Chapter 4.05 – Never Get Divorced

Ryan sat in the waiting room of Redcliffe & Redcliffe with a sick feeling in the pit of his stomach.  He was there to meet with Genesis Redcliffe to discuss the divorce.  Their law offices were conveniently located in the downstairs office space of C&M.  He figured there was nothing wrong with Ami helping her son and his wife get setup so they didn’t have to buy or lease a space. Will Redcliffe did the majority of the legal work for C&M anyway, so it made sense.  

Bel had told him she wanted full custody of Sam and half ownership in the gym.  That was bullshit.  He didn’t even know what all of that meant or if she could really do it. Adding insult to injury, she had the nerve to say she would give him full custody of Tyler in exchange. Bartering with her children was disgusting. She was sick.

He felt like he was on the verge of a breakdown when Genesis finally stepped in the waiting room to fetch him.

He followed her into her tiny office and sat down. He recanted Maribel’s demands, getting upset all over again.

“Ryan, calm down,” she said sternly, “and let’s talk this through. You aren’t going to give her full custody.  You will be giving up too many of your parental rights. What we’ll do is agree to joint custody of both children…”

“She doesn’t want Tyler,” protested Ryan, “He’s already broken as far as she’s concerned. And Sam will most assuredly want to live with her mother, given the show.”

“Ryan, let me finish, please. I know you are hurting and scared. We can write in agreements about when you will see Sam and when she’ll see Tyler.  Sam is old enough to choose which parent she will live with. And I do believe you’re right, she’ll choose Maribel. But it also sounds like she will be okay with Tyler living primarily with you.  When you have joint custody, you won’t need to provide child support because theoretically, you will both be providing equal amounts of care.”

“Okay,” he said a bit calmer, “But what about the gym? I won’t give her half of it.  Granted, she helped me craft the ideas early on, but she hasn’t been involved in at least 10 years.”

“You’ve provided her support since you’ve been married Ryan. She’s going to request that you continue to do so. Perhaps you can come up with a way to fairly divide your assets instead. You know her, what do you suggest?”

Fuck, I’m screwed,” he said, scrubbing his hands across his face, “I do have some investments from the gym profits. I could give her one of the franchises but she wouldn’t know what to do with it.  So, maybe I can just buy her off with my savings? Do you think I can offer her 80% of that in lieu of ongoing Alimony payments?”

“We can ask her,” replied Genesis, “if it’s enough, she may be okay with that. And as long as she doesn’t make us go before a judge to decide, then that could work. It would get her out of your life as much as possible.”

“What about Samantha’s trust?” asked Ryan, “She can’t access it without my signature.  That might be difficult since we will be thousands of miles apart. Is there a way to make it where Maribel is the sole trustee?”

Genesis looked at him like he was crazy.  “Are you sure you want to do that Ryan?”

“It’s not like there’s millions in there.  Maybe ten thousand, if that. But we felt it needed to be put back for Sam’s college when she turns 18.  So yes.”

Genesis sighed, “I don’t recommend it, but I understand. And actually, it might be a good strategy as well. Sam will likely need access to some of the money to pay for things associated with her career and it may appease Maribel. We can move it to a Del Sol Valley bank to manage.”

Ryan felt sick. “Fine. How fast can you get the papers drawn up?”

“If she’s coming to Newcrest, we can have her come here and she can sign the paperwork. As long as she agrees, we can get it signed and filed and in 10 days it will be a done deal.”

“She and Sam are already here,” said Ryan, “A moving company is coming to get their things tomorrow. I’m sure she could probably come in, and likely has her own attorney.”

“Then she should bring them,” said Genesis.

“Okay, let me text her and we can get this shit done.”

Ryan quickly texted that he had divorce papers drawn up and they could meet at Redcliffe & Redcliffe to get them signed and move forward.

He looked up. “She wants a copy, and said she’d be here. Can you email it to her?”

“Yes, of course. How about we meet tomorrow afternoon?”

“Okay… Fuck – this sucks,” said Ryan his eyes swimming in tears.

“It’s gonna be okay Ryan,” said Genesis gently, “There is life after divorce. I promise. Look at your father.”

“Thanks a lot Gen,” he said sarcasm dripping.

“Oops. Bad example. How about your brother-in-law? Evan and Reagan are very happy.”

Ryan let out a humorless laugh. “Right Gen,” he said.  Marrying Evan’s ex-wife was not one of his stellar decisions. He’d even lost the reason for the marriage in the first place, their beautiful daughter Samantha, and that hurt worse than anything. He would do everything he could to be sure she knew he loved her. At least he had Tyler and hopefully retained a successful business. 


The next afternoon …..

Will and Genesis sat at one end of the table with Ryan. Maribel and her attorney sat at the other end. “I want a cut of the gym,” said Bel, her words scathing.

Ryan sighed. Here we go, he thought.  “No,” he said, calmer than the felt.  “What about child support then, but you will NOT get my business.”

“All the savings and child support,” growled Maribel.

“I’m already allowing you control of Sam’s trust which is getting ready to grow exponentially with her show. You aren’t leaving me anything.”

Her attorney whispered something to her. “How much child support?” she asked.

Ryan looked at Will. “Give her the savings,” whispered Will, “How much can you afford in child support? $1,500 a month?”

“I fucking hate her,” he whispered back.

Finally Ryan turned to Bel.  “$1,500 a month in child support until Sam is 18 and then it ends.  And the entire savings. That’s almost a million dollars.”

Maribel looked at her attorney and they whispered back and forth for a few more minutes. Finally he looked up. “Mrs. Redcliffe, write it up and my client will sign it,” he said.

Genesis stood up. “Perfect.  It’ll take about 15 minutes to get the docs adjusted,” she said,  “Excuse me.”

Ryan felt relieved, yet sick to his to his stomach. Thank god she didn’t take him to court. His business was intact and even though he was paying child support for a few years, and had no savings left, it was better than alimony for a lifetime. Still, he felt like he sold out Samantha. He glanced at the end of the table and she sat there looking smug. He couldn’t stomach it another minute. “I need some air,”  he said, “I’ll be back.”

Will jumped up and followed him out. “Ryan,” he called out, “let’s go into my office. I’ll get you a drink.”

Ryan sighed and followed his cousin into his office. In the gym they had healthy choices to drink, but in a law office, he could see why they would have a different type of refreshments for their patrons. 

Will popped open the Globe bar and Ryan laughed. “Did you steal that from your mom’s office? She has one just like it.”

“No, but I liked the idea,” said Will and handed him a drink.  “So Ryan, I know you feel like you’ve been screwed over, but it was actually a very good deal. Now Maribel can’t keep coming back for more.” He held up his glass, “To a good deal.”

“I sold out Samantha,” said Ryan, and instead of clinking Will’s glass, he threw back a long drink relishing the burn as it went down.

“You didn’t have a choice,” said Will, “so don’t let it eat you up. Go see her as often as you can. Email her, Skype with her, text her. Ask her how the show is going, let her know what you’re doing, what trouble Ty got into. Keep it real and she’ll not think that.”

“Damn. Will, are you sure you just have a law degree? You should be a counselor. You and Gen need kids. You’d be a great father. I take that back. I thought I would be, and look at my fucked up life. Don’t listen to me.”

Will turned crimson. “Can you keep a secret?” he asked suddenly grinning.

“No fucking way,” said Ryan, realizing they were probably already pregnant.

“Yep, she’s 10 weeks, so we’re gonna wait 2 more weeks for the next appointment before we announce, but everything looks good.”

“Congratulations,” said Ryan and got emotional remembering the birth of his children. They were such happy times. And now look at him.

Will noticed his sudden discomfort. “Hey, I’m sorry. I guess I was a little insensitive.”

“Absolutely not,” said Ryan truthfully. “It’s awesome, and I’m truly happy for you two.”

“Thanks,” replied Will and sighed.  “Gen’s probably done by now, let’s go get this shit over with.”


A few weeks later….

Cassie was trying to get Alex to calm down.  Their parents called a family meeting and she ALWAYS thought the worst. Her sister insisted it had something to do with Uncle Ryan’s visit the other day because he looked so sad, even though Sam did get the Strangerville part. And anyway, last time it was about a vacation to Simsney World. So Cassie was sure it was going to be okay.

“Maybe we get to go to Del Sol Valley to watch them film,” said Cassie, excited at the prospect.

“Maybe,” said Alex, but Cassie could tell, her sister was not convinced at all.

“Or maybe Mom is going to have a baby,” suggested Cassie, “That would be super cool.”

“Nah. She’s too old,” said Alex wrinkling up her nose.

Cassie rolled her eyes. “Come on. Stop being a stupid idiot face and let’s go,” she said as she scooted off the bed and headed downstairs.

“I’m not a stupid idiot face!” called Alex trailing behind her.

“Caaaaasssie!” said Grayson as he came out of his room, “I’m telling Daddy you called Alex a stupid idiot!

“Noooo!” said Alex in defense of Cassie. “You were just teasing. Right Cassie?”

“Come on, twerp, I’m not telling,” laughed Grayson and tousled Alex’s hair, “Let’s go see what they want.”

When they walked into the living room, Alex turned to her sister and whispered, “See, it is bad. I told you so. Look, Mom’s upset.”

“Shhh,” said Cassie, knowing by the look on their parents faces, Alex was probably right.

“There you are,” said their father, “Sit down. Mom and I have some news to tell you guys.”

The three of them sat down without a word. Their dad looked at their mom and continued. “Your Uncle Ryan and Aunt Maribel are getting a divorce.”

“I knew it was bad,” mumbled Alex, “Why?”

“You knew what was bad?” asked her mother.

“The family meeting,” answered Cassie for her sister.  She didn’t want Alex to get in trouble.

“Oh, sorry it was bad news,” replied her mother, “it’s very sad when a marriage doesn’t work out.”

“Will we ever get to see Uncle Ryan again, and Ty and Sam?” asked Alex, looking like she was going to cry.

“Of course. It’s just that Sam and her mother are going to stay in Del Sol Valley – because she got the part in the show,” explained their mom. “Ryan and Tyler are going to continue to live here, in Newcrest, in their home.”

“So Sam and Ty are kinda getting divorced too,” surmised Alex.

“I guess it sort of seems that way since they won’t be living together,” said Reagan, “but he’ll go see Sam and she’ll come visit from time to time. It’s not like they won’t see us anymore.”

“That’s why Uncle Ryan was sad the other day,” said Cassie, “I bet Ty’s sad too.”  She looked at her sister. “You won’t ever get divorced, will you Daddy?” Cassie was near tears.

 “Of course we’re not sweetie,” said Evan, “Your mother and I love each other, and all three of you too, very much. We just wanted you to know, because you’re right Cassie, Ty will probably be upset and Uncle Ryan is super sad about not being able to see Sam very much anymore.”

“Can I go now?” asked Grayson, who had been silently taking it all in.

“You okay Grayson?” asked Evan.

“No. Why would I be okay? This sucks. Can I go now?” he asked again.

Their mom looked sad. “Yes, you can all go,” she said softly. “We just wanted you to know what was going on, and not have to hear it from rumors at school. Try to be extra nice to Tyler. Samantha is his sister and Maribel his mother. Think how he must be feeling.”

Cassie followed Alex to their room, the news of the divorce weighing heavily on her mind.  “Alex, I don’t ever want to get married, because if I do, it’ll be like divorcing you. We should just live together forever.”

“But don’t you want to get married like Mommy and Daddy?” asked Alex, “She was so pretty with the flowers in her hair. You used to like to put flowers in your hair and pretend you were getting married to Daddy and then move them to the other side after you said ‘I do’.”

“Ohh, I have an idea!” said Cassie, her dark mood suddenly lifting, “We can find someone that would marry both of us at the same time.  Then we wouldn’t be apart. We’d all three be married.”

Alex gave her sister a big eye roll. “Cassie, we can’t marry the same person. I’m pretty sure there’s a law or something.  But maybe we could find twins and marry them,” she offered up as a solution, “Then we could all still be together.”

Cassie clapped her hands at her sister’s idea and her eyes sparkled.  “Ohh! That’s a better idea!”

Alex frowned. “I wonder if Ty will be coming over a bunch now?”

Cassie knew Alex was worried about their cousin.  She was too. “You know, I really do feel bad for him. He almost doesn’t have a sister anymore. You know, he’s really good at video games, maybe we can play against him and Grayson and be his sisters.”

“That would be fun!” agreed Alex and hugged her sister.

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43 thoughts on “Chapter 4.05 – Never Get Divorced

  1. Ughhhhh Maribel is just… gahhhhh…. And making the poor guy clean out his entire savings, yikes 😬😭 (also dang, gym business must be booming for a savings that huge 😱isn’t it funny how all our legacy families end up so wealthy? 😂 I think it’s the nature of the challenge haha)

    I was glad for the cuteness with the twins at the end to help heal my breaking heart 😭 Alex and Cassie are super sweet and I love the bond they share! ❤️ And Grayson is a great big brother to them too (which includes a healthy bit of teasing too, of course! 😛 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Maribel is ruthless. Not sure what she and her lawyer discussed – but I supposed they figured a windfall and a bit of child support would work. And now Ryan’s mostly free of her. And yes. His gym is doing well. He has amassed that savings over almost 14 years. Not overnight. But yes! They do usually wind up wealthy! Lol.

      The twins! ❤️❤️❤️ So sweet and their big brother adores them and loves to tease them for sure.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Divorce is wild – how on earth could Maribel ask for all of that?! I’m so angry on Ryan’s behalf even if it sounds like a good deal. And I bet she’s going to use all the trust fund money too…
    THe twins are adorable, oh my word. And so kind for deciding to help out Tyler ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • He wanted her out of his life. So he gave her everything except access to his business. Hopefully he’ll be able to begin to save again. Maybe not for until Sam turns 18 though. I’m sure access to Sam’s trust was high on her priority list.

      The twins are super sweet. They love their family and Tyler’s just annoying, but now they feel sorry for him and will make more of an effort. He may or may not appreciate it though! Lol….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ryan totally should have had Maribel sign up a prenup, add a clause there about cheating too. Especially after his previous experience with her. It would have saved him so much trouble now. I hope he’ll be smarter next time. 🙂
    I’m glad that at least Rea’s & Evan’s marriage is still going well. How nice of the twins to want to ‘adopt’ Tyler as their brother. I wonder if their plan about marrying twins will succeed.😁

    Liked by 3 people

    • He totally should have! That would’ve protected him. 🙄 A tough lesson to learn.

      Rea and Evan are still doing well. At least someone is! The twins are cute. It would be fin for them to marry twins! Hmmm. 🤔


  4. Actually I think the division of assets was pretty fair. Ryan got the house. Meribel had put
    the proceeds of the San Myshuno penthouse into the gym and home. But the most important part of the divorice was never settled. Joint custody details need to be worked
    out. Will Meribel and Ryan’s animosity to each other be put on hold as they both discuss
    and iron out the details of holidays, family time (allowing grandparents & great grandparents to have time with their grandchildren), visits of Samantha that does not interfere with school or working for Strangerville. Both parents will need to not bad mouth the other to Sam or Tyler. Nothing is worst for the children than to hear their parents criticize the other and try to have the kids take sides. Strong suggestion for both children to get counseling as well to cope with the changes.
    Although Meribel’s ambition is to further her daughters career, she is a smart enough cookie to realize that it is in Sam’s interest to maintain strong ties with her ultra wealthy grandparents and great grandparents for possible inheritance.
    What I am afraid of is the future issue of Sam’s paycheck for working in Strangerville. Will
    Meribel manage it? Will Meribel put the money in Sam’s Trust fund? Or will Meribel spend it all along with the child support and give Sam a teeny tiny allowance? Or
    worst yet give Sam carte blanche and Sam can spend it all if she wants to? Child stars
    sueing their parents for spending their paycheck and mismanaging it, are very common Remember MIchael Jackson and his father?

    Liked by 2 people

    • The details of when they’ll see kids and have time with them weren’t clearly defined. Your right, if Maribel is awful to Ryan and tries to cut ties with his family, she’s cutting off her nose to spite her face and she knows that. Ryan won’t badmouth her to either of his kids. And she knows that Sam loves her Dad and she already planted a seed that maybe he didn’t care about her enough. I don’t think she’ll push it any further because he can expose her cheating and she knows it. I figure they’ll do what feels right for the kids. As far as Sam’s income, I totally imagine the Maribel has her eye on that. Not sure what her plans are though. And yes, the division of assets did seem fair.


  5. Divorce sucks. I feel so badly for Ryan but at least that ho is somewhat out of his life and not bleeding him dry.

    Wow! Will and Genesis are quite the pretty power couple! They’re bound to have beautiful nooboos!! 😍

    The twins were so cute! Wanting to marry twins so they could all live together! I like that plan!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Divorce is hard on everyone. I feel for Ryan too, but at least she isn’t going to be able to come back for more. And I loved Genesis! She was so fun to write and is very photogenic. I bet their baby will be gorgeous! Can’t wait to see it! ❤️

      And living together with twins would be quite interesting! They are so funny.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Twins marrying twins, now there a plot for you right there. 🙂
    Poor Ryan. Why does it always seem like Maribel enjoys stepping over carnage wherever she goes. And she hopefully acknowledges that this Ragnar is not going to be there for her forever … or that he may trade her in for her daughter or something.
    Smart not giving her part of the gym. Who knows how she would abuse that “power”. All the savings … ugh.
    Nice job parenting by Reagan and Evan.

    Liked by 1 person

    • She does! She seemed to get way too much satisfaction for stomping on poor Ryan. 😭😔

      Ragnar will possibly toss her aside at some point. And you’re right. He could try to trade her for her pretty daughter.

      Reagan and Evan have such an open loving relationship with not only each other, but their kids too and it is helping them become responsible. ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Divorce sucks. I think Will was right though, Ryan got off really easy. I’ve seen divorces go a lot worse. He could have been forced to give Maribel all the money and he would just get stuck with the debt, I have seen that happen. Still Maribel is a piece of work, uses her kids as leverage in divorce proceedings, tries to take Ryan for all he is worth, when she was the one caught being unfaithful. If that is not the worst of it, Maribel is living her broken dreams through her child, which as far as I am concerned, is exploitation. All one has to do is watch “Toddlers and Tiaras” to see what kind of monster a parent can become, when trying to live a dream through your child. I hope Ryan manages to at least stay in touch with Sam, and Ty maintains a relationship with his sister and even his mom. Not that Maribel seems too concerned with having that relationship.

    Liked by 1 person

    • So right on all of this. Ryan did get off fairly easy. It could’ve been so much worse. Maribel is horrible. Not Avery insane, but still manipulative. She got what she wanted. Money and access to her ‘toddler in a tiara’ only she’s well beyond the toddler stage but at least Sam seems to be enjoying her new job.

      Ryan will make sure he stays in touch, just as Will said and will see to it that a Tyler sees both his sister and his mother. And you’re right, it think Maribel never really blinded with Tyler. It’s so sad.


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  9. Kinda low of Ryan to want to cut her off completely tho, u might hate her now, dude, but if it was her building a business for your fam, and you staying home as the support spouse, you’d be singing a different tune 😡
    Just cuz you mad don’t mean there shouldn’t be a fair division of marital assets… oh wells, at least it all worked out, hope they can both move forward with their lives! 😁

    Liked by 3 people

      • I know not every state in the US anyway has Alimony. Texas is a community property state and only requires equal division of assets. But, without a prenup, what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. So even if you brought nothing to the marriage, you get half of what’s there when you divorce. But yes, a lot of times the wife is the main breadwinner in the family anymore. It’s been that way in my household for a long time. So I would have to pay alimony to my husband. 🙃

        Liked by 2 people

    • Right! If the tables were turned he might sing a different tune. I think she was okay with what she managed to get. Or she would’ve dragged it out. She sees $$$ where Samantha is concerned. Although that’s only about 4 more years.

      Liked by 1 person

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  11. Oooohhhhh, I continue to hate that nasty Maribel more and more. She is one money-hungry bitch. 😠😡 oh well, I’m just happy they got the divorce and she is forever detached from him. Though she dried him out of his savings, at least she won’t continue to leech alimony for the rest of his life.

    Seems Ryan has a new crush growing with that principal! Wonder what’s going to happen from there… 🤔

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maribel is awful. But yes, he’s more or less free from her. Never will always be free because of the kids, but at least she can’t drain his bank account.
      Poor Ryan – maybe he and the principal might just discover they like each other…. or not. lol


  12. I can’t believe Ryan gave Bel the only access to Sam’s trust fund. that was incredibly stupid. It makes sense that both parents have to sign withdrawals.
    The trust fund is Sam’s, not Ryan’s and not Maribel’s.

    Btw why can’t it just be Disney World?? They don’t sue as long as it’s not used for monetary gain 😂

    Liked by 3 people

    • Lol. I think that’s what got Bel to not ask for more. I’m sure she feels she’ll be able to benefit somehow from access to make withdrawals ‘as needed’ to support Sam. It is hers and she could potentially sue her mother if she abuses her access to the money.


  13. Ugh. Huge eyeroll for Bel, just UGH. I thought she wouldn’t go down without a fight, but at least Ryan did what he could to get her out of his life for good. Now I think Bel will even be *more* agressive when it comes to Sam’s acting career. Previously, she was using ehr husband’s Money to deal with all that, now, she actually *needs* Sam to sucess so she can put some food on the table and buy whatever she wants to. She’ll star to parasyte her own daugther. *sighs*

    I hope Ryan learns from this too not jump things head first like ”Ooh female…pretty…MUST MARRY!!!” Lol like he did before. Maybe have some prenup, or not marry into someone that did horrible things in the pass? One of this two things would solve things out for him lol.

    I still adore the twin’s dnymaic. Ha! Find a set of twins to date..That would bring even more dram to the table. I mean, imagine the poir kids of these couples, they wouldn’t be able to tell their parentes apart from their uncle and aunt lol. I like their relationship, but I hope it lasts till adult years. A lotta stuff can happen in the mean time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Bel certainly has the potential to try to parasite her daughter. And Ryan did what he had to get her out of his life as much as possible.

      Okay … so we are talking about Ryan. His logic is usually flawed but I hope you are right. We shall see.

      The twins are precious! ❤️ They are so cute and so different but totally each other’s best fiend. There is a LOT of stuff gonna happen … 😬 …


  14. And here we see Maribel in her natural habitat – getting a divorce and absolutely taking everything she can get her manicured claws on. Ryan really should have realised it would come to this – Evan could have told him.
    The twins are adorable, though. At least Reagan’s family is harmonious. ❤ Good on them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hehe, her natural habitat. So true! And I think Evan did try to tell him, but she was having his baby and helping with the gym…he was blinded by that. And they even made another kiddo … so it wasn’t always bad, just until she got bored.

      The twins! ❤️❤️❤️ I’m glad Evan and Reagan are doing so well. They went through so much to get there.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I’m so, so sorry for my late comment!! D: Life had been really overwhelming those past days, but I’m here now – finally! ^_^
    Ugh, of course Maribel would not break a sweat about a divorce – not a first timer after all! She just swoops in and takes everything, just because she can.
    Grayson and the twins are really adorable! And their relationship is just perfect! I wonder who the heir is going to be, hmmm..!
    This was great! Ryan’s life may be shit right now, but at least we get to see the cute family moments in Evan and Reagan’s life! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  16. I’m super invested in the kids. I’m excited to follow their journey all the way into adulthood! Poor Ryan. And Maribel is horrible. I’m still fuming about her passing the blame of their divorce onto Ryan. I hope Ryan gets his baby girl Sam back.

    Liked by 2 people

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