its own mini story!LOL! ♥

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    • ~ I forgot something!LOL!
      ~ Wrong move Archer, I think Ryan will put 2X2 together, telling him about Avery’s death before the Police contact the Family, & it will also back up Evans truth to Rea!
      ~ I swear no more from me! 😉

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    • – Good observations about Archer and Reagan’s original love affair as teens. She very much wanted to be whatever he wanted and he probably knew that.
      – I think we’ll see more of the Evan and Ryan friendship. Obviously Ryan knows how much he loves his sister. He is indeed in a very dark place right now and does need help. Although I’m not sure he would reach out. Just doesn’t seem like him. But Ryan May encourage him to fight for his sister. More on Ryan and Evan to come.
      – Totally agree that Evan needs to tell her the truth. It’s going to be difficult for him, yes, but he knows better than anyone right now what kind of man Archer is. As he knows what he did. If Archer wouldn’t have killed Avery, then it would be completely different. Evan would be in his debt. But Archer believes Evan isn’t going to be a problem and he intends to keep him and Reagan separated until she ‘forgets’ about Evan.
      – She needs Ryan and Evan to help her for sure. Right now she is running and hiding and avoiding facing things head on and Archer makes that possible for her. He wasn’t part of the whole mess and so she can try to forget it with Archer. Of course she won’t. But not having to see everyone does make it easier. It doesn’t really help her. Evan and Reagan desperately need to talk. They both need help. Reagan is confused and doesn’t understand. But she’s not thinking clearly.
      – Thank you. ❤️ I’m always surprised when a chapter I think will not elicit much in the way of comments really hits home with readers! And I don’t mind mini stories! I appreciate them! ❤️


  15. Applause to Ryan for seeing right through Archer and giving him his piece of mind. If only he was more vehement and told him to stay away from his sister. Archer waltzes back and thinks he can take whatever he wants, completely ignoring that Reagan is in a relationship. That’s a jerk behaviour.
    While I understand why Danni is mad, she’s forgetting that Reagan might have gotten shot and killed too. Show a little empathy, lady. Reagan has been through enough even without Danni adding onto that pile of s**t.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ryan figured him out quickly. He tried to tell him to back off and Archer got super defensive. Hopefully his words hit home. Although, even if they did, not sure if Archer will back down a little. He made it clear he had feelings for Reagan and was going to try again. He was a jerk.

      Dannie is understandably hurting and needs to lash out at someone. And Reagan is right there. It is totally atypical behavior for her so I hope she’ll eventually calm down and they can talk and clear the air. She thought Cole was going to die.

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Wow, great chapter! It’s a shame that Archer had to lie about Avery’s death. Now I’m kind of in a limbo with Evan and Archer. Ugh…

    On that note, even though I’ve always liked Dannie, she’s being a stone-hearted bitch! 😠 did she forget what Reagan just fucking went through? First she was tortured by her own mother, then almost killed, then her father almost got killed, too many things to name. And all Dannie does is glare at her and snap? Sorry, but I’m kind of pissed at Dannie right now. Look at the bigger picture, blondie. Poor Reagan needs an extra dose of love right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Archer was certainly not going to tell anyone he killed her. Although he told Evan because he had to make him stay quiet. He knew Evan would know he did it.

      Dannie is being a bit hard hearted. She’s just in pain and is blaming Reagan for almost getting her husband killed. She may come around as she gets rest and Cole is able to talk to her. He most certainly won’t blame Reagan. And Dannie will realize what she went through. I just hope she doesn’t think she deserved it. Reagan needs a lot of love and support right now, not confirmation that she’s now being ostracized from her family. With the exception of Ryan. And I wish she would have turned to him but it just didn’t work out that way. He had to make a choice and his father was dying so he went with him. Understandably.

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    • Of course Reagan didn’t expect that. That’s why she’s a mess, but Cole tried to warned her. And she didn’t listen… and She hasn’t been exactly nice to Dannie until recently. So she reached her breaking point when it nearly cost her husband’s life. I’m sure she’ll get over it. Dannie isn’t spiteful, not really.


  18. I have to say I agree with Ryan about Archer. It does seem like he’s taking advantage of Reagan’s emotional state. If he really wants to compete fairly for Reagan’s affections, he should do so when she is healed from this. In the meantime, yes, be there as a friend. I dunno, maybe I’m all wrong. I’m just hoping Evan doesn’t get totally edged out.

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  19. A love triangle just as I expected. But then again maybe not . Reagan is so vulnerable that she would lie in the arms of anybody she loves. Heck, it’s not inappropriate even if Ryan or Cole, or ,HELL, even Sofia was letting her rest her head on their sweet shoulder for comfort.
    It sounds like Reagan just needs a shoulder to lean on, and not really a lover. This could be just her looking for brotherly comfort from Archer.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Ooof, I’m so sorry for my late comment!! I had the flu and I was so out of it!! 😥
    As much as I loved Archer back when Reagan was a teen, he totally grates on my nerves now. I really don’t like how bossy he is right now. I now that he probably cares about Reagan, but he’s just creeping me out!
    I don’t blame Dannie for being angry. She did everything in her power to be close to Reagan and she behaved like a spoiled little brat, lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m sorry you were sick. The flu is the worst. Very glad you are better. He was bossy back then too. Haha. But as an adult, it’s harder to take. He cares. But he is a bit over the top!
      Poor Dannie tried and just lost her patience.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. UMMM, why do you deserve Dannie’s wrath??
    Omg Reagan.
    For trying to have a relationship with ur MOM??
    Screw Dannie and her stankface and her victim blaming.

    Don’t mind me, all riled up from the secksual tension between Reacher.
    /inhales deeply
    smells like unrequited lust

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  22. Honestly? Yes, Archer might “love” Reagan. Just, his actions don’t tell. He does exactly the same as Avery, just the other way round. I’m entirely with Ryan, Archer is using the situation and Rea’s emotional distress to get what he wants. You think she will one day walk up to him and tell him she’d rather want Evan after living with Archer for months, maybe years after the incident? Of course not, and Archer knows this. She would stay, if even only out of bad conscience. Archer had been “there” for her in her bad times, how could she possibly leave him alone? Oh goodness, I talked too highly of him in the last comment. Not a goodbye toward Reagan but a huuuuge red flag.
    Run, girl. And if she doesn’t, Ryan, please make her run.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha! Yes, he thinks he loves her and is totally using the situation to his advantage. She won’t leave on her own and he knows she’s very vulnerable and leaning on him. She should run. Archer tried, but was lured in to a whole different lifestyle. He thinks of himself as some sort of vigilante.


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