Chapter 4.24 – Two Years Later – Samantha Murdock

A/N: some slightly NSFW pics towards the end….

Sam lay on her bed eyeing the script laying on the bedside table.  She needed to read it, but she was tired.  This was her only day off from filming and they would be shooting it tomorrow.  Ragnar had them working 14 hour days, 6 days a week to get the first three episodes of the new show in can.

When Strangerville was cancelled, Ragnar held true to his word and made sure she got to read for a lead role in a brand new series he was directing.  She was a much different character in this one and it was actually a lot of fun.  Her new costar, Levon Jefferies, made it easy.

Dax was still waiting to hear whether he got a part in a movie he’d auditioned for, making him a little stressed out.  After that horrible night two years ago, things between her and Dax had been strained for awhile, but now, they were finally good again. She hoped working on different projects didn’t mess it up.

Thinking of that reminded her of that awful night.  Dax had hightailed it to the airport before anyone could see him.  He didn’t know how bad it was until later that night.  When he learned Alex died, he cried like a baby.   No one knew he was there, only that there had been a stalker.  He begged her to keep it that way and she readily agreed knowing it would implicate her if anyone knew.  Miraculously, her cousin’s accident didn’t make the tabloids.  Maybe they had a heart, but more likely, they simply didn’t know.

Sam and Dax both carried around a ton of guilt.  She couldn’t face her father or Tyler. Especially not Cassie. She knew they would see right through her.  Sam still had nightmares seeing Alex’s crumpled body.  So she tried to push it down and stayed away from reminders.  Except for Dax.

The other thing that happened when Strangerville canceled was that Ragnar proposed to her mother and moved them into his mansion.  Now she was sitting in her gilded cage, as she called the ‘suite’ that was now her bedroom.  Sam sat up in her soft bed and sighed.  Think about the future, not the past, she chided herself as she grabbed the script and began to read. The sooner she read, the sooner she could see Dax.

As she read, she sucked in her breath, and her blood began to boil.  She kept reading unable to believe where it was going.

Script in hand, she went to find Ragnar.  She was breathing hard and fast.  There was no fucking way she was doing this.  She found him and her mother sitting on the terrace, sipping margaritas.  Not a care in the world.

“Ragnar! What the hell is this?” she bellowed and tossed the script on the table, almost knocking over their drinks.

He glanced at her mother before responding.  “Samantha, whatever is the problem?” he asked, a knowing smirk firmly planted on his face.

“You never told me there would be NUDE scenes!” she yelled.

He looked at her mother again before speaking. “It’s in your contract Samantha. You’re not playing an innocent school girl.  What did you expect?  This is a adult rated show. Hell, Samantha, we know you’ve been having sex with Dax, so you’re ready.  Besides, you and Levon have chemistry that’s off the charts. It’ll be easier than you think.”

“My personal life has nothing to do with it!” she shrieked then looked at her mother, “Mom! You told him this was okay?” Sam was bordering on hysteria. 

“Sweetie,” replied her mother, her voice honeyed, “This is a huge break for you. You’re an actress. A professional. Do you know how many others wanted this role? And YOU got it?  This simply comes with the territory dear.  You know this. Come on Sam, you aren’t that naive.”

“Samantha,” said Ragnar, slowly dragging out her name.  He stood up and walked towards her and put his hands on her arms making a shiver roll down her spine. “Sweetheart, calm down.  I know it’s scary.” His voice was soft, but firm. “The first time always is. My point is, you’re not inexperienced. Plus, like Mari said, you’re a professional. You can do this. I know you can, or I wouldn’t have put you in the lead role.  Wouldn’t you like to put Felicity to shame by landing a movie deal before she does?”

Sam caught her breath. Movie deal? Ragnar had a way to twist things around and she found herself half agreeing with him. Plus, he knew she hated Felicity.  He had hit on both of her weak spots.

“Sam, honey,” said her mother, joining forces with her fiance, “why don’t you call Dax?  It might make you feel better to talk it over with him.”

“What?” she asked.

“Talk to him about it. He’ll understand and maybe it’ll help you relax. You can even practice with him.”  She raised a perfectly arched eyebrow behind her designer shades and smirked .

“Mother! Gah!” Sam turned her attention back to Ragnar. “Can’t we just use a body double?”

“It’s not in the contract Samantha. We don’t have time to renegotiate and hire someone. And, Samantha, you don’t want to get a rep as someone being difficult to work with. Not if you want to get more roles,” he said.

Sam glared at him, “Fine,” she said as she reached between them, grabbed the script and stalked off.

She went to her room and called Dax. “Can I come over?”

“Right now?” he asked.

“Yes, I really need to talk … why … are you busy?”

“I’m just working on my lines. But sure, maybe you can read with me, like old times.” 

“OMG Dax! You got the part?” Sam forgot all about her own troubles for a minute.

“It’s either me or this other unknown. I’m not sure why they’re having me read again. But I need to be ready.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in 30 minutes. Love you.”


“Hi babe!” said Dax and pulled her into his arms for a steamy kiss.

When he released her, she smiled. “You act like you haven’t seen me in months!”

“What can I say? I miss not seeing you every day.  How about a drink.  I’m going to have one.”

“Sure,” she said knowing that she probably would need it.

Dax headed to the small bar tucked in the corner between the living room and dining area.  “What’s your pleasure?”  He asked when she sat down.

“I’d love a margarita.”

Dax looked at her and laughed. “High maintenance. Gotta love the spoiled little rich girl.”

“What? I’m spoiled because I want a margarita?”

“Yes. You could’ve had a beer or wine. Super easy.  But nooo.  You want a mixed drink.”

Sam rolled her eyes. “Mom and Ragnar were sitting by the pool having one, that’s why I thought of it.”

Dax smirked at her. “Frozen or rocks? Salt or no salt?”

Sam rolled her eyes and laughed at his barrage of questions. “Fine. I’ll have a glass of wine.”

“That’s my girl,” said Dax.  He opened a bottle and poured two glasses. “See how simple that was.”

He handed her a glass and they moved to the couch. “I can teach you the art of being simple.  In fact, why don’t you move in?  That would be simple. Then we could see each other every day.”

Sam was shocked. They’d never talked about living together before. He was probably still teasing her. Of course she had been in high school, but now she was 19. “What are you talking about?”

“You heard me. Live with me, or would you miss Ragnar’s sprawling mansion with made to order margaritas and servants galore?”

“Dax. Where did this come from? You can’t be serious.”

“Always serious when it comes to you. My teenage queen has grown up.”

That reminded her about the whole reason she was here. “I … I need to think about it. Besides, you might be leaving to shoot on location instead of here in a studio. I wouldn’t be able to go.”

“Let’s hope I am shooting somewhere soon. But even if it wasn’t in a studio, it would be temporary, just while we’re filming.  And if I do get the role, I can get outta this crap ass apartment and keep you in the style to which you’ve become accustomed.”

Her heart melted. “Dax, I don’t care where you live. I’m with you because I care about you, not where you live.”

“Then move in now.  Make your life simple.”

“As tempting as that is, let’s wait and see what happens with your role, then we can figure it out.”

“Okay, as long as that wasn’t a no. So, read with me then.  Help me get that role.”

“Uh, about that.” Crap, she didn’t want to tell him. But she had to. It wasn’t that much different than an onscreen kiss, right?  And she’d had no trouble with that.  She already had to kiss Levon.  And it wasn’t bad. Levon made everything easy.

“You don’t have to read if you don’t want to.” He looked so dejected.

He took her hesitancy as a decline.  “No! I want to! It’s just …. I really need to talk you about an upcoming scene for my show.”

“Sure, ask me anything,” he said and she swore she could see his chest puff up which was better than feeling sad.

He was being so sweet and it made her smile until she remembered what she needed to say. Her smile faded and she just blurted it out. “Dax, it’s a nude scene. I have to be …. ”

“Ohhhh,” he said not letting her finish.  “Well, that sucks.”

“What am I gonna do Dax? I spoke – no yelled at Ragnar and he thinks it’s no big deal. And that it’ll help my career.”

Dax put his arm around her and pulled her close. “Just imagine it’s you and me.” His words were soft and almost apologetic.

She pushed away, mortified. “How? Dax … I can’t. You act like I have to do it. Everyone does.  And – everyone will be watching. My DAD will see it.”

“Baby, come back here. He’s a grown ass adult Sam. He knows what sex is. Hell, he and his new hot wifey just had a baby. How the fuck you think that happened?”

“Ewwww Dax! Not helping.”

Dax laughed at her. “Well. It’s natural babe. And the movie I’m auditioning for is rated R, for sex and violence. So I expect that will be part of it too.  We may both lose our onscreen nudity virginity this year.”

“So … you’re saying I should do it?”

“Yes. I’m sorry babe.  And damn, I really wanna watch.  I’ll be so turned on knowing that what I’m seeing is all mine.”

She slapped Dax’s arm. “Dax, that’s perverted.”

He laughed. “I take it you brought the script?”

“Yes.” She hesitated. “You’re sworn to secrecy.”

“I’m a professional, I get it Sam.”

“Okay,” she said and handed him the script. “The nude scene is on the last page.”   She gulped her wine while he read.

Finally he finished and put it on the table.  Then he turned to her, he reached up and tenderly brushed the hair from her face. “Gina, do you know how long I’ve waited for this moment?”

He’s doing the scene … she sucked in her breath and went with it. She pulled away from his touch. “We can’t do this Sean,” she said.

“Don’t pull away Gina. I know you want this too. That kiss, in the stairwell, you want me as much as I want you.  We need this.”

He leaned in to kiss her and she let him. But it was Dax, not Sean/Levon and she melted into the familiarity of his touch, smell and taste.

He unbuttoned her shirt and began to kiss down her neck. “Dax,” she moaned.

He stopped and looked at her. “No Sam.  Stay in character,” he whispered and began to kiss her neck again.

This time she did. “Sean…” she moaned, breathless.

At that Dax sat back and removed his shirt and then hers.

“Beautiful,” he whispered, as he pulled her into his lap and unhooked her bra, “just like I knew you would be.”

She swallowed hard and flinched.  Dax noticed. “Don’t tense up babe … it’s okay. Now once again.” She nodded and he picked up where they left off.  “You’re beautiful Gina, just like I knew you would be.”

She shivered when her bra fell to the floor and Dax began to kiss her neck.

Then reality hit.  She would be in Lavon’s arms instead of Dax’s.  She let out a sob as her tears spilled over.  “I don’t think I can do it Dax.”

Dax brought her to him and kissed her forehead. “It’s okay Sam. We’ll practice some more until it’s not a big deal.”

“No. I can’t,” she insisted, swiping at her face.  She was so embarrassed.

He pulled her close.  “Of course you can. These scenes are hard, but you can master it, you’re a pro. Just imagine it’s me. Block out everyone else like you do for the other scenes.”

“Can I have another glass of wine before we try again?” she asked after she put her shirt back on.

“Of course … and Sam, I have something to help you relax when you have to do it for the camera.  Just take two of these about 30 minutes before.  It’ll calm your nerves. Kinda like a couple of glasses of wine.”

“Okay. Thanks Dax.” He always knew how to help her get through the hard stuff.


The next day….

Sam faced the dressing room mirror trying to psyche herself up for ‘the scene’.  As much as she hated it, her mother was right. Working through it with Dax had helped, and the sex afterwards was off the charts.  She knew there would be no sex afterwards, or even touching once she was topless with Levon.  Regardless, she was still nervous.

There was a knock on the door. It opened and Levon sauntered in. “Hey luv,” he said gently in his delicious British accent, “wanna talk about the scene? Or walk through it? I worried about you all day yesterday. But I didn’t have your number.”

Sam turned around and smiled in spite of her nerves. It was so sweet of him to be concerned. And so very like him too. It was no wonder they had chemistry on the set. He knew exactly how to make her feel at ease. “I am a little nervous,” she admitted.

“This is your first one?”

“That obvious huh?”

“Not really. You’re good, but I know your work, and well …”


“For what it’s worth, you just have to get into it. Focus on me luv, and not the cameras.”

“My mom and future stepfather are going to be there – watching.”

“I’ll make them leave. Danny can direct. We’ll clear the set except for the cameraman.”

“You can do that?” Sam felt some of the stress leave her body.

Levon smiled. “Of course we can.  That asshat should’ve told you.” He dug in his pocket and pulled out a little packet and handed it to her. “If you’re still nervous, you can take a couple of these. It’ll help you relax. It’s just Valium.”

Sam looked at the two little white pills and huffed out a laugh. “This looks like the same thing Dax gave me. Must be standard fare for getting through tough scenes.”

Levon’s face fell. “So you told him about the scene?”

“Umm yes … I was nervous. He helped me work through it.  He won’t leak it.  I promise Levon.”

“Sam, don’t ever, ever do that again. Come to me if you have a problem luv. Understand? We can work through it.” He held out his hand. “Here, hand me your phone.”

She watched as he programmed his number into her phone and sent himself a text.  “I’m sorry,” she said as he handed it back to her.  Her bottom lip quivered. “Mom suggested I practice with Dax and Ragnar didn’t say no.”

“Oh Sam, come here luv,” he said and pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to upset you.  You have my number now.  We will likely have more of these types of scenes, so don’t be afraid to ring me.”

He held until she composed herself. “Listen, I’m going to go set things straight on the set with Ragnar. You take these and calm down … or the ones Dax gave you. I’ll be back in a jiff.”

Sam swallowed the pills with a glass of water, then went back to the dressing room to freshen her makeup and wait.

After a few minutes, Levon walked back in. “Okay.  All taken care of luv. Everyone except the minimum camera crew and the assistant director are gone. How are you feeling?”

“Better. Thank you.”

“My pleasure.  Okay luv, let’s do this …”  he paused and gave her a reassuring smile. “It’ll be tasteful. This isn’t porn by any stretch …” He let out a slow breath of air.

“What?” Her heart was pounding even while her limbs began to feel loose.

He took her hands in his. “You’re beautiful … you’ve nothing to fear.  It’s just you … and me … well Sean.  Remember, we’re in love and you’ve been fighting it, but we’re finally going to ‘scratch the itch’ as it were.”

She sucked in a cleansing breath and slowly let it out.  They left the dressing room together. It was eerily quiet. And dark. The only light was from the stage where they would be doing their scene. And even that was darkened for the mood of the scene.  She didn’t see or hear anyone at first and relaxed a little more.  

Suddenly the director’s voice broke the silence. “Okay, places guys. Let’s do a quick walk through so we can try to get this in one take.”

Samantha jumped and Levon squeezed her hand. She just realized he’d been holding it since they left the dressing room together.  “You okay?” he whispered.  She nodded getting a comforting squeeze in return.

They took their places on the stage and Danny, Ragnar’s assistant, told them where they needed to face for each part of the short scene and they adjusted their positions accordingly. Somehow the normality of it all helped.

As soon as they were seated she heard Danny say ‘Acton, take one,” from his seat off the stage.

“Look at me Sam,” whispered Levon, “It’s just the two of us. No one else. And you want me as much as I want you. You’re sexy as hell. Remember that.”

His words did something to her and she felt herself shiver with need. She was Gina and she was in love with Sean.  Gina wanted him.  He was right.

“One take,” he continued. “We’re Gina and Sean, we want each other, badly, even though it’s wrong.”

“CUT!” yelled Danny making her jump.

“Sorry,” said Levon, “we were just getting into character. You ready?” he asked Sam.

She relaxed searching his beautiful eyes and nodded.

“Action, take two,” said Danny.

Sean reached up and tenderly brushed the hair from her face. “Gina, do you know how long I’ve wait for this moment?”

She flinched away from his touch. “Sean, we shouldn’t,” she said.

Sean put his hand on her chin gently forcing her to look at him. “Don’t pull away Gina. I know you want this too. That kiss, in the stairwell, it told me all I needed to know.”

He leaned in to kiss her and she allowed it, wanted it even. A small groan slipped out and her breathing was labored.

She shivered as he began to unbutton her shirt and kiss down her neck.  “Sean…” she moaned, breathless.

He stopped kissing her and pulled his shirt off.  He removed hers then pulled her back to him. “Beautiful,” he whispered, “just like I knew you would be.” 

He continued to kiss her at the same time his fingers slipped behind her back and released the clasp of her bra.  She let it fall, and closed her eyes.  She felt his lips on her  forehead as her heart raced.

“Cut!” yelled Danny, “It’s a take! Great job you two!”

The directors voice startled her, bringing her back to reality.  She scrambled to grab her discarded shirt, horribly embarrassed that she forgot where she was. She covered herself as she scurried back to the dressing room. She could hear Levon following behind her.

She barely managed to pull on her shirt before he knocked and walked through the door. He stopped when he saw how upset she was,  She stuffed his hands in his pockets like he didn’t know what to do with them. “You did really well Sam.”

At his praise, the tears she was holding in began to roll down her cheeks. But not so much because of what she did, although that was part of it, but because she was into it.  It felt like they were alone until the director yelled, breaking the spell, Then she suddenly felt exposed and ashamed. “I can’t…”  She couldn’t verbalize what she was feeling.

“Hey, it’s okay luv,” he said, and stepped closer. “The first time’s the hardest. But it’s over.”

“First time?” she squeaked, “I can’t do it again. Levon – I forgot they were there … ”

“That’s the mark of a true performer.  Come here, don’t cry anymore.”  He reached for her and wrapped her in his arms.  “You become the character.  Sometimes, it takes a while to come down from your emotions. You’re still feeling it aren’t you luv?” His voice was silky smooth in her ear and his breath warm on her neck. 

She looked up into his handsome face. He was right.  She gave a barely perceptible nod to his question. She had an unsatisfied need inside of her. She wanted him to kiss her. She moved her gaze from his eyes to his mouth and licked her lips hungrily.

“Sam…” he growled, and pressed his lips to hers.

He stopped abruptly, breathing hard. He leaned his forehead against hers. “Sam, I’m sorry ….” he said softly

“No, I want …” she said, wanting his lips back on hers again.

“Fuck,” he said, “let’s go to my trailer.”

Just as they turned to leave, the door opened and her mother walked in.  Sam stopped in her tracks. “See you tomorrow Sam, bye Mari,” said Levon and kept walking, like nothing at all just happened between them. Sam was pissed. But she wasn’t sure why or at whom.

“Bye Levon,” chirped her mother. When the door closed behind him she turned back to Sam. “Danny said you performed like a professional and they got it one take. I’m so proud of you!”

“Fuck you Mother,” she said and instantly clapped her hand over her mouth. They stared at one another for a beat.  Sam didn’t know who was more shocked, her or her mother.

Her heart racing at her brazenness, Sam pushed past her mother and ran out of the studio before her she could say anything.  She knew there’d be hell to pay later, but for now, she needed to find a place to go.  She glanced at Levon’s trailer when she walked by. Was he waiting inside for her?  No, Dax. She had to see Dax. God, what had she almost done? 

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  1. Oh my goodness! Poor Sam…. mostly 😂 I really feel for her with being pressured into doing a nice scene. How can her mother just assume she’d be fine with it because she’s had sex? Ugh. I hate Maribel so much 🤬

    I feel bad that she essentially got pressured into doing it, and her reaction afterwards makes me worry that she really wasn’t ready for it, poor thing 😭 Hopefully the next time she will be more ready and comfortable with it (or put her foot down and not do it!)

    Her costar there certainly is dreamy… Maybe a little TOO dreamy though! 😱 What would have happened if her mother didn’t walk in??? I’m not a massive fan of Dax but come on Sam, you’re better than that, girl!

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    • She’s being forced to grow up a little too fast. Her mother is a piece of work for sure. And yes, she was pressured big time and it didn’t help that Dax was all for it. 😐
      And yes, Levon is a bit dreamy. Much different than Dax. Too dreamy huh? Lol.

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  2. Oh dear. Looks like any Sim I create for you only does one thing: create serious drama. 🙂

    Great chapter, Sam’s really stuck between a rock and a hard place and I am still trying so very hard to like Dax but just still cannot get there. 😦

    Ragnar and Maribel though … ugh. Surprised Ragnar hasn’t cut mommy dear-ass-ed loose, I figured he would have by now. No, yeah, I know, real love .. right.

    At least Sam seems to start standing up for herself instead of being her mother’s little ragdoll. Hopefully that keeps.

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  3. Man… everyone in Sam’s life just sucks, but first price goes to Ragnar. Like, dude was going to direct his step-daughter topless and not tell her that she has a right to not want a bunch of people there? Ew. And double ew that her mum was supposed to be there, too? Seriously, if Sam wasn’t already sort of messed up, this would do it. Congrats Maribel, you terrible excuse for a mother – you really made your daughter a star.
    And I don’t know what to think of Levon either. He’s sort of skeevy. Good heavens, somebody be a positive influence in this girl’s life.

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    • Poor Sam! It’s too bad our first introduction to Levon shows him trying to take advantage of the situation and get Sam in his trailer for a little extra curricular activity! Poor girl. At least he apologized. But then he gave her Valium too. *sigh*.

      Yes, Ragnar is an asshat for sure and Maribel is worse for going along with it and not letting her know they could do it with minimum people around. At least Levon was trying to help her.

      Sam is super confused about all the feelings she’s having to deal with. I feel bad for her. The ones that could help her, she’s shut completely out of her life. 😢

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  4. Poor Sam. Nobody in her life is treating her right at all. I hope she can escape from this life, because I don’t see this ending well. Especially if she gets in the habit of taking pills…first it’ll be for nude scenes, and then it’ll be whenever she’s filming, and then she’ll just need them…at least that’s how I see it possibly going.

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    • She’s certainly in danger of relying on the pills if she doesn’t get the support she needs somewhere else. I think they all think they are helping her in their own perverted ways. Ragnar, her mother, Dax, and even Levon. She’s had to grow up way too fast. The people she needs are back in Newcrest and she’s shut them out of her life. 😢

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    • Ragnar and Bel are clueless. Maribel thinks it should be easy. Her moral compass is all messed up. And of course she’s go along with whatever Ragnar says. She looks at it as a right of passage. 🙄

      And Levon, yes, he was wanting it too. 😈


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    I don’t trust either man. So manipulative. She’s got daddy issues, that’s for sure. Her mother has done a number on her and now she’ll get hooked on pills to get through scenes. This has nowhere else to go but rock bottom! 😭😭😭

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  9. There are so many tings that creep me out about this chapter I don’t even know where to start.
    I guess I’ll start with Ragnar. It is so ridiculously creep that he is going to direct his stepdaughter in a nude scene. And the fact that this would make Sam a “difficult actress” is a sad statement on show business in general.
    Now on to Mari. I assume that she is acting as Sam’s agent, and as such she should have been forward with Sam about what exactly is in the contract. And she didn’t bother to tell Sam that she could clear the set. Neither did Ragnar.
    Dax is also a jerk. First off, what kind of a guy runs away from an accident like that?!?! Even if he didn’t learn about Alex’s death until after, he saw first hand how bad it was. Putting his career over her. Not okay.
    Levon was nice enough to try and get Sam to relax. Making her feel as comfortable as possible by suggesting to clear the set. But then he tries to take advantage of Sam right after the scene was done.
    My advice to Sam is run! Run far away as you can from all of these toxic people. You can find acting jobs all over. Plus she is old enough to be on her own. Run girl!!

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    • You pegged every one of them. Mari was probably afraid Sam would bolt. And Ragnar was just trying to talk her down. However, yes, they both should’ve told her they could clear the set. I don’t necessarily think Ragnar was perving for his son to be stepdaughter…. but. Yeah. Show business is tough.

      And Dax. He was terrified. The only thing he has in the world is his career. And he and he thinks Samantha. I don’t doubt he cares for her, but he cares for Dax more.

      Now Levon…. that’s a whole other story. What IS he doing? He knows she’s involved with Dax. It’s sad because this is the only life she knows. She was even upset at having yelled at her mother. But she’s growing up and at least beginning to find her voice. I hope. She’s gonna need to be strong. But I fear her strength is now out of reach. 😭😭😭

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  10. I don’t see any difference between Levon and Dax and their drugs. So Samantha is 19, but it is obvious she is NOT aware of the contracts Her mom and stepdad negotiated and pressured her into. It makes me think they are treating her like a meal ticket, not as a daughter. Good Hollywood parents involve their adult kids in all the tricks and trades of show business. Because a bad contract can ruin a career including happiness too as well and a greedy manager can ruin their clients life (thinking of Elvis Presley also Michael Jackson and his ex manager Father) .j I have a feeling that maybe Dax’s career is on the wane and that will affect Sam’s relationship with him as it has destroyed so many Hollywood marriages when one spouse s career goes down the tubes and the others career meteorically rises.
    I love the tribute to Ben from his childhood pictures to Ben in a wheelchair. Sad how guilt over Alex’s accident has estranged the generations of the Ryan Murdock and Reagan Connor families. It is hard to think of who was affected the Most, Cassandra, Tyler, or Samantha. But I do know both Cassandra and Tyler have an excellent support system that they are currently refusing to use, and that Samatha lacks with Ragnar the stepdad and her mom,

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    • They are treating her the same. It’s sad. She is definitely a meal,ticket for her mom and stepdad. Dax And Sam are definitely headed for rough waters.

      I’m glad you enjoyed Ben’s tribute. ❤️. He was a favorite. He’d be turning over to see what a mess his family is right now. It’s true that Tyler and Cassie have a good support system that their guilt is keeping them away from. And poor Sam really has no one except she thinks she has Dax. But … he may not be accessible in the very near future.


  11. Oh man… it seems like Samantha is surrounded by the most toxic people she could possibly find. And one of them is her mother ffs..! Her mother is the worst, as is her horrible step-father, her boyfriend is a total loser and even her coworker is an advantage-taking sleazeball! Man, Sam has it pretty bad…
    I have a feeling that Samantha is already a money making machine, so if she dared to threaten them that she’d leave, everyone would bend over backwords to please her. I’m not sure, it’s just a hunch I have!
    Anyway, I loved that you showed us how Alex’s death affected each family, more or less.
    This was great, can’t wait for more! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Samantha is surrounded by people that think they know what’s best for her which is what’s best for them! Ragnar sooo wants her in his pocket. Because she is very popular now.

      Alex’s death had a profound effect on everyone. It was such a horrible accident. 😭

      More to come soon. ❤️

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  13. Dang, Sam is having it hard. I imagined that she would just slip all the issues of her cousins death under the rug and move on with acting, but I definetly didn’t think it would be in this way. Much like the whole Ordeal with Bel, for me, the sex scene wasn’t about the scene itself, but more how it was conducted.

    I mean, this might be my superficial understanding in this,but, don’t actors know if they’ll have to do this kinda stuff prior to getting the role? As if, they go on the movie with the sex scene, fully knowing and willying to do so? In any case, Ragnar did real nasty. He should have told her about the scene before handing her the script.

    And her boyfriend didn’t help much either, the whole ”I’ll watch” thing creeped me out, and, again, it isn’t about the scene, actors sometimes gotta do that, is more about if she was confortable with it, or not. And I don’t recall him asking her about that during this *whole* conversation.

    Sam should start thinking about going solo. Getting a new manager and arranging movie scripts with someone that isn’t married to her mother. She’s not ”unknow” so it’s not like it would be hardd for her to get some scripts outside Ragnar. But I suppose it’s a confortable position many people don’t get in hollywood. Being sure you’ll get roles because of ”connections”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes. Actors do know ahead of time and it’s in their contracts. I researched it. With Bel and Ragnar acting as agents they just swept it under the rug pretending like it’s a standard thing in contracts. And you’re right, it’s all about making her comfortable and no one except her costar even tried to help her out. Even Dax was like it’s not big deal. Get over it. They all make her doubt herself.

      You’re right though, she has now made a name for herself and could potentially go solo with a new agent. But … I wonder what kind of contracts Bel had her sign without Sam even reading them? She may be in breach of contract….. Ragnar has a money maker and he’s not ready to let it go.

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  14. Duh. Tell me one transition from “sweet child star” to “I’m a sexy adult and can b nude ok” that didn’t go with heavy backlash, especially for female stars.
    Ragnar probably is a crap director (maybe the reason why “Strangerville” got cancelled?) and Bel is probably very stupid, to not be more careful here. So far she has taken good care of her daughter!

    Sam on the other hand needs to sit down her mom and stepdad and negotiate some boundaries, and next time maybe read scripts before signing contracts.

    Also interesting is that her love for Dax seems to fade, contrary to vice versa. Lev, maybe more interesting? 😏😏 He seems to be an ok dude, but ugh he looks so slimy.

    Liked by 1 person

    • No kidding. Child star to I can be nude doesn’t always transition well. Hardly ever. I think Strangerville had probably run its course as those often do when the kids grow up and can no longer pass for 13 year olds. But then he does have another gig and Sam is in it, so he some pull somewhere.

      As bad as Bel is she has been trying to watch out for her daughter, although now she’s doing it more selfishly. She’s definitely her meal ticket at least until she finally gets Ragnar to actually marry her.

      Sam does need to set some rules. She’s no longer a child. I wish she had a good friend she could confide in that could help. She was taken with her costar. They seem to have hit off. And he was being kind at first. Then he went all creepy. She felt bad. But yes, maybe now that she’s getting exposed to other men, there’s a new shiny object to check out.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. Oh dear… Poor Sam is so confused. I don’t know what to feel about her and Dax still together. The last time he expressed his feelings towards Sam was all sorts of messed up, so I wonder if he’s sorted that now. And now theres Levon who is also acting like a predator here. Ugh. Where are all the decent men. DSV is having a serious shortage. Maybe Dax will grow into one. Or Levon. Hopefully someone.

    And we’ve been watching Sam pop pills since years ago and she’s still doing it. And surrounded by people who do too. I can’t help but think a dependency is forming there. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam is in a rough place right now. Also carrying some buried guilt and surrounded by people with only their best interests in mind and willing to use her to advance their cause and she deals by popping pills and drinking. 😭


  16. I’m almost puking. Emotional abuse for the win, just don’t accept that Sam may have feelings because then you can’t hurt her?! “You’re a professional, you can do this”. Hypocrites, all of them. I don’t doubt THEY could do it without blinking but at least Mari should have tried to alleviate her daughter’s worries – even though she’s a callous mother. I didn’t think I could be even more disappointed in her. All I want to do is hug Sam and tell her that her worries are legit and that she doesn’t have to do this if she doesn’t want to.
    I’m disappointed in Dax, too. It’s a little more complicated for him, though because he’s surely suffered the same brainwash from the film industry. If you don’t do it, you’re not worth the big roles. I can forgive him to a certain extent because of that, but offering sedation pills to Sam is not okay, even if he’s got them prescribed by a doctor. I know he didn’t mean it that way but that carries the bad taste of numbing the Sam he knew into someone she isn’t.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Everything you said. You’re right on all counts especially where it comes to Dax. He’s trying to succeed in a ruthless industry and thinks that’s how. And he’s already using drugs to help him through it without realizing it. It helps him, it should help her ease into it too.


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