Chapter 4.21 – Back to School Party

It was the last week of summer before school started back and Alex was super excited. They always had a huge back to school pool party at the Grace Ramsey Memorial Park in Newcrest for the high school kids. This was the first year they got to go since they were finally in high school. She just wished her parents and Tyler’s dad and stepmother weren’t among the chaperones.

The important thing was that there were a whole bunch of new kids they didn’t know that transferred from other schools.  Tyler said he was going to find boyfriends for them and girlfriends for himself and Samson. Alex had to laugh because she knew how Tyler was around girls.

Grayson and Greg were there too – with their girlfriends. It seemed once you got in high school, if you didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or at least a crew to hang with, you were an outcast.  Alex was glad they already had a crew, sans Andreas and Veronica. But maybe they could find some new friends to round it out tonight.

What shocked Alex the most was her famous cousin’s appearance at the party.  Sam was visiting Uncle Ryan for a few weeks.  Tyler said his dad didn’t want to leave her home alone, so he told her to come. As soon as everyone figured out who she was they flocked around her for autographs and selfies while asking a million questions about Strangerville.

Alex cringed. “Well, Samantha won’t have any trouble finding a boyfriend,” she said with disdain, “Look at them all drooling over her.” Then she giggled. “Cassie, remember when you said we should marry the same boy so we wouldn’t get divorced?”

Cassie looked mortified. “OMG Alex, and you said we should find twins!”

Alex started laughing at the memory. Cassie was always scheming. She was secretly happy she and Andreas broke up. Cassie seemed happier now.

“Aww, look at Tyler,” said Cassie, “he and Samson are actually chatting up those new girls. Maybe we should warn them that they’re both big time nerds.”

Alex rolled her eyes.  “Nah. Let them find out, it won’t take long for them to figure out that gaming is all he wants to talk about.  Heck, maybe they’ll get lucky, and one of them will be a nerd too.”

Cassie poked her sister. “Look,” she said excitedly, “I think those two guys are coming over here.”

Sure enough they walked right up to them. “So, you must be the Connor twins we’ve heard so much about,” said the redhead.

“What on earth do you mean?” asked Alex, “We’re not twins.” She deadpanned it perfectly.

Cassie couldn’t hold her laughter at the confused look on the guy’s faces and it bubbled out uncontrollably. “I’m sorry,” she said between peels of laughter, “Yes, we are the ‘Connor’ twins. I’m Cassie and smart ass over there is Alex.”

“Okaaay,” said the tall dark one, while the redhead just smiled weirdly.  They were clearly confused as to whether or not they should stay or go.

“Don’t leave,” said Alex. “I’m sorry. We get asked if we’re twins like five times a day. I couldn’t resist. What class are you in?”

“Freshman,” they said in unison.

“So you must’ve gone to a different school than us,” surmised Alex, “because I don’t think we’ve seen you before.”

“Yes, San Myshuno. We just moved here over the summer,” said the redhead, getting braver.

“You’re brothers? Twins too?” asked Cassie. Alex looked at her like she must be crazy, there was no way they were twins.

“Step brothers,” said the dark haired one, “Different parents.  My mom married his dad and I live with my mom and he lives with his dad, so we live together.”

Alex started laughing. “I actually think I followed that! So, what are your names?”

“Oh, sorry,” muttered the redhead, “I’m Russell Montgomery and he’s Miles Pepper.”

Alex and Cassie stuck out their hands, and at the same time said, “Nice to meet you.”

Both boys looked at them like they were one person with two heads and the girls started to giggle. “Sorry, it’s a twin thing,” explained Alex, “We do that a lot. Makes our Daddy crazy.”

“Yes,” said Cassie, “But you two being the same age, it’s kinda like having a twin, just not identical. My mother and her brother, Ryan Murdock, are twins. They’re both here – chaperones.” Cassie rolled her eyes dramatically.  “At least they stay in the clubhouse and don’t try to mingle,” she added quickly.

“Wait, he’s Samantha Murdock’s father? Right?  So that means you’re related to her. She’s what, your cousin?” surmised Russell, seemingly star struck. “Is that why they’re chaperoning?”

“Princess Samantha’s brother, Tyler, is in our class,” said Alex, somewhat irritated, “and his stepmother is the middle school Principal. But really, it’s because my parent’s company manages the park and the clubhouse so they volunteered. That’s why ‘The Princess’ is here holding court. She didn’t want to stay home alone. Poor thing.”

The boys laughed at her calling Samantha a princess. “I take it you aren’t a fan,” said Miles.

“She’s nice enough I guess,” interjected Cassie, “We just don’t know her very well anymore, plus she always gets all the attention when she’s here to visit.  She lives with her mother in Del Sol Valley. You would think she would’ve invited us to come watch filming at some point, but noooo. Whatever.” 

“Yes, it kinda hurt our feelings. Tyler got to go once, but he doesn’t go anymore,” explained Alex, “he doesn’t get along with his mother.”

“Well, Samantha is freakin hot.  Definitely outta our league,” said Russell.

“So you came over to the next best thing. The infamous Conner Twins?” said Alex, now pissed off since all the talk revolved around Sam.

“Nooo!” stammered Russell, “I meant …. uh … ya’ll are hot too!”

Alex just glared at them.

“Come on Russ, let’s see if we can at least get an autograph and leave them alone,” said Miles. The not-twins turned and walked off towards the crowd surrounding Sam.

“See what you did Alex,” said Cassie, now upset herself, “they liked us.”

“No they didn’t.  They were just curious because we’re twins,” explained Alex, “It’s okay, please don’t be mad. There are lots of other boys.”

“But they were cute,” complained Cassie, her bottom lip stuck out in a pout.

“Come on,” said Alex with a gleam in her eye, “follow me. I have an idea.”

“What?” asked Cassie now curious herself and followed Alex towards Samantha.

Once they were finally close enough, Alex held out a piece of paper. “Can I get an autograph please?” she asked her cousin.

Sam looked mortified. “What are two doing over here?” she asked under her breath, “Go away and play with your dolls.”

Alex was quite satisfied with her outburst.  “Ohhh. I should’ve brought my Sam doll,” she said loudly, “You could’ve signed her back and I could pretend it was a tattoo!”

In the corner of her eye, Alex saw Miles and Russell holding back a laugh.  Mission accomplished, thought Alex and stuck the paper in Sam’s face again. “Please,” she asked sweetly.

Evidently Sam caught on to what they were doing and plastered a smile on her face. “Of course, Cassie. What should I write?”

“It’s Alex,” she said, and handed her the paper.

“Oh. I’m really sorry, Alex,” she said sweetly, clearly trying to repair any damage they might’ve done to her image. She signed the paper and handed it back.

Alex turned to leave and noticed Tyler had watched the exchange. He was laughing hard, so they walked over to him. “That was awesome, Cassie, oh I mean Alex!” he said and laughed some more.

“I don’t know why she had to come and attract all the attention,” said Cassie sadly.

“Dad made her come,” said Tyler, “but I’m used to it. It’s like that everywhere. I’m sure she must get sick of it but she never says.”

“I guess,” said Alex feeling kind of bad about what she did. “I probably shouldn’t have tried to embarrass her.”

Russell and Miles came back over and joined them.  “That was awesome. ‘My Samantha doll’. Give us a second chance? Please?” begged Miles.

“I suppose,” said Cassie coyly. “Guys, this is my cousin Tyler and his friend Samson.  Meet Miles and Russell. They just moved here from San Myshuno.”

“Aren’t you Sam’s brother?” asked Russell.

“Yep,” he said, “But I don’t claim her. Not worth the hassle, at least in public.”

“Wow, I sense bitterness,” said Miles.

“Guys, look over there” said Alex interrupting them, “who is that man in the park watching Samantha. I noticed him earlier and just thought he was looking in to see what was going on. But he’s still here. He looks kinda scary. Do you think he’s a stalker?”

Everyone started to turn and look. “Stop!” said Alex, “He’ll see us looking. Be casual.”

“I don’t know,” replied Cassie, after they’d all had a chance to look.  “I wonder what he’s doing here? He’s gotta be at least 25, but it’s hard to tell behind those sunglasses and that hoodie.”

“It could just be paparazzi waiting to get some pictures when we all leave,” offered Tyler, “Or maybe an old boyfriend wanting to hook up.  I heard her on the phone with someone before we left.”

“Or, it could be a stalker,” surmised Cassie. “That would be awful! Well, I’m going to find out who he is. Ohhh, if she knows him, maybe he’s someone famous and I can get his autograph. Maybe that’s why he has on sunglasses and a hoodie.”

“No Cassie,” said Alex, “he might be dangerous.” Alex gave Cassie the best ‘don’t argue with me’ look she could.  “Stay here. I’ll go. He might just be paparazzi. If he has camera equipment we’ll know.  I think Sam might know him though. She looked over at him a minute ago. Maybe Tyler’s right.”

“I’m going with you,” said Tyler. “No way you are going alone Alex. Cassie, you stay here with the guys. If we’re not back in 15 minutes, go get our parents.”

“Tyler, now you’re scaring me!” said Cassie, “Maybe we should just go get them now.”

“No, because he’s probably just a fan or paparazzi,” said Alex, “We’ll tell him to get lost, or we’ll call the cops. I don’t want to cause a big scene.”

“Cassie, we’ll stay with you, don’t worry,” said Miles.

“Ty, let’s go and sneak around behind him,” said Alex. “If he’s just her boyfriend, then she’ll be super mad and we’ll be in trouble for spying on them.  We don’t need that.”

“Okay, 15 minutes,” reminded Ty, then he and Alex headed for the side gate.

 “Alex gets to have all the fun,” lamented Cassie when they took off.


Alex and Tyler walked around the park to where the man was standing by the fence. He seemed to be alone. They watched him for a second. He didn’t have any camera equipment so he wasn’t the paparazzi. That meant he was either a stalker, a fan or someone Sam knew.

After a minute, he took out his phone and it looked like he sent a text.

“Look, Sam just got a text,” whispered Alex when Sam pulled out her own phone.  She promptly sent a text back. “He’s texting her!”

“Well fuck,” whispered Tyler. “It is her boyfriend? Or, could he actually be a dealer?”

“Shhh, he might hear you,” said Alex softly. “Just wait and see.”

“Oh, he got her text. They definitely know each other,” whispered Alex.  Then, Sam glanced at him and walked off. “Wait, where’s Sam going? What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” said Tyler, “but let’s just go back and ask Sam.”


They started to leave when they heard noises. “Quick, in the bushes!” Alex whisper-yelled.

They ducked into the bushes just in time to avoid Sam coming around the corner, but not without making a little noise.

“Who’s there?” asked Sam, sounding nervous.

The man heard her and walked over to where she stood. Tyler and Alex could hear them clear as day. “What are you doing here?” Sam whispered loudly. “Someone might see you.”

He pulled her into his arms and began to kiss her. “I couldn’t wait to see you.”

“Dax, stop it,” she hissed and wiggled out of his embrace, “I’ll see you later tonight after this party is over. It wouldn’t look good if I left early.”

Alex looked at Tyler. “Dax Matherson?” she barely whispered, her eyes wide as saucers.

He shrugged and held his finger up to be quiet.

“Okay, baby,” said the man that was clearly Daxton Matherson, “By the way, I found a contact. He has good stuff according to my guy. It’ll be a chill night. I can’t wait.”

“Whatever Dax, I gotta get back. You need to leave, now, before someone sees you.”

“Not before I get a kiss.”

Suddenly Tyler’s nose began to tickle. The pollen was making him need to sneeze. He tried to hold it, hoping they’d hurry up and leave. Finally, he couldn’t hold it any longer and sneezed.  He and Alex looked at each other and took off running.

“I knew someone was back there!” said Sam. “Oh my god, what if they heard us or worse, took pictures?”

“No worries, I’ll get them and find out. You get back to the party.”

He took off in the direction that Tyler and Alex went, which was towards the street, while Sam went the opposite way back to the pool.

“Come on Alex, hurry, he’s catching up,” said Tyler.

“Oh my god,” said Alex.

Tyler’s heart was racing and he could barely breathe.  He was terrified they were going to get in big trouble. He thought he heard Alex crying.  “Alex, run across the street into Dad’s gym … he won’t follow us there,” yelled Tyler and looked back. Dax was almost on him.

“Shit, you go, I’ll take the heat,” said Tyler. He stopped running and turned towards Dax.

“Okay!’ she yelled back.

Suddenly Dax stopped running and screamed. “NO!!! STOP! THERE’S A CAR!” 

Tyler heard brakes squeal and a scream. “ALEX!” he screamed. At the same time he saw his and Alex’s parents running up to them. Cassie must’ve seen them running and got their parents. But he didn’t care.  All he knew was he needed to get to Alex.

Tyler turned to run but strong arms wrapped around him stopping him, but not before he saw Alex lying in the street motionless. “Alex!” he screamed again. “Let me go! I have to help her.”

Then everything started happening in slow motion. He heard his aunt Reagan screaming while his uncle Evan grabbed her and held her back.   “No, don’t look baby,” he heard him say to her as they clung to each other.

“Tyler, you’re okay,” said his father deep voice in his ear. He had his arms wrapped tightly around him and he couldn’t move.

“But Alex … it’s all my fault,” choked out Tyler as he continued to struggle, “I need to help her. It’s all my fault. I told her to run across the street.”

His dad was rocking him in his arms, “Shhh Ty, it’s gonna be okay.”

He could hear his stepmother talking on the phone in front of them telling someone they needed an ambulance. “Don’t move her!” she shouted as she ran towards Alex’s crumpled body. “The ambulance is on the way!  I know CPR, please, let me through.”

Soon sirens and flashing lights filled the night as emergency vehicles arrived. Tyler watched from his father’s arms as Tay stepped away to let the paramedics work on her. She looked over at them and she was crying hard, then she shook her head.  A police officer walked up to Alex’s parents and asked them to go with him.  After what seemed like hours, but was probably only minutes, the paramedics pulled a sheet over Alex’s lifeless body.   That was the last thing Tyler remembered as his world faded to black.

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A/N … If anyone follows the ‘I’m A Lover’ challenge, the death of a child is part of that challenge. 💔💔💔 I’ve been dreading it for awhile. 😭😭😭  R.I.P sweet Alexandra. 

64 thoughts on “Chapter 4.21 – Back to School Party

  1. UGH! I called it! (Because I knew the challenge but I was hoping it wasn’t going to be spunky Alex!!!! 😡)


    Poor Tyler is going to blame himself. But it wasn’t his fault! Alex wanted to spy. It was her idea! And then he was covering for her. Cassie is going to be CRUSHED! Nothing worse than a twin departing.

    RIP Alex! You were one of my favorites!

    (And since that happened, it’s hard for me to think about the rest of the chapter!)

    Dax! You pusher! Constantly trying to get drugs. Sam obviously doesn’t care about them but in the end she will be hooked. I hope she kicks him to the curb in an all out war in public.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Poor sweet Spunky Alex. 😭😭😭💔💔💔 I grew to love her so much, so this was tough. Tyler will definitely have guilt to deal with. As will Sam and poor Cassie. She’ll certainly feel the absence of her sister more than anyone. Being a twin less twin is extremely hard to deal with.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Very sad. I give it a 5 star hanky sopping wet. I also see the pitfalls of get famous for Sam, imagine going to a party and not having fun but having to sign autographs and upholding your image through gritted teeth when your cousins annoy you big time. It is sad that Sam has no connections with her brother and cousins
    Alex’s death will be a big blow for all the family, great grandparents, grandparents, parents, siblings, uncle, aunts, cousins….Hate to ask this but can you give the pov of all those affected? Especially Tyler and Cassie.

    Liked by 2 people

    • It was sad all the way around. For Sam having to sign autographs and no longer having a connection with her family to the tragic death of sweet Alex. It was a 5 star hanky chapter.

      Funny you should ask about a PoV from all of those affected. That’s exactly what is planned in the time jump. I plan three chapters – one with Alex’s immediate family, specifically Cassie and to an extent her parents and her brother. Cassie will take on more of a role in the story too. We will see from Tyler’s POV and then finally Sam’s back in Del Sol Valley. Everyone will be carrying some guilt – Tyler, Cassie, Sam even Dax.


  3. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Even knowing it was coming, this hurt like hell. Damn. This is gonna destroy everyone, isn’t it? And I’m sure Cassie, Sam, and Tyler will all carry their own guilt over this.

    You’re a monster 😭 (jk ❤️)

    It was such a great chapter… even the awful ending 😭 It was a cute way to showcase the twins and their personalities before… 😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • The twins had such different personalities even from when they were young children. It was fun to showcase their differences. The more mature Alex always watching out for the impulsive happy go lucky Cassie. It was tough. I’m a monster, but I didn’t write the challenge. 😱

      And yes, each of the teens will all carry their own guilt. 😭😭😭.

      I’m glad you liked it, even the horrible ending. 💔

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  5. Oh no why. 😭 This was the last thing poor Reagan and Evan needed. Haven’t you put them through enough, Audrey?!?! And poor Tyler – he’ll be completely crushed, even though you can’t even say it was his fault. 🙁 This chapter was a bummer! 😥

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes….it was a bummer. I’m so sorry. Hopefully they will all come out on the other side of this tragedy. It was really wasn’t anyone’s fault … it was just a horrible accident. But tell everyone that. 😢😢😢. Poor Reagan…you’re right. This will hit her very hard. Not that it wouldn’t be hard for any parent. I can’t even imagine.
      I promise, I wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t part of the challenge. 💔💔💔

      Liked by 1 person

  6. ‘It seemed once you got in high school, if you didn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, or at least a crew to hang with, you were an outcast.’
    Well, that is rather sad. I hope it is not like that everywhere.
    I liked it that the twins weren’t happy about Sam stealing the attention. Authentic. 👍
    Poor Sam. Tasted the dark side of fame. Can’t have fun like normal kids anymore. Didn’t have to be mean at the twins though.
    Dax… Dax… Someone should tell you that bright red hoodie is *not* inconspicuous. No, really, it is not, Dax. You can trust me on that. Tell you a secret: ladies wear red to draw attention. Yup. Now you know. Try camo patterned hoodie next time?
    Why were Tyler and Alex afraid of Dax? Why were they running? I mean I would get it if they were running and giggling to have caught Sam and Dax sneaking. Dax maybe older than them but what could he possibly do to them? And why didn’t they run back to the party? That I didn’t completely understand.
    R.I.P. Alex. You had most spunk of them all. You’ll be missed.😢

    Liked by 1 person

    • Lol. The hoodie! I needed one with the hood up and with the hood down that matched…. not happening with EA. I wanted to go with black or camouflage. Maybe I should’ve asked you to do me a recolor! But … the red helped him show up in the pics. 🤷‍♀️
      The twins were not happy, probably jealous.
      They were afraid of getting caught and getting in trouble. Sam and Dax were between them and the way back to the party is why they didn’t go that way. I guess he figured they’d wait until he left and then go back. He wasn’t likely thinking.

      And yes. I loved Alex. She had a lot of spunk and will definitely be missed. 💔


      • Aaaah! That explains it! Yeah, you should have asked, because I happened to do just that, recolored two hoodies to have two versions, one with the hood up and one with it down. Dax definitely poped up in the pictures in the red one. 😁
        It would likely be Dax and Sam to get in trouble, I think, not Tyler and Alex. Dax would have gotten even in more trouble if he tried to hurt any of them. So no point chasing them unless he wanted to bribe them no to tell anybody he’s there. Anyone could have spotted him in the red hoodie anyway. 😁 But there wasn’t anything really worth running or chasing when I think of it. She was meeting a friend / boyfriend / colleague. It’s nothing that any of the teenagers haven’t done before. Makes Alex’s death even more pointless. 😭

        Liked by 1 person

        • I should have! You are good at it! And you’re right. It would’ve probably been Sam and Dax to get in trouble. I seriously doubt he would’ve done anything except maybe threaten them not to say anything. Alex’s death was totally pointless. 😢


        • Ohhh, you know what? Dax should have pulled out a small bag of pills or something and Tyler should have grabbed it (to protect Sam) and then he and Alex could have run. Dax chasing them would make so much more sense and the whole thing would have been 100% more sinister and tragic.😭

          Liked by 1 person

          • Why didn’t I talk to you before I published! Lol. That would’ve been a good idea. Dax just wanted to find out if they were media because they heard him talking about drugs and maybe took pictures. I think when he went after them he realized it was just kids. But he didn’t know who they were.


  7. No. No no no no no no no no no. Nooo! 😥
    And I was wondering why there’s only one twin in your header image, I guess I should have gotten the hint (seeing Cassie in black and all)! 😥 😥
    RIP Alex… she was one of my favorite characters! Cassie is going to be such a mess now… And besides the pain, I think her whole identity was based on the fact that she was a twin. I guess there will be some rough times ahead of her.
    Not to mention Evan and Reagan are going to be devastated! 😥 And no doubt Tyler is going to blame himself… I’m sure this will wreck everyone! And it all started so breezy and light-heartedly 😥
    And oh man, now I’m all caught up and I have no way of knowing what happens next!
    But anyway, I loved the way you wrote that – there was no way I could have guessed what was about to happen! Looking forward to your next chapter ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved Alex. She was indeed a favorite. It will affect Cassie – part of her identity was intertwined with Alex as her twin sister and will probably carry guilt. She’ll be forced to reinvent herself. Poor Tyler will no doubt carry a load of guilt as well. It’s going to change everyone for sure. Even Sam and Dax will feel somewhat responsible. Reagan and Evan. Ugh.

      You wanted drama … here you go. 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔.

      And thank you. I wanted the chapter to be fun with a surprise ending.

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  8. Not gonna lie I was sh000K for Alex. It was so sudden. No signs, no sad vibe, just happened. Then again, I guess that’s how some things happen in real life, sometimes it’s all so sudden.

    Oh my dear lord, we’re in for a ride. The blame game is set. Samantha will feel like it was her faults for bringing Dax in without anyone knowing, and making him chase the people in the bush, aside form her last interaction with her cousin being a mean remark.

    Ty will have deep emotional scars from having his cousin die in front of him, and think it was his faults because he told her to go to the other side. Dex might think it was his, because he wanted/agreed to go, and if he didn’t go into that direction she might have been alive, and lastly, Cassie might think it was her fault bc if she had gone, she’d be the one dead.

    Of coursce, it’s all theroretical, in this situations, something they don’t blame thenselfs, but others. Sam might blame Dex and Ty, Ty might blame Sam, or even Ryan for bringing her here. It’s all messy and people love to try and find a culprit for something that virtually has none (i mean in this case the guy driving is the culprit but shs you get it)

    This is gonna be a mess and put everything into perspective. Sam will have to deal with her ”public image”, and might realize her mother cares more about that then the guilty Sam feels. Ty is gonna go into na even deeper hole because of what happened, and Cassie might do and 180 on her personality. She just lost her twin at a very Young age.

    And don’t even let me get started on the parents.They might play the blame game too, and it might get real ugly, asides from the obvious fact that they will bury their daugther, and yet, see her face everyday on Cassie.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Welp, I started my response and had to get on a conf call and lost it. I was shook along with you. Alex was a favorite. But very true to life. A random event can change it all.

      Everyone will indeed be forever changed by this horrible accident. I actually think Dax could take this very hard. He saw it. There will plenty of blame and guilt to go around sadly.

      Reagan and Evan … I can’t imagine seeing Cassie everyday and knowing their other daughter is gone. So hard. 😭😭😭😭💔💔💔💔

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Omg, that is too sad!!!! Poor young lady 😭😭 I don’t even know what to say to that. She was only like… what? 15? Something…

    RIP Alex, say hi to Great-Grandmother Grace 😇

    Liked by 1 person

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  11. Oh goodness! I just wanted a sweet lil’ sunday read! 😭 That death was so purposeless, speaking story-wise. Alex wasn’t killed or whatever, it was an accident. A real, simple accident that shouldn’t have happened (as accidents do). It’s terrible and what makes it so terrible is that lack of purpose. It’s hard to explain but what I mean isn’t the story you wrote. It lies in the story itself, in this situation, it feels so surreal like it would have when you get a call in real life. You can’t quite grasp it

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, it was supposed to feel surreal. It’s terribly sad. So sorry to mess up your read. 😭😭😭. No, it’s not like she was evil or someone was after her. A horrible accident that will no doubt affect everyone’s lives in many different ways. 💔


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