Chapter 3.48 – Time Away

One night in Archer’s hotel turned into three. This afternoon, Reagan was back in her father’s hospital room.  Dannie and Connie had gone to get food.  And Archer, who hadn’t left her alone since he carried her out of the game room, had stepped out to take a business call. Ryan was bringing food to her and Archer during his lunch break. In fact, everyone had gone back to work; returning back to their lives.  Everyone except her.  Ami had insisted she take time off to recover, and her grandparents were filling in until she came back.  At least she was holding her job for her.

As she watched her father sleeping, she was happy he was doing so well. His color was good and he was getting out of bed to walk the halls.  He was still on strong pain meds and they were watching him close to be sure he didn’t develop pneumonia.  Regardless, the doctor said he might go home in a couple of days.

The door opened, and instead of Ryan, Evan walked in. Reagan caught her breath. She hadn’t seen him since that awful night. He looked much better, but still tired and something inside her broke. She was pretty sure it was her heart. She wanted to go to him but still didn’t know how. It had been so easy with Archer because there were no expectations. But with Evan, it would be difficult and painful. And she couldn’t do more pain right now. Being in the same room as Dannie was difficult enough.

“I saw Dannie and Connie,” he said, keeping his voice low, “They said you were in here.” He looked over at her father. “How’s he doing?”

“Much better,” she said, trying to calm her racing heart.

“How about you?” asked Evan, “I’ve been worried about you Reagan, but I wanted to give you space.”

Or you wanted space away from me, she thought.  She forced a smile anyway. “I’m okay,” she said, “You don’t need to worry about me. Thank you for stopping by.”  She needed him to leave.  He was right.  She needed space – away from him – and it made her sad for both of them. This was much too hard, she couldn’t think when he was standing near her.

“Reagan, we need to talk,” he said instead of leaving.  “Maybe you don’t, but I do. Please. At least hear me out.”

“About what?”

He glanced at her father.  “Not in here. Can we step outside?” asked Evan.

“No. I can’t leave Daddy alone. If he wakes up, I don’t want him to be afraid.”

Her father turned and opened his eyes.  “Reagan,” he said, his voice weak, “go talk to him.”

Daddy! Can I get you anything? How’s your pain? Are you hungry?” Her words were all running together.

Cole huffed out what seemed like a painful laugh. “Reagan, no to everything. Now, go. Talk to Evan. I’m fine,” he said and held up the nurse call button, “See, I have a the bat phone right here.”

Reagan was outvoted. She smiled and let out a soft sigh. She leaned over and kissed her father’s forehead. “I won’t be long,” she promised, then added tenderly, “I love you.” before she turned and left with Evan.

She followed Evan into a corner of the waiting room and they sat down together. Why did he have to look so good?

“Thank you for giving me a minute,” said Evan. “How are you, really? You’ve been through so much, and I want to be sure you are taking care of yourself.”

“I’m doing just fine,” she said quietly. She didn’t want to talk about it to him, or anyone else. It was too hard.

He took a breath and searched her eyes making her uncomfortable. He seemed to be measuring his words when he finally spoke. “I meant what I said in the coffee shop. I love you Reagan, and I want to be the one to help you through this. I miss you terribly.”

“Evan. I’m sorry, I just can’t do this. Not yet. You were married and didn’t tell me. If you lie to me about something like that … I just don’t know. Right now, I need someone I can trust.”

Something crossed Evan’s face that scared her a little before he quickly masked it. She’d never seen him look like that before. “There’s more to Archer Kendall than you know.  Just be careful.” His words seemed like a warning or maybe it was just jealousy.  “I know I have to earn your trust back,” he said, his words filled with pain. “There are a lot of things that we need to talk about … things that …”

Unable to listen anymore because her heart was breaking, she shook her head to stop him.  “Please Evan. No more. I told you, I can’t do this now. I have to focus on Daddy … and try to fix this mess I made. And besides, you don’t even know Archer.”

“He shows you what he wants you to see Reagan.” Evan’s words were hard.

He took a calming breath before speaking again.   “Look, I’m sorry.  But I want to be here for you and it’s painful to watch Archer do what I should be doing.  I understand, that’s on me. But please Reagan, don’t throw away what we had without at least hearing me out.  I know you still care. I can see it in your eyes.”

Evan was pleading with her and it was breaking her heart. She did love him. Didn’t she? But he sounded like a jealous man when it came to Archer and Archer never said anything about him. Besides, there was nothing to be jealous of.

“Reagan? Is he bothering you?” asked Archer as he walked into the room.

Reagan jumped guiltily while Evan simply glared at the intrusion.

“Archer – no,” she said, suddenly feeling like she was cheating on both of them, even though she and Archer were only friends. Friends that slept in the same bed, but still platonic. She didn’t know what she and Evan were anymore, or what she wanted them to be. She felt strongly about both men, the same but different.

Evan stood up and glared at Archer, his fists balled at his side.  “I was just leaving,” he growled out to Archer, his jaw working back and forth.  Reagan had never seen him so upset.

He turned to her and his expression morphed to one of tenderness, but mixed with pain. It made her want to throw her arms around him and comfort him. “Think about it Reagan. Maybe we can go out to dinner in a couple of weeks, after your father goes home, and finish our conversation. There is a lot more I need to say.”

“Maybe in a few weeks,” said Reagan softly.  And she meant it, she just couldn’t face it all now.  She only needed a little more time.  That was all.

“I’ll call you,” he said and stood there awkwardly, like he wanted to hug her, but finally decided not to. She felt an acute emptiness when he finally turned to walk away. Like she did the night of the shooting, when he left the hospital.

“Evan,” she heard herself say. When he stopped and turned around, his expression was filled with hope. She wanted to hug him so badly, so why couldn’t she? She hated every time he walked away from her. “A couple of weeks,” she said again.

“Okay,” he said and the disappointment in that one word cut her like a knife. This was why she couldn’t see him. It hurt them both, and she couldn’t take anymore hurt.

After he walked out, strong arms wrapped around her reminding her that Archer was standing there, and she felt marginally better.  “It’s okay, let him go,” said Archer.

She wiped her perpetually runny nose. “It hurts,” was all she could say.

She turned and buried her head in his chest. He just held her until she calmed down.

Finally, Archer lifted her chin to look at him.  “Why don’t you ask Ami if you can take off a month. You need some mental health days. Evan will be at work, and that might be too much for you right now.

“I know you don’t want to go back to your house either. Too many bad memories.  So why don’t you get Ami to put your house on the market, so by the time you’re ready to come back next month, it’ll likely be sold and you won’t have to deal with it. Maybe she can also find you a new one, or you can rent an apartment until you do.”

Reagan huffed a small laugh. “You have it all figured out don’t you? But I don’t know if I should leave at all, even for a month. I haven’t had a chance to talk to Daddy. I don’t want to stress him while he’s recovering.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t think you can stay. You need to heal and you’ll heal faster if you get away from the stress and negativity. You need to let your heart, your mind and your body rest so it can heal itself.”

Archer pushed her hair from her face, and that sweet display of affection sent chills through her body. Even lying in the same bed with him didn’t seem as intimate as that simple little gesture. “Reagan, I’ll stay here as long as you need me, but think about it.”

She knew Archer needed to leave and get back to work.  He was only staying in town because of her. “You’re right.  I do need to sell it.  I’ll call Ami, tell her to put the house on the market … and ask for a month off.  But I can’t stay gone.  I have to come back.”

He looked relieved and his smile was mirrored in the twinkle in his eyes. “We can stay here until you’re ready to leave. There’s no rush.”

“I’ll be ready as soon as Daddy goes home. I need to know he’s okay before I leave. Ryan doesn’t need me. He has Rosa living with him. He said he realized that he didn’t want to waste time. Life was too short, so she agreed to move in with him. But now, I need to get back to Daddy.  Let’s go.”


They went back to her father’s room and Ryan finally made it with their food.  “Hey Dad,” he said, and his father smiled warmly at him.  “I bumped into Jason on the way up. He’s in town and of course his mom filled him in.  Rea, he asked if you wouldn’t mind coming down to see him so I told him I’d send you.”

Reagan let out a sigh.  She really didn’t want to see anybody.  But she and Ryan had known Jason their whole life. And they hadn’t seen him in years, so she had to go. She steeled herself with a pasted on smile and stood up.  “I’ll be back in a few minutes,” she said and left the room.

“Jason,” said Reagan when she saw him, and gave him a warm smile which he returned. She couldn’t help but notice he had turned into a very attractive man, but his eyes seemed sad.  Was that how she looked now? Just sad?

He held his arms out.  “Hi Reagan,” he said.

She walked over hugged him, then they sat on the couch together.  “It’s good to see you.” he said, “I wish it was under better circumstances.  How’s your dad doing?”

“He’s much better, he should be able to go home in a couple of days,” she replied, trying hard to hide the pain in her voice.

“What about you?” he asked.

“I’m fine. Just a little tired I guess,” she replied, trying to hide the lie with a smile.

He looked at her pointedly.  “Reagan. I can see it, you’re suffering. Have you seen a therapist?” he asked.

“No. I’m fine – really. I’ll be better when Daddy goes home.”

“Reagan, we’ve known each other since we were born. You need to be seeing a therapist. I know from experience what you are dealing with. When I – ran away, things happened, and when I came back, I needed help coping.”

“I’m sorry.  But really, I’m fine.  So … what about you? What are you doing these days? I didn’t know you were back in town.”

“I’m working with my band, and stop trying to change the subject.” He paused and fished something out of his wallet. “Here. This is the therapist I used. She specializes in family counseling. Give her a call when you’re ready. And if you just need to talk, call me, anytime.”

Reagan took the card and looked at it. He’d written his phone number on it. She smiled a sad smile at his sweet gesture. They both knew she wouldn’t call. “Thank you Jason. It was sweet for you to come by. You’re a good friend, but I need to get back. Good luck with your band. One day you’ll be super famous and I can say I knew you when you were sweet and shy.”

Jason chuckled, “Your right, when I was sweet and shy, because that no longer applies.”

“Of course it does. At least you are still sweet. Thanks again.” She stood up, hugged him and quickly walked away.

He wouldn’t be so sweet to her if he knew all of this was her fault.  Seeing Jason only reinforced her decision to go San Myshuno.  She couldn’t take the well wishers or the looks of hatred from Dannie.  Now she just had to tell everyone.  She doubted they would care, except maybe her father.  But she would wait until he went home.

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63 thoughts on “Chapter 3.48 – Time Away

  1. Uh oh… Archer is pulling her closer and closer 😱 Timing and circumstance are definitely working in his favor here… poor Evan 😦 I feel bad that Reagan still won’t talk to him. “A few weeks”, huh?

    A few weeks *with Archer* though… 😱 Who knows what could happen during that time 😬

    I’m enjoying watching this love triangle unfold 😈 But still #TeamEvan! ❤️ And #TeamMaybeTherapyIsntABadIdeaForYouReagan… But I need to work on a better hashtag 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Archer is indeed taking full advantage. Evan’s trying. But it’s all messed up. Had it not been for her mother … and Archer … they may have moved past it already.

      And being isolated probably won’t help her, but maybe it will. 🤷‍♀️

      Longest hashtag in existence! #TeamTherapy?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ugh, just go away Archer. It’s so freaking creepy that he inserts himself into everything, even being in the room with her sick dad – dude, you’re not family and you and Cole were never even on good terms. I don’t care if it’s because he misses her and he wants her back. Just go away – this has NOTHING to do with him, except when he inserts himself.

    Don’t know if I care for Evan anymore either. Both of them can go away and Reagan can start a new life away from all this nonsense. She really should call that therapist. My advice for her would be:
    1. Get therapy to sort out your massive issues.
    2. Make up with your family.
    3. Don’t date Archer.
    4. Get to a stable place in her life.
    5. Don’t date Archer.
    6. Focus on yourself for a while.
    7. Find a nice, stable guy (who’s not Archer).
    Ha, ha, sorry I just really don’t like Archer don’t mind me. 😛 (I guess someone had to fill out the black hole of hate in my heart where Avery used to live).

    Liked by 3 people

    • Lol! Archer is very pushy! He always was though, even in high school. He was used to everyone doing what he said and taking care of everyone. He’s not bad Orr she, just thinks he knows what’s best. It was Reagan he couldn’t have in high school and she got under his skin. Now he’s determined not to let her get away again.

      Reagan does need to make amends with her family or accept that they don’t hate her … well … maybe Dannie and her need a heart to heart … but even that could potentially be repaired. And therapy. She needs it big time. She has to fix herself before she can think about moving on with either of them.

      It’s okay not to like Archer. He’s not too likable right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Archer is such a manipulator! And a good one at that. He gets what he wants at all costs. Well…that’s what Evan gets for lying to her. Archer will have to put up a big show over that month not to make Reagan suspicious about his job. But one month won’t be hard to do. Mickey hid his activities from Nicky for years.

    Is this going to turn into a Mickey/Nicky debacle? I hope not. But he swoops in on her emotional state whenever he can. Evan no sooner left the room and he had his octapus tentacles wrapped around her. Huh boy.

    I can only hope that things heat up with BASE and Reagan can see what Archer truly does for a living then she flees to Evan’s waiting arms. (She’s got to somehow find out the truth about what her mother did to him and why he lied.) I hope she does meet with him in two weeks but I’m doubtful since she’ll be in San Myshuno.

    Liked by 2 people

    • He is and always has been a manipulator. He reads people’s weaknesses and takes full advantage. Archer’s job definitely crossed the line from borderline legal to illegal. And Archer isn’t happy about it. But he did it. So…. what does that mean for any kind of future they could have?

      I hope it doesn’t go the way of Mickey/Nicky too. But he does definitely take advantage. Ryan was right. The truth will come out at some point. It always does, right. Evan is still working so when she comes home they will see each other. She only agreed to go away for a month to get her head straight. At least that’s what she’s telling herself. 🙄

      Liked by 1 person

      • A lot can happen in a month!!!! She could easily fall in love again…and this Archer is different from the Archer in high school. Ugh…I want him back if that’s who she ends up with. 😥

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes. He has become much harder than he was in high school. I want the old Archer back too. He got caught up in too much stuff with Mickey. Some of which suited his personality, but now it’s messed him up because it went too far. I don’t think he can ever be the same. But he did stop Evan. So, he does have some compassion left.

          Liked by 1 person

    • I had to read this comment a few times. Lol.
      Mickey and Nicky had a interesting relationship, but I never saw Mickey manipulating her. At least not in the way Archer is manipulating and isolating Reagan. But Mickey did have his secrets in the beginning. And he did tell his lies.
      But in the end it worked out for the best,I mean Mickey, was the best thing t happen to her right? She started as a sweet shy, awkward person, then Mickey comes along with his cowboy hat and big red truck, gives her all this confidence in her self, a few nightclubs and two children…now look at her….she is handing out lethal injections to people…Ohhhhhhh….yes I agree I hope this doesn’t become a Nicky and Mickey situation.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Uhhh…no. A man who lies and isn’t there for her is not the best thing to happen to her. A man who is with his woman, supporting her, wanting to make things work is a catch and the best. SO…


        But I didn’t word it right in my sentence structure there. I didn’t mean Mickey was manipulating Nicky, I meant I didn’t want Archer to hide his nefarious activities from Reagan, get married then have Reagan find out and want a divorce. THAT’S what a MickeyNicky relationship means to me. 😜

        Liked by 1 person

        • Well you got to hand it to Mickey and Nicky, when she made him choose….he did choose her. Unfortunately he was pulled back in years later, and I am not sure he would have been if not for his father’s shenanigan’s.
          I think what made those two work, and still makes them work (as business partners) is the respect they have for one another. Archer loves Reagan, but I feel he kinda he see’s her as this little fragile girl who needs protecting. Mickey never saw Nicky that way. He always knew what she was capable of, and did what he could to bring it out. But Mickey was not her only support, so I think Nicky, while going in a different direction likely would have been just as successful.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. You know the only fair way to see which bachelor is the best choice is pictures of their off spring lol joking. I really like them both and I’m pissed at Archer for intentionally keeping information from her. She can’t make the right choice if she doesn’t know all the facts. At least Cole is trying to put things back together as he heals. Dannie needs to talk to Reagan and no sneering or blame just a talk. It’s long over due.

    And Reagan, go see that therapist!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I LOVE this idea. You are soooo right. Maybe I’ll post pics and let the readers vote! 😂😂😂😂

      Archer is indeed hiding information from her to give himself an advantage. He sees Evan as weak. And thinks she’ll forget him if he gets her away.

      Cole is doing well and trying to help. I think he’s probably #TeamEvan.

      Reagan and Dannie need that heart to heart badly. They need to clear the air. Maybe Dannie needs to yell at her and get it out then they move forward. Right now it’s looks and not speaking unless required.



    • Hopefully she will grow up soon and take charge of her life. Right now she’s letting Archer do it because it’s easier and she’s wallowing. And he is allowing it. Actually, I don’t think Evan would let her do that. He would make her deal with it. He is trying to put his life back together and I’m sure it hurts him to see her so miserable and full of self doubt.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Idk I kinda gave up on her. After the last chapter I thought she’d go into the right direction and finally take care of her own, but now it looks like nothing can help her anymore.
        If she didn’t learn after Avery, she probably never will.

        On the other side she might even be happy with Archer so who knows.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Yes. I hope everyone doesn’t give up on her. Hopefully she’ll snap out of her poor me, which she tends to do, and grow a backbone. I’m not sure she would be happy long term wallowing in her misery and letting Archer make her decisions. She got a taste of happiness with Evan when they worked together as a team. He didn’t try to coddle her like Archer is doing.

          Liked by 1 person

  5. Ugh. Can’t stand Archer right now. He’s doing the same Avery was – isolating Rea from her family. If it was up to him he would lock her up in his bedroom. And the way he drove Evan off like Rea belonged to him. It’s sickening. She needs the opposite – to bond with her family again. Running away will make things worse. I feel bad for Evan. He’s trying, but doesn’t want to push her and at the same time has to watch Archer taking up his position. Rea should give him an answer, not string him along. It’s unfair.

    Liked by 4 people

    • Archer is being a too controlling. I think it’s the only way he knows how to be. He is taking Avery’s place for sure. Reagan needs her family way more than she needs a man, Archer or Evan. But so far, they aren’t romantic … at least that’s what Reagan is trying to convince herself. She has to know he has other ideas. He even said it although he backed off.

      I feel bad for Evan having to watch it. It has to be difficult. Hopefully they’ll finally get a chance to talk. And she will either cut him loose or try to get back together. At least he’ll be able to move on. But I think she needs to hear him out and stop cutting him off.


      • He is controlling and you write him well and make me mad at him. LOL. I hate how Evan’s hands are practically tied. He can’t push Reagan to have the talk with him, because it would only send her further into Archer’s arms. He has to wait and watch Archer inserting himself more and more into Rea’s life and occupy all positions. I feel for him so much right now.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. All those handsome men everywhere. Starting to wonder if I want to move to Newcrest … LOL.

    Seriously now, yay, Cole is better and boo – a love triangle – or even a love square?
    I see how Archer is kicking himself into the dust, presumably b/c his current job demands him to be very dominant, maybe also because he thinks Evan is not the best for Rea right now (I kind of agree – I mean, reasoning being what it was, but if I found out AFTER the fact that I had been dating and hot ‘n’ heavy with a guy who was still married – yeah, NO!). I’d wager Archer had regrets after he left, and seeing her again, both older and wis… never mind that last part. Guess all that made him possessive.

    Evan. I still like him and feel for him. Rape is rape, no matter who and what, but I just don’t like lies. Withholding a marriage is a lot worse on the lie spectrum than “no, that dress does not make your butt look big”. I know they make a cute couple and many ship it, but I am limping around them as a potential couple again.

    As far as Dannie goes, I am with her about the feelings about Rea. We’ll come around, eventually, but right now, keep distance.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Nah. Jason isn’t part of the square! Thank goodness although I think he would if she was interested. But they tried that already and it didn’t work.

      He is not happy with himself. His job does require a certain don’t fuck with me personality. Hehe…. not wiser! Not really. Mother screwed her up. And he is becoming very possessive.

      Evan….poor guy. Yes Rape is rape. The lies really are getting him in the doghouse.

      Dannie – Yes… she sorta deserves to angry and hurt.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jason is definitely not part of the square. As a teen he wanted it very much, he even made move and got shot down. Now though, he doesn’t want Reagan anywhere near his family, not because of her, but because how crazy and dangerous he knows his family to be. He doesn’t like nor trust Archer either.

        Liked by 1 person

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  8. YAY! You kept in the Jason scene, after I decided to move onto to the reboot I wasn’t sure you would. Man I know Archer is part of the family, but I just can’t stand him. Someone mentioned this becoming a Nicky/Mickey situation, Mickey never would have manipulated Nicky this way. For awhile I don’t think even Evan is the answer.
    What Reagan really needs is 1) Therapy 2)Get away, BUT NOT WITH ARCHER. I was thinking a nice vacation to the island or maybe a trip to Granite Falls. Just some place to be by herself, or take Ryan with her. Ryan has always been a safe place for her (except when it came to Archer I know)

    I also hear Germany is nice…..

    I am confidant Dannie will come around. That woman is too sweet to hold a grudge. I also know Dannie would step up for Cole. Right now everyone is just angry. For good reason.
    I do wonder how Connie is dealing with all this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Therapy and family. Dannie only helped fuel more of Reagan’s self-doubt and guilt. Hopefully this will resolve and she’ll get therapy.

      Connie probably doesn’t know everything. But she’s certainly happy her Daddy is okay.


  9. Ughhhhh! Reagan.Get.Help! She shouldn’t just wait for things to heal on their own.She has been throught some serious stuff and needs someone specialized in that regard to help her heal. Not one of the two guys interrested in her. They may offer confort, and ease things, but they won’t make her reflect and move pass what happened, at least in my opinion.

    I can see why Archer belives he’s helping, but, still, hugging her and all that ”don’t worry babe i’m here for you” thing still feels very weird for me as he’s still using the situation at his advantage, making her life decisions for her, and just making himself look like this big ”safe space” for Reagan. I hope she just clings to Archer while she’s hurt, and healing, if she keeps this up for a longer period of time, things could get messy.

    I hope Evan goes to theraphy and Works things out on his own, so that when he and Reagan meet, they’re both all healead up and nice to go. They both have baggage, yeah, but then again, who doesn’t? I mean, Archer has killed people, for godness’s sake.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Agreed… she needs serious help. I would hope they would make her go. But maybe not.

      Archers totally advancing his agenda by being ever present. Things can get messy. Fast.

      I hope Evan does go into therapy. He so needs it. Archers baggage is probably worse!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Man, I soooo agree with everyone. Reagan needs therapy ASAP. And Archer needs to just ugh, back off! Go away Archer, nobody wants you near Reagan you a-hole!
    I was so glad to see my babe Evan finally a little better ❤ ❤ But he and Reagan need to learn to communicate better. They need to sit down and tell each other everything, no matter how much it hurts. Which is really hard right now, everything is still fresh – I get it. But they need to do it eventually.
    Aaah, I need more! I read three chapters altogether and I'm not satisfied! XD This was great! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I agree that Reagan needs some time away to get back on track, but why does every man in her life feel the need be the one to “be there for her”?!?!? These men have a serious knight in shining armor complex.
    Yes, she needs to heal. And yes, it would be best if that time was spent away from Newcrest. And yes, she should probably sell her home. But the only one that can help Reagan is Reagan! And until she realizes that, she will never truly be healed.

    Liked by 1 person

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  13. I think what bothers me the most this chapter is – apart from Evan having to walk away – that Archer sounds so terribly reasonable while he isn’t.
    “You need some mental health days”. Oh yes, Rea sure does. But everything after that is a blatant lie, and a lie that many of us have been told ourselves.
    “Your heart, mind and body need time to heal itself” Ugh. Of course all of that is important and part of our complex selves. What is not true, though is that they heal everything. Rea has been hurt through relationships her whole life. First her mother, then Archer and in the end, Evan (and her mother again). The healing must come through new, healthy relationships as well, at least partly, otherwise it will never be complete. Basically, what Archer (hopefully unconsciously!) tries to do is keeping Rea from healing at an extent that would make her independant from him 🤮

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Archer is totally manipulating the situation. He does want Reagan to heal, but in the process to fall for him. He’s so good at pretending to give her space. He totally wants her dependent on him.


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