Chapter 3.59 – The Rehearsal

Reagan arrived early at the venue for the rehearsal.  She wanted to look over everything and make any last minute adjustments.  Now she was just waiting for the rest of the participants to arrive.

She was excited for Taylor and Elliott. But a little envious too. In less than 24 hours they would be married and everyone would be celebrating in this very room.  She couldn’t help but think of her own situation.   She wasn’t dating, so it would be a very long time before she would see her wedding day.

Evan hadn’t shown any interest in restarting their relationship, but then, she hadn’t either.  Their relationship reminded her of when they first met.  There was an attraction, but neither of them was ready to risk getting hurt again, so they pretended there wasn’t.

She sat down with a glass of wine and reflected on the past few weeks.  It had been crazy trying to pull it all together.  Dannie had made an effort to be pleasant. But Reagan could tell, she was still holding back. They had spent a lot of time together with Taylor and Connie ordering dresses, going to fittings, cake tastings, and talking to caterers.  And they did have fun in spite of it.

In between wedding planning and work, Reagan had been seeing Dr. Brown. She was still having nightmares, but less often.  As usual, they revolved around Archer, Evan and her mother. She wasn’t a player in them like she was the night she cracked a wine bottle over Archer’s head. When she didn’t dream, it shocked her when she woke up.  Those were good days. 

She also began to recognize the triggers for her dreams.  Her appointments with Dr. Brown and Archer’s phone calls we’re generally followed by nightmares. She needed to suck it up and tell him to stop calling so she could have more good days.

Taylor and Elliot had agreed to buy Reagan’s house and they closed on it two weeks ago. Evan hadn’t found a house for Reagan yet, but she didn’t mind.  She had no immediate plans to move out of her grandparents home.  She would find a rental when she was ready until something came open.

Everyone began to arrive, interrupting Reagan’s musings. Taylor made a beeline for her, and hugged her. “It’s beautiful Reagan,” she said excitedly, “We could never have done this without you.”

“Thank you,” said Reagan sincerely. She noticed Pastor Frank had arrived. “Okay, you guys ready.  The pastor is here. It’s time to get started.”

“Come on love,” said Elliott and put his arm around Taylor as they made their way to where Elliott’s father was introducing himself to Pastor Frank.

Everyone filed outside where the wedding Arch and seating had been arranged for the wedding.  Pastor Frank began to show everyone where to stand and what to expect during the ceremony. Her father’s wedding, the only other one she’d ever been in, was super informal.  Even though this was small, it was still a full blown white wedding.

She watched Connie talking with Evan. He was going to escort her back down the aisle after the ceremony.  Connie was crushing big time. It was so cute. Reagan was actually relieved she would be escorted by Ryan and not Evan. Walking with Evan would’ve just made her sad.

Evan managed to escape Connie and sat down next to Reagan while they waited for the Pastor to finish with Taylor and Elliott. “You’ve done an excellent job” he said.

“Thanks,” she said and smiled, “We’ll see how it goes tomorrow night.”

“It’ll be fine.  It’s good to see you smiling and enjoying yourself.” He stopped and fidgeted a minute before continuing. “You know, this whole wedding thing got me thinking…”

What? She thought nervously as she waited for him to finish his thought.  Her heart was racing with fear and anticipation.

“Maybe we can have dinner … and just talk.”

“Of course,” said Reagan. Just talk?  Was he trying to ensure it meant nothing? Or was he afraid she wouldn’t go if it might mean something.  She had no idea which it was.  Now she was going to worry herself sick until they actually did have dinner.

Connie ran up and grabbed Evan’s arm. “They want us to practice one more time. Come on..”

He gave Connie his signature smirk, thrilling her little sister,  then he excused himself and walked off with her.  God that half grin, thought Reagan, like he knew exactly what you wanted and he was going to let you have it – maybe.  Reagan missed it when it was just for her, because there was never a maybe.

Reagan got up to follow them, but was intercepted by Dannie. “Reagan, can we talk?” she asked.

“Sure Dannie, is something wrong?” asked Reagan, worried something wasn’t right with the venue or flowers or music or food or ….

Dannie gave her a sad smile. “Yes. With the way I’ve been treating you.”

Ohhhh. Reagan tried hard to keep her expression neutral. “Dannie. It’s okay. I get it, really,” assured Reagan.  She was relieved it wasn’t about the wedding, but was shocked at her admission.

Dannie looked uncomfortable. “Come, sit down Reagan. I want to clear the air before tomorrow. I don’t want anything to cloud Taylor’s day.”

First Evan and now Dannie. What was it about weddings that got everyone thinking? wondered Reagan.  She followed her step-mother into the vacant reception hall and they sat down together.

“Dannie, before you say anything, can I say something first?” asked Reagan hoping to preempt any awkwardness. “It’s really important. Part of my therapy.” She made that last part up to try and get her cooperation.

“Ooookay …” said Dannie.

“Dannie, I owe you a huge debt of gratitude. I treated you abhorrently when I was in high school. Yet, you were more of a mother to me than my mother ever thought about being. You are my mother Dannie – and I’m sorry. I deserved your anger.”

Dannie threw up her hands. “That’s no excuse Reagan. I stopped trying when you needed me. And I’m ashamed of that. I needed somewhere to place my anger and Avery wasn’t around. It was easy to blame you for bringing her back into our lives. But it wasn’t your fault. Cole helped me see past my anger and the pain. It was hers and hers alone.”

“You were entitled to stop trying,” said Reagan sadly, “I’m surprised you didn’t stop years ago. Thank you for not. Even if you just did it for Daddy.”

Dannie looked up at Reagan, seemingly upset by her words, “It wasn’t just for Cole, although I would do anything to make him happy. I’m sure you know that.  He loves his children more than anything, more than me, although I don’t doubt his love for me. Everything he ever did, was done out of the need to protect the two of you from her. But Reagan, I love the both of you too. Just the same as if you were my own. I let my fear guide me. I was so afraid of losing your father.”

“I know Dannie, or should I call you mother?” Reagan thought for a second and knew the answer right away. She chuckled softly. “Nah, I think Dannie is probably better, because when I think of Dannie, I think of a loving and caring wife and mother. Mother … for me … means something else.”

Dannie smiled for the first time. “I’ve always been Dannie to you and Ryan. It’s okay.”

Reagan felt warmed inside and returned her smile. “A new beginning for us then?” she asked.

“Yes,” said Dannie as her eyes filled, “A new beginning for a lot of us, including your sister.  I can’t thank you enough for helping. Everything is truly perfect. Come on. Your father’s gonna send out the Calvary when he sees us gone. I don’t think he trusts me with you yet.”

Reagan laughed. “Let’s go show him he can. And Dannie, thank you for not giving up on us. Especially me. I really do know how hard you tried.” Reagan remembered the day Dannie came and picked her at school. She wanted so badly to let Dannie hug and comfort her, but her stupid pride got in the way. No more.

“It’s the past Reagan,” she said softly, “We try to learn from our mistakes, then we move forward to a better place. I’m moving forward.”

Dannie took Reagan’s arm and together they walked out to join their family.  When they saw Cole and Evan walking towards them, Dannie whispered to Reagan, “See, I told you he’d come looking.” Both women giggled and tried not to look at the two men walking towards them.


The next morning …

When Reagan woke, she was expecting it to be dark, but it wasn’t. She was awakened by the sun shining through the window.  At least the day was starting out good.  It was sunny and she didn’t have a nightmare.  Today was Taylor’s wedding and there was a lot to do so she jumped up right away to get started.

When Reagan walk-ran into the kitchen, Sofia looked up and smiled. “Hey sleepy-head. I saved some coffee for you. Had to fight off Ben though, so you’re lucky..”

“What time is it?” asked Reagan in a panic.

“It’s only 7:00. You have a plenty of time to relax.”

“I slept all night!” said Reagan excitedly.

“You did. You’re doing that more often,” replied Sofia, smiling proudly like she was one hundred percent responsible.

Reagan grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down at the bar. “I must have wedding brain!” she said, “Maybe I should plan weddings for a living.”

“I think you’re just finally healing. So, how was rehearsal?” asked Sofia.

“It was great. I think Connie has a crush on Evan a mile wide. She barely left him alone for a second.”

“Honey, I have a crush on Evan.”

Reagan laughed at her grandmother. “I’m telling Grandpa! Where is he?”

“Tell me what?” asked Ben as he walked into the kitchen in search of more coffee.

“Grandma has a crush on Evan.”

“I’m never telling you another thing Reagan Murdock,” said Sofia and laughed. “That was a secret!”

Ben put his arm around his wife and nuzzled her neck.  Sofia closed her eyes and leaned into his embrace. “You cougar you,” muttered Ben, “Looks like I need to remind you what you have in your own backyard. Besides, I think Reagan already has dibs on Evan.”

Reagan watched them together and smiled. The love those two shared was the sweetest thing she’d ever seen. Maybe one day she’d have that too. Hopefully with the object of Sofia and Connie’s crush and make them jealous of her. If she and Evan ever got together, she’d never let him forget what he meant to her. But that was a big if. So far, he hadn’t indicated that he wanted to. Well, except he did ask her to have dinner.

“I think that ship has sailed Grandpa,” said Reagan, keeping her tone light, “so watch out Gramps.  See you two later.  I can’t sit around talking. I have places to go, people to see and things to do – or there won’t be a wedding tonight.”

Reagan went to her room to get ready. She was supposed to have breakfast with Taylor, Dannie and Connie at 8:30 – then nail and hair appointments afterwards. But she was glad she had sat down with her grandmother for a few minutes. Her grandparents had been a godsend.

She jumped in the shower and suddenly it dawned on her. Sofia wasn’t her grandmother by blood. But still, she was every bit her father’s mother and her grandmother just the same as if she’d given birth to him. Dannie was her mother too. She was very happy they had a talk last night.

Tonight, she would tell her father how much she loved him and that Dannie had been a good choice for him. She was looking forward to spending time with her sisters and Dannie this afternoon before the wedding. Things were going to be okay. Even if it was without Evan and definitely without Archer. She could do this. She threw the pill bottle in the trash and left to join her family for breakfast.

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The wedding venue was created by SimsLegacyStory for me. ♥  It contains a huge reception hall, bride and grooms rooms and seating for an outdoor wedding. 

65 thoughts on “Chapter 3.59 – The Rehearsal

  1. WHY do I have a feeling
    Something terrible is aboat to happen

    That’s nice Reagan made up with her stepmonster awww.

    Ok, Reagan, just like get Evan drunk? Ok, AN THEN, take him to Vegas… still with me? Ok good, AN THEN, find one of those little wedding chapels
    U know where am going with this rite? YA
    /Mastermind cackle

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  2. Bahahaaaa! Sofia has a crush! (Well we ALL have a crush on Evan, let’s be real.)

    I like it that Evan at least wants to talk. Hooray!

    And now Dannie and Reagan have made up and have the relationship they should have had all along. I’m smiling so hard it hurts! 😃

    And you did a dress rehearsal. Girl. You must love punishment. Great job on that. Can’t wait for the wedding! The venue is GORGEOUS! I may have to use it one day. 😉 😘

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ugh. Yes. I needed to because stuff. But yes, wedding next chapter! A true glutton for punishment!

      I’m glad you are smiling. It was a bit gushy. 🙂 But things are going better for her, finally. Or at least she’s just in a better place emotionally. Growing up and accepting responsibility.

      The venue is great! I can’t wait to show it off more with the wedding and reception.

      Liked by 1 person

    • She did! Could be bad. I suppose she can get Dr. Brown to give her more if she needs it. Let’s hope she was really ready for that step.

      Pure and wholesome! 😂😂😂. Such a sappy chapter. The calm before the storm.


  3. I’m with Connie and Sofia… Evan is delicious 😍

    Hopefully Reagan isn’t losing hope. I think those two can find each other again! I’m glad they’re taking it slow for now.

    Also glad she finally got some much needed closure with Dannie ❤️

    Things are… TOO good heading into this wedding. Which therefore means disaster must be ahead, and I am ready 😈😈😈

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    • Yummy Evan. 😍😍😍. Reagan is afraid to hope I think. But Evan is going slow. He knows he has secrets that would hurt her.

      And her and Dannie! Finally. Better late than never I think.

      What’s wrong with good? 😇😇😇

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  4. Sofia crushing on Evan…hell I’m a straight man and I can’t help but crush on Evan….I mean come on…it’s Evan. I hope Reagan will be okay. I wouldn’t have an issue with her throwing her med’s out IF she perhaps got into Grandpa’s old stash…*wink wink* Is it legal in San Myshuno/Willow Creek/Newcrest? Anyway, I am glad things are doing better for Reagan and that she is bouncing back, but I got the feeling the drama isn’t over.

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    • Lol. Reagan has double the competition now!

      Haha – she may need something to help her sleep or just chill. Grandpa’s weed woulda done it. Things are better. But … there are still *things* she doesn’t know yet. Soooo …. maybe she needs to dig that bottle out of the trash – just in case.


  5. Some quotes really stand out. “She also began to recognize the triggers for her dreams. Her appointments with Dr. Brown and Archer’s phone calls we’re generally followed by nightmares.” I think that Evan was wise in only superficially connecting with her. It would have been very possible that if he did more she would have nightmares. When she finally faces her mommy dearest demon and takes charge of her romantic relationships with Archer and Evan the nightmares will stop.
    Second quote: “What was it about weddings that got everyone thinking?” So true. Taylor and Elliott are making one of the most important decisions in their life getting married. And their familys are reflecting on it.
    The Wedding could be the perfect vehicle for the return of Avery’s ghost. I can just see her wrecking the wedding. She definitely has unfinished business and Dannie,Evan, Archer, Reagan, and the rest of the family need to face her with their unfinished business with her. Not sure if you will do it though.
    Thank you for the progress of the story development. Some issues have been resolved in a realistic and loving matter (Dannie and Reagan).

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    • She and Evan just aren’t really ready yet even though she is beginning to want that. He has a lot of secrets still to share if they are ever going to be together. I agree that once she does take charge, the dreams will go away.

      Ohh. I hope Avery’s ghost doesn’t wreck it! That would be so sad! Her one last gotcha.

      I’m very happy about Dannie and Reagan. Dannie isn’t usually like that and Cole was done with her behavior. She had to see what she was doing before she could take a step back and then finally reach out. Fortunately Reagan has grown enough to see how she behaved in the past and add her apology as well.


  6. When Reagan made it up with Danni, it almost felt like a perfect ending to this legacy, not that I wanted it to end yet. It was a good spot, though.
    Now I can’t wait for the pretty wedding pictures and the date that is not a date Reagan is going to have with Evan. It also occurred to me that after his dramatic divorce, Evan might insist on a prenup next time. And how would Reagan feel about it if it’s her he chooses to marry?

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    • Thank you! This gen is certainly close to wrapping up. And it would be a great way to end it. Less than 10 chapters left.

      The wedding is next. And there will be some fun and some drama.

      As for a prenup? Hmmm. Evan might do that. Although if they do get married he isn’t bringing a lot of assets. Eventually Reagan will inherit well more than he has. But yes, it’s a big deal and his former marriage will be touched on in the next chapter. I think Reagan would be hurt, as would anyone asked to sign one, thinking maybe he doesn’t see them as forever. But she would probably sign it. She’s stronger and more of her own person now, but still easily backs down.

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  7. Ha, ha, ha, if I hadn’t read the replies you’re giving to people’s comments I’d be sitting here thinking everything was just lovely, but WELL. I guess things are going to go wrong again soon hahah. 😛
    It was a long overdue chat between Dannie and Reagan. They’ve wasted a lot of time where they could have been there for each other, but better late than never!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dannie and Reagan did waste a lot of time they could’ve been there for each other. 😢 But I think it actually helped Reagan take a hard look at herself too. So maybe not too wasted.

      And whatever do,you mean! I’m totally innocent! Everything is lovely! 😇😇😇😇

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  8. Looks like Rea already forgot about her dinner-in-four-weeks promise to Evan, but it was clear it’s not gonna work like that from the start. At least by everyone NOT involved xD
    Now get your shit together and talk to the last one she didn’t, and if it’s only to clear the air and be ready to move on.

    I still have a feeling Archer might come back and cause some trouble, though, when he realizes he can’t get through to Rea by phone anymore. (Yes, I’d like that, of course)

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  9. Well, we do know Sofia has a huge crush on Evan (mainly because that’s my real name too – so I’m talking about me. Lol) :p Ah, what a babe. I hope both he and Reagan get over their issues soon because WE NEED THOSE EVAN BABIES! ❤ 🙂
    I can’t wait for what’s coming next! This was great! ❤ ❤

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  10. I also said something about Archer making another appearance soon…yikes! I can’t wait about that though, it’s gonna be good >:) (WP ate half of my second comment too… let’s hope it won’t happen now – though the odds are against me, lol)

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  11. Yayyy! A wedding is on the way S2 S2 S2.

    I’m also wondering about what Evan wants to talk about with Reagan. I mean, it would be good if they decided whether theyll be able to date in the future, or not, at least that way they would go and find other people, instead of just waiting for each other to be healed.

    Connies is so Cute! Can’t blame her, Evan sure is a good-looking guy!

    Girl. If Archer is a trigger, then I’m pretty frecking sure you shouldn’t even INTERACT with him anymore. Ughhh. Why does my drama-alert psychich powers tell me he’s going to crash the wedding?I hope I’m wrong.

    Glad things got finally good between Dannie and Reagan. I was about time, also loved the line ”Mother … for me … means something else.” Oof. For some reason that felt so Strong, and tells so much about the whole ”idea” she built upon her mother.

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    • Yes. It would be good if they could decide to see each other again. Connie is sweet and cute. Hopefully she won’t follow in Reagan’s footsteps.

      I hope he doesn’t crash the wedding. Weddings are hard to shoot! Lol. But he does trigger her. You have good drama-alert psychic powers! Lol.

      Dannie and Regan! ❤️. Yes, she wanted her idealized Mother back. She totally built her up in her fantasies and even if she wasn’t an evil witch, she would’ve probably disappointed Reagan anyway.

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