Chapter 3.62 – Everyday

Warning – NSFW pics 

When Reagan woke up to the aroma of bacon, eggs and coffee, for a split second she thought she was in her room at her grandmother’s. But at the same instant the night came back to her, the wedding, Archer and Evan.

And Evan … she thought, as she stretched and realized she was still naked. Reagan sat there for a minute remembering the way Evan had made love to her.

Just like he always had, with so much tenderness – and that was just the first time.

The second time, later that night, or early this morning however you look at it, was different. He was growly and aggressive, playing with her, calling her mama bear. She laughed through the whole thing.

Well almost the whole thing. Who laughs during sex? Apparently she and Evan do. She loved this sweet man with her whole being.

She also didn’t dream last night. She slept soundly, wrapped up in her lover’s arms, especially after the second round.  Even though Archer had been terrifying, Evan fixed her.

Or maybe it was because she stood up to him and didn’t back down – like a Mama Bear – she faced her fears.  Or maybe it was just keeping busy and finding comfort within her family – and now with Evan – that was healing her. She thought she was forever broken, but suddenly everything felt right.

She got up and found one of Evan’s shirts hanging on the clothes rack, and put it on.  She inhaled deeply. It smelled like him.  She looked around his tiny apartment – home he called it. But she didn’t care. She would happily live here with him if that’s what he wanted, just so she could fall asleep in his arms every night. Or, maybe she’d able to find a house soon and ask him to live with her.

God, they had one night together and she had them living together.  She was hopeless. Hopelessly in love – and then she realized – and drug free.  She decided to ask Dr. Brown her opinion on living together, although she knew she’d probably say in her sweet voice, ‘How do you feel about it Reagan?’ The thought made her laugh out loud. But she was just in that good of a mood.

She turned around and walked the two and a half steps past the bathroom and into the kitchen. She melted seeing Evan finishing up breakfast. He was only wearing pajama bottoms, sitting low on his hips. She was suddenly hungry again for more than the delicious smelling food.

She sidled up behind him and put her arms around him. “I love you Evan Connor,” she said laying her head on his back. “Raaawr,” she growled like she supposed a bear might.

Evan started to laugh. “You’re gonna make me burn this ReaBear. I’m trying to be a good host here.” He pulled the eggs from the stove and dumped them into a plate on the counter. Then he turned and grabbed her. He began to nibble her neck, growling right back at her, as she squealed for him to stop.

When he was finally well and done, they sat down together at the tiny table to eat, Evan still grinning about making her squeal earlier.

After a minute, Evan suddenly stopped eating and looked up at her.  His smile now gone, replaced with an expression that said he needed to tell her something serious.  Her stomach lurched, worried he still had something else bad to reveal.

He sighed softly before beginning. “I love seeing you in my clothes, Reagan,” he said, and shook his head. “Damn, I want this to be my everyday. Having breakfast like this. Well, maybe not here, but definitely with you.  Everyday.  I love everything about you.  Actually, I knew I did when we first started working together. You’re entitled, but you don’t act like it. You work hard and know your weaknesses and your strengths.  You never pretended. I wanted you after that very first week we met. But I had a nasty divorce sucking the life out of me. And I was afraid, so I didn’t let you in.” He looked down briefly before adding, “I’m sorry.”

“Evan. Don’t,” said Reagan shaking her head. “You don’t have to apologize. I did some totally unforgivable things, and yet, you forgave me, or I wouldn’t be sitting here.  Just so you know, I want you to be my everyday too. Especially if you cook breakfast for me.” Reagan cocked her head, as she arched an eyebrow and grinned at him to lighten the mood.

Evan chuckled. “Well, my expertise in the kitchen stops with breakfast. I hope that’s not a deal breaker.”

“Evan, you’re wrong,” she said, and felt herself blush as she recalled what he’d done to her last night and early this morning. “You have many talents that I’m sure could be put to good use … even in the kitchen.”

He smirked at her. “So sex trumps cooking?”

Reagan giggled then got serious. “It wasn’t just sex. Evan, you always make love to me. I can feel it, even when you’re playing. It’s wrapped up in love.”

“Well,” he said pondering her statement for a second, “That’s simple. It’s because I love you Reagan.”

She gave him a warm smile. “I’m not sure why you do, I’m such a mess. But I’m very glad that you do, because Evan, I love you back. I never stopped. Even when …”

“Now, you stop,” interrupted Evan with a smile. “No more apologizing.”  He reached across the table and put his hand on hers. “ReaBear, I was thinking … while I was preparing this fabulous feast … that you’d be such a great mom. And then I thought, fuck I want to have kids. I never did before, until you. You make me want to be all domesticated and shit. Will you be the Mama Bear to our little cub one day?” He waggled his eyebrows on the last part making her giggle remembering last night.

Reagan was touched and a little scared.  Was he teasing or serious?  “I’m sorry Evan, I keep thinking about last night every time you call me Mama Bear,” she said, trying to explain her amusement. “But children? I can barely take care of myself, much less a child.”

“You wouldn’t do it by yourself, I would help you,” said Evan, and sat back in his chair, his tone suddenly serious causing Reagan’s heart rate to triple. “We’re a good team.  Shit Reagan, this isn’t how I planned it.  Hell, I didn’t plan it at all. I was trying to go slow, but with you, it’s only full steam ahead.

“I love you Reagan. In spite of, or maybe because of, all that we’ve been through the last few months, I know we are good for each other. I told you, well fuckhead told you,” Evan rolled his eyes, “and I’m sorry you didn’t hear it from me first, but I was afraid … God, now I’m off on a tangent. Anyway, you know the awful things I did and you didn’t blink an eye. You made me whole instead and helped assuage the guilt I was carrying around inside. The point is, we made it through it.  If we survive this, don’t you think we can get through anything?  And if ‘anything’ doesn’t happen, imagine how amazing it will be.  Wait … scratch that.  God, I suck at this.”

He stopped and ran his hands through his hair and over his face, and still, she couldn’t say anything. She was too terrified to talk, to ask why he was suddenly talking about babies. Finally he found his voice again. “What I meant was everyday with you will be amazing and a new adventure. Just knowing that you are there and all you want from me is me.  And not how much money …”

“Evan …” she finally said, interrupting him to get him out of the hole he was digging. “I get it, and if I ever had children, I would want you to be their father, because you care and I love you too. But … I was just hoping, in the back of my mind, that you would simply agree to live with me, when I find a house, not have babies together.”

Evan didn’t smile and it scared her. “Geez, that’s not what I meant. I mean, I can picture you as a mother, a good one, that is, if you want to have a child, not today.  But someday.” 

Evan softened his voice before speaking again. “Having your own child to love, it would heal you the rest of the way.  I know it would.  You give your love just like you crave it. I have been on the receiving end. So I know.  So ReaBear … God, now you’re ReaBear.” 

He shook his head and Reagan giggled again. She was soooo happy and it was endearing to see him tripping all over himself very un-Evan like. “I don’t mind being ReaBear – as long as you are afraid, very afraid. Raaawr,” she teased again, and made her hands like claws and raked the air.

Instead of laughing like she had hoped, he got serious again and grabbed her hand, unnerving her even more. “God Reagan, that’s just it. I am afraid.  Afraid of losing you again. I want you to be mine forever.  What I’ve been trying to say for the last 30 minutes is … fuck …  Reagan, will you to marry me?  I mean, not today, well, today if that’s what you want, I would, but when you’re ready, because I am. Why am I so nervous?” He paused to regroup. 

Reagan was dumbfounded, and when she didn’t speak, he continued. “Reagan, I want to be the one you raise your children with, the one you wake up to each morning, the one you give your love to and I want to love you back. Everyday.”

Reagan was still unable to form words, but she knew she had a goofy look on her face because she had laughed through half of his crazy proposal. Now she was mortified.  How did she not know that was what he was getting to?  He just got divorced and now he wanted to marry her?  He had only been separated for a little over a year, and divorced only a few of months.  How?

“Aww fuck.  Can you forget that last part?” he said, “Let’s just be together, however you want. I’m sorry. I messed it all up. I’m sitting in my ratty apartment in my pajamas, no shirt.  I don’t even have a ring.  Can’t afford one yet.  I could sell my car. I will if you want.”

“Evan! Stop talking!” said Reagan, flustered.  “I can’t think.”

Evan stopped and his shoulders slumped. He looked defeated. Just like when she told him to get away from Archer last night, and that she didn’t care if he stayed or left. But she did care and was relieved he’d stayed, but he’d let her do what she so obviously needed to do herself.  Was that only last night?  It seemed like a month ago.

She felt her lips begin to form a smile and words finally started leaking out. “I think … you’re right, everything we’ve both been through the last several months has affected us more deeply than we realized.  We’ve truly been to hell and back.  Frankly, I’m surprised you still want anything to do with me, especially after what you told me last night.  And before you say anything about that, I don’t care, I almost killed someone too. But, I’ve never been raped.  Thank god …

She took a deep breath and let it out. “Although, I did feel like my soul was raped by her, even more so knowing what she did to you … I’m glad she’s gone.” She surprised herself with those last words a weird sob escaped, but she didn’t cry. She sat still for a minute and let herself mourn their loss of innocence.

“Reagan … … you don’t have to justify why you need to say no,” said Evan,  “I understand. It’s way too soon.”

He looked so dejected and she felt awful. He had misinterpreted her words and silence. She quickly reined in her emotions. “Evan, I’m not justifying why I’m saying no.  I’m justifying why I’m saying yes. Why I want to marry you too. And someday have babies with you.  Just the fact that I’m here with you now, after all of that, I know our love can survive anything, as long as we are open and honest with each other.”

“Yes?” he asked, a smile finally forming on his handsome face. A face she would get to look at forever.

Reagan nodded her head. “Yes.”  This man wanted her as much as she wanted him. How was that possible?

“You said yes! Oh god, and I don’t have a ring.  I suck at this. Just this morning – while I was making breakfast – I just knew, you in my life is what I wanted – forever – and I had to tell you. Well, I knew that before this morning, but this morning, I knew I had to tell you.”

His was fumbling for words again and she giggled and placed her hand on his to stop him. “Its okay,” she assured him, “really. I don’t need a ring or a fancy house. Just you.  That awful morning, when you came to me because she forced you to, you were in so much pain and I knew, right then, I would’ve done anything to make you okay. Because I love you that much Evan. But, no more looking backward, only forward. Only happy memories from now on.”

Evan walked over to where Reagan was sitting and he took her hand to his lips. He kissed it tenderly.  “I will get a ring and put it on your finger.  And when I do, it’ll be a romantic candlelit evening, like you deserve. I promise.”

Reagan was a puddle of goo after that.  Then he pulled her into his arms and she melted into him. The love coming off of him in waves was comforting and all encompassing. She felt warm, safe and cherished. And he asked her to be his forever. “I love you,” he whispered, his voice thick with emotion.

“I love you back,” she replied and sighed softly, content to remain in his arms. She closed her eyes and let the warm feeling continue to wash over her.  She’d found home and it was the most wonderful feeling in the world.  Evan was home.

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A/N:  Sorry for longest and goofiest proposal in all of simlit history.  Reagan deserved it. 😍 Also, this is NOT the end of this gen … don’t worry though … not much longer.  The next four chapters will switch to Ryan’s POV 🥰 as we wrap up with him, then we will have ANOTHER wedding!  After that picture fest, we will fast forward through time with the very last chapter of this Gen (another picture fest) to officially kick off Gen 4!  Thanks for hanging in there with me.   

❤️❤️❤️  I adore my readers! ❤️❤️❤️

43 thoughts on “Chapter 3.62 – Everyday

  1. Wow, I didn’t expect this generation was so close to being done! 😀 But it’s been a wild ride and honestly Reagan deserves to catch a break. That was a sweet, rambly proposal, but very perfect for these two, I think. 🙂 And yay for weddings!! I mean, I wouldn’t do another on the scale I’ve just done (the lag, Audrey, omg, the laaaag), but I’m excited to see what you do! 😀 ❤
    Lovely and nice to finally have these two just hanging out, having a good time. ❤

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    • Ohhhhh. TS3 and Laaaaag. I’d forgotten. I upgraded my PC to avoid it before I started playing in sims 4. But if you get a bunch of sims on a lot….I remember!

      It has been a wild ride, but it’s not over – yet. 😇 I’m glad you like Evan’s crazy proposal. He was so nervous and emotional. It is nice for a change to have a fluff chapter! They both needed it. Now off to read about another wedding! Eeek.

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    • Evan isn’t really a goofball! 😂😂😂. He was just super nervous and emotional and afraid. I think he really just did it on an impulse. I promise he’ll make it up to her with a proper romantic evening and a gorgeous ring. Evan gets to let his guard down around Reagan which is something he doesn’t do often. I’m proud of her and happy for them too. ❤️


  2. Aw this was so sweet! I love seeing these two back together again… hopefully forever now 😉 His proposal was so awkward and sweet. Now all they need is for Archer to stay very far away, and wedded bliss and nooboos (eventually!) await! ❤

    Eager to see how Ryan's doing! Congrats on being so close to the end of the gen, ahhhh!

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    • The end is near and it’s soooo scary! I’ve lived in Reagan’s head for sooo long. ❤️ But we definitely need some closure for her twin brother too. Ryan … her wanna be protector. At least now, she knows how to stand up for herself and has the man she loves by her side. ❤️❤️❤️. Gushing. Sorry.

      Looking forward to nooboos and wedded bliss… for a little while anyway! 😇

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  3. Wow! After what he said at the wedding I was like “dang, this buoy is NEVER getting married again!”
    AND babies?!
    sorry, caps: nooboos are very serious business 😁

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  4. What’s all this about “fast forward”? Why the rush to get to the end of the gen? Why are you apologizing?

    And this chapter was fantabulous. I lurve all the lurve everywhere. And that proposal was just purrfect.
    And “rawr” means I love you in dinosaur. 🙂

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  5. Great and realistic storyline development. Thanks for sharing. You have so many good looking couples. Evan and Reagan, Taylor and Elliot, Ryan and Rosa. I wonder where the next generation POV will come from? I am guessing from past generations, you will pick the one with the most messed up past: Evan and Reagan. And it will be a first for you to pass your legacy on to a daughter…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you! They are nice looking couples. Thanks to my casting call submissions! Reagan is definitely the heir and her children will be featured. But Ryan is a close second and his children will also be a part. Agreed, Evan and Reagan definitely have the most messed up journey. But hang on for Ryan’s few chapters. He isn’t getting off so easy! 😇


  6. Yay! Gen 3 almost finished! Woot! What a wild ride!

    Hmm…so four chapters to see Ryan get his girl? And yay for weddings and time skips!

    I love how perfect Evan and ReaBear look. 🥰🥰🥰 Awesome proposal!

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  7. Poor Reagan discovering only now that having good laughs during sex is a thing. Evan needs to give her more good memories. She looks so much healthier now.
    Asking to have babies with her first and then proposing was funny and cute. I can’t believe it’s almost the end of this generation. I hope it doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy more Evan & Regan love, ’cause we’ve been waiting for it so long.
    Babies are going to be so pretty. But I’m patient. Don’t need everything at once. Wedding first, Evan, okay?

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    • We will definitely see more of Reagan and Evan! ❤️ She does look healthier doesn’t she? Poor Evan. He tried so hard to make sure she understood why he wanted to marry her and just couldn’t hold it all back. And he was so very nervous. It was sweet. He just had to tell her after all they went through.

      And yes, laughing during sex is a good thing. It means you’re comfortable with your partner. ❤️ I’ve no doubt, now that they are finally both on the same page and open with each other, he’s gonna do everything he can to make more happy memories with her.

      Wedding then babies! First Ryan…..

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  8. Awww this was so adorable! ❤ ❤ I love how dorky Evan was while he was proposing, he's just the best! 😍 But I really hope you won't mess with those two again, you hear me? 😛 I don't know why, but I have a feeling Archer is going to make another appearance – and if Reagan is already pregnant with the heir, then nothing makes Evan 100% safe! 😣 And we all know you like to start with as much messed up heirs as possible! 😈😛
    Lol, I'm rambling! I really hope those two will have a wedding and a happy ending because I love them! ❤

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    • Ohhhh. Messed up heirs! Hmmm. Ben was bid train wreck and poor Cole went through hell which in turn affected the twins and Reagan was probably worse. Nope. Reagan’s life hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. I kinda feel bad for all she went through. But if she has Evan now and he is adorable, even though most of the time he wears a mask.

      With Reagan, he can let down his guard. And he’s beginning to understand he can be himself with her family as well. I actually think having children will be good for him too as well as Reagan.

      Archer is still out there. I hope he lets go of his obsession. 😱.

      I hope they have a happy ending too! I love them. 😍. I’m glad you grew to love them together too! ❤️❤️❤️

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  9. Awwww, that was adorable! Who needs a ancy ring and a fancy place? The emotions speak louder, and gosh, did they go throught stuff.

    Totally wasn’t especting that. But, girl, she desearved it. AFter going to hell and back with thhis whole ”mother”’ situation, Reagan desearves her happiness. And I hope Archer doesn’t come around when she has her own kid. Hopefully he learned the message.

    I like Evan and Reagan. And it’s good that they waited until both of them were good and healthy.

    A wedding is coming up and yaaaaaay maybe babies on the way(?)!

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    • Yes. It seemed quick, but it was right. They’ve been trying to be together for so long. And they’ve seen both the good and bad that each have been through. So it was time. A fancy proposal wouldn’t have been the same for these two. It was raw and real, and meant so much more. Reagan never wanted things. She only to love and to be loved.

      Weddings and nooboos incoming!

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    • Oh my! I’m glad you enjoyed that chapter. ❤️❤️❤️ I’m with you. I love a happy ending. Of course it isn’t over yet. I promise more gushy moments.

      And the next chapter is posted! But it switches to Ryan for a moment.

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  12. OMG!!! That has to be the cutest, most awkward, yet sweetest marriage proposal I have ever seen.
    I am so happy for these two. After everything that they have been through they deserve all the happiness in the world!

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  13. That was the best “longest and goofiest proposal in all of simlit history.” lol I really love Evan and after everything Reagan has been through, it’s good seeing her in this situation with him, being loved unconditionally. My heart melted as I read this.

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