Chapter 3.68 – Sulani

Reagan couldn’t keep the smile off her face as she stared out the huge picture window that overlooked the pool and the ocean from her and Evan’s room.  Her cheeks were even beginning to hurt, she had smiled so much.  But she didn’t care. She was getting married in two days – in Sulani – to the most wonderful man in the world.

Evan finished unpacking and walked up behind her, sliding his arm around her waist and kissing her temple.  She was swore she was in heaven.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”  she stated her question and leaned into his embrace.  They stood that way for a few minutes just looking out over the ocean.

   “Not as beautiful as you,” whispered Evan, breaking the silence.  Then he kissed her neck, to punctuate his sentence, sending needy chills up and down her spine. 

He turned her in his arms.  “I love you ReaBear,” he said, and attacked her mouth before she could reply, kissing her breathless.

After that kiss, all Reagan wanted to do was try out the bed.  “Mmmm.  I love you too,” she said and laughed when he let up, “But you better quit kissing me like that if you want to be on time for the appointment with the wedding planner.”

He tried to pull her back to him. “Screw the wedding planner,” he said, “Dannie can do it,” he said.

Reagan unwillingly wiggled out of his embrace. “No can do handsome. And you are going too.”

His shoulders slumped. “Fine,” he agreed reluctantly, “Maybe I can talk her into shoes.”

Reagan laughed. Being barefoot was freaking him out. They were going to get married on the beach. She never dreamed that she would have a destination wedding, but always dreamed she would marry the man trying to distract her with his kisses. It was amazingly romantic and perfect, just like him. “No shoes Evan, you have to be barefoot. We’ll be walking in the sand and it’ll ruin your shoes. But, you won’t have to wear a tux either, because you’d be too hot. So deal babe. Besides, your feet are sexy.”

He sighed in defeat and released her. “If that’s what you want ReaBear,” he said as he pushed her hair away from her face, “I’ll be happy to keep you barefoot and pregnant, as long as I get to keep you.”  Then he chuckled, “but if anyone says anything, I’m pointing to your barefoot, pregnant ass.”

Reagan grabbed his hand.  “Come on you crazy man. Let’s go.”


Evan and Reagan met Dannie in the wedding planner’s office.  They sat down to confirm the final details.

The wedding was going to be small.  Only family was coming for the ceremony.  They officiant would be one of the island’s officials.  Evan’s parents politely refused to come. They were barely on speaking terms since his and Maribel’s divorce. Plus they had been appalled to learn that their son’s soon to be wife’s brother had fathered his ex-wife’s baby – and she would be at the wedding with him.

Over the past two months, Ryan and Bel had become inseparable. With Evan’s help, she bought a house in Newcrest. Ryan was there constantly, helping her make updates and getting the nursery ready.  She asked Evan to lunch one day so they could ‘clear the air’. She promised to pay him back half of the sale price of the penthouse, when she could. He refused. He preferred to close the door on that chapter of his life.

That’s when Ryan felt comfortable enough to ask Reagan and Evan if she could accompany him to the wedding. What shocked everyone was the separate rooms. Bel actually shared with Connie and Ryan shared with Will.

   “Okay, that should do it,” said the planner. “We’ll see you tomorrow at 2:00.” She looked pointedly at Evan, “barefoot,” she added and laughed at his grimace. “Congratulations you two.”


Later that night, after dinner and dancing with the entire family, they all decided to have impromptu bachelor and bachelorette parties.

After their final dance as a single couple, Evan gave Reagan steamy kiss, dipping her dramatically to the cheers of her family.  Then the men and women went in opposite directions.  Reagan and Evan wouldn’t see each other again until the next day, when they would become husband and wife.

There were plenty of small clubs to go to on the island, but instead of partying, the women wanted to see the bridal suite. Once there, they promptly ordered champagne and sparkling juice for Reagan, Bel and Connie.

After a couple of drinks, the talk shifted to the matriarch of the family, Sofia, and her and Ben’s love affair, which obviously continued strong to this day. Ami looked at her mother and asked her about the origins of Tiramisu as a code word for sex.

Sofia began to tell everyone about her and Ben’s love story with stars in her eyes. It was obvious she was still very much in love with her husband.

They all forgot about 14 year old Connie sitting there until Sofia got to the Tiramisu part.

   “Grandma!” gasped Connie, evidently horrified at the thought of her grandparents having sex and that her grandfather’s mother had encouraged it.

All the women turned a looked at her and laughed.  Finally Dannie said, “Connie, don’t you dare tell Daddy or you’re grounded for a YEAR! What happens at a bachelorette party stays at a bachelorette party.”

Reagan toasted to Dannie’s proclamation and everyone held up their glasses and cheered. Connie grinned the biggest. “I won’t Mom. Pinky swear!” she teased back and held her juice high.

   “Ohhhh …” said Dannie getting emotional. “Your Daddy and I, we pinky promised to always love each other.” Dannie looked warmly at Reagan. “Taylor and I moved in with you guys right after that, and in fact, we planned our wedding day to be the anniversary of our pinky promise.”

Dannie looked at her youngest daughter and stuck her pinky up and they swore secrecy.

That led to Dannie’s story about the origins of her and Cole’s pinky promises.  She left out some of the cruder parts, because Connie was still there.  And really, maybe Ami didn’t need to know what Noah was doing in the bushes, although she did tell about the original pinky promise between Noah and Cole.

A chorus of awwwws and laughter filled the room.

   “Okay, who else has code words?” asked Reagan, totally fascinated by the intimacy that code words brought to a relationship.

Taylor spoke up. “Well, it isn’t as romantic as Grandma’s and Mom’s but, if I say I owe you an Omelette, it means I owe you an apology. You might not have noticed, but Elliott is a man of few words.”

Everyone laughed and Taylor shrugged and commenced to tell how omelettes came to mean apologies. She was wrong, it was another very sweet love story.

Then Taylor looked at Reagan. “So I heard Evan call you ReaBear the other day. Where on Earth did that come from?”  Taylor’s eyes were twinkling as if she knew it had something to do with sex.

Reagan was a little uncomfortable talking about it in front of Evan’s ex-wife.  Awkward.  She wanted to strangle Taylor, but took a deep breath and started to tell.  Before she got out two words, Maribel interrupted her.   She obviously didn’t want to hear it anymore than Reagan wanted to tell in front of her.

   “Excuse me Reagan,” said Maribel, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but Connie and I should get to bed. It’s late and she’ll probably want to sleep until noon if I don’t get her there now.  I’m tired too. It’s been a really long day.” Then she added softly, “Congratulations Reagan. Evan is a good man. You two are a great match and I know you’ll be happy.”

Reagan was shocked she said that in front of her family. It took a lot of guts. But somehow, it cleared the air a little. “Thanks Maribel,” she replied, “I know this is all a little weird, but thank you for coming for Ryan. I haven’t seen him this happy in a very long time.”

Maribel smiled. “Thank you for having me,” she said simply as she stood up to leave.  Reagan knew she must love her brother, and she was pretty sure he loved her back.  But, why the separate rooms? It wasn’t like they hadn’t had sex. She was 7 months pregnant for heaven’s sake. But it was their decision so she didn’t question it.

“I need to go too,” chimed in Ami, quickly followed by Taylor and Sofia.

“Well, looks like the party’s over for tonight,” said Reagan.

Sofia walked over and wrapped her granddaughter in her arms. “I love you sweetie.  I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks Grandma,” she replied, getting emotional. She loved her grandmother so very much. She took her in when she was lost and helped her recover.  Without her and the rest of her family, Reagan didn’t think she would be getting married tomorrow. 

Everyone finally left except Dannie. “Let me help you clean up this mess,” she said and started picking up empty glasses.

“Dannie, room service will get it, why don’t you go, it really has been a long day,” said Reagan, “I’m sure Dad will start looking …”

Dannie put the glass down.  “Actually, I wanted to stay for a minute to talk to you alone … if that’s okay.”

“Oh. What’s wrong Dannie?” asked Reagan, bracing herself for bad news.

   “Nothing’s wrong Reagan. I only wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. You’ve turned into a beautiful, confident young woman with a good head on her shoulders.  You and Evan will make wonderful parents.  And, well, I guess I wanted to give you some advice.

“Reagan, never be afraid of sharing the truth with Evan. Lies don’t age well. When the other person loves you, really loves you, they’ll help you work through whatever unpleasant truth you think you might be dealing with. Trust me on this. I lost ten years with your father because I was afraid of the truth.  And it’s obvious how much Evan loves you. He won’t run.”

   “Yes, I’m sure he does,” said Reagan barely holding herself together at her stepmother’s heartfelt words, “And I love him too, Dannie. We’ve actually had that conversation … and talked about …” She stopped abruptly. Reagan didn’t want to think about the awful things that happened between her and Evan. “Now, you scoot too, before I start crying. Don’t lose anymore alone time with Daddy because of me.  I bet he has tiramisu on the dessert menu.”

“Reagan Murdock!” said Dannie, feigning shock, “You naughty girl!”

“Me? Grandma told Connie.”

Both women laughed. “That poor child is scarred for life now,” said Dannie when she finally stopped laughing. “Congratulations sweetheart. I’ll see you tomorrow. Goodnight.”

Reagan reached out and pulled her stepmother into a hug before she could leave. Tonight had been a night for bonding and renewing familial relationships.  “Thanks for everything. I love you … Mom,” she said and let out a sob.

Dannie gasped and began to cry. Reagan could feel her shoulders shaking. They held onto one another until they both regained control over their emotions.

“Reagan,” she said softly as she finally released her, “you have no idea what that meant to me – I know how hard it was for you to say. But you’ve made me very happy.”

“It’s true Dannie. You’re my mother, in every sense of the word.  Now that I’m going to be a mom, I had to rethink my feelings about what Mother means.  Thanks for never giving up on me.”

Dannie smiled.  “It’s a mom thing. You’ll find out soon enough. Now, goodnight, for real this time sweetheart.” She kissed her cheek and left her alone. Tomorrow night Reagan would be sleeping with her husband in this room, instead of by herself. Happy chills ran down her spine.


♥ The next afternoon ….. Here Comes the Bride ♥

💖💖💖 Congratulations Evan and Reagan! 💖💖💖

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Author’s Note:  I hope you’ve enjoyed Reagan and Ryan’s story so far.  It’s not over, just a little more ‘settled’ for the time being.  There will be an epilogue that will advance the story 4 years before we jump head first into the next generation.  I expect to post it in about 2 weeks.  I know!  I wish I could post it sooner. 

I suddenly got extremely busy with work and real life which is keeping me away from home.  Therefore I’m unable to get to my game.  😞😞😞  Yes, I’m having major withdrawals, but I will be back.  I have several chapters written already and the University pack timing is perfect.  

🌺🌺🌺  Reagan’s flowers in her hair – worn on the right side means single and the left means taken, so you may have noticed (or not) that Evan moved them to left side after they said their vows.  

Lastly, there’ll be a casting call for both male and female sims very soon, so watch out for that.  Thanks for reading.  I love you all!  😍😍😍

43 thoughts on “Chapter 3.68 – Sulani

  1. Awwww! This was such a nice chapter ❤️❤️❤️ Evan and Reagan has a beautiful wedding, and Reagan got to have a little bonding with the other women in her life too (poor Connie though 😂 Gave me flashbacks to some conversations we’ve had in front of Emma that we shouldn’t have… whoops 😂😂😂)

    I’m really excited to see what’s ahead! Especially Maribel and Ryan… I am still not trusting that whole thing, but we get a nooboo out of it so 🤷🏻‍♀️ Hehehe

    I‘m sorry things are so busy for you 😭 Doesn’t work understand how important simlit is? Jeez! 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was definitely a chapter full of fluff, but fun fluff. Bonding is important. And Connie. Well, when you think about it, she’s not much younger than Reagan was when she hooked up with Archer. 😱

      We did get a nooboo from Ryan and Bel….but that situation could be a mess.

      And work! And Real life… dang it. I should tell my boss I can’t travel cause then I can’t get my simlit done! Lol… Yes. That would do it. I’d probably have loooots of time then!

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  2. This was fabulous.

    Interesting how Bel automatically assumed that the ReaBear was sexual when it’s really about fighting off Archer. But at any rate, Rea didn’t really want to talk about it. Still, that implies that there IS some weirdness about the whole thing. I guess it would be impossible for it to be otherwise. There just needs to be time.

    The ceremony was marvelous, ofc. Evan survived not wearing shoes, hehe.

    Nice that they got married where they planned to spend their wedding night. (I had to get in a car and go 5 hours away.)

    And Evan looking smokin’ hot… *fans self*

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. Glad you liked it.

      And of course Bel figured it was sexual. But it wasn’t … and she didn’t really want to talk about it. And yes, still a little weirdness, probably always will be.

      Evan and no shoes was fun, but he still smokin’. I agree! Nice they can just ride the elevator up. Lol…


    • Awww. I’m so happy you love them! They have become close haven’t they. 😊❤️😊. I absolutely can’t wait to meet the next gen. I want to see the kids so bad. They’re still pregnant in my game! But I’m glad you’re ready for it too! ❤️


    • Thanks Mena! That venue is amazing. It was a sweet moment for Dannie and Reagan. ❤️ I like to get new blood in my story. And casting calls help. People submit their sims to be a part of the story. The only sims I made for my story were Ben and his parents. Everyone else was submitted by readers. I’ll write up the rules and then everyone will post their sims. It’s a lot of fun.

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  3. Yay! The beautiful wedding we were all waiting for! 🏝

    And really? Why was Bel at Reagans bachelorette party? That was beyond weird. I guess she’s trying to be nice for Ryan. I still don’t trust her. She doesn’t seem like she’s changed much. But we’ll see.

    Evan! You hot man you! Smoldering off the page. I’m so glad he’s THE ONE! And now to produce that heir and say hello to the next gen! Woot! Love time skips! Looking forward to it!

    Sad we have to wait two weeks but I understand busy! Here’s to the next gen! 🍸

    You know I’ll be up for a casting call! ❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was fun doing the wedding. Sulani is gorgeous.

      And Bel, yes she’s trying to play nice in the sandbox, but for how long?

      Evan…dang he was smoldering…I’m glad he’s the one too. He’s just so yummy. Lots of little ones on the way with the time jumps!

      And blah for busy and traveling. It’s not been two weeks for awhile! I can’t wait for the casting call. It’s so much fun getting new sims to abuse! Lol…

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  4. Ah, this weddings Always get me. Beautiful, as Always! I adored the tid bit about the flower in Reagan’s hair.What a interresting meaning!

    Poor Coonie cannot um-know what she now knows. 😀 But it must have been fun for all the ladies to crack open their secret coding to one another. There really are some terms only a couple of people know what it *actually* means, right? Made me remember all said times…*sigh*.

    I’m so proud od Reagan. To see how far she came, both from her teen years, and her own Traumatic experience, when she was so broken, and dind’t feel like there was a future, to the point where she is now it’s so pleasing.Only thing left to do is make sure Archer stays the heck away from this Family for good.

    I’m so glad Reagan was able to reinvent the word ”Mom” with Dannie, who was in the end Reagan’s *true* mother, If I can say so myself. Yeah, they had their tought time, but which mother and daugther hadn’t had one?

    I think we’ll see if things actually worked out for Bel and Ryan after this four yeras, or if Ryan only jumped into this really fast because he had just broken up and then figured out he was having a kid.Thought I have to say it never crossed my mind Ryan would end up with Bel! Thought that girl was done for after she broke up with Evan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awww thanks. Weddings are work but so much fun to do. I found out when we went to Hawaii one year what it meant and thought it’d be fun for Evan to move it.

      Poor Connie but how fun that everyone has little code words. And such a walk down memory lane!

      Reagan has grown up so much. She went through a lot and with everyone’s help, came out on top. And yes, she did redefine what mom meant. Such a sweet moment.

      Ryan…. ugh. I don’t know that he’s grown up so much. He had a nasty breakup and jumped back to Maribel who was trying to make things work to her benefit. I feel for him if she hasn’t changed. Let’s hope she has.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations Evan and Reagan!!! This was so exciting, I am so happy for them! 😀 And their wedding was really beautiful!
    I loved the bit between Reagan and Dannie, and how close they’ve become. And Reagan has really transformed over the years, from a confused teen brat to a beautiful mature young woman. I am really proud of her! 😀
    Considering your casting call, I have a bunch of sims which I don’t see myself using after all (I was planning on making some TS4 stories, but posing without being able to actually move the sims around makes it very difficult for me lol!), so I would be very happy to send them to you if you want! I can send you pictures and everything 😉 Will the casting call be here on wp?
    Again, this was such an amazing chapter! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all siblings! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved their wedding. It wasn’t as extravagant as others in some ways, but it was hot, in more wYs than one!

      I’m sooo proud of Reagan. She was such a brat and now she’s groom up so much. Her and Dannie’s little exchange was big.

      Posing is SUCH a challenge and adjustment. I was in shock for awhile! I would be thrilled to have you submit som sims! I will be sure to pos in Facebook and in my next chapter when I’m having a casting call. I’ll be sure you know.

      So happy you enjoyed the chapter and Reagan’s journey. ❤️❤️❤️

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  6. Lovely wedding and lovely pictures. Great beginning for they lived happily ever after. Thanks for sharing the story, the tradition of flowers and the pictures. Truly a picture is worth one thousand words…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Reagan and Evan are off to a great start. I’m happy it worked out like it did.

      Everyone played nice for Ryan and Reagan. Even Bel. It’s awkward, but they are a thing now sooo. And Ryan is important to Reagan so they’ll be civil. Unless she hurts Ryan. I’m watching her!

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  7. what a pretty happy ending. Finally those two get a bit of rest – until the baby comes! XD

    I did notice the flowers side change, but wasn’t sure of the intention – so thanks for clearing that up xD

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  8. Awww… 😊 I’m so glad Reagan and Evan are happy together. And that was such a beautiful ending with all those wedding pictures, and you can tell they made sweet love as husband and wife at the end.

    I’m sorry to say I still don’t like Maribel though, and I don’t like that she’s having Ryan’s baby. I’m also getting a gut feeling that she’s up to no good. The line “why did they sleep in separate rooms”. Was a huge red flag. I think she’s scheming.

    But then again I could be wrong, maybe the odds are against it and she’s just hanging with the girls. But also, I simply just don’t like the woman. And I’m still crossing my fingers and hanging on to that tiny thread of that 1% chance. (So there is a chance! Lol 😄) Ryan, please don’t have a baby with that witch.

    Okay enough of that, I’m looking forward to the new generation Audrey! And take your time, I know these stories need a lot of attention to detail. So I’ll be waiting patiently

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a wonderful ending with Reagan and Evan. ❤️ They are very much in love.

      Maribel is a piece of work. She has Ryan wrapped around her little finger right now. And is trying to play nice in the sandbox. They agreed no sex for awhile to get to know each other. So far they are holding to it. That 1% chance! Lol. There IS a chance!

      I am excited for the new gen! I can’t wait!


  9. I’m so sorry Audrey! I read this days ago but I simply haven’t had the energy to comment.
    I’m really happy for Reagan and Evan – they finally got the nice wedding they deserved. It looks like they’ll finally catch a break.
    As for Ryan and Bel… I can only cross my fingers that they end up happy, too, though I don’t even know. 😅
    Can’t believe this gen is coming to an end – feels like yesterday when the twins were acting like dumb-dumbs and Avery mwahaha’d from her prison cell…

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are required to comment! I’m sorry of you’re not feeling well though. It did go by fast! And yay for Reagan and Evan. I’m glad they found a little piece of happiness in each other. Ryan, I don’t think that boy’s grown up yet. But maybe a child will do it. Avery mwahahaing from her jail cell – that does seem like yesterday. Thanks you for sticking with me and reading!

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