Chapter 4.28 – Getting Control

Sam was sitting in her room reading the script for the next episode. Fortunately there were no nude scenes … yet. Her phone buzzed with a text message. She hoped it was Dax wanting to go get dinner. They only had a few days left and he was busy packing. But it was Ragnar. That was weird.

Ugh – wedding plans, she thought as she made her way downstairs.

She found her mom and Ragnar sitting together on one of the couches in his office. As she got closer, she could see her mother was clearly upset. A sick feeling settled in the pit of her stomach. This wasn’t about wedding plans. If Ragnar called off the wedding they wouldn’t be sitting there together. Crap, crap, crap. The show must’ve been cancelled.

“Sit down Samantha,” said Ragnar, when he noticed her standing there. His voice was more solemn than she’d ever heard it before. He waited for her to sit before continuing. “We just got some bad news.”

“Oh my god. Not the show….” Or was something wrong with her mother? Sam was having a hard time catching her breath.

“No, no, no … thanks to you the show is actually doing very well,” he replied as he continued to comfort her mother. “No, it’s about your brother. Taylor.”

“You mean Tyler?” she corrected, “What? Did something happen to him?” Her heart was racing now. For her mother to be so upset, it had to be really bad. Maybe he was sick.

“Sorry. Yes, Tyler. Seems he’s gone missing.”

Her mother let out a loud sob and Sam gasped. “What do you mean missing?” she asked. “He got lost? What? When?” If she hadn’t been sitting, her knees may have given out on her.

“Seems he ran away,” clarified Ragnar. “It’s been almost 5 days since he was last seen. The detective on the case would like to interview you. Have you heard from your brother Samantha?”

Sam felt hot tears forming. No, she thought as the guilt ate away at her. The anniversary of their cousin’s death was coming up. Sam knew he had a hard time with it. But no one could ever know about Dax’s involvement. It would destroy his career. She figured Ty suspected he was the one that chased them, and if she talked to him it might come up. She couldn’t lie to him. So she hadn’t spoken to him since she came back. He probably thought she hated him.

“I haven’t heard from Ty in a long time,” she finally managed to admit. If she’d not cut off all contact, maybe she could’ve been there for him. This was her fault. He lost his friend and his sister that day.

Ragnar sighed deeply. “Oh thank God. That’s all you have to say to the detective. We don’t need any bad publicity Samantha. At least not that kind. It’s a damn good thing you stayed with your mom. You would never have thrived with that asshole of a father.”

Sam opened her mouth to object to Ragnar’s bashing of her father, but her mother started talking before she could form any words. “I should have insisted on having him live with us!” said Maribel tearfully. “Then this wouldn’t be happening!”

She swallowed her retort and addressed her mother. “Mom … they’ll find him, I’m sure they will.” She felt awful for her mother and wanted to go to her, but she was wrapped up in Ragnar’s arms. “And Tyler wanted to live with Dad,” she added softly, trying to give her mother some comfort. “Mom, there wasn’t really anything you could’ve done.”

“Only because your ass of a father poisoned him against me!” spat out Maribel.

“Ladies!” interjected Ragnar. “What’s done is done. We just need to do damage control now. And if that means that your father isn’t fit to be a parent, and Tay – Tyler comes to live here once he’s found, then that’s what we’ll do. I can afford the best psychiatric care for him and Lord knows he needs it if he’s running away.”

“Damage control? My brother might be in serious trouble and you’re talking about damage control? We need to do something! Hire a private investigator! Something!” Sam was shrieking. She had to fix this. Somehow.

“Calm down Samantha,” said Ragnar sternly, “The detective is already on the case. I told him you weren’t home and to call back later so I could prepare you,” said Ragnar. “When he calls, I need to listen.”

“Whatever!” screamed Sam, her heart pounding with her anger. She couldn’t listen to them bashing her father anymore. “I’m calling Daddy!” She got up and ran out of the room. She heard her mother call her name, but kept going. She had to get out of there.

She grabbed her phone with shaking hands, and nearly dropped it. Finally, she found his name in her contact list and touched it. He heart squeezed. The picture was from when she was last there, two years ago. She’d updated it before everything happened.

Her dad picked up on the first ring. “Sam … I was gonna call you … you know about Tyler?”

“Yes Daddy! I just heard. I’m so sorry. I wish I knew where he was. Listen, I’m going to come there and help.” When did she decide that? “I can’t just sit here. The detective is supposed to call me back. I’ll get on the next flight out as soon as I speak to him.” She sniffed loudly and sobbed.

“Honey, don’t cry. I told them not to bother you. I knew he wouldn’t go to his mother.”

“Bother me? Daddy, he’s my brother! Mom’s upset too. She wants him to come here when we find him. I wouldn’t mind. It might be a good change of scenery for him.” Maybe she could help him. Somehow make it up to him.

“No! He’s just upset baby. The anniversary is coming up. Your Aunt Rea is planning to have the Back to School Party at the pool again. She’s also establishing a scholarship in Alex’s name. I think it was just too much for him to deal with. He took his computer and snuck out. But he’s been gone almost 5 days … and … sorry.”

“Oh Daddy. We’ll find him. If the police can’t find him, we’ll hire a Private Investigator. Maybe do it anyway. I can pay for it.”

“Sweetie, that’s nice of you to offer, but I’m not destitute. If they don’t find him very soon, we’ll hire someone. Your Grandfather’s already all over that. Try not to worry. You don’t need to come here, but, if you would, please email or text him. Since he has his computer, we’re hoping he might check his email. We’ve asked everyone to send him an email or message. We put it out on social media too in hopes he’ll see it there. He needs to know we love him … and we aren’t angry with him … just worried … want him back…”

He was struggling to talk. She knew he was probably in tears too. It was breaking her heart to see him so upset. “I’m coming. Don’t try to talk me out of it. I need to be there with you. I can get a hotel if it’s too much for me to stay there.”

Of course you can stay here. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“Okay, I need to pack. See you tonight. I love you Daddy.” She disconnected the call and began to cry again. She was conflicted between staying with her mother or going to her father. Her father won out because that’s where she might be able to help the most. Her mother had Ragnar.

She needed to tell Dax. When she finally got some semblance of control over her herself, she called him and asked him to come right away. But she didn’t tell him why.

She had almost everything packed when there was a knock at her door and it made her jump. God, she so needed one of those little white pills to calm down that Dax had given her before. She hoped it was him. “Come in,” she called out.

Nope. Not Dax. Ragnar. It was gonna get bad when he saw her packing. She steeled herself for a fight that didn’t come, even though he eyed the the suitcase for a minute. He gave her a look she didn’t quite understand from him. Empathy? Pity? “It’s the Detective,” he said simply and handed her the phone.

She swallowed hard and put his phone on speaker so he could hear. She laid it on the nightstand and sat down. “This is Samantha Murdock.”

“Ms. Murdock, this is Detective Crowley. I understand you’re aware your brother’s missing. I have a few questions for you. Have you heard from him recently?”

“No sir, I haven’t. I haven’t spoken to him in months.” Two years to be exact, she added silently in her head.

“Any idea why he might’ve run away?”

“No. I said I haven’t spoken with him. How would I know.”

“Are you two estranged?”

She glanced at Ragnar. Did he know? He almost looked as if he felt sorry for her. “No sir, I love my brother. I’ve just been very busy. I’m in the middle of filming a new show.”

“Right. Was your father ever abusive to you? Physically, sexually or verbally?”

“What?!? Of course not! And what does that have to do with finding my brother anyway?” She heard her door open and looked up. Dax silently stepped in and stood next to Ragnar. She couldn’t look at him. She hoped he hadn’t heard the awful question.

“What about the pictures of you and your father checking into a hotel? You didn’t look like father and daughter.”

Damn. Sam felt like she was going to be sick at her stomach. “We were playing a game with the paparazzi … trying to make them think he was my boyfriend. That was years ago.”

“Then why haven’t you seen your father in the last two years?”

How did he know? “Because I’ve been busy!”

“Too busy to talk to your father or your brother, both whom you say you love?”

Sam could barely hold it together. She felt so guilty. And Dax was right there hearing it all. “Time just got away,” she mumbled.

Right,” he said again like he didn’t believe a thing she’d said. “Thank you Ms. Murdock. If you hear from him, let us know immediately. Now, may I speak with Mr.Odinssen again?”

Sam gladly handed the phone to Ragnar. He took it and turned off the speaker before putting it up to his ear. He walked out leaving her and Dax alone without a word to either of them.

“Shit, that was rough,” said Dax as he pulled her into his arms. “I’m sorry. Your mom told me Tyler is missing. She’s a basket case.”

“Five days Dax. He’s been gone five days. Do you know what anniversary is coming up? Dad said he’s having a hard time dealing with it and that’s probably why he ran away.”

She swore Dax paled. “I don’t want to remember that shit Sam, I want to forget it!” He barked out the words, but softened his tone when she grimaced. She knew the accident affected him more than he would admit. “Come on. Let’s get the fuck outta here. We could go to my place, except it’s turned upside down. There’s boxes and shit everywhere, because, well, Sam, I got a call this morning. The filming timeline was moved up and there’s a big kick off bash tomorrow night. So I’m leaving in the morning. I’ve been packing. I was gonna call you when I got finished, but you beat me to it. Let’s go dancing tonight and forget about this mess for a little while. It’s our last night together before I have to leave. Get your sexy on while I make reservations. Ragnar can call you with any updates while we’re gone.”

Sam was speechless and stared at him. Finally, she found her voice. “Dax! How can you talk about partying when my brother is missing? Did you not see my suitcase? I’m going to Newcrest tonight. I have to be there for Daddy. I was going to ask you to take me to the airport, but if you’re too busy ….” The tears came back with a vengeance and she couldn’t stop them. Her shoulders shook with her sobs. She was losing everyone. Dax was leaving, her brother was gone. Her dad didn’t even call her because she hadn’t spoken to him in two years. She was horrible daughter and sister. Ragnar was going to be royally pissed too when she told him she was leaving, as would her mother.

Dax pulled her back against him and wrapped her in his big arms. She didn’t have the energy to push him away, besides it felt good to be held. What was she going to do without him? “Shhh, breathe baby,” he said. His voice was soft and full of tenderness. “I’ll take you. I’m sorry. God Sam, you’re shaking. I have something that will help you calm down. Maybe relax you so you can rest on the plane. And what about your mom? Is she going too?”

She did want something. Maybe she wouldn’t cry all the way to Newcrest. And her mother. Why did she just assume she wouldn’t want to go? She needed to ask her to come with her. “If it’s no trouble, a couple of those little white pills would probably be good. And Dax, I’m sorry I lost it. I really wanted to celebrate with you, but right now, all I can think about is Tyler.”

Guilt was eating her up. Not only for a Tyler but for Dax. This was a really big deal for him. But Tyler was missing and Dax would be okay. She just needed to get to her father. Do something, anything, to help. That made her remember. “I need to send an email first, then we can go.”

“Sure,” he said, “I’m ready when you are … and Sam, I love you,” he added before he released her.

His words nearly overwhelmed her. She couldn’t deal with that now. Instead of acknowledging him, she turned away from him to send Tyler a text and an email. She told her brother she loved him and to call her. She added that he could come stay with her in case he didn’t want to go back to Newcrest for some reason. Once it sent, she took a deep breath. “Okay, let’s go.”

She and Dax walked downstairs. Her mom and Ragnar hadn’t moved, however, she now had a mug of coffee in her hand and they were talking. At least she wasn’t crying.

Sam and Dax approached them and waited for her to look up. “Mom,” she said softly, “I spoke to Daddy. I’m going to Newcrest for at least a week. I plan to leave right away. Dax is taking me to the airport in a few minutes. Do you want to come too?”

Her mother looked surprised and finally gave her a sad smile. “Ragnar said you’d packed, so we figured you were leaving. But honestly Sam, do you really think I’d be welcome there? He didn’t even call me. You should just go without me.” Her smile disappeared as she spoke.

It broke her heart that she felt that way. Her mom must feel a million times worse than she did. Helpless. But maybe…. “Mom, Dad’s asked everyone to send Tyler an email and a text message. He took his computer with him, so he might check his email. I’ve already sent one. I offered for him to come here if he didn’t want to go back to Newcrest.”

Ragnar spoke up. Mari, why don’t you do that. It might help.” His words were gentle and caring. She supposed he really did love her mother. Then he directed his attention back to her. “One week, Samantha, then I need you back, regardless. We can’t hold off filming indefinitely.”

Sam was so relieved he didn’t give her grief. She didn’t respond, because if it took longer, she’d just have to figure it out. She might need more time. Instead, she looked at her mother. “Mom, maybe you can join me in a few days. It would be good if you were there when they find Tyler. Daddy won’t care, I’m sure.”

Her mom looked at Ragnar and her tears were back. “Darling, maybe I should go,” she said, her words barely audible.

Ragnar shrugged. “It’s your choice Mari. If you want to go, I’ll go with you.” Her mother nodded her approval so he directed his attention back to Sam. “Samantha, we’ll plan to come in a few days. That will give you time to prepare your father, plus give me time to rearrange the production schedules. Hopefully your brother will be home by that time and we can bring him back here.”

Her mother smiled at Ragnar’s offer, clearly relieved. “Thank you darling.” She looked at him like he hung the moon. Sam was sure she never looked at her father that way. Maybe in the beginning, when she was too little to remember. At least she was smiling now.

Sam took a deep breath. “Okay then, I guess we’re leaving. I love you Mom. I’ll call you with updates.”

She walked over, hugged her mother and kissed her cheek.

Then she turned to Ragnar and hugged him too. “Thanks for being so understanding and for taking care of Mom.” She began to get emotional again.

Ragnar gently pushed her away, seemingly uncomfortable with her display of affection. “Go Samantha. You’re going to miss your flight.”

Then he turned to Dax and shook his hand, “Good luck with the movie son.”

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41 thoughts on “Chapter 4.28 – Getting Control

  1. Is it awful that I’m still not convinced Maribel isn’t just crying because she fears bad publicity? 😂 You can’t essentially ignore your kid his whole life and then suddenly pretend you care when he goes missing. Too little, too late Mari. Sorry 😛

    I’m glad that Sam is going back. I can’t believe she hasn’t spoken to her father or brother in two years (or that Ryan let her stay out of touch for so long!) It’s so sad to see that she’s completely disassociated herself from the male members of her family, regardless of the reason 😭 But that lie to the detective about not being estranged definitely shows she feels guilty… Maybe things will change on both ends and they can establish a relationship again.

    Oh, and I couldn’t help but be terrible and feel amused at the weird thing with the paparazzi coming back to bite them 😂

    Eager for the next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree, Maribel is a little late to the loving mother scene … I’m sure she’s worried, but …

      Ryan let it happen, and in a lot of ways is just as guilty as she is. With Tyler being a mess and then the baby, it was too easy to pretend everything was fine with her. I expect she may have responded to an email here and there. Sent a birthday card, but actually talking. No. And Tyler cut himself off as well. He had to know it was Dax, but he still blames himself. I hope they can reestablish their relationship too.

      Yes, the paparazzi weird thing did come back to bite them. Who knew! 🤣🤣🤣

      Next chapter is Tyler.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, Maribel, your ex-husband totally poisoned your son against you – it’s not because you never gave a damn about him and only focused on Sam. God, this woman has absolutely not self-awareness. It’s mad. 🤣 And of course Ragnar is only thinking of damage control.
    Good on Sam for finally standing up and doing what she feels is right. Though as far as I’m concerned she should just leave for good and screw both Maribel, Ragnar, and Dax. 🤣

    Liked by 2 people

    • Yes, Maribel is a it of a drama queen to say the least. And yes, Ragnar is all about damage control, but at least he didn’t fight Sam over leaving. He probably knew it wasn’t gonna happen and wasn’t worth it. Maybe once she gets away, she’ll have a new perspective? One can hope!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Man, I seriously hate that Maribel. She decided she cares about her son a little too late. Which of course then makes it all about her (and how iseless her ex-husband is) But of course she’s not so upset as to halt the production until… I don’t know, Tyler’s finally found, nooo. Money needs to keep flowing after all. *smh*
    And what was the detective on about?? Lol, he must have *really* hated Ryan’s guts! Or… could it be that Ragnar and Mari planted those ideas into his head? In order to take Tyler forever? O.o
    Sam should not have let two years pass without talking to her brother… but at least she realized that. She’s the only one who loves him among this crazy bunch of people! Let’s hope the siblings be reunited soon!
    Oh and, her asking for those pills is really worrying. This seems like a start of a serious addiction. 😬
    I’m on pins and needles about what’s coming next! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maribel is a piece of work, and is most definitely making this about her! Can’t halt the production, money has to keep flowing!

      I think that detective decided quickly he didn’t like Ryan’s attitude. And now he’s pushing everyone’s buttons…but it might be just the way he works? I really hope they don’t get their hands on poor Tyler. You know Maribel doesn’t *really* want him. Ragnar couldn’t even get his name right. 🙄

      Sam knows she shouldn’t have let so much time lapse. It was out of fear in the beginning and then it was awkward so she just let it go. She does love her brother though. I hope they are reunited soon.

      And the pills … that is worrying. At least Dax will be far away and won’t be there to readily supply her….maybe….

      Glad you are excited for what’s next. 😇😈😇😈😇

      Liked by 1 person

  4. “Then why haven’t you seen your father in the last two years? Too busy to talk to your father or your brother, both whom you say you love?”
    Why indeed, Mr. Detective. You seem to be the only logically thinking person around. Let me inform you that this family perfected the art of not speaking with each other, especially even when kids go missing. Even after your recommendation, it took two more days for the father to tell the bad news to his daughter and ex-wife. It’s a pure wonder this family hasn’t become extinct yet. Clearly Darwin’s laws don’t apply here for some mysterious reason.
    Can’t forget to mention the fact that it was Ragnar who had to deliver the bad news to Sam, butchering Tyler’s name in the process, while Maribel was too busy shedding crocodile tears. Ugh.

    Liked by 1 person

    • They are a dysfunctional family to say the least. Maybe Sam going there will help. Who knows. But yes, the detective is like what’s up with family. No wonder the kid left. Hopefully he will find him sooner than later, cause Tyler’s probably getting pretty homesick about now.


    I thought the detective came after three, and Ryan only thought now to call? Not even Samantha?
    And I’m surprised they didn’t send a PI already when the police was so hesitant to help in the first place.
    I am not surprised that Bel and Ragnar trash talk Ryan, not only did the boy ran away, but it took him FIVE DAYS to inform them!

    We know where he is, but usually if a kid is gone 5 days, the chance to find him alive, is very, very slim.
    Police knows that.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Don’t forget Dax the Robot suggesting they go partying. 😏 Tyler could be lying in a ditch somewhere for all they know, but hey, let’s go party and take your mind of such unimportant things. I would dump him the very moment if I hadn’t done it long time ago. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Yes, if he’s gone that long, things don’t usually work out. It took the detective another day to call. Ryan should’ve called after he left. But he didn’t. He waited too long, making it even more difficult to have that conversation. It’s better to get it out there … bad news doesn’t age well. He probably figured he’d show up and waited rather than admit he let that happen.


  6. What a cluster****. Poor Sam, caught between two worlds – maybe even three, if you count Dax. Wonder how that is gonna play out with them anyway.
    Maybe Ty will like seeing they care – or maybe it will make the guilt so much worse.
    I still suspect one of his new “friends” will figure out he has a famous sister and try to milk that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sam is indeed caught between three worlds. She and Dax may be close to the end of their relationship. No one would be sad.
      I hope Tyler sees they care and it doesn’t guilt the poor kid anymore. It’s very possible they’ll figure out who his sister is. But then, he told him his name was Johnson…. so maybe not. Unless he says something.


  7. The ice from Maribel is so awful. She didn’t ever visit her own son? And he would have run away from her sooner since she ignored him his whole life.

    Sam being there for her father is nice but it won’t bring back Tyler. Too bad that detective is worthless.

    Hopefully, Ty will come to his sense soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is so true. He would’ve left her much sooner. She is awful. The detective is totally barking up the wrong tree, but it was so easy for him to do. He is terrible. I just hope they find him quickly. Sam being there totally won’t bring him back, but she is so guilty she has to do something. They will find him or he will fess up. I hope very soon.


  8. Pingback: Chapter 4.27 – Missing | New Beginnings

    • He was trying to be supportive, and totally messed up Tyler’s name. 🙄 We shall see if they do indeed finally get married. And what kind of step-father he would be. Sam was actually surprised that he wasn’t angry.


  9. It is obvious that the family is closing ranks but not united in looking for Tyler. Samantha knows the reason why Tyler left and should have told the Detective, Tyler feels guilty about Alex’s death and so does Sam, Dax and Alex’s twin. When the truth is buried, it affects the living. The parents are also healing but they don’t know the truth, on why Alex ran out on the street. So Sam has not talked to Tyler or her dad for 2 years since Alex’s death, just to keep the truth buried like a knife in her heart. Ditto with Tyler and Alex’s twin. Hiding the truth literally hurts and turns your world upside down.
    I feel for Maribel. She made a conscious decision not having Tyler in her life and focusing all her attention on Sam a decade ago. That does not mean she does not have regrets or guilt over it. And have all the guilt and regret come back thousandfold. She is probably asking herself if she made the best decision doing it, cause Tyler ran away from his dad. Why? Thinking to alleviate that mistake in wresting custody from Ryan and have him live with her. But she is still not thinking clearly when she is so upset. She is no way ready and prepared to be a mother to a teenage stranger of a son with ADHD. She may end up just sending him to military school or let professionals raise him. Because she has not learned to count the costs yet. And although she may surprise me, it is not likely that she is willing to change her life to make it up to Tyler and quieten her guilt.
    When they go back in a few days, it is NOT to help find Tyler, but to wrest custody of Tyler from his dad. That is not being united. That is not pooling resources ie a good PI? (although the detective seems good, it seems too little too late the current steps the detective took to find Tyler. Normally a teen missing for 5 days is mostly due to foul play. The detective is already suspecting all the family knowing more than they let on obviously.
    Kudos to Ragnar for arranging a week off and being supportive in Sam’s decision to go back and help find Tyler. I do give him a demerit for not remembering Tylers name. LOL. He is also supportive of Maribel when she goes on the warpath for good reasons and bad in coming to Newcrest. Perhaps calmer decisions can be made with him counseling Maribel. And Taysia counseling Ryan.
    I wonder how Alex’s twin is affected by Tyler running away? Is the knife twisting deeper in her heart?
    Well I am on pins and needles with your well crafted drama of New Beginnings…. Thank you.for it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The secrets and miscommunication is definitely hurting everyone involved. We haven’t seen Cassie yet, but no doubt she probably feels guilty about him running away. The adults are healing, but they dint know the whole truth either.

      If Maribel did manage to wrestle custody from Ryan, you are spot on about what she’d likely do. Ragnar already said he get him a good therapist. But Tyler’s not gonna be amenable to that and would likely act out thereby getting him sent away. So let’s hope that doesn’t happen. They just really need to find him and get the truth out of him and Sam. Because you know he probably knows who it was chasing them.

      And yes, the detective is super suspicious of the family. Unless he finds some clues quickly, it’s only gonna get worse. Getting a PI is probably what they should’ve done to begin with as soon as the police blew him off for a couple of days.

      Ragnar came through for Sam. I was proud of him. Of course, he knew he was outnumbered and it was a fight he wouldn’t win. I’m sure amarible was relieved he offered to Newcrest with her. We’ll see how that works out. 😱

      I’m glad you’re enjoying the drama! Thanks as always for your well thought out comments!


  10. I’m not sure what kind of reaction that I was expecting from Maribel, but it certainly wasn’t what I got. Never in a million years did I expect for her to want to have Tylor move in with them. 🤯🤯
    I really hope that all of these emails of love and support really show Ty that he is loved.

    Liked by 1 person

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  12. I’m not sure what to think about Maribel and Ragnar here. I’ve seen too little of them to know what their intentions are, nor did I read a pov so it feels strange that Maribel is having the reaction she has when Tyler has only known distance between them. I’ve not seen Ragnar display any kind of affection towards Tyler nor Sam’s side of the family either so this whole scene, sweet and all, has made me very confused. I want to say they’ve put on airs, but I want to believe there’s more to them than success and money. Ah well. Time will tell. That snippet of conversation between Sam and the detective was so awkward. I have to agree with you. The detective is being an ass. If she were sexually assaulted, is she really going to come clean on the phone? And the assumptions he makes irks me. If he can’t be impartial than its likely for him to make a false accusation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maribel is concerned. She doesn’t hate Tyler, she just doesn’t know him. And Ragnar is supporting his wife. It’s not a big deal to him one way or the other, but if it makes them look good, then all the better.

      The detective is trying to push buttons to get answers. They always look at the family first when a child goes missing. But hopefully he’ll,soon figure that the family is innocent and locate Tyler, or he’ll eventually come home.


  13. It’s so weird to see that Ragner and Mari love each other. Like, they’re what you could call bad people – but they still love. Ragnar didn’t even care to memorize Ty’s real name in all that time – and I assume that Mari has talked about him from time to time. His statements are so disrespectful and somehow caring at the same time, like he doesn’t really know what he’s talking about but still tries to help in a very weird way. He tries to help MARI, and that means also helping Sam and even Ty. I don’t know what to make from it, it’s kind of cute but also he’s a very mean person 😣 (and I love that duality. Isn’t that what humans are?)
    Also, Mari. She didn’t care enough for Ty for a long time and now she even goes to Newcrest to help him. I doubt her appearance will do a lot for Ryan and the others, maybe even stirr bad blood. But it’s nice that she cares enough now. Still, it doesn’t atone for her years of lacking interest

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly. Everyone is so complicated. Even though she didn’t want to be responsible for him she’s quick to act when he might be in danger. Maybe guilt is driving her, but yes, Ragnar wanted to help too. I think he does have feelings for her. She easily goes along with whatever he wants. I think if Mari expressed her opinion that wasn’t driven by the same twisted values he has, she might not still be around, however he may be keeping her around to get easy access to Sam. So convoluted. Her appearance certainly won’t help anything. And no, it doesn’t make up for anything.


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