Chapter 4.30 – Leads

Sunday afternoon at Samson’s house …..

Samson was sitting in his room thinking about his best friend. He was pretty sure the new player called EvilSlayer had been Ty. He played just like him. The character was exactly the same one too. Exactly. But he had ignored him in chat. Then he went to Simscord and saw Ty was green. He pinged him, and then he went offline. He knew he had been online. He hadn’t imagined it.

If that was Ty, and he was playing with DarkShadow and BlackDiamond, maybe they knew where he was. He’d already sent an email to Ty asking him what was going on. But he didn’t respond. Then Ty’s dad called and asked him to send another one. He didn’t tell him he’d already sent a couple or what he suspected. He didn’t want to get his friend in trouble. But he sent another one anyway, warning him.

There was knock on his door and his mother stuck her head in. “Sam, there’s a detective here to ask you some questions about Tyler.”

Oh shit…. he thought as he followed his mom downstairs to the dining room where the detective was waiting.

“Hi Samson. I’m Detective Crowley.” He stuck his hand out and Samson shook it. “Would you mind if I asked you some questions about Tyler Murdock? You might be able to give us some clues to his whereabouts.”

“Okay. Sure I guess.”

“Good. Have a seat please. Mrs. Knox, you can stay if you like. But please, it’s important that you allow Samson to answer the questions in his own words.”

Samson wasn’t sure if he was happy or upset his mom was going to listen. But he couldn’t ask her to leave. Once she was seated the detective pulled out a notebook and made a few notes. “Okay,” he said when he finished and looked up at him. “Samson, I understand you are one of Tyler’s only friends.”

“We’ve been friends a long time.”

“Do you know why he ran away?”

“No sir.”

“According to Tyler’s dad, you’re his only friend, and he didn’t tell you? Was he upset about home? About the anniversary of his cousin’s death? Was she your friend too?”

“She was everyone’s friend. And yes sir, he was getting sad as the anniversary got closer.”

“Did he hate his parents?”

Samson quickly shook his head. “No. I don’t think so. His dad’s chill.”

Detective Crowley looked at him weird. “Ryan Murdock, Tyler’s dad, is ‘chill’?”

“Yes sir. He’s, uh cool. You know, he doesn’t give us a hard time. Tyler’s setup is bad ass. Sorry Mom.”

“Yes, I’ve seen his room and the game room. It’s um ‘bad ass‘. So I’m confused as to why he would leave that set up. What about his step mother. Is she ‘chill’ too.”

“It’s better now that we aren’t in middle school anymore. I used to be scared shi – to death of her, but she’s actually pretty cool too.”

“So, then why do you think he ran away?”

Samson shrugged. “Maybe he was just sad.”

“You haven’t heard from him? Or have any idea where he might be? It’s important Samson. He could have become involved with people that want to hurt him. If you know anything at all, it could help us find him. Maybe even save his life.

Samson squirmed in his chair. He didn’t want to betray his friend, but what if he was in trouble? But DarkShadow was cool when he wasn’t playing a game. If he was with him he would surely be okay. Wouldn’t he?

“Son, you won’t get in trouble for telling us what you know. And, just so you know, Tyler isn’t in trouble either. But he might be in danger. Anything, no matter how insignificant, might help.”

“In danger?” asked Samson, and looked at his mother.

She nodded looking really worried. That made his stomach do a flip. He couldn’t lose his best friend. Now he was really afraid for Ty. The detective waited silently for what seemed like forever while Sampson tried to figure out what to say. Samson was squirming while both his mother and the detective looked at him expectantly.

Suddenly everything tumbled out in a rush of words. When he finished his monologue he was almost in tears.

“Thank you Samson. That was extremely helpful. We’ll need you to help us get in contact with this ‘DarkShadow’. He may be able to tell us more. If we can track his IP and find out where he lives, we can send an officer to investigate. You did good kid.”

The detective turned to his mother. “Mrs. Knox, I’m going to send a tech specialist over so Samson can show him who he is chatting with. He should be here within the hour.”

Sunday evening at the Ryan and Taysia’s house ……

Ryan was on pins and needles waiting for Sam to arrive. He couldn’t wait to see her. He only wished it was a celebration of Tyler’s return and not a reunion out of fear for where he might be.

He felt guilty for not staying in closer contact with her. They had both been extremely busy and distracted since the accident. Sam was working on a new show which seemed to dominate her time. Plus, she appeared to be doing well. While he, on the other hand, was dealing with a multitude of emotions and priorities.

Ryan was trying to manage not only his own grief, but Tyler’s grief, his sister’s depression, the birth of his daughter and trying to make sure that he and Taysia’s relationship didn’t suffer, all while managing his business. It wasn’t that he didn’t care about Sam, she just didn’t seem to need him.

But Taysia and Paige did. They were his second chance at happiness and when Paige was born, something lifted in his heart. It was filled with so much love and promises of new beginnings. They were a family. He was happy. Happier than he probably had a right to be. And Taysia, she absolutely glowed. And it was because of him and their daughter. He didn’t want to do anything to dim that glow.

But in focusing on that happy place after all the grief, he lost touch with his son and older daughter. And now, he may have lost them both forever. He had to believe in his heart that they would get Tyler back and he would be okay. Otherwise he wouldn’t be able to function. He suddenly knew how bad it had been for Reagan. He would do his damnedest make it up to them for not being there when they needed him. He didn’t realize how much he loved them until he was faced with losing them.

Taysia reached over and touched his face. “Are you okay? You’re worried about seeing Sam, aren’t you?”

Ryan tried to hide his feelings from Taysia so he wouldn’t upset her more, but she always saw through him. She knew him so well. He started to answer her, but his throat closed and he couldn’t. He repeatedly swallowed hard to try and regain control of himself. Taysia and Paige didn’t need him to fall apart. Finally he pushed down his grief enough to speak. “Yes, I‘m worried.” It was all he could get out.

“Babe, Sam loves you, or she wouldn’t be coming here. And we’ll find Tyler. You have to believe that.”

Ryan just nodded at the same time they heard a car pull into the driveway. He quickly jumped up to go let her in.

When he opened the door, Sam looked up at him. Her face crumpled and she ran into his arms. He held her while she cried. His emotions were so raw, it was all he could do to maintain some semblance of control himself. “I’ve missed you so much,” he chocked out, “I love you Sam.”

“I know. I love you too Daddy,” she replied when they finally separated. “I’m sorry I didn’t come see you before now.”

Ryan smiled. “Let’s just get inside. There’s someone you need to meet.”

Sam’s eyes lit up when she saw Taysia standing on the porch. “Taysia and Paige … Ohhh … my baby sister.”

Taysia put Paige down so she could hug Sam. Ryan picked up his little girl. The reunion was bittersweet for him. Tyler’s absence tore a hole in his heart.

Taysia released Sam and the foursome made their way inside. Sam looked at Paige. “She’s gorgeous,” she gushed.

Paige buried her head in Ryan’s chest. “Hey, don’t hide,” he said to her, “This is your big sister, Samantha. You’ve seen her on TV and now she’s here. Say ‘Hi Sam’.”

Paige peeked up at Sam. “Hi,” she said, looking at Sam from under her sinfully long black eyelashes while she hugged Ryan’s neck. Ryan loved her little arms holding onto him for security. Then we wondered, when did his arms stop being a safe place for Tyler?

Before his thoughts could get the best of him, Taysia held her arms out for Paige. “Come on little one. You got to stay up late, but since you’re being antisocial, it’s bedtime for you. Give your Daddy a kiss.”

“G’night Paige,” said Sam after Paige kissed him.

“Are you hungry?” asked Ryan as Taysia and Paige went upstairs, “I can fix you a sandwich. I know what they serve on those planes.”

“Maybe just something to drink. Actually they did serve a decent meal.”

“Oh. Right. Of course you flew first class. We ordinary folks only get a packaged sandwich on those long flights.”

“Well, it does keep me from having to deal with people taking pictures and asking for autographs. But Daddy, you’re not ordinary.”

Ryan attempted a smile as he handed her a soda and grabbed one for himself. “That’s debatable. Regardless, I’m very proud of all that you’ve accomplished. And I need to do a better job of staying in touch.”

Sam shifted in her seat before replying. “Me too. I promise to make time. Have you heard anything new?”

“Not yet. And that damn detective gets all pissy when I call him.”

“He is kind of a jerk. Do you know he asked me if you abused me? Does he really think we had something to do with Tyler’s disappearance?”

“I think he’s finally convinced we didn’t.”

Sam let out a sigh. “Mom and Ragnar are coming down in a couple of days. She’s worried. They’ll get a hotel. But she wants to be here to help. They want to hire a Private Investigator. Daddy I’m really scared something’s happened to him.”

Fuck, thought Ryan. That’s all I need. My high and mighty ex meddling. He tried not to let his disgust show. Obviously Sam loved her mother even if he could barely tolerate her. “I don’t know what they can do. And we’ve already started looking for a good P.I. Your grandfather is looking to use Mickey Blake’s organization. They’ve helped him before.”

“That’s good. But Mom, she just feels helpless. And wants to be here if … well … if Tyler’s not comfortable coming back here.” Sam looked distressed. “I’m sorry Daddy, I just wanted you to know.”

Ryan felt his jaw begin to work hard and clenched his teeth to keep his control. It wasn’t Sam’s fault.

Taysia walked in. “She was out like …..” She stopped mid sentence, clearly noticing the tension in the air. “What? Is everything okay?”

Sam looked down before speaking. “Mom and Ragnar will be here in a couple of days.”

“I see,” said Taysia and sat down next to Ryan.

“I have something else I need to tell you,” said Sam. “It seems silly and insignificant considering what going on, but I want you to be prepared.”

“What?” asked Ryan and quickly assessed his daughter for either an engagement ring or swollen belly. Neither seemed likely.

“The next episode, I have a nude scene. I just didn’t want you to be shocked.”

Ryan was relieved but angered. “Your mother allowed that?”

“I’m not a child anymore Daddy.” The way she said it sounded exactly like a defensive child.

Ryan sighed deeply. “No, you’re not.” He was so damn tired. He wasn’t going to argue about it. “Come on, I know we’re all exhausted. Let’s get to bed.”

Monday Morning at Reagan and Evan’s house …….

When Cassie found out Tyler was missing, she’d known it was her fault. He was supposed to come to her house for a ‘family get together’ and he hated her so much, he’d run away rather than have to see her.

Regardless, she sent him an email at her mother and Uncle’s request. He’d taken his computer with him so he likely was looking at emails. Unless something happened to him. If it had, she was responsible for two people she loved getting hurt. It was almost too much to bear.

Grayson tried to help, but he was busy with his enrollment to San Myshuno College, and that took most of his time. She felt bad because he was going to make the drive everyday, because of her. She should tell him to live on campus. It wasn’t fair to him.

Cassie was getting ready to go find him and tell him exactly that when she heard her mother’s footsteps coming down the stairs. “Cassandra?” She called out as she descended. She never came downstairs. Cassie’s heart skipped a beat. Tyler. She was terrified of what she was going to tell her.

“Honey, good. You’re here.”

Maybe she had news. She prayed it was good news. “Did you hear something?” she asked as her mom stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

“No baby,” she said, “I wanted to see if you would go with me to Uncle Ryan’s. Sam in in town and staying with them. You need to see Taysia and Paige anyway. Ryan had to go to work this morning, and they are all alone. I’m sure they could use company. Maybe you can entertain Paige while we talk?”

Cassie swallowed hard. How could she say no? “I don’t know how to play with a little kid.”

“Just sit with her while she watches videos or read her a book. Maybe watch her play with her dollhouse. You’ll figure it out. Please, come with me. You haven’t been to their house in a very long time. Taysia will appreciate the break and it will be good to see Sam.”

Cassie sighed dramatically. “I guess. Right now?”

Her mother ghosted a smile. “Yes. Come on. You did send an email to Tyler, right?”

“I did,” replied Cassie as she pulled herself off the couch and followed her mom.

Her mom stopped before they went up the stairs and turned to her. “I know this is hard Cass. We just have to hope for the best. Stay positive.” Then she drew her into a hug.

Cassie had to bite her cheek to stop the tears. “I’m sorry Mom. I want him to be okay so bad it hurts.”

“I know sweetheart. We’re all hurting. We’ll find him soon. Believe that. Now, come on. In the meantime, we can go do what we can to help.”

Monday morning at the Ryan’s Gym …..

Ryan left to get payroll done before a ton of people showed up. He didn’t want to answer any questions. Just get it done and get home to his wife and two daughters.

He was making good progress when his phone rang. It was Detective Crowley. His stomach turned upside down as he quickly answered. “This is Ryan,” he barked into the phone.

“Good morning Mr. Murdock. This is Detective Crowley. We have some news. We found your son’s truck this morning. It was parked at the bus station. We unlocked it and there was no sign of foul play. We’re impounding it as evidence for now. It looks like he probably took a bus wherever he was going. We have officers interviewing the workers right now. Plus we are reviewing the tapes from the night he left. We should have something for you very soon”

Ryan’s heart was racing. “That means he could be fucking anywhere!”

“We should be able to figure out where he went later this morning. There weren’t that many buses leaving that late in the evening. We also interviewed his friend – Samson. He had some interesting information. He didn’t know where Tyler was, but he gave us some good leads and we are following up on them. The dots are beginning to connect.”

“Thank God,” said Ryan. “Please call me as soon as you have anything.”

When they disconnected, Ryan put his head on his desk and cried. How did he failed Tyler so badly that he left on a bus to who knows where? If he got him back, he would make it up to him, somehow. Hopefully they would find him soon. Anything else was unimaginable.

Monday morning at Ryan and Taysia’s house …….

When Reagan and Cassie arrived, Taysia pulled her sister-in-law into a tight hug. If anyone knew what they were going through, it was her.

Taysia was actually shocked to see Cassie with her. She usually kept to herself. “Hi Cassandra,” she said using the name she preferred of late, “Thank you so much for coming. It’s good to see you.”

“I’m so sorry Aunt Taysia,” said Cassie softly, “I really do hope they find Ty, or he calls soon. I sent him an email.”

Taysia almost lost it. She was being so sweet and she knew it had to bring home her own loss. She looked over at her daughter. “Paige, this is your cousin Cassandra.” This time, Paige buried her head in Sam’s chest, having warmed up to her that morning. “Sorry, she’s met a lot of new people the last couple of days,” explained Taysia.

“Hi Paige,” said Cassie, then she looked up at her Aunt. “Um, do you want me to take her so you guys can talk?”

“Sure,” replied Taysia, “if you don’t mind.” Then she turned to her daughter. “Paige, why don’t you show Cassandra your room?”

Paige was suddenly excited to have someone to play with. “Pway!” she said, so Sam put her down. She immediately toddled towards the stairs, Cassie on her heels.

Taysia inhaled deeply and let it out slowly. “I made coffee,” she said as she walked to the kitchen, “Also, I have coffee cake or banana bread. I needed to keep busy.”

“I’d love some coffee,” said Reagan and added sympathetically, “I totally get it. You have to keep your mind occupied ….”

They gathered around the table after grabbing something to eat. “How’s Cassandra doing?” asked Taysia.

Reagan sighed softly. “She’s pretty shook up about Tyler. Well, we all are Taysia. Dad’s already talking to the security firm we use for Newcrest. They helped Dad and Ryan find me when mom kidnapped me….” She stopped and glanced at Sam. “Oh, I’m not sure you knew about that.”

“I know bits and pieces is all,” replied Sam. “Aunt Rea, I’m really sorry that happened to you.”

“Yeah, my mother had me totally fooled. She was insane. My poor father though. He almost died trying to save me from her. Anyway, Taysia, I’m not sure the same people are still there. Archer Kendall and Jason Blake are out of the country. But surely they have someone else that can help if the detective doesn’t come up with something today.”

“I offered Dad to help pay for it,” said Sam softly, almost apologetically.

“It’s not necessary Sam, but thank you,” said Taysia then turned her attention back to Reagan. “Ryan told me about everything that happened. It’s awful. I’m so sorry. We both had really bad mothers I guess. That’s part of why I devoted myself to helping kids and wound up as a principal.”

Taysia paused and tears started to fall. “But I wasn’t good enough for Tyler … I tried with him … so hard.” She covered her face and tried to get control.

“Taysia,” said Reagan softly, “Don’t blame yourself. Teenagers are so hard. Look at Cassie. She’s so lost without Alex. I wasn’t even sure she’d come today. But, she loves Tyler. That’s really why she did.”

Sam let out a chocked sob. Taysia looked over at her. “Oh baby I’m sorry. I’ve been trying to hold it together for Ryan. He’s having a harder time than he let’s on…”

Taysia’s phone rang and she quickly checked the caller ID. “Speaking of Ryan,” she said as she put the phone on speaker and placed it on the table between them. “Hey Ryan. Reagan and Sam are here with me. You’re on speaker. Any news?”

“Hi Rea, Sam. Yes, Crowley called. They found Ty’s truck at the bus station in Willow Creek. They’ve impounded it for evidence. But it’s a good lead because they are pretty sure they can find out what bus he got on.”

“Oh … that’s wonderful news,” said Taysia. “Maybe he did try to go to your house Sam and you just crossed paths.”

“It’s been six days,” said Sam. “I don’t think so.”

“I never thought he went to Del Sol Valley either,” said Ryan’s disembodied voice, “But they also spoke with Samson. You know Samson, right Sam? He said the kid gave him some good intel and they are following up on it. That coupled with where he went on the bus might lead to where he is.”

Cassie walked in with Paige. “Oh god! You mean they might’ve found him?”

“Who’s that?” asked Ryan.

“Cassandra,” said Taysia. “She’s here with her mother.”

“Hi Cassandra. We are getting close sweetheart. I need to finish payroll and I’ll be home soon. You guys please stay and we can have lunch together.”

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Author’s Note: I hope the timeline isn’t confusing. This chapter covers the same time frame as the previous chapter where Tyler was at the party and then work the next day. Monday morning here is the same Monday that Tyler got fired from his job.

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  2. Timeline was clear as day, but what Maribel and Ragnar want down there isn’t. His mother’s arms is the last place Ty would run to, all that may happen is more unrest from her and Ryan colliding. If they involve Mickey Blake’s firm again, we may get another character back on the scene that may rub both Ryan and his sister wrong. That would be the ultimate ****show. 🙂
    Hope Ty comes to his senses soon, before everyone else loses theirs.

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    • Lol. Tyler needs to go home before all,he’ll breaks loose! Lol. I think things are coming to ahead pretty quickly. Not sure what Maribel to accomplish other than point out how horrible of a father Ryan is. That won’t be pretty. And if Archer showed up…..that would be worse. Hopefully they won’t have to re-engage them.


  3. The suspense is mounting up. Glad the family is getting together and closing ranks. I have a feeling that Crowley is going to rub Maribel the wrong way and vice versia. When she comes stomping in like a bull in a china shop, with that private detective of hers. I wonder if Blakes organization is involved with that “safe place” Tyler is running to. It sounds like something Blake would be involved in, charity or otherwise. Thanks for another fine crafted chapter.

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    • Ha! Things are indeed coming together. Not sure if the Blake’s are involved in the safe place. It could be better than who actually is! 😱. Maribel and Crowley would NOT get along. If he doesn’t like Ryan, he sure as heck won’t appreciate her!

      We get closer next chapter…….


  4. Oh I hope they get to Ty before it’s too late!

    They’ve got leads which will solve it but I bet Ty is in hot water!

    Btw, everyone looked so gorgeous in this chapter! ❤️❤️❤️

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    • Ty is very much much close to being in hot water….. but they are hot on his trail. I hope nothing bad happens before they can get to him. 😭

      And thank you! Such pretty sims.


  5. Lol, gotta love the fact that detective Crowley takes every chance he can get to rag on Ryan. 🤣 Is this detective actually me?
    Good thing Samson spoke up. Hopefully they’ll find Tyler soon. He’s not that good at being anonymous – I mean changing your username from DragonSlayer to EvilSlayer, but using the exact same character is like… really, Ty? 😅

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  6. Lmao, I had the same thought with Louise! 🤣 Crowley really has it out for Ryan, lol! He’ll just lay little comments here and there every time he gets the opportunity to 😂
    I really hope they’ll find Tyler this time. But why does something tell me that until they get there, he’ll have already moved on somewhere else? I really hope that will not be the case though..!

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