Chapter 3.65 – More Advice

By the time Ryan got to work, after leaving Bel sitting in the coffee shop, he felt like the world’s biggest douche. The first thing he did was to ask someone else to take his first client so he could work out his frustrations on the punching bag and try to think through the mess that was now his life.

He punched Bel over and over. Then he punched Evan for bringing her into his life. Then he punched Bel again. Fuck! What if it was his? NO! She was lying. She probably has no idea whose kid it is. Then he was punching Rosa for being too focused on her damn career. Tears pricked his eyes as he punched the bag more and more.

Steve, the manager, walked into the boxing room. “Ryan! Stop it!” he demanded, “You’re going to fracture your hands. Whose face is that anyway?”

   “Mine!” growled Ryan and hit the bag one more time before stopping. He turned and walked away.

“Take the rest of the day off,” called out Steve to his back.

Ryan went upstairs and stood under the shower thinking.  He wasn’t kidding when he told Steve it was his face.  He tried to pretend none of this was his fault.  But it was just as much his fault as it was Bel or Rosa, or anyone else for that matter.  He needed to talk to someone, but who? The first person he thought of was Evan. But that would be just fucking weird. Then he knew.

Ryan got out his phone and texted his dad.


Ryan walked in his dad’s office, and he was sitting behind his desk with a pensive look on his face.

He got up and walked over to him. “Ryan. I’ve been worried. What happened? You and Rosa have a fight?”

“No,” he said and his shoulder’s dropped, “Not yet anyway.” He knew it was coming though, big time.

Cole’s brows knitted together as he pulled the desk chairs around to face each other.  “Sit down. Tell me what’s going on then.”

Ryan was so ashamed of what he was going to tell him, but he hoped, maybe after their talk the other day, his dad would understand.  “I got a call from Bel, Maribel.  She’s Evan’s ex-wife.”

Cole’s brow shot up. “Why Ryan?”

Well, here goes, he thought and took a deep breath.  “You know, or maybe you don’t, that I was seeing her, Maribel, for awhile, before I knew she and Evan were ever married. It was casual, but we were starting to get serious.

“She was my client and was using me to get to Evan.  She was trying to get him to give in to her demands for the divorce settlement.  She picked me because of Reagan. Anyway, when Rosa and I got together, I was going to break it off with her.  That’s also when I learned who she was.”

  “What does she want with you now that has you so upset?” His dad’s sad expression said he had a good idea what was coming.

   “She’s pregnant,” confirmed Ryan and ran his hands over his face before continuing. “She insists it’s mine. She’s 4 1/2 months, which is about right. But still, I don’t want to believe it is. There was only one time that we didn’t use protection. We’d been together lots of times so I figured she was using birth control too.”

“Then make her do a DNA test,” suggested Cole calmly. “They can do it from the mother’s blood. It’s not invasive.”

Ryan hung his head. “She already asked me to. Begged me to in fact.”

Cole let out a low whistle. “That’s pretty telling son. You better do it.”

“What am I going to do? She is considering an abortion. She’s too far along though. Right?”

“Does it matter? If you knew earlier, would it really make a difference?”

How is he so fucking calm? wondered Ryan. Still, he knew the answer to his father’s question right away. “No, of course not. I couldn’t do that,” he admitted, “But, I’m not ready to be a father. And, I’m so damn busy and then there’s Rosa …”

“Ryan, I doubt anyone is ever ready for children,” he said and chuckled, “but I never thought you would give me my first grandchild.”

“You act like it’s mine!” he groused out like a petulant child.

Cole sighed patiently and smiled at his son. “Ryan, if she is begging you to take a paternity test, it’s yours. What would she have to gain otherwise?”

“Screw with me? Cause problems for me and Rosa?”  He knew those arguments were ridiculous.

His father ignored his outburst and continued, still calm. “My advice, that’s what you came here for, right?”

   “Yes,” agreed Ryan and his shoulders slumped.

“Take the test as soon as possible and find out for sure. Right now, it’s just eating you up.  Then once it’s confirmed that she’s carrying your baby, you can figure out what to do.”

“What do I tell Rosa? God, she’s going to leave me. I know she is.”

   “Your relationship won’t withstand this?” he asked seemingly concerned for the first time.

“I don’t know. Maybe, maybe not.”

“Then tell her now. Don’t wait. Keeping secrets ruins already fragile relationships. Show her you trust her.”

   “Fuck, fuck, fuck …” muttered Ryan. He knew this would be the final nail in their coffin. But he was right, he had to tell her.

“No. That’s what got you into trouble in the first place,” quipped Cole.

“Haha. Not funny Dad,” he wasn’t in the mood. “Rosa is the best thing to happen to me and I’m going to screw it up.”

   “If Rosa loves you, she’ll stay. I almost chased Dannie away for lying to me for years about Taylor. Wouldn’t you rather know now?”

“Yes, you’re right,” grumbled Ryan, “I’ll text her and ask where to go meet for the test. Dammit. I just can’t wrap my head around this.”

When he stood up to leave, instead of hugging him, his father put his hand firmly on his shoulder. “Ryan, whatever happens, don’t forget you have a family here to support you. You aren’t in this alone.”

“Thanks Dad,” he said, and walked out to face the shit storm that was now his life.


Later that evening …

Ryan sat up waiting for Rosa again. This time there was no vampire repelling meal or bottle of wine breathing. Just him knowing his whole world was getting ready to spin into chaos. He knew his dad was right. The baby was his.

He took a long drink of his beer as he remembered the night Bel was talking about. She had him so turned on at the club, they barely made inside her penthouse.  He had taken her against the wall, both of them still nearly fully clothed, before eventually stripping and falling into bed together.  That night, she said she wanted more. He had even slept there and didn’t go home.  Well, she certainly got more. Fuck!

He jumped when the door opened and Rosa walked in. “Hi babe. Wait up again?” she asked, then when she saw his face, her expression became concerned. “What’s wrong Ryan?”

Ryan’s stomach churned. “Come sit down,” he said barely keeping it together, “We need talk.”

“This doesn’t sound good,” she said hesitantly.

   “Please, just sit down…” said Ryan softly.

“God, there’s someone else, isn’t there?” asked Rosa, looking as if she were on the verge of tears.

“No, nobody else. Not exactly. Please sit down and let me explain.”  Ryan could barely get the words out.

Rosa finally sat down, but at the other end of the couch instead of next to him. She was already distancing herself, preparing for him to break her heart.  He felt like the biggest ass of all time. Just what she had predicted was coming to pass.  “So, you remember Bel.”

“How could I forget that witch,” she said and rolled her eyes, “You’re not seeing her again?” she asked and her face crumpled as a lone tear ran down her cheek, which she quickly wiped away.

   “No, no, of course I’m not. But she called me today, and I met her at the coffee shop.”

”Why?” Rosa’s simple question was barely there, like she already knew.

 “Rosa, she’s pregnant.”

She just looked at him disbelieving for a minute as she digested what he said. “No … Ryan …” she said finally,  as tears began to roll down her face, “I’m supposed to have your babies.”

God, he’d hurt her so bad.  “There’s a chance it might not be mine,” he offered up, “I did a paternity test today. We’ll get the results in three days.”

“She did this willingly?” asked Rosa and took a shuddering breath.

He didn’t want to answer. “She begged me to do it,” he said in a hoarse whisper.

Rosa lost it. “I can’t Ryan … I can’t have her in our lives. At all. Wait? How far along?”

“What are you suggesting Rosa?”

“How far?” she screamed at him.

“Almost 5 months,” admitted Ryan.

   “You were with her while you were with me?”

“It was at the same time – sort of,” he said sheepishly, “I was seeing her and then you came to the graduation party and we reconnected. But I was already seeing her. You just … overlapped a little.”

“That bitch. She waited until it would be difficult to make a decision.  She’s using a baby to get to you!”

   “She’s still considering aborting the pregnancy,” said Ryan, now desperate to get Rosa to stay, “Is that what you want?” Once he said it, the words made him sick. When it wasn’t real, he didn’t care, but now that he was adjusting to the idea that the baby was his, he couldn’t begin to imagine it. He held his breath for her response.

   “Ryan … God, no. But, at the same time, I can’t … I can’t raise her child and pretend to love it. And have to deal with her my entire life.  And, I suppose adoption isn’t on the table from the way you are acting.” Rosa began to cry again.

“Rosa. No, I – it’s my child, probably.  Please. Don’t leave me. I need you now more than ever. Maybe I can get full custody. Make her give me – us – the baby. We could get married and …”

   “No! I don’t want a ready made family. Ryan, when I see those couples in the hospital looking lovingly at their newborn baby, I always imagined that one day it would be us. I want that Ryan, just not now. We aren’t ready, I’m working full time and going to school. You’re getting ready to start your own business. How does a baby fit into any of that? We barely see each other as it is. I won’t raise another woman’s child. If I was foolish enough to get pregnant, I would deal. But I wasn’t. I’m sorry …. It’s over.”

“Rosa …” pleaded Ryan.

   “I just can’t …” she said, and took a shuddering breath as she got up. “You can’t change what happened. You can pretend like it’s going to be wonderful, but it’s not. I have to go to bed. I have an early day tomorrow. You can sleep … on the couch tonight. I’ll find a place tomorrow.”

   “I love you Rosa,” called out Ryan. The slamming of the bedroom door was the only response.

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61 thoughts on “Chapter 3.65 – More Advice

  1. Like Ryan said, “Fuck fuck fuck!”
    And I still can’t help but think it’s weird how calm Cole can be.That was some good advice for a bad situation. I guess it’s easier being calm when you know ahead of time the person is asking for advice. Hm. I wonder if Ben would’ve been calm if Cole had come to him and said he’d gotten Yasmine preggers or something. (and that is AMAZING I remembered a name!) I guess… dammit… Caitlin’s ex-husband. Forgot his name. Anyway, I guess his anger issues are slowly diluting. I hope it’s a boy, though; that way the Murdick curse can continue. >:)

    Dammit. And Rosa is leaving. I hope that doesn’t stick, but her reasons are sound. Fuck.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Cole had to be calm for Ryan. He’s learned the hard way that Murdicky behavior doesn’t work. I’m sure he’s as upset inside as Ryan is knowing this is going to change Ryan’s life.

      And Rosa, yes, that couldn’t have gone any other way. They were both trying to find their place in life, not to mention in their relationship. I have no doubt she had feelings for Ryan, but this is more than she bargained for. Newt had big time anger issues which Ben inherited and passed on to Cole, although Cole’s didn’t really manifest until his kids and ex-wife turned his life upside down. Ryan has them in full force. So the Murdick gene is still there. Lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      • NEWT! You’d think a Monty Python fan would remember that! (even though I’m not positive Holy Grail was their best work)
        Oh, goodie. Murdick is still going strong. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        • Hehe! Newt! Of course! Lol… when that movie came out, my husband and I went to see it (aging myself now) and I swear there was only 30 people in the theater and we were all laughing hysterically. Now it’s a classic.

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  2. Yeahhh, I’m not surprised at all their relationship couldn’t withstand this! It was too still too uneven and tenuous etc… and I don’t blame Rosa! That’s an awful lot he was asking her to swallow for a pretty new relationship that was already having some serious problems.

    Still, sad for Ryan, and he did the right thing telling her straight away. Just, one of those situations where no solution is going to turn up roses. LOL at Cole being gobsmacked that Ryan would be his first kid to offer up a grandkid, kekekekeke.
    We is all gobsmacked along with you, Mr. Murdick.

    Liked by 3 people

    • It’s sad, they may have been able to get on the same page if this hadn’t happened and made things work. Ryan was trying and I think Rosa was too. She clearly felt bad but had those self doubts from before.

      I’m glad he manned up and told her. That was sound advice even though really, nothing could save the relationship at this point. I think we are all in shock. Totally expected Reagan or even Taylor to be first!

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  3. Ahhh finally that relationship is off the table, and for good.
    The shooting and age sure did good to Cole. He’s a lot calmer, and gives good advice, the opposite of how he used to be before. He’s a pretty cool dad now.
    Ryan will have to learn a lot still, though 😁 but he seems to warm up to the idea to be a father. It’s gonna be a pretty messed up family tho.

    Liked by 3 people

  4. I saw what Ryan did there. He tried to shift the responsibility for the difficult decision about the baby on Rosa. What a nasty little move. 😏
    This is how the whole problem could be solved: Cole calls Ben. Ben calls his friends at the BASE to take care of the Bel problem. BASE HQ call Archer in the Germany. Archer drops the sausage he’s eating, jumps the plane and comes to solve the problem that is Bel…

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  5. Cole was right. If Rosa loved Ryan, she’s work it out. Sure she’d be upset at first but she’d do it for him. It’s his child. If she loved him, she’d love that little pumpkin! How could you not? But Rosa is showing how selfish and unsupportive she is. Good riddance. There are waaaaay more fish in the sea, Ryan!

    Now what about Bel? Will Ryan ever forgive her? I don’t want him with her though.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I was a bit shook by what she said about the baby. It’s not just Bel’s baby, but Ryan’s too. If she loved Ryan she would have to love his baby too. You’re right. Selfish. She didn’t even give it a serious thought. I guess, she didn’t care about Ryan that much.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Right. I think Rosa still holds onto those trust issues. She wants to work it out, but the competition just got to be more than she was ready to deal with. If their relationship had been stronger, she likely would’ve stayed and tried to support him. But I can’t imagine how hard it would be to watch another woman having your boyfriends baby and trying to compete with that. If they were married or even engaged, maybe. But they just weren’t there yet. He is better off without her, especially at this point.

      Will Ryan forgive her? I would imagine it will be hard for him to sort through his emotions and separate the baby from its mother. I don’t think they are a match made heaven either. That all remains to be seen.

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  6. Well the fragile relationship between Ryan and Rosa is over. It is not a “until death do us part” commitment that is the basis of marriage for Rosa. It is “my way or the highway” commitment for Rosa, and the speed bump that is a unplanned pregnancy (especially one that is not hers) just shattered her weak commitment.
    I don’t think the divorice is final yet for Meribel. Now she is pregnant, she definitely wants to be sure who the sperm donor is of the fetus that is in her body. This could affect the spousal support she gets from Evan as well as $$$ she gets for taking Evan to the cleaners, for community property, “distress and undue suffering” from being ambandoned. Not all states in the USA accept “irreconcilable differences” as a reason for divorice. The fact that she is 5 and half months pregnant may mean 1. she was pregnant with another mans child before her divorice proceedings got settled in court. That she is an adulterous woman and she could lose spousal support and more as some divorice courts take a dim view of the woman committing adultery and pregnant with another mans child in getting anything in the divorice. Evan could very well be rid of this “ball and chain” that is Meribel’s support from his future paychecks at least.
    If it is Ryan’s baby, and she decides to keep it, Meribel can definitely take Ryan to the cleaners for child support, for the hospital costs, for pain and suffering, I can see an ugly court battle over if Ryan is an unfit father and if Meribel is an unfit mother over sole custody, or shared custody. Glad that Ryan told his dad, bet his dad will immediately go to the family lawyer. Again some states don’t always see unwed dads having rights, only responsibility to financially support the children they father. Again some states consider that Ryan’s baby is a definite heir of the family fortune and not a bastard with no rights at all to the family fortune. It depends on how the will is written up especially if no provisions are made for other claimants.
    Then there are other issues. the biggest loser in this all could be the baby. at 5 and half months does the baby have a right to live or is it just some fetal tissue that can be ejected from the mother’s body? Will Meribel do the right thing and give the baby up for adoption? So there is a possibility that the baby will have 2 loving financially capable parents that commit to raising the baby? Will Ryan or Meribels family want to adopt the baby?
    I see so many issues that is going to rear its ugly head in this unexpected story development. Am waiting with bated breath to see how you resolve it. Thank you for the entertainment.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love all the well thought out comments. She isn’t getting support from Evan. She gave up, and he gave her the penthouse. So no monthly checks going to her. She did get pregnant at the same time as their divorce was finally filed. So she’s almost 5 months, which is pretty far along to abort. But it happens.

      Ryan did do the right thing by going to his father. He’s calming down from the initial shock. And Rosa was just waiting for him to mess up I think. She hadn’t really felt secure in their relationship. He was raw from all the stuff that happened with his parents and sister. Nearly losing them and he was clinging to Rosa and she agreed to move in with him.

      So many different ways this could go. Maribel could indeed be manipulating him. He certainly has no reason to trust her. But he’s beginning to accept that he’s going to be a father. I don’t think he even considered adoption an option. But I’m sure if he felt she was an unfit mother he’d sue for custody. Ryan isn’t heartless or manipulative. We’ll see in the next chapter how he is adjusting to this new development in his life. He’s going to have to grow up fast. And he was already on that path to accepting more responsibility for his actions, working on his dream of owning his own business and even trying to work on his and Rosa’s relationship and give her the attention she needed too. But that was too little too late with the unexpected pregnancy.


    • Hmmm. Maribel was always after money, so putting the baby up for adoption, preferably to a very rich couple would definitely be her style. Problem solved. And if it proves to be a good and easy profit, she might repeat it. 😏

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  7. I’m not surprised Ryan lost Rosa completely. What is surprising to me is that Ryan tells her he basically cheated and Rosa says it like it was aaaall Mirabel’s fault? Really? It takes two to tango, Rosa – Ryan didn’t slip and just accidentally land in a compromising position. Maybe it’s just because she still loves the dumb-dumb and doesn’t want to blame him for being a cheating moron. She was way too charitable with him, tbh, and I can only hope she’ll meet someone sweeter and more suitable to her. As for Ryan… guess he’ll just have to learn to co-parent with his brother-in-law’s golddigger ex-wife.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rosa and Ryan were doomed once Maribel let him in on her little surprise. It’s sad. They might’ve been able to work it out otherwise. It was just as much Ryan as it was Maribel. He was all in for their little fun times together, but he was beginning to decide he wanted more out of their relationship, and then she backed down and decided she wanted to ‘keep’ him too. But then he found out who she was … and ran to Rosa. He was already headed that way anyway. But….

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  8. Not an unexpected ending in this episode. I never saw this relationship lasting unless they both made major changes. Ryan messed up but for Rosa to adopt that stance with an innocent baby, well, to me it shows a little of her character too. She has every right to be hurt but they weren’t exclusive at the time if memory serves me so… yeah. Ryan has to deal with this the best he can.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It wasn’t unexpected. A ton of foreboding. Ha. They weren’t in a good enough place in their relationship for her to feel comfortable investing herself into a situation that was just presented with more obstacles and would likely fail. I think mostly her words about not being able to love or raise another woman’s child were spoken out of her pain. I don’t think she’s really that vindictive. She’s sweet. But Ryan hurt her before and I think she was just waiting for him to do it again and hoping he wouldn’t. She wasn’t as invested as she needed to be. And yes, they weren’t exclusive at the time. You’re right. And they did ‘overlap’ a little. If she’d been only 3 months along, Rosa wouldn’t have been as charitable as she was. Because the he would’ve cheated on her for real.

      So now he has to try and deal with the hand he’s been dealt the best he can. Time to man up Ryan.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Indeed. No one’s a winner in this really. I almost felt like she was relieved as this gave her an ‘out’ of the relationship as it was already so shaky. I believe they love each other, but timing is everything… maybe this just isn’t their time.

        Liked by 1 person

        • True. The timing for them wasn’t good. Too many things going on in their lives already. The cards were stacked against them. I do think they were both beginning to try, but it was too little too late with this little hiccup. ☹️

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  9. This ship was pretty much doomed one way or another… and it’s no surprise that this was the final nail in the coffin 😦 I can’t blame Rosa for her response to this. Having to raise someone else’s baby AND deal with Bel forever being part of her life would not be easy. I think from an outside perspective it’s easy to see her reaction as selfish or a sign that she never really cared about Ryan, but in her shoes… I dunno. I honestly can’t say for sure what I’d do. But I don’t think it would be easy to stay in a relationship after a bombshell like this.

    I’m glad Ryan did the right thing and got some good advice from Cole, but I can tell that this will not be an easy path for him 😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was truly was a relationship ending bombshell. Sadly. I’d like to think they may have worked it out. But I think somehow Ryan needed to prove to her that he wouldn’t stray and that he was in it for the long haul. She wasn’t convinced yet. They moved in together for the wrong reasons and she realized it. So she had closed off her heart preparing for the inevitable. Not sure how long it would take for her to finally let him all the way in. Not easy to put more of yourself into a relationship that suddenly got a thousand times more complicated. She was saving her heart. But I’m sure she’s as heartbroken as he is. She’s not relieved. Probably very, very sad.

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  10. Another sunken ship. “Look out ladies , Ryan’s back on the playing field.”
    Looks like Ryan has another Avery on his hands, maybe she will at least love the baby.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. I have really enjoyed seeing things from Ryan’s world. For a long time the focus was on Reagan, and I like how we have circled to him.
    His life is a hot mess right now. I really hoped that he and Rosa could work it out, but a baby changes everything. And their relationship wasn’t so strong before that. I don’t blame Rosa for wanting to bail, but it is still sad to see.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying Ryan’s world. It was really sad to see but really, if she rarely saw him now, she’d never see him now, all of his attention would be on the baby. It was est for both of them. ☹️

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  13. Ok. I’m not in total disagreement with Rosa here. She and Ryan have kind of been on the rocks as it was. Although a very kind-hearted girlfriend would stay with Ryan no matter what, not everybody is kind and angelic.

    Judge me as you will, but I’m kind of the same way as Rosa. It would bother me if another woman was having a baby with my boyfriend. I’m not saying I would dump him which was rather harsh. But I’m just saying I would much prefer having that first with him, and Maribel went and took that away. I can see how this would be a snag for her.

    On the other hand that is not very kind-hearted of her, but again not everybody is like that. Rosa is Rosa, and she’s going to be herself. I still like her.

    In the end, I’m crossing my fingers that the baby is not his. Ryan is very young and still trying to get established. A baby would really throw a huge monkey wrench into everything. And Maribel would have to be involved and he does not like that woman.

    Great job as always Audrey, keep them coming! 🤟🤟

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Rosa and Ryan, although they have known each other for several years, their romantic relationship is very new. And not on solid ground. I’d like to think if they’d been together longer and then she sprung a one year old baby on him that Rosa might stay. Of course it would already be born or he would’ve cheated big time! So I’m not surprised Rosa bailed. I agree, I don’t think it makes her a bad person. That’s a big pill to swallow.

      We shall see if it’s his or not. But chances are good it is. Gonna be awkward….

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  14. Ouch. But I have to say, I understand Rosa. I wouldn’t want that either. And I feel for Ryan. it only takes one moment of passion, it happens, he and Maribel are not the first and won’t be the last.
    The relationship between Ryan and Rosa was already doomed. It takes a certain type of personality and relationship to be able to withstand what they have been facing. Few make it, most don’t.
    Truth be told, I never really saw Ryan and Rosa as a couple. She is sweet, he is great, but they just don’t mix in my book. Hope they can eventually be friends, maybe.
    Poor Ryan. Looks like the avalanche of his life wasn’t over yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes…. a moment of passion. Rosa really didn’t have much a choice. If she stayed it would likely ruin their relationship. She was sweet and was there for Ryan when he needed her but the baby was proof that Ryan liked to have his fun. She had hoped he gotten that out of his system I suppose.

      His life just got immensely more complicated.

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  16. Oooof…. well that was inevitable I guess. Ryan and Rosa’s relationship was not that strong apparently, at least not as strong as to endure that blow. Too bad, because I really liked them together!
    I hope Ryan will not even think of rekindling his relationship (or whatever it is they had) with Bel… she might look vulnerable now, and having his child will probably make her even more attractve to his eyes, but I hope Ryan will remember how cold and calculationg she is… and this family sure doesn’t need another Avery..!

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    • Their relationship really hadn’t had enough time to fully mature. They rushed into living together when Ryan was needing someone.

      You read Ryan very well where Maribel is concerned! Lol. I hope he stays away. They couldn’t deal with an Avery 2.0. Ugh.

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  17. *Sigh*

    I can’t say I didn’t see this coming. Rosa and Ryan weren’t uhhh in an ideal place to begin with, and they surely were hit when their relationship were at their low. Is just like a frase I heard in a series once-love just isn’t enought sometimes. In this case it surely wasn’t. Things got way too dificult and messy.

    I can definetly see Rosa’s side. Doesn’t mean I agree with her thought. They’re both Young, she has a lot of ambicion when it comes to her own life, and taking care of the child of a woman you despise surely wasn’t on her plans, to top if off, it could very well get in the way to achieving her professional dream. Not gonna happen, Hermano.

    Poor Ryan. Now he has to deal with some frankstein situation with Bel. I hope she also takes responsability for the baby and doesn’t do just like what Avery wanted to do. That is, pop out the baby, give to the father and be like ”Bye see you in 18 years when you’re not annoying anymore.”. LOL. At least Ryan will have his parentes help, besides Reagan and Taylor?They’re gonna be great Aunts, I can tell it!

    Speaking of Reagan.Oof. It’s gonna be hard to break this News for her. That now they’ll be seeing Bel for a longer period of time they thought or wanted to.Family meetings will be awkward. Assuming she won’t ninja smoke-bomb out her child’s life.

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    • Yes. It’s all one big huge mess. Ryan loses a really nice girl and inherits a child with a woman he never planned to see again.

      Evan and Reagan….ugh…they will have to see her too, but they won’t turn their back in Ryan. The child will have lots of aunts to love it for sure.

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  18. Well, I can’t say I’m surprised Rosa reacted the way she did. Part of me is hoping the baby isn’t his, but either way, I think Rosa is gone. I hope Ryan will be okay, no matter what the outcome of the DNA test is.

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  19. Oh, man. Ryan made the right choice though. It’s better that Rosa knows. She had a very clear image of their future, so no wonder she’s devastated. She’s deeply hurt and needs a little space and time to deal, one way or the other. I hope it will become good for them

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